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									...a place to live your dreams!
Sense or state
of emotional
and physical

                 “BOROVETS EUPHORIA CLUB”: Here, euphoria is a way of living!

                      In a region of exceptional natural beauty, surrounded by centenarian conifer forests,
                      alpine fields, deep canyons, rivers, seven unique lakes and small picturesque villages
                                   the company ICON, member of the GEK TERNA GROUP,
                        is currently developing the exemplary mountain complex of luxurious apartments
                                                  “Borovets Euphoria Club”.

                         A distinctive residential complex which constitutes an alternative suggestion for
                                 a different way of living with more qualitative free time.
                                                                   Bulgaria is a member state of the European           all European countries and the sense of
                                                                   Union and one of the most rapidly growing            security which visitors enjoy, constitute only
                                                                   economies of Southeastern Europe. It has a           part of the advantages this country presents.
                                                                   population of about 8 million, the majority of       The important future prospects and its
                                                                   whom are Christian Orthodox.                         upgrading into an intersection between
                                                                   The small size of Bulgaria, its mild climate, rich   Northwestern and Southeastern Europe have
                                                                   history, traditional character, beautiful nature     rendered Bulgaria into a popular tourist and
                                                                   with a variety of scenery, its accessibility from    business destination.

 Sofia - Borovets
         “Borovets Euphoria Club”
   is developed in the Borovets area,
      at an altitude of 1350 meters,
     next to one of the most popular
            skiing centres in Bulgaria
         and just 70 klm from Sofia.

                                                                   The capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, is the               and in the middle of the distance between
                                                                   second most ancient city in Europe. It was           the Adriatic and the Black Sea.
                                         Sofia is a spacious
                                                                   established 7.000 years ago by citizens              Sofia is a spacious city with wide streets,
                                         city with wide streets,   of Thrace and was integrated into the                beautiful squares, parks, imposing buildings
                                         beautiful squares,        Bulgarian state at the beginning of the 9th          and numerous historical monuments. It
                                                                   century. It has been the capital of                  continues to grow and develop, offering to
                                         parks, imposing           Bulgaria since 1879. Its population                  its inhabitants and visitors a range of choices
                                         buildings and             amounts to 1,2 million.                              for accommodation, culture, entertainment,
                                                                   Sofia has always been a crossroads of the            leisure activities and shopping.
                                         numerous historical
                                                                   major motorways in Europe, due to its                Sofia is exceptionally accessible by all
                                         monuments.                location in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula        European countries.
   Borovets                                                                                       Borovets Skiing Center
Borovets is situated among forests of           offers plenty of activities throughout the year
centenarian trees, at the foot of mountain      (golf, mountain climbing, hiking, horseback
                                                                                                  The largest skiing center of Bulgaria is located at
Rila, the “Roof of the Balkans”, as it is       riding, mountain bike, sightseeing etc). For
                                                                                                  Borovets, open for skiing from December up to
called, because it is the tallest mountain in   this reason, Borovets remains attractive also
                                                                                                  April. It is a remarkable skiing centre, with ski
the Balkan Peninsula.                           in the summer, also due to its proximity to the
                                                                                                  runs among the tall trees, offering incomparable
No wonder why Prince Ferdinand the 1st          capital, Sofia.
                                                                                                  scenery to the visitors.
selected Borovets as the place to build his     The main streets of Borovets are full with
winter resort at the end of the 19th century.   restaurants, coffee shops and pubs. Beautiful
                                                                                                  The ski centre is also available for other winter
The small mountain village, where Bulgarian     pathways lead from Borovets towards the
                                                                                                  sports, such as cross-country skiing, ski jumping
Aristocrats used to go hunting, has gradually   eastern side of the Rila Mountain and the
                                                                                                  and diathlos runs, which are one of the best in
                                                                                                  Europe. Borovets has in fact been twice the venue
                                                                                                  for the World Alpine Cup.

                                                                                                  The height of the snow in the runs is about 1,5
                                                                                                  meters from November until May, whereas there
                                                                                                  is regular maintenance and cleaning, so that the
                                                                                                  runs are always in perfect condition. The average
                                                                                                                                         ο    ο
                                                                                                  temperature in January ranges from - 4 to 6 C.

