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					          MT. DIABLO HIGH SCHOOL
                                     Hart Fairclough
                                            1st Edition
                                          November, 1966


At a testimonial honoring "Pete" Kramer back in 1958, I was stirred by the stories and accounts
of many "old-timers" present, as they re-lived the generations of Mt. Diablo football of by-gone
days. Wouldn't it be something to dig up the historical facts of the past, statistics and records
of previous teams and players and put it into print for all to enjoy -- before the past gets lost?
So the idea of this work had its start.
In the spring of 1960, I gathered a group of ball players, went over to the Contra Costa Ga-
zette in Martinez and we went through all the back issues -- way back to the "depression" days,
the Titanic sinking in 1912 and the write ups of old Diablo football games. Some busy years
went by. Then in 1964 and 1965, additional trips were made to the Gazette files along with
many trips to the old copies of the Transcript dating back to 1905.
Then the careful compilation and organizing of all data began. Players, team statisticians,
coaches' wives, faculty, secretaries, commercial and art classes, all pitched in and played their
part in this, the first edition. From this start, hopefully, will come improved editions in the
future -- with even more facts and accuracy based on corrections and additions that the many
alumni will start to bring in -- as "rebuttal" or to clarify, or to add to the colorful history of
football at Mt. Diablo.
It is hoped that the great events and deeds of the past will once more come to life in this work
and that it will serve to stimulate interest in the present and inspiration for young athletes of
the future.
-- Hart Fairclough
For the procurement of the information in this work, our thanks go to the many football
players, statisticians, former coaches and alumni who contrubuted both time, help, and encour-
agement during the past six years it took to finalize this Almanac.
For the final publication of this edition, we are indebted to Mr. Piwkiewicz, Mrs. Bechtold, Mr.
Navone, and their various student production groups for their fine effort in producing the
booklets in such a short time.

To Whom It May Concern!
Alumni and all others with factual information relative to Mt. Diablo's football past, are encour-
aged to send such information to the school so that it may be incorporated into future editions of the


Behind-the-scene of every meritable work there often stands, "in the shadow", and unknown, a
selfless worker of matchless quality and devotion. There was such a young man involved in this
work -- a student statistician -- who, over a two year span, "did a job" that only he and your
author could know.
                                        Leslie J. "Les" Norris
                                 (January 19, 1949 - June 7, 1966)
                                   this first edition is dedicated.

         few years back when someone did some cleaning at the school, I acquired a copy of
        this almanac that Coach Hart Fairclough compiled over a six year period and published
        in 1966. What a treasure! I want everyone to have access to it and enjoy it, because I
am sure there are now perhaps a handful of people who even know about it!
Lack of interest and generally disappointing season records of the past many decades have
resulted in that no statistical records have been kept. If any of you Red Devils have kept
records, - for football or for any sport - I hope you will share with your fellow alumni. I
would be happy to post them here for everyone's reference.
-- Christina Huvelle, '85
Mt. Diablo High School opens, but without a building. Students hold class at local elementary
school. Professor George Wright elected principal.
First Commencement. Two graduates--both girls.
Four students graduate. Three girls and a boy.
Total pupils during the year was 62, average daily attendance was 55. The three faculty mem-
bers were: Professor Wright, Miss Lunny, and Miss Crocker. The Board of Trustees consisted
of six.
Concord Transcript, Sat. March 25, 1905
Front page column heading:

"Ground Broken For High School"
Mr. H. Kittredge becomes principal.
Mr. E. Dixon served as principal for one year, and then Mr. Roger Phelps took over the posi-
tion in 1910.
Until some "old-timers" can come up with some evidence to the contrary, the first printed
record of a Mt. Diablo football contest occured in 1909, but the game itself was actually on Jan.
1st, 1910. Here is the only account of it from the Martinez paper:
Daily Gazette, Dec. 30, 1909
Alhambra vs. Mount Diablo
The football teams of the Alhambra and Mt. Diablo Union High Schools will meet in a dreadful
combat on the dridiron at the county seat on New Year's Day.The game will be played on the
Alhambra grounds adjacent to the Pacheco road. It will not be a strictly high school students
contest, both sides having reserved the privilege of enlisting outside talent under certain
restrictions. In any event, it will be an interesting meet and as there are no other public sports
scheduled for the great first day of the year, a big crowd will doubtless be present.

