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                                                                                                      -.>~ j~S~G
For decades, we have been bombarded with misinformation about homosexuality. Radical
homosexual activists have been vocal, intimidating, and have often threatened those
questioning and/or not agreeing with their claims. Within academia, this misinformation has
been generally accepted and taught - thus the large number of influential people today
championing the radical homosexual agenda.

The media, to their shame, have accepted it as well without investigation, question, and
prohibited dialogue more often than not. The media rarely report scientific studies relating to
homosexuality accurately and completely. The media either do not report or give little attention
(space) to news/facts showing the negative side of homosexuality. For example - the Matthew
Shepard killing was reported over 3000 times while the killing of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising by
a homosexual couple was reported less than 40 times over a comparable timeframe.

 Media coverage of the AIDS story over 30 years is considered "without question the worst in the
 history of American journalism" by noted author and journalist Michael Horowitz. He contends
 that the lack of responsible reporting was a major factor in AIDS needlessly becoming epidemic,
 that along with AIDS being politicized by homosexuals and leftist politicians. Today, therefore,
 we have many well-intentioned yet deceived people - including some senators - willing to
 accommodate and defend deviant sexual behavior. They are deceived by the lies that
 homosexuality is normal, that it is genetic, and that it is irreversible. Homosexuality is not
 normal. "Normal" is defined as "functions according to design." The lower bowel and anal
 sphincter are designed to allow feces to be eliminated, not to receive a penis.

  Anal sex results in small tears in the bowel tissue through which feces enters the bloodstream
  putting homosexuals at high risk of acauiring henatitis 8 ~!1d the c1ustf,'r of otherwisp, r8r~
  conditions such as shigellosis and Giardia lamblia infection which together have been known as
  the "Gay Bowel Syndrome." Rectal cancer is not uncommon. Homosexually active men also
. encounter trauma (fecal incontinence, hemorrhoids, and fissure, foreign bodies, recto sigmoid
  tears, allergic proctitis, penile edema, chemical sinusitis, and inhaled nitrite burns), most of the
  other sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, herpes, etc.), and the
  acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).*

 Homosexuality is not normal. The State has no business offering special protection to a

 special-interest group defined by abnormal, high-risk behavior.

     *Reference:   "Homosexuality and The Politics of Truth" - Jeffrey Satinover
Homosexuality h~s not proven to be genetic. Gays are not "born that way." Large numbers of
homosexuals and lesbians have made substantial changes in lowering levels of same-sex
attraction, arousal, and fantasy through reorientation therapy. Many have developed their
heterosexual potential so that they have married members of the opposite sex, had children,
and are leading normal lives. Often normalcy follows when a personal relationship is
established with God through Christ This is well documented by Dr. Robert L. Spitzer, by
Exodus Ministries, and by the National Association for the Research and Treatment of

Not one scientific study has claimed a genetic link to homosexuality, though some researchers
feel there is a "tendency to homosexuality" that may be gene linked. The few studies done
trying to identify a gay gene are inconclusive and have not been replicated. Most have been
criticized by peers for weak methodology. Dr. Jeffrey Satinover notes that re the "twin" studies,
bias can clearly be seen in the research and execution of the studies as well as in the
interpretation and reporting of the findings. Homosexuality is not normal, not genetic, and
definitely reversible.

The keynote speaker at last year's NARTH Conference was former President of the American
Psychological Association Dr. Robert Perloff. In his remarks, he stated "If homosexuals choose
to transform their sexuality into heterosexuality, that decision is theirs and theirs alone, and
should not be tampered with by any special-interest group - including the gay communityn
The majority of homosexuals are not pedophiles; however, pedophilia is statistically more
closely associated with homosexuality. More importantly, the dramatic shift of values that
normalizes homosexuality must inevitably come to normalize all forms of sexuality,
PEDOPHILIA EXPLICITLY INCLUDED, and to lower the age of consent laws so as to make it
legal as well. This normalization takes place in many ways but most assuredly when legislators
endorse homosexuality by passing bills such as LB759 and LB50.

Lowering the legal age of consensual sex is a primary political objective of much of the
homosexual community. In Europe, homosexuality lobbying has succeeded as follows - in
Malta, Holland, Portugal, and Spain the age of consent is 12 with the remainder of countries at
14,15, or 16.

Gay media consistently presents pedophilia positively, and the North American Man-Boy Love
Association (NAMBLA) has a presence at most if not all homosexual conventions. NAMBLA
offers a guide to third-world countries where children can be molested with little or no fear of

Homosexual activists are busy influencing educators and children (where they can get to them)
to normalize homosexuality. Witness new gay friendly curricula offered even to primary grades
and Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs forming in Nebraska high schools.

The State needs to be about protecting our children. Being aware of the European pattern and
the role of normalization of homosexuality in fostering and legalizing man-boy sex should be
reason enough for a responsible Senator to vote AGAINST LB759 and LB50.

Attached are excerpts from Dr. JeTfrey Sa'£lnovers Dock and articles irom NARi'H 8ulie'cins
pertinent to pedophilia (and some other paraphilias).


Homosexuals (male and iesbian) do not qualify for "protected class" status. Historically, courts
and civil rights authorities have used the following criteria to grant "protected class" status.

       1.	 As an entire class have suffered a history of social oppression evidenced by
           lack of ability to obtain economic mean income, adequate education, or
           Gultural opportunity.
       2.	 As an entire class exhibit obvious, immutable, or distinguishing
           characteristics, like race, color, gender or national origin, that defines them as
           a discrete group.
       3.	 As an entire class clearly demonstrate political powerlessness.

One doesn't decide to be black, female, or elderly whereas homosexuality does involve
decision. All of the studies trying to show biological (genetic) cause have been either
inconclusive or they deny genetic links.

Passage of LB759 and LB50 would give protection to a Special Interest Group, not a legitimate
class qualified for protection.
Based on statements made during the hearing on LB19, this is a non-issue. It was noted that
Minnesota had such a law and that in 2000 less than 30 discrimination complaints were filed
there. Using our and their population, we can estimate less than 10 potential complaints per
year here. Even if we were considering persons who could reasonably be part of a protected
class, the numbers wouldn't justify dictating to citizens the persons with whom they must do

The bill has the potential to drain the State of man hours and money in litigation - resources
needed for worthwhile State business. Specifically, what hetero, homo, and bisexuals are and
are not isn't defined. Medical/scientific literature talks of "many homosexualities," and some
argue the "gay lifestyle" is not as much homosexual as it is "pansexual." A complainant would
have to prove his/her condition. Perhaps pictures of anal or oral sex would be required, but with
computer-generated photos they could be fraudulent. Obviously, abnormal sex must define the
person making a claim of discrimination, for there's no reason to seek protection for persons
having a close, personal, platonic relationship. This seems to underscore the foolishness of
trying to offer protection to this special-interest group. In contrast, consider those belonging to
legitimate protected classes who are easily recognized and obviously defined as part of a
discrete group.

I respectfully urge you to vote to kill LB759 and LB50. I further challenge you to study this issue
thoroughly. Please don't accept blindly what the deceivers and deceived say. The media,
academia, various organizations, and most liberals have swallowed the radical homosexual
philosophy as "what we're currently supposed to think." Be wise, be perceptive - our culture
and our children are at stake. You have an immense responsibility.


Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth
Jeffrey Satinover, M.D.
Hamewith Books 1996

Wall Street Journal articles '" among them one by Professor Robert L. Spitzer­
Columbia University

Article by author David Horowitz; June 11, 2001

Article from Ambrovista re Age of Consent; January 16, 2001

Bulletins from Exodus Ministries - Ex-gay testimonies

National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH); Bulletin of

December 2004.

