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                           CUB SCOUT PACK 89
                        BY-LAWS AND GUIDELINES

The By-Laws of Cub Scout Pack 89, of Yongsan Post, Seoul, Korea, are those established and adhered to by the
BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, our parent organization. Following are the background and policy
statements/guidelines of Cub Scout Pack 89, as set down by the Pack Committee.

The Cub Scouting program is made available to families who choose to register-their first through fifth grade
sons in the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA (BSA), through a CUB Scout pack. CUB SCOUT PACK 89 is
sponsored by the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Seoul, Korea.

Currently, Pack 89 accommodates families living in and near Yongsan Army Post and Hannam Village housing
areas, and who are authorized access to U.S. Government facilities in Korea. This does not exclude residents of
other vicinities; however, families living in other areas are encouraged to join and support a Cub Scout Pack in
their own neighborhood, whenever one exists.

The objective of Pack 89 is to provide a wholesome learning experience for our boys, through a satisfying,
fun-filled, character-building program of activities.

For Pack 89 to successful fulfill its obligation to our boys, each family must share in the administration of the
Cub Scout program. Parents(*) must understand, before they enroll their sons,. that Cub Scouting is a program
for THEM to participate in WITH their sons. Responsibility for the success of the Pack begins in the home,
extends to the den, the neighborhood, and then to the Community.

Participation in, and enjoyment of, the Cub Scout program can be assured only by proper planning and guidance
from the adults involved. Listed in the following sections are some of the obligations and guidelines which must
clearly be understood by the parents, and agreed to, before their boy can be registered with Pack 89.

* The term "Parent" (or "Parents"), as used throughout this document, may be replaced by the term "Guardian"
or "sponsor", as appropriate to the individual boy's family situation.

1. Boys who are in Elementary School Grades First through Fifth, but are not over the age of eleven (11), are
eligible for registration in Pack 89.
2. Boys who are six (6) years old and/or enrolled in First Grade are eligible to affiliate with Pack 89 as TIGER
3. Boys who are in second and third grades (or 8 or 9 years of age), respectively are in Wolf and Bear dens.
When they complete third grade they graduate to a Webelos den. All boys in these grades must first earn their
BOBCAT (Rank).
4. Boys who are entering the Fourth and Fifth Grades, will pursue the WEBELOS Rank. A boy in this category,
without prior Cub Scout experience, will be assigned to a Webelos den, but then must earn the BOBCAT Rank
before he earns any Webelos awards.

1. A Den Leader, or any Adult Leader, upon notification of intent by a prospective Cub Scout wanting to join
Pack 89 will:
a. Notify the Pack Committee Membership Chairperson (or Committee Chairman or Cubmaster in the absence
of a Membership Chairman) of the prospective. Cub Scout's name, address, telephone number, and other
pertinent information.
b. Encourage the boy and his parents to attend a Den/Pack meeting, to help him in his decision to join the Cub
scout program.
2. The Pack Committee Membership Chairperson (Committee Chairman or Cubmaster in the absence of a
Membership Chair) will:
a. Contact the parents to discuss these "BY-Laws and Guidelines", the Cub Scout program, parent support and
the needs of the Cub Scout.
b. Provide a Registration Form and a copy of these "BY-Laws and Guidelines' to the Parents and, upon return of
the completed registration form collect required registration fees.
c. Turn-in the completed Registration Form, pay appropriate fees to treasurer.
3. The Pack Committee Chairperson will have the responsibility to place a boy in an appropriate Den, and to
form new Dens when needed and Adult Leadership is available. If the Den that the boy wishes to join. is full,
every effort will be made to place him in another Den within his neighborhood. Upon. placement, the Den
Leader will fill out the "Individual Cub Scout Record". If he cannot be placed immediately, his name will be put
on a waiting list, until another Den is formed or an opening occurs in an existing Den. No registration fees will
be collected until Den placement is accomplished.

