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									Dougherty County                                                                          Procurement Division
Board of Commission                                                                 222 Pine Avenue, Suite 540
P. O. Box 1827                                                                          Phone: (229) 446-2720
Albany, GA 31702                                                                           Fax: (229) 438-3967

                                                    April 29, 2011
                                            INVITATION TO BID
                                       CONSTRUCTION: ROOF REPAIR
                                      RIVERFRONT RESOURCE CENTER
                                             Bid Ref. OR 5406

On behalf of Dougherty County, the Procurement Division, 222 Pine Avenue, Suite 540, Albany, Georgia 31701,
will receive sealed bids until 2:30 p.m., May 26, 2011, for work on Roof Repair and Refurbishment Project at
Dougherty County Riverfront Resource Center, 125 Pine Avenue, Albany, GA 31701, in accordance with bid
documents, specifications, and drawings.

This project will be bid on a lump sum basis for all specified work. This contract will be awarded as one project to
the responsive and responsible bidder submitting the lowest total bid. Bidder must be qualified to perform work
A Pre-Bid Conference will be held on May 11 , 2011 @ 10:00 a.m. at 219 North Washington Street in Conference
Room. County staff will be on site to answer questions. All interested contractors are strongly encouraged to

Bid submittals are due May 16, 2011 by 5:00 p.m. at 219 N. Washington Street, Albany GA 31701 to the
attention of Dwayne Greene. Complete, accurate, and organized bid submittals will determine the vendors
who will be able to submit a bid package on May 26 , 2011.

All corporations must submit a copy of the Secretary of State’s Certificate of Incorporation prior to award of contract
and all adequate contractor licenses.

5% Bid Bond is required of all bidders. Bid bond must be present for bid to be read or considered. A Contract
Performance Bond, and Labor and Material Payment Bond each in an amount equal to 100% of the contract
amount will be required of the successful bidder.

Bid documents are available at the Procurement Division and For additional information, call
Xavier McKnight, Procurement Specialist, at (229) 446-2720 or email at; or
Project Manager Dwayne Greene, Director of Facility Management, at (229) 431-3230 or email at

                                                                   Dougherty County Board of Commission,

                                                                   Barbara Engram
                                                                   County Clerk

Const.:RRC PARAPET AND ROOF REFURBISHMENT PROJECT                                                                      1
                                             DOUGHERTY COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSION
                                                     PROCUREMENT DIVISION
                                                  ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT
                                                       ALBANY, GEORGIA

These instructions will bind bidders to terms and conditions herein set forth, except as specifically qualified in special bid and contract terms
issued with any individual bid.

