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LCOC Nov-Dec 2010 Newsletter


									The Official Newsletter of the Michigan Region                                     Nov/Dec 2010

 Welcome, New                                        use the form sent with your Sep/Oct
                                                     newsletter. Send your renewal in today!
                                                     Do you have items to donate
 The Michigan Region is                              for the auction?
 happy to announce the
 following new members who have                      Our meet in July
 recently joined:                                    2011 will feature an
 • Michael Chirco of Washington, MI                  auction. If you have
                                                     anything Lincoln or
 Please welcome any new members when                 car-related that you
 you see them at an event. Remember                  would like to donate,
 that one does not need to own a Lincoln             be sure to bring it to
 to be a member of the club.                         the meet before the Friday-night dinner so
                                                     they can be auctioned off. All donated items
                                                     help offset costs and go to help the region
 Save when you renew                                 pay for the meet.
 For renewing members only, donʼt forget that
 you can pay for 5 years of membership in the
 Michigan Region for
 only $85, a savings of
 $15 compared to
                         $15 OFF
 paying $20 every
 year. It could save you even more if we have
 to raise the dues in that time! Plus, you
 wonʼt have to renew every year. You must

  Directorʼs Comments                           2   Fall Harvest Dinner Info                   6

  Random Tech Tips                              3   Michigan LCOC Board Info                   6

  Events & Planning Mtg Info                    4   More Random Tech Tips                      7

  Classified Ads                                 5   Fall Color Tour Pics                       8
Page 2                                                            Continental News Nov/Dec 2010

                Director’s Comments
 It seems like only                                  meal at the Deadwood Bar & Grille, everyone
 yesterday that I was telling                        was happy with the wonderful weather and
 you that spring is here and                         new friends. Hopefully we can do more
 that it was time to get your                        elbow rubbing with the other car clubs in the
 car ready for the summer                            future. It is a lot of fun with the automobile
 months ahead. Now itʼs                              the being the center of attention.
 time to start planning your
                                                            Remember to plan for our Michigan
 winter projects. Do not forget the information
                                                     Region sponsored National LCOC Mid-
 that you can get at
                                                     America Meet which will be taking place on
 and our National LCOC website forum, the
                                                     July 27th thru 31st, 2011 at the Pontiac
 Continental Corner at
                                                     Marriott at Centerpointe. This will be one of
 phpbb3. Both of these forums can be very
                                                     the biggest events of the year, with plenty for
 useful for
                                                                                      everyone to
                                                                                      do. If you
 information on
                                                                                      have never
 all those little
                                                                                      attended a
 tasks that you
                                                                                      National Meet
 might want to
                                                                                      this will be a
 complete over
 the winter
                                                                                      experience for
 months. Also,
 if you have not renewed your membership
 please do so now. You can get a copy of the                Our next and final event of the year is
 membership form on our club website,                our Annual Meeting and Harvest Dinner. This                                   will be held at the Dearborn Country Club.
                                                     Everyone is invited. This is usually one our
        I would like to thank George and Joan
                                                     best attended programs of the year. Please
 Brown for doing a wonderful job planning the
                                                     remember to RSVP to me along with your
 over-nighter, dinner, and play in Marshal,
                                                     check for $22 per person.
 Michigan. A good time was had by all,
 especially Maude and Mert.       I also have to           I would like to wish all of you a happy
 thank all the members of the Thunderbird            and safe holiday season.
 Club for allowing us to participate in their Fall
 Color Tour. There must have been at least 40
 to 50 cars in the parade through Edward
 Hines Drive. Although many left after the
Continental News Nov/Dec 2010                                                                    Page 3

                        Random Tech Tips
1966 Tilt Column Turn Signal Switch                Mid-70s Starter Solenoids
by Dan Szwarc                                      by Dan Szwarc
                                                   Did your starter solenoid fail? Did you notice that the
                                                   replacement from the local auto parts store was
                                                   not the same? There are two basic designs.
                                                   The first is the most common as shown directly
                                                                                below. However,
                                                                                the “other” design
                                                                                is still available if
                                                                                you know where
                                                                                to look.