4. TIGER CUBS: Pack 89 Tiger Cub Dens will be coordinated by a Tiger Cub Organizer. Any Adult Leader,
upon notification of intent by a parent of a prospective Tiger Cub, will notify the Tiger Cub Organizer or
Cubmaster or Committee Chairman.
a. Each prospective Tiger cub, and one of his Parents, will comprise a "Team of Partners".
b. When 4 teams have indicated an interest, the Tiger cub Organizer may form a Tiger Cub Den.
c. New Teams may be added to any existing Tiger cub Group, or their names may be put on a waiting list until a
new Tiger Cub Den is formed, at the discretion of the Tiger cub Organizer or Cubmaster.
d. According to BSA Guidelines, all Tiger Cub Dens are completely integrated into Pack 89 just like all other

5. WEBELOS SCOUTS. The Webelos leaders will keep the Cubmaster informed of boys eligible to be
advanced to Boy scouts. Webelos scouts I anticipating advancement into Boy scouts must attend one (1) Troop
meeting (if possible) during 45 days prior to the anticipated crossover.

6. ADULT LEADERS: The Pack Committee Chairperson, and/or Cubmaster, will contact the Parents of the
new member to discuss their registration for needed Adult Leader positions, or as Pack Committee members.
Adults volunteering to be Pack 89 Leaders, either as Pack committee members, or as Leaders working directly
with the boys, must be approved by the Pack Committee. Registration Form (no 28-501E) must be approved
by the Pack Committee Chairperson, Chartered Organization Executive representative and District Scout
Executive, and pay any Registration Fees.

7. The "Charter Year" for Pack 89 extends from I March of a given calendar year to 28 February of the
following calendar year. Prior to or at the January Pack Meeting, each Cub Scout and Adult Leader who intends
to continue affiliation with, and participation in, Pack 89 must formally declare that intention:

a. Only those Cub scouts who pay the appropriate fees will be listed on the renewed Pack Charter enrollment.
b. Only those Adult Leaders who pay the appropriate fees will be listed on the renewed Pack Charter
c. The Pack Committee Chairperson, Membership Chairperson and Treasurer will be responsible for collecting
the required fees.
d. The (Cubmaster, Pack Committee Chairperson and Membership Chairperson are responsible for fulfilling all
requirements necessary for Pack Charter renewal.

8. The Pack Treasurer is responsible for all Pack 89 financial transactions and accounting, with the exception of
individual DEN FUNDS.

1. The Pack 89 CHARTER YEAR begins on I March of every Calendar Year. Each Cub Scout, Tiger Cub and
Adult Leader affiliated with Pack 89 must re-register at or prior to the January Pack Meeting.
 2. Applicable Registration Fees for Scouts and Adult Leaders to be collected and distributed by Pack 89 will be
 determined by the Pack Committee and include amounts for:
 a. Registration fee to satisfy District/Council/National registration requirements.
 b. Optional One-year subscription to "BOYS LIFE" Magazine; this enables all Cubs in Pack 89 to receive this
 scouting magazine.
3. Late registration renewal [AFTER February], by any Cub or Adult Leader registered with Pack 89 during the
preceding Pack chartered year, will be accepted, but a new application form will need to be filled out.

1. Fees for New Registrations, of both Cubs and Tiger Cubs, are pro-rated by the National Council, through the
Pack Charter year, on a monthly basis.
2. The actual amount required to accomplish the New Registration of either a Cub or Adult Leader is
determined by the date on which the applicable Registration Form and money is tumed in to the Korea District
Far East Council office; this also is true for "BOYS LIFE" subscription fees.

E. TRANSFER REGISTRATION: A $1.00 transfer fee for Cub Scout and Tiger Cub transfers into Pack 89,
from another Cub Scout Pack, with the required documentation. A registration form must accompany payment
as well as copy of documentation.