1.        The following criteria are used in determining low responsible bidder.
          (a) The ability, capacity and skill of bidder to perform required service.
          (b) Whether bidder can perform service promptly or within specified time.
          (c) The character, integrity, reputation, judgment, experience and efficiency of bidder.
          (d) The performance of previous contracts.
          (e) The suitability of equipment or material for County use.
          (f) The ability of bidder to provide future maintenance and parts service.
2.        Payment terms are Net 30 unless otherwise specified. Favorable term discounts may be offered and will be considered in
          determining low bids if they are deemed advantageous to the County.
3.        All bids should be tabulated, totaled and checked for accuracy. The unit price will prevail in case of errors.
4.        All requested information should be included in bid envelope. All desired information must be signed and included for your bid to
          receive full consideration. Failure to submit any required form will be cause for bid to be rejected as non-responsive.
5.        All questions, inquiries and requests for clarification shall be directed to Procurement.
6.        For multi-year contracts the following clauses pursuant to OCGA 36-60-13 apply: (1) The contract shall terminate absolutely and
          without further obligation on the part of the County at the close of the calendar year in which it was executed and at the close of
          each succeeding calendar year for which it may be renewed; (2) The contract may provide for automatic renewal unless positive
          action is taken by the County to terminate such contract, and the nature of such action shall be determined by the County and
          specified in the contract; (3) The contract shall state the total obligation of the County for the calendar year of execution and shall
          further state the total obligation which will be incurred in each calendar year renewal term, if renewed; and (4) The contract shall
          provide that title to any supplies, materials, equipment, or other personal property shall remain in the vendor until fully paid for by
          the County.
7.        Quote all prices F.O.B. Albany or our warehouse or as specified in bid documents.
8.        Each bid or proposal shall be clearly marked on the outside of the envelope as a Sealed Bid whether using a County furnished
          envelope or other envelopes.
9.        Bid/Proposal must be received and stamped by the Procurement Office before time stipulated in bid/proposal documents. No
          responsibility will attach to any County representative or employee for premature opening of bid not properly addressed or
10.       If only one bid is received, the bid may be rejected and/or re-advertised, except in the case of only one known source of supply.
11.       Bids received late will not be accepted, and the County will not be responsible for late mail delivery.
12.       Should a bid be misplaced by the County and found later it will be considered.
13.       Bids requiring bid bonds will not be read or considered if bond is not enclosed. Bond may be in the form of cash, certified check,
          cashier’s check or Surety Bond issued by a Surety Company licensed to conduct business in Georgia.
14.       All bidders must be recognized and authorized dealers in the materials or equipment specified and be qualified to advise in their
          application or use. A bidder at any time requested must satisfy the Procurement Office and County Commission that he has the
          requisite organization, capital, plant, stock, ability and experience to satisfactorily execute the contract in accordance with the
          provisions of the contract in which he is interested.
15.       Any alterations, erasures, additions or omissions of required information or any changes of specifications, or bidding schedule are
          done at the risk of the bidder. Any bid will be rejected that has a substantial variation, such as a variation that affects the price,
          quality or delivery date (when delivery is required by a specific time).
16.       When requested, SAMPLES will be furnished free of expense, properly marked for identification and accompanied by list where
          there is more than one sample. The County reserves the right to mutilate or destroy any samples submitted whenever it may be in
          the best interests of the County to do so for the purpose of testing.
17.       County will reject any material, supplies or equipment that do not meet the specifications, even though bidder lists the trade name
          or names of such materials on the bid or price quotation form.
18.       The unauthorized use of patented articles is done entirely at the risk of the successful bidder.
19.       The ESTIMATED QUANTITY given in the specifications or advertisement is for the purpose of bidding only. The County may
          purchase more or less than the estimated quantity, and the vendor must not assume that such estimated quantity is part of the
Const.:RRC PARAPET AND ROOF REFURBISHMENT PROJECT                                                                                                   2
20.     Only the latest model equipment as evidenced by the manufacturer’s current published literature, will be considered. Obsolete
        models of equipment not in production will not be acceptable. Equipment shall be composed of new parts and materials. Any unit
        containing used parts or having seen any service other than the necessary tests will be rejected. In addition to the equipment
        specifically called for in the specifications, all equipment catalogued by the manufacturer as standard or required by the State of
        Georgia shall be furnished with the equipment. Where required by the State of Georgia Motor Vehicle Code, vehicles shall be
        inspected and bear the latest inspection sticker of the Georgia Department of Revenue.
21.     The successful bidder on motor vehicle equipment shall be required to furnish with delivery of vehicle, Certificate of Origin and
        Georgia vendors shall provide Georgia Motor Vehicle form MV1.
22.     Prospective bidders are responsible for examining the location of the proposed work or delivery and determining, in their own way,
        the difficulties, which are likely to be encountered in the prosecution of the same.
23.     All materials, equipment and supplies shall be subject to rigid inspection, under the immediate supervision of the Procurement
        Office and/or the Department to which they are delivered. If defective material, equipment or supplies are discovered, the
        contractor, upon being instructed by the Procurement Office, shall remove, or make good such material, equipment or supplies
        without extra compensation. It is expressly understood and agreed that the inspection of materials by the County will in no way
        lessen the responsibility of the contractor or release him from his obligation to perform and deliver to the County sound and
        satisfactory materials, equipment or supplies. The contractor agrees to pay the cost of all tests on defective material, equipment or
        supplies or allow the cost to be deducted from any monies due him by the County.
24.     Unless otherwise specified by the procurement office all materials, supplies or equipment quoted herein must be delivered within
        thirty (30) days from date of notification or exception noted on bid sheet.
25.     A contract will not be awarded to any corporation, firm or individual who is, from any cause, in arrears to the County or who has
        failed in any former contract with the County to perform work satisfactorily, either as to the character of the work, the fulfillment of
        the guarantee, or the time consumed in completing the work.
26.     Reasonable grounds for supposing that any bidder is interested in more than one proposal/bid for the same item will be considered
        sufficient cause for rejection of all bids/proposals in which he is interested.
27.     Unless otherwise specified the County reserves the right to award each item separately or on a lump sum basis, whichever is in
        the best interest of the County.
28.     The County reserves the right to waive any minor discrepancies, reject any or all bids or proposals, and to purchase any part, all or
        none of the services, materials, supplies or equipment specified.
29.     Failure of the bidder to sign the bid or have the signature of any authorized representative or agent on the bid/proposal IN THE
        SPACE PROVIDED will be cause for rejection of the bid. Signature must be written in ink.
30.     Any bidder may withdraw his bid at any time before the time set for opening of bids. No bid may be withdrawn without cause in the
        60-day period after bids are opened.
31.     It is mutually understood and agreed that if any time the Procurement Office shall be of the opinion that the contract or any part
        thereof is unnecessarily delayed or that the rate of progress or delivery is unsatisfactory, or that the contractor is willfully violating
        any of the conditions or covenants of the agreement, or is executing the same in bad faith, the Procurement Office shall have the
        power to notify the aforesaid contractor of the nature of the complaint. Notification shall constitute delivery of notice, or letter, to
        address given in bid/proposal. If after three working days of notification the conditions are not corrected to the satisfaction of the
        Procurement Office, he shall thereupon have the power to take whatever action he may deem necessary to complete the work or
        delivery herein described, or any part thereof, and the expense thereof, so charged, shall be deducted from any paid by the County
        out of such monies as may become due to the said contractor, under and by virtue of this agreement. In case such expense shall
        exceed the last said sum, then and in that event, the bondsman or the contractor, his executors, administrators, successors, or
        assigns, shall pay the amount of such excess to the County on notice by the Procurement Office of the excess due.
32.     If the bidder proposes to furnish any item of a foreign make or product, he should write “Foreign” together with the name of the
        originating country opposite such item on bid/proposal.
33.     Any complaint from bidders relative to the Invitation to Bid or any attached specifications should be made prior to the time of
        opening of bids, otherwise such complaint cannot be properly considered.
34.     No vendor writing restrictive specifications for the County will be allowed to bid on the project.
35.     Contracts may be cancelled by the County with or without cause with 30-day written notice.
36.     All Corporations must provide the corporate seal and a copy of the Secretary of State’s Certificate of Incorporation.
37.     Prior to submitting bid, check website at or call the Procurement Specialist at 229-446-2720 for any
        subsequent addendums.
PROCUREMENT FORM NO. 7 (A&M) 2002, Revised 12/2007

