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					                                                    Marketing Series
                                                    A four-course series covers marketing strate-
                                                    gies, advertising, business networking, and
                                                    methods of selling that produce results. This
                                                    series is designed for the small-business owner
                                                    or anyone interested in marketing products or
                                                    services. Register for the series and receive
                                                    four courses for the price of three. For more
                                                    information call 223.7525.

                                                    Certified CAD Drafter Program
                                                    Upon completion of two 80-hour drafting
                                                    courses (DFTG 1009 and DFTG 2019), students
                                                    will know basic drafting techniques and
                                                    become proficient in the use of the latest
                                                    release of AutoCAD. In addition to drafting
                                                    projects, students will assemble a portfolio
                                                    that can be presented to potential employers.
Customized Training                                 No drafting experience is needed to begin the
and Corporate Services                              program, but students will need to have basic
Leverage the skills and abilities of your employ-   computer skills. Call 223.4900 or visit
ees through continuous learning that works! for more information.
Top skills for today and tomorrow are the way to
win—and ACC can help your company assess            Languages
needs, design training programs, and deliver top    Many Central Texans already speak Spanish,
quality training that is effective, timely, on      but how about learning a new language like
target, and convenient. ACC tailors learning        Czech, French, German, or Italian? See the
experiences to turn challenges into solutions, at   Language and Culture Institute inside for
a fraction of the cost.                             course dates and times. Call 223.7813 for
Examples of programs include:                       information.

•   Professional Development
•   Industry-specific Training                      Project Management
•   People/Language Skills                          Most IT projects do not fail because of bad
•   Business Strategy                               technology. They fail because of poor project
•   Software Training                               management. Learn to manage IT projects so
•   Regulatory/Compliance                           they are on time, on budget, and meet custom-
•   Technical Certification                         ers’ needs. Prepare for PMI PMP certification.
•   And more!                                       Call 223.7662 or visit
                                                    techcert for information.
Lead the competition and stay ahead of the
game by calling an account executive at
223.7737 or visit for
information.                                          Can’t find your class?
                                                      Check the course/program index located at
                                                      the back of this schedule to find what you
                                                      are looking for.

                                                      Still can’t find your class?
                                                      Maybe you have a great idea for a new
                                                      course/program that ACC Continuing
                                                      Education should be offering. Send your
                                                      ideas to

Our Mission
Austin Community College Continuing Education, bringing COLLEGE and COMMUNITY
resources together to provide quality, practical educational services which:
       Respond to business and workforce development efforts
       Support employer training needs
       Provide both traditional and interactive meeting and training facilities for business use
       Deliver contract courses to business and industry
       Help fulfill the job, career and personal aspirations of all our citizens

Continuing Education programs are
registered with and/or approved by:
 Academy of General Dentistry (AGD)                             Oracle
 American Heart Association                                     Project Management Institute
 American Institute of Architects                               State Board for Educator Certification
 American Society for Quality (ASQ)                             Sun Microsystems
 Association of Contingency Planners                            Texas Board of Nurse Examiners
 Building Owners and Managers                                   Texas Board of Nursing Facility Administrators
   Association (BOMA)                                           Texas Board of Public Accountancy
 CISCO                                                          Texas Commission on Alcoholism and
 CompTIA                                                          Drug Abuse
 Dental Assisting National Board                                Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
 Information Systems Security                                   Texas Department of Health Board of Massage
   Association (ISSA)                                           Texas Department of State Health Services
 Insurance Institute of America                                   (DSHS)
 International Foundation of Employee                           Texas Department of Human Services
   Benefit Plans                                                Texas Education Agency
 Microsoft                                                      Texas Notary Public Association
 National Academies of Emergency                                Texas Nurses Association
   Dispatch (NAED)                                              Texas Real Estate Commission
 National Certification Council for Activity                    Texas State Board of Public Accountancy
   Professionals                                                Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners
 National Executive Housekeepers Association                    Texas State Florist Association
   (NEHA)                                                       Transportation Professionals of Central Texas
 National Fire Prevention Association                           TX Certification Board of Alcohol and Drug
 National Joint Apprenticeship and Training                       Abuse Counselors
   Committee                                                    U.S. Department of Labor–Bureau of
                                                                  Apprenticeship Training

Contact Information
                                        Ms. Sandra Gaskin
                        Executive Dean, Continuing Education, 512.223.7775
                                       Mr. Kirk White
                Executive Director,Workforce Development Center, 512.223.7694
                                         Ms. Sharrion Jenkins
                            Director of Community Programs, 512.223.7735
                                         Dr. Kathy Walton
                       Executive Director, Customized Training, 512.223.7737
                                        Ms. Sharon Duncan
                     Director of Center for Teacher Certification, 512.223.7649
                                    Mr. Michiel Davis
              Manager of Assessment, Business Assessmant Center, 512.223.7769
                                          Ms. Linda Morrison
                             Director of Business Operations, 512.223.7855

Austin Community College (USPS 021-507) (Volume 34, Number 2, July 16-31, Continuing Education Schedule Fall
2007) is published six times per year (twice in April, twice in July, and twice in November). Austin Community College is
published by the staff of Austin Community College, 5930 Middle Fiskville Rd., Austin, TX 78752-4390. Periodical postage
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c/o Marketing and College Relations, Austin Community College, 5930 Middle Fiskville Rd., Austin, TX 78752-4390.

                     key to using this schedule
   course prefix       course number             course title       (clock hours, tuition/fees)

            PHRA 1013           Community Pharmacy Practice           (96 hrs/$179 /$3.10 Insurance)
            Mastery of skills necessary to interpret, prepare, label, and maintain records of physicians’ medication
            orders and prescriptions in a community pharmacy.
            69114 100          Aug 25-Dec 10          6-7:15pm          MW           HBC 404

   synonym        section          date(s)             time(s)          day(s)      campus location                course
                  number                                                            and room number                description
                                                                                    See page 73 for
                                                                                    site abbreviations.

ACC Bookstores                                                 Abbreviations
Cypress Creek                                                  M       - Monday
335.8363, on-campus, Bldg. 2001                                T       - Tuesday
Eastview                                                       W       - Wednesday
927.1619, on-campus, Bldg. 2000                                Th      - Thursday
                                                               F       - Friday
Little Store                                                   S       - Saturday
474.0189, Convenience Store                                    U       - Sunday
Rio Grande Campus, Room 133                                    TBA - to be arranged
Northridge                                                     ITV - instructional TV
834.9366, on-campus, Bldg. 4000                                PCM - online course
                                                               Please check room numbers upon arrival, the
                                                               location of your class may change.
288.2303, on-campus, Room 108
Rio Grande
474.2607, 817 W. 12th Street                                   no-smoking policy
(west of Rio Grande Campus)                                    No smoking is allowed in any ACC building or
Riverside                                                      facility. In addition, Austin City Ordinance and
385.5727, on-campus Bldg. G                                    ACC’s Administrative Rules dictate that there will
South Austin                                                   be no smoking within 15 feet of any pedestrian
445.7437, on-campus                                            entrance to a public place.

* Required textbooks for courses held at
Highland Business Center can be purchased                      returned payments
at the Rio Grande Bookstore. Required textbooks
                                                               A $25 fee will be charged and a hold will be placed
for courses held at other ACC campuses will be
available for purchase at that campus’s bookstore.             on accounts with returned checks. For full details
                                                               see Payment/Refund Policy section in this
Support for Students
with Disabilities                                              ACC student handbook
Students with disabilities should request                      All ACC continuing education students are
accommodations through the Office for                          expected to abide by the rules and regulations in
Students with Disabilities at least two weeks                  the “ACC Student Handbook.” It can be found at
before the start of the class.                        or by calling 512.223.7542.

    Cypress           223.2026                                 Student Injury Process
    Eastview          223.5159
    Northridge        223.4726                                 Many continuing education courses include an
    Pinnacle          223.8300                                 “insurance” fee (in addition to tuition) to cover the
    Rio Grande        223.3142                                 student in case of injury to self or others during the
    Riverside         223.6244                                 course of the class. Your course instructor will
                                                               provide you with the proper procedure and forms to
All numbers in 512 area code. Feel free to use                 report an injury. Failure to follow procedure may
the relay option and provider of your choice to                result in your medical care not being covered by
call any of our numbers not noted as being                     insurance.
voice and/or TTY compatible.

                    Registration starts July 31.
                    ESL registration starts August 2.
Offices will be closed on Sept. 3, Nov. 22-23, and Dec. 24–Jan. 2, 2008.

          Register early to ensure your class will not be filled or canceled.
                    Your registration can make the difference.

                            Highland Business Center
                             5930 Middle Fiskville Rd.
                                 Austin, TX 78752
                         Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
                              Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
                           Saturday and Sunday - Closed

                          Credit cards accepted in person,
                            by telephone 512.223.7542,
                              by fax 512.223.7030, or
                           online at
            Simply mail the registration form at the end of this schedule
         along with your check, money order, or credit card information to:
                             Austin Community College
                                Continuing Education
                              5930 Middle Fiskville Rd.
                                  Austin, TX 78752

                    For general information call 512.223.7739;
                  for registration information call 512.223.7542.

                 Tuition and fees subject to change without notice.
 The scheduled time, room and instructor reflects our intent at the time of publication.

                            Highland Business Center (HBC)

                 For information call 512.223.7542,
                   Highland Business Center or

Frequently asked questions
Registration begins on July 31. Registrations are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. You may register
until the first day of class if space is available. Due to the minimum number of students necessary for classes to be
held, we encourage you to sign up at least one week before the class starts. Enrollments after the start date of
the class are not eligible for a full refund.

There are several convenient methods. You may register by phone, in person at the Highland Business Center, by
mail using the registration form at the back of this schedule, by fax, or online by credit card at

Payments must be made at the time of registration. We accept cash, checks, money orders and credit cards
(American Express, Visa, Master Card, and Discover). Payment from a company or state agency is also accepted.
Call 223.7542 for more information. NOTE: We do not fax out receipts. Please contact the Cashier’s Office at
223.7561 if you need a receipt. Please note: If you have a past due balance, a hold, which prevents registra-
tion, will be placed on your account.

What if my class is cancelled?
At times, continuing education courses may be cancelled due to low enrollment. In the event of a cancellation, each
registered student will be contacted at the phone number(s) currently on file for the student. Whenever
possible, the decision to cancel a course will occur a minimum of 48 hours prior to the start of the course. Students
may contact Registration 223.7542 at any time to check on the status of a course.

What if I move or change my phone number?
It is the student’s responsibility to update any changes to their contact information (i.e. phone numbers,
address). Student information is not automatically updated when a new course registration is received. To make
changes to your student record, you can request a “Student Data Change Form” from Registration at 223.7542 or

If you register by phone, fax or mail, our office will not mail out any confirmation. Call us at 223.7542 for this
information. If you register at Highland Business Center a copy of your schedule will be given to you.

Please see our Refund Policy listed near the back of the schedule. NOTE: Refund process may take up to 6 weeks.

Students who purchased a parking permit may request a refund for the following reasons: Their classes were
canceled, they withdrew from classes before the start date, or they inadvertently purchased a permit. To receive a
refund, students must submit a parking permit fee refund request form to ACC Campus Police and include the
parking permit if it has been picked up.

Students may transfer to another class the business day before the class starts for a full transfer or you will be
responsible to pay the difference based on the Refund Policy. To cancel a class, please see the Refund Policy.

WHAT Is an integrated course?
An integrated course is a college-credit course in which CE students can enroll on a space-available basis without
registering through college credit. Normal CE registration procedures apply. These courses can be converted to
college credit later under prescribed conditions. Call the registration desk at 223.7542 for further information. All
integrated courses are designated as such in the course descriptions, for example: Integrated with college credit
ETWR 2374.

CAN I get the new ACC Student ID?
Continuing Education students that are enrolled in college-credit integrated sections are eligible for photo IDs and
can pick them up on any of the main campuses during the first week of classes.

If your class is full when you register, we will put you on a waiting list if requested, as long as all other sections are
full. If a seat becomes available or we open another section, we will contact you. Make sure your contact informa-
tion with us is current when you request to be placed on the waiting list.

                                                                                                                                          High Technol0gy institute
                                                                        Certified CAD Drafter Program
                                                                        **May Qualify for Financial Aid- Contact 512.223.7547**

                                                                        Upon the completion of Basic CAD (DFTG 1009) and
                                                                        Intermediate CAD (DFTG 2019), students will be prepared for
                                                                        entry-level employment as a CAD drafter. Students will learn
                                                                        basic drafting techniques and will become proficient in the use
                                                                        of computer aided drafting software. In addition to drafting
                                                                        projects, students will assemble a portfolio of work they have
                                                                        completed, which can be presented to potential employers. No
                                                                        prior drafting experience is needed to begin the program, but
                                                                        students will need to have basic computer skills.

                                                                        DFTG 1009 Certified CAD Drafter, Level I (80 hrs/$995)
                                                                        An introduction to computer-aided drafting. Emphasis is
                                                                        placed on setup; creating and modifying geometry; storing
                                                                        and retrieving predefined shapes; placing, rotating, and
                                                                        scaling objects, adding text and dimensions, using layers,
                                                                        coordinate systems, and plot/print to scale.
                                                                        87554 100 Aug 27-Sep 21 8am-12pm MTWThF NRG 3202
                                                                        87555 101 Sep 10-Oct 11 6-10pm           MTWTh NRG 3202
                                          87556 102 Oct 22-Nov 16 8am-12pm MTWThF NRG 3202
            High Technology Information                                 DFTG 2019 Certified CAD Drafter, Level II (80 hrs/$995)
                   512.223.7526                                         A continuation of practices and techniques used in basic
                                                                        computer-aided drafting emphasizing advanced dimensioning
                                                                        techniques, the development and use of prototype drawings,
             COMPUTER                                                   construction of pictorial drawings, construction of three
                                                                        dimensional drawings, interfacing 2D and 3D environments
             TRAINING                                                   and extracting data.
                                                                        87557 101 Sep 24-Oct 19 8am-12pm MTWThF NRG 3202
                                                                        87558 102 Oct 15-Nov 15 6-10pm            MTWTh NRG 3202
             PROGRAMS                                                   87559 103 Nov 19-Dec 18 8am-12pm MTWThF NRG 3202

                                                                       DFTG 1070 CAD Camp (16 hrs/$255)
AUTOCAD                                                                This course provides a brief and fun, informal hands-on
PREMIER AUTHORIZED AUTOCAD TRAINING CENTER                             introduction to computer drafting and AutoCAD for individuals
Austin Community College has been designated a Premier                 who are exploring careers in Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) or
Autodesk Training Center (ATC) by Autodesk, the developer of           considering purchasing a CAD system. Prerequisites: Basic
AutoCAD software. ATCs constitute a world-wide network of              computer skills.
institutions officially recognized by Autodesk as sites for AutoCAD    87573 101 Aug 28-Sep 6 6-10pm                   TTh NRG 3225
training. Each site must meet Autodesk’s stringent criteria for        87574 102 Sep 4-Sep 5         8:30am-5:30pm TW NRG 3225
curriculum, facilities, and faculty. Since 1989, we have trained       87575 103 Oct 1-Oct 2         8:30am-5:30pm MT NRG 3225
hundreds of students, many from out of state, and some from as         87576 104 Nov 5-Nov 6         8:30am-5:30pm MT NRG 3225
far away as South America and Africa. ACC is one of about 100          87577 105 Dec 3-Dec 4         8:30am-5:30pm MT NRG 3225
ATCs worldwide to earn Autodesk’s Premier ATC designation. At
the completion of certain 16, 24, 32 or 40-hour courses, students      DFTG 5001 AutoCAD Update-1 Day (8 hrs/$195)
receive a certificate from Autodesk. Students receive a certificate    This 8-hour hands-on course is designed for the industry
from ACC at the completion of every ATC course.                        professional. The update training covers the new features,
                                                                       commands, and enhancements in the latest release of
CREDIT                                                                 AutoCAD. This hands-on training is designed so users can
Each course carries Continuing Education Units (CEUs),                 acquire those concepts needed to update and enhance their
nationally recognized units of measurement for professional            AutoCAD skills. Hands-on exercises cover the application of the
development and training. ACC is a registered provider of the          latest version of AutoCAD in a variety of industries.
American Institute of Architects Continuing Education                  Prerequisites: Basic computer skills. Proficiency with the
System and members of the AIA qualify for AIA/CES learning             preceding AutoCAD version necessary.
units which may be applied toward licensure requirements.              87582 100 Aug 27-Aug 29 6-10pm                   MW NRG 3225
                                                                       87583 101 Oct 25              8:30am-5:30pm Th          NRG 3225
For more information regarding course content call 512.223.4900        87584 102 Dec 20              8:30am-5:30pm Th          NRG 3225
or visit our webpage at: or send
email to All classes are taught at the          DFTG 5034 AutoCAD Update-2 Day (16 hrs/$255)
Northridge Campus (Room 3202 and 3225). Please call or write           This 16-hour hands-on course is designed for the industry
for an appointment if you would like to tour our facility. We will     professional using AutoCAD as a 2D drafting tool. The update
furnish hotel information and directions to students traveling to      training covers the new features, commands, and
Austin from outside the area.                                          enhancements, as well as the improvements to familiar
         Send your correspondence to:                                  commands in the latest three releases of AutoCAD. This hands-
         Austin Community College District                             on training is designed for experienced users who need to
         Austin CAD Campus                                             update and enhance their 2D AutoCAD skills. Hands-on
         11928 Stonehollow Drive                                       exercises include coverage of dynamic input, tool palettes,
         Austin, Texas 78758                                           fields, tables, dynamic blocks, sheet sets, and creating and
         Email us at:                            using DWF files. NOTE: Nearly all of the new features of
         or call us at 512.223.4900                                    AutoCAD R2007 are 3D related, therefore, we suggest either
                                                                       the 8-hour update class or the 16-hour 3D class for coverage of
For AutoCAD CONTRACT TRAINING AND CUSTOM COURSES                       those features. Prerequisites: Proficiency with a previous
Call 512.223.4900 for more information.                                release of AutoCAD.
                                                                       86799 100 Aug 8-Aug 9          8:30am-5:30pm WThF NRG 3225
TO ENROLL Call 512.223.7542 Or email us at:                            87585 101 Oct 3-Oct 4          8:30am-5:30pm WTh NRG 3225                                                  87586 102 Nov 7-Nov 8          8:30am-5:30pm WTh NRG 3225

                      DFTG 1071 AutoCAD Essentials (40 hrs/$695)                            DFTX 5032 Autodesk Certified User Exam (3 hrs/$150)
High Technol0gy institute
                      Students learn to create and edit 2D drawings using the latest
                      release of AutoCAD. This comprehensive and highly structured
                                                                                            The Autodesk Certified User Exam is designed to evaluate your
                                                                                            knowledge of specific Autodesk Applications. Questions
                      course will cover: techniques for viewing and creating accurate       determine a working knowledge of the basic features and
                      drawings, editing existing drawings, management of object             functions of an application such as Inventor and Architectural
                      properties, creating and inserting blocks, applying dimensions,       Desktop, as well as specific skills that are appropriate for
                      annotations, and hatch patterns, as well as plotting techniques       ensuring a base level of proficiency in the application. Obtaining
                      and methods for creating drawing templates. Emphasis is on the        Autodesk Certified User status qualifies a candidate as having
                      specifics of the tools in the software along with the necessary       demonstrated the requisite knowledge and skills to accomplish
                      concepts and techniques that will allow the user to be productive,    fundamental application tasks. This exam takes approximately
                      regardless of their drafting discipline. Prerequisites: Basic         120 minutes. Prerequisites: DFTX 5030- Autodesk Certification
                      computer skills. Previous drafting experience or CAD.                 Preparation course.
                      87560 101 Sep 10-Sep 14 8:30am-5:30pm MTWThF NRG 3225                 87613 101 Aug 20-Dec 31                          ON DEMAND
                      87561 102 Sep 11-Oct 11 6-10pm                      TTh NRG 3225
                      87562 103 Oct 8-Oct 12 8am-5:30pm               MTWThF NRG 3225       DFTX 5034 Autodesk Certified Expert Exam (3 hrs/$250)
                      87563 104 Nov 6-Dec 13 6-10pm                       TTh NRG 3225      The Autodesk Certified Expert Exam is designed to evaluate
                      87564 105 Nov 12-Nov 16 8:30am-5:30pm MTWThF NRG 3225                 your knowledge of a specific Autodesk application. Questions
                      87565 106 Dec 10-Dec 14 8:30am-5:30pm MTWThF NRG 3225                 determine a working knowledge of the more advanced features
                                                                                            and functions of an application, as well as specific skills that are
                      DFTG 1072 AutoCAD Advanced (24 hrs/$455)                              appropriate for ensuring proficiency in applying these features
                      This course is designed for the drafter, designer, engineer, or       and functions. Obtaining Autodesk Certified Expert status
                      AutoCAD user who has taken the Essentials course. This                qualifies a candidate as having demonstrated the requisite
                      hands-on training concentrates on intermediate to advanced            knowledge and skills to accomplish advanced application tasks.
                      AutoCAD concepts and commands designed to increase                    This exam takes approximately 120 minutes. Prerequisites:
                      productivity. Subjects covered include: productivity techniques,      Students must have passed the Autodesk Certified User Exam.
                      advanced object types, creating, using and extracting block           87614 101 Aug 20-Dec 31                         ON DEMAND
                      attribute information, external references, collaboration tools,
                      drawing standards, and menu customization, as well as an              DFTG 5054 Autodesk Revit Essentials (40 hrs/$695)
                      introduction to 3D modeling. Prerequisites: Basic computer            This course will introduce you to the revolutionary parametric
                      skills. AutoCAD Essentials or proficiency with commands and           capabilities of Autodesk Revit. As a true parametric 3D digital
                      techniques covered in the Essentials course.                          building modeler, Revit uses intelligent building components
                      87566 100 Aug 27-Aug 29 8:30am-5:30pm MTW NRG 3225                    such as floors, walls, doors, windows, stairways, etc., rather
                      87567 101 Sep 24-Sep 26 8:30am-5:30pm MTW NRG 3225                    than simple objects like lines, circles, and arcs that represent
                      87568 102 Oct 15-Oct 17 8:30am-5:30pm MTW NRG 3225                    building components, as in traditional CAD systems. Each
                      87569 103 Oct 16-Nov 1 6-10pm                    TTh NRG 3225         component is linked through a high performance change
                      87570 104 Nov 19-Nov 21 8:30am-5:30pm MTW NRG 3225                    propagation engine, allowing a single change in any model view
                      87571 105 Nov 26-Dec 12 6-10pm                   MW NRG 3225          to be propagated throughout all views, both parametrically and
                      87572 106 Dec 17-Dec 19 8:30am-5:30pm MTW NRG 3225                    bi-directionally. Students will learn to use the software as an
                                                                                            architectural design tool, then instruct the program to produce
                      DFTG 5004 AutoCAD 3D (16 hrs/$355)                                    floor plans, elevations, schedules, and rendered views
                      This course provides experienced 2D AutoCAD users with an             automatically on plotted sheets. This course will cover an
                      understanding of 3D AutoCAD, including shading and rendering          overview of Revit concepts, user interface, project set-up,
                      features. Content includes: basic 3D concepts, user coordinate        designing with digital building components, producing drawing
                      systems, 3D viewing commands, solid model creation and                sheets, and detailing and documenting the project.
                      editing concepts, model space and paper space concepts,               Prerequisites: Basic computer skills. Experience in the design
                      producing 2D drawing sheets from 3D models, and an                    and/or drafting of commercial and residential buildings is helpful.
                      introduction to rendering, lights, materials, and cameras.            87578 100 Aug 20-24 8:30am-5:30pm MTWThF NRG 3225
                      Prerequisites: Basic computer skills. AutoCAD Essentials or           87579 101 Oct 29-Nov 2 8:30am-5:30pm MTWThF NRG 3225
                      proficiency with commands and techniques covered in the
                      Essentials course.                                                    DFTG 5021 Autodesk Architectural Desktop I (24 hrs/$455)
                      87591 100 Aug 30-Aug 31 8:30am-5:30pm ThF NRG 3225                    This 24-hour course is designed to help you produce complete
                                                                                            building projects quickly, efficiently, and accurately using
                      DFTX 3006 Sketch-Up Essentials (16 hrs/$355)                          Autodesk Architectural Desktop. It is designed for the drafter,
                      87592 101 Sep 27-Sep 28 8:30am-5:30pm ThF NRG 3225                    designer, engineer, architect or user who is already familiar with
                      87593 102 Dec 5-Dec 6   8:30am-5:30pm WTh NRG 3225                    AutoCAD commands. This course is designed to teach you to
                                                                                            create and edit walls, doors, and windows, roofs, stairs, and
                      DFTG 5008 Customizing AutoCAD (16 hrs/$355)                           railings. To add annotation symbols and schedule tables to your
                      This course is designed to meet the needs of experienced              drawing and learn to use the layout tabs and work with layer
                      AutoCAD users who want greater understanding of the                   keying. Prerequisites: Basic computer skills. AutoCAD Essentials
                      customizable features of AutoCAD. Learn how to create script          or proficiency with commands and techniques covered in the
                      files and slide shows, how to customize toolbars, pull-down,          Essentials course.
                      image tile, and tablet menus, how to program mouse buttons            87590 101 Oct 22-Oct 24 8:30am-5:30pm MTW NRG 3225
                      and accelerator keys, and how to write basic AutoLisp functions.
                      Prerequisites: Basic computer skills. AutoCAD Advanced or             DFTG 5020 AutoCAD for Interior Design (24 hrs/$200)
                      equivalent.                                                           In this course, students will build on the drafting concepts
                      87600 101 Aug 20-Dec 31                        ON DEMAND              learned in INDS 1092. This course will introduce students to
                                                                                            computer-aided drafting. Students will learn how to use
                      DFTG 5025 AutoLISP (24 hrs/$455)                                      AutoCAD as a tool to produce two-dimensional interior design
                      This course provides instruction on programming concepts using        layouts. Emphasis is placed on basic drawing and modification
                      AutoLISP. Learn about data types, variables, expressions,             commands, making and inserting pre-drawn objects, such as
                      evaluation, program files, functions, getting user input, list        furniture, and printing techniques. Prerequisites: INDS 1092 or
                      manipulation, looping, branching, data type conversion, entity        equivalent experience with manual drafting. Basic computer
                      database access, and file handling using AutoLISP. Discussions        skills and knowledge of Windows-based operating systems.
                      include the Visual LISP Interactive Development Environment,          87598 101 Sep 28-Nov 16 6-9pm                   F NRG 3225
                      with special emphasis on the troubleshooting and debugging
                      features available in Visual LISP. Prerequisites: Basic computer
                      skills. Customizing AutoCAD or equivalent.
                      87602 101 Aug 20-Dec 31                          ON DEMAND

