Safari Zone in Jim Corbett National Park

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        <p><a rel="nofollow"
href="">Corbett National
Park</a> is one of the best wildlife conserves in South Asia. The
untouched creation of Mother Nature is famous for its giganticness and
raw beauty. The vast jungle is globally famed as people in massive
numbers throng all round the year. In an endeavour to provide superior
way to understand the creativity of, the park has been divided into four
divisions-- Bijrani Safari Zone, Dhikala Safari Zone, Durga Devi Safari
Zone, Jhirna Safari Zone. The division into zones makes stay at Corbett
more pleasurable and enjoyable. Most of the zones are reckoned for their
qualitative access for all kinds of Safari, which is most availed travel
package for corbett national park.</p>
<p>This article is dedicated to <a rel="nofollow"
Zone.html">Bijrani Safari zone</a>. In layman's language, the zone is
simply the best. The zone is endowed with magnificent wildlife reserve
and the ambience is enhanced with utmost tranquility. A complete
isolation from the hectic life of city can be felt in this zone only.</p>
<p>The first trivia about this zone is that its first zone of Corbett.
This is because it stands first and list just one kilometers away from
the entrance—Amanda Gate at Ramnagar. After this zone comes Dhikala
Safari zone. Bijrani boasts of a wide range of unique landscapes and
picturesque scenes. Here is some more information about this reserve:</p>
<p><strong>Winter Timings:- </strong><br> Entry:- Exit:-<br>Morning
Safari: 0700 hrs Morning Safari: 1000 hrs<br>Evening Safari: 1400 hrs
Evening Safari: 1730 hrs</p>
<p>Summer Timings:-<br>Entry: Exit:<br>Morning Safari: 6000 hrs Morning
Safari: 0930 hrs<br>Evening Safari: 1500 hrs Evening Safari: 1830 hrs</p>
<p>The interest for Bijrani tour is always on rise. And in case you wish
to visit this zone, you need to plan your trip properly. Consult with
your tour operation and ask him which corner of the zone will provide you
best isolation and comfort. And also which safari will suit to your
purposes. There are many tour packages which are inclusive of Bijrani
zone. Go through the packages offered by your tour operator and make the
right choice. So there you are, to experience truest meaning of nature,
come to Bijrani!</p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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