Tenses by wuyunyi



                 simple            progressive                          Perfect
present          Is/am/are/現       Is/am/are+V-ing Have/has +           Have/has +
                 簡V                                   pp                been + v-ing
past             Was/were/簡        Was/were +         Had + PP          Had + been +
                 過V                V-ing                                V-ing
future           Shall/will +      Shall/will + be + Shall/will +       Shall/will +
                 原形 V              V-ing             have + pp          have + been +

1.   There are always disputes between employees and employers.
2.   I’m still teaching English in CSU.
3.   I have taught English at CSU for 5 years.
4.   I have been teaching grammar for my students for 2 hours.
5.   I have been waiting for him since 12:oo.
6.   I was interviewing applicants when the phone rang.
7.   When I got to the school, the class had started.
8. He had had his breakfast before he came to school.
9. We had been working on the project for 2 months before he joined us.
10. My family had been phoning me before I got home.
11. What will you be doing at this time next year?
12. I will go to Taipei for vacation next weekend.
13. I will have taught English at CSU for 6 years by 2008.
14. I will have been working for 2 hours by the time the other colleagues get to the
15. I’ll have been working for 2 years by the time my sister graduates from CSU.
                   Exercise (tenses and voices)

1. My co-worker always ____ a cup of coffee as soon as he gets to work.
   a. drinking   b. drink   c. are drunk      d. drinks

2. Since the development of advanced technology, weathermen ___ the weather
   forecast with greater precision.
   a. have report b. had reported c. are reporting d. have reported

3. Based on the latest census, the population of NY ____ by approximately 18% in the
   past 5 years.
    a. have increasing b. has increased c. is increasing       d. has been increased

4. While the secretary ____ for the delivered package, she was answering the phone.
   a. is signing    b. was signing     c. signed d. had signed

5. Due to the tornado, our plan to go on a vacation in Florida had to be postponing.

6. I ___ in the rain for half an hour. That’s why I’m soaking wet!
     a. waited     b. wait     c. am waiting d. have been waiting

7. This is the first time I ____ the CEO.
    a. meet       b. met     c. have met d. am meeting

8. We ____ with the same supplier for more than 10 years.
    a. work b. works c. are working         d. have been working

9. Kensuke ____ the training department 6 months ago.
    a. has joined b. was joined c. joined d. joins

10. Sorry! I ____ using the computer yet.
    a. haven’t finished     b. don’t finish     c. will not finish   d. hasn’t finished

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