Concord Transcript, Saturday, Nov. 25, 1922
A Tie Football Game at Antioch Last Saturday
Concord High School Football Team met Antioch High School Football Team on the Antioch
gridiron last Saturday.The score was a tie 0 to 0 but the Concord boys played on the enemies
territory most of the time in the alst three quarters.The boys did mighty well considering the
weak line they had. One of their tackes missed the train, but the team showed spirit and went
into the game for all they were worth. One of the features of the game was the repeated punt-
ing of Antioch, but the Concord boys ran them back as fast as they were kicked.Those worthy
of mention are Arlo Sperry for his splendid playing on left end, and Russell stow for his tack-
ling on the defensive, Clark Leh for hisgameness and Roy Bibber he always passed the ball the
same and that countsfor a good deal in a football game.When Antioch meets Concord on the
Concord field it will be a close and speedy game but Concord will win and the whole team is
willing to back me up on saying this.

Concord Transcript, Saturday, October 28, 1911
1911 Football Schedule (American Football)
Nov. 18, Mt. Diablo vs. Antioch --- 0 to 0 away
Dec. 2, Mt. Diablo vs. Antioch --- 0 to 0 home
Dec. 23, Mt. Diablo vs. Antioch --- 0 to 10 away
(On same dates above Martinez played Richmond in Rugby)
Average Daily Attendance at that time:
Martinez 52
Antioch 41
Brentwood 35
Crockett 48
Richmond 137

"Clark Leh's (Fullback) father moved from the East to manage the Cowell Plant. Being used to
Eastern Football tradition, he was instrumental in getting the high school to have a football
team." --- Roy Bibber

Football Game a Tie
Concord Transcript, Saturday, December 16, 1911
The Score 0 to 0 in the Game Last Saturday - - - December 23 the Date for Game at Antioch.
The second game of a series of three scheduled to be played between Mt. Diablo Union High
School and the High School team of Antioch was played on the local athletic grounds last
Saturday afternoon and resulted in a tie game 0 to 0 - the last game played at Antioch played
some time ago.
The score does not tell the real result of the game, however, as the ball was in Antioch territory
the major portion of the time, and only for an unfortunate fumble when the ball was near
Antioch's goal the Concord boys would have made a touchdown but 'twas ever thus. The
teams are very evenly matched.
There was a fair attendance and everyone enjoyed the game. The Antioch boys were accompa-
nied by quite a number of their schoolmates and were royally entertained. Lunch was served
and there was dancing both before and after the game.
The third game will be played at Antioch, December 23, and the Concord team is confident of
The manager of the local team would be pleased to have the names of all those who are going to
attend the Antioch game as soon as possible.
Get busy! Join the crowd - go to Antioch next Saturday - you will have a good time - see a
good game, and help the team financially.
Go and root and then come home the victors.
Mt. Diablo's Line-up for the first game with Antioch in 1911 was as follows:
Arlo Sperry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Left End
Raymond Sawyers . . . . . . . . . Left Tackle
Herbert Elworthy . . . . . . . . . . Left Guard
Roy Bibbler . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Center
Fred Charles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Right Guard
Propser Olivera. . . . . . . . . . . . Right Tackle
Aerden Randall . . . . . . . . . . . . Right End
Elwin Williams . . . . . . . . . . . . .Quarterback
Russell Stow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Left Halfback
Clark Leh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fullback
Ralph West . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Right Halfback
League Standing:Antioch 1stConcord 2nd