                                                                                  The original Ford
                                                                                  part number for
                                                                                  the top stud
                                                                                  design is
Did you know that the TS Switch for a 1966         To cross reference it to other brands, see the
Lincoln with tilt is actually a GM part? This is   part numbers below:
because for 1966 only, Ford used a GM tilt
column instead of its own. The reason why is       Standard Motor
not known. What is known is that this switch is    Products:
still available all over the internet for a        SS598
reasonable price. It was also used on some         Motorcraft:
Mercury columns starting in 1965. The Ford         SW1533C,
part number is C5MY-13341-B. The GM part           SW-1533C,
number is 1993624 and the Delco # is D6220.        MISW1533C
If you really want to shop around, it is used on   ACDelco: F934,
these GM vehicles:                                 ACF934
• 64 - 65 - 66 Buick Skylark, with Tilt            BWD
• 64 - 65 - 66 Chevelle, with Tilt                 Automotive: S5047
• 63 - 64 - 65 - 66 Impala, with Tilt
• 64 - 65 - 66 Olds Cutlass, with Tilt             Note, these parts may not have the tiniest
• 65 - 66 Grand Prix, with Tilt                    marking details for the fussiest authenticity
• 64 - 65 - 66 GTO - Tempest - Le Mans, w/Tilt     judge, but its better than installing the wrong
• 65 - 66 Pontiac Passenger, with Tilt             part to begin with!
• 63 - 64 Pontiac Passenger, with Tilt (Service
     Only) Replaces 1993597
Page 4                                                   Continental News Nov/Dec 2010

 Meetings, Events, and Cruises
   November 7th, 2010 at the Dearborn Country Club. Details on
   page 6. RSVP & Pre-pay required.

 • EVENT: Winter event, The winter event has been cancelled due to a lack of

 • PLANNING MEETING: January 9, 2011 at Metropolitan Lincoln-Mercury. The
   annual planning will begin at noon. Details below.

 • CLUB MEETING: March 8, 2011 at Archieʼs Restaurant, 30471 Plymouth Road,
   Livonia. If youʼd like to join us for dinner, plan on being there around 6:00-6:30

          Club event: January 9, 2011
             Annual Planning Meeting
 Start Time: 12:00PM
 Location: Metropolitan Lincoln-Mercury
 Address: 32000 Ford Road, Garden City, MI

 The annual planning meeting for the
 upcoming yearʼs events is going to be held
 at Metropolitan Lincoln-Mercury. The
 meeting will start at noon and continue until
 all events are planned for the year. With the
 2011 Mid-America National Meet happening
 in July, a quick planning meeting will handle
 the rest of the events for the year.
Continental News Nov/Dec 2010                                                              Page 5

 Member Ads
 These are new ads.           These ads are new
 (or have been renewed) and will be in the next
 newsletter and then refreshed. To renew or place a
 new ad, please send an email to Dan Szwarc at or call him at

 •   Authentic/Original 1967 Lincoln Continental Service Manual. Excellent Condition. $50.00 or
     best offer.
 •   Contact Scott Bowlick (313) 724-9088

 •   Mark III parts: All four power window motors, power antenna, 2 radios (repairable), headlight
     motor, and both exhaust manifolds (powdercoated)
 •   76 Town Car parts: Used headlight switch, rear quarter panel rocker molding, both main
     rocker panel moldings, front wheel well moldings, 2 sets of turn signal indicator chrome
     moldings, one set with complete housings, and misc. parts.
 •   77--79 Mark V parts: Power antenna, power lock actuators, trunk release, 2 complete
     bumpers (one with blue Diamond Jubilee trim, both blue 79 Collector's Series armrests, 2 rear
     windows, 2 grill shells--one is a Collector's Series with gold insert, power window actuators,
     good used right rear Collector's Series body side molding, used complete turn signal units,
     several tail lights/lenses, etc.
 •   Misc. parts:Slightly used ignition modules,gas caps, radiator caps, etc.
 •   Also misc other car parts, too. This stuff is for sale CHEAP! Parts sold separately or
 •   Contact Jeff Chase (248) 615-1449

 •   Fenders for Mark III (left and right). $600 for the
 •   Mark III heads, intake, and carb. 45K miles on the
     heads. $500 for all.
 •   Contact Tom Augustine (734) 262-5740 cell

