The New Hair Style of Justin Bieber, Bald by anamaulida


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        <p>When a guest in talk show hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, Justin makes
a decision that stunned his fans around the world that most teenagers:
shave his head!</p>
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<p>"I'm curious about Justin," Jimmy started his sentence, "Indeed the
girls out there like the voice or the look of your cute?"<br> Jimmy took
the scissors and cut some hair Justin. Studio audience (the dominant
girl) sounds hysterical when a few strands of hair Justin fell to the
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<p>"Then they just like to look." Justin just smiled when Jimmy teased.
"Let us prove, whether they are still a fan do you weigh if I made
​​you bald." Without asking for approval Justin, Jimmy just cut down
the remaining hair on his head, accompanied by hysterical screams of the
audience.<br> "Please sing, Justin." Jimmy was smiling satisfied with the
results guntingannya. "I want to see if they still adore the cute star
with shaved hair, or because the voices merdumu."<br> This event is only
part of the show Jimmy Kimmel Live on a TV station in America. Jimmy is
known to joke-joke often ngerjain artists who were at the height of his
career.<br> Of course Justin is not bald real, because the cut is a wig
(wig) after closing her real hair with a layer of rubber.</p>
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<p>justin is ridiculous. Her hair, bald makes me want to vomit. But
still, this was not the original bald, just sort of rubber-wrapped to her
head. He would not change her hair into a bald, if this happens maybe
fans around the world will not be attracted to him again. And I'm sure
Justin would not shave his hair. He will continue to adorn the head with
thick brown hair was. In order to not only his female fans are more in
love, but Selena Gomez is the lover, the more love.</p>
<p>But in addition to the typical hair Justin Bieber light brown or blond
can be said that, I also liked her hair like Josh Groban. I think it's
more interesting, as a musician and singer, will probably look more
handsome and attractive use of dark brown curly hair like Josh Groban. I
think Justin will look more attractive on stage. Or hair like Rambo in
Rambo films, I think it's more interesting and daring. Justin probably
read my article and he was following my articles, changing her hair like
Josh Groban. Penggemarnyapun likely to rise, as Justin's hair length.<br>
Just kidding, haha.</p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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