A. Help when needed by the Pack or Den.
B. Attend Cub Scout functions throughout the year, and assist when requested by Den Leaders or Pack
Committee Members.
C. Have the family represented by BOTH Parents at Pack Meetings, whenever possible.
D. Bring the entire family to Pack Meetings, whenever possible, [control of Cub Scout siblings resides with the
E. Actively participate in Den and Pack activities, including fund-raising projects.
F. Aid the Pack to achieve goals set each year.
G. Help your boy achieve the rank for his grade/age.
H. Help your son meet his obligations regularly by wearing his uniform and bringing his handbook to Den

L. Sign-off achievements and electives, as soon as the requirements have been- acompleted to YOUR
satisfaction, and remind your boy to take his book to Den Meetings.
J. When your boy enters a Webelos Den, and if requested by the Webelos Den Leader, attend Den Meetings to
assist in coaching the boys in the Den.
K. If your family must move, notify your boy's Den Leader, or the Pack Committee Chairperson, as soon as
possible, to get a "Transfer Application" Form, and verification of Rank advancement, for presentation to your
new Unit Leader.

A. Required Uniforms:
TIGERS: Tiger Handbook (ASAP); Blue Cub Scout Shirt, Orange Faced Tiger Cub Cap; Orange Tiger Cub
Neckerchief, Tiger Neckerchief Slide; Blue Cub Scout Belt; Patches; Blue Cub Scout trousers or shorts with
cargo pockets; Blue Cub Scout Stockings (trousers optional).
WOLF : Wolf Handbook (ASAP); Blue Cub Scout Shirt; Gold Faced Cub Scout Cap; Gold Neckerchief, Wolf
Neckerchief Slide; Blue Cub Scout Belt; Patches; Blue Cub Scout trousers or shorts with cargo pockets; Blue
Cub Scout Stockings; (trousers optional).
BEAR: Bear Handbook (ASAP); Blue Cub Scout Shirt; Gold Faced Cub -Scout Cap; Blue Neckerchief Bear
Neckerchief Slide; Blue Cub Scout Belt; Patches; Blue Cub Scout trousers or shorts with cargo pockets; Blue
Cub Scout Stockings; (trousers optional).
WEBELO: Webelo Handbook (ASAP); Blue Faced Cub Scout Cap; Plaid Neckerchief, Webelo Neckerchief
Slide; Webelo Colors; Blue Cub Scout Shirt; Blue Cub Scout Belt; Cub Scout blue trousers or shorts, with
cargo pockets; Blue stockings; or; Tan Boy Scout Shirt; -Tan -Boy Scout Belt; Blue Shoulder Tabs; Boy Scout
khaki trousers or shorts, with cargo pockets; Khaki stockings with red tops; Patches; (trousers optional).

1. Female Cub Scouters: female leaders, have several options; Blouse of official pale yellow, short or long
sleeve, worn with blue shoulder loops (Webelos leader may wear tan shirt with blue shoulder tabs); slacks or
shorts of navy blue , shorts worn with knee length socks (Webelos leader may wear khaki trousers or shorts with
tan shirt and khaki socks); navy blue skirt; scarf (designer or navy and gold leaders); _hat is cub scout blue,
(Webelos leader--Webelos -visored cap).
2. Male Cub Scouters: all male leaders wear the same uniform with blue colored loops. Trousers or shorts of
khaki; tan shirt (short or long sleeve); knee length stockings worn with shorts; official belt; blue and gold
visored hat (Webelos leaders wear Webelos visor); leader neckerchief or bolo tie.
3. Neckerchief is optional for both men and women.
4. Additional patches for leaders are badges of office, trained strip and Cub Scout Leader Awards.

B. REQUIRED PATCHES: Far East Council Patch; Pack Numerals "89"; U.S. Flag Patch; Brotherhood Patch ;
Den Numeral Bar (Wolf and Bear); and Patrol Patch (Webelo).
C. Uniform items are available at the Scout Service Center on Main Post or through J.C. Permy's catalog or Boy
Scouts of America Catalog.
D. The Pack 89 Committee has determined that two months is adequate time for Cub Scouts to be in Uniform.
Exceptions to be approved on case by case basis with Cubmaster and Committee Chairman.
E. The Cub Scout uniform is worn to all Den and Pack functions.