                                                                          Is Homosexuality Desirable? Brute Facts                               63
 62                                                         Gay Science

                                                                            straint, which the philosophy that undergirds gay activism nec­
 "Intergenerational Intimacy"
                                                                           essarily promotes.
     Any discussion of pansexuality wiIllead quickly into a discus­            Recently The Journal of Homosexuality, a premier, broad­
  sion of those forms of sexual expression that stand outside of           based, scientific24 journal that addresses from an advocacyposi­
  even today's expansive boundaries oftolerance. Sadomasochists            tion all cultural, social-scientific, and historical issues pertain­
  discuss the intricate variations of their sexual preferences on talk     ing to homosexuality, devoted a special issue almost exclusively
  radio and on television; one may easily find partners for this and       to "the pedophilia debate." The editor of the journal, John
  many other unconventional forms of sexuality in the personal             DeCecco, also sits on the editorial board of Paedika: TheJoumal
  advertisements of innumerable newspapers and magazines                   ofPaedophilia, a Dutch publication that sponsors research on
  across the country. But the singular form ofsexual expression for        pedophilia, also for advocacy purposes.
  which we as a society continue to have little tolerance is adults           This special issue reflects the substantial, influential, and grow­
  having sex with children: pedophilia.                                    ing segment of the homosexual community that neither hides
    As sensitive as it may be to introduce the subject of pedophilia       nor condemns pedophilia. Rather they argue that pedophilia is
  into a discussion of homosexuality, a full exploration of the pan­       an acceptable aspect of sexuality, especially ofhomosexuality.
 sexual nature of "the gay lifestyle" requires that we do, because        Indeed, the San Francisco Sentinel, a Bay Area gay-activist news­
 when the constraints are loosened, they are likely to be loosened        paper, published a piece arguing that pedophilia is central to the
 in this domain as well. It is important to preface this discussion,      male homosexual life. Thus an advocacy group exists, the North
 however, with a caveat. It is true (as we will document) that            American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBIA), which actively
 pedophilia is more common among homosexuals than among                   promotes homosexual pedophilia as an acceptable alternative
 heterosexuals-and vastly more common among males, hetero­                form of sex. Their contentions as to the naturalness, normalcy,
 sexual or homosexual, than among females. But it is also true that       unchangeability, and ubiquity ofpedophilia mirror precisely the
 the majority of homosexuals are not pedophiles.                          arguments used to support the naturalness, normalcy, and so on
    Pedophilia is pertinent for two reasons: first, because it is sta­    of homosexuality, as does their claim that the social condemna­
 tistically more closely associated with homosexuality than with          tion of pedophilia is arbitrary and prejudicial.
heterosexuality; second-and more importantly-the dramatic                     Thus one author argues:
shift of values that normalizes homosexuality must inevitably
come to normalize all forms of sexuality. This is not a merely              Pedophilia is always considered by mainstream society as one
hypothetical argument. As the material that follows demon­                  form ofsexual abuse ofchildren. However, analysis ofthe personal
strates, both here and abroad the normalization of homosexual­              accounts provided by pedophiles suggests that these experiences
ity has been followed by a move to normalize all forms of sexu­             could be understood differently.25
ality, pedophilia explicitly included, and to lower the age of
consent laws so as to make it legal as well.                                Another states that:
    My purpose here is not to warn against homosexuality on the
grounds that homosexuals prey sexually on children-because                  Contemporary concern over paedophilia and child sexual abuse
the vast majority would not dream of such a thing (even if a vocal          usually rests upon uncritical and under-theorized conceptions of
minority, as also their heterosexual counterparts, would). My pur­          childhood sexualities. This article ... outlines the "social-con­
pose instead is to warn against the general lifting ofsexual con-           structionist" alternative. 26
b4                                                                  _(J~Sc~~~   Is Homosexuality Desirable? Brute Facts                               65

  And another author decries the constricted American view of                   number of heterosexual cases reflects the fact that heterosexual

     In recent years the general trend has been to label ... iJltergen­
                                                                                males outnumber homosexual males by approximately thirty­
                                                                                six to one. Heterosexual child molestation cases outnumber
                                                                                homosexual cases by only eleven to one, implying that pedophilia

     erational intimacy [asl "child sexual abuse... ." [This] has fos­          is more than three times more common among homosexuals. 3D                 f
     tered a one-sided. simplistic picture.... Further research ...
                                                                                   In spite of the potential political fallout, another author in the
     would help us to understand the.. possible benefits of inter­
                                                                                sj)ecial issue argues that:                                                f
     generational inlimacy.n                                                                                                                               i
   Farther along than AnlCrica in this process of radicalization,                  The issue of manl boy love has intersected the gay movement since       I,
Holland has programs of psychotherapy that do not treat                            the late nineteenth century, with the rise of the first gay rights
pedophilia itself as a problem, but rather the social difficulties                 movement in Germany. In the United States, as the gay movement

that pedophilia is associated with. Like homosexual therapies in                   has retreated from its vision of sexual freedom for all in favor of

the United States, these facilitate adjustment to, not treatment                   integration into existing social and political structures, it has

                                                                                   sought to marginalize cross-generational love as a "non-gay" issue.

of, pedophilia:
                                                                                   The two movements continue to overlap, amid signs of mutual

                                                                                   support as well as tension-a state of affairs that also character­

     Male pedophiles are trained to talk elfcctivcly about common
     probleJll:-' surrolllH.lillg mali-buy rcldllllilship:-,. Coull-,cHllg is
                                                                                   izes their interrelationship in other countries. 31

     based on the notion that the emotional, erotic and sexual attrac­
     tion to boys per se does not need to be legitimized or modified. 2H             As discussed above, the American Psychiatric Association nor­
                                                                                 n lalized homosexuality in two steps: At first it only removed from
     Sample results include.                                                     it ,Jist of disorders homosexuality that was "ego-syntonic," com­
                                                                                 l,rtable and acceptable to the individual, leaving only "ego-dys­
     SixteenlllaJe~ were rreateJ tOI sexualldcillily conflicts. hJl eight        !' ,nic"-unwanted-homosexuality as a disorder; later, it re­
     of them this ended in a positive self-labeling as pedophiie....            11 uved "ego-dystonic" homosexuality as welL
     Twenty males were ... counseled how to handle their relation­                   In a step strikingly reminiscent ofwhat occurred in the seven­
     ships with boys. Several modalilies of interpersonal interaction in
                                                                                ti~s with respect to homosexuality, the 1994 edition of the DSM
     m'.lll·boy relationships are proposed.     :"j
                                                                                 UiSM-N) has quietly altered its long-standing definitions of all
     -\t'livlStS an' aware of lhe adverst' effects on the gay-right~,            tJ'l! "paraphilias" (sexual perversions). Now, in order for an indi­
! lluvernerll that could result if people perceived any degree of               \, Jual to be considered to have a paraphilia-these include sada­
luutinc association between homosexuality and pedophilia--..                    U dsochisffi, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and among others, ped­

;\:, well as other forms of sexual expression that continued to                 U; lhilia----the DSM requires that in addition to having or even

L)(~ thought of as "deviant." They have denied thh associa­                     (1. ting on his impulses, his "fantasies, sexual urges or behaviors"

  ion by focusing instead on the (true) fact !hat----in absolute                lJ . ust "cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social,

numbers-- -heterosexuals l:oIlunil nwre child molestation than                  o"cupational or other important areas offunctioning. "32 In other
homosexuals.                                                                    words, a man who routinely and compulsively has sex with chil­
     But careful studies show that pedophilia is far more common                dl en, and does so without the pangs of conscience and without
among homosexuals than heterosexuals. The greater absolute                      tLlpairing his functioning otherwise is not necessarily a ped­
                                                             Gay Science                                                                               67
66                                                                                !(.IsHomosexuality Deslrable1 Brute Facts

ophile and in need of treatment. Only the man who suffers be­                      ~Even if condoms are used, anal intercourse is harmful pri­
cause of his impulses is a pedophile requiring treatment.jt},                     parily to the "receptive" partner. Because the rectal sphincter is
    The committee responsible for this change claims that their            3r     '<lesigned to stretch only minimally, penile-anal thrusting can
intent was not to "normalize" the paraphilias, but to give diag-'~'ti~             , .l.Iilage it severely. The introduction oflarger items, as in the rel­
nosticians greater latitude in making the diagnosis. Nonetheless,~!               ;;~tiyely common practice of "fisting," causes even worse damage.
that will certainly be its effect, as it was with respect to homo~:~.~.:\.·           bus gay males have a disproportionate incidence of acute rec­
sexuality. Race Bannon, coordinator of the "DSM Project" for a'i,~                   ,~trauma as well as ofrectal incontinence (the inability to con­
major sadomasochistic organization, notes that "For the first:~~                  ,~~ol the passing of feces)35 and anal cancer. 36           '
time, the le~ther S&M fetish community's style of sexuality is no::~               '~l:;:Furthermore, anal intercourse, penile or otherwise, trauma­
longer cons1dered necessarily pathological.... The new OSM-N :~?                       ,:~s the soft tissues of the rectal lining. These tissues are meant
language means that we will no longer be considered sick unless~t,                       ,~accommodate the relatively soft fecal mass as it is prepared
our er~tic play cau~es 'cli~ically ~igniftcant distress or i~Pair-;;~.,   '.          ~'ji'expulsion by the slow contractions of the bowel and are
ment.' Bannon pratsed "kinky-fnendly psychotherapeUtic pro-';I                      \ewhere near as sturdy as vaginal tissue. As a consequence, the
fessionals" who lobbied for the changed criteria. 33 Gay activism ".;(1""\.           $g ofthe rectum is almost always traumatized to some degree
has long made known its objections to the "pathologizing" ofany 1 (,                 j::any act of anal intercourse. Even in the absence of major
form of sexual freedom.                                                .' .        mtl,lIlla, minor or microscopic tears in the rectal lining allow for
    Does it seem absurd to think that the taboo against pedophilia,',              'pediate contamination and the entry ofgerms into the blood­
too, will soon come under broad social attack? It is begirlnirl~,~                   "Qt~am. Although relatively monogamous gay couples are at
 already. The May 8, 1995, issue of the widely respected magazine,~                  §wer risk for AIDS, they tend to engage in unprotected anal
 The New Republic published a review of the movie "Chicken-?:*,                     ii.\tercourse more frequently than do highly polygamous single
 hawk." The movie's title is slang for pedophiles who hJ.J,llt for chU~J             "~J:Il0sexuals.37 As a result, they are at higher risk for non-AIDS
 dren to have sex with. The author downplays the seriousness Of,(~i                   'pnditions-if all other factors are equal, which is usually not