Const.:RRC PARAPET AND ROOF REFURBISHMENT PROJECT                                                                                               3
                               SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS
                            CONSTRUCTION: ROOF REPAIR
                                   Bid Ref. # 5406

1.    Scope: To furnish and install roof materials, insulation, copings, flashings, and miscellaneous
      materials for the RRC Parapet and Roof Refurbishment Project at Dougherty County Riverfront
      Resource Center located at 125 Pine Avenue, Albany, Georgia in accordance with Bid
      Documents, Specifications, and Drawings. Contractor's bid shall include all necessary labor,
      materials, tools, equipment, and all other items necessary to complete the contract requirements
      in accordance with Plans, Specifications, General Conditions, Special Instructions to Bidders and
      all other provisions included in this Invitation to Bid.

2.    The contract shall be bid on a Lump Sum Basis for all specified work. Bidder shall be
      responsible for determining the various wood materials and shapes that may be encountered.

3.    Work Site: Dougherty County Riverfront Resource Center located at 125 Pine Avenue, Albany,
      Georgia 31701.

4.    Bid Form: All bids shall be submitted on the bid form provided in this bid package. Bid is for a
      lump sum contract for all specified work. Contract will be awarded to the responsive and
      responsible bidder submitting the lowest bid.

5.    Owner: The Owner of this project is Dougherty County (Georgia).

6.    The Owner reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids and to waive any informality in the
      bid process.

7.    The contract shall be written for all work required, expressed and/or implied, that is necessary to
      perform the work described in the plans and specifications. No money shall be paid for any extra
      work or modifications to the specifications unless the owner’s designated representative
      expressly approves such work or modification in writing prior to execution.

8.    The General Conditions of the contract is AIA Document A201-1997 version as modified by the
      attached sheets. The successful bidder will be required to submit four (4) executed copies of AIA
      Document A101-1997 within ten (10) days following issuance of the Notice of Award.

9.    Permits and Fees: Within five (5) days following the issuance of the Notice to Proceed the
      contractor shall apply for all permits. Failure to do so may result in award of this contract to the
      next lowest bidder and the original contractor may be billed for the difference in price. The
      contractor shall secure all permits, license certificates, inspections (permanent and temporary)
      and business license or registration before any work can commence. This documentation should
      be on file in the Procurement Office prior to start of any work associated with this contract. The
      contractor is required to contact the project manager, Dwayne Greene, Director of Facility
      Management, at 229-431-3230 within five (5) days of completion for a final inspection.

      Successful bidder as well as any and all known subcontractors must possess or will be required
      to obtain a City of Albany/Dougherty County Business License or Registration prior to award of

10.   Insurance Requirements: Within ten (10) days following the issuance of the Notice of Award,
      the Contractor shall provide to the Purchasing Agent a Certificate of Insurance indicating the
      Contractor has in force the coverage listed below prior to the start of any work under the contract
      and agrees to maintain such insurance until the completion of the contract. All required insurance
      coverage must be obtained from insurers authorized to do business in the State of Georgia and

Const.:RRC PARAPET AND ROOF REFURBISHMENT PROJECT                                                        4
      acceptable to Dougherty County. Proof of such insurance must be provided to the
      Procurement Office before a purchase order will be issued for this contract. An insurance
      checklist is contained herein for your reference. The minimum insurance coverage shall be:

      a.   Worker’s Compensation: Worker’s Compensation per Statutory limits established by the
           State of Georgia and Employer’s Liability with limits of $100,000/ accident, $100,000/
           disease, 500,000/disease-policy limit.

      b.   Commercial General Liability: $1,000,000 combined single limit coverage with $1,000,000
           general aggregate covering all premises and operations and including Personal Injury,
           Completed Operations, Contractual Liability, Independent Contractor, and Products Liability.
           The general aggregate limit shall apply to this project. Evidence of Contractual Liability
           coverage shall be typed on the certificate.

      c.   Additional Insured: Dougherty County shall be named as an ADDITIONAL INSURED in
           the Contractors Commercial Liability policy and endorsed to the policy. Evidence of the
           Additional Insured endorsement shall be provided in one of two ways: 1) A copy of the
           additional insured endorsement itself (automatic or scheduled), or 2) a letter from the agent
           to the insurance company requesting the endorsement.

      d.   Cancellation: A thirty - (30) day notice of cancellation or non-renewal in writing shall be
           furnished by the Contractor’s Insurance carrier (s) or insurance agent (s) to the County
           Purchasing Agent.

      e.   Contract Identification: The insurance certificate shall state bid reference number and title.

      f.   Business Automobile Liability: $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit (Owned, Non-Owned
           and Hired).

      g.   Other: No acceptance or approval of any insurance by the County shall be construed as
           relieving or excusing the Contractor from any liability or obligation imposed upon the
           Contractor by the provisions of the Contract Documents.