                                                                                                  The runs are in total 60 kilometers long and vary
                                                                                                  in difficulty, so that anyone can ski, from
                                                                                                  beginners to professionals. Borovets is also ideal
                                                                                                  for skiing lessons: there are about 200 skiing
                                                                                                  instructors who speak several foreign languages.
                                                                                                  The ski runs in Borovets are situated in three areas:

                                                                                                     The first is 19 kilometers long and is divided
                                                                                                  into two parts: the part of Citniacovo, with four
                                                                                                  routes (one average and four extremely difficult)
                                                                                                  and the part of Martinovi with four difficult routes.
                                                                                                  The difficult routes are used for slaloms, but there
                                                                                                  are also easy routes at a lower level.
developed during the last decades into one      seven picturesque lakes in the area.
of the most popular resorts in Europe.          Moreover, Borovets is the ideal starting point      The second area of Yastrebets includes 3 routes
The region attracts thousands of visitors,      for excursions in the region, such as the         – one very difficult and two difficult – with a total
mainly during the winter season, thanks to      residence of the Bulgarian Tsars in Bristritsa,   of 13 klm. These routes are used for international
Borovets skiing center. Apart from the          the famous monastery of Rila, Milenico with       contests.
wonderful alpine scenery, the region also       the renowned pyramids and the outstanding
                                                wine, but also Plovdiv and, of course, Sofia.        Finally, the Markountzika area is the highest
                                                Although Borovets is quite well-known, it has     (2.550 m.), with the longest snow coverage and
                                                not undergone unconstrained development.          is where the skiing season begins and ends. It
                                                This is the reason why it still remains a very    has 4 difficult routes, one of which, Markountzik
                                                attractive destination and also an investment     3, has been acknowledged by the International
                                                opportunity, not to mention the prospects         Skiing Federation as very good for major slalom
                                                stemming from the imminent development of         contests.
                                                the famous “Super Borovets”, a new venue
                                                for high standard alpine activities. “Super       The cross-country runs and diathlon rums are 2
                                                Borovets” is expected to develop into one of      klm away, whereas the ski jumping runs are 75
                                                the most modern winter resorts in Europe.         and 50 meters and accessible by lifts.
                                                                                          “Borovets Euphoria Club” presents numerous           24 hour security services which, combined
                                                                                          and important advantages:                            with the distinctive location of the
                                                                                            Creation of a small community of about             complex, offer the sense of “privacy” and
                                                                                            200 residences operating as a “members             “neighborhood”.
                                                                                            only” club.                                        High quality management, maintenance and
                                                                                            Magnificent nature with infrastructure for         cleaning services, to cover every possible
                                                                                            sports and leisure activities.                     need of the residents.
                                                                                            Original architectural design of detached
                                                                                            buildings with exceptional construction
                                                                                            materials, standing out from all other complexes

Euphoria project
                                                                                            in the region.
                                                                                            Suggestions for interior design, furniture
                                                                                            and decoration.

 Euphoria project                                                                           Fast and easy access: Borovets is only 70
                                                                                            klm from Sofia.

The area in which “Borovets Euphoria Club”
          is developed is indeed one of a kind.
 Just a few meters from the centre of Borovets
    and at the entrance of its skiing center, the
             complex is “hidden” inside a forest
 of tall trees, offering direct access to the skiing
  center on one hand, but at the same time the
      desirable “isolation” and “privacy” within
                          the magnificent nature.

                                                                                            High standard services in the central
                                                       In a unique environment              “members only” private club, offering spa,
                                                                                            swimming pool, gym, tennis court, bar, ski
                                                       the residents of “Borovets
                                                                                            storage facilities etc.
                                                       Euphoria Club” lead a unique         Wide range of residences (from STUDIOS
                                                                                            of 50 m2 to detached VILLAS of 130 m2 ,
                                                       way of living, with high
                                                                                            with private parking spaces and private
                                                       quality facilities and services,     garden). All the residences have separate
                                                       which render “euphoria”              storage rooms and ski lockers, use of the
                                                                                            parking spaces and the other facilities and
                                                       a daily experience.                  services of the complex.
                                                                                            Available, free of charge, legal, tax and
                                                                                            financial services, and proposals for a
                                                                                            bank loan with preferential terms.
...a place to live your dreams!
   The complex
“Borovets Euphoria Club” is developed on           The respect to the natural environment, the      complex in harmony with the natural scenery        plaster, zinc roofs), in accordance with the
a plot of 20.000 m² and consists of five (5)       advantage of the prime location and the          and with a view to efficiency.                     traditional Bulgarian architecture in alpine
residential buildings (175 apartments in total),   view of the plot to the mountain and the         The residential buildings are relatively small     resorts and in order to secure high bioclimatic
and two (2) sets of buildings with four and five   skiing center, the benefits of a downhill plot   (ground floor and three floors) and surround       and energy – saving level, offering to the
villas respectively, one central building with     combined with the idea of creating an alpine     the central building of leisure facilities, in a   residents ideal conditions for living.
common use facilities and leisure activities and   country club of high standard, have led the      way that secures their integration into the        One cannot help noticing the imaginative
autonomous underground parking spaces.             architect to design eight (8) detached           surroundings, the preservation of the natural      descending roofs which add to the uniqueness
It is perhaps the only complex that has been       medium buildings, in order to achieve the        beauty and the comfort, peace and recreation       of the façade and the volume of the buildings.
conceived and designed as a small community        features of a mountain shelter. As a result,     of the residents.                                  The surroundings of the complex include
with middle scale, separate buildings, and not     the buildings are ideally oriented, with an      Following the same basic idea, natural             pavements and internal roadways, tall trees, a
as a huge block, which is usually the case in      excellent view and there is a network            construction materials were selected for the       tennis court and a small concierge booth at the
similar developments.                              connecting the various buildings of the          outer shell of the buildings (stone, wood,         entrance of the complex.
Euphoria club
 Euphoria club
 The heart of “Borovets Euphoria Club”
       beats in the central building of the
        complex, where “privacy” meets
       socializing, where all the residents
  of the complex can enjoy hotel services
                   of exceptional quality.