DFTG 5023 AutoCAD for Landscape Design (24 hrs/$200)                      DFTG 5033 Unix for CAD Users (16 hrs/$155)
Students will learn basic computer-aided drafting skills that can         For CAD users who want to sharpen their skills in using the UNIX
be applied to landscape design and layout. Emphasis is placed             operating system. Topics include how to move around the
on basic drawing and modification commands, making and                    command line, useful UNIX tools, how UNIX interacts with CAD
inserting pre-drawn objects, such as plants, and printing                 systems, editing and modifying fules, how systems talk to each
techniques. Prerequisites: Experience with manual landscape               other, and how to share files in the context of CAD design.
design and layout is helpful. Basic computer skills and                   Prerequisite: Previous AutoCAD experience; basic computer
knowledge of Windows-based operating systems.                             skills..
87599 101 Oct 7-Nov 11 1-5pm                 U NRG 3225                   87603 101 Aug 20-Dec 31                          ON DEMAND

DFTG 5032 Autodesk Inventor (40 hrs/$695)                                 DFTG 1074 3D Studio MAX Essentials (40 hrs/$695)
This 40-hour hands-on course on Autodesk InventorT covers                 Sudents learn how it is used in various industries, including, but
solids, parts and assemblies, editing of 3D models, creation of           not limited to, the entertainment industry. This course will focus on
part drawings, and plotting of part drawings. This course offers a        developing the basic skills required to navigate the program’s
comprehensive solution to those seeking to enhance their 3D               various modules. The student will be introduced to and explore
design projects by incorporating Inventor’s 3D parametric                 computer generated modeling concepts, such as parametric and
feature based and adaptive technologies. It brings the designer           primitives modeling, spline modeling, sub-object modeling, and
up the learning curve from the basic 3D parametric technology             editing, mesh and patch modeling and be given an overview of
to assembly modeling and finally to part drawings. Prerequisites:         NURBS modeling. The student will also learn basic lofting skills
Basic computer skills. Experience in the design and drafting of           and Boolean Operations, and the course will also introduce the
machine parts and assemblies is helpful.                                  student to Max systems, such as particle systems, space warps,
87580 101 Sep 17-21 8:30am-5:30pm MTWThFNRG 3225                          and forward and inverse kinematics. The student will learn basic
87581 102 Nov 26-30 8:30am-5:30pm MTWThFNRG 3225                          computer generated animation and image concepts and
                                                                          approaches, such as scene composition, camera and lighting
DFTG 5019 Rapid Prototyping (8 hrs/$195)                                  concepts and techniques, material mapping and placement, and
Students will use the 3D printer to create a solid prototype of 3D        rendering concepts and techniques. The participant will learn
drawings they have completed.                                             about animation time concepts and techniques, and this will be
87601 101 Aug 20-Dec 31                          ON DEMAND                followed-up by an introduction to Track View concepts and Post
                                                                          Processing (special effects) concepts and techniques.
DFTG 5027 Autodesk Land Desktop (32 hrs/$455)                             Prerequisites: Basic computer skills.
This 32-hour hands-on course covers the fundamental                       87589 101 Oct 1-Oct 31 6-10pm                  MW       NRG 3225
concepts, tools, and functions necessary to manage projects,
work with point information, create topographic maps, parcel              DFTG 5038 Introduction to ArcGIS I (16 hrs/$595)
maps, and horizontal alignments using Autodeskr Land Desktop.             This two-day course introduces students to ArcGIS and provides
Topics will also include creating coordinate geometry, annotating         the foundation for becoming a successful ArcView, ArcEditor, or
linework, defining surface models, calculating earthwork                  ArcInfo user. Participants learn to use ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and
quantities, site analysis techniques, and lot sizing. Prerequisites:      ArcToolbox and explore how these applications work together to
Basic computer skills. AutoCAD Level I and Microsoft Windows              provide a complete GIS software solution. The course covers
2000 or NT 4 is attained to gain the maximum benefit from this            fundamental GIS concepts as well as how to create, edit, and
course. Standard engineering practices and terms are used                 work with georeferenced spatial data. Attendees learn to
throughout the course, so a basic understanding of these                  manipulate tabular data, query a GIS database, and present data
practices is suggested. Autodesk Land Desktop is built on the             clearly and efficiently using maps and charts. Prerequisites: Basic
functionality of Autodesk MapT, so it is also recommended, but            computer skills.
not required, that an Autodesk Map Level I course be taken to             87604 101 Aug 20-Dec 31                         ON DEMAND
gain full understanding of the product.
87615 101 Aug 20-Dec 31                           ON DEMAND               DFTG 5039 Introduction to ArcGIS II (24 hrs/$695)
                                                                          This three-day course follows Introduction to ArcGIS I (for ArcView,
DFTG 5028 Civil 3D Essentials (24 hrs/$545)                               ArcEditor , and ArcInfo ) and continues to present important
This 24-hour course covers the essentials of Autodesk Civil 3D.           concepts and functionality for successfully working with ArcGIS.
Students learn how to work with point data in Autodesk Civil 3D,          With further exploration of ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and ArcToolbox,
how to create and analyze a surface, how to develop a site, how           students focus on spatial analysis, automation of spatial and
to model roads, corridors, and pipe networks, how to work with            attribute data, editing, and advanced options for cartographic
survey data, and how to import and export data. Hands-on                  display and reports. Hands-on exercises teach ArcGIS procedures
exercises throughout the course explore how to create 2D and              in the context of solving real-world problems. Examples and
3D production drawings.                                                   exercises use data from a variety of application areas. A portion of
87587 101 Sep 10-Sep 27 6-10pm               MW      NRG 3225             the class is reserved for carrying out an analysis project and
                                                                          applying many of the new skills and techniques learned in this
DFTX 3008 Civil 3D Advanced (32 hrs/$695)                                 course. Students conduct queries, perform spatial analysis, and
This 32-hour class covers the following topics:                           present their results in a hard-copy map and report. Prerequisites:
                                                                          Basic computer skills. Introduction to ArcGIS 8.1 or 6 months
Designing Intersections & Cul-de-Sacs (8 hrs)                             ArcGIS 8.1 experience.
In this session, students use AutoCADr Civil 3Dr to complete the          87605 101 Aug 20-Dec 31                         ON DEMAND
engineering tasks on intersections and cul-de-sac designs. This
courseware guides students through one possible design                    DFTG 5052 IC Layout Portfolio (32 hrs/$195)
process from examination of existing site conditions to a final           A lab course that will focus on building an Integrated Circuit Layout
design solution.                                                          portfolio suitable for job hunting. Mostly independent work with a
                                                                          tutor present to answer questions. Prerequisites: Essentials of IC
Creating and Managing Plan Sets (16 hrs)                                  Layout (DFTG 2470) or instructor approval.
This session explains the functions of the Plan Production                87606 101 Aug 20-Dec 31                          ON DEMAND
feature; its interaction with the Vault and with data shortcut
project management components of Civil 3D; and the creation of            DFTG 1091 Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2 Update from Pro/Engineer
documents using the Sheet Set Manager. Other topics covered               2001 (16 hrs/$750)
include Sheet Template creation; Matchline and Frame styles;              Learn how you can quickly ramp-up from Pro/Engineer 2001
generation of Plan; Profile; Plan & Profile sheets; and alternate         directly to Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2. After completing this course
uses for the Plan Production feature.                                     you will know how to utilize the new user interface and feature
87588 100 Nov 5-Dec 8           6-10pm          MW       NRG 3225         tools in both releases of Pro/Engineer Wildfire, enabling you to
                                                                          improve your modeling productivity.
                                                                          87612 101 Aug 20-Dec 31                          ON DEMAND

                      DFTG 1095 Fast Track to Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2 (40 hrs/             87595 101 Oct 18             8:30am-5:30pm Th          NRG 3225
High Technol0gy institute
                      Designed for new users who want to become proficient with Pro/
                                                                                           87596 102 Nov 9
                                                                                           87597 103 Dec 10-12
                                                                                                                        8:30am-5:30pm F
                                                                                                                         6-10pm       MW
                                                                                                                                                  NRG 3225
                                                                                                                                                  NRG 3225
                      Engineer Wildfire 2 as quickly as possible. Focus on learning
                      core-modeling skills. Topics include sketching, part modeling,
                      assemblies, drawings, and basic model management                     MICROSOFT OFFICE
                      techniques. The course also includes a comprehensive design
                      project that enables you to practice your new skills by creating     APPLICATIONS
                      realistic parts, assemblies, and drawings. After completing the             
                      course you will be well prepared to work effectively on product      Fees are subject to change without notice.
                      design projects using Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2.
                      87611 101 Aug 20-Dec 31                          ON DEMAND           ITSC 1006 Fundamentals of PC Use (24 hrs/$195)
                                                                                           Perfect for new users who want to gain confidence and a firm
                      DFTG 5057 Creating Production Drawings with Pro/                     foundation in using personal computers. Topics include using
                      Engineer Wildfire (20 hrs/$1125)                                     the keyboard and mouse; working in the Windows environment
                      This is a comprehensive training course that teaches you how         and learning basic troubleshooting. A study of microprocessor
                      you can quickly create detailed drawings using information           architecture, file creation/deletion, data entry and manipulation,
                      captured within the 3-D design models. The course builds upon        automatic file execution, configuration, and directory commands.
                      the basic lessons learned in Fast Track to Pro/Engineer Wildfire     This is a “hands-on” class that also features two free hours of
                      2, and serves as the second stage learning. In this course, learn    supervised personal practice. Prerequisites: None.
                      to create drawings, detail drawings, and how to take advantage       87758- No class Wednesday 10/17.
                      of the parametric and associative nature of Pro/Engineer             87728 101 Sep 10-Oct 3 6-9pm                      MW      HBC 218
                      Wildfire 2 when manipulating drawings. You will also learn           87758 102 Oct 1-Oct 18 1-4pm                      MWTh HBC 218
                      system administration information relating to drawings. Upon         87796 103 Nov 5-Nov 15 8:30am-12:30pm MWTh HBC 218
                      completion of this course, you will be able to create complete
                      production drawings suitable for manufacturing.                      POFT 3014 Keyboarding (9 hrs/$129)
                      87607 101 Aug 20-Dec 31                          ON DEMAND           Introduction to the computer keyboard. Topics include the home
                                                                                           keys, alphabetic keys, symbol keys, body positions, and various
                      DFTG 5058 Designing Sheetmetal Products with Pro/                    keyboarding techniques. Emphasis is placed on learning touch-
                      Engineer Wildfire (16 hrs/$750)                                      typing. Prerequisites: None.
                      Learn to design sheetmetal parts and assemblies, including           87740 101 Sep 17-Sep 20 1-4pm               MWTh       HBC 218
                      sheetmetal production drawings. All the functions needed to          87817 102 Nov 26-Nov 28 6-9pm               MTW        HBC 212
                      create sheetmetal parts, drawings, and assemblies are covered.
                      Upon completion of this course, you will be able to create           ITNW 1007 Internet Basic (9 hrs/$129)
                      sheetmetal design models, create the flat state of the model,        Introduction to the Internet including email, World Wide Web
                      and document both in production drawings.                            (WWW), and how to perform basic research to address
                      87608 101 Aug 20-Dec 31                        ON DEMAND             company/business needs. Topics include accessing and
                                                                                           navigating the Internet, covering concepts, terms, tools, and
                      DFTG 5059 Advanced Assembly Management with Pro/                     services such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), newsgroups,
                      Engineer Wildfire (20 hrs/$1125)                                     and chat rooms. Learn to browse and search the Internet
                      Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2 enables you to create complex                successfully using popular browsers and search tools.
                      assemblies using a top-down design process. Learn to use Pro/        Prerequisites: Familiarity with the PC.
                      Engineer Wildfire 2 to create and manage complex assemblies          87824 102 Dec 17-Dec 19 6-9pm                 MTW        HBC 218
                      using top-down design techniques. In the top-down design
                      process, you start an assembly design by creating a layout that      ITNW 3012 Outlook Introduction (9 hrs/$129)
                      contains specifications and parameters that are used to control      An introduction to using the many features of this software
                      the entire assembly design. Then you create a preliminary            package including the contact manager, electronic mail,
                      assembly structure. This structure contains the components and       calendar, tasks, journal, and note. Prerequisites: Fundamentals
                      their hierarchy within the assembly. Next, you use skeletons to      of PC Use or equivalent experience.
                      define critical component dimensions and mounting locations,         87735 101 Sep 11-Sep 18 6-9pm                TTh        HBC 218
                      space requirements, and the motion between the assembly              POFI 1024 Word Introduction (9 hrs/$129)
                      components. Finally, you create component geometry by                Instruction in terminology, computer operation, editing functions,
                      referencing the skeletons and sharing design information within      formatting, and special text options. Create, edit, and print
                      the assembly.                                                        documents such as letters or reports using this popular software
                      87609 101 Aug 20-Dec 31                         ON DEMAND            program. The course covers spell checking, underlining, bolding
                                                                                           and centering text, copying and pasting text, and printing
                      DFTG 5060 Advanced Part Modeling with Pro/Engineer                   documents. Prerequisites: Familiarity with the PC.
                      Wildfire (16 hrs/$750)                                               87765 102 Oct 8-Oct 11        6-9pm           MTTh        HBC 218
                      This course teaches you how to use advanced part modeling
                      techniques in Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2 to improve your product        POFI 1042 Word Intermediate (9 hrs/$129)
                      designs. Learn to create and modify design models using              A study of production techniques including search and replace
                      advanced sketching techniques and feature creation tools.            functions, headers and footers, spelling checker, file functions,
                      Learn to reuse existing design geometry when creating new            and printer set-up. Enhance your word processing skills by
                      design models. You also learn how to analyze and optimize            expanding your knowledge of formatting techniques, table
                      design models to conform to design specifications. After             creation, file management, using Find, Replace and Go To,
                      completing this advanced course you will be well prepared to         Autocorrect, Autotext, templates, envelopes, labels, text boxes,
                      work efficiently with complex product designs using Pro/             graphics and OLE. Prerequisites: Word Introduction or
                      Engineer Wildfire 2.                                                 equivalent experience.
                      87610 101 Aug 20-Dec 31                        ON DEMAND             87782 102 Oct 16-Oct 19 6-9pm                TThF         HBC 218

                      DFTX 5030 Autodesk Certification Preparation (8 hrs/$175)            POFI 2037 Word Advanced (9 hrs/$129)
                      This class is designed to review the knowledge and skills            Instruction in multiple document editing, footnotes, endnotes,
                      assessed on the soon-to-be-available AutoCADr 2006 Certified         table of contents and index generation, forms, mail merge, user
                      Expert examination. In addition to the coursework, this course       defined macro procedures, mathematics capability and file
                      encourages independent learning through the use of the               import and export from other programs. Emphasis on special
                      AutoCAD Help system. Prerequisites: Completion of the                problems encountered in business and industry. Prerequisites:
                      Essentials course for the latest release of AutoCAD.                 Word Intermediate or equivalent experience.
                      87594 100 Aug 6               8:30am-5:30pm M          NRG 3225      87789 102 Oct 23-Oct 26 6-9pm                 TThF      HBC 218

ITSW 1022 Excel Introduction (9 hrs/$129)                                 parameters, data dictionary, optional field characteristics, data
Designed to provide a thorough understanding of concepts that             manipulation, browsing, table revisions, table merging, mailing
assist in designing worksheets for a variety of numerical                 labels, report arithmetic, and data and file transfer.
reporting, budgeting and forecasting tasks. Instruction in                Prerequisites: Introduction and Intermediate Access courses.
terminology, machine use, program parameters, display                     87747 101 Sep 22-Oct 27 9am-3:10pm S HBC 301.9
characteristics, formatting features, mathematical functions, and
printing. Gain skills to build, manage, save, retrieve, format,
chart and print worksheets. Prerequisites: Familiarity with PC.           MICROSOFT OFFICE
87720 101 Sep 4-Sep 6            6-9pm         TWTh        HBC 218
87792 103 Oct 29-Nov 2 6-9pm                   MWF HBC 301.9              APPLICATIONS FULL DAY
ITSW 1046 Excel Intermediate (9 hrs/$129)
Topics include enhancing worksheets, advanced formatting                  Full day courses. Our popular three-day courses taught in one
techniques, advanced functions, database management,                      full day. Fees are subject to change without notice.
customizing charts, drawing pictures, linking. Instruction in             ITNW 1007 Internet Basic (8 hrs/$115)
moving and copying, cell contents; sorting mathematical,                  87746 101 Sep 21           8:30am-5:30pm         F       HBC 218
statistical, and financial functions; date and time arithmetic;
report generation; and built-in graphics support. Prerequisites:          ITNW 3026 Outlook Introduction (8 hrs/$115)
Excel Introduction or equivalent experience.                              87818 101 Nov 27         8:30am-5:30pm T                 HBC 218
87729 101 Sep 10-Sep 14 6-9pm                   MTF       HBC 212
87800 103 Nov 5-Nov 9            6-9pm          MWF HBC 301.9             POFI 1024 Word Introduction (8 hrs/$115)
                                                                          87751 101 Sep 25          8:30am-5:30pm          T       HBC 218
ITSW 2049 Excel Advanced (9 hrs/$129)                                     POFI 1042 Word Intermediate (8 hrs/$115)
Instruction in macro programming features, database functions,            87761 101 Oct 2          8:30am-5:30pm           T       HBC 218
merging/linking spreadsheets, data file transfer, and Boolean
functions. Topics include using templates, importing data,                POFI 2037 Word Advanced (8 hrs/$115)
customizing Excel. Prerequisites: Excel Intermediate or                   87769 101 Oct 9         8:30am-5:30pm            T       HBC 218
equivalent experience.
87806 102 Nov 12-Nov 16 6-9pm                MWF HBC 301.9                ITSW 1022 Excel Introduction (8 hrs/$115)
                                                                          87779 102 Oct 16          8:30am-5:30pm          T       HBC 218
ITSW 1053 Access Introduction (9 hrs/$129)                                ITSW 1046 Excel Intermediate (8 hrs/$115)
Learn how to design and complete a working database system                87788 102 Oct 23          8:30am-5:30pm T                HBC 218
using this popular software. Instruction in program parameters,
data dictionary, optional field characteristics, calculation,             ITSW 2049 Excel Advanced (8 hrs/$115)
constant default values, designing data entry forms, database             87793 101 Oct 30        8:30am-5:30pm            T       HBC 218
organization, and report generation. Topics include creating
tables, forms, queries and reports. Prerequisites: Familiarity with       ITSW 1053 Access Introduction (8 hrs/$115)
the PC.                                                                   87801 102 Nov 6          8:30am-5:30pm T                 HBC 218
87760 101 Oct 1-Oct 4           6-9pm           MTTh        HBC 212       ITSW 1055 Access Intermediate (8 hrs/$115)
87816 103 Nov 26-Nov 29 6-9pm                   MWTh        HBC 218       87808 102 Nov 13         8:30am-5:30pm T                 HBC 218

