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									  The Vessel
                                       ST. JOSEPH’S COUNCIL 5958
                                         KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS
                                            ORLANDO, FLORIDA
                                             IN GOD WE TRUST
  VOLUME 43 NO.6                                                                            SEPTEMBER             2010

    GRAND KNIGHT’S MESSAGE                                                  On Wednesday, September 8th, we urge all 1
                                                                   st Degree Knights to attend the Second Degree
Brother Knights and Ladies,                                        Initiation to be held at Council 2112 at 7:30 p.m.
         This month we bid GOOD-BYE to summer                               On Thursday, September 9th, we urge all of
and HELLO to autumn. Vacations are over and the                    our Brother Knights to attend our business meeting
kids are back in school. Now, we look forward to your              where we will be voting on our 2010-2011 Budget.
active participation in all of our Knights of Columbus                      On Friday, September 10th, we urge everyone
activities.                                                        to attend our Dine-Out at 5:30 p.m.
         Last month we participated in St. John                             Remember that Saturday, September 11th is
Vianney’s end of their 50th Anniversary Year Mass                  PATRIOT DAY, commemorating the 9/11 tragedies.
and burial of the time capsule to be opened in 2035,                        On Sunday, September 12th, we urge
with a 15 man Honor Guard.                                         everyone to attend our Corporate Communion Mass at
         We also held a First Degree Initiation last               st. John Vianney Church at 9:00 a.m.
month where we gained three new Brother Knights,                            We will be holding our Council Soccer
including our seminarian, Martin Nguyen.                           Challenge at St. John Vianney School this month.
         Also, last month, we participated in the                  Youth Director, George Annan, will need your help.
Orange County ADOPT-A-PRECINCT PROGRAM by                                   We will have our Council 5958 Beach Party at
staffing the Polling Place at the YMCA on Oak Ridge                Perry’s Ocean Edge in Daytona Beach this month from
Road, thanks to the efforts of Brother Knight Rich                 the 17th until the 19th.
Bumar. We had ten volunteers serving as poll                                And finally, this month, we will have our Rosary
workers.                                                           and Covered Dish at st. John Vianney on Thursday,
         18 Brother Knights and their Ladies enjoyed               September 23rd. EVERYONE, PLEASE COME!
our Dine-Out at the Elephant Bar last month.
         Our Rosary and Covered Dish last month was
attended by only 15 Brother Knights and their Ladies. We need
a greater attendance for this most important activity where we     Mary, Queen of the Knights, Pray for us.
pray for our troops, end of abortions, and for our sick and
deceased Brother Knights, family members and friends.              GOD BLESS US AND GOD BLESS
PLEASE ATTEND!                                                     AMERICA!
         This month will be another active month for
our council. We urge all Brother Knights, their families
and friends to participate.                                                                              Justin Mureika
                                                                                                          Grand Knight