1913 - 14
Contra Costa Gazette, October 18, 1913
Concord, October 14 -- By the score of 8 to 3, the Crockett team defeated the players of the
Mt. Diablo Union High School in the football game on the local grounds last Saturday
afternoon. Crockett's strength lay in her scrum line. The star play, however, was the 80 yard
run for a try by G. Titcomb of the Concord team. The Concord High School boys turned out
in force to root and sing their school songs. Tom Lewis of Crockett acted as referee.
Next Saturday Concord will play Antioch at the latter place. It is expected that nearly the
entire membership of the school will make the trip to witness the game.
Contra Costa Gazette, October 25, 1913
Concord, October 20 -- The Antioch team defeated Mt. Diablo High of Concord by the score
of 6 to 3 in the Rugby football game played in Antioch Saturday.
Taylor and F. Noca made the touchdowns for Antioch High, one in each half. George
Murchio made the three points for Concord by a touchdown in the first half.
The game was called at 3:30, ten minutes before the time so that the big Concord delegation
could catch the returning train. The Concordites declared that they might have secured an-
other touchdown in that ten minutes as the ball was close to Antioch's goal.
There was no quarreling and the game was marked throughout by harmony between players
and officials. Murchio made several good runs for Concord and Lemriel Dunn did some good
kicking. Taylor and the fullback W. Noia were the star players for Antioch.
Mt. Diablo sent a delegation of 44, including all the teachers. One-third of the visitors were co-
eds. Tense rivalry was shown in the rooting, neither school losing any opportunity to fill in the
intermissions with songs and yells.
1913 Football Schedule (Rugby)
Oct. 14, Mt. Diablo vs. Crockett --- 3 to 8 home
Oct. 20, Mt. Diablo vs. Antioch --- 3 to 6 away
Mt. Diablo vs. Martinez ---
League Standing: Antioch
Squad Members:
George Murchio -- Back(scored only goal vs. Antioch)
G. Titcomb -- Back(scored only goal vs. Crockett)
Lemriel Dunn -- Kicker

The CCAL (Contra Costa Athletic League) was comprised of five high schools in Rugby
competition: Riverview, Alhambra, Mt. Diablo, Crockett and Brentwood.
1914 Football Schedule (Rugby)
Mt. Diablo vs. Brentwood -- 37 to 0(first League game)
Mt. Diablo vs. San Ramon -- 1 to 0(forfeit)
Nov 21, Mt. Diablo vs. Antioch --- 8 to 0 away
Mt. Diablo vs. Richmond --- 9 to 0
Mt. Diablo vs. Danville --- 58 to 4
Mt. Diablo vs. Crockett -- 4 to 7 = 11 (protested game)
117 to 11
League Standing: MD Championship
Team Captain:George Murchio
Manager: Fletcher
Forwards:Thomas, L. Randall, Foshing, Noia, Crenna, Hook, Elworthy
Center three: Dunn
Right Wing: Groves
Daily Gazette, Martinez, Monday, November 23, 1914
Concord Team Too Much for Rugbyites of the Riverview High School in Game at Antioch
By a score of 8 to 0, the rugby fifteen of Mt. Diablo High School of Concord won the football
championship of Contra Costa County Saturday afternoon on the Antioch grounds defeating
the fifteen of the Riverview High. This gives Mt. Diablo the pennant for the year, the Concord
team having won from Alhambra by default and going through the season without meeting
November 5, 1914

Locals Defeat Champions
The football team of the Concord High School was in the best of form last Saturday when they
gave Antioch her first defeat by a score of 8 to 0. The game was fought untiringly from start to
finish, neither side giving up till the game was over.
Both teams realized they had a hard game coming and they met in the pink of condition -- each
determined to win.
The Concord boys, after the Crockett game, saw the necessity of a coach and determined to
have one if the bill had to be paid from their own pockets. However, the school trustees kindly
agreed to "foot" the bill and the hearty thanks of the Student Body is hereby extended to them
for their kindly aid. This is the first championship that Mt. Diablo has taked for many years
and it has been featured by heavy financial reverses. Traveling expenses were paid from their
own pockets. They were unable to purchase suits and were often described by their rivals as a
"bunch of tramps". However, the locals now have the laugh on their opponents as they think of
the score which reads as follows: Concord 9, Richmond 0; Conocrd 58, Danville 4; Concord
37, Brentwood 0; Concord 4, Crockett 7 (protested); Concord 8, Antioch 0; total 116 to 11.
The victory over Antioch is due in a large respect to the new Coach who in five days brought
the team from defeat at the hands of the cellar boys to victory over the champions. There is no
doubt but that the name of Mike Smith will be remembered in the high school for a long time.
Captain Murchio also deserves his share of credit for leading the first victorious team since
Rugby was introduced.
1914 lineup as follows: Forwards: Thomas, L. Randall, Fashing, Noia: Mgr., Fletcher, Crenna,
Hook, Elworthy; center three, Dunn: left wing, Rideout; right wing, Groves, Treat; fullback
"The Mt. Diablo Bucket" was used as a symbol of the season. Games won were indicated by red
and green strips painted on the side. The bucket and stripes denoted the schools first champi-
1915 Football Schedule (Rugby)
Mt. Diablo vs. Alhambra -- 21 to 0 home
Mt. Diablo vs. San Ramon -- 9 to 0 away
Mt. Diablo vs. Antioch --- 3 to 0 home
Mt. Diablo vs. Alhambra --- 11 to 0
Mt. Diablo vs. John Swett --- 0 to 0
Mt. Diablo vs. John Swett --- 3 to 0
46 to 0
Won: 5Lost: 0Tied: 1
League Standing: MD Championship
Squad Members
L. RandallMartin Frandsen
1916 Football Schedule (Rugby)
Mt. Diablo vs. Antioch --- 13 to 0
Mt. Diablo vs. Danville --- 37 to 0
Mt. Diablo vs. Crockett --- 32 to 0
Mt. Diablo vs. Brentwood --- 51 to 0
133 to 0
Won: 4Lost: 0Tied: 0
Coach: Jack Dillon
Squad Members
L. RandallJ. Lindeman