ITSW 1055 Access Intermediate (9 hrs/$129)                                ITSW 2047 Access Advanced (8 hrs/$115)
Instruction in data validation, data manipulation, browsing               87813 101 Nov 20        8:30am-5:30pm            T       HBC 218
through records, records selection and query, indexing, and
sorting. Topics include modifying tables, using database                  ITSW 1037 PowerPoint Introduction (8 hrs/$115)
wizards, creating action queries, working with subforms and               87733 101 Sep 11          8:30am-5:30pm T                HBC 218
subreports. Prerequisites: Access Introduction or equivalent              ITSW 1050 PowerPoint Intermediate (8 hrs/$115)
experience.                                                               87743 101 Sep 18          8:30am-5:30pm T                HBC 218
87766 101 Oct 8-Oct 11          6-9pm         MWTh       HBC 212
87819 103 Dec 3-Dec 6           6-9pm         MWTh       HBC 218
                                                                          ONLINE COMPUTER
ITSW 2047 Access Advanced (9 hrs/$129)
Relational database management, concepts, hierarchical                    COURSES
models, network models, relational models, table merging,                 Fees are subject to change without notice.
relational capabilities, report generation, security features, data       For current prices call 512.223.7542
file transfer, graphics support, and macro commands. Learn how            Update your skills, discover a new talent, or chart a career path
to create switchboards, how to use hyperlinks, how to create              at your own pace at your own convenience with instructor-led
and run macros, how to use database utilities. Prerequisites:             online courses. Each course runs for six weeks and consists of
Access Intermediate or equivalent experience.                             12 lessons. The lessons are supplemented by interactive
87822 102 Dec 10-Dec 13 6-9pm                  MWTh        HBC 218        quizzes, assignments, tutorial, and an online discussion area. All
                                                                          materials will be made available to you over the World Wide
ITSW 1037 PowerPoint Introduction (9 hrs/$129)                            Web. Requirements for all courses: Internet access, email, Web
Introduction to computerized presentation graphics that leads             browser. Please visit for
the participant through planning, design, and production of               requirements, demonstrations and additional information.
business graphics and charts. Learn how to create a business
presentation using electronic slide show-manual or automatic-             ITSC 3002 Introduction to Windows XP (24 hrs/$145)
with transitions, graphic slides, handouts, and instructor’s notes.       A great way to get started with Windows. Learn how to navigate
Includes creating an initial outline, creating slides, using the          using a mouse; understand the Windows components and
various screens and views, Auto layout, Wizards for Auto                  selection techniques; access and use online help; understand
content and Look, creating simple text slides, formatting and             and use the Windows Explorer, My Computer, Accessories,
proofing text, utilizing PowerPoint objects, animation, printing a        including Paint and WordPad, the Recycle Bin and printing.
presentation and creating and running a slide show.                       Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of personal computers.
Prerequisites: Familiarity with the PC.                                   87671 151 Sep 19-Oct 31                                ONLINE
87809 102 Nov 13-Nov 20 6-9pm                      TTh      HBC 218       87696 152 Oct 17-Nov 28                                ONLINE

ITSW 1054 Database/File Management (40 hrs/$659)                          POFX 3024 Word Introduction (24 hrs/$145)
Instruction in terminology, developing a plan for organizing data,        87677 151 Sep 19-Oct 31                                   ONLINE
designing files, records and fields, entering data, record                87702 152 Oct 17-Nov 28                                   ONLINE
selection/queries, indexing, report generation, program

                      POFX 3042 Word Intermediate (24 hrs/$145)                           CPMX 3001 Introduction to PC Security (24 hrs/$145)
High Technol0gy institute
                      87678 151 Sep 19-Oct 31
                      87703 152 Oct 17-Nov 28
                                                                                          Learn why you’re at risk and what you can do to protect your PC.
                                                                                          You’ll learn the nature of the threats you face, how to assess your
                                                                                          vulnerability, how to identify the weak links in your system, and
                      POFX 3037 Word Advanced (24 hrs/$145)
                                                                                          how you can implement simple solutions to minimize your risks.
                      87679 151 Sep 19-Oct 31                                ONLINE
                                                                                          Prerequisites: A familiarity with general PC terminology, an
                      87704 152 Oct 17-Nov 28                                ONLINE
                                                                                          understanding of Windows and an ability to locate programs and
                      ITSX 3022 Excel Introduction (24 hrs/$145)                          change settings (or completion of Introduction to Windows XP).
                      87680 151 Sep 19-Oct 31                                ONLINE       87673 151 Sep 19-Oct 31                                    ONLINE
                      87705 152 Oct 17-Nov 28                                ONLINE       87698 152 Oct 17-Nov 28                                    ONLINE
                      ITSX 3046 Excel Intermediate (24 hrs/$145)                          CPMX 3003 Creating a Home Network (24 hrs/$145)
                      87681 151 Sep 19-Oct 31                                ONLINE       Create your own home network so that your computers can easily
                      87706 152 Oct 17-Nov 28                                ONLINE       share printers, Internet connections, drives, and documents. You’ll
                      ITSX 3049 Excel Advanced (24 hrs/$145)                              learn what hardware you need, how to configure Windows XP to
                      87682 151 Sep 19-Oct 31                                ONLINE       run your small network, and how to configure printers and other
                      87707 152 Oct 17-Nov 28                                ONLINE       peripherals. By the end of the course, you’ll know how to manage
                                                                                          and maintain your network, and how to keep it secure.
                      ITSX 3053 Access Introduction (24 hrs/$145)                         Prerequisites: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, completion of
                      87683 151 Sep 19-Oct 31                                ONLINE       Introduction to Windows XP course (or equivalent Windows
                      87708 152 Oct 17-Nov 28                                ONLINE       experience).
                      ITSX 3055 Access Intermediate (24 hrs/$145)                         87676 151 Sep 19-Oct 31                                  ONLINE
                      87684 151 Sep 19-Oct 31                                ONLINE       87701 152 Oct 17-Nov 28                                  ONLINE
                      87709 152 Oct 17-Nov 28                                ONLINE
                                                                                          ITNX 3000 Achieving Top Search Engine Positions (24 hrs/
                      ITSX 3037 PowerPoint Introduction (24 hrs/$145)                     $145)
                      87685 151 Sep 19-Oct 31                                ONLINE       With nearly 90% of web traffic coming from search engines, the
                      87710 152 Oct 17-Nov 28                                ONLINE       most important thing you can do to increase your web site’s traffic
                      ITSX 3050 PowerPoint Intermediate (24 hrs/$145)                     is to increase your search engine ranking. Learn proven, step-by-
                      87686 151 Sep 19-Oct 31                                ONLINE       step strategies to achieve the highest possible position with the
                      87711 152 Oct 17-Nov 28                                ONLINE       major search engines. Prerequisites: Completion of the
                                                                                          Introduction to WWW Authoring and XHTML course or equivalent
                      CPMX 3000 Introduction to PC Troubleshooting (24 hrs/               HTML experience. Go to for
                      $145)                                                               Orientation and other information.
                      Covers typical hardware and operating system problems               87687 151 Sep 19-Oct 31                                   ONLINE
                      encountered by technicians, and teaches troubleshooting             87712 152 Oct 17-Nov 28                                   ONLINE
                      techniques to decipher any basic and more advanced problem.
                      It also shows how to maintain and optimize a Windows PC.            ACNX 3007 Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2007 (24 hrs/
                      87672 151 Sep 19-Oct 31                               ONLINE        $145)
                      87697 152 Oct 17-Nov 28                               ONLINE        Learn how to use QuickBooks software to process payroll quickly
                                                                                          and easily. You’ll discover all the steps you need to properly set up
                      ITNW 5028 Introduction to Networking (24 hrs/$145)                  your payroll system, troubleshoot common problems, and avoid
                      Learn the fundamentals of computer networking in terms you          mistakes.
                      can easily understand; learn why networks have become so            Requirements:
                      important, how software and hardware makes networking               Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, or Vista, Internet access, email, the
                      possible, and how networks function.                                Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Firefox Web browser, and Intuit’s
                      87674 151 Sep 19-Oct 31                               ONLINE        QuickBooks Pro 2007 for Windows or QuickBooks Premier 2007
                      87699 152 Oct 17-Nov 28                               ONLINE        for Windows. Software must be installed and fully operational
                                                                                          before the course begins. The Simple-Start, and Online versions
                      ITNW 5029 Wireless Networking (24 hrs/$145)                         of QuickBooks are not supported in this course. It’s also
                      Wireless networking is a hot topic. Learn how wireless devices      recommended (but not required) that you sign up for one of the
                      make connections, how the connections actually work, and how        Intuit Payroll Services to update your QuickBooks tax tables. You
                      you can plan, deploy, and connect to wireless networks yourself.    may qualify for a free, no obligation trial subscription for one of
                      Prerequisites: ITNW 5028 Introduction to Networking or              these services. More information will be provided at the start of
                      equivalent experience.                                              the course. If you don’t wish to sign up for Intuit Payroll Services,
                      87675 151 Sep 19-Oct 31                                 ONLINE      you can still complete the course by manually calculating payroll
                      87700 152 Oct 17-Nov 28                                 ONLINE      taxes. This course is not suitable for Macintosh users. Go to
                                                                                 for Orientation and other
                                                                                          87688 151 Sep 19-Oct 31                                      ONLINE
                                                                                          87713 152 Oct 17-Nov 28                                      ONLINE

                               Online Continuing
                               Online Continuing
                                From home inspection to healthcare,
                                ACC Continuing Education offers a
                                variety of online courses. Check us
                                out at to
                                see if we have a class to suit your
                                educational goals while providing the
                                convenience and flexibility you need
                                to fit learning into your busy lifestyle.

VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS                                                 IMED 1016 Web Page Design I (96 hrs/$212 /$24 Lab)
                                                                      Instruction in Internet web page design and related graphic
AND DESKTOP PUBLISHING                                                design issues including mark-up languages, web sites, Internet
ARTC 1002 Digital Imaging I (96 hrs/$212 /$24 Lab)                    access software, and interactive topics. This course introduces
An introduction to Adobe Photoshop for creating, manipulating         the student to the creation of the Internet’s Web pages and
and preparing creative images for print and web output. Gain          related design issues. Mark-up languages, Web sites, Internet
understanding of resolution and pixel depth. Basic computing          access software and long-term Web design issues will be
literacy required. Integrated with college credit ARTC 1402.          addressed. An overview of Interactivity and related topics will be
87357-Required: Broadband Internet access and Photoshop CS            discussed An introductory course where students will gain an
or above software. D. Pauler, 223.4300, email:                        understanding of web design and development with MANDATORY online orientation during the           Dreamweaver. Basic concepts and techniques for the integration
first week of class at                      of Dreamweaver with Image Editors will be covered. Integrated
87346 107 Aug 27-Dec 12 9am-11:40am MW                  SAC 1212      with college credit course IMED 1416.
87357 105 Aug 27-Dec 16                                  ONLINE       87371-Required: Broadband Internet access, Dreamweaver 8
87363 104 Aug 27-Dec 12 9am-11:40am MW                 NRG 3136       and Fireworks 8 software. D. Correa, 223.4259, email:
87358 112 Aug 28-Dec 13 6-8:40pm              TTh       SAC 1212 MANDATORY online orientation during
87373 109 Aug 28-Dec 13 12-2:40pm             TTh      NRG 3136       the first week of class at
                                                                      87371 101 Aug 27-Dec 16                                   ONLINE
ARTC 1013 Digital Publishing I (96 hrs/$212 /$24 Lab /$3.50           87376 103 Aug 27-Dec 12 12-2:40pm             MW       NRG 4265
Insurance)                                                            87349 106 Aug 28-Dec 13 9am-11:40am TTh                SAC 1212
An introduction to designing and producing layout for graphic
design using QuarkXpress and Adobe Illustrator. The evolution         IMED 1041 Interface Design (96 hrs/$212 /$24 Lab)
of the printing process from concept to final printed project will    An introductory course using Photoshop for the design of
be covered. Basic computing literacy required. Integrated with        application interfaces. Usability issues, concept development,
college credit ARTC 1413.                                             type design, as well as image creation, manipulation, and
87351-Required: Broadband Internet access, QuarkXPress and            preparation for web and interactive projects will be covered.
Adobe InDesign software. P. Wicker, 223.4210, email:                  Prerequisite: ARTC 1402 or ARTC 1002. Laboratory fee. College MANDATORY online orientation during              integrated with IMED 1441.
the first week of class at                 87355 102 Aug 27-Dec 12 9am-11:40am MW                 NRG 4265
87347 112 Aug 27-Dec 12 6-8:40pm              MW         SAC 1212     87361 101 Aug 28-Dec 13 12-2:40pm             TTh       SAC 1212
87351 106 Aug 27-Dec 16                                    ONLINE
87374 111 Aug 27-Dec 12 12-2:40pm             MW         SAC 1212     IMED 1045 Interactive Multimedia I (96 hrs/$212 /$24 Lab)
87364 102 Aug 28-Dec 13 9am-11:40am TTh                 NRG 3134      Exploration of the use of graphics and sound to create time-
                                                                      based interactive multimedia animations using Macromedia
ARTC 2005 Digital Imaging II (96 hrs/$212 /$24 Lab)                   Flash 8, an industry standard authoring software. Integrated with
Intermediate to advanced techniques using Adobe Photoshop to          college credit IMED 1445.
gain greater proficiency using masks, channels, blend modes,          87372-Required: Broadband Internet access, & Flash 8 or CS3
filters, type, actions and more. Attention is given to creative       software. W. Rainey, 223-9262, email:
artistic techniques. Integrated with college credit ARTC 2405.        MANDATORY online orientation during the first week of class,
87375-Required: Broadband Internet access and Photoshop CS            go to for details.
or above software. D. Pauler, 223.4300, email:                        87372 102 Aug 27-Dec 16                                  ONLINE MANDATORY online orientation during the           87350 104 Aug 28-Dec 13 6-8:40pm            TTh        SAC 1211
first week of class at                      87377 101 Aug 28-Dec 13 12-2:40pm           TTh       NRG 4265
87375 101 Aug 27-Dec 16                                     ONLINE
87348 102 Aug 28-Dec 13 3-5:40pm               TTh        NRG 3136    IMED 2015 Web Page Design II (96 hrs/$212 /$24 Lab)
                                                                      An intermediate-level, project-based course where students will
ARTC 2013 Digital Publishing II (96 hrs/$212 /$24 Lab /$3.50          develop moderately complex web sites using Dreamweaver,
Insurance)                                                            Fireworks, and Photoshop, and CSS. Intermediate concepts and
An advanced class covering further design and production skills       techniques will be covered. College integrated with IMED 2415.
using Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.         Prerequisites: IMED 1316 or IMED 1416. (IMED 2315).
Advanced production techniques including: trapping, correct           87356-Required: Broadband Internet access, Dreamweaver 8
color definition, color separations, paper, printing techniques,      and Fireworks 8 and Photoshop CS software. K. Simpson,
duotones, working with printers, budgeting and bidding.               586.8754, email: MANDATORY online
Laboratory fee. College integrated with ARTC 2413.                    orientation during the first week of class at
Prerequisites: ARTC 1413 or 1013 Digital Publishing I.                ksimpson/.
87353-Required: Broadband Internet access, Adobe InDesign,            87356 101 Aug 27-Dec 16                                   ONLINE
Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator software. P. Wicker,           87362 102 Aug 27-Dec 12 3-5:40pm              MW        NRG 4265
223.4210, email: MANDATORY online
orientation during the first week of class at       IMED 2045 Interactive Multimedia II (96 hrs/$212 /$24 Lab)
pwicker/.                                                             Instruction in the use of scripting language to create interactive
87353 101 Aug 27-Dec 16                                     ONLINE    multimedia projects. Topics include building a user interface,
87370 102 Aug 27-Dec 12 3-5:40pm               MW        SAC 1212     writing script, testing, and debugging. Integrated with college
87359 103 Aug 28-Dec 13 12-2:40pm              TTh       NRG 3134     credit class IMED 2445.
                                                                      87345-Required: Broadband Internet access, & Flash 8 or CS3
GRPH 1059 Vector Graphics for Production (96 hrs/$212 /               software. W. Rainey, 223-9262, email:
$24 Lab)                                                              MANDATORY online orientation during 1st class week at
Mastery of the tools and transformation options of Adobe     for details.
Illustrator, an industry standard draw program to create complex      87345 102 Aug 27-Dec 16                                    ONLINE
illustrations and follow them through to the color output stage.
Mastery in the use of basic elements of good layout and design
principles and use of the capabilities specific to vector (object      Professionals must keep
oriented) drawing software to manipulate both text and graphics        learning to stay ahead of the
with emphasis on the use of bezier curves. Acquisition of images
via scanning and the creative use of clip art is included.             competition. Stay on top with
Integrated with college credit GRPH 1459.                              tech certificates and customized
87354 101 Aug 27-Dec 12 6-8:40pm              MW         NRG 3134      programs for your employees.
87360 102 Aug 28-Dec 13 3-5:40pm              TTh        SAC 1212

                                                                                               ITNW 6030 Web Authoring: Using Cascading Style Sheets
High Technol0gy institute         WEBMASTER                                                    (16 hrs/$177)
                                                                                               87690 101 Oct 1-Oct 31                          ONLINE
                                   COURSES                                                     87717 103 Nov 1-Nov 30                          ONLINE

                                                             IMED 1002 Dreamweaver Introduction (24 hrs/$399)
                                                                                               Web site creation with graphic elements. Includes use of Web
                       ** Some classes may qualify for Financial Aid-Contact                   authoring software and study of websites and browsers. Learn
                       512.223.7547 **                                                         to use the powerful features in Adobe Dreamweaver to create
                                                                                               and manage standards-compliant web pages that include
                       ** WHEN REGISTERING FOR ONLINE CLASSES USING OUR                        images, links, Flash elements, interactive behaviors, and a form.
                       AUTOMATED METHODS, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE                                 Learn to speed development by using Library items and
                       INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO START THE CLASS. Please go                       Templates. You’ll also use its built-in FTP feature to upload your
                       to our website at, and follow           site to a remote server. Prerequisites: Introduction to and
                       the link Online Classes-the third button on the top of the page.        Intermediate WWW Web Authoring and XHTML
                       Find the class you have registered to take, and contact the             87741 102 Sep 17-Sep 26 1-5pm                 MTW         HBC 212
                       instructor. Failure to do so might result in your inability to start
                       the class on time. **                                                   IMED 1002 Dreamweaver Introduction (24 hrs/$239)
                                                                                               87714 101 Oct 29-Nov 20                          ONLINE
                       WEB AUTHORING AND                                                       ITNW 6041 Dreamweaver Advanced (20 hrs/$329)
                       WEBSITE DESIGN                                                          After you’ve successfully authored a website in the
                       Fees are subject to change without notice.                              Dreamweaver Introduction class, learn advanced topics
                       For current prices call 512.223.7542                                    including: page layout using layers and CSS, extending
                                                                                               Dreamweaver with code snippets and custom objects,
                       ITNW 1059 Introduction to WWW Authoring and XHTML (16                   Integrating DW with Flash and Photoshop, and adding
                       hrs/$272)                                                               advanced interactivity using Layers and Timelines.
                       This course will focus on the use of the World Wide Web                 Prerequisites: Dreamweaver Introduction.
                       (WWW) and the creation of a home page. Web browsers and                 87777 101 Oct 15-Oct 29 6-10pm             MW          HBC 212
                       Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) are discussed. Students
                       get hands-on experience building simple web pages in XHTML              ITNW 6013 Interface Design and Usability (12 hrs/$199)
                       with hypertext links and graphics. Includes an overview of              This course focuses on improving web site design using the
                       techniques that enhance and facilitate page creation.                   Principles of Design in visual communication, and Human-
                       Prerequisites: Familiarity with PC and browsing the Internet.           Computer Interface (HCI) fundamentals. Students will learn the
                       87730 102 Sep 10-Sep 19 6-10pm                MW HBC 301.9              three types of usability evaluation, as well as design and discuss
                       87804 104 Nov 12-Nov 21 1:30-5:30pm MW HBC 301.9                        mock web site interfaces. Prerequisites: Introduction to WWW
                                                                                               Authoring and XHTML, Photoshop (Beginning).
                       ITNW 1059 Introduction to WWW Authoring and XHTML (16                   87799 101 Nov 5-Nov 13 6-9pm                  MT         HBC 212
                       87660 101 Sep 4-Sep 30                       ONLINE                     ITNX 3001 Web Accessibility (Beginning) (12 hrs/$199)
                       87715 103 Nov 1-Nov 30                       ONLINE                     Hands-on course-incorporating Section 508 and WCAG
                                                                                               Guidelines-designed for people who want to incorporate
                       IMED 1040 Intermediate WWW Authoring and XHTML (16                      accessibility techniques into websites, and increase usability
                       hrs/$272)                                                               and interoperability of web based materials. From adding alt
                       Publishing, design, and layout techniques for Websites. Utilizes        tags to enabling users to resize the on-screen text, the
                       techniques in animation, tables, and forms. Also includes               techniques covered in this class will produce smarter and faster
                       application of tools for creating and editing a Website.                sites with smaller file sizes and easier maintenance.
                       Introduces table design, forms, and frames construction. Hands-         87759 101 Oct 1-Oct 10 2-5pm                  MW         HBC 212
                       on experience in building complex Web pages using techniques            87795 102 Oct 31-Nov 8 6-9pm                  WTh        HBC 212
                       covered in class. Prerequisites: Introduction to World Wide Web
                       Authoring and XHTML, similar course, or equivalent experience.          ITNX 3002 Web Accessibility (Advanced) (12 hrs/$199)
                       87748 102 Sep 24-Oct 3 6-10pm                   MW HBC 301.9            Taking web accessibility to the next level. In this hands-on
                       87814 104 Nov 26-Dec 5 1:30-4:30pm MW HBC 301.9                         course you will learn how to build accessible data tables and
                                                                                               forms, publish accessible PDFs and making audio and video
                       IMED 1040 Intermediate WWW Authoring and XHTML (16                      files fully compliant with Section 508 guidelines. Prerequisites:
                       hrs/$177)                                                               Web Accessibility (Beginning).
                       87661 101 Sep 4-Sep 30                      ONLINE                      87810 101 Nov 14-Nov 16 6-10pm                WThF        HBC 212
                       87689 103 Oct 1-Oct 31                      ONLINE

                       ITNW 1072 Advanced WWW Authoring and XHTML (12 hrs/                     WEB GRAPHICS AND
                       Part III of a three-part series introduces XML, dynamic                 VISUAL DESIGN
                       (X)HTML, style sheets, and techniques to create images with             Fees are subject to change without notice.
                       small file sizes. Features a hands-on investigation and analysis        For current prices call 512.223.7542
                       of using these technologies with existing web sites.
                       Prerequisites: ITSC 2024 Part II or equivalent experience.              ITNW 6001 Photoshop (Beginning) (18 hrs/$299)
                       87662 101 Sep 4-Sep 30                                 ONLINE           Adobe Photoshop is the world standard in image editing
                       87716 102 Nov 1-Nov 30                                 ONLINE           software, and a required skill for any design position. Learn the
                                                                                               basics of digital imaging and fundamental image editing skills,
                       ITNW 6030 Web Authoring: Using Cascading Style Sheets                   including resizing images, color correction, retouching,
                       (16 hrs/$272)                                                           combining images, Web page mock-ups, and learning to
                       Control fonts, background colors, hyperlinks, margins and other         optimize in GIF and JPEG format.
                       page elements; lay out a Web page using CSS. Learn to create            87725 101 Sep 5-Sep 20 6-9:40pm              WTh          HBC 212
                       CSS navigational menus for Web pages. Prerequisites: ITSC               87783 102 Oct 16-Oct 30 6-9:40pm             TTh          HBC 212
                       2024 Intermediate World Wide Web Authoring and X/HTML.
                       87767 102 Oct 8-Oct 17 6-10pm                 MW HBC 301.9

