Bombardier Weighs Rail Vehicles Within 05 Percent Accuracy with Weighline System from Avery Weigh-Tronix's Railweight Division

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        <p>To minimize running and maintenance costs, and also to
maximize safety, many rail organizations are setting more stringent
weight regulations—requiring precise rail vehicle weighing. Gross
weight and weight distribution are important for ensuring reliable
operation, since overweight vehicles require more fuel, making them more
costly to run, and cause more wear on the wheels, axles, trucks and
track. Underweight or imbalanced vehicles, on the other hand, can prove
dangerous, as they increase the risk of derailment. <br><br>Bombardier
Transportation, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, tests and weighs rail
vehicles in a controlled environment to attain the most accurate results.
This includes placing vehicles on a straight and level track (within +/-
0.04 inches) in a building—a test laboratory at the company's Derby
site in the United Kingdom—where external factors such as wind, rain
and rough terrain cannot affect the test results. Here at the Bombardier
Derby Test Lab, the company checks vehicles for gross weight and the
weight of each wheel, axle and truck.<br><br>To weigh rail vehicles with
the high degree of accuracy required, Bombardier Transportation selected
the Weighline WI 1310 static rail vehicle weighing system, provided by
Avery Weigh-Tronix's Railweight division. The system was developed to
weigh rail vehicles axle by axle and provide a continuous display of the
gross weight of each wheel, as well as the total axle weight. Since all
data is collected, stored and transmitted electronically, the Weighline
solution reduces operator involvement to a minimum, thereby minimizing
the potential for manual error.<br><br>Designed for train weighing
applications, Weighline transducers are manufactured from standard rail
sections. These high performance transducers minimize the effects of
lateral (side) loading, producing accurate readings despite offset loads.
The transducers are also designed to compensate for environmental
temperature fluctuations, which can cause rail temperature to widely vary
from night to day. These features ensure the Weighline transducers
deliver reliable, repeatable results and are capable of tolerating high
dynamic overloads. Plus, the transducers are IP67 rated, making them
suitable for harsh environments.<br><br>The Weighline solution also meets
OIML R60 and R106 requirements while delivering minimum installation time
and expense. Typically, Weighline installations involve primarily
replacing existing rail sections with Weighline transducers, and the
entire process is generally completed in three or four days. This design
saves significant time and labor costs over a traditional pit-type rail
weighbridge installation—which involves excavation, pouring a concrete
foundation and transferring a scale platform by crane over to the
appropriate location—that typically takes at least two or three weeks
to complete. <br><br>With the Weighline solution, Bombardier
Transportation can measure static weight within 5 lbs. loading on each
wheel—resulting in an accuracy of 0.05 percent per wheel, based on a 4-
axle car weighing 45 tons. Data captured and reported includes the
vehicle number, ID input, wheel, axle, truck and total vehicle weight,
plus the time and date of the transaction. This precise data on train and
vehicle weights can then be simply interfaced with business systems via a
PC.<br><br>Railweight additionally supplied and installed a PC system
with I-Line application software to print information, store the data or
transfer it to the site computer system as required. Using this package,
Bombardier Transportation can create custom reports about their rail
vehicles, including wheel loads, axle loads, wagon type, total train and
individual wagon tare, gross and net weights. I-Line software can also
indicate overloads, overspeeds and vehicle imbalance—both side-to-side
and end-to-end. All data is instantly archived, so users can simply
reference it at a later date for additional reporting purposes.
<br><br>The Weighline solution from Avery Weigh-Tronix's Railweight
division now provides Bombardier Transportation with a simple to use,
cost-effective weighing solution—allowing them to ensure their rail
vehicles, and their budgets, stay in line.<br><br>For more information on
Avery Weigh-Tronix products and services, visit</p>

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