         CHARITY                      UNITY                      FRATERNITY                  PATRIOTISM
                   KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS                                                   SUPREME & STATE OFFICERS
                 ST. JOSEPH’S COUNCIL 5958                             Supreme Knight          CARL ANDERSON          (203) 772-2130
                         6200 S.O.B.T.                                 State Deputy             DOUG MURRAY           (863) 969-4004
                       P.O. BOX 590544                                 State Secretary          DON VETTOREL          (954) 575-6213
                  ORLANDO, FL 32859-0544                               District Deputy           JOHN HARDIN          (407) 908-3913
                                                                       District Warden         WILLIAM CRESPO         (407) 552-3533
                        THE VESSEL                                           DISTRICT 24 COUNCILS & GRAND KNIGHTS
Published by St. Joseph’s Council 5958 as a newsletter for             Council 11328      BRICE A. GYURISKO (DEBRA)    407 470-6933
                                                                       Council 5958       JUSTIN MUREIKA               407 857-9527
members and their families monthly. Items submitted for
                                                                       Council 6624        WILLIAM WAGGNER (MARIA)     321 443-0740
publication in THE VESSEL must be received by the Editor on or         Council 12235      GARY CRUMBLEY (MARIA)        407 855-2997
before the 3 Sunday of the month prior to the publication              Council 13116      JOSE RUIZ (NORMA-IRIS)       407 344-8439
month. Items may be turned in at Sunday morning Coffee &               Council 10462      THOMAS BROWN (CHERYL)        407 312-8269
Donuts at St. John Vianney Social Center or e-mail to:                  FATHER WILLIAM HOLMES ASSEMBLY, FOURTH DEGREE
For questions or comments                                              Faithful Navigator SK Jim McKnight  863 424-7222
                                     VESSELL EDITOR
on the web site contact the          Moe Cloutier, PGK OFFICE:
Webmaster                            407-826-4250                       MONSIGNOR BISHOP ASSEMBLY, FOURTH DEGREE
DOUG REBERA at                       E-MAIL:                          Faithful Navigator         SK Ron Abner          407 340-8774
All meetings are held in the Social Center or Ministries Center of
St. John Vianney Church, 6200 S.O.B.T (Hwy. 441) Orlando, FL                  COLUMBIAN CLUB BOARD OF DIRECTORS
at 7:30 P.M.
                                                                      (1) PGK Joe McManus      Board Member             407 488-2277
                                                                     ((1) Wayne Turpin         Board Member             407 826-0771
COLUMBIAN CLUB BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETINGS:                          ((1) Tom Perno            Board Member             407 295-7250
Annual Meeting: 2 Thursday of July. Other Meetings; TBA              ((2) Harvey Readey        Vice President           407 855-7886
                                                                     ((2) PGK Alan Schlagter   Treasurer                407 855-5257
OFFICERS & PROGRAM DIRECTORS MEETINGS:                               ((2) Bruce Hicks          Board Member             407 273-3633
1 Thursday of each month. (Youth Room)                               ((3) PGK Dennis Arena     President                407 239-1552
REGULAR BUSINESS MEETINGS:                                           ((3) Roberto Modenesi     Secretary                407 351-5714
 nd                                                                  ((3) Jim Jetmore          Board Member             407 929-7098
2 Thursday of each month. (Social Center)

4 Thursday of each month. Times TBA (Social Center)                         SUPREME MEMBER BENEFITS REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                              Michael A Aun   (407) 870-0030
  JOHN STEPHENS, PGK                                                           Alvin Smith    (407) 290-9004
                                           407 380-1030
  FRANK CONIGLIO, SR.                      407 362-7696                          SERVICE PROGRAM DIRECTORS & CHAIRMEN