      The Contractor shall be responsible for the work performed under the Contract Documents and
      every part thereof, and for all materials, tools, equipment, appliances, and property of any
      description used in connection with the work.

      The Contractor assumes all risks for direct and indirect damage or injury to the property or
      persons used or employed on or in connection with the work contracted for, and of all damage or
      injury to any person or property wherever located, resulting from any action, omission,
      commission or operation under the Contract, or in connection in any way whatsoever with the
      contracted work, until final acceptance of the work by the County.

      The contractor shall be as fully responsible to the County for the acts and omissions of its
      subcontractors and of persons employed by them as it is for acts and omissions of persons
      directly employed by it.

      Notwithstanding any of the above, the Contractor may satisfy its obligations under this section by
      means of self-insurance for all or any part of the insurance required, provided the alternative
      coverage is acceptable to the County.

11.   Indemnification: The contractor shall be solely responsible for all liabilities, suits, actions and
      claims of every character whatsoever incurred or brought forth on account of any injuries,
      damages, or loss incurred or brought sustained by any person or persons or to any property, real
      or personal, whether on adjacent to the job site or not, arising out of or in anyway connected with

Const.:RRC PARAPET AND ROOF REFURBISHMENT PROJECT                                                          5
      the matters and things set forth in these specifications, or other of the contract documents,
      whether due to the negligence of the contractor, conditions of the premises or other causes. The
      Contractor covenants agrees to indemnify and save harmless the owner from all liabilities
      charges, expenses, and cost on account of or by reason of any such injuries, damages, liabilities,
      claims, suits, or losses, however occurring, including any costs incurred in defending against the
      same. To further assure, the performance of the covenant, the contractor shall procure and
      constantly maintain in force, at its expense, the liability insurance required.

12.   Construction Schedule: The contractor shall prepare and submit his proposed work program
      and construction schedule prior to the issuance of a Notice to Proceed.

13.   Superintendent: The contractor shall have a superintendent or representative on site at all
      times while work is being performed. He will represent the contractor and all communications
      given to him shall be binding as if given to the contractor.

14.   Certification of Bidder’s Experience and Qualifications: The undersigned bidder certifies that
      he is, at the time of bidding, and shall be, throughout the period of the contract, licensed by the
      State of Georgia to do the type of work required under terms of the contract documents. Bidder
      further certifies that he is skilled and regularly engaged in the general class and type of work
      called for in the contract documents. The bidder represents that he is competent, knowledgeable
      and has special skills on the nature, extent, and inherent conditions of the work to be performed.
      Bidder further acknowledges that there are certain peculiar and inherent conditions existent in the
      construction of the particular facilities, which may create, during the construction program,
      unusual or peculiar unsafe conditions hazardous to persons and property. Bidder expressly
      acknowledges that he has the skill and experience to foresee and to adopt protective measures
      to adequately and safely perform the construction work with respect to such hazards.

15.   Preservation of Property: The contractor shall carry out his work with such care and by the
      proper methods to prevent damage to the property adjacent to the work or within streets,
      easement locations to the extent the owner may have rights therein, or other property of the
      owners or of others, whether adjacent to the work site or not, the removal, relocation, or
      destruction of which is not called for by the provisions of the contract documents; it being a
      condition of the execution of the contract that the work be performed in such manner that the
      property of others and other property of the owner shall not be damaged in any way. The word
      PROPERTY, as used, is intended to include among other types of property, public street
      improvements, storm and sanitary sewers, water lines and appurtenances, or other structures.
      Should any property be damaged or destroyed, the contractor at his own expense shall promptly,
      or within reasonable time, repair or make such restoration as is practical and acceptable to the
      owner of the damaged or destroyed property. In case of failure on the part of the contractor to
      repair or restore such property, or make good such damage or injury, the Building Inspector may
      within forty-eight (48) hours notice, proceed to repair, rebuild, or otherwise restore such property
      as may be necessary, and the cost thereof will be deducted from any monies due or which may
      become due the contractor under this contract agreement. The contractor shall, at all times in
      performance of the work, employ approved methods and exercise reasonable care and skill so as
      to avoid delay, damage, injury or destruction of existing public service installations and structures;
      and shall at all times in the performance of the work avoid interference with, or interruption of,
      public utilities services, and shall cooperate fully with the owners thereof to the end.

16.   Termination for Convenience: This contract may be terminated in whole or in part by
      Dougherty County with the consent of the contractor in which case the two parties shall agree
      upon the termination conditions, including the effective date in the case of partial termination, the
      portion to be terminated or by the contractor upon written notification to Dougherty County setting
      forth the reasons for such termination, the effective date, and in the case of partial termination,
      the portion to be terminated. However, if in the case of partial termination, Dougherty County

Const.:RRC PARAPET AND ROOF REFURBISHMENT PROJECT                                                          6
      determines that the remaining portion of the award will not accomplish the purposes for which the
      contract was awarded, Dougherty County may terminate the contract in its entirety.