ITNW 6039 Photoshop (Beginning)-Online (18 hrs/$195)                    PROGRAMMING
Adobe Photoshop is the world standard in image editing
software, and a required skill for any design position. This            LANGUAGES
introductory course covers the basics of digital imaging and            Fees are subject to change without notice.
fundamental image editing skills, including resizing images, color      For current prices call 512.223.7542
correction, retouching, combining images, Web page mock-ups,
and learning to optimize in GIF and JPEG format. Prerequisites:         ITSE 1003 Introduction to Programming Languages (16 hrs/
None.                                                                   $177)
87665 101 Sep 4-Oct 5                                     ONLINE        Development of basic knowledge of programming concepts and
                                                                        techniques. Topics include familiarization with and utilization of
ITNW 6002 Photoshop (Advanced) (16 hrs/$272)                            computer systems; developing logic; preparing top-down design
Create and use Presets, animation, JavaScript rollovers, image          of problems; and creating programs. This class is for those who
maps, and interface elements. Learn about filters, record               have few or no skills in programming. Emphasis will be placed on
actions, and more. Exercises are realistic, web-specific                problem definition, program solution, and how to enter,
applications of Photoshop, and its companion program,                   manipulate, and display data. Using Qbasic as a teaching
ImageReady. Prerequisites: Photoshop (Beginning).                       vehicle, this course will expose students to the basic
87820 102 Dec 3-Dec 6        6-10pm          MTWTh HBC 212              programming concepts they need for further work with
                                                                        programming languages. Prerequisites: End-user familiarity with
ITNW 6002 Photoshop (Advanced) (16 hrs/$177)                            computers, the Internet, Microsoft Windows.
87666 101 Sep 4-Oct 5                                      ONLINE       87663 101 Sep 4-Sep 30                                     ONLINE

ITNW 5050 Flash (Beginning) (18 hrs/$299)                               ITNW 5063 PHP (24 hrs/$399)
Flash is the ultimate interface development tool. Learn to create       PHP hypertext preprocessor is a server side programming
rich Internet applications, script interactivity, incorporate sound     language that you embed into documents such as HTML files,
and video, and publish interactive content in a variety of formats.     which may contain DHTML, JavaScript, and Java. PHP is great
87742 101 Sep 17-Sep 26 6-9pm                    MTW         HBC 212    for creating pages on the fly and can be used to make guest
87798 102 Nov 5-Nov 13 1-4:40pm                  MTW         HBC 212    books, message boards, and other interactive pages. Learn the
                                                                        programming aspect of PHP, variables, operators, hashes,
ITNW 6044 Flash (Beginning) (18 hrs/$195)                               arrays, and control structures. Check course description at
Flash is the ultimate interface development tool. Learn to create for required books. Prerequisites:
rich Internet applications, script interactivity, incorporate sound     Intermediate World Wide Web Authoring & XHTML plus basic
and video, and publish interactive content in a variety of formats.     programming knowledge.
This is a must-have introduction to the most powerful web               87821 103 Dec 4-Dec 20 6-10pm               TTh       HBC 301.9
technology ever developed. Prerequisites: None.
87693 101 Oct 1-Nov 2                                         ONLINE    ITNW 5063 PHP (24 hrs/$239)
                                                                        87670 101 Sep 10-Oct 5                                   ONLINE
ITNW 5052 Flash (Advanced) (18 hrs/$299)                                87695 102 Oct 8-Nov 19                                   ONLINE
Learn much more about ActionScripting in Flash, including
targeting timelines, creating interactive user-interface elements,      ITSE 1070 JAVA Programming: Part I (24 hrs/$399)
and using shared assets, external data, and creating modular            Introduces the idea of Object Oriented Programming, and covers
file structures to keep SWF files lean and extensible! Also learn       the Java Development Kit, classes, objects, attributes and
debugging techniques. Prerequisites: Flash (Beginning).                 behavior, statements and expressions, methods and casting,
87780 101 Oct 16-Oct 25 1-4pm                 TWTh         HBC 212      arrays, logic and loops, creating classes, creating Java
                                                                        applications, command-line arguments, constructor methods,
ITNX 3004 Data Connectivity with Flash (9 hrs/$149)                     overriding methods, overriding constructors and finalizer
Flash is a great tool for creating the front-end of an application,     methods. Prerequisites: A modest knowledge of basic
but the web is driven by back-end data. This class explores             programming concepts including control structures such as for,
several ways of connecting the front end (your Flash                    while, and if-else. No prior knowledge of OOP or HTML is
application) with dynamic data on your server, including XML,           required.
PHP, and MySQL. We’ll also pass data back and forth between             87721 101 Sep 4-Sep 20 6-10pm                TTh       HBC 301.9
different Flash files. This class is for the designer/developer who
has little or no programming experience outside of ActionScript.        ITSE 1070 JAVA Programming: Part I (24 hrs/$239)
Prerequisites: Introduction to WWW Authoring and XHTML and              87718 102 Nov 1-Nov 30                           ONLINE
Flash (Advanced).
88511 101 Dec 17-Dec 19 6-9pm                   MTW        HBC 212      ITSE 1071 JAVA Programming: Part II (24 hrs/$399)
                                                                        Covers creating applets and applications, the Graphics Class,
                                                                        coordinate systems, drawing Objects, threads, images and
                                                                        sound, the Abstract Windowing Toolkit, various components,
                                                                        interface layout, mouse and keyboard event handling, generic
             #!Expand Your                                              event handling, Windows, Frames, Dialog boxes and Menus.
              Programming                                               Prerequisites: ITSE 1070 Java Part I or comparable knowledge
                                                                        and experience.
                Skills!{                                                87753 102 Sep 25-Oct 11 6-10pm              TTh      HBC 301.9

            ACC offers                                                  ITSE 1071 JAVA Programming: Part II (24 hrs/$239)
      hands-on courses in:{                                             87664 101 Sep 4-Sep 30                            ONLINE
             ASP, JSP,                                                  ITSE 1072 Java Programming Part III (24 hrs/$239)
         JavaScript, Java,                                              Create more sophisticated Java programs utilizing the
       C#, PHP, and more.}                                              functionality of the Swing components. Learn how to create GUI
       }                                                                menu systems and use Swing components to create frames,
                                                                        labels, borders, buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, combo
       #Call 223-7588.                                                  boxes, text fields, text areas, file choosers, color choosers,
                                                                        internal frames, menu bars, tool bars, tabbed panes and sliders.
                                                                        Also learn how to read and write to files using the FileReader
                                                                        Class and other supporting classes. Prerequisites: ITSE 1071
                                                                        Java Part II or comparable knowledge and experience.
                                                                        87691 101 Oct 1-Oct 31                                     ONLINE

                      ITSE 6080 Perl Programming for the Web-Online (24 hrs/
High Technol0gy institute
                      This introduction to the Perl 5 programming language and its use
                                                                                             WEB APPLICATIONS AND
                                                                                             SPECIAL TOPICS
                      as an Internet programming language will cover programming             Fees are subject to change without notice.
                      fundamentals, data types, control structures, loops and I/O
                      processing. All topics taught in the context of the Web.               ITNW 6003 Capstone Portfolio (24 hrs/$175)
                      Prerequisites: Previous programming experience and ITSC 2024           In this final course in the Webmaster Certificate Program,
                      Intermediate WWW Authoring and XHTML.                                  students develop a website that demonstrates the range of skills
                      87692 101 Oct 1-Oct 31                                   ONLINE        and abilities they have acquired during the program. They
                                                                                             develop this website with an ACC Webmaster Certificate
                      ITSE 6032 C# and the .NET Platform (24 hrs/$399)                       Program instructor acting as a mentor. The Capstone Project
                      C# is a modern, object-oriented language that enables                  has to be linked from the students’ index.html page as a part of
                      programmers to quickly build a wide range of applications for the      their web portfolio. The entire web portfolio including a web
                      new Microsoft .NET platform, which provides tools and services         resume will be evaluated as a part of the Capstone Project. See
                      that fully exploit both computing and communications. Learn to for more details. Prerequisites:
                      use C# language constructs, components that can be converted           Completion of all other requirements for an ACC Webmaster
                      into XML Web services. Prerequisites: ITSE 1003 Introduction to        Certificate Program (either track), including web projects from
                      Programming Languages or equivalent experience.                        other classes, index.html page, web resume, and approval of
                      87802 101 Nov 6-Nov 27 6-10pm              TTh       HBC 301.9         the Coordinator. No classroom meeting; one-on-one with
                      ITSE 6051 Introduction to Visual Basic .NET-Online (24 hrs/            87669 101 Sep 4-Dec 14
                      Build and deploy your first applications in Visual Basic. Create an    ITNX 3003 Web 2: Social Media and Networking (24 hrs/$239)
                      application with a graphic user interface, menus, forms, controls,     The evolution of the Web from static content delivery to dynamic
                      input validation, and simple database access. Prerequisites: ITSE      user-generated content, how social media is leveraged in
                      1003 Introduction to Programming Languages or equivalent               enterprise and open source software in real-world application.
                      experience.                                                            Prerequisites: Intermediate WWW Authoring and XHTML, Web
                      87667 101 Sep 4-Sep 30                                     ONLINE      Authoring: Using Cascading Style Sheets, PHP.
                                                                                             88519 101 Oct 22-Nov 16                                  ONLINE
                      ITNW 6066 Web Applications with ASP.NET: Part I (18 hrs/
                      Learn about structure and architecture of Microsoft’s .NET             Students might also be interested in the following online class:
                      platform initiative; products and languages of the .NET platform;      ITNX 3000 Achieving Top Search Engine Positions (24 hrs/
                      and the ASP.NET development tools. Covers ASP.NET                      $145)
                      development fundamentals and the available languages for               With nearly 90% of web traffic coming from search engines, the
                      developing ASP.NET applications as well programming basics.            most important thing you can do to increase your web site’s
                      Required book: Microsoft ASP.NET Step by Step, G Andrew                traffic is to increase your search engine ranking. Learn proven,
                      Duthie, ISBN 0-7356-1287-0. Prerequisites: ITSE 1003-                  step-by-step strategies to achieve the highest possible position
                      Introduction to Programming Languages or equivalent                    with the major search engines. Prerequisites: Completion of the
                      knowledge.                                                             Introduction to WWW Authoring and XHTML course or
                      87668 101 Sep 4-Sep 30                                   ONLINE        equivalent HTML experience. Go to
                                                                                    for Orientation and other information.
                      ITNW 7005 Web Applications with ASP.NET: Part II (18 hrs/              87687 151 Sep 19-Oct 31                                   ONLINE
                      $195)                                                                  87712 152 Oct 17-Nov 28                                   ONLINE
                      Covers creating ASP.Net applications with Visual Studio.NET,
                      managing application state, accessing and binding data using
                      ADO.Net, creating custom server controls. Learn to create web
                      forms, use server controls, tracing and debugging applications.
                      Prerequisites: ITNW 6066-Web Applications with ASP.NET: Part I
                      or equivalent knowledge.
                      87694 101 Oct 1-Oct 26                                  ONLINE              CERTIFICATION
                      ITNW 6068 Web Applications with ASP.NET: Part III (18 hrs/
                      Creating and Using XML Web Services, using caching to improve
                      performance, configuring ASP.Net applications and setting up           ASQ CERTIFICATIONS
                      security in their applications. Learn to work with XML in ASP.Net.     QCTC 1003 Certified Quality Engineer, QCTC 2033 Certified
                      Prerequisites: ITNW 7005-Web Applications with ASP.NET: Part II        Quality Technician/Certified Mechanical Inspector (CQT/CMI),
                      or equivalent knowledge.                                               and QCTC 1041 Certified Quality Auditor, prepares participants
                      87719 101 Nov 5-Nov 30                                    ONLINE       for the American Society for Quality certification examinations.
                                                                                             ASQ certifications are given for designated specialties and
                      ITSE 6026 JSP (24 hrs/$399)                                            provide recipients with national recognition for professional
                      Covers the development and deployment of servlets and Java             expertise and the mastery of a prescribed body of knowledge.
                      Server Pages that generate them. Topics include installation,          Suggested textbooks and materials will be announced at the first
                      configuration and testing of the Tomcat servlet container, the         class session. Prerequisites: Contact the ASQ Education Chair
                      servlet lifecycle and core components, JSP directives, JSP             for questions about the program. See the ASQ website , for
                      standard actions, data-persistence through standard JavaBeans,         information about prerequisites to apply for the examination and
                      the JSP Expression Language, developing JSP Custom Tags and            details about the examination, the bodies of knowledge, and
                      using the Java Standard Tag Library. Required book: Head First         other aspects of these certifications.
                      Servlets & JSP: Passing the Sun Certified Web Component
                      Developer Exam Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates, ISBN:           BMGT 2031 Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence
                      0596005407 Prerequisites: ITSC 2024 Intermediate World Wide            (CMQ/OE) Certification (50 hrs/$298 /$50 Lab)
                      Web Authoring and ITSE 1071 Java Part 1 (students MUST have            This 48 hour course prepares students for the American Society
                      a working knowledge of Java).                                          for Quality (ASQ) Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence
                      87784 101 Oct 16-Nov 1 6-10pm               TTh       HBC 301.9        (CMQ/OE) Certification. The course is a refresher study of the
                                                                                             Body of Knowledge for the CMQ/OE. Topics include leadership
                                                                                             skills, strategic planning and deployment, management
                                                                                             elements and methods, quality management tools, and

customer focused organizations. The student will focus on the          the actual CSSGB exam. These sample exams and their
theory and application of these quality management skills by           answers will be reviewed in class and for homework to increase
studying the course materials and taking and reviewing sample          the student’s ability to understand and correctly answer exam
exams containing questions similar to those on the actual CMQ/         questions Prerequisites: See the ASQ website http://
OE exam. This examination is unique in that it contains two  
constructed response questions. The student will be taught to          88217 100 Oct 9-Nov 29 6-9pm                 TTh      EVC 8127
analyze and properly answer this type of examination question.
See the ASQ website,, for information about                QCTC 1041 Certified Quality Auditor-ASQ Certifications (48
prerequisites to apply for the examination and details about the       hrs/$298 /$50 Lab)
examination, the body of knowledge, and other aspects of this          This course is a refresher study of the Body of Knowledge for
certification.                                                         the Certified Quality Auditor. Topics include ethics, audit
86532 300 Aug 21-Oct 18 6:30-9:30pm TTh                EVC 8101        preparation, audit performance, audit reporting, corrective
                                                                       action follow-up and closure, audit program management and
QCTC 1008 Certified Quality Technician/Certified Mechanical            general knowledge skills. General knowledge skills include
Inspector-ASQ Certifications (40 hrs/$250/ $50 Lab)                    auditing basics, basic skills and tools and techniques. Tools and
This 40-hour course prepares students for the American Society         techniques covered include the use of checklists, sampling
for Quality (ASQ) “Quality Technician” or “Mechanical Inspector”       theory, flow charts, pattern/trend analysis, root cause analysis,
certification. The course is a refresher study of the Body of          cause and effect diagrams, Pareto charts, histograms,
Knowledge for these quality disciplines. Topics include quality        descriptive statistics, control chart preparation and process
concepts and tools, statistical and technical mathematical             capability interpretation. The student will focus on the theory
techniques, metrology and calibration, inspection and test,            and application of these quality auditing skills by studying the
quality audits, and quality improvement methodologies. The             assigned materials and taking sample exams containing
course will cover materials in both certification areas since there    questions similar to those on the actual CQA exam. These
is a large amount of overlapping materials between the two             sample exams and their answers will be reviewed in class and
bodies of knowledge. The student will focus on the theory and          for homework to increase the student’s ability to understand and
application of these skills by studying the course materials and       correctly answer exam questions.
taking and reviewing sample exams containing questions similar         88215 100 Aug 25-Nov 17 8:30am-12:30pm S EVC 8345
to those on the actual CQT or CMI exam. See the ASQ website,, for information about prerequisites to apply for the      QCTC 2031 CSQE-Cert Software Quality Engineer (48 hrs/
examination and details about the examination, the bodies of           $298 /$50 Lab)
knowledge, and other aspects of these certifications.                  This 48-hour course prepares students for the American Society
86533 100 Aug 28-Oct 18 6-9pm                  TTh       EVC 8101      for Quality (ASQ) “Software Quality Engineer” certification. The
                                                                       course is a review of the Body of Knowledge for the Certified
QCTC 1001 Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (60 hrs/$360 /$55             Software Quality Engineer. Topics include: General Knowledge,
Lab)                                                                   Conduct and Ethics; Software Quality Management; Software
This 60-hour course prepares students for the American Society         Engineering Processes; Program and Project Management;
for Quality (ASQ) “Six Sigma Black Belt” certification. The course     Software Metrics, Measurement, and Analytical Methods;
is a refresher study of the Body of Knowledge for the Certified        Software Validation and Verification; and Software Configuration
Six Sigma Black Belt. Topics include enterprise wide                   Management. The student will focus on the theory and
deployment, business process management, project                       application of these software quality skills by studying the
management, six sigma improvement methodology and tools                course materials and taking and reviewing sample exams
(Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control), lean enterprise,         containing questions similar to those on the actual CSQE exam.
and design for six sigma. The student will focus on the theory         See the ASQ website,, for information about
and application of these six sigma skills by studying the course       prerequisites to apply for the examination and details about the
materials and taking and reviewing sample exams containing             examination, the body of knowledge, and other aspects of this
questions similar to those on the actual CSSBB exam. See the           certification.
ASQ website,, for information about prerequisites          88218 100 Oct 9-Nov 29 6:30-9:30pm TTh                  EVC 8125
to apply for the examination and details about the examination,
the body of knowledge, and other aspects of this certification.
88219 100 Dec 10-Feb 27 6:30-9:30pm MW                   EVC 8127      CISCO NETWORKING
QCTC 1003 Certified Quality Engineer-ASQ Certifications                ACADEMY
(60 hrs/$370 /$55 Lab)                                                 ** May Qualify for Financial Aid-Contact 512.223.7547 **
This course is a refresher study of the Body of Knowledge for
the Certified Quality Engineer. Topics include quality                 The Cisco Networking Academy Program teaches students to
management techniques, auditing, project management,                   design, build, and maintain computer networks. Training
metrology, inspection & test, quality cost analysis, sampling,         combines instructor-led, online learning with hands-on
reliability & risk management, improvement techniques, human           laboratory exercises where students apply what they learn in
factors & motivation, quality information systems, statistical         class while working on actual networks. These courses prepare
applications and methods, and design of experiments. The               students for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and
student will focus on the theory and application of these quality      Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certifications.
engineering skills by studying the assigned materials and taking
sample exams containing questions similar to those on the              All Cisco courses are taught by certified professionals and use
actual CQE exam. These sample exams and their answers will             official Cisco training materials. Students must be enrolled at
be reviewed in class and for homework to increase the student’s        least five workdays prior to class start date to be assured book
ability to understand and correctly answer exam questions.             availability at start of class.
88216 100 Sep 24-Nov 28 6-9pm                 MW        EVC 8103
                                                                       ITCC 9002 Cisco CCNA Series (360 hrs/$4595 /$200 Lab)
QCTC 1005 Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (48 hrs/$298 /$50             CCNA Series prepares students for the Cisco Certified Network
Lab)                                                                   Associate (CCNA) certification exam. The program begins with
This course is a refresher study of the Body of Knowledge for          networking fundamentals and builds to teach students to
the Certified Six Sigma Green Belt. Topics include business            design, install, and maintain local area networks. Includes
process, quality management techniques, project management,            courses ITCC 1071 Home & Small Business, ITCC 1072 Small
DMAIC methodology, statistical applications and methods,               Business & ISP Work, ITCC 1006 Routing Protocols, ITCC 1042
design of experiments, lean enterprise, and design for six sigma.      LAN Switching, and ITCC 1046 WAN Technologies.
The student will focus on the methodology and application of           Prerequisites: A+ & Network+ certification or equivalent
these Green Belt skills by studying the assigned materials and         knowledge of computers and operating systems.
taking sample exams containing questions similar to those on           88220 100 Sep 10-Aug 20 5:30-9:30pm MW HBC 301.12