San Francisco Bulletin, November 13, 1916
"There are only 27 boys in Concord High School altogether, yet their rugby fifteen has this
season established a record in its way that challenges comparison with that of the All Blacks!"
"In four games these speed marvels of Contra Costa County have scored 133 points to their
opponents 0, in the course of four games."
"Jack Dillon, who used to play in Barbarian uniform some years ago, is doing the coaching. The
fellow who is doing most of the scoring is Lindeman."
"There is a possibility that Concord will come to Berkeley and play Berkeley High in the pre-
liminary game before the All Star match on Thanksgiving day."
November - Rugby
L. Randall was the star of the game, carrying the ball over the goal line for a score five times.
Concord Transcript, Thursday Evening, November 30, 1916
Football Team Entertained
The girls of the Mt. Diablo Union High School were hostesses at a banquet and a dance at the
school last Friday evening. The members of the football team were the guests of honor. The
banquet, prepared by the girls of the Domestic Science Class, was cooked to the taste of a king,
and the girls received the just praise of all who partook.
The dance was also greatly enjoyed by a large crowd.

The school enrollment at Mt. Diablo High -- 148 students. Miss Bertha Romaine becomes
schools 5th principal.
1917 Football Schedule (Rugby)
Mt. Diablo vs. Alhambra -- 1 to 0
Mt. Diablo vs. Riverview --- 8 to 0
9 to 0
Won: 2Lost: 0Tied: 0
League Standing: 1st

The Concord Transcript, Thursday Evening, October 16, 1919
High School News
At the Student Body meeting last week a heated discussion took place after which it was de-
cided to play football this season.
The Concord Transcript, Thursday Evening, November 13, 1919
High School Notes
The football game with Martinez was postponed because of the disability of one of the players.
1919 Football Schedule
Mt. Diablo vs. Antioch --- 0 to 30
0 30

Mr. Hugh Hunter becomes first full time physical education instructor and football coach on
the faculty.
1920 Football Schedule
Mt. Diablo vs. Alhambra --- 13 to 20 home
Mt. Diablo vs. Alhambra --- 27 to 0 home
40 to 20
Won: 1Lost: 1Tied: 0
Coach: Hugh Hunter

The Transcript, November 2, 1922
School Spirit
The boys of the Mt. Diablo Union High School are displaying their school spirit. The football
field was so covered with rocks that Mr. Hunter spoke to the trustees about it. The trustees
told Mr. Hunter that if the boys would show their school spirit, they would make a new track
this year. Mr. Hunter said if they would furnish him with some rakes he would do the best he
could on the field. The boys raked the field until there was hardly a rock left. When the league
football games started last Saturday the field was in good order.

