METRO DETROIT FALCON CLUB
                          APRIL 2010 NEWSLETTER

Our March 14th meeting was well attended, with 22 members showing
up. Thanks to all who came out. We really appreciate all who can make
it to the meetings!

The upcoming National Convention is coming up very fast. We are
down to 3 months left to get it all ready! I cannot stress enough how
much we need everyone’s help in all areas. If you are unable to make the
meetings, you can still email us or call us to volunteer to help with the Na-
tional. Also, we need you to send in your registration if you haven’t al-
ready done so. In addition, the Hospitality Room is in need of pop and
water and baked goods, just like the Regional only on a much larger
scale. You can call Carol Leslie at 313 382-2993 or email me at gogo- to donate or volunteer a couple of hours to help out in the      Inside this issue:
Hospitality Room.
                                                                                Treasury Report          2

So far, for the Nationals, we have an engine, trans, tires and wheels, elec-    Secretary Report         2-3
tric cut-outs, and a complete Falcon interior for our door prizes and a lot
of goodies to give away. Our plans are shaping up very well. We have            2010 FCA National        3-4
                                                                                Convention Update
over 900 room nights booked at the Hyatt already. Early registrations in-
dicate we may have a record number of cars at this year’s Convention!           Club Events              4

The engine and trans are coming along well. The engine is a 302 with the        Merchandise For Sale &   5-7
                                                                                Website Information
cylinders bored .030 over size, with all new parts. We have gotten most
of the parts donated for it. Thanks to everyone for their help. The trans is    2010 FCA National      8-11
going to be worked over by Jolly Trans.                                         Convention Information

I hope most of you received your application for the “Motor Muster” in
June. We, as Falcon owners, do not have to pay the $25.00 this year, as
they are making the Ford Falcon the feature car for the show. The show
will be on Father’s Day weekend, June 19th and 20th, to be held on the
grounds of the Greenfield Village in Dearborn. All applications, along
with a photo of your car, must be turned in by May 7.

Our next Membership Meeting will be Sunday, May 2nd at 1:00 pm, at
the Holiday Inn on Northline in Southgate. It is next to the last meeting
before our July National Convention, so we would like it if you could
make it to this meeting - we’d love to see you!

Hope to see you on May 2nd!

Beginning as of February 2010                    $14,016.29

Dues collected                                      $180.00
2010 National Donation from:
       MAC’s Antique Auto Parts                     $500.00
       Mike & Karen Feldt                           $100.00
2010 National Registrations                       $4,152.00
Sub Total                                         $4,932.00
Sub Total                                             $0.00
Current Balance                                  $18,948.29

The 2010 National Registration money includes entry fees, t-shirts, banquet tickets and swap spaces.

I am required to give a Treasurer’s Report at every meeting and in every newsletter. The Newsletter Report will
go from newsletter to newsletter and the Meeting Report will go from meeting to meeting. There will be some repe-
tition of monies between the two; but, to keep those not regularly attending the meetings informed of our resources, I
think this way is better. I was going newsletter to meeting to newsletter to meeting, but it became the same report.
After the 2010 National Convention, all we will see in “money collected” is dues. The report can then be dropped
from the meetings and kept in the newsletter.

March 14, 2010, at the Holiday Inn Southgate, was our last meeting. The following members were there: Gord and
Carol Leslie, Chuck and Jackie Altmann, Mike and Cindy Eaves, Steve Swierlik, Craig Maclaren, Wally and Judy
Peterson, Alan and Joan Aniol, Jack Leeds, Mike and Karen Feldt, Terry Cowger, Ken Noland, Jerry Laho, Lou
Williams and Milly McKean, Rob and Terri Longfellow and Sue Lauwaert.

Wally went over the progress made on the 2010 National FCA Convention. He reported that we have received
$21,000.00 for the Convention to date and have received $500 from Mac’s Antique Auto Parts and $100 from
Mike and Karen Feldt. We have blocked 825 room nights at the Hyatt for the Convention. If you are planning
to stay at the Hyatt for the Convention, it would be best to book the rooms now. Mention “Falcon Club” to
get the special rate of $105 + tax per night.

For the Ford Test Track event, there is a maximum of 200 cars that can go. We discussed what process should be
used to determine the order, to offer the opportunity to go on the test track, and how to best communicate it to at-
tendees. (Details are included in the 2010 FCA National Convention section of this newsletter.)