                      ITCC 1071 Home & Small Business Network (72 hrs/$1010 /
High Technol0gy institute
                      $40 Lab)
                      This course teaches students the skills needed to obtain entry-
                                                                                                COMPTIA CERTIFICATIONS
                                                                                                ** May Qualify for Financial Aid-Contact 512.223.7547 **
                      level home network installer jobs. It also helps students develop
                      some of the skills needed to become network technicians,                  Course tuition for the CompTIA vendor-neutral IT certification
                      computer technicians, cable installers, and help desk                     courses does not include required books. Books are purchased
                      technicians. It provides a hands-on introduction to networking            separately from the Rio Grande Campus bookstore,
                      and the Internet using tools and hardware commonly found in               512.474.2607. Each class requires a book. Instructor supplies
                      home and small business environments. Instructors are                     only additional study materials. See website for details:
                      encouraged to provide field trips and outside-the-classroom     
                      learning experiences. Labs include PC installation, Internet
                      connectivity, wireless connectivity, file and print sharing, and the      CPMT 3045 PC Technician Series (188 hrs/$1650)
                      installation of game consoles, scanners, and cameras.                     The PC Technician Series consists of three courses: CPMT
                      Prerequisites: A+ & Network+ certification or equivalent                  2045 A+ Core (Hardware), CPMT 1072 A+ Core (Software) and
                      knowledge of computers and operating systems.                             CPMT 1073 Network+. See those course listings for individual
                      88221 100 Sep 10-Nov 7 5:30-9:30pm MW HBC 301.12                          class meeting days and times. It prepares students for
                                                                                                employment as PC Technicians, Help Desk Support and IT
                      ITCC 1072 Small Business & ISP Work (72 hrs/$1010 /$40                    Customer Support positions.
                      Lab)                                                                      88204 100 Aug 20-Oct 24 9am-1pm            MTWThF HBC 412
                      This course prepares students for jobs as network technicians. It         88210 101 Oct 29-Jan 16 9am-1pm            MTWThF HBC 412
                      also helps students develop additional skills required for
                      computer technicians and help desk technicians. It provides a             CPMT 2045 A+ Core (Hardware) (80 hrs/$750)
                      basic overview of routing and remote access, addressing, and              The performance of preventative/corrective maintenance on
                      security. It also familiarizes students with servers that provide         desktop/laptop/workstation computers and their peripheral
                      email services, Web space, and authenticated access. Students             equipment/devices. Topics include theory, installation,
                      also learn about soft skills required for help desk and customer          configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting and replacement of
                      service positions. Network monitoring and basic troubleshooting           these devices. Basic printer and networking device connections
                      skills are taught in context. Prerequisites: ITCC 1071.                   and configuration are included. Prepares students for the A+
                      88223 100 Nov 12-Jan 30 5:30-9:30pm MW                  HBC 301.12        Certification exam covering the hardware objectives.
                                                                                                Prerequisites: A desire to learn NOTE: A+ Certification requires
                      ITCC 1006 Basic Router Configuration (72 hrs/$1010 /$40                   BOTH CPMT 1072 Core (Software) and CPMT 2045 Core
                      Lab)                                                                      (Hardware).
                      An introduction to Cisco basic router configuration for local area        88205 100 Aug 20-Sep 17 9am-1pm             MTWThF HBC 412
                      networks. Topics include initial router configuration for TCP/IP,         88211 101 Oct 29-Nov 28 9am-1pm             MTWThF HBC 412
                      management of the configuration, backup of router configuration
                      files, routing protocols, and the use of security features.               CPMT 1072 A+ Core (Software) (48 hrs/$410)
                      Prerequisites: ITCC 1072.                                                 The performance of preventative maintenance on
                      86868 100 Sep 8-Nov 3           8am-5pm       S        HBC 301.12         microcomputers and their peripheral equipment. Topics include
                      88224 200 Feb 4-Apr 9           5:30-9:30pm MW          HBC 301.12        basic networking review, OS (DOS Win9x, Win2K, XP)
                                                                                                fundamentals, installation, configuration, diagnosis and
                      ITCC 1042 Local Area Management (LAN) (72 hrs/$1010 /$40                  troubleshooting. Prepare students for the A+ certification exam.
                      Lab)                                                                      Prerequisites: A Desire to learn. NOTE: A+ Certification requires
                      Skill development in managing traffic in local area networks              both CPMT 1072 Core (Software) and CPMT 2045 Core
                      (LAN) and in the management of network devices for LAN’s.                 (Hardware).
                      Includes configuring of routers for IPX protocol, filtering traffic in    86527 301 Sep 15-Oct 21 9am-5pm               S          HBC 412
                      an IPX environment, and identifying and resolving network                 88207 100 Sep 18-Oct 3 9am-1pm                MTWThF HBC 412
                      congestion problems. Prerequisites: ITCC 1006.                            86528 302 Oct 2-Nov 8          6-10pm         TTh        HBC 412
                      86869 100 Nov 10-Jan 26 8am-5pm              S          HBC 301.12        88213 101 Nov 29-Dec 14 9am-1pm               MTWThF HBC 412
                      88225 200 Apr 14-Jun 16 5:30-9:30pm MW                  HBC 301.12
                                                                                                CPMT 1073 Network+ (60 hrs/$660)
                      ITCC 1046 Wide Area Management (72 hrs/$1010 /$40 Lab)                    Prepares students for the Network+ Certification examination. A
                      An introduction to wide area networking (WAN) services and                beginning course in computer networks with focus in networking
                      management. The student will describe, differentiate and select           fundamentals, terminology, hardware, software, and network
                      wide area network (WAN) services; configure and monitor wide              architecture. A study of local/wide area networking concepts and
                      area network (WAN) services; encapsulate wide area network                networking installations and operations. Prerequisites: CPMT
                      (WAN) data; and identify the use of ISDN and HDLC. Fourth of              1072/CPMT 2045 Certification or equivalent knowledge.
                      four modules leading to certification as a Cisco Certified Network        88208 100 Oct 4-Oct 24         9am-1pm       MTWThF HBC 412
                      Associate (CCNA). Prerequisites: ITCC 1042.                               88209 101 Oct 27-Dec 22 9am-5pm              S          HBC 412
                      86870 200 Feb 9-Apr 28 8am-5pm               S        HBC 301.12          86529 102 Nov 13-Jan 7 6-10pm                TTh        HBC 412
                      88226 300 Jun 23-Aug 20 5:30-9:30pm MW                HBC 301.12          88214 103 Dec 17-Jan 16 9am-1pm              MTWThF HBC 412

                      ITNW 1049 Cisco Fundamentals of Network Security (72                      EECT 1007 Wireless # (60 hrs/$660)
                      hrs/$1010 /$40 Lab)                                                       The Wireless# (wireless sharp) certification is the entry-level
                      This course will prepare students to take the SECUR (Securing             wireless certification for the IT industry. The Wireless#
                      Cisco IOS Networks) and CSPFA (Cisco Secure PIX Firewall                  certification will get students started in their IT career by
                      Advanced) exams in preparation for the Cisco Firewall                     providing a solid base of applicable knowledge of: Wi-Fi,
                      Specialist. These exams will also count towards the CCSP                  Bluetooth, WiMAX , ZigBee Infrared, RFID and VoWLAN.
                      (Cisco Certified Security Professional) certification. Successful         88212 100 Oct 31-Dec 19 6-10pm                   MW          HBC 412
                      completion of the course will also prepare students for the
                      CompTIA Security+ exam and for further network security study.            ITNW 1054 Server+ (60 hrs/$660)
                      Prerequisites: CCNA                                                       Students will learn about server hardware technologies,
                      88222 100 Sep 18-Nov 1 5:30-9:30pm TTh                  HBC 301.12        including installation, configuring, and upgrading server
                                                                                                hardware; preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, and
                                                                                                disaster recovery techniques for servers. Server+ Certification
                                                                                                course also provides you with the skills and knowledge to help
                                                                                                you prepare for the CompTIA Server+ Certification exam.
                                                                                                Prerequisites: A+ certification or equivalent knowledge.
                                                                                                88206 100 Sep 10-Oct 29 6-10pm                MW          HBC 412

ELECTRONICS & ADVANCED                                                 CETT 1057 Linear Integrated Circuits (96 hrs/$216 /$16 Lab /
                                                                       $3.50 Insurance)
TECHNOLOGIES                                                           study of the characteristics, operations, stabilization, testing, and
The following courses allow students to acquire a broad array of       feedback techniques of linear integrated circuits. Application in
knowledge and hands-on skills in Electronics, Automation,              computation, measurements, instrumentation, and active
Semiconductor, Robotic, Power Utility, Networking,                     filtering. Integrated with college credit CETT 1457.
Telecommunications, Instrumentation and other related areas.           88416 101 Aug 27-Dec 12 4:15-6:55pm MW                    RVS S103
The courses vary from introductory to advanced. For example,
courses such as DC/AC circuits, Digital Fundamentals,                  CPMT 1011 Computer Systems Maintenance (96 hrs/$216 /
Semiconductor Devices, and Microprocessors teach students              $16 Lab /$3.50 Insurance)
about basic electronics whereas courses such as                        Examination of the functions of the components within a
Electromechanical Systems and Data Acquisition train students          computer system. Development of skills in the use of test
on such areas as PLC programming and connection to industrial          equipment and maintenance aids. Integrated with college credit
devices, as well as how to configure and write programs using          CPMT 1445.
LabView. There are also advanced courses in robotics,                  88415 103 Aug 27-Dec 11 9:10-11:50am MT               RVS S108
automation, and instrumentation available. Other areas include         88414 101 Aug 28-Dec 13 7:05-9:45pm TTh               NRG 3140
networking, telephone systems, and power courses. These
courses serve to train people interested in industries such as the     CPMT 2049 Advanced Computer Networking Technology
semiconductor, power utility, automotive, telecommunications,          (96 hrs/$216 /$16 Lab /$3.50 Insurance)
general manufacturing, research facilities, biotechnology              An in-depth study of network technology with emphasis on
instrumentation, and many other industries. The broadness of           network operating systems, network connectivity, hardware, and
these course offerings has something for everyone. Students            software. Mastery of implementation, troubleshooting, and
may simply be interested in these areas or are a current               maintenance of LAN and/or WAN network environments.
technician, technologist, engineer, or scientist at a company and      Integrated with college credit CPMT 2449.
looking for enhancing knowledge and skills sets. Classes are           88422 101 Aug 27-Dec 12 7:05-9:45pm MW                RVS S109
small, are offered at different times and days throughout the
week to meet your needs and teachers are very knowledgeable            ELMT 1071 Industrial Safety (80 hrs/$162 /$16 Lab /$3.50
and friendly. And best of all, if students ever want to go ahead       Insurance)
and pursue your Associate of Applied Science in one these              This course will provide students with a strong overall
areas, they can transfer these course credits toward the degree.       understanding of the many safety practices and requirements as
                                                                       they relate to industrial settings, specifically power generation,
CETT 1009 DC-AC Circuits (96 hrs/$216 /$16 Lab /$3.50                  transmission, and distribution. Integrated with college credit
Insurance)                                                             ELMT 1371.
Fundamentals of DC circuits and AC circuits operation including        88400 101 Aug 29-Dec 12 7-10pm                  W        RVS S103
Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s laws, networks, transformers, resonance,        88401 102 Aug 30-Dec 13 4-7pm                   Th       RVS S108
phasors, capacitive and inductive and circuit analysis
techniques. Integrated with college credit CETT 1409.                  ELMT 2037 Electronic Troubleshooting, Service, and Repair
88403 105 Aug 27-Dec 12 12:30-3:10pm MW                NRG 3207        (96 hrs/$216 /$16 Lab /$3.50 Insurance)
88404 107 Aug 27-Dec 12 4:35-7:15pm MW                 NRG 3207        In-depth coverage of electronic systems, maintenance,
88406 102 Aug 27-Dec 12 9:10-11:50am MW                RVS S103        troubleshooting, and repair. Topics include symptom
88408 101 Aug 27-Dec 16 4:15-6:55pm TTh                RVS S103        identification, proper repair procedures, repair checkout, and
88405 104 Aug 28-Dec 13 7:20-10pm TTh                  NRG 3207        preventative maintenance. Emphasis on safety and proper use
88407 103 Aug 30-Dec 14 9:10-11:50am ThF               RVS S103        of test equipment. May be offered as a capstone course. The
                                                                       course covers the troubleshooting of various types of industrial
CETT 1025 Digital Fundamentals (96 hrs/$216 /$16 Lab /                 equipment to include mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and
$3.50 Insurance)                                                       pneumatic systems and their control devices. Emphasis will be
An entry level course in digital electronics covering number           placed on the use of schematics and diagrams in conjunction
systems, binary mathematics, digital codes, logic gates, Boolean       with proper troubleshooting procedures. Integrated with college
algebra, Karnaugh maps, and combination logic. Emphasis on             credit ELMT 2437.
circuit logic analysis and troubleshooting digital circuits.           88420 101 Aug 27-Dec 11 4:15-6:55pm MT                 RVS S123
Integrated with college credit CETT 1425.
88410 105 Aug 27-Dec 12 12:30-3:10pm MW                    RVS S110    ELMT 2041 Electromechnical Systems (96 hrs/$216 /$16 Lab
88409 106 Aug 28-Dec 13 4:35-7:15pm TTh                   NRG 3207     /$3.50 Insurance)
                                                                       A study of devices and components that translate electrical
CETT 1029 Solid State Devices (96 hrs/$216 /$16 Lab /$3.50             energy into mechanical motion. Topics include DC and AC
Insurance)                                                             motors and controllers, servo motors, stepping motors,
A study of diodes and other semiconductor devices, including           solenoids, linear motors, and actuators. Introduction to
analysis of static and dynamic characteristics, biasing                pneumatics principles, components, control systems, and mass
techniques, and thermal considerations of solid state devices.         flow controllers. Principles of robotics, types of robots, and
An entry level course in digital electronics covering number           common applications. Programmable logic controllers and
systems, binary mathematics, digital codes, logic gates, Boolean       ladder logic. Open and closed control principles. PID controllers.
algebra, Karnaugh maps, and combination logic. Emphasis on             Integrated with college credit ELMT 2441.
circuit logic analysis and troubleshooting digital circuits.           88421 102 Aug 27-Dec 12 7:05-9:45pm MW                    RVS S117
Integrated with college credit CETT 1429.
88411 106 Aug 27-Dec 12 7:20-10pm              MW         NRG 3140     ELMT 2072 Elements of Electrical Power Systems (96 hrs/
88412 101 Aug 27-Dec 11 9:10-11:50am MT                   RVS S109     $216 /$16 Lab /$3.50 Insurance)
                                                                       This is the capstone course for the AAS degree program in
CETT 1045 Microprocessor (96 hrs/$216 /$16 Lab /$3.50                  which students integrate their knowledge from previous courses
Insurance)                                                             and apply it to learning the operation, maintenance and repair of
An introductory course in microprocessor software and                  the semiconductor manufacturing tools and equipment used in
hardware—its architecture, timing sequence, operation, and             the fab. Students will actually use and service many typical fab
programming—and discussion of appropriate software                     tools during lab sessions. Integrated with college credit ELMT
diagnostic language and tools. Integrated with college credit          2472.
CETT 1445.                                                             88423 101 Aug 27-Dec 12 4:15-6:55pm MW                  RVS S117
88413 107 Aug 27-Dec 12 9:10-11:50am MW               RVS S121         88424 102 Aug 28-Dec 13 7:05-9:45pm TTh                 RVS S108

                      INTC 1007 Electronic Test Equipment (48 hrs/$108 /$16 Lab               Home, LAN/WAN fiber networks, and further introduces the
High Technol0gy institute
                      /$3.50 Insurance)
                      A study of the theory and application of analog and digital
                                                                                              student to basic fusion and mechanical splicing. Students will
                                                                                              learn to identify fiber types, recognize various connectors used
                      meters, oscilloscopes, frequency generation, frequency                  in fiber installation; and install, terminate, splice, and properly
                      measurements, and special measuring instruments. Emphasis               test installed fiber cable to existing standards. This program
                      on accuracy and limitations of instruments and calibration              explores the history and future of fiber optics and fiber optics
                      techniques. Integrated with college credit INTC 1207.                   capabilities, and cost of installation. Standards covered: NECA/
                      88399 102 Aug 27-Dec 10 12-3pm               M         RVS S103         FOA-301-2004, EIA/TIA 568-B.3, ANSI/TIA/EIA 607-A, and NEC
                      88398 101 Aug 30-Dec 13 4-7pm                Th       NRG 3140          Article 770-50. Anyone interested in becoming a Certified Fiber
                                                                                              Optics Technician should attend this class. Upon successful
                      PTAC 2014 Principles of Quality (48 hrs/$162 /$3.50                     completion, this program is recognized for BICSI CECs
                      Insurance)                                                              (Continuing Education Credits): RCDD 21, Installer Level/2
                      Study of the background and application of quality concepts.            Technician 12 CECs. Course fee includes all books/study
                      Topics include team skills, quality tools, statistics, economics,       materials. Prerequisites: Basic working knowledge of computers.
                      and continuous improvement. Integrated with college credit              Able to see and identify small items and able to speak and
                      PTAC 2314.                                                              understand the English language.
                      88418 101 Aug 27-Dec 10 1-4pm                   M          RVS S121     88227 100 Dec 3-Dec 5             8am-5pm        MTW       HBC 103.2
                      88419 102 Aug 30-Dec 13 4:30-7:30pm Th                    RVS S121
                                                                                              CSIR 1042 Certified Fiber Optics Specialist/Testing (16 hrs/
                      RBTC 1005 Robotics Fundamentals (96 hrs/$216 /$16 Lab /                 $575 /$3.50 Insurance)
                      $3.50 Insurance)                                                        This two-day (16-hour) program is designed to offer advanced
                      An introduction to flexible automation. Topics include installation,    training to anyone involved with the testing and maintenance of
                      repair, maintenance, and development of flexible robotic                fiber optics networks. A focal point in the program is to offer a
                      manufacturing systems. Course will cover Robotic systems and            general, easy to understand, approach to fiber optics testing
                      will introduce students to robotic architectures as well as to          standards with little theory and considerable hands-on activities.
                      various robotic applications. The course will involve the               This comprehensive program explains the variety of testing
                      connection of various transducers and actuators to robots with a        standards, equipment, and technological approaches used in
                      microprocessor that will be programmed in C. Integrated with            fiber network testing and splicing and how to choose among
                      college credit RBTC 1405.                                               them. This 75% hands-on course explores the overall spectrum
                      88402 105 Aug 27-Dec 12 4:15-6:55pm MW                   RVS S122       of testing and maintenance of single and multi mode fiber optics
                                                                                              networks and provides a detailed overview and demonstration of
                      SMFT 1043 Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology I (96                  various pieces of equipment used in testing and maintenance.
                      hrs/$216 /$16 Lab /$3.50 Insurance)                                     Subject matter includes a detailed study of ANSI/TIA/EIA-526-
                      A study of the processes, materials, and equipment used in the          14(7)A, OTDR fundamentals and uses, OTDR vs. Insertion Loss
                      manufacturing of semiconductors, including an overview of the           Testing, Return Loss Testing, and Attenuation testing using the
                      semiconductor industry, related terminology, and standard safety        Power Source and Light Meter. This course is BICSI Recognized
                      practices. Integrated with college credit SMFT 1473.                    for 14 CECs (Continuing Education Credits) for RCDDs and 12
                      88417 101 Aug 27-Dec 12 9:10am-11:50am M              RVS S110          CECs INS, Level 2/Technician. Prerequisites: CFOT Course or
                      88417         Aug 27-Dec 12 9:10-11:50am W            RVS S118          another Formal Fiber Optics Training Course within preceding
                                                                                              six months, or one year Fiber Optics Related Experience.
                      SMFT 2073 Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology II (96                 88228 100 Dec 6-Dec 7          8am-5pm         ThF       HBC 103.2
                      hrs/$216 /$16 Lab /$3.50 Insurance)
                      The continuation of Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology I
                      covers the processes, materials, and equipment used in the              IBM CERTIFICATIONS
                      manufacturing of semiconductors. Topics address process-yield           The IBM Academic Initiative (formerly called the IBM Scholars
                      analysis and process troubleshooting. Integrated with college           Program) offers open standards, open source and IBM
                      credit SMFT 2473.                                                       technologies and educational resources to help faculty and
                      88425 101 Aug 28-Dec 13 9:10-11:50am T                RVS S110          students stay current with the IT industry. IBM offers the course
                      88425       Aug 28-Dec 13 9:10-11:50am Th             RVS S118          materials to help students get started with IBM products and
                                                                                              technologies. All IBM courses are taught by IBM certified
                                                                                              instructors. The courseware used is official IBM courseware and
                      FIBER OPTICS                                                            is included in the tuition. Students must be enrolled at least five
                      The goal for the fiber optics area is to provide the lowest cost,       workdays prior to class start date to ensure book availability at
                      content rich fiber network training available. These FOA (Fiber         start of class.
                      Optics Association) and BICSI Recognized programs not only
                      provide for high quality fiber technician training, but also much       ITSC 2036 Servlet and JSP Development with Rational
                      needed RCDD CECs to help maintain industry certification. The           Application Developer (40 hrs/$995)
                      courses answer questions such as: How do I install fiber                This course is designed to introduce Java developers to the
                      networks? How do I properly conduct fiber optics network                development and testing of server-side applications based on
                      testing? What fiber optics tools do I need? How do I properly           the J2EE component model, using IBM WebSphere and IBM
                      install and test individual fiber connectors? How do I use an           Rational tools. Students will develop servlets, JSP pages, JSP
                      OTDR? When do I use an OTDR? How do I use a Power Meter                 custom tags and JavaBeans with IBM WebSphere and IBM
                      to test Absolute Power? What about fiber network design? The            Rational tools (currently this includes Rational Application
                      courses also provide detailed instruction on fiber optics splicing      Developer for building servlets, building JSP pages, building JSP
                      and much, much more. All materials are supplied with the                custom tags and building JavaBeans, and WebSphere
                      courses.                                                                Application Server for application deployment integration
                                                                                              testing). Prerequisites: To get the most out of this course
                      CSIR 1052 Certified Fiber Optics Technician (24 hrs/$600 /              offering, students must be able to: Develop, test, and deploy
                      $3.50 Insurance)                                                        Java applications; Understand server-side Java applications.
                      This introductory three-day fiber optics course is designed for         88229 100 Sep 11-Nov 13 6-10pm                T        HBC 301.10
                      anyone interested in learning basic fiber optic networking. This
                      program combines theory and 75% hands-on activities to
                      prepare the student to take the CFOT (Certified Fiber Optics            INFORMATION SECURITY
                      Technician) test that is sanctioned by the FOA (Fiber Optics            Protecting information assets has become an increasingly
                      Association) and given and graded the final class day. This             critical aspect for Information Technology. In the past,
                      course also introduces the student to industry standards                technology alone was considered the “magic bullet” for securing
                      governing FTTD (Fiber To The Desk), FTTH (Fiber To The                  information infrastructure. Now, most organizations realize that