 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS BLOOD BANK – ACCOUNT 304                          Program Director            DGK TOM PERNO          407 295-7250
Chairman         JOE NEMETHY      407 677-8230                         Church Director              BRUCE HICKS           407 273-3633
                                                                       Assistant                  PGK MOE CLOUTIER        407 826-4250
                  COUNCIL OFFICERS 2010- 2011
                                                                       Vocations Chairman            BOB DARINO           407 578-9158
Grand Knight            JUSTIN MUREIKA           407 857-9527          Community Director             JOE KAGE            407 851-6586
Chaplain              REV. PAUL J. HENRY         407 855-5391          Assistant                  PGK DENNIS ARENA        407 239-1552
Deputy G K                TOM PERNO              407 295-7250          Pro-Life Couple          PGK PHIL & MARY BOYLE     407 855-8976
Chancellor               BRUCE HICKS             407 273-3633          Health Services              CHARLES DAVIS         407 694-4712
Recorder              JOSEPH J. SCHWARZ          407 677-8217          Council Director             PGK JOE CLARK         407 855-5734
Financial Sec.          EDWARD A. NEAL           407 876-1686          Assistant                  ROBERTO MODENESI        407 351-5714
Treasurer                WAYNE TURPIN            407 826-0771          Public Relations           PGK JOE MCMANUS         407 488-2277
Lecturer                  JOE BELINA             407 353-2279
                                                                       Family Director              PAUL MERKES           407 399-3345
Advocate                  RICH BUMAR             407 857-3455          Assistant                   FRANK CONIGLIO         407 362-7696
Warden                    GENE MILAN             407 855-4177          Youth Director              GEORGE ANNAN           407 427-7285
                                                                       Assistant                     JIM JETMORE          407 929-7098
Inside Guard              BOB PARKE              407 957-5076          Assistant                     EDDIE KLEMM          407 857-4983
Inside Guard             JOE PAULSON             407 870-5511          Membership Director           RICH BUMAR           407 857-3455
                                                                        Recruitment               PGK DENNIS ARENA        407 239-1552
Outside Guard            OSCAR MUNOZ             407 924-5558           Recruitment              PGK ALAN SCHLAGTER       407 855-5257
1-Year Trustee        DENNIS ARENA, PGK          407 239-1552           Recruitment               PGK JIM MCKNIGHT        863 424-7222
2-Year Trustee      ALAN SCHLAGTER, PGK          407 855-5257          Admissions                  HARVEY READEY          407 855-7886
                                                                       1st Degree Team CO          PGK RICH COLLINS       407 859-8209
3-Year Trustee        JIM MCKNIGHT, PGK          863 424-7222          Retention Chmn             PGK DENNIS ARENA        407 239-1552
                                                                       Member Benefits             EDWARD A. NEAL         407 876-1686
                                                                       Webmaster                    DOUG REBERA           407 251-0272
  SEPTEMBER 2010                                        2
 KNIGHT OF THE MONTH                                                         FAMILY OF THE MONTH
         AUGUST 2010                                                                       AUGUST 2010
     Richard A. Bumar                                                           Bob and Muriel Darino

       As the Membership Director for our                           As the Vocations Director for our Council,
Council, Rich Bumar keeps busy interviewing                         Bob and his wife, Muriel, keep in touch
and processing prospective new members. Upon                 with the two seminarians attending St. John
receiving an application for membership, he                  Vianney Seminary in Miami, Martin Nguyen and
quickly arranges a place and time for the                    Edwin Cordona, who we sponsor under the
meeting with the applicant. He completes all the             RSVP Vocations program by providing financial
necessary paperwork and submits it to the                    and moral support. They persuaded Martin
Council without delay. Rich also has volunteered             Nguyen to join the Knights of Columbus and
to head the Orange County Adopt-A Precinct                   arranged to have him take his First Degree at our
Program for our Council to provide 10 poll                   Council. Bob and Muriel are very active
workers at the Polling Place during the Primary              volunteers at Mary, Queen of the Universe
Elections in August and the General Election in              Basilica. They always find time to attend our
November He also helps serve Coffee and                      monthly Rosary and Covered Dish Socials and
Donuts after Masses on Sundays at St. John                   our Friday Family Dine-outs.
Vianney Church.                                              Thank You both for all you do.
Thank You Rich and keep up the good work. God                God Bless You!
Bless You!
                                          Justin Mureika                                                  Justin Mureika
                                          Grand Knight                                                    Grand Knight

      MEMBERSHIP DUES 2010 - 2011                                       HAPPY BIRTHDAY
        Membership Dues of $30.00 are now payable               To all of our Brother Knights who were born during the
for the Fraternal Year rather than the calendar year.                   month of SEPTEMBER (Day indicated)
Dues for the Fraternal year (July 1, 2010 – June 30,            (1) Cyrus Della-Croce-91      (18) Mark Barth
2011) are due July 1, 2010.                                     (1) Dennis Krazel             (19) Tom Jeffries
                                                                (3) John Ternent              (19) Frank Gardner
                                                                (9) Joe Faiella               (20) Jim Jetmore
        Brother Knights who have paid their 2009
                                                                (9) Joe Litkenhus             (22) Dan Clark
calendar year dues up to and including December 31,             (9) Ricardo Moreno            (23) Carlos Roche
2009, may pay their dues for the next six months                (10) Ramon Rivera             (26) Hector Alberti
($15.00) until June 30, 2010 to receive their new 2010          (11) John Savage              (27) Rev Paul Henry
Membership Card, which will expire on June 30, 2010.            (12) John E English           (27) Tom Klote
                                                                (14) Richard Hawkins          (29) Ron Renwick
Please check the expiration date on your current                (15) John Waite               (30) Hap Apodaca
Membership Card.
                                                                           HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
        Checks should be made payable to KNIGHTS
OF COLUMBUS COUNCIL 5958. Payment may be
made at any meeting or may be mailed to the                            Brother Knight Bob and Muriel Darino will
Financial Secretary at the following address:                   celebrate their 64th Wedding Anniversary on
                                                                September 19 .
              Edward A. Neal, FS-5958
                8958 Bay Cove Court
               Orlando, Fl 32819-4801

