How To Be A Singer In Just A Few Easy Steps by anamaulida


									Are you dreaming of becoming your favorite singer someday? Are you
imagining yourself being in the shoes of such great singers like Stevie
Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald, Celine Dion and Josh Groban? Being a great
singer is not just simply about popularity and earning lots of money -
it's also having the instinct of becoming true to your ambitions. Here
are few creative tips on how to be a singer just like the abovementioned
greats.Get to know the singers you admire the most. This is considered as
the most common yet creative tip on how to be a singer successfully. Dig
deeper into their professional and even personal lives, such as how they
were able to become the successful singers they are today. However, you
must take note that you're not doing this in order to copy their
signature style of singing. Have a unique style of personality and
singing power. Start taking voice lessons. Although the idea of "self-
developing" your voice is a good option, most singers are still relying
on voice lessons in order to hone their styles and improve more. If
you're aiming to achieve a soulful voice reminiscent of Aretha Franklin
or Alicia Keys, engage yourself in voice training sessions. Songwriting
is believed to be the most effective tip on how to be a singer. Most of
the famous singers today are also fortunate to have a gift for writing.
Sit down for a while and pretend you're Marvin Gaye, Dave Matthews or
John Legend. Write a song that speaks about your life. Hum every
heartfelt message and make sure the tune is original. Watch reality-based
talent search programs. The highly recommended shows you must check out
are "The X-Factor" and "American Idol". The latter, which is the biggest
singing contest today, have been living to its genuine reputation of
giving opportunities among ordinary people desiring to make it in the
music industry. As much as possible, try to audition at these shows. Who
knows? You might be the next music icon. Another creative tip on how to
be a singer is by experimenting on different music genres. Try to
scrutinize every genre - from its tune to singers and how they sing it.
Experimenting must also comes with listening and appreciating all the
music genres. Don't forget to figure out if that particular music genre
fits your singing style, aura and personality.

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