Mr. Clarence Wells (U.C.) is the new football coach.
In the game against Alhambra, the Devils almost upset the favored Alhambra. Versus Hay-
ward, Guest of Mt. Diablo, took the ball over the goal line the last quarter, but the touchdown
was not awarded. The linesman claimed Guest had crawled over. The final score was 0 - 0.
At an evening football rally the school's "Alma Mater" song was first presented to the student

Mr. Pete Kramer (W.S.C.) becomes new football coach.
Contra Costa Gazette, October 16, 1925
Referee Blocks Path of Tackler and Diablo Back-Field Man
Races Down Field with Winning Touchdown
The game had reached its final minutes of play and Mt. Diablo had the ball. As Diablo at-
tempted a forward pass, the referee turned about to look toward the sidelines and remained
directly in the course of Hartz of Alhambra heading straight for a successful tackle. In dodging
the referee Hartz lost ground and the Diablo man got away for the winning touchdown of the
The final game of the season, a re-match against Alhambra, was for the county
championship. Alhambra won 12-0.

Contra Costa Gazette, November 6, 1926
Tony Ciciola of Pittsburg recovered a Diablo fumble behind the goal line and raced the entire
length of the field (100 yeards) for the most sensational touchdown made in League play this
Mt. Diablo upset undefeated Alhambra 7 to 0 in the last game.
Contra Costa Gazette, October 22, 1927
There's trouble a-brewing in the Contra Costa High School Athletic League according to a
report. Antioch accuses Pittsburg of permitting Billeci and Hunn, the latter said to be nearing
25 years, to play in the Pitt-Antioch games.
In the 8th game versus Alhambra, the Bulldogs led 13 to 0 going into the 4th quarter. Diablo
came to life at this point, scoring twice to tie it up with only minutes to go. Just before the
gun, Alhambra attempted a pass which was intercepted by Stoeckle for a final Diablo touch-
down and victory 20 - 13.

10th Game -- Championship play-off game versus Antioch.
"Mt. Diablo ahead 7-0 in the 2nd quarter. Antioch punted from their 15 yard line. "Nat"
Richardson, Mt. Diablo defensive Half Back was blocking an Antioch end coming down. The
ball hit him on the helmet and bounced past the Diablo Safety Duarte and Antioch recovered it
on the 10 yard line. Antioch went on the score and move ahead to upset Diablo out of the

The Concord Transcript, Thursday, November 15, 1928
No League Rival Was Able to Score Against the Local Team
November 9th Diablo finished a perfect league season by defeating their old rivals, Alhambra,
28 to 0. This was Diablo's sixth straight league win without a score made against them. Diablo
has scored 111 points to none for their opponents. This establishes a record that will be hard
to beat. Not since Pittsburg has entered the league and six games have been played by each
team, has any school gone through without defeat, let alone without an opposing score.
Daily Gazette quote:
During 6 consecutive league games, Diablo with one of the best teams the County has ever
seen, held its opponents scoreless while it ran up a total of 111 points. After winning the league
championship, they lost a one point heart-breaker to Hayward in the North Coast Section
----- in league play, Diablo's opponents never had possession of the ball inside the Diablo 30
yard line! (6 games)

There were 502 students and 27 faculty members at Mt. Diablo High School.
Daily Gazette, Wednesday, November 6, 1929
"Those Devils, They Set Fire To The Panther Bonfire Pile"
Alhambra bonfire woodpile stacked 30 feet high by the Sophomore class was touched off by
Mt. Diablo students during the night. This pile was being readied for a big rally tomorrow
night to burn the "Red Devil" himself in effigy. The pile is to be rebuilt and carefully guarded.
Daily Gazette, Thursday, November 7, 1929
"Devils Again Raid Campus Of Alhambra, Paint Bleacher
"Diablo High" in glaring red letters was discovered by thunder-struck students and faculty of
Alhambra High this morning. Coach Pete Kramer of Diablo came to Martinez shortly after to
arrange for the re-painting of the bleachers by Diablo students while the school principals were
speaking to their respective student bodies to desist from any further reprisals in the interest of
the game.
Mt. Diablo tied for the league title with Pittsburg and Antioch, but lost the play-off game to
Pittsburg, 6-0. Pittsburg went on to beat Antioch 8-0 for the title one week later.

Contra Costa Gazette, November 20, 1930
"...the C.I.F. had ruled upon a question raised by Alhambra on the elifibility of Parson Ramalia,
star half-back of Pittsburg. The committee held Ramalia was within the 21 years age limit."
Daily Gazette, November 19, 1930
Charging "deliberately inflicted injuries", Antioch High today severed athletic relations with
Pittsburg High. This decision was announed by Principal Roger Phelps.