 NAMBLA (whose publications document locales in the Thircr~,                            le' case because of the clustering of risk factors.
 World where children may be molested free of legal conse~ ;:.                          ,iBecause receptive anal intercourse is so much more frequent
 quenee) ;denies that the idea of ~utual eo~sent between boys as                     ~ong homosexual men than among women, the dangers ofthis
 young as twelve and older men 1S necessarily unreasonable; and.;~11                  ~nd of sex are amplified among homosexuals. Furthermore,
 considers the pedophile perspective on age-of-consent laws to'~V                     '~JPparable tears in the vagina are not only less frequent because
 be "plausibly on the continuum of, say, a defense of childrend                          :;,~e relative toughness of the vaginal lining, but the environ­
 legal autonomy." She notes: "There is some bravery in NAMBLA'W                         ~t of the vagina is vastly cleaner than that of the rectum.
 members keeping all their activities above board.... After all, it:~                    'geed, we are designed with a nearly impenetrable barrier
 is still heresy to consider the possibility of the legitimacy oftheir                    :tWeen the bloodstream and the extraordinarily toxic and infec­
 feelings."34                                                                                 contents of the bowel. Anal intercourse creates a breach in
                                                                                      $8 barrier for the receptive partner, whether or not the insertive
Breaking Down the Wrong Barriers                                                     , \~er is wearing a condom.
                                                                           .. 1        i~As a result, homosexual men are disproportionately vulnera­
  We now turn to an examination of the reasons why male homo- •'                       ,Je to a host of serious and sometimes fatal infections caused
sexual behavior is so dangerous as to produce the medical syn­                         '. the entry offeces into the bloodstream. These include hepati­
dromes alluded to previously.                                                        .tisB and the cluster ofotherwise rare conditions, such as shigel­
losis and Giardia lamblia infection, which together have been
                                                                  Gay Science       ~;")iomosexuality Desirable? Brute Facts

                                                                                    "yallty as risky, they think of AIDS because the statistical associ­
                                                                                     :'~on is so self~evident.
known as the "Gay Bowel Syndrome:' A major review article
summarizes:                                                                         '{:'t'~Most people also have a fairly accurate impression about the         I
     Because oftheir larger numbers ofsexual partners and sexual prac..

                                                                                    ~'~tfect ofAIDS on     the life span ofindividuals who suffer from it­
                                                                                    '"\6'1 know that people with AIDS die disproportionately and ter­
     tices such as anilingus and anal intercourse, homosexual men are
                      ; ',gly young. But what about non-AIDS illnesses associated         {
     at particularly high risk ofacquiring hepatitis B, giardiasis, amebi­
                                                                                                homosexual practices? What effect do these have on life         I
     asis, shigellosis, campylobacteriosis, and anorectal infections with
                 . .? Here the average person is apt to presume that, apart from      it
     Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Chlamydia trachomatis, Treponema pal­
                         )S, the effect is minor. Certainly this is the message implied
     lidum, herpes simplex virus, and human papilloma viruses. 38

                                                                                     ~~the media, by pU~lidyfunded condom~dis~butionprograms,
                                                                                     ~.d,by sex education courses that emphaSIZe "safer" sex with
  Another review article classifies the conditions homosexually                       ,9pndoms. Even arguments that condemn an overemphasis on
active men encounter into four general groups:                                       1:G:2pdoms because of their failure rate-breakage, slippage,
                                                                                     ~lmproperuse, the unwillingness of people to use them-tend to
     Classical sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, infections with
           "~r~inforce the notion that the major problem with homosexual
     Chlamydia trachomatis, syphilis, herpes simplex infections, gen­

                                                                                      ::itfaetice could be solved with more perfect "protection" of a tech­
     ital warts. pubic lice, scabies); enteric diseases (infections with

     Shigella species, Campylobacter jejuni, Entamoeba histolytica,

                                                                                     ii.nieal sort. But as we have seen, AIDS is far from the only risk asso~
     Giardia lamblia, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis non-A, non-B,
             .elated with homosexual practices, and many of the other risks
     and cytomegalovirus); trauma (fecal incontinence, hemorrhoids,
                ,;:are inherent to anal intercourse itself, regardless of condom use.
     anal fissure, foreign bodies, rectosigmoid tears, allergic proctitis,
          ~What are these risks, and how do they compare with the risk of
     penile edema, chemical sinusitis. inhaled nitrite burns, and sex­
      ual assault of the male patient); and the acquired immunodefi­
                 f. In April 1993 three researchers presented a paper to the East­
     ciency syndrome (AlDS).39
                                                      ".em Psychological Association in which they analyzed the age of
                                                                                     fdeath for nearly seven thousand homosexuals and heterosexu­
How Great a Risk?                                                                    'Lals by obituary notices in a large number of gay and a smaller
                                                                                      ;,munberoflarge non-gaynewspapers. 4 oTheyfound that the gay
   Gay activists have long sought to obscure the powerful statis­                     jmale life span, even apartfrom AIDS and with a long-term part­
deal connection bet\veen AIDS and homusexuality by empha,                             rner, is significantly shorter than lhat of married men in general
sizing the truth that the virus itself does not "seek" homosexu..                    !~by more than three decades. AIDS further shortens the life span
als, can infect anyone, and has already infected many other                           ;ofhomosexual men by more than 7 percent
people. In such places as sub-Saharan Africa, \vhere promiscu··                     'if Because of the researcher's rough and ready methodology,
Ity is the cultural norm across much of the populations with a                         'these findings have to be considered preliminary. Their data for
high intersection ofhomosexual and nonhomosexual circles, the                         ,;heterosexuals and for gay men with AlDS, however, are very close
virus has spread uniformly. In fact, the majority of people in the                    ~to similar data from other, more reliable and replicated sources,
United States withAlDS are not homosexual-···reflecting the fact                       \hs are the differences found between the life spans of married
that male homosexuals consist of such a small fraction of the                   p      !lJUld umnarried men and women. These findings should serve ac;
population. Nonetheless, when most people think of homosex··                          ~a warning about the potential seriousness ofthe problems asso­
70                                                      Gay Science

dated with homosexuality and the extent of the risk that people
may be taking in entering into this way of Hfe.
   In the current political atmosphere the whole notion that
homosexuality is dangerous must appear inflammatory. But con­
sider for a moment: If these findings are true (and while the life
span research has only limited value, the more rigorous medical
findings are incontrovertible), how could anyone with a heart for
the sufferings of others stand by in silence? Given the risks, the
only ethical approach to assisting men and women who consider
themselves homosexual-and especially youngsters still
wrestling with their emerging sexual feelings-must at the least
include a willingness to help them change not only the "high­
risk behaviors" but the homosexual "orientation" itself. There is
considerable evidence, presented in a later chapter, that homo­
sexuality is actually no more difficult to change than the high­                       Finding a Needle
risk behaviors themselves.
                                                                                       in the Ocean

                                                                       A       s you will recall, there are three disputed propositions at
                                                                               the heart of the debate over homosexuality today:

                                                                          1. Homosexuality is normal
                                                                          2. Homosexuality is innate, or inherited
                                                                          3. Homosexuality is irreversible

                                                                       In this chapter and the three that follow we will address the sec­
                                                                       ond point: "Is homosexuality innate and inherited?" As we will
                                                                       see, the very way the question has been framed-by gay activism
                                                                       and its media promoters-contributes seriously to our confusion.

