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									                                                                        Fra n c i s Do ug l a s
                                                                        Memorial College
                                                                          Catholic College in the tradition of

                                                                               the De La Salle Brothers

                                                                                                          9 December 2010
From the Principal
This message from Lasallian Youth Ministry Coordinator,       Gaye Bolstad has worked to coordinate cricket, function
James Camden, should fill us all with admiration and a        as a skilled teachers’ aide and is a past parent of stu-
sense of awe over the generosity of these young men:          dents in our school. Her ability to organise in an effi-
                                                              cient, reliable and no-fuss manner will be missed by all
Congratulations to the following students from your Col-      who have depended on her work.
lege community who successfully applied for a Lasallian
Youth Ministry volunteer program in 2011. During Janu-        This week work began on our shelter/shade building.
ary, Nick Siffleet, (Class of 2007) will travel to a remote    This roofed structure will measure 20 by 14 metres,
Aboriginal school in Balgo Hills, WA. There he will live      stand on ten legs and be situated between Room 16 and
with the De La Salle Brothers and for ten days facilitate     the Anthony Hawkins hostel. We are grateful for a dona-
youth programs in the community. He will be assisted by       tion of $30,000 from our PTA and $20,000 from the Lion
twelve other students from Lasallian schools across the       Foundation, with the balance at present coming from
country. Nick returns to Balgo after being a part of the      parents’ donations to our Proprietor through the School
2008 Share the Mission program in Balgo. He will lead         Development Donation. The resulting structure will be
this yearʼs Summer Camp Team for the first time.Next           used as an all-weather area for Year 7 and 8 students –
year Alejandro Barrientos (Class of 2010) will participate    especially on our numerous inclement days over the win-
in the Lasallian Share the Mission volunteer program.         ter.
Alejandro applied and was accepted to volunteer for ten       I enjoyed my brief time with Taare Ruakere and more
months working at Luurnpa Catholic Primary School in          than 20 students who spent four days with sleep-overs at
Balgo Hills, WA. There he will live with a number of other    the Oakura Marae. They had opportunity for tikanga
young volunteers alongside the De La Salle Brothers who       training, outdoor activities, an excursion to Puke Ariki and
operate the school. He will assist teachers in the class-     a pleasing hangi. Their time there should enrich and
room and help coordinate a number of programs for the         broaden all of the boys.
young indigenous youth of the community.
                                                              Reports for Year 7 to 10 students are due home soon.
Please keep these volunteers in your prayers and we wish      They contain a wealth of information to discuss with your
them all the best of luck!                                    sons. May you enjoy the increased hours of company
                                                              you can share with them over the holiday period.
Monday’s assembly last week featured a liturgy to mark        God bless and Merry Christmas
the beginning of the season of Advent. This is the
Church’s season of expectation when we look forward           St John Baptist de La Salle – Pray for us
with renewed hope to the birth of the Christ child, the       Live Jesus in our hearts – forever
Prince of Peace, Emmanuel (God with us). In the south-
ern hemisphere we also look ahead to warm weather,            Martin Chamberlain
annual vacations and pleasing exam results.
                                                              Special Catholic Character Medallion
As the school year ends we bid farewell to valued staff       Ceremony 2010
members. Ian McGrath has served as Physical Education         To be eligible for a Medallion award a recipient must
teacher, Year 7 Dean and Coordinator of Football. It is       show:
                                                                    consistency in spirit of forgiveness
the latter role for which he will be remembered as the
                                                                    spirit of generosity
person who elevated the sport to its recent level of
                                                                    Christian attitudes
prominence. Ian will continue to live locally and will work
                                                                    courteous behaviour and good manners.
in the petrochemical industry.
                                                              Congratulations to the following Year 8 students who re-
Danielle Manu has worked here for eight years as home-        cently received their Medallions: Patrick Fisher-Evans,
room teacher in the intermediate school, Dean of Year 8       Bayley Southcombe, Logan Walsh, Michael Wells, Ryan
and as teacher in charge of provisionally registered          Sadler, John Frengley, Alex Gray & Ryuki Han.
teachers and new teachers. She leaves us to take up the
role of Deputy Principal at Marfell School. Danielle’s fam-   Danielle Manu - Year 8 Dean
ily shares a long tradition with this school and she and
her organisational skills will be missed.
Tabloid Sports                                               TSS Motocross 2010
Last Friday a tabloids sports day was organised by the       After a postponement due to weather conditions TSS mo-
Jasper's Group consisting of Year 10 students under the      tocross was held on 31 October 2010.
direction of Tim Stuck and PE staff.                         It was great to see such a large number of students out
                                                             there competing for Francis Douglas Memorial College,
                                                             and the College came in overall winner. It was a sunny
                                                             day with a slight breeze and the track started out quite

