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					                                                  HEAVEN'S VERY SPECIAL CHILD
           Marcus’s Story
                                                  A meeting was held quite far from Earth It
                                                  was time again for another birth. Said the
Marcus was diagnosed at 4months of age            Angels to the Lord above – “This special
with a rare auto-immune disorder that             child will need much love. “Their progress
affected his skin and gastrointestinal system     may be very slow “Accomplishment they may
called Histiocytosis . He presented with a        not show. “And they’ll require extra care
severe rash that covered his scalp, trunk and     “From the folks they meets down there.
groin areas. He had multiple hospital visits      “They may not run or laugh or play “Their
for blood in the stool and “failure to thrive”.   thoughts may seem quite far away “So many
He has been receiving chemotherapy for over       times they will be labeled “'different,'
a year now with little success. The disease       'helpless' and disabled. “So, let's be careful
has spread to his bones, bone marrow and          where they are sent. “We want their life to
ear canals. There has been minimal funding        be content. “Please, Lord, find the parents
for research on this disease; therefore,          who “Will do a special job for you. “They
specialists are limited in effectively treating   will not realize right away “The leading role
this disease. Too many children are               they are asked to play. “But with this child
needlessly dying from this disease. Marcus        sent from above “Comes stronger faith, and
has failed to respond to conventional             richer love.. “And soon they'll know the
treatment and now is preparing to undergo         privilege given “In caring for their gift from
a bone marrow transplant. This is his only        heaven. “Their precious charge, so meek and
hope for survival. Our family has created
this brochure to raise awareness in the
                                                  mild                                             
                                                                                                       Cure Histio
community about Histiocytosis in an effort        “Is heaven's very special child.”
to achieve early diagnosis, effective
treatment and further research for a cure.        Edna Massimilla
To follow Marcus’s journey please visit:
For upcoming events or to donate visit:
        1 in 200,000 children affected
                    each year
        90% Mortality Rate for                    What is Histiocytosis?                                 skin rash
         children with multisystem
         involvement who failed                    “Histiocytosis is a rare blood disease that is         tenderness or pain originating
         initial chemotherapy regiment           caused by an excess of white blood cells called
                                                                                                           from a bone
         Estimated 42% of children             histiocytes. The histiocytes cluster together and
         who survive will have long              can attack the skin, bones, lung, liver, spleen,         loose or lost teeth
         term complications                        gums, ears, eyes, and/or the central nervous
                                                                                                          swollen gums
        Male to female ratio is 1.5: 1          system. The vast majority of people diagnosed                              with histiocytosis are children under the age of          multiple ear infections     10, but it is also found in adults of all ages.
                                                The disease can range from limited involvement            eyelid swelling and other vision
                                                   that spontaneously regresses to progressive             problems
                                                  multi-organ involvement that can be chronic
                                                and debilitating. In some cases, the disease can          excessive thirst and urination
                                                   be life-threatening. It is approximated that
                                                                                                          fever and night sweats
  The Time for a Cure isphoto here.
   Delete text and place NOW!                   histiocytosis affects 1 in 200,000 children born
                                                 each year in the United States. This illness is          weakness and failure to gain
                                                   so rare, there is little research into its cause
                                                and treatment, and it is considered an "orphan
                                                  disease," meaning it strikes too few people to
                                                          generate government-supported      

With a Cure Brighter Days Ahead for                                                                   Delete text and place photo here.

         All Children

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