The logo for the National Convention has been approved by Ford Motor Company with help from Acme Ap-
parel. In addition, we are working with Acme to take over the operation of our Club Store, which will allow us to
eliminate carrying any inventory. We still have some items leftover in the store, so ask Club Store Manager Chuck
Altmann to find out what is left.

Wally Peterson is currently serving as our “interim” Webmaster for the 2010 National Convention as we look for a
volunteer to takeover this responsibility. Please contact Gordon Leslie if you or someone you know is willing to
handle this for the Club.

We are also in need of someone who can post pictures on our website and someone to serve as our photographer to
take pictures of the Falcons at the National in July. If you are interested, please contact Wally at 248 426-9676
or email him at

The “Motor Muster” will be held on Father’s Day weekend, June 19th and 20th, at Greenfield Village. Email
Gord if you have a stock Falcon to enter. The Falcon will be the feature car this year so there is no fee for us to
enter a Falcon. May 7 is the entry deadline. The show organizer should have mailed registration forms to all Club
members a few weeks ago.

See Jackie Altmann’s “Club Events” for more additional activities coming up.

The next “Garage Party” is being hosted by Chuck Altmann at his home on April 25 at 2:00 PM. Check your
email for the details and to see if any changes have been made.

The 2010 National Chairpersons met at Mike and Cindy Eaves’ home in March. We re-
viewed the current Income/Expense Report and the “Schedule of Events”, but spent most
of our time discussing issues surrounding the Ford Test Track event and the Program

Also discussed was the help needed from Club members to stock the Hospitality Room,
as Gordon mentioned in his comments on page one. To help facilitate this, on page 8 of
this newsletter, Carol Leslie, Chairperson of the Hospitality Committee, has included a
short note and a list of “needs” that we are asking members to “donate to the cause”. This is in addition to volun-
teers that she needs to help in the Hospitality Room during the Convention. Please call or email Carol with any
items you can donate or to volunteer time so that she can complete her “work schedule” well in advance.

Steve Swierlik, Special Events Chairperson, is also looking for volunteers to help organize and run planned
events. These include the Valve Cover Races, Ford Test Track visit, and monitors for parking at Greenfield Village.
Please contact Steve at 313 971-6619.

Other committees also need your help, so on pages 10 and 11 is the list of Committee Chairpersons and their re-
sponsibilities, along with current volunteers. Please review this list and contact any of the Chairpersons directly to
offer your assistance. Most committees will be needing additional help to accomplish all of their tasks and responsi-
bilities as we approach July.

We’ve recently learned that, due to Ford Test Track safety rules, we are limited to 200 Falcons visiting the track
facility on Friday, July 16, in two waves of 100 vehicles each. The process we’ve established to determine who can
participate will appear in an article in the May FCA Newsletter and is on page 9 for your early reading.

The planning of the 2010 National Program Booklet is currently underway, and we are now in need of someone
that may be able and willing to volunteer their time and talent to the “layout” development that is required prior to
sending the contents to the printer. If you can provide this help, please contact Terry Kolton directly at (734) 241
-5767 or send him a note at Terry is the Chairperson for this committee.

If you have not recently been to the Club’s website or to the 2010 National Convention
website , please take a look. Not only do we keep adding content and updates, the
“Sponsors Page” proudly displays our 2010 National Convention sponsors. Please review the listing and consider
supporting them when you need any of the products they supply. Without them, we would not be able to conduct
our 2010 National Convention. To stay up-to-date on our progress, be sure to visit these sites on a regular basis.

April 18, 2010 (Sun)                                           April 25 (Sun) at 2:00pm
  Monroe All Car Corral & Swap                                   Club Garage Party at Chuck Altmann’s
  Monroe County Fair Grounds                                     9966 North territorial, Dexter, MI
May 7-8, 2010                                                  May 14-16, 2010 (Car Show on the 16th)
  Coldwater Show at the Fair Grounds                             Jonesville Riverfest, Jonesville, MI
May 21-22, 2010 (Fri-Sat)                                      May 22, 2010 (Sat)
  23rd Annual Coldwater Car/Cycle Show/Swap Meet                 Grand Opening Jackson Road Cruise
  Coldwater, MI                                                  Ann Arbor, MI                  
  Information: Dickman Yee 517-369-4545                          Information: Scott Hedberg 734 747 7234

May 23, 2010                                                   May 29, 2010 (Sat)
 Club Cruise to Tony Pocko’s and a scenic                        22nd Annual Lane Automotive Car Show
 tour along the Maumee River with a few stops                    Waterlivet, MI
 in between                                            
                                                                 Information: Lane Automotive 800 772-5266
Jun 4-6, 2010 (Fri-Sun)
   Carlisle All-Ford Nationals                                 Jun 2010 (Sat)                                         Downriver Cruise
   Carlisle, PA                                                   Southgate, MI
   Information: (717) 243-7855                                    More information will be provided soon.