                                                         3                                 SEPTEMBER       2010
                                                                                        200 CLUB AWARDS
         To the following new Brother Knights who took their
First Degree at Council 5958 on Thursday, August 12, 2010:                   AUGUST            1st Award – FS Ed Neal
                                                                                               2 Award – Karl Kage
                      Earl C. Duplessie                                                        3 Award – Charles Davis Jr.
                 Martin Nguyen, Seminarian
                      Eric J. Rodriguez

         The Honoree for this degree is Father Paul Henry,                  COUNCIL 5958 FRIDAY DINE-OUT
Pastor of St. John Vianney Church, and a Fourth Degree Knight
of Columbus.                                                                    On the second Friday of each month, we invite all Brother
                                                                      Knights and their Ladies to join us for dinner. On Friday, September
                                                                      10th, our Dine-Out will be at Olive Garden on Sand Lake Road &
           CORPORATE COMMUNION MASS                                   SOBT, at 5:30 PM. please notify Brother Paul Merkes, 407-399-3345,
                                                                      if you are going to attend.
          Please plan to attend our next Corporate Communion
Mass, 9 AM, Sunday, September 12, at St. John Vianney Church.
All Brother Knights and their families are urged to attend and sit
together in the reserved pews set aside for us. Following the Mass,
we will have a "Dutch Treat" breakfast at Perkins on SOBT.

      2010-2011 PROPOSED COUNCIL

      A copy of the proposed budget for 2010-
2011 is enclosed for review by our membership.
It has been reviewed and approved by our
Budget Committee and Trustees on August 3,
2010. It will be voted upon by our members at
our September 9th Business Meeting. A copy of
our Semiannual Audit is also enclosed for your

                                                                                          PATRIOT DAY 9/11

        Council 5150 is sponsoring a Columbus                                 Please keep all who died on 9/11/01 at the World
Day tour to Savannah, GA, October 11-13,                              Trade Center in New York, The Pentagon in Washington,
2010. (Monday through Wednesday). Tour                                and the field in Pennsylvania in your prayers.
features deluxe motor coach transportation, two
nights at the Best Western Promenade Hotel on
Bay Street in the historic district, within walking
distance of River Street and the City Market,
two continental breakfasts, a trolley tour of the
historic district, and tours of the Mighty Eight Air
Force Museum and the st. John the Baptist
Catholic Cathedral.
 For further information, including cost,
 call PGK Ken Polster at 407-628-0769.

                                                                                       NEVER FORGET 09/11/01
          SEPTEMBER                 2010                        4

 We urge all of our Brother Knights and their families to keep our
 seminarians in your prayers and to send them letters of
 encouragement and holiday greeting cards as often as possible.
 Their mailing addresses are:

                            Martin Nguyen
                   St. John Vianney College Seminary                                            HATS
                2900 S.W. 87th Avenue Miami, FL 33165                                                          OFF
                                                                                         THE VESSEL SPONSORS – 2010
                            Edwin Cordona
                              Seminarian                                        A BIG THANK YOU goes to all the sponsors who
                   St. John Vianney College Seminary                            helped defray the cost of publishing THE VESSEL
                2900 S.W. 87th Avenue Miami, FL 33165                           during calendar year 2010.