Forty-nine boys turned out for the team.
In the John Swett game DeRosa, from behind the 50 yard line, threw a pass to Mellor, who ran
in the end zone to give Diablo the win over favorite John Swett.
In the Antioch game, Louis Ferreira scored two touchdowns, one of them being a 94 yard kick-
off return.
Holleman, Diablo guard, made first string all county, with end Mellor, guard Candenasso and
quarterback DeRosa on the second string squad. Also named later was Ogilvie as first string

Hayward scored in the last three minutes of play. Hayward punted to Diablo and Barlow
fumbled deep in Red Devil territory. The ball bounded to the one yard line where a Hayward
player recovered. On two plays the Farmers scored a touchdown, but the attempt at conver-
sion failed.
With the exception of the "break", the Hayward eleven was unable to get anywhere against the
hard playing Diablo line.
Antioch Game
"Coach Kramer of Diablo with a lightweight backfield placed many of his backfield men in the
line to bring the teams weight down to the 150 lb. level required in the Antioch game." (For
this game Barlow moved to cneter and Newman to tackle)

Jim Barlow and Ben Newman were the stars of the league.

Contra Costa Gazette, Saturday 21, 1935
In the first quarter Americo Grossi punted from Concord's 40 yard line and the ball rolled out
on Hayward's 4 yard line. Hayward attempted to return the punt but kicked short to one side
and Arnord Bjork, "Red Devils" half back took the ball on the 30 yard line and ran over for a

In the first John Swett game, Mt. Diablo had the ball on the 4 yard line at the end of the first
half, and on the 1 yard line at the final gun. The Crockett team won 6-0 by completing 10 of
12 passes for 125 yards passing to Mt. Diablo's 120 yards passing.
In the second John Swett game, Lyman "Beans" Glasgow made a famous 103 yard run "---in the
3rd quarter, John Swett leading 12-0, Glasgow caught a punt on the goal line. He was hit by
two tacklers and it looked like a sure safety as he was forced back 3 yards. But in the same
manner he wriggled out of the group of the two Crockett men and hot-footed it down the
sidelines - 103 yards, the sensation of the entire Contra Costa football season."
Daily Gazette, October 17, 1936 (Pittsburg game)
"Coach Pete Kramer's Mt. Diablo High footballers pushed the highly touted Pittsburg Pirates
all around the gridiron at Concord yesterday afternoon, but the steel city eleven connected
with two long passes toward the end of the game to win 13-0.
Outweighing Mt. Diablo by a considerable margin, the Pittsburgers were outclassed by a fight-
ing horde of "Red Devils" and in the first half Concord made 75 yards against 31 by
Pittsburg. Score at half time was 0-0."
All County Selections:Lodin - Right Tackle and Ferrier - Full Back

Two wins over Pittsburg, 8-0 and 8-6, closed an extremely successful season. Standouts for the
team were: Captain Paul Schmidt, 3 year All County Guard; Bob Foskett, 2 year All County
Guard; and Frank Lodin, 2 year All County Guard.
First place in the League.
Diablo closed a very successful year at football, placing several men on All County teams and
winning the mythical county championship for the 2nd year in a row.
"One of our finest ball clubs" - P.J. Kramer

Won league again, 3rd in a row.

Diablo's first game with its new "offspring" school, Acalanes, almost ended in a 0-0 tie. But in
the closing minutes of the game, Norm Van Brocklin place-kicked a 35 yard field goal to give
Acalanes a 3-0 margin.

Although behind 12-0 early in the game, the Devils came back to win 18-12 over Acalanes.

Dick Piedmonte raced 72 yards to the tying touchdown after catching Bill Woods' heave in the
Armistice Day classic with Alhambra.

The last game of the season was a big upset -- Diablo 14, Pittsburg (and John Henry Johnson) -
Peter J. "Pete" Kramer ends 23 year coaching span as Red Devil Football Mentor! (1925-1947)

Mr. James Dent becomes principal upon the retirement of Miss Bertha Romaine. Phil O'Neill
(S.F. St.) takes over as new football coach.
In the Alhambra game, Frank Edleman received a pass, fumbled it twice, recovered it both
times, then ran 45 yards for a touchdown.

Mr. John Cleary becomes principal as Mr. Dent moves up as first Superintendent of the newly
formed Mt. Diablo Unified School District.