Jul 15-17, 2010 (Thu-Sat)                                      Jul 2010 (Sat)
  2010 FCA National Convention                                    Telegraph Cruise
                                                                  Redford, MI
  Hyatt Regency Dearborn, MI
                                                                  More information will be provided soon.
  Information: Alan Aniol 734 282 8188                         Aug 2010 (Fri-Sat)
                                                                 Woodward Dream Cruise
                                                                 Ferndale, MI
                                                                 More information will be provided soon.

Additional events for 2010 will be added to the calendar as they are scheduled.

 T-shirts -$12 Tank Top - $12     Sweatshirt - $20   Polo Shirt - $20
 Name Embroidered – additional $1     Size 2XL – add $1     Size 3XL – add $2

 To order, contact our Club Store Manager Chuck Altmann at 734-904-0333 or by email

 From Jerry Ostalecki:

 From Jerry Laho:

 Greg Rea is our website administrator. His email address is if you have any pictures
 of your car(s) you’d like to see on the website. The web address is at

Guidelines: Ads are free to all members. For non-members, ads will be placed for a period of one year;
if after one year the advertiser becomes a member, their ad(s) will remain active.

Submit your items by email to Judy Peterson at

                                              R&S purchased all of Jack Gillis’s parts. 1/10

For sale 1964 - 1965 many new parts: full floor pans, fan shroud, interior bezels, NOS 1964 grill, hoods and trunk
decks. Also, 1964 Falcon Sprint $3,800.oo; 1965 Thunderbird $9,000.oo.
Call Rob Longfellow 734-282-1163 e-mail : 1/10

Wanted: Chrome surround for 1966 Falcon Futura bucket seats (both seats). Call Peter Zorzi @ 705-253-1382 or
email 1/10

For sale two front spindles with drums for 1966 Falcon $100, trunk lid for 1967 Falcon $100, all + shipping. I
could make arrangements to deliver in Port Huron area. Call Peter Zorzi @ 705-253-1382 or email peter- 4/10

1960 Ranchero 289 V8, B&M C4 trans, Auburn rear posi. All new front suspension, drive anywhere. $14,000
firm. Granada Spindles with Calipers. $300.00. Al Potts @ 313-980-1868. 1/10

1965 Falcon tan – 8500 miles on engine and transmission. 200 I-6, 3 on the tree. $5000.00. 1966 Falcon 250 I-6,
auto trans, $5000.00. 1969 Falcon Futura, 302 V8, auto shift kit, $7500.00. 1965 Falcon, 260 V8, 4 barrel, auto
trans. $750.00. 1966 Falcon, 200 I-6, auto trans, 69,000 miles $500.00. Call Gary Hurst @ 586-755-6218. 1/10

1965 falcon 2 door post 200 six. 3 on the tree 87,000 miles, clear Michigan title (in my name) new brake lines,
cylinders, master, 4 lug 14 inch rims, new gas tank, lines total original and runs well (no smoke or weird engine
noises) some rear damage, and rear wheel well rust, but frame rails are solid (he didn't drive it in the Michigan
winters) was in storage since 1984. Over the years many people tried to buy the car, finally the owner was forced
to sell due to Hazel Park city parking tickets. $1,100 price (only my investment) Call Dan @ 248-652-0014. 1/10

1964 Ranchero. Wimbledon white, 200 I-6, C4 trans. $3800.00 or best offer. Autolite 4-barrel carburetor, 600
cfm, from a 302 V8. $180.00. Call Craig @ 517-423-9528. 1/10


Hooker headers for a 289 or 302. New, coated, $300.00. Terry Cowger @ 734-482-3048. 1/10

Here are descriptions and pictures of the parts I have for sale:
Edelbrock Performer 289 aluminum intake manifold for SBF 289 / 302 (Model #2121), sandblasted clean and
ready to go. $89, o.b.o. (about $150 new). 1/10

Stamped steel rocker covers for SBF 289 / 302, stock, painted correct Ford Gold. $20, o.b.o. ($60 new at NPD)

Aluminum "COBRA - Powered by Ford" rocker covers for SBF 289 / 302, black wrinkle, used but clean. $69,
o.b.o. ($140 new on eBay)

Shipping at cost is possible, but local pickup is preferred. Contact Greg Rea at

To: All Metro Detroit Chapter Members

The time has come to start seriously planning for how we will show our guests at the 2010 National Convention
some real Michigan Hospitality!