17.   Public Convenience and Safety: Fire hydrants on or adjacent to the street shall be kept
      accessible to the fire apparatus at all times and no material or obstructions shall be placed within
      ten (10) feet of any hydrant. Adjacent premises must be given access at all times and gutters
      shall not be obstructed. Materials shall not be stored along the streets. Traffic on streets shall be
      maintained at all times. Dust and debris shall not create a hazard or a nuisance.

18.   Barricades and Warnings: The contractor shall provide, erect and maintain all necessary
      barricades, suitable and sufficient number of watchmen to direct traffic, and take all necessary
      precautions for the protection of the work and safety of the public. Barricades and obstructions
      shall be illuminated at night and lights shall be burning from sunset to sunrise.

19.   Removal of Trash and Rubbish: The contractor shall be responsible for the removal and legal
      disposal of all waste, trash, and rubbish resulting from the work under this contract. Work site
      shall be kept clean and orderly during construction; trash shall be removed from the site or
      adequately containerized daily.

20.   Contract Time and Liquidated Damages: Contract must be completed within forty-five (45)
      consecutive calendar days following the issuance of the Notice to Proceed. An allowance may
      be granted for rain days.

21.   Compliance: The contractor is responsible for knowledge of and compliance with all laws,
      codes, ordinances, and regulations that are applicable to this type of work.

22.   Certificate of Non-Collusion: An executed copy of this form must accompany your bid. (See

23.   Governing Law and Venue: An executed copy of this form must accompany your bid. (See

24.   Corporations: All corporations must seal their bid. A copy of the Secretary of State’s Certificate
      of Incorporation must be submitted prior to award of contract.

25.   Pre-Bid Conference: A pre-bid conference will be held on May 11th, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. at 219
      North Washington in the Conference Room. This meeting will include an overview of bid
      requirements and job specifications. Bidders will be allowed to ask questions and view worksite.

      Bid submittals are due May 16th, 2011 by 5:00 p.m. at 219 N. Washington Street, Albany GA
      31701 to the attention of Dwayne Greene. Complete, accurate, and organized bid submittals
      will determine the vendors who will be able to submit a bid package on May 26th, 2011. All
      interested bidders are strongly encouraged to attend.

26.   Pre-Construction Conference: Successful bidder will be required to attend a Pre-Construction
      Conference with the Owner’s representative prior to commencement of work under resulting

27.   Bid Bond: Each bid shall be accompanied by a certified check, cashier’s check, cash, or bid
      bond (surety) acceptable to the Owner, in an amount equal to at least five (5%) percent of the bid,
      payable without condition to the Owner as a guaranty that the bidder, if awarded the contract, will
      promptly execute the Agreement in accordance with the bid and other contract documents, and
      will furnish good and sufficient bond for the faithful performance of the same, and for the payment
      to all persons supplying labor and material for the work. The bid bond must be presented in its
      original form. Copies are not acceptable.

Const.:RRC PARAPET AND ROOF REFURBISHMENT PROJECT                                                         7
28.    Performance Bond and Labor and Material Payment Bond: The successful bidder,
       simultaneously with the execution of the contract, will be required to furnish a faithful
      Performance Bond in an amount equal to one hundred (100%) percent of the contract amount and
      a Labor and Material Payment Bond equal to one hundred (100%) percent of the contract amount;
      said bonds shall be secured from a surety company satisfactory to the Owner.

29.    Disqualification of Bidders: Any one or more of the following causes may be considered as
      sufficient for the disqualification of a bidder and the rejection of his bid:
       a. More than one proposal for the same work from an individual, firm, partnership, or corporation, under
      the same or different names.
       b. Evidence of collusion among bidders.
       c. Unbalanced bids in which the prices for some items are substantially out of proportion to the prices of
           other items.
       d. Failure to submit a unit price for each item of work listed in the bid.
       e. Lack of competency as revealed by financial statement or experience questionnaire, if such are
           required under this contract.
       f. Unsatisfactory performance record as shown by past work judged from the standpoint of
           workmanship and progress.

30.     Competency of Bidders: Each bidder shall furnish the Awarding Authority upon request with
      satisfactory evidence of his competency to perform the work contemplated.
      The minimum requirements are:
       a.   A permanent office.
       b.   Adequate working force, equipment, and technical experience. “Pertinent experience in work of similar
            character which has been successfully completed.”
       c.   Suitable financial status to meet obligations relevant to required work.

31.   Warranty: Contractor shall guarantee all specified work performed for a period of ONE (1) year
      from the date of written acceptance of the work by the Owner’s designated representative that all
      materials, labor, and workmanship provided under this contract are free from defects of any kind.
      At no expense to Dougherty County, the contractor shall make repairs to any defects found and
      reported during the warranty period. Final inspection, final acceptance, and final payment shall
      not be construed as a waiver of this warranty. Specimen copy (see Attachment A) of
      Contractor’s Warranty on Company Letterhead shall accompany bid.