                                                                                We are grateful to the following sponsors who are helping
                                                                                defray the cost of printing and mailing our monthly THE
                                                                                VESSEL for 2010. For a donation of $5.00 or more per
                 ROSARY / SOCIAL                                                person, we will add your name to this list. For a donation
                                                                                of $30.00 or more, we will publish your business card for
                                                                                one year. THANK YOU!
        We will hold our next Covered Dish Social &                             ALAN SCHLAGTER, PGK           JIM MCKNIGHT, PGK
 Rosary at the St. John Vianney Social Center on                                DENNIS ARENA, PGK             CHARLA MCKNIGHT
 Thursday, September 23rd. We will eat at 7:00 p.m.                             SUE ARENA                     JOE CLARK, PGK
 and pray the Rosary at 8:00 p.m. Bring a small dish                            JUSTIN MUREIKA                VICKY CLARK
                                                                                MOE CLOUTIER, PGK             GENE MILAN, WARDEN
 (not required) of appetizers, salads or desserts. The                          JAN CLOUTIER                  JERRY SAURO
 Council will provide the entree.                                               TOM PERNO, DGK                URSULA SAURO
                                                                                CHRIS PERNO                   DR. ED MATUSIK
                   EVERYONE IS INVITED                                          WAYNE TURPIN, TREASURER       TOM WEST
                                                                                KATHLEEN TURPIN               HILDA WEST
                                                                                JOE SCHWARZ, RECORDER         JOE MCMANUS, PGK
                                                                                SAM SAMPIERI, PGK             TONY LEONE, PGK
                         DEGREES                                                LINDA SAMPIERI                MELODY LEONE
                                                                                FRANK CANTY (RIP)             MARIO ORDONA
  Second Degree on Wednesday, September 8th                                     EVELYN CANTY                  NATY ORDONA
          at Council 2112 at 7:30 p.m.                                          BRUCE HICKS, CHANCELLOR       AL IZZO
                                                                                KARLA HICKS                   ERIKA IZZO
    Third Degree on Saturday, October 9th at                                    ED NEAL, FS                   RICH BUMAR, ADVOCATE
           Council 2112 at 12:00 p.m.                                           MARY KAY NEAL                 GLENDA BUMAR
                                                                                ROGER VINCENT                 PHIL BOYLE, PGK, FDD
                                                                                ANITA VINCENT                 MARY BOYLE
                                                                                IRENE BELIVEAU                FRANK CONIGLIO
                     IN MEMORIAM                                                DON BELIVEAU, PGK, FDD        JANICE CONIGLIO
                                                                                (RIP)                         MARY LOU BURR
                                                                                LORETTA MCGIVERN              VERONICA SPONDER
                                                                                JACK, MCGIVERN, PGK, FDD      JIM RINEY, PGK
                                                                                (RIP)                         SARAH RINEY
                                                                                JOHN TERNENT                  JIM JETMORE
                                                                                TRACEY TERNENT                ALAN SCHLAGTER, PGK
                                                                                GEORGE ANNAN                  PAUL MERKES
     Martin Nguyen Seminarian Diocese of Orlando                                BRENDA ANNAN                  MARY MERKES
                                                                                KEVIN RODENSKI                TITO RODRIGUEZ
                                                                                MARTHA L. YOUNG               TERRI RODRIGUEZ
                                                                                MADISON RODRIGUEZ             SAVANNAH RODRIGUEZ
                    HORA, THOMAS ANDREW
                                                                                To become a THE VESSEL SPONSOR, mail your
         The Brother of Brother Knight Scott Hora passed away in                check, payable to KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS
 his sleep on August 7, 2010 into the arms of our loving Lord                   COUNCIL 5958 to:
 and Savior.                                                                                   Edward A. Neal, FS-5958
                                                                                                 8958 Bay Cove Court
         May His soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through                       Orlando, Fl 32819-4801
the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.
                                                                            5                      SEPTEMBER             2010
                                                                                ATTENDANCE AWARD
                                                                Brother Knight Bob Parke was present at our August,
                                                                12th meeting to claim the $50.00 Attendance Award
                                                                The Attendance Award at our next business meeting
                                                                on September, 9th will be $10 .00.