To help with this process, please contact any resources you may be familiar with that can provide “bargains” on the
items we will need to serve our guests in the Hospitality Room. Perhaps you may know someone that works for a
particular company that would be willing to donate items. Companies will be publically recognized throughout the
event and listed in our Program Booklet.

We also need you to consider donating items and/or providing baked goods. Please review the list below and
call me at 313 382-2993 or email me at with your donations. I’ll be keeping an updated list as
we go forward so that we can track what has been donated and determine what is still needed.

In addition, I am looking for volunteers to help staff the Hospitality Room. Volunteers will help set up, prepare
and serve food, and clean up afterward. I’ll be preparing a “work schedule” so you can determine how long and
when you would like to help. Again, please call or email me to volunteer.

I look forward to hearing from you… and thank you for helping to make this a great Convention for all of our

Carol Leslie
Hospitality Chairperson

Hospitality Room items needed:

For our Hot Dog Lunch served on Thursday:
         100 packages of hot dog buns (we are working on getting the hot dogs)
         16 cases of bagged snacks (50 to a case) available at Sam’s or Costco
         50 to 60 dozen cookies, brownies, finger desserts, and non-frosted cakes

For our Sandwich Lunch served on Friday:
         approximately 32 loaves of bread
         30 packages of cheese
         tomatoes???

For our Breakfast menu served Thursday, Friday and Saturday:
         12 dozen muffins/breakfast breads
         12 dozen bagels
         8 large cans of fruit cocktail from Sam’s or Costco
         12 dozen or more assorted donuts

Additional items;
        Pop and water. (It would really help if all members coming to the show would donate one case of wa-
            ter and one case of pop)
        Milk and juice. (We are working with the Hyatt to provide refrigerator space at the hotel.)

The following article regarding the Special Event visit to the Ford Test Track will appear in the May National
FCA Newsletter:

               2010 FCA “Falcon’s Fantastic 50th Anniversary” - Update

The Metro Detroit Chapter is pleased to report that our plans for the 2010 National Convention are progressing
very well. In addition, based on the registrations we’ve received so far, we could end up with a record number of
Falcons in Dearborn for our “Falcon’s Fantastic 50th Anniversary” celebration!

We have recently secured Ford’s approval to visit their Dearborn Development Center/Proving Grounds on Friday,
July 16, so that is now a GO! However, for safety reasons, we’ll be limited to 200 Falcons visiting their test track.
Ford’s policy permits a maximum of 100 vehicles to be allowed on the track facility at one time, so our test track
visit will be split into two separate waves of 100 vehicles each.

The following process has been established for those wanting to participate in this rare opportunity to drive your
Falcon on the historic test track… the same one that your Falcon may have been actually tested on:

    Your convention registration number will determine the order for receiving sign-ups. If you’ve forgotten your
    number, visit the Attendee tab on our website.
   Anyone who has already sent in their convention registration form (thank you!) needs to complete and sign the
    Ford Waiver form included in this month’s FCA Newsletter… unless you’ve already mailed yours back.
   The form can also be downloaded at
   To reserve your place in line, this waiver form must be completed and returned to Alan Aniol (his address is
    on the Convention Registration Form) along with a $10 check (per Falcon) made payable to JDRF. All funds
    collected are being donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
    Additional waiver forms for passengers riding in your Falcon can be obtained online or at the Convention.
   If you want to visit the test track, but have not yet registered for the Convention, we urge you to register now
    and send the signed Ford Waiver along with your convention registration form to Alan Aniol.
   Include a separate $10 check made out to JDRF for the trip to the test track.
   If we fill up (hit the 200 Falcon limit) before your registration number is reached, your $10 check will be re-
    turned to you at the Convention.

We are continuing to work with the folks at Ford hoping to increase the number of Falcons that will have the op-
portunity to visit Ford’s test track. Any updates will be included on our website at the URL above.