       The following are excluded from this warranty:
       a. Defects or failures resulting from abuse by the owner.
       b. Defects in design that the General Contractor shall have brought to the attention of Dougherty County
          in writing prior to installation of the work.
       c. Damage caused by fire, tornadoes, hail, hurricane, Acts of God, wars, riots, civil commotion or
       d. The contractor is not an insurer nor is he a guarantor of the suitability of or adequacy of design. Any
          other provisions of this warranty to the contrary not withstanding, the contractor shall not be required to
          remedy any unsuitable or inadequate design.

32.    If you have any questions, contact Xavier Mcknight at (229) 446-2720, or or Dwayne Greene at (229) 431-3230 or

Const.:RRC PARAPET AND ROOF REFURBISHMENT PROJECT                                                                   8
                                         BID FORM
                                CONSTRUCTION: ROOF REPAIR
                                     Bid Ref. # OR 5406

________________________________                                         ____________________
Contractor Name                                                          Date

The undersigned hereby declares that field inspection has been made of the work required and has
carefully read the Instructions to Bidders, Special Instructions to Bidders, and all other Contract
Documents, and hereby proposes to perform specified work quoted below to perform work on RRC
Parapet and Roof Refurbishment on the DOUGHERTY COUNTY RIVERFRONT RESOURCE
CENTER, in accordance with Specifications and Bid Documents as follows:

Note: Bids shall be both written in words and shown in figures.



Lump Sum Bid ______________________________________________ dollars $________________
                        WORDS                                             FIGURES

        QUOTE                        ALPHANUMERIC                        NUMERIC
                  BASE BID                                           $

 Wooden deck replacement per

      Wood framing/ blocking
       replacement per brd. f.
       Additional wet thermal
        insulation and roofing                                       $
          replacement per s.f.

Bid shall be made on a Lump Sum basis for all specified work. Contractor shall also be responsible for
the replacement of any rotten or otherwise unsuitable wood components (fascia) and this work will be
paid for (in addition to Lump Sum amount) on a unit price basis. Contractor shall ascertain the various
materials and shapes encountered and shall denote this information in appropriate location on bid form.

NOTE: This does not apply to any specified wood nailer installation. Wood nailer cost shall be included
in Lump Sum Bid amount.

Work shall begin within TEN calendar days after issuance of Notice to Proceed and shall be
completed in accordance with contract time stated herein.

This bid complies with the Instruction to Bidders contained herein, (including all Contract Documents
referenced therein, and all Addenda, hereinafter listed and acknowledged as received), which are hereby
made a part hereof and which shall govern in all matters of the work hereby proposed. We acknowledge
receipt of the following Addenda:
Const.:RRC PARAPET AND ROOF REFURBISHMENT PROJECT                                                         9
(Bidder to list all revisions received, or, if none, state "NONE RECEIVED")

        Addendum # ___________, dated _____________

       Addendum # ____________, dated _____________

       Addendum # ____________, dated _____________

The undersigned being duly sworn, hereby declares and affirms that they are an authorized
representative of the above named firm and further declares and affirms that the bid provided herein and
the statements provided herein are true and correct and are sufficiently complete so as not to be

       ___________________________________              _____________________________________
       Authorized Signature & Title                        Company Name

       ___________________________________              _____________________________________
       Address                                             City             State       Zip

       ___________________________________              _____________________________________
       Seal (If Incorporated)                              Telephone #       Fax #

       ___________________________________              _____________________________________
       Tax ID #                                            Date

       Email Address

                                        ***END OF BID FORM***

Const.:RRC PARAPET AND ROOF REFURBISHMENT PROJECT                                                     10
                                                                                                                Modified 10/26/05
Ref. No. 09-011
Certificate of Insurance Must Show All Coverage and Endorsements Indicated by “XX”

XX 1. Worker’s Compensation…………….………………………….………………………………Statutory limits of Georgia
XX 2. Employer’s Liability………………………………..$100,000/accident, $100,000/disease, $500,000/disease policy limit
XX 3. Commercial General Liability……………………………………………………$1,000,000 CSL BI/PD each occurrence
                                                                              $1 Million annual aggregate
XX 4. Premises/Operations………………………………………………………………..$500,000 CSL BI/PD each occurrence
                                                                              $1 Million annual aggregate
XX 5. Automobile Liability………… ………….……… ………………$1,000,000 BI/PD each accident, Uninsured Motorist
XX 6. Owned/Hired/Non-Owned Vehicles…………… ……………….$1,000,000 BI/PD each accident, Uninsured Motorist
XX 7. Independent Contractors…………………………… …………………………...$500,000 CSL BI/PD each occurrence,
                                                                              $1 Million annual aggregate
XX 8. Products Liability……………………………………………… ………………...$500,000 CSL BI/PD each occurrence
$1 Million annual aggregate

XX 9. Completed Operations……………………………………………………………...$500,00
0 CSL BI/PD each occurrence$1 Million annual aggregate

XX 10. Contractual Liability (Must be shown on Certificate)………………  ……. $500,000 CSL BI/PD each occurrence,
$1 Million annual aggregate
___ 11. Personal and Advertising Injury Liability…… ………..…………$1 Million each offense, $1 Million annual aggregate
___ 12. Umbrella/Excess Liability……………….……….……$1 Million Bodily Injury, Property Damage and Personal Injury