 •   Licensed mechanic to repair old Lincolns. Convertible tops, window, other electrical work.
     Diagnostic work and repair of engines, brakes, and suspensions. Written estimates. Mark
     Hamilton (313) 563-1892
Page 6                                                        Continental News Nov/Dec 2010

         Club event: November 7, 2010
                   Fall harvest dinner
 The annual Fall Harvest Dinner will take place November 7th, 2010 at the
 Dearborn Country Club. There will be a Club Meeting starting at 10:00AM in a
 separate room. Cocktails will be served at 12:00 noon, with lunch following at
 12:30. Drink tickets may be purchased at the reception desk. This is an RSVP and
 pre-pay event. Please respond on or before October 29th, 2010. Make your
 check ($22.00 per person) payable to the Michigan Region LCOC and mail it to:

 Doug Shahady                                     The Dearborn Country Club is located at:
 22513 Avalon                                     800 North Military Street
 St. Clair Shores, MI 48080                       Dearborn, MI 48124-1100
 586-776-2998                                     (313) 561-0800

                         2010 BOARD MEMBERS , MANAGERS, and STAFF
               Director           Assistant Director/Webmaster/
        Doug Shahady (2012)        Editor/ Assistant Secretary
                                                                     Bob (2012) and Kathy
            22513 Avalon                Dan Szwarc (2011)
     St. Clair Shores, MI 48080     26670 Shiawassee Road
                                                                       29827 Lori Street         Southfield, MI 48033
                                                                       Livonia, MI 48154
          Scott Bowlick (2011)
              1371 Bershire                 MANAGERS
     Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230      Bob Gilstorff (2011)            Membership
                                     Bob Guetschow (2010)               Ann Szwarc
        Projects and Merchandise                                  26670 Shiawassee Road
                                       Bill Coombe (2010)
            Mark Sitko (2010)                                       Southfield, MI 48033
                                       Bill Rowland (2012)
             8331 Rosedale                            
                                       Dave Saxan (2010)
          Allen Park, MI 48101
Continental News Nov/Dec 2010                                                                Page 7

                 More Random Tech Tips
1964 to 1969 Rear Flexible Brake Line              CarQuest: 87051
by John Dustin                                     Dynamic: AFK-13
Order from your local auto parts store.            AC Delco: A-18-C
Wagner BH108296 or F108296
                                                   1960 to 1962 430 Air Filter
Substantial savings                                by Dan Szwarc
over the usual                                     Itʼs slightly different from the ʼ63 and later filter.
vendors and it's the                               Original Ford PN: C0AE-9601-B
identical hose set-up.                             Wix: 42053
                                                   Napa: 2053 (Made by Wix)
Know that you'll also need to purchase a 1"        Purolator: AFP-40
long hex head bolt, 5/16-18 thread, plus a split   Big A Filters: 93053
washer. This is the same as what the Lincoln       CarQuest: 87053
vendors supply with their hose.
                                                   1964 to 1968 Air Filter for cars with
1963 to 1968 430 and 462 Air Filter                Closed Emissions (CA-version)
by Dan Szwarc                                      by Jim Ayres
                                                   The closed emissions lid will not fit all the
                                                   way down when the non emissions filter is
                                                   used. Use this if your air cleaner lid has a
                                                   rubber gasket as shown here:
                                                   Motorcraft: FA-1R

It has the correct lip to seal with your air
cleaner. Original Ford PN: C3VY-9601-A
Other Ford PN: C0ME-9601-A
Cross References:
Motorcraft: FA-4
                                                   Purolator: A30045
Fram: CA154
                                                   Lee: AF184
Wix: 42051
                                                   Maxlube: MA45
Napa: 2051 (Made by Wix)
                                                   WIX: 42054
Purolator: AFP-13
Big A Filters: 93051
Page 8                           Continental News Nov/Dec 2010

                   Fall Color Tour pics

The Fall Color Tour with
the Thunderbird club was
enjoyable. The weather
was cool, but enjoyable.
We had about 10 Lincolns
total join us for the drive
from Telegraph to the
Deadwood Bar & Grille.
We ate so much there,
that none of the Lincoln-
owners could continue to
the Cider Mill for donuts.
Oh, well! If you missed it,
it was your loss. There
were 40+ classic T-birds

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