                                              In a place of exemplary designing and               the indoor and outdoor bars, the gym, the
                                              efficiency, the members of “Borovets Euphoria       swimming pool, the spa with the jacuzzi, the
                                              Club” can choose from a wide range of               sauna, the solarium and massage compartments
                                              facilities and leisure activities, to cover every   will be available to make your stay at “Borovets
                                              need and demand.                                    Euphoria Club” an unforgettable experience of
                                              The welcoming lobbies, the luxurious restaurant,    well-being and rejuvenation.
                                                                                                  Additionally, in the central building there will
                                                                                                  also be a mini market, underground parking
                                                                                                  spaces and ski lockers. Last but not least, in the
                                                                                                  “heart” of the Club one can always find
                                                                                                  personnel ready to assist you in every need and
                                                                                                  to make sure that all is taken care of, whether it
                                                                                                  is your apartment, your transportation (local or
                                                                                                  towards and from the airport and the city of
                                                                                                  Sofia) or any other personal requirement.
           The residences
        The apartments (studios or one bedroom) are situated on the ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor         The villas are separate, two-storey buildings, with living – rooms with a fire place at the
        of the buildings, whereas the 3rd floor comprises of bigger apartments in two levels.               ground floor and bedrooms at the upper level. They also have a private garden and
        All the residences are oriented towards the south, west or southwest, with a terrific view to the   parking space.
        mountain and the ski runs. They all have perfect heat – insulation, sound – insulation,             All the residences, apartments and villas, will be delivered at a complete construction stage
        independent heating system, ventilation, wooden floors, satellite television, access to the         with closets and kitchen furniture, whereas we offer to the buyers a variety of solutions for the
        internet and “smart networks” adjustable to various alternatives for interior designing.            furniture and the remaining equipment, from specialized interior designers and decorators.

Villa                                                                                                       Two Bedroom Apartment
                        GEK TERNA GROUP
                        The GEK TERNA GROUP of COMPANIES is one of
                        the largest and strongest greek groups in the fields of
                        construction, real estate development and
                        management, concessions and energy.
                        Apart from its dominant presence in the Greek market,

One Bedroom Apartment
                        GEK TERNA Group of companies is also active
                        abroad, especially in the South-Eastern Europe and the
                        Middle East and continuing to plan its expansion in
                        new markets.
                        At present, GEK TERNA Group has two companies
                        listed at the Athenian Stock Exchange, GEK TERNA
                        and TERNA ENERGY, which undertakes every activity
                        regarding Renewable Energy Sources. The parent
                        company GEK TERNA accumulates the majority of the
                        activities and holdings of the Group, both in Greece
                        and abroad. Furthermore, GEK TERNA controls 100%
                        of the shares of the construction company TERNA and
                        most of the activities in the sections of real estate,
                        concessions (motorways, motorist service stations etc),
                        PPP and PFI projects as well as the generation of
                        energy by thermal sources.

                        for more information:

                        ICON Ltd
                        The GEK TERNA GROUP presents a variety of real
                        estate developments in Bulgaria, through its
                        subsidiary by 100% ICON Ltd. The Company
                        owns an exceptionally rich portfolio of properties in
Studio                  Sofia and other parts of Bulgaria, which are under
                        development for residential uses, urban and rural in
                        the mountains or by the sea, malls, office buildings
                        etc. Indicatively, apart from “Borovets Euphoria
                        Club”, ICON Ltd has completed the development
                        of the “3 Tops” commercial, business and
                        residential complex, as well as the luxurious
                        residential complex “Gerganitza Palace” in Sofia.
                        Moreover, the Company is currently developing the
                        business center “City Tower” in the center of the
                        Bulgarian capital and in the ring road of the city
                        the retail park “GLS”. At the same time, other
                        investments in various parts of the country
                        (Samokov, Lom, Svilengrad, Krivina, Batak) are
                        under study.

                        for more information:
                                   I N F O R M A T I O N

            + 30 210 6968333                       + 359 2 8548459                             + 30 210 6968555


85, Mesogion Ave., 115 26 Αthens                                     1618 Sofia, 110 “Bulgaria” Blvd., Block B, Fl. 7                                                                  

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