XX 13. Per Project Aggregate
___ 14. Professional Liability
         a. Architects and Engineers……………………………….………………………...$1 Million per occurrence/claim
         b. Asbestos Removal Liability…………….………………………………………..$2 Million per occurrence/claim
         c. Medical Malpractice………………………………………………….………......$1 Million per occurrence/claim
         d. Medical Professional Liability…………………………….…………..…………;$1 Million per occurrence/claim
___ 15. Miscellaneous Professional/Errors & Omissions……….…..…..…………………......$1 Million per occurrence/claim
___ 16. Motor Carrier Act END. (MCS-90)……………..………………. $1 Million BI/PD each accident, Uninsured Motorist
___ 17. Garage Liability………………………………….…………$1 Million Bodily Injury, Property Damage per occurrence
___ 18. Garagekeepers Liability……………………………..……………………$500,000 Comprehensive, $500,000 Collision
___ 19. Inland Marine-Bailee’s Insurance…………………………………....…………………………$__________________
___ 20. Dishonesty Bond…………………………..………………………………………..…………..$__________________
___ 21. Builder’s Risk…………………………………………………..……. Provide Coverage in the full amount of contract
___ 22. XCU Coverage (Explosion, Collapse, Underground)………………………….…………………..Endorsement to CGL
___ 23. Pollution Liability…………………….……..…………..$1 Million per occurrence/claim, $2 Million annual aggregate
          Specialized Pollution Coverage Required___________________________________________________________
XX 24. Carrier Rating Shall be Best’s Rating of “A- (VII)” or better
XX 25. Notice of Cancellation, nonrenewal or material change in coverage shall be provided to the City/County at least thirty
         (30) days prior to action. The words “endeavor to” and “but failure to” (to end of sentence) are to be eliminated
         from the Notice of Cancellation provision on standard ACORD certificates.
XX 26. The City and/or County shall be named Additional Insured on all policies except Worker’s Compensation and
        Professional Errors and Omissions. Evidence of the Additional Insured endorsement shall be provided in one of two
        ways: 1) A copy of the additional insured endorsement itself (automatic or scheduled), or 2) a letter from the agent to
        the insurance company requesting the endorsement.
XX 27. Certificate of Insurance shall show Bid Number and Bid Title.
     28. Other Insurance Required:________________________________________________________________

Const.:RRC PARAPET AND ROOF REFURBISHMENT PROJECT                                                                             11

      Contractor agrees that as to any actions or proceedings arising out or related to this
agreement, any such proceedings shall be governed and determined by Georgia Law.
      Contractor further agrees that as to any actions or proceedings arising out of or related to
this agreement, any such action or proceeding shall be resolved only in an appropriate court
located in Dougherty County, Georgia.

SIGNED (AUTHORIZED)                                    COMPANY NAME

TITLE                                            DATE

Const.:RRC PARAPET AND ROOF REFURBISHMENT PROJECT                                               12


The bidder being sworn, disposes and says, ________________________________________


The Contractor submitting this and its agents, officers or employees have not directly or
indirectly entered into any agreements, participated in any collusion, or otherwise taken any
action in restraint of free competitive bidding in connection with this bid.

                                                         SIGNATURE (AUTHORIZED)

                                                         COMPANY NAME



Const.:RRC PARAPET AND ROOF REFURBISHMENT PROJECT                                               13
                                   ATTACHMENT A
                                ROOFING WARRANTY
                                 Bid Ref. # OR 5406

General Contractor, ______________________________ warrants for a period of one(1) year
from final date of acceptance by the Owner, the roof on the Dougherty County Riverfront
Resource Center, Bid Ref # OR 5406, including but not limited to roof decking, deck sheathing,
material used as a roof base or insulation over which roof is applied, roofing materials, work on
the surface of the roof, flashing, base flashing, counter-flashing, metal work, gravel stops, or
roof expansion joints shall be absolutely water-tight and free from all leaks. At no expense to
Dougherty County, the Contractor shall make repairs to any defects, which shall develop in the
work including but not limited to: blisters, exposed felts, ridges, wrinkles, splits, warped
insulation and loose flashing, in a manner compatible to the system and acceptable under
industry standards and in accordance with construction specifications, provided however that
the following are excluded from this warranty:

a)    Defects or failures resulting from abuse by the Owner.

b)    Defects in design, which the said _________________ (General Contractor) shall have
      brought to the attention of Dougherty County (Georgia) in writing prior to installation of
      the work, except however, that the ___________________(General Contractor) shall
      not be responsible insofar as liability under this bond is concerned, for bringing to the
      attention of Dougherty County (Georgia), defects in design involving failure of:
      1)    Structural frame
      2)    Load bearing walls
      3)    Foundations

      Nor shall _____________________ (General Contractor) be responsible for correction
      of leaks resulting from failures caused by the following:

c)    Damage caused by fire, tornado, hurricane, acts of God, war, or riots.

d)    The Contractor is not an insurer nor is he a guarantor of the suitability or adequacy of
      design. Any other provisions of this bond to the contrary not withstanding, the contractor
      shall not be required to remedy any unsuitable or inadequate design.

