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Protonic Car Boosters
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                                           Chassis Booster
                                                Chassis Booster (CB) is designed to increase the
                                                strength and stability of the chassis when the car is
                                                running. The strengthening effect is produced by our
                                                proprietary Euphoria Technology which aligns metal
                                                and polymer particles and reduces their mechanical
                                                vibration during operation. The PVA Field is carried by
                                                the photons emitted from the CB inside the car

                                                     Key Product Features
                                                   ˙ Simple and direct installation, no mechanical or programming
                                                     modi cation is required

                                                   ˙ No maintenance is necessary within the entire warranty period

                                                   ˙ Stable performance, function will not deteriorate within the
                                                     entire designated operational period

                                                   ˙ No adverse effect on car components or computer

                                                   ˙ No radiation. No toxic or corrosive substances

  Key Product Benefits                               The mechanism of improvement with the use of CB’s:

˙Improve car safety
˙Stabilize the entire car during acceleration
˙Strengthen the chassis while taking a turn
˙Ensure a more silent and comfortable cabin

                                                        When the car is running on a road surface, the metal particles
                                                        of around twenty thousand parts inside the chassis are in
                                                        vibration and motion

                                                        The vibration of metal and polymer particles is random and it
                                                        governs the strength of the chassis

                                                        When the vibration of protons inside the metal particles is
                                                        aligned by the PVA Field, the metal properties of the chassis
                                                        will be enhanced and the chassis structure will be
                                                        strengthened when it is in stress during the acceleration or
                                                        spinning of the car
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    Our recommended installation is to put
    three CB’s inside the car compartment:

    (1) putting two CB’s in front and one CB
        to the rear;

    (2) putting one CB in front and two CB’s
        to the rear to form a triangle inside
        the car

 ˙ Powered by our proprietary Euphoria Technology, Protonic Car Boosters can arti cially generate the Proton
   Vibration Alignment Field (PVA Field).

 ˙ The uniqueness of our technology is the ability to generate a prescribed and stable amount of PVA Field within a
   speci c distance and a speci c time period. This advanced level of technological know-how is based on
   quantum mechanics operating on the scale of picometers, i.e., picotechnology.

 ˙ Picotechnology is much more advanced compared with nanotechnology. It refers to the manipulation of matters
   on the scale of trillionths of a meter (10-12). This is 3 orders of magnitude smaller than a nanometer (10-9). An
   atom's size is from tens of picometers to hundreds of picometers. While protons inside an atom carry positive
   charge and weigh almost 50% of the weight of an atom, aligning the vibration of protons can fundamentally
   enhance the natural properties of matters.

     Operating Temp       Effective Period   Dimension           Weight       Materials                  Safety Remark

     -20 – 70 ˚C          4 years            75x46x29 mm         84 g         ABS plastic, silicon,      Does NOT contain:
                                                                              steel, copper,             radioactive materials,
                                                                              phosphorous, PC, PP,       toxic or corrosive
                                                                              alkaline battery, paper,   substances
                                                                              aluminum, silicon
                                                                              oxide, carbon, ber
                                                                              glass, special alloy,

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