                                                                      .Defining Our Terms
                                                                           .Let us start by defining our terms. When we analyze and dis­
                                                                         :cuss the causes ofa given behavioral trait, we find that each cause
                                                                      .. belongs to one or more of the following categories:
                                                                       _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _71
20                                                       Introduction   Introduction	                                                    21

claim that these three propositions stake out a critical framework       emotions that arise when "political power" is joined to "victim"
for determining the moral and political status of homosexuality.         status; outrage because gay activism distorts the truth and harms
   Traditionalists therefore present an argument that is precisely      not only society but homosexuals themselves, especially young
the opposite ofthe activists' contention at each point. Their argu­      people.
ment follows.                                                               To the extent that homosexuals have been victimized, we can
                                                                        only reach out in compassion for the suffering, struggling soul.
     •	 First, as a matter of biology, homosexuality is not innate,     HQw can our hearts not go out to the young, prehomosexual boy
        but a choice.                                                   or girl ~ho is already shy, lonely, sensitive, and wl)o surely suf­
     •	 Second, as a matter of psychology, homosexuality is
     •	 Third, as a matter of sociology, homosexuality is not nor­
        mal, but an illness or a perversion of nature.
                                                                        fers taunting rejection and maybe even beatings by the very peers
                                                                        he or she envies and most longs to be with? Can we really blind
                                                                        ourselves to the presence of that still-suffering child within the
                                                                        adult, however bristling and exotic an exterior with which he pro­


                                                                        tects himself? And finally, just how different is "the homosexual"           ;

   As the book develops we will examine these contrasting claims        from ourselves? We so easily see-and then look down on-the

from two distinct angles: First, to what degree are the claims true?    self-protective maneuvering in othJrs, which is far less painful

Second, what bearing does their truth or falseness have on the          than to admit it in ourselves.

"normalization" and moral status of homosexuality? If, for exam­           But the organized, political side of the picture is entirely dif­
ple, research shows that homosexuality is not changeable, would         ferent. Here we too often see on violent display the brute aspect
not the activists' hand be greatly strengthened? Perhaps stable,        of human nature in all its crudity, stupidity, vanity, selfishness,
monogamous homosexual couples should enjoy the same special             disregard for others, and disregard for the truth. Like so many of
privileges and incentives to family formation that conventional,        its predecessors, too often gay activism follows the dictum that
heterosexual couples enjoy: marriage, adoption rights, estate·          desired ends justify all means.
planning, inheritance exemptions, and so on. And shouldn't such            Here then is the conundrum we face now that gay activism has
individuals also be eligible without prejudice for positions of         burst onto the national scene. On the one hand we must decide
leadership and spiritual authority within churches, synagogues,         how best to counter the tactics of intimidation and refute the
public schools, and other institutions where moral leadership           false claims of a group that operates in the hostile mode of raw,
and influence are exerted? On the other hand, if research shows         power politics. On the other hand we must retain the profOWld
that this is not the case. should our conclusions be completely         compassion and fellow-feeling toward individual homosexuals
different? The answers are not so obvious as they may atftrst           that we ourselves need and yearn for from others. We must
seem.                                                                   respect as fellows the very individuals whom we may reject as           ~
                                                                        claimants in the public square.                                         t
The Politics Are Not the People                                            Gay activists, by contrast, deliberately seek to confuse these	      l
                                                                        two dimensions. They insist that respect for a person is identical      i
  My reaction to the gay activism that has spm,vned This massive        ""ith accepting his or her political claims for equality in all areas   i
debate-and here I find I am far from alone·---is entirely differ­       oflife. Even principled opposition is therefore tantamount to big­      t<

ent from my reaction to people who happen to be homosexual.             otry, "homophobia," and the equivalent of race-hatred.                  I
Gay politics arouses in me an exasperated, somewhat stifled, out­          But by deliberately confusing these two sides-the political          s
rage. exasperated and stifled because of the tangle of conflicting      and the personal-gay activism has created a dangerous mQn­              .
22                                                         Introduction                    Introduction                                                    23

ster. The lesser danger is that our very sympathy for the perse­                           common and lethal-that anal intercourse is safe so long as a
cuted will blind us to the social danger. In the name of a murky,                          condom is used.
confused "inclusiveness" we will thereby sell our cultural birth­                            The word lethal is deliberate. Even before we have examined
right for a mess of political pottage. The greater danger, by far, is                      the evidence, I cannot stress too strongly that anal intercourse is
that our justifiable protest will stifle and eventually kill our under­                    not safe for anyone, under any circumstances. As the evidence
standing that "homosexuals" are, as we will see, simply us. Should                         makes abundantly clear, anal intercourse is a terribly dangerous
this occur, we lose not only our birthright, but our souls.                                practice whose dangers mount with the frequency and multi­
                                                                                           plicity of partners, conditions that predominate among male
Lives versus Lifestyle                                                       if"
                                                                                           homosexuals. Gay activism is critical in the arena of education.
                                                                                           Teachers of youth should surely consider carefully before advis­
   Asecond arena where gay activism raises key questions is edu­                           ing a course of action that in thousands of cases has led to pre­
cation. In some ways this is the most crucial of all because it                            ventable death.
affects the attitudes and habits of the rising generation. There is          f£I"
                                                                              ~.~    .
no question that the failed AIDS education policies of the last              ~.
                                                                                           ATale of Three Conferences
decade and a half have had an effect-we now have a generation                 i
of twenty-year-old gay men with a certain mortality of 30 per­            "~t"
                                                                                               The third arena where gay activism raises key questions is in
cent. We can only wonder how many twenty-year-olds (who were                                the communities of faith. Here is where the battles over homo­
five when AIDS first appeared in America) might have been                 J?
                                                                          E,                sexuality will ultimately be lost or won-because, along with the
spared had activists made it their number-one priority to pro­                              family, communities of faith are the decisive shapers of beliefs
tect individual lives rather than the gay lifestyle. For as the recent       I~J~,.         and morals. The narrow questions ofhomosexuality-What is it?
survey The Social Organization ojSexualitymakes clear, the vast                             Is it normal? Is it good?-have become heated because they point
majority of youngsters who at some point adopt homosexual                  ."               toward the central questions ofhuman nature and morality: How
practices later give them Up. 7                                                             do we understand life and humanness? By what authority do we
   These young people, however, are the very ones told by edu­                              decide between right and wrong? What do we consider "the good
cators to treat homosexuality as equally good-and safe-as het­            ;.,.?.. :         life" and "the good society"? Is it truly possible for homosexuals
erosexuality. In one typical incident in the Northeast, a generally       '-l!./            to change? Thus, especially as gay activists demand full standing
liberal, nonreligious mother of a nine-year-old boy reported her                            in the hierarchies of religious leadership, they are forcing all of .)
son's return home in tears from public elementary school. He                                us in communities of faith to come to terms with what we reallXi;',r-;
hung his head in embarrassment and shame and finally told his                               believe and how we really mean to live our lives.                ":'"

outraged mother how the teacher had explained to the class how                ~t                Ultimate questions of right and wrong can always be foung)'

to perform anal intercourse "safely."                                        ~,

                                                                             ;,'            where the political intersects with the personal. For a relatiwlij
   These courses are careful to avoid presenting anal intercourse                 :v .      small percentage ofAmericans such questions ofrightandWIPI
as the predominantly homosexual practice that it is. (Data con­                             are determined solely in the privacy of their own reflectioJll)~F'
firming this will be presented later.) Students are taught to accept      -it      I:'~'
                                                                                            the great majority of Americans still work outtheir ans '
homosexual behavior fully without being instructed as to its typ­                           the context of their relationship to God, and thus in the
ical features and typical consequences. But this subtle distor­                             of a particular community of faith. This is why social .
tion of reality is minor compared to the major one that becomes                              always been moral law. And this is why our religiousinsti~
                                                                            A. P. A. Symposium Debates Whether Pedophilia,
                                                                            Gender-Identity Disorder, Sexual Sadism
                                                                            Should Remain Mental Illnesses
                                                                            by Linda Ames Nicolosi

                                                                            On May 19th, 2003 in San Francisco, at a symposium hosted by the American Psychiatric
                                                                            Association, severallorig-recognized categories of mental illness were discussed for possible
                                                                            removal from the u,pc0ming edition of the psychiatric manual.             , '" .. - .