experienced personnel, armed with the best qualifications, are           ITSY 2030 Intrusion Detection (64 hrs/$162 /$12 Lab)
necessary to protect information assets. Books are purchased             Computer information systems security monitoring, intrusion
separately from the Rio Grande Campus bookstore,                         detection, and crisis management. Includes alarm management,
512.474.2607. Each class requires a book. Instructor supplies            signature configuration, sensor configuration, and
only additional study materials. See website for details:                troubleshooting components. Emphasizes identifying, resolving,                                               and documenting network crises and activating the response
                                                                         team. Integrated with ITSY 2330. Prerequisites: ITSY 2300 and
** May Qualify for Financial Aid-Contact 512.223.7547**
                                                                         ITSY 2301.
                                                                         88275 101 Aug 28-Dec 13 12-1:40pm           TTh       RGC 004
ITSY 1000 Fundamentals of Information Security (64 hrs/
$162 /$12 Lab)
                                                                         ITSY 2042 Incident Response (64 hrs/$162 /$12 Lab)
Basic information security goals of availability, integrity,
                                                                         In-depth coverage of incident response and incident handling,
accuracy, and confidentiality. Vocabulary and terminology
                                                                         including identifying sources of attacks and security breaches;
specific to the field of information security are discussed.
                                                                         analyzing security logs; recovering the system to normal;
Identification of exposures and vulnerabilities and appropriate
                                                                         performing postmortem analysis; and implementing and
countermeasures are addressed. The importance of appropriate
                                                                         modifying security measures. Integrated with ITSY 2342.
planning and administrative controls is also discussed. Additional
                                                                         Prerequisites: ITSY 2300 and ITSY 2301.
topics include: instruction in security for network hardware,
                                                                         88276 101 Aug 28-Dec 13 10am-11:40amTTh                   PIN 300
software, and data including physical security, backup
procedures, firewalls, encryption, and protection from viruses.
                                                                         ITSY 2043 Computer System Forensics (64 hrs/$162 /$12 Lab)
Integrated with ITSY 1300.
                                                                         In-depth study of system forensics including methodologies
88270 102 Aug 27-Dec 12 12-1:40pm               MW           RGC 004
                                                                         used for analysis of computer security breaches. Gather and
88271 103 Aug 27-Dec 10 6-9:30pm                M             PIN 300
                                                                         evaluate evidence to perform postmortem analysis of a security
88280 101 Aug 30-Dec 13 6-9:30pm                Th         NRG 4231
                                                                         breach. Integrated with ITSY 2343. Prerequisites: ITSY 2342.
                                                                         88277 101 Aug 27-Dec 12 8-9:40pm            MW        RGC 004
ITSY 1073 Computer Forensics Introduction (48 hrs/$709)
The course offers an overview of computer forensics for those
                                                                         ITSY 2059 Security Assessment And Audit (64 hrs/$162 /$12
new to the field. This introductory, lecture-based course covers
protecting digital evidence, data hiding, encryption and
                                                                         Capstone experience for the security curriculum. Synthesizes
forensics, examining Windows computers, and examining UNIX
                                                                         technical material covered in prior courses to monitor, audit,
computers. Prerequisites: TBD
                                                                         analyze, and revise computer and network security systems to
88282 100 Oct 1-Nov 7          6-10pm         MW         HBC 222
                                                                         ensure appropriate levels of protection are in place. Integrated
                                                                         with ITSY 2359. Prerequisites: ITSY 2300 and ITSY 2301.
ITSY 1074 Certified Information Systems Security
                                                                         88278 101 Aug 28-Dec 13 11:45am-12:35pm TTh PIN 300
Professional (CISSP) (48 hrs/$709)
                                                                         88278       Aug 28-Dec 13 12:45-1:35pm            TTh PIN 300
This course prepares students seeking ISC2 CISSP certification
to demonstrate proficiency in all 10 domains of ISC2 Common
Body of Knowledge (CBK): Security Management Practices;
Security Architecture and Models; Access Control Systems &               LINUX/UNIX
Methodology; Application Development Security; Operations
Security; Physical Security; Cryptography; Telecommunications,
Network, and Internet Security; Business Continuity Planning;            These courses prepare students for Linux administrator
and Law, Investigations & Ethics. Prerequisites: 3 years of work         certification. Course tuition for these certification courses does
experience in one or more of the ten test domains of the information     not include required books. Books are purchased separately
systems (IS) security Common Body of Knowledge (CBK)                     from the Rio Grande Campus bookstore, 512.474.2607. Each
88283 100 Oct 2-Nov 8          6-10pm        TTh           HBC 222       class requires a book. Instructor supplies only additional study
                                                                         materials. See website for details:
ITSY 1091 Document Security (48 hrs/$709)
Several electronic layers exist in most documents, a fact                CPMT 1074 Red Hat Linux (48 hrs/$709)
overlooked by many writers. Probing these sub-layers often               Through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on experience,
reveals information not intended for release by the author.              students learn to install, administer, and operate computers
Documents in electronic formats create a “palimpsest” that even          running the Red Hat Linux operating system. This course
semi-skilled investigators can probe for sensitive data. This            prepares students for the Red Hat RHCE certification
course focuses on protecting content in documents, whether               examination. Prerequisites: Knowledge of computers, network
that content is in physical form (paper and similar documents) or        services, TCP/IP, and administrative experience with UNIX or
in electronic form on information systems. Prerequisites: Basic          Linux operating systems.
knowledge of personal computing.                                         88230 100 Sep 17-Oct 24 6-10pm                MW        HBC 206
88281 100 Sep 22-Dec 15 9am-1pm              S           HBC 220
                                                                         CPMT 2050 Linux+ (48 hrs/$709)
ITSY 2000 Operating System Security (64 hrs/$162 /$12 Lab)               Through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on experience,
Safeguard computer operating systems by demonstrating server             students learn to install, administer, and operate computers
support skills and designing and implementing a security                 running the Linux operating system. This course prepares
system. Identify security threats and monitor network security           students for the CompTIA Linux + certification examination.
implementations. Use best practices to configure operating               Prerequisites: General knowledge of computers and operating
systems to industry security standards. Integrated with ITSY             systems.
2300. Prerequisites: ITSY 1000                                           88231 100 Oct 29-Dec 5 6-10pm                 MW        HBC 206
88279 102 Aug 28-Dec 13 2-3:40pm            TTh         RGC 004
                                                                         ITSC 1014 UNIX Fundamentals Administration (32 hrs/$599 /
ITSY 2001 Firewalls & Network Security (64 hrs/$162 /$12                 $80 Lab)
Lab)                                                                     Multi-user concepts, terminal emulation, use of system editor,
Identify elements of firewall design, types of security threats and      basic UNIX commands, and script files. Includes introductory
responses to security attacks. Use best practices to design,             system management concepts. Course provides students with
implement, and monitor a network security plan. Examine                  the necessary knowledge and skills to use components of the
security incident postmortem reporting and ongoing network               desktop system, manage files and directories, create and modify
security activities. Integrated with ITSY 2301. Prerequisites:           files, control the user work environment, archive files, and use
ITSY 1300.                                                               remote commands. Prerequisites: Basic computer knowledge.
88272 102 Aug 28-Dec 13 8:20-10pm TTh                     RGC 004        88285 100 Sep 7-Sep 29 6-10pm                F            HBC 218
88274 101 Aug 28-Dec 13 1:45-3:25pm TTh                     PIN 300                     Sep 7-Sep 29 9am-1pm          S            HBC 218

                                                                                               ITSE 6074 Translation Memory and Machine (8 hrs/$125)
High Technol0gy institute
                                                                                               Overview of Translation Memory and Machine Translation
                                                                                               software, followed by hands-on experience using a TM and MT
                      This outstanding nine course, seventy-two hour program leads to          tool. Required Materials: “A Practical Guide to Localization
                      a certificate as a Localization Generalist certified by Pervasive        (Language International World Directory),” by Bert Esselink
                      Software, Lionbridge, Inc., Bridge 360, Client Side News,                Prerequisites: 2 years of college foreign language or equivalent,
                      Common Sense Advisory, IBM/Tivoli and Ralph McElroy                      basic computer skills.
                      Translation Company. The program has been featured in                    88238 200 Jan 28-Feb 8                                    ONLINE
                      Localisation Ireland, Multilingual Computing & Technology, STC
                      Intercom, and the ATA Chronicle and has enrolled students from           ITSE 6078 Localization: Documentation Issues Overview (8
                      around the world. For more information, please visit                     hrs/$125)
                                                           Reviews the basics of proofreading localized documentation,
                                                                                               including accuracy and consistency, examples and screen
                      Classes listed as ONLINE courses are synchronous, real-time              captures, general page layout, cross references, and so on.
                      events and require access to the Internet and            Also, covers how to write and develop English documentation
                      Online students should contact the instructor after registering for      with localization issues in mind. Required Materials: “A Practical
                      the course. See for details. The               Guide to Localization (Language International World Directory),”
                      course is primarily targeted towards the Windows environment.            by Bert Esselink Prerequisites: None
                                                                                               88239 200 Feb 18-Feb 29                                   ONLINE
                      ITSE 6073 Introduction to Localization (8 hrs/$125)
                      Provides a solid foundation of the strategic planning steps              ITSE 6076 Introduction to World Languages (8 hrs/$125)
                      needed to transition a product or service from a solely US to a          This course is an overview of world languages that are the
                      global market and the processes used to alter software for use           target for localization of software and documentation. Includes
                      by cultures speaking languages other than English.                       discussion of issues and characteristics that must be understood
                      Prerequisites: None. Required Materials: “A Practical Guide to           for successful localization. Required Materials: “A Practical
                      Software Localization,” by Bert Esselink.                                Guide to Localization (Language International World Directory),”
                      88232 100 Sep 10-Sep 21                                  ONLINE          by Bert Esselink Prerequisites: None
                                                                                               88240 200 Mar 17-Mar 28                                    ONLINE
                      ITSE 6087 Localization Tools Overview (8 hrs/$125)
                      This course will introduce the student to tools and issues used          ITSE 6082 Localization: Web Localization (8 hrs/$125)
                      and encountered in the translation and localization of computer          Web site localization is a major industry focus area, and it ranks
                      software into languages and locales other than U.S. English. The         as the #1 area in anticipated growth. Web site project team skill
                      course will consists of lectures, discussion and case study              include translation and editing combine with cultural
                      examples. Prerequisites: The localization tools require a PC             understanding of the intended target market. The course will
                      running Windows. Required Materials: “A Practical Guide to               help students design and structure their sites to optimize
                      Localization (Language International World Directory),” by Bert          localization, prepare and organize web file structures to
                      Esselink.                                                                streamline the process, understand test localized site
                      88233 100 Oct 3-Oct 17                                    ONLINE         functionality and analyze browser issues.
                                                                                               88241 200 Apr 7-Apr 18                                    ONLINE
                      ITSE 6077 Introduction to Software Quality Assurance (8
                      hrs/$125)                                                                ITSE 6084 Localization: Case Studies (8 hrs/$125)
                      Covers QA tests performed at different levels of localized               Provides an overview of some real-world localization problems
                      software products. Students should have an understanding of              and the solutions employed to maximize development efficiency.
                      the software life cycle. Required Materials: “A Practical Guide to       Prerequisites: ITSE 6085 Project Management or equivalent.
                      Localization (Language International World Directory),” by Bert          88242 200 Apr 28-May 9                                  ONLINE
                      Esselink. Prerequisites: None.
                      88234 100 Oct 22-Nov 2                                     ONLINE

                      ITSE 6081 Software Internationalization Enablement and                   MCDBA CERTIFICATIONS
                      Coded Character Sets (8 hrs/$125)                                        ** May Qualify for Financial Aid-Contact 512.223.7547 **
                      This course will introduce the key concepts of coded character
                      sets and present programming techniques commonly used                    The Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)
                      during the software internationalization enablement process.             credential is the premier certification for professionals who
                      This course is intended for software developers, testing                 implement and administer Microsoft databases. ACC is a
                      engineers and globalization project managers. To make the best           Microsoft IT Academy and the MCDBA courses feature official
                      out of the coding examples, prior exposure to software                   Microsoft curriculum and materials. Students must be enrolled at
                      programming languages, such as C++ and Java, is                          least 10 workdays prior to class start to be assured book
                      recommended.                                                             availability at start of class.
                      88235 100 Nov 5-Nov 16                                   ONLINE
                                                                                               ITNW 9019 Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
                      ITSE 6085 Localization: Introduction to Project Management               Series (112 hrs/$1715 /$180 Lab)
                      (8 hrs/$125)                                                             The Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)
                      The goal of the course is for the Project Manager to better              credential is the premier certification for professionals who
                      identify his/her role in the localization process. In addition, to       implement and administer SQL Server 2000 databases.
                      determine the value-add of Project Management to a client and            Registration in the MCDBA Series guarantees you a seat in the
                      the organization that employs him/her. Required Materials: “A            four courses: ITMC 1003 Designing & Querying SQL Server
                      Practical Guide to Localization (Language International World            2000 with Transact-SQL, ITMC 2003 Administering a SQL
                      Directory),” by Bert Esselink Prerequisites: None.                       Server 2000 Database and ITMC 2037 Programming a SQL
                      88236 100 Nov 26-Dec 7                                       ONLINE      Server 2000 Database. Prerequisites: MCSA certification or
                                                                                               equivalent knowledge, or database experience.
                      ITSE 6083 Localization: Managing the Sales Process (8 hrs/               88243 100 Sep 8-Dec 15 8:30am-4:30pm S                     HBC 206
                      This course covers the selling of localization service. This will be     ITMC 1003 Querying SQL Server 2000 (16 hrs/$369 /$30 Lab)
                      relevant to vendors and to localization professionals who “sell”         In this class you will learn to design data services and models
                      localization internally to their colleagues. Expect a real world look    and write basic Transact-SQL queries for Microsoft SQL Server
                      at sales and client relationships.                                       2000. It is intended for SQL Server database administrators,
                      88237 200 Jan 7-Jan 18                                      ONLINE       implementers, system engineers, and developers who are

responsible for writing queries. Prerequisites: Experience using          ITMT 1040 Manage and Maintain a Microsoft Win2K3
a Microsoft Windows operating System. An understanding of                 Environment (48 hrs/$724 /$75 Lab)
basic relational database concepts.                                       This course provides students with the knowledge and skills that
88244 100 Sep 8-Sep 15 8:30am-4:30pm S                   HBC 206          are required to manage accounts and resources, maintain
                                                                          server resources, monitor server performance, and safeguard
ITMC 2037 Programming a SQL Server 2000 Database (48                      data in a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 environment. MOC
hrs/$724 /$75 Lab)                                                        2273. Prerequisites: ITMT 1000.
This course provides students with the technical skills required          86558 100 Aug 18-Sep 29 8am-5pm            S         HBC 209
to program a database solution by using Microsoft SQL Server              88291 101 Oct 8-Oct 31 6-10pm              MTW       HBC 209
2000. MOC 2073. Prerequisites: ITMC 2003 Administering a
SQL Server 2000 Database.                                                 ITMT 1050 Microsoft Win2K3 Network Infrastructure (48 hrs/
88245 100 Sep 22-Oct 27 8:30am-4:30pm S                  HBC 206          $724 /$75 Lab)
                                                                          This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to
ITMC 2003 Administering a SQL Server 2000 Database (48                    implement, manage, and maintain a Microsoft Windows Server
hrs/$724 /$75 Lab)                                                        2003 network infrastructure. The course is intended for systems
Through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on experience,                administrator and systems engineer candidates who are
you will learn to install, configure, administer, and troubleshoot        responsible for implementing, managing, and maintaining server
SQL Server 2000. MOC 2072. Prerequisites: ITMC 1003                       networking technologies. These tasks include implementing
Querying SQL Server 2000 with Transact-SQL.                               routing; implementing, managing, and maintaining Dynamic Host
88246 100 Nov 3-Dec 15 8:30am-4:30pm S                      HBC 206       Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Domain Name System (DNS),
                                                                          and Windows Internet Name Service (WINS); securing Internet
                                                                          Protocol (IP) traffic with Internet Protocol security (IPSec) and
MICROSOFT SYSTEMS                                                         certificates; implementing a network access infrastructure by
                                                                          configuring the connections for remote access clients; and
CERTIFICATIONS                                                            managing and monitoring network access. MOC 2277.
                                                                          Prerequisites: ITMT 1040.
(MCSA/MCSE)                                                               86559 100 Oct 6-Nov 10 8am-5pm                 S           HBC 209
Microsoft certifications are the most widely respected technical          88292 101 Nov 5-Nov 28 6-10pm                  MTW         HBC 209
certifications in the industry. Courses prepare students for their
respective Microsoft certification exams. Exams fees are not              ITMT 2046 Security in a Microsoft Win2K3 Network (48 hrs/
included in the cost of the course. As an official Microsoft IT           $724 /$75 Lab)
Academy, all courses are led by certified instructors and include         This course addresses the MCSA and MCSE skills path for IT
official Microsoft course materials. Students must be enrolled at         Pro security practitioners, specifically addressing the training
least 10 workdays prior to class start date to be assured book            needs of those preparing for the 70-299 certification exam. The
availability at start of class.                                           primary product focus is on Microsoft Windows Server 2003
                                                                          based infrastructure solutions but will include some client
** May Qualify for Financial Aid-Contact 512.223.7547**                   focused content where appropriate. This learning product is to
                                                                          provide functional skills in planning and implementing
ITNW 9001 Complete MCSA & MCSE Series-Win2K3 (336                         infrastructure security. This course is part of the Security
hrs/$4065 /$525 Lab)                                                      Portfolio and will act as the primary entry point for IT
The Series provides knowledge and skills in the installation,             Professionals at the implementation level. MOC 2823.
administration, management, and troubleshooting Windows-                  Prerequisites: ITMT 1050.
based computers and networks. This is the entire Microsoft-               86560 100 Dec 1-Jan 19 8am-5pm                 S           HBC 209
approved MCSA/MCSE Win2K3 program and curriculum using                    88293 101 Dec 3-Jan 9           6-10pm         MTW         HBC 209
official Microsoft materials and certified instructors.
Prerequisites: A+ & Network+ certification or equivalent                  ITNW 7018 Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Series-
knowledge of computers and operating systems.                             Win2K3 (144 hrs/$1870 /$225 Lab)
88288 100 Sep 10-Apr 23 6-10pm                  MTW      HBC 209          The Series provides knowledge and skills in the installation,
                                                                          administration, management, and troubleshooting Windows-
ITNW 7017 Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator                       based computers and networks. This is the entire Microsoft-
Series-Win2K3 (192 hrs/$2395 /$300 Lab)                                   approved MCSE Win2K3 program and curriculum using official
The Series provides knowledge and skills in the installation,             Microsoft materials and certified instructors. Registration in this
administration, management, and troubleshooting Windows-                  series guarantees students a seat in three classes: ITMT 1055
based computers and networks. This is the entire Microsoft-               Plann Network Infrastructure-Win2K3, ITMT 2000 Implement
approved MCSA Win2K3 program and curriculum using official                Active Directory Infrastructure-Win2K3, and ITMT 2030 Design
Microsoft materials and certified instructors. Students enrolling in      Active Directory & Network Infrastructure. Prerequisites: MCSA
the MCSA Series-Win2K3 are guaranteed seats in four courses:              Win2K3 certification.
ITMT 1000 XP Professional-Win2K3, ITMT 1040 Server                        88294 200 Jan 22-Apr 23 6-10pm                MTW         HBC 209
Environment-Win2K3, ITMT 1050 Implement Network                           86562 201 Jan 26-Jun 23 8am-5pm               S           HBC 209
Infrastructure-Win2K3, and ITMT 2046 Implement Security-
Win2K3. Prerequisites: A+ & Network+ certification or equivalent          ITMT 1055 Plan and Maintain a Win2K3 Network
knowledge of computers and operating systems.                             Infrastructure (48 hrs/$724 /$75 Lab)
88289 100 Sep 10-Jan 9 6-10pm                 MTW        HBC 209          The goal of this course is to provide students with the
                                                                          knowledge and skills necessary to plan and maintain a Windows
ITMT 1000 Implement and Support Microsoft Windows XP                      Server 2003 network infrastructure. MOC 2278. Prerequisites:
Professional (48 hrs/$724 /$75 Lab)                                       MCSA Win2K3 certification.
The purpose of this course is to address the implementation and           88295 201 Jan 22-Feb 18 6-10pm               MTW        HBC 209
desktop support needs of customers that are planning to deploy            86561 200 Jan 26-Mar 1 8am-5pm               S          HBC 209
and support Microsoft Windows XP Professional in a variety of
stand-alone and network operating system environments. It                 ITMT 2000 Plan & Implement Active Directory Infrastructure
provides in-depth, hands-on training for Information Technology           for Win2K3 (48 hrs/$724 /$75 Lab)
(IT) professionals responsible for the planning, implementation,          This course includes self-paced and instructor-facilitated
management, and support of Windows XP Professional. MOC                   components. It provides students with the knowledge and skills
2272. Prerequisites: A+ & Network+ certification or equivalent            to successfully plan, implement, and troubleshoot a Microsoft
knowledge of computers and operating systems.                             Windows Server 2003 Active Directory directory service
88290 100 Sep 10-Oct 3 6-10pm                MTW        HBC 209           infrastructure. The course focuses on a Windows Server 2003
                                                                          directory service environment, including forest and domain
                                                                          structure, Domain Name System (DNS), site topology and

                      replication, organizational unit structure and delegation of            ITNW 7030 Oracle 10g Developer OCA/OCP Series (144 hrs/
High Technol0gy institute
                      administration, Group Policy, and user, group, and computer account
                      strategies. MOC 2279. Prerequisites: MCSA plus ITMT 1055.
                                                                                              $2170 /$600 Lab)
                                                                                              Participants will learn a top-down, systematic approach to
                      88296 200 Feb 25-Mar 26 6-10pm                    MTW        HBC 209    database development using entity-relationship models,
                      86563 201 Mar 22-May 5 8am-5pm                    S          HBC 209    normalization, and relational database design. They will use this
                                                                                              approach to identify and define business information
                      ITMT 2030 Design Active Directory & Network Infrastructure              requirements and to transform the requirements into an initial
                      for Win2K3 (48 hrs/$724 /$75 Lab)                                       database design. On successful completion of the course, the
                      Provides students with the knowledge and skills to design a             participant should be able to understand and create entity
                      Microsoft Active Directory directory service and network                relationship models and first cut database designs. Registration
                      infrastructure for a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 environment.         in the Oracle Developer Series guarantees you a seat in all
                      The course is intended for systems engineers who are                    three courses: ITSE 2009 Introduction to SQL, ITSE 2054
                      responsible for designing directory service and/or network              Oracle 10g Developer: Program with PL/SQL and ITSE 2046
                      infrastructures. MOC 2282 Prerequisites: MCSA plus ITMT 2000.           Oracle 10g Developing Applications. The Oracle DBA Series &
                      88297 200 Mar 31-Apr 23 6-10pm                MTW        HBC 209        Oracle Developer Series start with the same course, Introduction
                      86564 300 May 12-Jun 23 8am-5pm               S          HBC 209        to Oracle 10g. This course is taught on Friday evening and
                                                                                              Saturday morning. When this course is completed, students in
                                                                                              the Forms Developer Series will then meet on Monday &
                      ORACLE CERTIFICATIONS                                                   Wednesday evenings. Prerequisites: General computer
                                                                                              knowledge including database concepts.
                      These courses prepare students for certification exams from             88248 100 Sep 7-Jan 28 6-10pm                MW      HBC 301.10
                      Oracle, the world’s largest enterprise software company. As a
                      member of the Oracle Workforce Development Program, all                 ITSE 2054 Oracle 10g Developer: Program with PL/SQL (48
                      courses are led by certified instructors and include official Oracle    hrs/$934 /$200 Lab)
                      course materials. Students must be enrolled 10 workdays prior to        Students learn to write PL/SQL procedures, functions and
                      class start date to be assured book availability at start of class.     packages. Working in both the Procedure Builder and the
                                                                                              SQL*Plus environments, participants will learn to create and
                      ** May Qualify for Financial Aid-Contact 512.223.7547**                 manage PL/SQL program units and database triggers.
                                                                                              Participants will also learn to use some of the Oracle-supplied
                      ITNW 9024 Oracle 10g Certified OCA/OCP DBA Series (144                  packages. Prerequisites: ITSE 2009 Introduction to Oracle 10g:
                      hrs/$2170 /$600 Lab)                                                    SQL.
                      Earning your OCA credential will give you recognition for your          88251 100 Oct 22-Nov 28 6-10pm                MW      HBC 301.10
                      foundation of knowledge using Oracle technologies and to act
                      as a team member working with database administrators or                ITSE 2046 Developing Applications (48 hrs/$934 /$200 Lab)
                      application developers. Registration in the OCA Series                  Students build and test interactive Internet applications. Working
                      guarantees you a seat in courses: ITSE 2009 Introduction to             in a graphical user interface (GUI) environment, students learn
                      SQL, ITSE 2056 Oracle 10g Administration I and ITSE 2058                to customize Forms with user input items such as check boxes,
                      Oracle 10g Administration II.. Prerequisites: General computer          list items, and radio groups. They also learn to modify data
                      knowledge including database concepts.                                  access by creating event-related triggers. Prerequisites: ITSE
                      88247 100 Sep 7-Feb 9         6-10pm         F       HBC 301.10         2009 Introduction to Oracle 10g: SQL, PL/SQL and ITSE 2054
                                   Sep 7-Feb 9       9am-1pm       S       HBC 301.10         Oracle Developer: Develop PL/SQL Program Units.
                                                                                              88252 100 Dec 3-Jan 28 6-10pm                 MW       HBC 301.10
                      ITSE 2009 Introduction to Oracle 10g: SQL (48 hrs/$934 /
                      $200 Lab)                                                               ITSE 2040 Oracle Application Server 10g Admin I (48 hrs/
                      This course prepares Oracle database administrators (DBA) to            $934/ $200 Lab)
                      create an operational database and properly manage the                  This is the first course for administrators of the Oracle
                      various structures in an effective and efficient. The instructor-led    Application Server 10g. Students learn the basic tasks, which
                      lesson topics are reinforced with structured hands-on practices.        will enable them to effectively administer, monitor, and secure an
                      Prepares students for the Oracle Certified Associate exam.              OracleAS 10g environment. Learn to use the Web-based
                      Prerequisites: General computer knowledge including relational          Application Server Control to manage OracleAS instances.
                      database concepts.                                                      Prerequisites: General computer knowledge, including database
                      88249 100 Sep 7-Oct 13 6-10pm                 F        HBC 301.10       concepts.
                                   Sep 7-Oct 13 9am-1pm             S        HBC 301.10       88557 100 Sep 10-Oct 17 6-10pm                  MW      HBC 301.10
                      ITSE 2056 Oracle 10g Database Administration I (48 hrs/
                      $934 /$200 Lab)
                      Introduces students to data server technology. The class covers         PROJECT MANAGEMENT
                      the concepts of both relational and object relational databases         Most IT projects do not fail because of bad technology; they fail
                      and the powerful SQL programming language. Demonstrations               because of poor management practices. With the discipline
                      and hands-on practice reinforce the fundamental concepts.               project management approach, you will have a knowledge base
                      Prepares students for the Oracle Certified Associate exam.              of proven methods to ensure that your IT projects are on time,
                      Prerequisites: ITSE 2009 Introduction to Oracle 10g SQL.                on budget, and meet the customer’s needs. Books are
                      88250 100 Oct 19-Dec 8 6-10pm                F        HBC 301.10        purchased separately from the Rio Grande Campus bookstore,
                                   Oct 19-Dec 8 9am-1pm            S        HBC 301.10        512.474.2607. Each class requires a book. Instructor supplies
                                                                                              only additional study materials. See website for details:
                      ITSE 2058 Oracle 10g DBA Administration II (48 hrs/$934 /     
                      $200 Lab)
                                                                                              ** May Qualify for Financial Aid-Contact 512.223.7547**
                      Covers Oracle 10g flashback technology, configuring and using
                      Recovery Manager, monitoring and managing storage,
                                                                                              BMGT 1023 IT Project Management (48 hrs/$995)
                      managing resources, monitoring and managing memory, dealing
                                                                                              Through lectures, case studies, and small group projects,
                      with database corruption, and automating the tasks with
                                                                                              students learn a framework for project management specifically
                      Scheduler. Demonstrations and hands-on practice reinforce the
                                                                                              as it applies to managing information technology projects. The
                      fundamental concepts to prepare the student for the Oracle
                                                                                              course covers all nine project management knowledge areas-
                      Certified Professional Exam #1Z0-043. Prerequisites: Oracle
                                                                                              project integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resource,
                      database fundamental concepts.
                                                                                              communications, risk, and procurement management-and all
                      88253 200 Jan 4-Feb 9        6-10pm        F       HBC 301.10
                                                                                              five process groups-initiating, planning, executing, controlling,
                                   Jan 4-Feb 9     9am-1pm       S       HBC 301.10
                                                                                              and closing-to information technology projects. This course