A. Adult supervision is provided, based on BSA regulations.
B. Each Cub Scout will pay Den Dues for all scheduled Den Meetings. Den Dues amounts are set by the Den
Leaders. To facilitate payment, dues may be paid on a monthly basis, at the first Den Meeting of each month.
(Recommend deletion)

C. Den outings to off post locations will be held only after complying with Far East Council and National
D. A permission Form must be signed by Parents before a boy (without Parental supervision) will be allowed to
go on any Den (or Pack) outing.
E. Each boy, on returning to the area from an outing after dark, MUST be met by a Parent, or pre-designated
person, BEFORE he is released by the Leader in charge of the outing.
F. Each. Cub Scout's family will furnish refreshments for Den Meetings, on a rotating basis, as coordinated by
the Den Leader.
G. If there is a discipline problem from any boy while attending a Den Meeting, or a Den/Pack outing, his
parents and the Cubmaster will be notified by the Den Leader, or the Leader in charge of the outing.
H. If a boy becomes two (2) months delinquent in payment of Den Dues, the Den Leader will notify his Parents,
(preferably by telephone). If this action fails to resolve the situation, the Den Leader will notify the Cubmaster
for his attention to the matter. (Recommend deletion)


A. Provide Adult supervision for all Den activities.
B. Ensure that complete and timely records are kept of each boy's advancement progress, attendance at Den and
Pack meetings and events, and den dues payments, using the "INDIVIDUAL CUB SCOUT RECORD" (Form
No. 3877).
C. Review each boy's progress and record achievements/electives in Den Records at each Den Meeting.
D. Request rank advancement and any awards to the Pack Advancements Chairperson, using the "DEN
E. Collect Den Dues from each boy in the Den, on a weekly or monthly basis. [Den Leaders responsibilities for
collection of dues are found on pages 113 and 114 of the "CUB SCOUT LEADER BOOK" (No. 322Q].
(Recommend deletion)
F. Coordinate EACH Den off post outing by completing and turning in a Tour Permit Form to the Pack
Committee Chairperson, in accordance with Council and National policy.
G. Inform the boy's Parents and the cubmaster of any discipline problem from a boy in the Den experienced at a
Den Meeting or a Den/Pack Outing.
H. As a means of developing ideas for Den activities, attend scheduled District Roundtable Meetings and/or
Leadership Training sessions when they are offered, and any Den Leader meetings scheduled by the Pack .

A. A boy and his family may be considered INACTIVE by action of the Pack Committee, for one of the
following reasons:
1. The Den Leader deems it necessary to have a boy declared "Inactive" to maintain discipline in the Den.
2. Three (3) consecutive Den Meetings are not attended, and a reasonable excuse is not offered. If a boy misses
Den Meetings due to illness, this is not a reason for Inactive Membership status; however, Den Dues must be
paid for the Den Meeting missed.
3. Lack of interest.
B. When any of the above reasons exist, the DEN LEADER will:
1. Document the situation(s), in writing including details of any contact(s) with boy's Parents concerning the
2. Present this documentation to the cubmaster.
C. Within seven (7) days of receiving documentation from a Den Leader, the Cubmaster will begin action to
investigate the situation(s). The Cubmaster will have the responsibility to:
1. Contact the Parents of the boy and present the situation(s), as documented by the Den Leader;
2. Attempt to resolve the situation(s) with the Parents;
3. Remind the parents of the Pack 89 Guidelines concerning INACTIVE MEMBERSHIP including the
obligation to pay any delinquent dues, if owed, regardless of resolution of the situation(s);
4. Report the results of conversation(s) with the Parents to the Pack Committee Chairperson and the Den Leader
5. Make recommendations,, based on his findings, to the Pack Committee at the next Pack Committee Meeting.

