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The Future of Retailing in India to 2015


This report provides uniquely detailed data on the size and development of retail sales of
individual product types through specific retail channels and formats in India. It provides a
detailed and comprehensive analysis of the trends affecting market development through both
historic and forecast data. For those in a hurry, an overview chapter provides the essential top
line view, while in depth chapters give all the details both by product and by channel.


The Future of Retailing in India to 2015 is based upon an extensive, cross-country, industry
research program which brings together ICD Intelligence's research, modelling and analysis
expertise in order to develop uniquely detailed market data. It provides detailed analysis of past
and future trends - crucially providing retail sales data not just by channel and by product, but
showing product sales through different channels. This allows marketers interested in retailing to
determine how to account for the development of retail trade overall and to know which channels
are in the ascendecy for which products in the coming years.

Data sets are provided for 2005 through to 2015, with actuals being provided for 2010. All initial
market sizing and analysis is conducted in local currency in order to ensure local trends are
reflected in the data before conversion into other currencies.


This report covers 17 retail channels and 25 product markets within India.

Channel Coverage:

Cash & Carries and Warehouse Clubs
Discount, Variety Stores & General Merchandisers
Convenience Stores & Gas Stations
Department Stores
Hypermarkets, Supermarkets & Discounters
Vending Machines
Other General Retailers
Clothing, Footwear, Accessories & luxury good specialists
Drugstores and Health & Beauty Stores
Duty Free Retailers
Electrical & Electronics Specialists
Food & Drinks Specialists
Home Furniture & House Wares Retailers
Home Improvement & Gardening Supplies Retailers
Music, Video, Book, Stationery & Entertainment Software Specialists
Other Specialist Retailers
Online Retailing

Product Coverage:

Clothing & Footwear
Jewelry & Watches
Luggage & Leather goods
Printed Media
Stationery & Cards
Communications Equipment
Computer Hardware & Software
Consumer Electronics
Household Appliances
Photographic Equipment
Household Products
Packaged Food
Personal Care
Unpackaged Food
Floor Coverings
Gardening & Outdoor Living
Home Improvement
Home Wares
Games Software
Music & Video
Sports Equipment
Toys & Games


This report provides readers with unparalled levels of detail and insight into the development of
retail sales within India:

- Highly granular future forecasts and historic market data can improve market and strategic
- Understand which channels and products will be the major winners and losers in the coming
- Know the share of sales between different products in your key channels and how this will
- Assess the impact of economic recession and recovery on market growth
Key Highlights

Specialist retailers are the biggest gainers in India retail industry with a market share of 58.8% in
2010 followed by general retailers with 28.0%. With a CAGR of 45.70%, online retailers were
the fastest growing channel group in the industry. In product terms, food & grocery lead the
market in India in 2010 with a market share of 60.2%, followed by apparel, accessories & luxury

Online retailers will be the fastest growing channel in the forecast period (2010-2015). Specialist
retailers and general retailers will be the leading channel groups with a market share of 52.6%
and 34.1% respectively. Electrical and electronics will be the fastest growing category group
with a CAGR of 14.49% from 2010 through 2015.

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