EXERCISE Reported Speech ENGLISH by shuifanglj


									EXERCISE Reported Speech                                                          ENGLISH
                                                                Class 3D / March 2009/ ex102.doc / wa

Put the following into Reported Speech.

1. 'The trouble with you,' James said to his brother, 'is that you don't want to understand any-
thing outside your own business.'
2. 'There is now no danger at all,' said the policewoman. 'You can leave whenever you like.'
3. 'Have you any idea where Peter has gone?' Mr Togg said to his wife. 'He's awfully late. I'm
getting worried about him.'
4. 'At last,' said my father, 'I can feel sure that they have really done their best.'
5. 'My mackintosh (Regenmantel) is getting shabby,' Patricia said to John. 'Will you buy me a
new one, darling?'
6. 'Will you buy me a new mackintosh, darling?' Patricia said to John. 'Mine is getting shabby.'
7. 'If ever I am to win a big prize in the National Lottery,' Maureen said yesterday, 'I won’t buy
a car or a mink (Nerz) or a diamond ring. I will buy a little house beside the sea.'
8. The pretty air-hostess stopped me as I was getting up out of my seat, and said: 'We're going
to take off in a moment or so, sir. Would you please sit down again and fasten your seat belt.'
She looked at my cigarette and smiled. 'I'm afraid that you will have to stop smoking too, sir—
at least for the next little while.'
9. Lady Harlow chuckled and said: 'Alan pretends, in front of me, that he doesn't drink. Per-
sonally, I like a glass of sherry now and again. Will you please give me one? Give yourself
one, too.'
10. 'Yes, she's an odd girl, is Leah,' said Tim, looking me full in the eyes. 'I feel very sorry for
her. You do realise she's in love with you I suppose? Even you couldn't fail to have seen that!'
11. 'Among people who claim to be gentlemen,' said Pat contemptuously (verächtlich), 'one
has to assume that the truth is being told—until the lie is revealed. Go away, Smith, and think
that over for a little while.'
12. Mrs Sanders (on the telephone): 'This is Mary Sanders. I have an appointment with Dr
Bodger at six o'clock tomorrow. I'm awfully sorry but I simply have to cancel it. My brother is
arriving unexpectedly from the Argentine at about three o clock and the whole family is going
to the airport to meet him. But please tell Dr Bodger how sorry I am.'
13. My guest said, as I asked him to sit down, 'But which is your own chair? I'm sure you must
have your own special one.'
14. 'Ouch !' yelled Richard, as he hit his thumb with the hammer. 'Hell ! Damn ! Blast !'
15. He said to me: 'Please be as quiet as you can.'
16. She said to me: 'I think you're a better doctor than your partner, so I'll do what you advise.'
17. When he arrived home, he looked very ill. 'Go to bed at once,' ordered his wife. 'You look
like death warmed up! Whatever's wrong with you?'
18. 'They weren't at home,' said Susan. 'I rang and rang, but there was no sign of life in the
19.'Have you seen the children's room?' said my wife hysterically. 'Have I produced a race of
barbarians? Everything breakable has been broken. There might have been some sort of civil
war (Bürgerkrieg) there !'
20. Frank ran up to the policeman. 'My car's been stolen,' he gasped.
21. 'Mmmmm !' said Billy, as the waitress put the ice-cream in front of him.
22.'Do not lean out of the window,' said the notice in the railway carriage.

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