                                                             wet but dried and became a little bumpy by the end of
                                                             the day. There were no major crashes and riders and
                                                             spectators alike enjoyed some excellent racing with fierce
                                                             competition in all classes.
                                                             Best Individual Results:
                                                             Yr 7/8 Callum Holdt 1
The activities were well organised and FDMC and SHGC         Yr 9 Peter Baldock 3
students thoroughly enjoyed themselves participating         Yr 11 Blair Holdt 1, Anthony Hagley 3
fully in activities.                                         Yr 12/13 Dorian Neeson 3

Danielle Manu                                                Diana Blair

                                                             Donated Calves
Mission Action Day Update
                                                             Thanks to all those families who donated a weaner calf
We have had an excellent Mission Action Day (MAD)
                                                             this year. Most calves were collected this week and are
Walkathon Response.
                                                             now grazing on the school farm.
                                                             Special thanks to Callum Schrader, who worked tirelessly
A new record has been set for the annual walkathon ap-
                                                             for three days; Troy Stevenson and Jacob Abbott for col-
peal for fellow Lasallians. The current total stands at
                                                             lecting calves from all over Taranaki. We also thank Paul
$24775, just $225 short of the target set by the senior
                                                             Schrader of Normanby Fibreglass for the use of a ute and
students. It beats the previous record by $1500 and is a
                                                             trailer for the collection and the donation of a meal
wonderful statement of support that FDMC gives to other
                                                             trough for the farm. If you purchase a meal trough from
Lasallian educational institutions. We can still reach the
                                                             Paul this season let him know you are part of the FDMC
$25000 target if those students who have yet to make a
                                                             family and the school benefits from a cash donation.
contribution do so before the end of the year. If your son
                                                             Diana Blair
is one of those students please encourage him to reflect
the spirit of Francis Douglas Memorial College and make
a donation as a statement of thanks for all the great op-            Learn English as a Second Language
portunities he has by being able to attend this College.                      W I T T ESOL Classes
                                                                         start Monday 21 February 2011
Thank you to all of you who have generously responded                      Study full time or part time
to the need for sponsorship. May God bless you all for                Communication skills General English
your generous spirit.                                                   Pronunciation    Social interaction
                                                                     Reading & Writing skills Exam practice
Peter Costello
                                                                   Please contact: Carol Allen (06) 757 3260 or
                                                                       Lynn Murray (06) 757 3100 ext 8823
                                                                             for further information
Japan Trip April 2011                                           wickets with 2 runs on the board! However, Michael
We are well into fundraising for the event of 2011, and         Blanks and Daniel Bernet put together a good partnership
seek support from our school community.                         and the team recovered to 50 for 5. We were eventually
The travelling group will be: Tyler Fleming, Kent Sutton,       bowled out for 92. Unfortunately, Hastings had little trou-
Tane Butler, Ciaran Candy, Trent Dravitzki, Max Hutching-       ble chasing the runs and won the game in the 31st over.
Gough, Phillip Lepper, and Henry Nagel, accompanied by          On the next day we played Central Hawkes Bay College
Mr and Mrs Marris.                                              and the boys were out to put the bad start to the tour-
Our itinerary is travelling to Tokyo 8-9 April, then visiting   nament behind them. We batted first and scored a mas-
Kurashiki, Hiroshima, Himeji, Osaka and Kyoto, and              sive total of 262 off our 50 overs. The outstanding bats-
Mishima, returning home 30 April.                               man was Cameron Meads who scored his first century for
Fundraising Events For Japan Trip                               the College. He was supported by Blake Barrett (43) and
One of our important fundraising projects at the moment         Michael Blanks (49). We bowled extremely well and had
is our Christmas raffle, which is due to be drawn on De-        Central out for 115, with Jordie Barrett snaring 4 wickets.
cember 20th. There are three big hampers of mixed               The third day of the tournament brought light rain but
goodies, and tickets are $2 each. If you would like to be       the game was still held, we were playing Rotorua Boys
in, please contact one of our students, or the school of-       High School. Rotorua batted first and were all out for 55.
fice.                                                           Cameron Meads was the star again, bowling well and
Watch the school website also for details of a wonderful        taking a 5 wicket bag. The boys made short work of the
package of accommodation and luxury vouchers will be            run chase and reached the total 1 wicket down. With
available soon, hopefully through Trade Me. The third           some idle time on our hands, we travelled to Waipawa to
offer has been kindly made by McDonald Real Estate and          watch James Laver (master bat craftsmen) at work. The