                                                                            . The mental illnesses, being debated in the symposium at the AP~ 5 annual convention
                                                                              included the paraphilias-among which are pedophilia, exhibitiomsm, fetishism, trans­
                                                                              vestism, voyeurism, and sadomasochism.                       .

                                                                            Also being debated was gender-identity disorder, a condition in which a person feels per­
                                                                            sistent discomfort with his or her biological sex. Gay activists have long claimed that gender­
                                                                            identity disorder should not be assumed to be abnormal and is a healthy expression of pre­

                                                                            Dr Robert Spitzer responded to the symposium as a discussant, urging that the paraphilias
                                                                            and gender-identity disorder be retained in the psychiatric manual.

                                                                            Disagreeing, Psychiatrist Charles Moser of San Francisco's Institute for the Advancl:d Study
                                                                            of Human Sexuality and co-author Peggy Kleinplatz of the University of Ottawa presented
  19Ri$l\~~~'~~anmn'                                                        a paper entitled, "DSM-IV-TR and the Paraphilias: An Argument for Removal." They argued
       M~ail~ Ili3nwill1 ~ ~,:
          ,       '",'-
              ,,~--    ':,". . ,.      ,-      '.   '-,
                                                                            that people whose sexual interests are atypical, culturally forbidden, or religiously pro­
                                                                            scribed should not, for those reasons, be labeled mentally ill.
 20    Th~ Condition of F~ Homosexualify
 25 Minnesota Psydlologlst Threatened tor­                                  First, they say, different societies stigmatize different sexual behaviors. Furthermore, the
       Pro-~rIentalioo Therapy Stani:lJ
                                                                            existing research cannot distinguish people with the paraphilias, they say, from "nor­
 26 NeW Zealand Study' .                                                    mophilics" (the term the authors use for people with conventional interests). Thus there is
                                                                            no reason to diagnose paraphilics as either a distinct group, or psychologically unhealthy.
 '0 Attilmey ~urTle~ GaY Activfsm In

    Schoois with NARTH Resources

                                                                             Besides, Moser and Kleinplatz add, psychiatry has no baseline, theoretical model of what, in
  28   The."B!ave New World' 01 Men ~                             .          fact, constitutes normal and healthy sexuality to which it could compare people whose sex­
        !lf~;id{;"                                                      .    ual interests draw them to children, animals, or sadism/masochism.
. ,';.-'<·7.S~j};3.·':.:~;:~,-~, ;- ~ );;~ -">i ';';'~'\.~:   >       -~~
  2lf:~~wr.~BdY~~:                                                           "Any sexual interest," Moser concluded in an earlier published commentary, "can be healthy
               ._      "'c"':c' -' :;                             ';.
                                                                             and lif~-enhancing."
               '!'~~~_~L=: ,~ __
                                                                                          Psychiatry's Method for Defining "Mental Illness" Has Changed

                                                                            Moser and Kleinplatz note that the AP.A. once categorized a condition as a mental illness
                                                                            based on its psychological, emotional or developmental origins, along with the unconscious
                                                                            motivations that were theorized to cause the condition.

                                                                             But during the last three decades, psychiatry has moved away from reliance on theories of cau­
                                                                             sation-theories which, typically, cannot be verified-and instead sought direct, empirically
                                                                                                                                                         continued on page 2
provable evidence; not of the pathological origms of a condi­                    variation. Vv'hat is needed is more research on the treat­
tion, but of its disabling effect in the present. Without such                   ment of the paraphilias, particularly pedophilia. To remove
evidence for observable distress and disability, a condition is                  them from DSM- V would be the end of this much-needed
generally not considered to be a mental disorder,                                research."

People with "sexually unusual" interests, Moser and                              "yVhat is needed is not more research," NARTH's Joseph
Kleinplatz note, may in fact be quite happy and well­                            Nicolosi countered. "What psychology really needs for its
adjusted. But the APA's labeling of their conditions as                          advancement is not another study, but a more accurate
"pathological" fuels sodal discrimination against them,                          worldview. That worldview must take into account our
Moser and Kleinplatz wam, which can lead to distress                             created design, which inevitably involves gender comple­
and discrimination that is psychologically damaging,                             mentarity.

Furthermore, they say, since the APA, has no concept of
what "healthy sexuality" or even a "healthy personality"
actually entails, then ho\1,' can psychiatry presume to
                                                                                 "And," Nicolosi added, "we must agree on those things
                                                                                 that genuinely enhance human dignity. It's a measure of
                                                                                 how low the psychiatric establishment has sunk, that it
define "llnhealthy" sexuality? i\nd since many people                            would even debate the idea that pedophilia, transvestism,
engaging in these unusual behaviors are not" distressed"                         and sado-masochism could ever be expressions of human
or "disabled" by their interests, how can the A.P.A. justify                     flourishing."
continuing to pathologize them?
                                                                                 Psychoanalyst Johanna Tabin, PhD., of NARTH's Scientific
  IIPeople with Paraphilic Sexual Interests Suffer Like
                         Advisory Committee, also commented on the A.P.A sympo­
      Homosexuals Did Before the 1973 Decision"
                                 sium. "If the arguments prevail that are given for ignoring
                                                                                 these psychological problems, then suicide attempts must be
"The situation of the paraphilias at present," Moser and                         considered nonnal when they are desired by the partici­
Kleinplatz conclude, "parallels that of homosexuality in                         pants. And what about the sociopath, who-having no con­
the early 197(1"5."                                                              science-feels quite content with himself?"

Following the presentation of the papers at the sympo­                           "Uncommon 'common sense,'" Dr. Tabin added, "is sure to
sium/Dr. r'<~obert Spitzer r-2SFlJnl.::Ed "\;\/iih :.1 dt~if'nSi;~ b(tS2~        redssc~t itself-but in :hc- rnean.titne/ the D'lental health pro­
on a concept of natural law, as established by evolution,                        fessions are failing many suffering individuals by rigidly
Spitzer is the author of a study on change of sexual orien­                      adopting political correctness as the guide as to when peo­
tation that he presented at the 2001 American Psychiatric                        ple need help.
Association convention.
                                                                                 UAnd the saddest thing about the current climate," she
"Dr. Moser is incorrect," Spitzer said, "when he argues that                     added, "is that people who ask for help because they are
there is no scientific basis for distinguishing the paraphil­                    not at ease with homosexual impulses, right now are fre­
ias from more common sexual behaviors. In all cultures, as                       quently forbidden to obtain it."
children become adolescents, they develop ~m interest in
sexual behavior. That is how we are designed whether                             References
you believe this design is the \vork of Cod,. or by evolution
through natural selection, This design is clearly for the                        1. :YIoser, Charles and Peggy J. Kleinplatz, "DSM-IV-TR
purpose of facilitating pair bonding and interpersonal sex­                      and the Paraphilias: An Argument for Removal," paper
ual behavior.                                                                    presented at the American PsychiatriC Association annual
                                                                                 conference, San Francisco, California, May 19, 2003.
"The paraphilias, when severe, impau interpersonal sexu··
al behavior," Spitzer continued. "Sexual behavior that                           2. Special Section: Pedophilia: Concepts and Controversy;
facilitates caring bonding between people is nonnal - and                        Archives of Sexual Behavior, vol. 31, no. 6, December 2002,
that which impairs it is abnormal, not merely an atypical                        pp. 465-510.

    Staff Writer: ROY WALLER.
          . The N,ARTH Bulletin is published three times yearly by the National
    AssoClatlOn ot Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, a educational
    association. For information contact NARTH, 16633 Ventura Bfvd Suite 1340,
    Encino, California 91436, (818) 789-4440                         '                                      "'Victory on the Bow of a Ship"

August 2003                                                                 -,
                      International Academy of Sex Research Joins the Debate:

                                  Is Pedophilia a Mental Disorder?

      In a recent issue of the Archives of Sexual Behavior - the official journal of the In ternational Academy of Sex Research­
                  some psychologists say that "unusual sexual interests" should not be considered mental disorders.

                  Bruce Rind, author of the 1998 meta-analysis tJult claimed to find little or no harm in man-boy sex,
                                          joins the discussion; other commentators disagree.

                                                        By Linda Ames Nicolosi

The Archives of Sexual Behavior pub- , - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ­                                                ia as a mental disorder because we know so
lished a special edition in December                                                                                  little about adult-ehild sex at this time, and
                                                               ,I"..... , ," ,:1""
2002 to discuss whether pedophilia                                             \"~.,,
                                                                                        1,,'1' ..... ·.. ' .... ,·
                                                                                                                      because of the potentially hannfu1 power
should remain a mental disorder.                                                                                      discepancy between children and adults.