helps prepare students for the Project Management Institute               ITSC 1018 Microsoft Project (36 hrs/$629)
PMP & CAPM certification examinations. Lecture and hands on               Use of project management software for developing a project
software labs for a project management scheduling tool will be            plan including timelines, milestones, scheduling, life cycle
included in the course. Note: Students in the online section who          phases, management frameworks, skills, processes, and tools.
are unfamiliar with MSP will need to buy the Microsoft online             Prerequisites: Project management education & experience.
course for $22.49 + tax: Course 4111: Core Training for                   Basic knowledge of Microsoft Project is recommended.
Microsoft Office Project 2003. Prerequisites: At least 12 months          88255 100 Sep 11-Oct 18 6-9pm               TTh           HBC 206
experience working as a member of IT. Students should see for the PMI examination requirements.                         ITSE 1041 Agile Project Leader Certification (Certified APL)
88256 100 Sep 13-Nov 6 6-9pm                 TTh         HBC 214          (40 hrs/$799)
88262 101 Oct 15-Dec 21                                   ONLINE          Agile project leaders deliver high-impact business results by
                                                                          relying on self-organizing teams to plan, execute and innovate
BMGT 1040 PMP Exam Prep (36 hrs/$629)                                     throughout the project lifecycle. Rather than plan, instruct, and
This is a crash course in preparing for the PMP Exam. Spread              direct, the agile project leader educates, coaches, and
over 6 weekends, this intense class will start off with an                facilitates. Development of these critical skills and the process
overview of the PMP Exam including how to apply, eligibility              and tools that support the agile team is the focus of this course.
criteria, and scheduling the actual test. The class will then focus       Special emphasis on leadership development and enabling
on definitions and formulas in addition to addressing all the             organizational change will be central to this certification course.
processes and knowledge areas covered on the exam. Several                Upon passing all tests and final exams at the conclusion of this
practice questions from each section will be discussed and                course, attendees will be a certified Agile Project Leader. NOTE:
explained in class. Exam strategies will be presented as well.            Course meets on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday
This is a fast paced class and quite a bit of material will be            afternoon and then on eight weekday evenings. Prerequisites:
covered in a short amount of time. Considerable practice and              Familiar with software development
preparation outside of the class is necessary to successfully             88560 100 Oct 5                1-5pm           F           HBC 215
pass the PMP exam. Prerequisites: At least 12 months                                    Oct 6            8am-5pm         S           HBC 215
experience working on a project. Students should see                                    Oct 7            1-5pm           U                TBA for the PMI examination requirements.                                       Oct 11-Dec 6 6-9pm               Th          HBC 215
88265 100 Nov 3-Dec 15 9am-4pm                S             HBC 222

BMGT 2030 Project Management Overview-The Essentials                      RENEWABLE ENERGY
(40 hrs/$999)
Students will understand how to take project management                   The NABCEP Entry Level Certificate is designed for those
theory (as provided by the Project Management Institute), and             wanting to enter the solar field. It will be a way for students to
put it into practice, by actually working on a case study project.        show that they have achieved basic knowledge, comprehension
An overview of how Project Management processes all fit                   and application of key terms and concepts of photovoltaic (solar
together is presented followed by what project practitioners              electric) system operations. The certificate will demonstrate that
should do during Project Selection, Initiating, Planning,                 the student has passed an industry-designed exam based on
Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing. Leadership,           learning objectives developed by subject matter experts. While
soft skills/behavioral styles, negotiating, conflict management,          the Certificate of Completion by itself will not qualify an individual
motivation theory, multigenerational considerations,                      to install photovoltaic (PV) systems, it does recognize an
communication, change management, and much more are                       understanding of the basic terms and operational aspects of a
addressed. Several hands-on exercises help students apply the             PV system. Students receiving the Entry Level Certificate will
information presented in the lectures. Prerequisites: At least 12         then be eligible to enter the workforce to get the required two
months experience working on a project. Students should see               years of on-the-job training, including installing four PV systems, for the PMI examination requirements.                         to eventually be able to sit for the NABCEP certifying exam.
88261 100 Nov 26-Nov 30 8am-5pm                MTWThF TWT 430
                                                                          HART 1011 Solar Electricity (Photovoltaics) System Installer
BMGT 1076 Project Management CAPM Certificate (100 hrs/                   (48 hrs/$475 /$25 Lab /$3.50 Insurance)
$2000)                                                                    A course in the study of solar photovoltaic (PV) cells, modules,
The Project Management Certificate Program is designed for                electrical circuits and systems; sizing and designing for usage in
students that want to excel in the discipline of project                  homes and commercial businesses: Solar electric products,
management, how to lead project teams, the application of                 applications and the market place; and understanding energy
project management tools and templates, and basically, how to             conversion from sunlight to electricity, and working with solar
best ensure projects are completed successfully (i.e. on time,            conversion equipment. The 48-hour course is designed for
within budget, and to scope/quality specifications.) This course          students to be eligible to obtain the North American Board of
prepares students for the PMI the Certified Associate of Project          Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Photovoltaic (PV) Entry
Management (CAPM) examination. Prerequisites: Minimum 1                   Level Certificate of Knowledge. *NOTE: Course meets on
year of experience working in project teams. Students should              weekday evenings from 6pm to 9pm for 12 weeks and meets on
see for the PMI examination requirements.                     two Saturdays- from 9am-4pm. Instructors will provide dates of
88259 100 Sep 24-Oct 30 8am-3pm               MTW        TWT 430          the Saturday classes. Prerequisites: Required: basic math skills
                                                                          (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and
BMGT 2076 Project Management PMP Certificate (140 hrs/                    decimals, use of formulas) and problem solving skills; Preferred:
$2800)                                                                    use of a calculator, some knowledge of electricity concepts. See
The Project Management Certificate Program is designed for                the NABCEP website , for details about the examination.
students that want to excel in the discipline of project                  88268 100 Sep 17-Dec 3 6-9pm                    M          RVS S110
management, how to lead project teams, the application of                 88269 101 Sep 20-Dec 12 6-9pm                   Th         RVS S110
project management tools and templates, and basically, how to
best ensure projects are completed successfully (i.e. on time,
within budget, and to scope/quality specifications.) This course              Your Partner for Results…
prepares students for the PMI Project Management Professional
                                                                              Customized Training is here
(PMP) examination. Prerequisites: Minimum 1 year of
experience working in project teams. Students should see                      to serve area employers for for the PMI examination requirements.                             improved performance. Call
88258 100 Sep 24-Nov 14 8am-3pm               MTW        TWT 430
                                                                              512.223.7737 for more

SUN SOLARIS                                                            console or wireless. The console portion focuses on why you
                                                                       need to and how to get approval from a hardware manufacturer,
CERTIFICATIONS                                                         the steps to manufacture, and the importance of a bug-free
Solaris is acknowledged by the industry to be the premier UNIX         release. Prerequisite: NONE Prerequisites: None
environment for both SPARC and Intel-based systems. As a Sun           87833 100 Sep 10-Dec 10 6-9pm               M        HBC 301.0
Academic Initiative site, our training is delivered using certified    GAME 1005 Video Game Design I (42 hrs/$459)
instructors and official Sun course materials.                         Historical and practical overview of video games and game
ITNW 9007 Sun Solaris Series (112 hrs/$1755 /$240 Lab)                 design. Offers basic understanding of games as systems.
SolarisOperating System Administration certification track.            Covers taxonomy for game discussions. Includes game design
Registration in this series guarantees a seat in courses ITSC          fundamentals common to all types of games and the unique
1014 UNIX Fundamentals Administration, ITSC 1040 Sun Solaris:          challenges and capabilities of today’s modern video games.
SA-200, System Admin I and ITNW 2026 Sun Solaris: SA-202,              Class projects and assignments will include reviewing games,
System Admin II. Prerequisites: Basic computer knowledge.              modifying existing game rules in order to create different player
88284 100 Sep 7-Dec 15 6-10pm                F           HBC 218       experiences, and designing new games.
             Sep 7-Dec 15 9am-1pm            S           HBC 218       87836 100 Sep 11-Dec 11 6-9pm                T         HBC 301.0
                                                                       GAME 1010 Video Game Programming (42 hrs/$459)
ITSC 1014 UNIX Fundamentals Administration (32 hrs/$599 /              Serves as an introduction for any student in the Video Games
$80 Lab)                                                               Program to the role of the programmer in the development of a
Multi-user concepts, terminal emulation, use of system editor,         game, what games look like from a programmer’s viewpoint, and
basic UNIX commands, and script files. Includes introductory           how programmers translate game designs, artistic specifications,
system management concepts. Course provides students with              and production requirements into code. It will include hands-on
the necessary knowledge and skills to use components of the            programming using Java to drive the concepts home. Cross-
desktop system, manage files and directories, create and modify        discipline collaboration, communication, and compromise are key
files, control the user work environment, archive files, and use       concepts in game development.
remote commands. Prerequisites: Basic computer knowledge.              87834 100 Sep 10-Dec 10 6-9pm                 M         HBC 301.3
88285 100 Sep 7-Sep 29 6-10pm                F            HBC 218
               Sep 7-Sep 29 9am-1pm          S            HBC 218      GAME 1015 3D Animation I-Object & Camera Animation (42
ITSC 1040 Sun Solaris: SA-200: System Admin I (40 hrs/$699             This fundamental course begins by introducing students to basic
/$80 Lab)                                                              3D animation concepts by applying keyframing techniques along
UNIX operating system commands. Includes scripting topics such         a timeline. Students will apply changes in translation, scale, and
as GCI or Perl. SA-200 course provides students with the               rotation through space in time and be introduced to camera
necessary knowledge and skills to perform essential system             control. Students will learn the 12 principles of animation and
administration, including installing software, performing system       apply them in 3D space. Game animation issues, such as
boot procedures, security administration, managing printers, and       animation heirarchies, game combat timing, and in-game
performing system backups. Prerequisites: ITSC 1014 UNIX               storytelling will be introduced. Prerequisites: 3D Studio Max
Fundamentals Administration or equivalent.                             experience (or instructor’s consent).
88286 100 Oct 5-Nov 3          6-10pm         F           HBC 218      87830 100 Sep 8-Dec 15 1-4pm                   S         NRG 4269
             Oct 5-Nov 3       9am-1pm        S           HBC 218
                                                                       GAME 1019 Video Game Design II (Practical Game Design)
ITNW 2026 Sun Solaris: SA-202: System Admin II (40 hrs/                (42 hrs/$459)
$699 /$80 Lab)                                                         Class Includes: Class Discussion: Overview of video game
UNIX operating system installation, system management, and             projects and game designer tasks: Pre-production, Design
UNIX pitfall avoidance. SA-202 provides students with skills to        Phase, Production (alpha, beta), Post-production (tuning, QA
perform advanced tasks in the Solaris 10 OS on both Sparc and          testing); Video Game Design Topics: Game Systems, Technical
x64/x86 platforms, including network basics, managing virtual file     Tools: Scripting, Technical Tools: Level Editors, Level Design
systems and core dumps, managing storage volumes, NFS and              Fundamentals, Power-up Design, Enemy Design. Case Studies:
setting up naming services NIS. Prerequisites: ITSC 1014 UNIX          Platform-specific Considerations: An analysis of contemporary
Fundamentals Administration and ITSC 1040 Sun Solaris: SA-             game industry platforms and their specific challenges. Class
200: System Admin I or equivalent.                                     Project: Video Game Creation: A map in an RTS or shooter (via
88287 100 Nov 9-Dec 15 6-10pm               F          HBC 218         editor freeware), a simple coded arcade game, an art mod for a
              Nov 9-Dec 15 9am-1pm          S          HBC 218         given game map, etc. Prerequisites: Video Game Design I
                                                                       87831 100 Sep 8-Dec 15 1-4pm                  S         HBC 301.3
                                                                       GAME 1021 Video Game Design III (Advanced Game Design)
VIDEO GAME                                                             (42 hrs/$459)
DEVELOPMENT                                                            Class Includes: Class Discussion: Video Game Design Topics:
                                                                       Economic Systems, Reward Mechanisms, Dramatic Emotional
The Video Games industry is a fast growing, multi-billion dollar       Cycles; Leading Creative Teams: Basic management techniques
industry. Austin has emerged as one of the leaders in the country,     translated to video game teams. Case Studies: Popular games
alongside Silicon Valley and Seattle. Video games require unique       deconstructed and seen as systems; Adapting Interfaces
design, programming, art and production skills. Join the fast          (across platforms). Class Project: Video Game Creation: A map
paced world of entertainment! Books are purchased separately           in an RTS or shooter (via editor freeware), a simple coded
from the Rio Grande Campus bookstore, 512.474.2607. Each               arcade game, an art mod for a given game map, etc.
class requires a book. Instructor supplies only additional study       Prerequisites: Video Game Design II
materials. See website for details:         87841 100 Sep 13-Dec 20 6-9pm                Th       HBC 301.3
GAME 1000 Video Game Production (The Big Picture) (42                  GAME 1023 Game Programming & Graphics (60 hrs/$599)
hrs/$459)                                                              Intended for programmers who want to enter the field of game
Step by step through all the stages. Game development and              design and development, but who do not have training in game
publishing are complex collaborative efforts. Issues of design         programming techniques including 2D and 3D graphics, sound,
documentation, content creation, team roles, group dynamics,           and animation needed to complete a game programming
risk assessment, people management, and process management             project. Topics covered include: Object oriented design of
are addressed in this course to begin to understand video game         games, discrete event simulation and state machines, managing
product development. Five phases of product development                game time, game GUI implementation, and introduction to 2D and
management are covered: requirements synthesis to technical            3D graphics, sound programming, and game design.
definition, development plan construction, plan management,            Prerequisites: Video game Programming, C/C++ Programming
problem management, process assessment and improvement                 Experience or consent of instructor.
and QA/Test. Show the differences in developing for PC versus          87825 100 Sep 6-Dec 20 6-10pm                Th         HBC 209

GAME 1026 Video Game Industry (42 hrs/$459)                             delivery, creating and maintaining a consistent world state,
Covers the structure of the industry: its history (literature, media    measuring network activity and performance, dealing with high
studies and design), the market, game genres, distribution and          latency/packet loss situations, hacking/cheating detection and
publishing channels, typical business models, and a competitive         prevention. Prerequisites: Video game Programming, C/C++
landscape of the industry. Topics include: market size and              Programming Experience or consent of instructor.
trends, retail and Internet distribution channels, single and multi-    87842 100 Sep 13-Dec 20 6-9pm                Th      HBC 301.10
player game genres, PC, console, and cell phone platforms, and
major industry players. Also included are the history of                GAME 2026 3D Modeling I- Worldbuilding for Artists (42 hrs/
computers, electronic games and toys, and the construction and          $459)
critique of a canon of significant and influential games.               Focuses on architectural spaces and will expand on the
Prerequisites: None.                                                    students’ fundamental modeling knowledge by introducing
87838 100 Sep 12-Dec 19 6-9pm                  W            HBC 215     modeling in a real-time game editor (such as the Unreal Editor).
                                                                        Students build, texture, and light a game level to function in real-
GAME 1028 Creating Look & Feel (42 hrs/$459)                            time. Students also build architectural objects in 3DSmax as well
Explore methods for and strengthen skills for establishing a look       as smaller items to export from Max and then place them in the
and feel for an entire game. Students choose a game concept,            levels they have created in order to fully flesh out the look and
and then design and draw characters, environments,                      feel of a scene. Prerequisites: 3DSmax fundamentals.
architecture, static objects, UI, and storyboards for that game.        87828 100 Sep 8-Dec 15 9am-12pm S                        NRG 4269
There will be a strong focus on applying 2D design concepts,
such as Design elements and spatial relationships. The final            GAME 2027 3D Modeling II-Advanced Surface & Organic
project will be a complete, fully illustrated pitch document for a      Modeling (42 hrs/$459)
game. Prerequisites: Design and Life Drawing courses (or                Continues to explore in depth the various techniques to create
instructor’s consent).                                                  3D models that can be used for animation. Emphasis will be
87827 100 Sep 8-Dec 15 9am-12pm S                        HBC 301.3      placed on techniques used to create and texture characters,
                                                                        environments, and objects. Students will sculpt more
GAME 1030 Video Game Art (42 hrs/$459)                                  sophisticated polygon models using tools that will focus on
Provides an overview of the primary industry software tools used        detailed creation, editing, and texturing of polygonal models.
in the creation of 2D and 3D computer graphics. Students will           NURBS, subdivision surfaces, metaballs, metanurbs, Groups
learn the concepts, commands, and interfaces of industry                and Hierarchical Structures will be addressed. Prerequisites: 3D
standard raster, vector graphics, and 3D software applications in       modeling I (or instructor’s consent)
order to create and manipulate 2D images and 3D models. In              87829 100 Sep 8-Dec 15 9am-12pm S                       NRG 4269
addition to covering such essential topics as team integration /
communication, asset management, source control, and                    GAME 2058 Capstone Video Games (42 hrs/$459)
localization, there will also be an emphasis on creating content        This is the final course in the ACC Video Game Development
suitable for a computer game engine. Required textbook                  Certificate Program. Students will be assigned to a four-person
(Available at the ACC Bookstore): tbd. Prerequisites: None.             team to develop a video game, mod or reel that will serve to
87839 100 Sep 12-Dec 19 6-9pm                W         HBC 301.3        demonstrate their capabilities. Each team will have an industry
                                                                        mentor and a representative from each of the disciplines-
GAME 1031 3D Animation II-Character Setup and Animation                 Programming, Art, Design and Production. The class will run the
(42 hrs/$459)                                                           length of the semester. The team will define the project, design
Provides all of the knowledge and tools required to completely          the game, schedule to work required, test and deliver the game
set up a character for animating. This includes skinning and            on the committed schedule. There will be periodic milestone
weighting, FK and IK, constraints, expressions, scripting and           reviews with industry professionals that will serve as go/no-go
driven keys, mesh deformers, morph targets / blend shapes, and          checkpoints for the teams project. The output of the project will be
creating animation UIs. Students will then explore animating            the property of the students. There will be no classroom meetings,
their characters to test their rigs, as well as exporting               only one-on-one with mentor and project evaluators.
compressed animations into a game format. In-game animation             Prerequisites: Completion of all other requirements for an ACC
heirarchies will also be discussed. Prerequisites: Object and           Video Game Development Certificate in one of the four
Camera Animation (or instructor’s consent)                              specialization disciplines. See Program Coordinator.
87832 100 Sep 8-Dec 15 1-4pm                    S         NRG 4269      87835 100 Sep 10-Dec 21
GAME 1071 Scripting (42 hrs/$459)
Design, navigation, and graphics with an emphasis on game
concepts and simulations using scripting languages.
Prerequisites: TBD
87837 100 Sep 11-Dec 11 6-9pm               T       HBC 301.3

GAME 2012 Interactive Audio (42 hrs/$459)
Music and sound effects in games: formats, working within
memory budgets, interactive systems, using foley libraries, etc.
(i.e, not “music theory” or “technical audio tools,” but only those
                                                                            Get in the
areas related to video game production.) Topics include a range
of practical audio-related areas, such as music composition,
aesthetic analysis of music, recording studio skills, and
electronic sound generation. Audio relating specifically to digital         The Video Game
game technologies, such as 3D sound processing and                          industry is a fast
generative audio structures are also included. Special emphasis             growing, multi-billion
is placed on the role of audio experience within the larger                 dollar industry. Austin has
context of a game. Also addressed are console & PC engine file
                                                                            emerged as one of the
format as are questions such as “How do I get that sound to
sound just as good at a lower resolution?”                                  national leaders in game
87826 100 Sep 7-Dec 14 6-9pm                   F         HBC 301.3          development, alongside
                                                                            Silicon Valley and Seattle.
GAME 2014 Multiplayer Games Programming I (42 hrs/$459)
                                                                            Video games require unique design,
Intended for students who have a strong desire to be a
programmer in the games industry. Topics covered include:                   programming, animation and production skills.
implementing multiplayer games using peer to peer and client                Join the fast paced world of entertainment!
server models, DirectPlay vs. sockets, creating, transmitting and
processing network messages, reliable vs. unreliable message                   Call 223-7662 for more information.

    campuses and teaching locations
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Education Units (CEU). Ten hours of instruction equates to one CEU.
Letter grades may be given for workforce courses as noted in the schedule. However, these grades are not
counted toward an overall Grade Point Average (GPA). All other Continuing Education (CE) courses are graded
on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis. Students earn CEU credit for CE courses upon successful completion of
the course objectives. Official CE student records will be retained for a minimum of seven years.