Nigel Dravitzki: McDonald Real Estate agrees to offer di-       last day of the tournament saw the annual grudge match
rect “sponsorship” support to the FDMC group of stu-            with St John’s. St John’s batted first and scored a re-
dents going on the 2011 Japan trip on the following un-         spectable total of 146. All the wickets were shared. We
derstanding: Any member or family member/friend/                made a slow start to the run chase, scoring 40 runs off
acquaintance who lists their home under standard exclu-         20 overs. However , Blake Barrett and Michael Blanks
sive agency terms with McDonald Real Estate and sells           increased the run rate to 6 an over and the game was
their property under this exclusive agency then the             brought alive by some positive batting. Unfortunately, we
school/group shall receive $500. All enquiries under this       ended up 6 runs short in an exciting run chase. Michael
arrangement should be made firstly to Nigel Dravitzki           was the best of the batters scoring a well compiled 69
CEO 0274105103. This offer expires upon departure in            not out. Thanks to the boys for their fantastic behaviour
2011.                                                           on the trip and to the parents for coming along and sup-
Anyone from our school family who would like to offer           porting them also. We look forward to the tournament
holiday work for one of our students, please email Ruth         next year.
Marris at rum@fdmc.school.nz                                    Team List: Matthew O’Sullivan, Daniel Bernet (c)
                                                                Michael Blanks (c), Blake Barrett, Cameron Meads
Cricket                                                         Joel Scott, Henry Miles, Logan Crowley, Jordie Barrett,
The season has started well with all morning grade teams        Satch Pryor, Liam Vincent, Thomas Schaare
competing well in their respective grades. The semi-finals      Mark Wales
for 5th grade will be held this weekend with four of our
five teams in semifinals. The semi-finals and finals for        Finally, thank you to our major sponsor Timberco.
senior primary will be held over the following two Satur-       Please support Timberco for your timber requirements.
days (12 and 19 December).
Year 7 and 8 Interschool Cricket                                Thank you also to Stachurski Motors for supplying a vehi-
The Milo Cup is a national competition with 373 primary         cle for our FDMC Coach Debu Banik.
schools involved. The FDMC Milo Cup team has had a              Gaye Bolstad - Cricket Co-ordinator
very successful season making it into the top eight
schools in New Zealand. A special mention to Bayley
Wisnewski for his maiden century for the college. After
winning the Central Districts region, they had to play the
winner of the Wellington region where unfortunately
FDMC lost. The Milo Cup team were a credit to the col-
lege for reaching the top eight in New Zealand.
Year 9 & 10 Cricket
Last week the year 9 and 10 team travelled to Napier to
play in the inaugural Napier Boys High School colts
cricket tournament. The team was billeted by St John’s
College of Hastings and a huge thanks must go to them
for hosting our boys for the whole week. Many friend-
ships have been made through this and I hope it contin-
ues in the future.
Our first opponent was Hastings Boys High School. We
batted first and were in dire straits losing the first 4
Year 10 Retreat
STOP! Ask yourself: 'How many choices have I made so
far today? Who or what influences the decisions I
make?' These are examples of the questions we pon-
dered at our Year 10 retreat. We all make choices every
moment of every day and ultimately, the choices we
make have an impact on who we become! It is therefore
crucial that we make the best ones! We looked at how
best to utilize our 'assets' such as family, education, tal-
ents and skills that can help us arrive at the best destina-
tion possible. Our retreats were well supported by a
Leadership team of enthusiastic Lasallian Student Lead-
ers, and our invaluable Australian import, Br Anthony
(Tony) Cummins! We even took our retreat out to
TOPEC! Feedback from our year 10s indicates that
'Jockey's Up' was the favourite energizer for the day, fol-
lowed closely by the drama presentations based on the
parable of 'the talents'. Br Tony shared his knowledge
about the Lasallian network - 82 counties where Lasallian
educational centres can be found. He explained that
FDMC is part of the PARC Region (Pacific Asia Regional
Conference), one of eleven Regions in the international
Lasallian world, and spoke of opportunities available to
our students to 'Share the Mission' at De La Salle College,    Stationery for 2011
                                                               Please note that if your son is in Yrs 7 – 10 you will
                                                                          WHERE YOU GO FOR PRINTING

Auckland, Hohola Youth Development Centre, Papua New
Guinea and Luurnpa Catholic School, Balgo Hills, Austra-       be able to buy a stationery pack for him at the
lia. As is our tradition, we started and ended the day         college during the week prior to school beginning
remembering that we were (and are always) in the pres-         or in the first week of term. This can be done
ence of God.                                                   when you come to purchase uniform or any day
                                                               between 9am and 3 pm that week.
Leodrina Williams                                              Seniors (Yrs 11 to 13) should order stationery on
                                                               line via a link from the College website
                                                               www.fdmc.school.nz after 15 December 2010. To
                                                               avoid any delays orders should be placed by 15
                                                               January at the latest. This is the best way to order
                                                               to avoid shortages and delays and will ensure
                                                               your son has what he needs to start work on day

                                                                    Please support our cricket sponsor

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