Dollar Store Merchandise Display Tactics to Impress your Customers 1 by anamaulida


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        <p>If you plan to open a dollar store one of the important tasks
you will face is associated with displaying the merchandise you sell. At
one time this wasn't all that important. If you had a dollar store at
that time all that was really important was to carry the right products
and to have them available somewhere on the sales floor. However times
have changed and smart merchandising and display is now one of the
important steps required to achieve success when you open a dollar store.
In this article I present some of the basic dollar store merchandise
display tactics to impress your shoppers.<br><br><strong>Fill windows
with large bulk displays of merchandise</strong><br><br>When you open a
dollar store one of the secrets of creating an exciting shopping
environment starts even before those shoppers are inside your store. It
starts as they see huge bulk displays of in-demand dollar store
merchandise in the storefront windows. This is accomplished by ordering
the products shoppers must have as well as hot sellers specifically for
display in the front windows of your store.<br><br><strong>Your lobby
requires a large, impressive display of merchandise</strong><br><br>What
better way is there to make a positive impression on shoppers just
entering your store than to have a huge display of popular items in the
lobby of your store? Just setting up folding tables and stacking a few
items isn't the right approach. Actually build a mountain of a hot-
selling item right in your lobby. Best selling items will sell down fast
so have enough quantity of another popular product ready to
go.<br><br><strong>Every end cap must be filled to the
brim</strong><br><br>End caps are prime selling space. Help them perform
their task by filling them with hot sellers, one-time deals, and products
shoppers must have on a routine basis. Don't expect great sales when only
a few items are placed onto an end cap. Fill them until they are almost
overloaded. Don't forget to add attention grabbing
signs.<br><br><strong>Display merchandise along the top of gondola
shelves along side walls</strong><br><br>Impress shoppers by creating the
image of a store that is literally filled to the ceiling. Add shelves to
gondola fixtures along both side and back walls of your store. Then start
stacking brightly colored merchandise to the ceiling.<br><br><strong>Use
single balloons, gift bags and other light merchandise along
walls</strong><br><br>Just as stacking merchandise around all of the
interior walls will impress shoppers, so too will hanging single deflated
balloons, gift bags and other light merchandise. These brightly colored
products also serve to brighten the entire store.<br><br>To your success
when you open a dollar store!</p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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