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business assessment Center                                              Business
                                       Business Assessment Information
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                                                                                                       The Business Assessment Center provides the community with
                             The Business Assessment Center, located in Room 104 of the
                                                                                                       testing support. It is not part of the Academic Testing Centers.
                             Highland Business Center, provides the Austin Community and
                                                                                                       Unless otherwise specified, call 223.7769 to schedule an
                             ACC students with a variety of exams, including GED testing,
                                                                                                       appointment. The center provides the following:
                             business assessments, licensing and certification exams and more.

                                                                                                       act center
                             GED Testing                                                               Contact the ACT call center at 800.205.6366 between 8:00 AM
                             GED tests are administered Monday through Thursday. You must              and 4:30 PM Monday – Thursday and Saturday to schedule an
                             attend a GED registration session before scheduling for GED               appointment for the following tests.
                             tests. You cannot register and test on the same day.                      • American Board of Vascular Medicine (ABVM)
                                                                                                       • Automotive Service Excellence Exam (ASE)
                                                                                                       • Automotive Service Excellence Exam – DaimlerChrysler (ASE DC)
                             Registration                                                              • Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB)
                             Registration takes 1½ hours and is available on the following             • Certiport Program – Microsoft Office Specialist and IC3
                             schedule:                                                                    Certification
                             • 3:30 p.m. Thursdays                                                     • Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)
                             • 8:30 a.m. on designated Saturdays                                       • Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB)
                                See for testing schedule.
                             • Registration in Spanish: 9:30 a.m. on the first Thursday of
                                each month                                                             DANTES SUBJECT
                                                                                                       STANDARDIZED TESTS
                             Testing appointment                                                       (DSST) EXAM CENTER
                             GED tests are administered by appointment only.                           The DSST Exams are administered to students who request the
                             Call 223.7714.                                                            service by calling 223-7769. A list of DSST exams can be found
                             • You must make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance               at
                                of testing.
                             • There is a $10 fee if you fail to show up for your GED testing
                                appointment.                                            EDUCATIONAL TESTING
                             • Appointments must be made or canceled by 5 p.m. the day
                                before your appointment.
                                                                                        SERVICE INTERNET-BASED
                             Required identification                                                   The Business Assessment Center is part of the iBT network. We
                             You must present an accepted, current, government-issued                  administer by computer: TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign
                             photo ID and a Social Security card in order to complete the GED          Language) and the Texas Educator Certification Program (TEC).
                             testing process. Accepted photo IDs include a Texas driver’s
                             license, Texas Department of Public Safety ID card, or a U.S.             Test of English as a Foreign Language
                             passport. If you do not have an accepted ID and a Social                  TOEFL is a requirement for admission into colleges and
                             Security card, call the Business Assessment Center at 223.7714            universities where instruction is in English. In addition, many
                             before you come for registration. You must present your accepted          government, licensing, and certification agencies, and exchange
                             photo ID and Social Security card at the time of registration. You        and scholarship programs use TOEFL scores to evaluate the
                             must present your accepted photo ID for each testing                      English proficiency of the people for whom English is not their
                             appointment.                                                              native language. TOEFL measures the ability of non-native
                                                                                                       speakers of English to use and understand English as it is
                                                                                                       spoken, written, and heard in college and university settings.
                             Eligibility                                                               The TOEFL is offered in different formats depending on a test
                             You are eligible for GED testing if you have not graduated from           taker’s location.
                             high school and are either a Texas resident or a member of the
                             military stationed in Texas. The following regulations also apply:        How to register for the TOEFL Test
                             • 18-year-old applicants are automatically eligible for GED
                                                                                                       You can register for the test by phone, mail, or online.
                                 testing if they have officially withdrawn from school.
                                                                                                       • Online registration must be done seven days before the test
                             • 17-year-old applicants must submit a parent or guardian’s
                                                                                                          date. Go to and select TOEFL to go to the
                                 consent form and an official school withdrawal form. The
                                                                                                          registration page of the website.
                                 forms are available at the Business Assessment Center or can
                                                                                                       • Telephone registration must be done seven days before the
                                 be downloaded from You must
                                                                                                          test date. Call one of the following phone numbers:
                                 present both forms at the time of registration.
                                                                                                          1(800)468.6335 or 1(800)443.751.4862 or 1(800)529.3590
                             • 16-year-old applicants must have a court order.
                                                                                                          for text phone(must have access to a TTY Unit).
                                 Call 223.7714 for more information.
                                                                                                       What to do on test day
                             GED fees                                                                  The TOEFL is administered in the Business Assessment Center
                             $90   —   Due at registration                                             in Room 104 of the Highland Business Center. The student must
                             $18   —   Retest fee                                                      be registered for the exam in order to test. This center cannot
                             $10   —   No show/cancellation fee.                                       register students for the exam. Please review all requirements
                             $15   —   Transfer fee.                                                   for testing before reporting to the test center.
                             $40   —   Out-of-state transfer fee.
                                                                                                       Acceptable Identification Documents
                             FREE Practice Exams for Registered Students                               •   Passport with photograph and signature
                             Official GED practice exams are administered each Thursday,               •   Driver’s license with photograph and signature
                             9:30. This is a practice exam for the GED which provides the              •   State ID with photograph and signature
                             student with study information. Call 223.7769 for an appointment.         •   National ID with photograph and signature
                                                                                                       •   Military ID with photograph and signature

Texas Educator                                                               Educational Resources
Certification Program                                                        Test Center
(TEC) tEXES                                                                  Administered on Friday afternoons by appointment only. Call
EXAM NAME                                          TEST       TIME           223-7769 for an appointment.
                                                   CODE       LIMIT          • Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test (HOBET)
Generalist EC-4                                    1101       5 hrs
Special Education EC-12                            1161       5 hrs
Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities
                                                                             NES Testing Program
      EC-4                                         1100       5 hrs          Texas Higher Education Assessment
      EC-4-8                                       1110       5 hrs
      EC-8-12                                      1130       5 hrs          (THEA)
      EC-12                                        1160       5 hrs          Registration information can be found at the following web page
Texas Round Trip Demo Test -                       1100       15 min
      demo for TCAs ONLY
                                                                             Quick Texas Higher Education
Exam Description                                                             Assessment (QTHEA)
Multiple-choice items. Test may include one or more questions                Registration
that do not count toward the total score. It is not possible to              If you are an ACC student, check with the Assessment Center to
identify which of the questions do not count, so examinees                   determine which assessment you should take. Non-ACC
should complete all test questions to the best of their ability.             students should purchase a QTHEA ticket from one of the
Review is allowed at any time during the exam. The examinee                  Campus Cashier’s Offices (cost $39) then contact one of the
may review all items in sequence or those marked for review.                 assessment offices below to register for the test.
                                                                                  Cypress Creek          223.2010
Identification                                                                    Eastview               223.5188
The examinee must present one form of primary ID. Primary IDs                     Northridge             223.4807
must contain a recent, recognizable photograph and the                            Pinnacle               223.8189
examinee’s signature.                                                             Rio Grande             223.3139
  • Passport               • State ID          • Military ID                      Riverside              223.6015
  • Driver’s License       • National ID                                          South Austin           223.9162
Original documents are required; copies are not acceptable.
Expired documents are not acceptable.
                                                                             Pearson Vue Autho-
TExES Testing                                                                rized Testing Center
(Registration is complete through ETS not this Testing Center)               Registration information can be obtained at
Phone: 1-800-902-5922                                              
TTY: 1-609-771-7714                                                          Test Programs delivered through Pearson VUE Center can be
Web Address:                                               viewed at
Cancellation/Rescheduling                                                    Proctoring Services/
Online at Telephone 800-902-5922
Note: Fees and policies are specified at                   Invigilation Services
Retests – The examinee must wait 90 days before taking the
computer-administered version of the test again.
                                                                             for U.S. and Foreign
Special Accommodations
                                                                             Colleges, Universities
Special accommodations must be approved by ETS and                           and Business
scheduled by the special conditions coordinator at the CSCC.                 Exams are administered by computer or paper-pencil depending on
                                                                             the college, university, or business delivery method. The cost of the
CLEP Testing Center                                                          exam is $10 per hour with a minimum payment of $20 per exam.
                                                                             Call 223.7769 to schedule an appointment.
• Composition and Literature
• Foreign Languages
• History and Social Science                                                 CASTLE WORLDWIDE
• Science and Mathematics
• Business                                                                   ASSESSMENTS
For Exam Descriptions go to:                   Tests delivered through Castle Worldwide can be viewed at
The CLEP exam is administered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
afternoons by appointment only. Call 223.7769 to make an                     Other Exams
appointment. Students must know which CLEP they need to take
                                                                             The following exams are administered on scheduled dates
before making this appointment. Students need to check with the
                                                                             established by the agency responsible for the program.
college or university they are taking the CLEP for, to ensure they
                                                                             Candidates must contact the individual agency to register for the
meet that college’s policy on acceptance of credit for CLEP
exams. If you are an ACC student you can check with an advisor
                                                                             • Chartered Market Technician Program Exam (CMT)
or review the ACC catalog.
                                                                             • Law School Admission Test (LSAT)
The cost of the CLEP exam is $85 per test except for the FR.                 • Pharmacy Admissions Test (PCAT)
College Comp with Essay, which is $95.                                       • Certified Health Education Exam (CHES)
Students must have two forms of ID when they come to take the
CLEP exam. One current government-issued photo ID (passport,                 WorkKeys Testing Center
driver license, or state ID card) and one non-photo ID.
                                                                             The ACT Center also administers the WorkKeys Assessment for
Go to to               businesses wishing to assess their workforce. An assessment
obtain information about an official score report. Official score reports    and profiling can be arranged by calling the ACT Center at
cannot be obtained through the Business Assessment Center.                   223.7769.

rEGISTRATION/PAYMENT           Continuing Education automated
                               Telephone Registration Worksheet

                       Please read carefully: Only returning students can use the automated telephone registration
                       system. If you are new to Continuing Education or haven’t taken a course at ACC in the past
                       two years, please call or stop by the Highland Business Center to fill out a short application to
                       be able to use our telephone registration system. If you have moved or changed your phone
                       number, please call 512.223-7542 to update your records. Your records need to be up-to-date
                       in case of a class change or cancellation so we can notify you.

                       1. Telephone registration lines are open from:
                          Monday - Thursday 5am - midnight
                          Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9am - 5pm

                       Call the registration number 512.407.3087 —If calling long distance please use the
                       area code or use our toll-free number: (866) 878.7889.

                       2. Enter your Social Security Number and then press the pound key (#)

                       3. Enter your PIN - Personal Identification number (birth month and year - not day) followed
                          by the pound key (#). All single digits must be preceded zero. Example: If you birthdate is
                          April 16, 1980 then your PIN is 0480.

                       4. To register:
                          a) to add a course: Use registration code 2* followed by the 5 digit synonym,
                          ending each entry with the # key.
                          b) To drop a class: Use registration code 3* followed by the 5 digit synonym,
                          ending each entry with a # key.
                          c) To exit the system: Use registration code 9# to complete the process.

                       To finish registration now, press 9#

                       Other useful registration codes:
                       Key in 4* _ _ _ _ _ (synonym) then # to determine if a specific course still has seats available.

                       Key in 5# to hear a listing of the courses you are signed up for.

                       5. You can use American Express, VISA, MasterCard or Discover to pay for your classes.
                          Press 1# to pay by credit card. Payment is due at the time of registration.
                          a. Enter your credit card number followed by the # sign.
                          b. Enter the expiration date (MMYY) followed by the # and wait for the system to
                             verify your card and respond to you. (M = month and Y = year - Single digit numbers
                             must be preceded by a zero. Example: January is 01, February 02, etc.)
                          c. WAIT for the system to tell you the credit card has been verified and the charge
                             accepted or refused. DO NOT HANG UP UNTIL THERE IS A RESPONSE! If there
                             is no response, check with your credit card company to see if a charge has been
                             applied before calling again.
                          d. Credit card number _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ expiration date _ _ _ _

                       6. Press 9# to complete your registration.

                       7. Continuing Education does not send out student schedules or bills.
                          Please call 512.223.7542 if you have any questions about your registration.

                       Students with disabilities who believe they may need accommodations in a class are encouraged
                       to contact the Office of Students with Disabilities at their nearest campus, as soon as possible to
                       better ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.

                          payment/Refund Policy
The ACC Continuing Education refund policy is: 100% prior to the weekday before the first class day.
100% if class is canceled by ACC. After classes begin see the table below. The number of days listed
refers to business days, not class meeting days. Classes that are ONE day long must be dropped
before the class starts for any type of refund to occur.
Class Length in Weeks                Last day*for 70% Refund                    Last Day for 25% Refund
    2 or fewer                                      2                                        N/A
         3                                           3                                        4
         4                                           4                                        5
         5                                           5                                        6
         6                                           5                                        7
         7                                           7                                        9
         8                                           8                                       10
         9                                           9                                       11
        10                                           9                                       12
        11                                          10                                       14
        12                                          12                                       15
        13                                          13                                       16
        14                                          13                                       17
        15                                          14                                       19
    16 or more                                      15                                       20
           Insurance fees are non-refundable after class start date.

Refund Processing
4 ACC mails refund checks to the address on file at the college. Check with
  continuing education registration staff to verify current and accurate information
  before the refund process is started.
4 Credit card refunds will appear on your monthly statement as soon as possible
  after the official reporting date. You are responsible for interest charged to the
  credit card account while the refund is processed. (May take up to six weeks.)
4 ACC charges a $25 processing fee for any refunds that are reissued.
For information that will help in filling out your registration form see the next page.

Payment Methods
Credit card payments accepted in person, by telephone 512.223.7542, by Fax
223.7030 or mail the registration form along with your check or money order to:
                            Austin Community College
                            Continuing Education
                            5930 Middle Fiskville Rd.
                            Austin, TX 78752

Returned Payments
A $25 fee will be charged and a hold will be placed on accounts with any of the following:
4 Checks returned stop pay or account closed and credit card chargebacks:
   You will be dropped from all classes and be liable for the returned check fee
   and any non-refundable fees.
4 Checks returned unpaid (NSF) must be replaced by cash or a money order.
   Otherwise, returned checks will be referred to a collection agency, which may
   assess further charges.

     Each course will be taught as listed, provided enrollment in each section justifies the offering. The schedule
     of time, room and instructor reflects our intent at the time of publication. Course offerings and prices are
     subject to change, and the listing is not a guarantee that they will be offered exactly as listed.

                          For registration call 512.223.7542
                          For information call 512.223.7739
iNDEX                                            index
        A                                              Floral Design 63
        Abbreviations 3                                Frequently Asked Questions 5
        Accounting/Bookkeeping Series 6
        Activity Director Certificates 39              G
        Administrative Assistant 7                     GED 74, 79
        Administrative Assistant Series 7              General Healthcare Courses 42
        Adult Education 79
        Advanced Lifesaving 39                         H
        Animal Caretaker 39                            Health Professions 38
        Apparel Alterations 8                          Health Professions Institute 38
        Apprenticeship 15                              Home and Garden 64
        Apprenticeship Programs 15                     Horticulture 64
        Arts and Crafts 58
        ASQ Certifications 26                          I
        Assessment Test Prep 59                        IBM Certifications 30
        Auto/Outdoor Power Equipment Repair 8          Image Consulting Training 65
        AutoCAD 17                                     Independent Study 56
        Aviation 60                                        Acute Care Skills 56
                                                           Disease 56
        B                                                  Drugs 57
        Bilingual Teaching 16                              End Life Care 57
        Biotechnology 40                                   Issues 57
        Bookkeeping 6                                  Information Security 30
        Bookstores 3                                   Instructional Aides 16
        Business Assessment Center 74                  Insurance and Risk Management 10
        Business Development 8                         Interior Design Institute 66
        Business Startup 9                             International Business 10
                                                       Irrigation Seminars 66
        Child Care and Development 9                   K
        Cisco Networking Academy 27                    Key To Using This Schedule 3
        Clinical Acute Care Skills 40
        CompTIA Certifications 28                      L
        Computer Training. See specific programs       Landscape Design 64
        Contact Information 2                          Language and Culture 65
        CPE for CPA’S 7                                Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor 42
        CPR Programs 41                                Linux/Unix Certification 31
        Customized Training 35, 48                     Localization Certification 32

        D                                              M
        Dance 60                                       Management 11
        Dental Assisting 41                            Marketing Series 11
        Dental Assisting Program 38                    Massage Therapy
        Digital Publishing 23                           Continuing Education 43
        Drama 60                                         Day Classes 44
        Driving Safety 61                                Evening Classes 45
                                                       MCDBA Certifications 32
        E                                              Medical Assistant-Clinical 46
        Electronics and Advanced Technologies 29       Medical Coding 47
        English as a Second Language 61                Medical Insurance Billing 48
                                                       Medical Laboratory Technician 49
        F                                              Medical Office Management 49
        Fiber Optics 30                                Medical Terminology 50
        Financial Management 63                        Medical Transcription 50
        First Aid Health and Occupational Safety 42    Medication Aide Permit 50

Microsoft Office Applications 20                     S
Microsoft Office Applications Full Day Classes 25    Sign Language 13
Microsoft Systems Certifications 33                  Small Business Series 9
Music 66                                             Smoking Policy 3
                                                     Sonography 54
N                                                    Sports 68
National Pharmaceutical Representative               Students with Disabilities 3
  Certificate 40                                     Sun Solaris Certifications 36
Notary Public 67
Nurse Aide 51                                        T
Nursing 51                                           Teacher Certification 16
                                                     Technical Certification Programs 26
O                                                       ASQ 26
Online Continuing Education 22                          CompTIA 28
Online Courses                                          Electronics and Advanced Technologies 29
  Allied Healthcare 52                                  Fiber Optics 30
  Computer Courses 25                                   IBM 30
  General Healthcare 42                                 Information Security 30
  Localization Certifications 32                        Linux/Unix 31
  Medical Assistant 46                                  Localization 32
  Medical Coding 47                                     MCDBA 32
  Medical Coding, Billing and Transcription 52          MCSA/MCSE 33
  Medical Insurance Billing 48                          Oracle 34
  Medical Terminology 50                                Project Management 34
  Nursing Continuing Education and Review 51            Renewable Energy 35
  Online Continuing Education 22                        Sun Solaris 36
  Pharmacy Technician 53                                Video Game Development 36
  Programming Languages 25                           Technical Communications 13
  Real Estate Continuing Education 12                Telephone Registration Worksheet 77
  Sonography 54                                      Tow Truck Training 14
  Technical Communication 14                         Transfer Policy 5
  Visual Communications 23                           Translators and Interpreters 14
  Website Design 24                                  Trips 72
Oracle Certifications 34                             Trips and Tours 71
                                                     Truck Driving 14, 15
Payment Methods 77                                   U
Payment/Refund Policy 77                             Upholstery 71
Pediatric Advanced Life Saving 39
Personal Fitness Trainer 53                          V
Pharmacy Technician 53                               Veterinary Assistant 55
Phlebotomy 49                                        Video Game Development 36
Photography 67                                       Visual Communications 23
Returned Items Policy 3                              VoCAT Program 53
Professional Development 67
Project Management 34                                W
                                                     Webmaster Courses 24
R                                                      Programming Languages 25
Radio-TV-Film 11                                       Web Applications and Special Topics 26
Real Estate 11                                         Web Authoring and Website Design 24
Recreation and Sports 68                               Web Graphics and Visual Design 24
Registration 4                                       Wedding Planning Institute 71
  Form 80                                            Welding 14
  Information 4                                      Writing 71 See also Technical Communications
  Worksheet 77
Renewable Energy 35

                                                                      ACC CONTINUING EDUCATION REGISTRATION FORM

  Last Name                                              First                                                 MI                       Date of Birth                                  Social Security Number/ID                           E-mail address

  Mailing Address                                                                    City                                            State                              Zip Code                               Home/Cell Phone Number Work Phone Number

                                                                                                                Start               Course                Course                                         Section                                                          Lab                 Other
                                           Name of Course                                                       Date                Prefix                Number                 Synonym                 Number               Campus                Tuition              Fees                 Fees
numbers may               Arc Welding                                                                        00/22                  WLDG                    1007                  76920                    301                HBC                 $1,150                      0                 0
 change and
will be posted
  the first day
      of class.
  Please check one: (for State Reporting Purposes)                                                                                                                                                      $10 Parking Permit Fee                              Yes             No
                                                                                                                                                                                                        (required for classes at ACC campuses that are more than 30 hrs and 4 weeks long)
   Ethnicity/Race:                                                                                                                            Gender:
      Hispanic/Latino           Asian                                                                            White                          Female
      Black/African American    American Indian/Alaskan Native                                                   Other                          Male                                                                                       Students with disabilities that need accommodations should con-
                                Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander                                                                                                                                                                           tact ACC’s Office for Students with Disabilities at (512) 223.2019
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           or TTY (512) 223.2019 or visit for more in-
  The following statement concerning student records maintained by Austin Community College is published in compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. The release of information to                             formation.
  the public without the consent of the student will be limited to that designated as directory information. Directory information includes name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, major field of study,
  participation in activities, dates of attendance, degrees, certificates and awards, name of the most previous educational institution attended. Any student objecting to the release of all or any portion of such                       No receipt will be mailed, please call if you need confirmation of
  information must notify the Office of Admissions in writing and the restriction will remain in effect until revoked by the student.                                                                                                      your class registration. Please note that Insurance Fees are non-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           refundable after first class day.
    Complete the area below if using a credit card to register by Fax (512) 223.7030 or by mail to: Austin Community College
                                                                                                                                                                              Continuing Education
    Check one:                American Express                    VISA           Master Card                Discover Expiration Date:_________                                5930 Middle Fiskville Rd.                                    Signature
    Amount charged $ _____________ Name on Card: __________________________________________                                                                                   Austin TX 78752
                                                           Credit                                                                                                                                       Security                           Date
    Signature: _________________________________________
                                                          Card #                                                                                                                                          Code                            (512) 223.7542