                                                                              YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN.

                                                                              MARY QUEEN OF THE KNIGHTS

                                                                Our Lady Queen of the Knights, bless all the activities of
                                                                our order. Keep us true to the pledge to extend the
                                                                Kingship of thy Divine Son on earth. Through thine
                                                                intercession win for us the grace ever to exemplify in our
                                                                public and private lives, the virtues, which should
                                                                characterize those specially dedicated to the service of
          Can You imagine having a beautiful, intelligent
                                                                the heavenly court. Make us always aware that as your
 daughter and having her come to you and announce that
                                                                Knights we are constantly observed and our faith judged
 she has decided to give up the life you had such hopes
                                                                and our order appreciated. Accept, O Mary, this renewed
 and dreams for her? We have 3 daughters and I am not
                                                                pledge of fealty and devotion of thy servants the Knights
 sure what our reaction would have been. But that’s what
                                                                of Columbus. Amen.
 St. Clare did,
         St. Clare was born in Assisi, Italy, in 1193. When
 she was 18, She heard St. Francis preaching in Assisi.
 His words greatly inspired her. In1212, on Palm Sunday,
 she ran away from home and went to Portiuncula,                             200 CLUB MEMBERSHIP CARDS
 where Francis lived. He met her at the chapel of Our Lady
 of the Angels, cut off her hair and gave her sackcloth held
 together by a cord. She went to live in the Benedictine            Are available for the period July 2010 through June
 Convent of St. Paul near Bastia.                                   2011. Contact GK Justin Mureika at Sunday Coffee
                                                                    & Donuts, Pancake Breakfasts or at the meetings.
           Her family greatly objected, but they fell on deaf
 ears. Clare moved to a convent in Sant/ Angelo di Panzo
 and was joined by her sister who was 15. In 1215, Clare,
 along with her sister, mother, and other companions went       DUES PAYMENTS FOR THE FRATERNAL YEAR
 to live in a convent associated with the Church of San         2010-2011 ARE DUE NOW! !
 Diamiano, outside Assisi. Clare was appointed superior of
 the congregation

 Submitted by Mary Merkes

                                                                        We will wish you a Happy Anniversary if you
                                                                        will let us know your Anniversary date. Call GK
      2010 STATE GOLF TOURNAMENT                                        Justin Mureika, 407-857-9527.
        The Abbot Francis Sadlier Council 6168 is
hosting the 2010 State Golf Tournament on
September 24, 25 &26 in Lecanto, Florida. The
cost is $130.00 per person                                                  DRESS CODE AT MEETINGS
                                                                         NO SHORTS OR FLIP FLOPS ARE
               For more in formation contact                               ALLOWED AT OUR BUSINESS
               Gene Fontaine (352) 746-9490                              MEETINGS AND FIRST DEGREES!!!
                                                                                  Thank You

        SEPTEMBER          2010                                 6
Paul Nichols
General Manager
                                                      A Family Owned Funeral Home with
                                                               Affordable Prices
                                                                    FUNERAL DIRECTORS
                                                                    Eduardo Bori – Scott Hora

                                                                                          24 Hrs. (407) 841-4424
                                                 Hablamos Espanol                        910 W. Michigan Street
                                                 Orlando FL 32809                        Orlando FL 32805

           DR. EDWARD L. MATUSIK                                           1800 SAND LAKE ROAD
                                                                              ORLANDO, FL 32809
       LENSES 1017-A WEST OAK RIDGE ROAD                                        FAX 407-438-6793
             ORLANDO, FLORIDA 32809
             TELEPHONE: 407-859-1071                                                  0822@CRWW.COM
                FAX: 407-859-1075

                                                                       $5.00 OFF
                                                      ANY PURCHASE OF $25 OR MORE
                                                       T.G.I. FRIDAY’S SAND LAKE ONLY