D. Effective on the date the Cubmaster contacts the Parents, the boy in question shall be considered "On
Probation". This initial Probation Period will be in effect until the next Pack Committee Meeting. The boy's
participation in Den and Pack activities while on Probation shall be left to the discretion of the Cubmaster.
Recurrence, during the probation period, of the original reason(s) for the cubmaster's 'intervention will
automatically suspend any Den and Pack participation by the boy until the Pack Committee Meeting.
E. Pack Committee approval is required before a boy is considered "Inactive." Two (2) weeks notice, in writing,
will be given to the Parents so they can appeal to the Pack Committee at the next scheduled Pack Committee
1. Inactive Membership Status shall be in effect for a minimum of 90 days. A Pack Committee decision, on an
individual case-by-case basis, may extend the Inactive Status. In any event, Inactive Status shall automatically
terminate with expiration of the current registration period.
2. The name of the Inactive boy shall be placed on a Waiting List. Should there be other names on this list:
(a) The name of the Inactive boy will be placed at the bottom
(b) The Den vacancy created by the Inactive status of the boy may be filled by the first eligible name on the list.
3. If, after two months time has elapsed, the boy wishes to resume his Cub Scouting participating in Pack 89:
(a) The Parents must contact the Pack Committee Chairperson to indicate the boy's renewed interest;
(b) The Pack Committee Chairperson will:
(1) Inform the Parents of the current Den vacancy status;
(2) Consult the boy's former Den Leader for possible reinstatement 'in the Den, if a vacancy exists;
(3) Consult the Pack Committee if reinstatement in the former Den is not feasible.
F. Since a boy's, and his family's attendance at monthly Pack Meetings is an integral part of the Cub scout
experience, failure to attend three (3) consecutive Pack Meetings will evoke the following:
1. The Cubmaster will call the Parents of the boy to ascertain if there is a legitimate reason for lack of
2. Results of this telephone conversation will be reported at the next scheduled Pack Committee Meeting:
(a) If a lack of interest on the part of the boy is detertnined, his name will be withdrawn from the Pack 89 active
member rolls.
(b) If a lack of interest on the part of the parents is determined, the Pack Committee win discuss the situation,
considering information from all available sources, and will reach a consensus decision as to the indicated
course of action.
(c) Written notice of the Pack Committee's decision will be sent to the Parents.
G. Inactive Membership is a serious matter, and will be used only as a last resort. Every effort will be made. to
help a boy and his family meet the requirements in Pack 89.

A. Pack 89 shall consist of as many Dens as needed, as long as there are sufficient numbers of Adult Leaders.
New Dens may be formed upon approval of the Pack Committee.
B. There will be a maximum of eight (8) cub scouts in any one Den ; this includes Webelos, or Cub Dens. The
ideal number of boys per Den is five (5). However, if a Den Leader feels that he/she can handle more boys, they
will be placed, as appropriate.

C. When additional Dens are needed, the Pack Committee Chairperson, and/or Cubmaster, will consult with the
Pack Committee in an effort to identify new Den Leaders and establish the new Den(s).
D. Unless conflicts arise, Den Meetings will be held weekly during the school calendar year. While Summer
activities will be more Pack-oriented; Dens are encouraged to meet at least once a month during the Summer.
E. Unless conflicts arise, there will be one Pack Meeting each month, during the school calendar year
[September thru May]. Pack Committee Meetings will be held on a regular basis each month at a time and date
designated by the Pack Committee.
F. The program for the Pack Meeting is the responsibility of the cubmaster, or Assistant Cubmaster.
G. The Pack Committee Meeting will be held on the first Saturday of each month following the District mothly
meeting for the purpose of conducting the business of the Pack. Meetings will be conducted at the Scout Hut
unless other arrangements are made in advance. Due to potential military absences of Pack 89 Committee
Members, the presence of 51% of those ABLE to attend any regularly scheduled Pack committee Meeting shall
comprise a QUORUM to conduct Pack business.
H. The COMMITTEE of Pack 89 will consist of the following voting member positions, all of which MUST be
Registered Adult Leaders:
1. Pack Committee Chairperson
2. Cubmaster
3. Assistant Cubmaster
4. Secretary
5. Treasurer
6. Awards Chairperson
7. Membership Chairperson
8. Publicity Chairperson
9. Fund-raising Chairperson
10. Programs Chairperson
11. Training Chairperson
12. Member at Large
I. Emergency Pack Committee Meetings will be called only when business matters must be voted upon in a
timely manner. To enforce the matter/activity at hand, an emergency meeting needs the approval of only four (4)
voting members of the Pack Committee, ONE of which must be the Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, or Pack
Committee Chairperson. In the absence of the Pack Secretary, the members present must ensure that a record of
the emergency meeting is made and included in the Pack 89 files.
J. Parents are invited to attend any Pack Committee Meeting, but they have no vote. If they have a complaint, or
suggestion, they are urged to bring their ideas to the attention of the Pack Committee Chairperson at any time.
K. Adult Leaders are encouraged to attend training sessions and workshops in order to maintain and improve the
quality of leadership for Pack 89. Each adult is to pay his/her registration fees for these meetings.