Opening the debate, prominent              •.~'.".">".'.>"'.'~.~'.'''.'o•"• • • • • •~. societycloses"discriminate" against people
                                                                        c	              But he not his commentary by urging that
author and writer Richard Green,                Arch ives of                            who are sexually attracted to chilci.rm.
M.D., J.D. argued in favor of remov­
ing pedophilia from the diagnostic
manual (DSM).
                                               SEX UA L                                                               Looking at the issue historically, argues
                                                                                                                      psychologist Robert Prentky, the age for

Green was one of the clinicians who, in        B EHA V lOR                                                            sexual consent used to be ten in England
                                                                                                                      until about 100 years ago. So, when, he
the 1973, took the side of gay activists       Th< Of/lcial Publlcallon of thr
                                               Inlcrn"lil1nal Academy of Sc, Rt,<3rch
                                                                                                                      wonders, is "a child no longer a child?"
to argue vigorously for removing                                                                                      Certainly there are some 12-year-olds, he
homosexuality from the manual.                                                                                        says, who are mature enough to give
In a second article, "The Dilemma of	                                                                                 valid consent for sex. Prentky also
the    Male     Pedophile,"       Gunter                                                                              observes that some of our culture's most
                                                                                                                      beloved heroes were"dearly pedophiles"
Schmidt, D. Phil., makes a sympa-                                                                                     -including, he says, the authors of the
thetic case for the pedophile who,                                                                                    children's classics Peter Pan and Alice in
Schmidt says, must "remain abstinent                                                                                  Wonderland.
for significant periods of time" and "lead a life of self-
denial at significant emotional cost." Schmidt calls for a               The debate in the Archives provides an eye-opening view
new, "enlightened discourse on morality" with the recog­                 into the philosophical reasoning employed in the discussion
                                                                         about what should be the defining criteria for mental illness.
nition that "in view of the pedophile's burden, the necessi­
ty of denying himself the experience of love and sexuality,"                                                         Criteria for Mental Illness
he deserves sodety's respect.
                                                                         Why should pedophilia not be considered a mental illness?
Furthermore, Schmidt argues, molested children don't                     Richard green makes the case by considering several factors.
always appear to be harmed. A 1998 study by Bruce Rind,
Schmidt notes, found that many boys grow up to have posi­               Distress. One of the criteria for mental illness is subjective
tive or neutral memories of their man-boy sexual experiences.           distress - and, Green notes, many pedophiles are not dis­
                                                                        tressed about their attractions at all-except, he notes,
                   The Issue of "Consent"                               about being the possibility of being jailed. In fact, "some
                                                                        celebrate their interests, organize politically, and publish
Many of the commentators in the Archives argued that chil­              magazines or books."
dren are usually too immature to offer valid consent for sex
with an adult. But the issue of consent is actually not the point       Disability. Considering another marker of illness, "disabil­
at all, another writer responded-for no parent asks his chil­           ity," Green says, psychiatry must not let itself be locked
dren for their"consent" before baptizing them into a church.            into the narrow definition of disability currently dictated
                                                                        by our culture. When we broaden our view to consider
A number of the commentators stated their disapproval of the            other cultures over time, Green explains, we see that many
moral influences exerted on society by its Judeo-Guistian her­          African tribes and even the andent Greeks considered
itage, which has traditionally stigmatized child sexuality.             man-boy pedophilia to be a helpful rite-of-passage into
Psychiatrist Richard C. Friedman, the author of Male
Homosexuality: A Contemporary Psychoanalytic Perspective                Animal Behavior. Looking at normality from the perspec­
and a number of related research papers, says that it would             tive of the animal kingdom, Dr. Green looks at a close
be "more helpful than harmful" to continue to view pedophil-            genetic relative, the pygmy chimp, or bonobo. Studies
August 2003	                                                        3
S}10W that the bonabo hods erotic contact with babies of its        play IS viewed as beneficial to their healthy development./I
own species, And that behavior isn~ t likely harmful to the         Is lack of "consent" a valid reason to call pedophilia harm­
babies, Green says. because it's the babIes themselves that         ful? No, Dr. Ng notes, "the seemingly righteous and
often initiate the contact                                          humanitarian debate on child self-determination" is noth­
                                                                    ing more than "another game adults play to impose their
Frequency of Occurrence. Green says that pedophile attrac­          own values on children."
tions aren't even especially unusual Studies prove that
manv so-called "normal" men with (Onventional sexual                After all, Ng notes, "How often do the adults [in the West]
inte;ests can, in fact, be sexually aroused In a laboratory         trv to ascertain 'valid consent' from their children before
setting when they are shown erotic photos of little girls           g~tting them to do most things?" For example, have par·
                                                                    ents "sought valid 'consent' from their children before bap­
SO.' is the pedophile a dysfunctional person? ),[0; Gre€ n          tizing them soon after birth?"
says; in truth, there appear to be quite a number of "high­
ly'skilled pedophiles" _. in fact, ev'en some beloved public                                 "Unequal Relationships

figures-so a simple explanation of "social inadequacy"                                  Are Not Necessarily Unprincipled"

doesn't explain their psychological condition
                                                                    Dr. Paul Okami of UCLA agrees that unequal a power
Taken together, Green says, these findings converge on the          imbalance is not the issue. History is full of examples, he
conclusion that pedophilia is not a mental disorder _. at           notes, of unequal relationships that "work" for the indi­
least "not wuess we declare a lot of people in many cul­            viduals involved-for example, a professor and his stu··
tures and in much of the past to be mentally ill."                  dent marry"and live happily ever after." An unequal rela­
                                                                    tionship doesn't violate principles of justice or fairness in
               A Change i1\ Sexual Morality                         sexual relationships, Dr. Okami says, "unless one views
                                                                    sexual relationships as similar to hand-to-hand combat."
Dr. Gunther Schmidt says that the Western world was once
dominated by Judeo-Christian principles, and we used to             Actually, he says, the real problem in pedophilia traces
judge particular sex acts like adultery, sodomy! and sado­          back to Christianity. People "detest" pedophilia because
masochistic sex as intrinsically wrong. But now those old           Christianity has given our culture a restrictive attitude
"prejudices/' he says. are fading aww.                               ~O\I\-J.:cd ~i~2   II   ~-:dL.l.lallSl.i('- Li~uIJ. illlJ IllS s~xual UlShnctS.

What anyone decides to do sexually with another person is           Cluistianity, Okami says, "regards children as sinful hea­
toda'l cdnsidered morally acceptable, he says, as long as a         thens who need the devil beat out of them. The end result
valid agre€ m ent is negotiated. But because the child is           is a powerful desire to save priceless, lovable, sacred innocents
usually too immature to give his "consent" pedophilia               from something dangerous, clirty, disgusting and sinful."
must continue to be seen as harmful
                                                                    Dr. Bruce Rind agrees with Dr. Ng and Dr. Okarni that lack
However, Schmidt notes, even though the child is too
                                                                    of consent from the child doesn't necessarily mean adult­
young to agree to sex, it's certainly not tme that harm
                                                                    child sexual relationships are harmful (Dr. Rind was the
always results from d1ild molestation. i\nd evpn some
                                                                    lead author of the 1998 study that was attacked in the
boys"who were actually forced into sex \\'1th a man against
                                                                    media by radio personality Dr. Laura SchleSSinger. The
their will, Schmidt says, later remember those experiences
                                                                    Riild study concluded that there was little or no psycho­
as having been "favorable to their dev'elopment" and
                                                                    logical harm in man-boy sexual relationships.)
 'interesting and enjoyable."

And because <In attraction to children is   d   basIC part of the   Dr. Rind notes that many other societies, today and in the
pedophile's identity--·jn other words, "who he is"- the             past, have endorsed sex between a man and a boy. And,
pedophile's self-denial of gratification is, in fact, "tragic."     what is necessarily wrong with a power imbalance? After
                                                                    all, Rind says, some parents force their children to go to
     Others Say the Issue of "Consent" is Irrelevant                church! And couldn't religious indoctrination, for that
                                                                    matter, be harmful to the child?
Not all of the writers in the Archives ab'!"ee that a power
imbalance renders a relationship psycholOgically harmful                              Even Man-Boy Incest

or subjectively unsatisfying.                                                May Be Remembered Positively, Says Rind

For example, psychiatrist Emil Ng, M.D. of the University           To back up his claim that pedophile relationships can truly
of Hong Kong says that in ancient Chinese history, children         be consensual, Rind describes several cases of men who
are described as "natural sexual beings," and romances are          say they benefited from-and even initiated--their child­
portrayed 1A'ith children as young as ten years old in sexu­        hood sexual experiences, including a "positive" recollec­
al relationships ",ith each other, or with adults-and "sex          tion of father-son incest.
August 2003
              Should Gender Identity Disorder                    if the sadists and fetishists were to organize as did the gay
                     Be Normalized?                              activists, they, too, might find their conditions normalized.