                                                NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER OFFER. EXPIRES 01/01/11

                                            7                       SEPTEMBER                            2010
                               KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS 5958, ORLANDO, FLORIDA
                                      COUNCIL ACTIVITIES CALENDAR
 SEPTEMBER 2010                                                                                                  SEPTEMBER 2010

     SUNDAY              MONDAY             TUESDAY             WEDNESDAY          THURSDAY               FRIDAY            SATURDAY
                                                                1                 2OFFICERS &        3                  4
                                                                                  MTG. 7:30 PM

 5 COFFEE &             6                 7 RUSSELL             8                 9 BUSINESS         10 DINE-OUT AT     11
 DONUTS SJV             LABOR             HOME MEAL             4TH DEGREE MTG    MTG. 7:30 PM       5:30 PM AT         PATRIOT DAY
 8 AM-12 PM                               DELIVERY              COUNCIL 6624      PLEASE BRING       OLIVE GARDEN       K OF C WORLD
                        DAY               RICH BUMAR            7:00 PM           SHARE & CARE                          DAY OF PRAYER
                                                                2ND DEGREE AT     DONATION FOR                          FOR PEACE
                                                                COUNCIL 2112      THE NEEDY
                                                                8:00 PM

 12 CORPORATE           134THDEGREE       14                    15                16                 17 K OF C          18 K OF C
 COMMUNION              MTG                                                                          COUNCIL 5958       COUNCIL 5958
 MASS AT SJV 9:00       COUNCIL 2112                                                                 BEACH PARTY        BEACH PARTY
 AM                     8:00 PM                                                                      AT DAYTONA         AT DAYTONA
 GRANDPARENTS                                                                                        BEACH AT           BEACH AT
 DAY                                                                                                 PERRY’S            PERRY’S

 19 K OF C              20                21 RUSSELL            22                23 ROSARY /        24                 25
 COUNCIL 5958                             HOME MEAL                               COVERED DISH
 BEACH PARTY                              DELIVERY                                AT SJV 7:00 PM
 AT DAYTONA                               WAYNE TURPIN
 26 PANCAKE             27                28                    29                30
 SJV 8 AM-11 AM

                                                                                           DATES TO REMEMBER
                                                                             Sep TBA     Soccer Challenge at SJV
                                                                             Sep 12 Sun Corporate Communion Mass at SJV 9:00 AM
                                                                             Sep 17-19    Council 5958 Beach Party at Perry’s Ocean-
                                                                             Edge, Daytona Beach
                                                                             Oct 9 Sat    3rd Degree at Council 2112 1:00 PM
                                                                             Oct 10 Sun    Membership Blitz at SJV
               SICK AND VISITATION
 The following Brother Knights and family members of Council 5958
     who are sick or in distress and need our help and prayers:

Janice Coniglio and grandson Steven             407 362-7696
Henry Sosa                                      407 812-6373
Ronnie Sponder                                  407 855-4756                 If you know of a Brother Knight, or a member of his
John Yannaci                                    Englewood, FL
David Cutter                                    407246-4875
                                                                             immediate family, who is sick, hospitalized, in
PGK Jim Riney                                   407 859-7362                 distress, or who died, please notify PGK JOHN
PGK Sam Sampieri’s Father-in-Law Myran Ransom   407 521-7432                 STEPHENS (407) 380-1030, or FRANK CONIGLIO
Dee Cutter                                                                   (407) 362-7696, without delay. Please give us a name
Frank Coniglio’s sister Josie                   407 362-7696
PGK Dennis Arena’s Mother in Law                407 239-1552
                                                                             of the hospital, address, and room number of the
PGK Sam Sampieri                                407 521-7432                 person you want us to visit.
Frank Coniglio’s grand daughter Sara            407 362-7696
Cyrus Della-Groce                               386 274-3460
Frank Coniglio                                  407 362-7696
Muriel Darino                                   407 578-9158
PGK Joe Clark’s Mother                          407 855-5734

                                                                         8                                SEPTEMBER                    2010

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