We are looking forward to seeing you in July… you don’t want to miss your “Falcon’s Fantastic 50th Anniversary”

Wally Peterson
Chairman - 2010 FCA Convention

                          National FCA Convention -- July 15-17, 2010
                           Metro Detroit Chapter Committees and Volunteers

Advertising             Chair:       Terry Kolton
This person works closely with the Regional Chairperson to make sure all areas are covered that require notification
of the upcoming meet. This includes all surrounding FCA Chapters, local newspapers and radio stations and all
local Ford dealers. He/she is also responsible for developing, organizing and publishing the Convention Program
            Volunteers:      1       Sue Lauwaert                              2

Banquet                 Chair:       Cindy Eaves

This person will be responsible for the awards banquet including selecting the menu, making sure the banquet is
set up properly, providing and collecting tickets, acquiring table centerpieces, arranging display tables for the
trophies and door prizes, and any other aspects of the banquet.
            Volunteers:      1       Betty Swierlik                            4
                             2       Jackie Altmann                            5
                             3                                                 6

Goody Bags              Chair:       Mike Feldt

This person will secure the "bags" and solicit the contents for the goody bags. They are also responsible for
assembling the bags and bringing them to the meet.
            Volunteers:      1       Janice Turner                             4
                             2       Terry Cowger                              5
                             3       Karen Feldt                               6

Hospitality Room                     Chair:        Carol Leslie
This person is responsible for setting up guest tables, chairs and food tables in the Hospitality room as well as
scheduling work shifts for club members. They will also be responsible for making coffee and hot water for tea/hot
chocolate, purchasing all the required supplies, coordinating the food to be provided in the room and cleaning up the
area and taking care of all unused items.
            Volunteers:      1       Judy Peterson                             4      Janice Turner
                             2       Betty Swierlik                            5
                             3       Terry Longfellow                          6

Parking Lot and Security             Chair:        Craig Maclaren
This person is responsible for arranging the lot for all planned activities. Including setting up the Classes in the lot
and roping off all appropriate areas, scheduling Security Teams, arranging DJ space and setting up the Welcome
Tent and Car Wash, and anything else in the lot area.
            Volunteers:      1       Orville Turner                            5      Dave Lauwaert
                             2       Mike Feldt                                6      Al Potts
                             3       Terry Cowger                              7      Alan Aniol
                             4       Lloyd Marshment                           8

                                                                                                             Page 2
Registration            Chair:      Alan Aniol
This person is responsible for the entire registration process. They receive all registration forms/funds and tracks
each entrants: car class, T-shirts and banquet tickets ordered, miles driven and FCA Chapter affiliation. They also
set-up the Check-In area and coordinate coverage by club members during the Meet.
            Volunteers:      1      Judy Peterson                             4      Joan Aniol
                             2      Janice Turner                             5
                             3      Jack Longfellow                           6

Show Sponsors and Door Prizes                    Chair:       Gordon Leslie

This person will be responsible for securing door prizes and financial sponsors to cover the costs of Class Awards,
dash plaques, t-shirts, etc. They will also send thank you notes for all donations received. Most door prizes will be
given out during the meet and selected "higher end" prizes will be given out during the Awards Banquet. This person
will also be responsible for storing and transporting all door prizes to the meet and banquet. Businesses and other
donors will be included in the Show Program and announced throughout the days of the meet and at the banquet.
            Volunteers:      1      Jerry Laho                                4
                             2      Jerry Ostalecki                           5
                             3      Ralph Marquardt (Northland Chapter)       6

Special Events                      Chair:       Steve Swierlik
This person is responsible for arranging and coordinating the Convention's events. These include providing Music in
the parking lot, holding 50/50 drawing(s), Raffle selected prize(s), Valve Cover Races, Ice Cream Social, Rouge Tour,
The Henry Ford, Greenfield Village, Shopping Trips, etc.
            Volunteers:      1      Chuck Altmann                             4
                             2      Bob Cote (Ford test track)                5
                             3                                                6

T-Shirt & Awards                    Chair:       Mike Eaves
This person will arrange for the art work to be provided for the T-shirts, dash plaques and Award plaques. They will
order the shirts and plaques and deliver them to the meet or to the appropriate chairperson.
            Volunteers:      1      Terry Cowger                              4
                             2                                                5
                             3                                                6

Voting                  Chair:      Mike Eaves

This person is responsible for the entire voting process. This includes establishing the voting time period, preparing
and supplying ballots and a ballot box for collecting ballots and recruiting club members to count the ballots. The list
of winners, by class, needs to be provided to the Awards Banquet MC.
            Volunteers:      1      Rob Longfellow                            4      Sue Lauwaert
                             2      Jack Longfellow                           5
                             3      Jerry Ostalecki                           6


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