Symbian Anna Launched On The Nokia X7 and The E6

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					Operating systems are an area of modern mobile phones that gain
increasing media exposure thanks to how constantly they change and how
often new features are introduced. You could be forgiven for thinking
that only three exist in the shape of Android, Apples iOS and Windows 7
but there is a forth platform that has consistently offered a great user
experience and is liked my many phone users. Symbian is the OS of choice
for Nokia handsets and the platform has just released it very latest
version. Symbian Anna will be shipped on two of Nokias latest handsets
which are the E6 and X7 models with some excellent improvements over
previous versions of the system.Symbian Anna looks to bring the platform
in line with the likes of the more visually impressive Android OS used
and devices from the likes of HTC and Samsung. The first apparent change
is that icon design has be revamped so the images are not only clearer
but appear much more three dimensional than the previous offerings which
were starting to look a little dated, especially with screen resolution
on the handsets improving all of the time. Another new feature with this
update is the addition of a virtual keyboard which is accessible in
portrait mode rather than on previous models which offered only a
landscape version. This is always handy if you want to reply quickly to a
text but the landscape version still maintains it usefulness for
composition of lengthier replies. Another area where the update has
improved is the Ovi Maps facility. Ovi Maps is Nokias own maps and
navigation system and is now a much easier to use. Maps now include
public transportation routes, a predictive search and integration with
social networking sites.The manufacturers are rolling out two new
handsets in 2011 that come fitted with this latest operating system which
are the Nokia X7 and E6. The X7 is the large screened multi media beast
designed to compete with the likes of the HTC Desire HD and the Samsung
Galaxy S2. The phone comes with a 4inch display perfect for not only
handling a range of multimedia files but also for mobile gaming. The
handsets boasts a look that is slightly different from the majority of
handsets thanks to angled corners which make the phone stand out from the
crowd. An 8 mega pixel camera and 720P video capture offer quality
results whilst the toughened glass that the body is made of gives the
phone extra durability. The E6 is pitched at the more corporate user and
offers a combination of a full Qwerty keypad and a touchscreen display.
Like the X7 the phone impresses in the camera department with HD video
and 8 mega pixel photography both facilitated.The latest OS update does
bring the platform more in line with some of its better known rivals
whilst the two new handsets themselves offer the usual blend of great
Nokia styling together with some quality specification.

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