Fullback Paul Johnson was leading league scorer (33 in league, 65 for season). Diablo outscored
all other teams in the league. At the end spot, Diablo had All-CCCAL Jerry Annis.
Mr. Ferd Diel becomes principal of Mt. Diablo High School. Rod Franz (U.C.) is new football

Fullback Bill Edelman:
111 1248 1311.1 17

In the Alhambra game, Edelman scored 6 touchdowns to break a 12 year record.
Famous 19-19 tie game at Pitt Stadium
The Red Devils powered by Edelman, Jeffry, Terraberry, Gonzaga, Macaffrey and McKean led
13-0 at the half. The score moved up to 19-0 in the 3rd quarter, but just after the Diablo first
unit was taken out, Pittsburg came to life and scored a touchdown. The Diablo regulars re-
turned to the game, but had lost their momentum. At the end of theh 4th quarter, Sonny "The
Deacon" Dunham burst up the middle for a 3rd score, kicked his 1st PAT, and it was all tied
up. With only seconds remaining, the Red Devils drove deep into Pitt territory, but time ran
out before the threat could be finalized.
Edelman selected for North Shrine All-Star Team.

Against Antioch, Phil Parslow returned a 4th quarter kickoff from the Diablo 12 yard line to
the Antioch 2 yard line --- 80 yards and no touchdown. Diablo scored on the next play to win
a close game.
The final game against Acalanes was played in a blinding 60 mph wind and rainstorm. All
Diablo's points (19) were scored in the first half. Final score 19-0, giving Diablo the Champi-
Captain Russ Steele and Coach Rod Franz selected for North Shrine All-Star Team.

Orval Steffen (Colo. St.) becomes new football coach.

Mt. Diablo and Pittsburg played a scoreless game until late in the 3rd quarter when both teams
made a touchdown. Final score 6-6.

Hart Fairclough (U.C.) is new football coach.
Antioch was dedicating their new stadium "Eels Field", the night of October 18th, as Diablo
completely dominated the Panthers during the first half. However, 105 yards in penalites and a
last minute long T.D. pass by Antioch just before the end of the 2nd quarter gun, and the Red
Devils found themsleves going off the field at the half all tied up at 6-6. A fired up Antioch
eleven came back the 2nd half, took over control of the game, and rolled to two more touch-
downs and a commanding 18-6 lead. With 5 1/2 minutes left in the 4th quarter, the Panthers
were driving once more towards the Diablo goal. Antioch then threw a deep pass from the
Diablo 32 yard line, but safetyman Al Allison intercepted on the 7 and returned the ball back to
the Diablo 32 yard line where the Antioch play had started. At this point, 68 yards away and 4
1/2 minutes left, the rest of "the miracle" started in earnest.
A pass from Allison to Zuur was good to the Antioch 38 yard line, and a pitch to Casey on an
end around play went the rest of the way for the touchdown. Allison held, Trette kicked, and
the score was now 13-18 Antioch and 3:02 on the clock.
It was quickly decided to kick off normally, rather than try a hastily unprepared "on-side
kick". The defense would now have to hold and force a punt after 3 plays in order to get the
ball. However, Casey's kick-off went short to the 19, and Antioch got off a strong return up
to the 42. On 1st down they made 3 yards, 2nd down, -- 3 yards, and on 3rd (and 4 to go) they
were held to 2 yards. Faced with a 4th and 2 at mid-field, and 1:08 on the clock, Antioch went
to the punt, but the Diablo defense swarmed in and blocked it.
It was now the Devils ball on the Panther 46 yard line, and 58 seconds left. Allison to Casey
was good for 16 yards to the 30 yard line. Allison then passed to Zuur who stepped out of
bounds on the 14 yard line and the clock was supposedly stopped with 21 seconds
remaining. The clock, however, kept running on out until a multitude of pretests caused the
officials to have the clock "backed up" to 19 seconds.
On the next play, Casey swept around right end and into the end zone with 12 seconds left to
bring Mt. Diablo one of its greatest comeback victories, 19-18.
El Cerrito Game -- (Gary Casey's Big Night) - September 27, 1958
First quarter, Mt. Diablo kicked off to El Cerrito. The Diablo defense held well and on 4th
down, El Cerrito punted and Diablo took over on its own 46 1/2 yard line. Three plays later an
El Cerrito lineman broke through and stole the ball during a poor Grichuhin to Casey hand-off
in Diablo's backfield. Three plays later El Cerrito was in the end zone on runs of 16, 8, and 14
yards and led with the score of 7-0. El Cerrito kicked off. After two plays we fumbled on our
own 38 yard line and El Cerrito recovered. Four plays later, aided by a 25 yard pass, they had
scored again. With only several minutes left in the 1st quarter, El Cerrito was leading 13-0.
After their 2nd touchdown, Casey returned the kick-off 65 yards for a touchdown (13-6). In
the middle of the 2nd quarter, El Cerrito moved to the Devils 10 yard line. With 4th and 5 they
passed. Casey intercepted just inside the end zone and ran it out to the 41. Seven plays later
Mt. Diablo scored. The key plays were a 14 yard pass, Grichuhin to Lichti, a 13 yard run by
Casey, and the scoring play, a 25 yard wing reverse by Casey. Thus, the score was tied 13-13
with only enough time for El Cerrito to return the kick-off to the 34 as the gun went off.
El Cerrito kicked off after half time to our 16 yard line. Casey returned it all the way, 84 yards
(32-13). Towards the end of the game, Diablo fumbled a reverse on their own 13 yard line and
El Cerrito recoveered. Three plays later they scored. Final score, 32-20.
Gary Casey had his hand on the ball 9 times during the game. The first time, he had the ball
stolen right after the hand-off. The next 8 times he scored 5 T.D.s while gaining 379 yards. His
yardage was made as follows:
Casey's Game Stats:
1st carry - had ball stolen0
1st K.O. return +65 T.D.
Pass interception +41
2nd carry +13
3rd carry (reverse play) +25 T.D.
2nd K.O. return +84 T.D.
1st punt return+61 T.D.
2nd punt return +85 T.D.
3rd punt return +5
(Also during the game Gary kicked off 5 times, punted twice, and played most of the game as a
defensive back.)

