Nokia Phone Solar Charger by anamaulida


									Do you possess a Nokia phone? Are you interested in using a solar powered
charger? Have you seen about the Nokia Solar Charger? These are a lot
questions that consumers just like you have been inquiring in their minds
whenever they hear about solar cell phone battery and other related solar
products. Now when you finish reading this article, you will know about
one of the best Nokia solar chargers that has been reviewed and works for
only Nokia cell phones. The reason you will know is because there is a
link that leads to the company that sells this type of solar charger for
Nokia phones only, but not smartphone Nokia phones.The Nokia Solar
Charger also called the NSC57 and can charger very quickly within 3-4
hours if I remember correctly. There are 6 adapter pieces that are
included but it is recommended that if you have a Nokia phone that you
use this and not if you have another type of cell phone. There is an USB
cord included in this package so you can charge with your laptop or
desktop computer for an even quicker charge.Now here is something that
you really want to know, "How and where would I use this?" Do you spend a
lot of time outdoors or on the road? And if so, does your phone die? I
know that Nokia phones unless they are smartphones, die rather quickly
especially if you text or browse often, even smartphones die quickly. The
best part about this solar phone charger is that you'll be able to take
it anywhere with you as it is very lightweight less than 1 pound, about
220 grams to be exact. And if you travel often, then you probably have a
backpack or something similar. This Nokia Solar Charger is able to be
attached to the outside of any bag that and when you have it facing the
sun, it will be able to charge, you won't have to hold it and play around
with it. It is a smart idea to keep it facing the sun while charging. Now
there has been some talk that it can't charge through windows and the
truth is that it won't charge as efficiently as it would as if it was in
the outside area with nothing blocking it.This is a perfect solar charger
for camping, you spend all day outdoors and usually have some type of bag
and of course a tent. You would love this once you realized you could
charge other items like an mp3 player, but the best use would be your
Nokia cell phone. Some people realize when they buy it that they can
indeed use it for their other devices like GPS unit and mp3 players, but
I like to stay focused on what customers say about the Nokia solar
charger that way readers are not misled. You see, solar technology is a
great technology once someone understands the basics of it and that it
can be used quite easily, but if they do not understand they tend to get
disappointed, but not in your case, as you probably found this by
searching for Nokia solar chargers or something to that affect

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