A. Amendments or revisions to these BY-Laws and Guidelines, may be submitted to the Pack Committee for
1. Proposed changes may be submitted by any adult affiliated with Pack 89; e.g., the parent of a boy registered
with Pack 89, an adult leader with a Den or Committee. A person does not have to be a registered Adult Leader
to propose changes.
2. Each proposal must be submitted in writing to the Pack Committee Chairperson, or any member of the Pack
Committee. Items submitted to Pack Committee members will be passed to the Pack Committee Chairperson as
soon as possible, prior to the next scheduled Pack Committee Meeting, to ensure that time is allotted for
consideration of the item(s) at the next scheduled Pack Committee Meeting.
3. Each proposal will be considered and voted upon by the Pack Committee, at a regularly scheduled Pack
Committee Meeting.
B. Amendments or revisions approved by the Pack Committee will NOT become final until the Pack Committee
Meeting following the next Pack Meeting. This will allow posting of the proposed amendment(s), and give
Parents a chance to discuss them.

The Pack 89 Treasurer is responsible for all Pack 89 financial transactions and accounting, with the exception of
individual DEN FUNDS (Recommend deletion). Specific duties include, but are not necessarily limited to, the
A. Maintaining detailed records of all money received and expended by Pack 89, in accordance with the
direction of the Pack Committee.
B. Maintaining detailed records of all transactions (i.e., deposits and withdrawals) through the Pack 89
Checking and Savings accounts with the USA Federal Credit Union.
C. Collecting, documenting and dispersing Registration Fees and "BOYS' LIFE" Magazine subscription fees.
D. Assisting each Den Leader to maintain accurate DEN FUND records, using the Individual "DEN FUND
LEDGER". (Recommend deletion)
E. Monitoring all transactions through the Pack 89 Account at the Korea District Trading Post (Scout Store),
and ensuring that sufficient funds are maintained in the account, as required.
F. At each Pack Committee Meeting, the Treasurer will present a summary of all financial transactions not
previously reported, and will state the current status of the Pack Treasury. Treasurer's Reports will NOT be
presented as part of the monthly Pack Meeting program, unless specifically requested in advance. However,
reports of the results of special fimd-raising events may be given, at the request of the Pack Committee
Chairperson or the Cubmaster.
G. Conducting financial AUDITS of the Pack 89 Treasury and Individual Den Funds, as required. The Pack
Treasurer will arrange for an ANNUAL Audit of the Pack Treasury by a disinterested person. The Treasurer will
present the results of this audit and a summary of the expenses and income for the past year, at the Pack
Planning Meeting of each year.
H. Assisting the Pack Committee Chairperson and Membership Chairperson to satisfy Pack Re-Chartermig
requirements, in January and February of each calendar year.
I. A joint audit of the Pack Treasury, will be conducted by the outgoing and incoming Treasurers, when Pack
Financial responsibilities are turned over to a new Treasurer.