32-13 upset of undefeated Pittsburg at Steel City breaks Tony Knapp's Pirates 5 year domina-
tion of the league and gives Red Devils 1st crown since 1953.
Gary Casey is selected to play for North Shrine All-Star Team in Los Angeles.
In the second quarter of the Pittsburg game with 0-0 score, Pittsburg drove from their 21 to
our 3 and fumbled. After 3 plays Ed Johnson Punted from our 8 to the 47 yard line. He
actually kicked from within the end zone. The punt was returned from the Pitt 45 to the
47. When tackled, Pitt fumbled, and Ed Johnson picked it up and ran the remaining 47 yards
for a touchdown. Between the kick and the run, Johnson moved the ball from one end zone to
the other. Diablo went on to win the game 19-6 and gain a "cinderella team" league champion-
ship -- 2nd year in a row.

Third successive league title for the Red Devils. Players Tom Brown and Marty Piscovich and
Coach Fairclough selected to participate in North-South Shrine All-Star Game in Los Angeles.

"Rags to riches" squad - composed heavily of juniors, kept improving and tied unbeaten #1
team in the East Bay - Antioch. Came from behind (0-6) in the 4th quarter to beat Pleasant
HIll to tie for the League title. As news of the Pittsburg upset of Antioch reached Diablo field
in the middle of the 4th quarter, the Devils went on an 80 yard drive to win the game 7-6. Then
they held off a last minute Pleasant Hill bid inside the 10 yard line.
Captain Mickey Workman was selected to North Shrine All-Star Team.

Next to last game was with undefeated and untied Pittsburg. Diablo held Pitt to 0 yards
rushing and 27 yards passing. Their star halfback, Al Wright, was held to -6 yards. Mt. Diablo
won 13-0 to take DVAL Championship.
Mike Schomaker was selected to North Shrine All-Star Team.

To be continued..........

Coach Fairclough has generously donated his supplements for the '66, '67, and '68 seasons, and
these will be added soon!
Come back regularly to see the latest updates! Coach Hart Fairclough on the gridiron again at
the MDHS Centennial, October 24, 2001. Two years later at the 100th All-Class Reunion, the
Red Devil Stadium was renamed "Hart Fairclough Stadium" in the coach's honor.

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