Will preventive therapy for homosexuality be prohibited,         Yet, ironically/ thirty years later in 2003/ Spitzer changed
Dr. Bieber asked in 1987/ when homosexuality is normal­          his mind. It was Dr. Spitzer who argued for the retention of
ized? His musings may have been prescient, for at its most       those conditions in the DSM at the 2003 A.P.A. meeting.
recent meeting, the American Psychiatric Association con­
sidered the possible removal of childhood gender-identity        References:
disorder from the diagnostic manual. Gay activists have
long argued that childhood gender nonconformity is a             Bieber, Irving, "On Arriving at the American Psychiatric
healthy precursor to adult homosexuality.                        Association Decision on Homosexuality/" in ScientifiC
                                                                 Controversies: Case Studies in the Resolution and Closure of
                   Bieber vs. Spitzer, 1973­                     Disputes in Science and Technology, 1987/ edited. by H. Tristam
              But Spitzer Modifies Views in 2003
                Engelhardt Jr., and Arthur Caplan. Cambridge U. Press.

Back in 1973/ during theAPAdebate about homosexuality,           Socarides, Charles, "Robert Stoller's Pain and Passion: A
Robert Spitzer responded to Bieber that the paraphilias          Psychoanalyst Explores the World of S & M," 1995/
should perhaps also be removed from the DSM-II - and that        Psychoanalytic Quarterly, volume LX 14/ #2/ pp. 404-407.

                              CANADIAN TEACHER HARRASSED


                                                      By Roy Waller

An article in the May 18/ 2003 edition of the Edmonton Sun       FollOWing his suspension, Kempling sought assistance
details the consequences suffered by British Columbia            from his professional union, the British Columbia Teachers
schoolteacher and counselor Chris Kempling for publicly          Federation. After initially offering him some legal help,
stating his views on homosexuality.                              the union then categorically refused any further support.
                                                                 "His views are antitheticdl to our position about the inclu­
Mr. Kempling's troubles began when he was handed a               sion of gays, lesbians, transgendered and two-spirited peo­
one-month suspension from his teaching position by the           ple in our society/" said the union president.
British Columbia College of Teachers, for writing a series
                                                                 Neither would the British Columbia Civil Liberties
of letters to newspapers setting forth his opinions about
                                                                 Association take up the free speech issue. "If there are gay
the way local school sex-education programs present
                                                                 students in that school - and you can bet your bottom dol­
homosexuality to children.
                                                                 lar there are - they're going to keep their heads down and
                                                                 they certainly aren't going to resort to Mr. Kempling for
Kempling, a Christian, pointed out that many religions           advice," declared Association president John Dixon.
consider homosexuality to be immoral. Further, he cited          Dixon also suggested that Kempling/s religious beliefs
scientific studies which show instability and health risks       would bias his performance in his counselor's duties.
associated with a gay lifestyle, all of which were omitted
from mention in the school programs.                             Kempling/s church, however, contributed $30,000 to his
                                                                 defense fund, and several voices in the media spoke out
The Sun story says that Mr. Kempling specifically                positively on the matter. One Canadian newspaper, The
addressed his comments to the public forum of the news­          Victoria Times-Colonist, noted the irony that the College of
papers/ letters column, refraining from sharing his view­        Teachers would focus so intently on the homosexuality
points in the classroom.                                         issue, "yet it can/t bring itself to get rid of demonstrably
                                                                 rotten teachers, and can only issue reprimands to some
                                                                 who have had improper relationships with students---or,
But that didn't spare Kempling from being suspended              in one recent case, flashed them."
from his job. He received virtually no negative feedback
concerning his letters from other members of the faculty,        Mr. Kempling told the Sun that the College's ruling has the
students, or parents. However, the College of Teachers           potential to end his teaching career because its decision
charged that "Mr. Kempling used his status as a teacher to       will be distributed to educational institutions throughout
give credibility to his views."                                  the continent.    _
August 2003                                                  7
One boy had several relationships with men, starting when            ent a paper at the May 2003 American Psychiatric
he was age 11, " all of which he viewed as very positive. He         Conference on pedophilia-supported Rind's observa­
thinks the sex helped his sexual self-confidence; as he              tions. Psychiatry, he said, is ethically obliged to help those
matured, he knew exactly what he wanted in sex, while his            people who have unusual sexual interests pursue their
peers were still searching."                                         subjective ideal of personal fulfillment.

Another man saw the childhood intimacy he had with a                 "Any sexual interest can be healthy and life-enhancing,"
man as the "highlight of his life."                                  Moser concluded.

Still another boy started having sex with his own father at
age ten, and now (he is 33 years old) he looks back on their         Reference:
incestuous relationship as "beautiful, pure" and full of
love. He said he "cherished the intimacy."                           "Special Section: Pedophilia: Concepts and Controversy,"
                                                                     in Archives of Sexual Behavior, vol. 31, No.6, December 2002,
Dr. Charles Moser-the clinician who was invited to pres­             p.465-51O.

                               Work of Bieber, Socarides and its Relevance
                                    in the Debate on the Paraphilias
                                                      By Linda Ames Nicolosi

In 1987, a paper was published by psychoana­                                      relations and perform work effectively-may
lyst Irving Bieber, entitled "On Arriving at the                                  coexist with severe psychopathology.
American Psychiatric Association Decision on
Homosexuality." That paper casts an illumi­                                                   Social-Values Shift
nating light on a debate taking place today:                                       Affects Understanding of Psychopathology
the recent discussion at the American
Psychiatric Association Conference about                                          In his 1987 paper, Dr. Bieber described the
whether or not the paraphilias should still be                                    deletion of homosexuality from the American
considered mental illnesses.                                                      Psychiatric Association's diagnostic and statis­
                                                                                  tical manual as "climax of a sociopolitical
Irving Bieber was one of the key participants                                     struggle involving what were deemed to be
in the historical debate which culminated in                                      the rights of homosexuals."
the 1973 decision to remove homosexuality               Irving Bieber, M.D.
from the psychiatric manual.                                                       Many observers have noted that our cultural
                                                                     shift toward moral relativism has caused Americans to dis­
        The Revised Standard for Mental Illness                      like making evaluative distinctions. There is a reluctance to
                                                                     promote any vision of what it means to be fully human, or to
In that paper, Bieber describes psychiatry's shift to an             claim to know anything about the nature of a healthy sexu­
"adaptational" perspective of normality. At the time he              ality, the best family forms for raising children or even the
wrote his paper, the diagnostic manual was in the process            nature of good character. Legal scholar Robert Bork believes
of severing itself from established clinical theory, Bieber          that this reluctance to make distinctions may be an inevitable
notes, particularly psychoanalytic theories of unconscious           consequence of a democratic political philosophy carried to
motivation. The new DSM criteria for mental illness                  the extreme, while simultaneously coming untethered from
required instead that substantial "distress, disability and          its moral roots. When our democracy began to lose its
disadvantage" be characteristic of a particular psychologi­          grounding in self-restraint and responsibility-------that is, the
cal condition for the condition to be considered disordered.         foundational values of its Judea-Christian cultural heritage
                                                                     ---then a new political philosophy began to emerge which
On first consideration, Bieber argues, the new criteria              placed freedom and self-expression, not a search for some con­
sound plausible. However, he o.bserves, we see its startling         cept of the truth about human nature, at the top of its values
consequences when we apply it to a condition such as                 hierarchy.
pedophilia. If a pedophile is happy and otherwise well­
functioning, then would he be "normal"? No, Dr. Bieber                                 Defining HomosexuaHty
argues, because psychopathology can be ego-syntonic and
therefore not cause distress. Furthermore, he noted, social          Bieber freely admitted to the difficulty of putting homo­
effectiveness-that is, the ability to maintain positive social       sexuality in an appropriate category: Is it a developmental
August 2003                                                      5
arrest, or an illness? Is It a constitutional disorder, a genet­       Passion: A Psychoanalyst
ic misprint, a habit? Through his longterm research on the             Explores The World Of S&M.
subject he concludes that homosexuality is not a normal
sexual adaptation,                                                     In his book, Stoller acknowl­
                                                                       edged the psychodynamic
In support of this conclusion, describes in detail the well­           causes of sadomasochism, and
known research study he conducted in 1962, involving a                 then described practices, uten­
SOD-item questionnai~ and 106 male homosexuals, with a                 sils, and bodily parts used in
comparison group of 100 male heterosexuals,                            sadomasochistic performanc­
                                                                       es. He offered a six-page listing
Mothers, In that studY, Bieber found a dose-binding, inti­             of the various methods used to
mate mother who tended to interfere with her son's                     inflict pain and humiliation on
assertiveness, and who tended to dislocate his relationship            willing victims, including the       Charles Socarides, M.D.
with the father, siblings, and peers, However, he also                 clifferent hanging teclmiques
observed that homosexuality can develop without the                    used to achieve orgastic ecstasy.
dose-binding-intimate, mother-son bond.
                                                                                     "Sadomasochism Not Abnormal"?
Fathers. But the most SIgnificant finding of the Bieber
                                                                       But then, Stoller claimed that sadomasochism was simply
study was that of the detached father. "The father-son
                                                                       a matter of personal sexual taste--no more psychological­
relationship was almost the diametrical opposite of that
                                                                       ly abnormal than "dislike of zucchini." He asserted that
between mother and son. The paternal portrait was one
                                                                       only our deep prejudices" about what we think of as "sex­