XI. DEN FUNDS (Recommend deletion).
A. The Den Fund is to be used by the Den Leader to purchase materials and supplies for use in Den Projects,
and to defray the costs of activities that benefit all boys in the Den.
1. Den Dues are collected, and accounted for, by the Den Leader
2. Den Dues are $3.00 per month.
3. Den Dues are payable whether or not the boy attends the Den Meeting.
4. Den Dues are collected on a weekly basis, with an option for the boy to pay Den Dues for one entire month in
B. Den Fund receipts and expenditures are to be recorded in a "DEN FUND LEDGER" that will be provided to
each Den Leader by the Pack Treasurer. The Treasurer will specify to the Den Leaders the requirements for
keeping Den Fund records.
C. If the Den Leadership changes, the Den Fund will be transferred to the new Den Leader. Or, if the Den is
being disbanded, all Den Fund monies, with the Den Fund Ledger, will be tamed over to the Pack Treasurer for
deposit in the Pack Treasury.

1. Whenever a Den Leader changes, the new and departing Den Leaders will do a joint audit of the Den Fund. If
a joint audit by the Den Leaders cannot be done, the Treasurer will conduct an audit with the departing Den
2. In June of each calendar year, each Den Leader will turn over the Den Fund Ledger to the Pack Treasurer for

responsible for documenting, reporting, acquiring and preparing for presentation all awards earned by Pack 89
Cub Scouts. Specific duties include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:
1. Receiving from individual Den Leaders notification of awards earned, prior to each scheduled Pack Meeting
[see Section B-11.].
2. Reporting to the Far East Council, in a timely manner, all awards earned by Pack 89 Cub Scouts, in
accordance with BSA Regulations [see Section B-111.].
3. Maintaining a ",stock-on-hand" of common rank/advancement awards, sufficient to satisfy normal anticipated
requirements for one (1) Pack Meeting. .
4. Maintaining an accurate inventory of all "stock-on-hand" awards.
5. Acquiring needed awards from the Korea District Trading Post (Scout Store), as required.
6. Preparing awards for presentation at each scheduled Pack Meeting.
a. Individual Den Leaders will submit to the Advancements Chairperson notification of awards earned by boys
in their Dens.
b. Den Leader notification for each Pack Meeting will be documented on a "DEN ADVANCEMENT REPORT"
Form (NO. 3847).
c. Den Leader notification of awards to be presented at any scheduled Pack Meeting MUST be submitted to the
Advancements Chairperson at least three weeks before the Pack Meeting. Any award/advancement requirements
completed by a boy AFTER this time may NOT be recognized until the following scheduled Pack Meeting.
a. The Advancements Chairperson is responsible for documenting all rank advancement awards earned by Pack
89 Cub Scouts on a "PACK ADVANCEMENT REPORT" Form (NO. 4403).
b. Each completed "PACK ADVANCEMENT REPORT" form is submitted to the Far East Council in, a timely
manner, through the Korea District Trading Post (Scout Store) Office.
c. Normally, at least one "PACK ADVANCEMENT REPORT" form will be, submitted in conjunction with
each scheduled Pack Meeting.
1. Rank advancements will be presented at a Pack Meeting except as follows:
a. PCS which occurs prior to a Pack Meeting;
b. Illness or hardship which prevents a child from attending two consecutive Pack meetings;
2 Bobcat rank must be eamed and prqsented prior to presentation of any other awards or advancements.
3. Immediate Recognition kits are used within the Dens to recognize scouts for achievements toward Wolf or
Bear Rank.
4. Service stars are awarded at the completion of each year in scouting ( based on date of enrollment in BSA).
Transfers will receive appropriate service star year based on years in scouting, not just with this Pack. This
award is also presented to adults. Second year Webelos and their Leaders will receive Service Star at crossover
5. Attendance Pin and Bars are wom to recognize good attendance at Den and Pack functions. ( A scout award
only-not for leaders). In order to receive this award the scout must have attended 80% of the Den and Pack
activities, (excluding excused absences). Excused absences include illness, family hardship, religious or church
activities, or emergency and family leave. If unsure whether an absence is excused or not please ask the Den
Leader and or Pack Committee.
6. The Seginent Patch is worn by the scouts in Pack 89. It is a temporary patch and may be placed centered on
the right uniform pocket or on the BSA vest.
7. The Summertime Award is earned by those Cub Scouts who participate in three summer Pack activities. It
can be earned more than once.
8. The Recruiter Strip is presented to a scout who has recruited another boy into scouting. The boy recruited
does not necessarily have to join this Pack. Presented only once (however scouts are encouraged to recruit new
scouts more than once).
9. Sports Belt Loops, Pins and Letters are earned and presented only once for each Cub Scout. Webelos Scouts
must earn the right to wear the belt loops, pins, and letters again which he earned as a Cub Scout. Duplicate belt
loops, pins, and letters must be paid for by the parent. The scout must follow the program in each sports
program booklet in order to earn belt loops , pins, and letters. When a sports belt loop requires participation in a
competitive event; this event must be Den, Pack or Community Sponsored.

D. TIGER CUBS TO WOLF SCOUTS: (Recommend updating).
1. According to BSA Guidelines, all boys participating in a Tiger Cub Group affiliated with Pack 89 will
"Graduate" 'into the Cub Pack at the May Pack Meeting of each calendar year.
2. At each "Tiger Cub Graduation", Pack 89 will present the following:
To each First Grade boy registering as a Tiger Cub --
Tiger Cub "GRADUATE Award" ( Patch) and "TIGER CUB GRADUATE" Certificate, Tiger Cub Mother's
Pin, and Wolf Neckerchief
3. For a Tiger Cub to be eligible for presentation of the above awards, he must have been a registered, active
member of Cub Scout Pack 89 for a minimum of TWO (2) months; or be a valid transfer from another Pack. If
the scout is not eligible to receive the above items from the Pack the parent must purchase them.
1. Upon advancement of a Pack 89 Wolf Scout to a Bear Scout, Pack 89 will present the following:
2. For a Cub Scout to be eligible for presentation of the above awards,, he must have been a registered, active
member of Cub Scout Pack 89 for a mimmum of TWO (2) months; or be a valid transfer from another Pack. If
the scout is not eligible to receive the above items from the Pack the parent must purchase them.

1. Upon advancement of a Pack 89 Cub Scout into a Webelos Den, Pack 89 will present the following:
Webelos COLORS, Webelos SCARF and Webelos Scarf SLIDE.
2. For a Cub Scout to be eligible for presentation of the above awards,, he must have been a registered, active
member of Cub Scout Pack 89 for a mimmum of TWO (2) months; or be a valid transfer from another Pack. If
the scout is not eligible to receive the above items from the Pack the parent must purchase them.

1. Upon "Graduation" from Cub Scout Pack 89 into a Boy Scout Troop, Pack 89 will present the following:
"Pack Graduation Certificate" and "BOY SCOUT HANDBOOK".
2. Scouts who have earned the Arrow of Light, will be presented the award at a suitable ceremony coordinated
by the Cubmaster with a local Scout Troop or local Order of the Arrow who will assist with the ceremony and
crossover of the graduating Scouts.

2. For a Webelos Scout to be eligible for presentation of the above awards, he must have been a registered,
active member of Cub Scout Pack 89 for a minimum of FOUR (4) months; or be a valid transfer from another
Pack. If the scout is not eligible to receive the above items from the Pack the parent must purchase them.


                Pack 89 Committee Structure
                        Scouting Coordinator
                        Local scouting exec                     Committee Chairman
                        helps with District
                                                    Treasurer                   Publicity
 Charter partner owns
 & operates unit;
 provides leadership
 through Pack
 Committee                                          Training                    Secretary

1) The Pack Committee meets monthly
to discuss ways to support the Cub
Scout program.
                                                     Awards                    Membership
                                                                                                              Blue &Gold
2) The Cubmaster brings the program                                                                           GoldGold
suggestions of the Den Leaders to the
monthly Committee meeting.                                                                                    Other
                                                    Cubmaster                   Programs
3) The Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster                                                                         e
and Den Leaders conduct monthly planning                                                                     Pinewood
meetings, separate from the Committee                                                                         &Gold
meeting.                                                                                                      Derby Derby

         Off-Post Den            Tiger Den           Wolf Den              Bear Den         Webelos I Den   Webelos II Den


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