of a father who was either detached or covertly or
                                                                       ual perversion" lead us to label it abnormal.
overtly hostile," he reported, While there was some
variance in the mother-son relationship, DL Bieber
                                                                       Socarides responded that Stoller had failed to propose an
reported,                                                              adequate understaIlding of pathology; for we must take
     "The father-son relationship, however, revealed                   into account the unconscious processes that drive a behav­
     uniformly an absence of loving, warm, construc­                   ior. Othenvise, he explains, we not only "render chaotic"
     tive patemal attitudes and behavior. In my long                   our understanding of unconscious psychodynamics, but
     experience, I have not found a single case where,                 we grossly distort the interrelationship behveen anatomy
     In the developing years, a father had a kind, affec­              and psychosexual identity,
     tionate, and constructive relationship with the son
     vvho becomes homosexual. This has been an                             The New Psychiatric Diagnostic Criteria, Bieber

     unvarying finding. It is my view, ' that if a father                            Agrees, Are Inadequate

     has a kind; affectionate, and constructive relation­
     ship with his son, he will not produce a homosex­                 In arguing for the normality of homosexuality in 1973, the
     ual son, no matter what the mother is like,"                      Psychiatric Association pointed to the excellent occupa­
                                                                       tional performance and good social adjustment of many
Same-Sex Peers. Dr. Bieber's study In fact found a continu­            homosexuals as evidence of the nonnaley of homosexuali­
ity of poor relationships with males, beginning with the               ty, (Note: the same arguments were rec~ntly made in the
father, older brothers, and same-sex peers in childhood, He            May 2003 symposium at the American Psychiatric
concludes,                                                             Association conference by those in favor of normalizing
     "The consistent history of UilleInltting fear of and              pedophilia and the other paraphilias; see our cover story).
     hostility to other males tluoughout childhood hds
     led me to conclude that male homosexuality is                     But good perfonnance at work and seemingly normal
     basically an adaptation to a disorder of a man's                  social adjustment does not, Dr. Bieber countered, exclude
     relationship with other men."                                     the presence of psychopathology. Psychopathology is not,
                                                                       he notes, invariably accompanied by adjustment problems;
Of the 106 homosexuals who started psychoanalytic thera­               therefore, those criteria are inadequate to identify a psy­
py, 29 changed to exclusively heterosexuality, which repre­            chological disorder.
sented 27 percent of Bieber's total sample.
                                                                       When the APA.•vas considering normalizing homosexu­
           Socarides Adds to the Critique of the                       ality, a task force was set up to study the condition, but the
          "AdaptationaI" View of Mental Illness                        members chosen, Bieber says, included not a single psychia­
                                                                       trist who held the view that homosexuality was not a normal
Charles Socarides also argued against the" adaptational"               adaptation. To reinforce their demands, gay activists held
definition for mental illness in a review he wrote several             demonstrations at scientific meetings, which increased the
years ago describing Robert Stoller's book! Pam And                    pressure on the Psychiatric Association.             continued

A.ugust 2003                                                       6
                                                                                            p. lc- "- lr-- I 1/' C L:,
                                                                                                                      f    ,         '­   ,J

Dear Council Person,
                                                                                      I f..'J   ,.., r· ..
                                                                                          i 2 i I'Y In:
                                                                                                Ul.                                       ': .
I am writing this letter to encourage you to vote against the sexual orientation proposal you will be .
voting on October 26        •                                                                   CIT y ~           I ;     0­

                                                                                                     .   I   L.   L   ,_ h     reI

This is a preposterous proposal and will cause all kinds of problems for    everyon~lc6~c~~'nel\~~~,;;', l: 1<
I believe if this proposal is passed it will cause all kinds of lawsuits, restrictions of many people's moral

convictions and cause ramifications beyond belief.

I cannot express enough my grave concerns for this proposal and again urge you to VOTE AGAINST this.

If this proposal is passed it will open doors for all kinds of sexual lawlessness.


Alberta Kohls

                                                  100CT21 r. I '"I
                                                                      .     .

                                                                                                                      8 ()
                                                                                                                      '3 ~


                    October 20,2010

                    Garry Gernandt                                                         ((}   k-   ..:..
                                                                                                      -       •...J

                    Omaha City Council

                    1819 Farnam Street

                    Suite LC-1

                    Omaha, NE 68183

                    Garry Gernandt:

                    I am very concerned regarding the ordinance before the City Council to change the City
                    Charter to amend some of the Omaha Municipal Codes to add prohibition of
                    discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender express
                    affecting employment and public accommodations within the City of Omaha.

                    As Lead Pastor of Glad Tidings Church in Omaha, whose members live in various areas
                    of the City as well as the surrounding metro area, I want to express my opposition to the
                    ordinance on sex orientation and gender issues. By passing this ordinance you would be
                    elevating and promoting unnatural behavior. This is foremost a moral issue, but it is also
                    a financial issue which will affect the Christian Church, Christian businesses, Christian
                    and Public Schools. The financial cost to the City and taxpayers should also be
                    considered. This ordinance will set a dangerous precedent.

                    Omaha is a family-friendly and safe environment in which to raise our children.
                    Therefore, I urge you to oppose this ordinance on moral grounds as well as financial


                   Walt DeVries
       ;'c        ,Lead Pastor
  .~<            ~"


 i'·               '.:

               ~- .,~


glad tidings
                     !. F.. (\
                            ,,'   ::- . \j
                                  L. \ .
                                             ~ ri
                                             .....   L.,

                        CITY       i~·L.:::'i;h
October 20, 20 I0,

Omaha City Council
1819 Farnam Street
Suite LC-I
Omaha, NE 68183

Dear City Council Members:

I am very concerned regarding the ordinance before the City Council to change the City
Charter to amend some of the Omaha Municipal Codes to add prohibition of
discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression
affecting employment and public accommodations within the City of Omaha and the City
of Omaha contracts.

As a citizen of Omaha as well as a board member for Omaha 4 Decency I want to voice
my opposition to the ordinance on sexual orientation and gender issues. It is an issue
which will affect all businesses and schools, but it is foremost a moral issue that will
affect the Church, Christian businesses, Christian Ministries, Christian and Private
Schools forcing them to abandon their beliefs or shut down. The financial cost to the City
and taxpayers will be high and should also be considered in the midst of our present
budget crisis.

This ordinance is not about equal rights, but about special rights which will set a
dangerous precedent. You will be elevating and promoting unnatural and unhealthy
behavior. Omaha is a family-friendly and safe environment in which to raise our children.
Therefore, I urge you to oppose this ordinance on moral grounds as well as financial

Mary F. Forester
6041 Oak Hills Drive
Omaha, NE 68137

         r'T   .) 'I   '; \
         t..   t...L    .. J

     -M" c1 "·DO ~
     If t----.;.  _
 F\ EeEl V E[j
/0 OCT21 r""IO:',Lt
10 OCT 2 \   FH'   If}:   ','L~

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