___________________________                            ___________________________
Authorized Signature                                   Title

____________________________                           ___________________________
Final Acceptance (Owner)                               Company Name

____________________________                           ___________________________
Date                                                   Address

                                                       City       State       Zip

Const.:RRC PARAPET AND ROOF REFURBISHMENT PROJECT                                               14
                      ATTACHMENT A


Subcontractor Amount_________________



Telephone #__________________ Project Manager____________________________

THIS AGREEMENT, made this_____________ day of __________ A.D.____________by and between
_________________________________________________hereinafter called “CONTRACTOR” and
________________________________ herein called the “SUBCONTRACTOR”.

Hereinafter disadvantaged, minority, or women owned businesses are referred to as “SDB”.

For consideration hereinafter Named, the Subcontractor covenants and agrees with the Contractor, as

    a. The Subcontractor agrees to provide the WORK required to complete the following described
       items of WORK:


   a. The Subcontractor shall begin the WORK covered by this Agreement within ten (10) days after
      Notice To Proceed, and shall carry on said WORK efficiently and at speed that will not cause
      delay in the progress of the Contractor’s WORK or other branches of WORK carried on by other
      subcontractors. It is understood that the WORK required herein may be intermittent according to
      project schedule, which is available to subcontractor upon request.

   b. Within ten (10) days after the date of execution of this Subcontract by Subcontractor,
      Subcontractor shall submit to General Contractor for General Contractor’s approval a detailed
      schedule showing a proper cost breakdown (with a proper share of associated overhead and
      profit) of the Subcontract Price according to the various line items, or parts, of the Work, for use
      only as a basis for verifying Subcontractor’s applications for payment or supporting General
      Contractor’s applications for payments under the Contract.

   c. On or before each Monthly Billing Date, Subcontractor shall submit to General Contractor, in
      Such form and supported by such data as General Contractor may require, a progress payment
      application showing the value of the Work installed (“Completed Work”), plus the value of the
      material and equipment for incorporation in the Work suitably stored if, and only if, the Contract
      Documents provide for payments to General Contractor on that basis as of such date.

   d. Within ten (10) days after receiving a progress payment from Owner under the Contract, General
      Contractor shall make a progress payment to Subcontractor equal to the value of the Completed
      Work and Stored Work as of the corresponding Monthly Billing Date, to the extent approved by
      General Contractor and allowed and paid by Owner on account of the Work and after deducting
      (a) all previous payments, (b) Retained Percentage, which is a percentage equal to the

Const.:RRC PARAPET AND ROOF REFURBISHMENT PROJECT                                                      15
       percentage withheld by the Owner from the General Contractor, times the allowed value of
       Completed Work and Stored Materials and (c) all charges and back charges for services,
       materials, equipment, or other items furnished or otherwise chargeable to Subcontractor.
       Subcontractor shall not be entitled to receive any payment until this Subcontract has been
       properly executed and all documents, bonds, and information to be furnished by Subcontractor
       have been supplied to General Contractor.


          Time is of the essence. Therefore, Subcontractor shall; (a) submit to General Contractor within
    ten (10) days of the date of execution of this Subcontract a detailed proposed schedule for the Work
    for General Contractor’s use in preparing an overall progress schedule for the entire work and its
    several parts under the Contract; (b) begin the Work promptly upon General Contractor’s order to do
    so, (c) coordinate and perform the Work, and its several parts, diligently and promptly and in such
    order and sequence as General Contractor may from time to time direct and as will assure the
    efficient and timely prosecution of the Work, and will not delay completion of the entire work and its
    several parts under the Contract; (d) Subcontractor shall perform all of his work in accordance with
    the General Contractor’s project schedule as amended by the General Contractor from time to time,
    and (e) at all times furnish sufficient, qualified and competent forces and supervision, and adequate,
    conforming and usable materials, equipment, plant, tools and other necessary things to achieve
    progress according to General Contractor’s current progress schedule, including any specific
    schedule for Subcontractor’s Work, and any revisions thereof by General Contractor.


         Should Subcontractor, without any fault or neglect on its own part, be delayed in the completion
    of the Work by the fault or neglect of General Contractor, Subcontractor, as its sole remedy, shall be
    entitled only to a reasonable extension of time. Subcontractor will not be entitled to recover any
    compensation or damages for delay except as provided below in this paragraph. Should
    Subcontractor, without any fault or neglect on its own part, be delayed in the completion of the Work
    by an act of God or such other cause beyond the control of General Contractor and Subcontractor
    actually receive an extension of time from Owner, Subcontractor shall be entitled to a reasonable
    extension of time to be determined in accordance with this Subcontract and the Contract
    Documents. In no event shall Subcontractor be entitled to compensation or damages for any delay
    in the commencement, prosecution, or completion of the Work or for any schedule adjustments
    resulting therefrom, except to the extent that General Contractor shall receive such compensation or
    damages from Owner or other third party. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Contract
    Documents or this Subcontract, Subcontractor shall not be entitled to an extension of time unless a
    written notice of delay shall have been delivered to General Contractor within seventy-two (72) hours
    after commencement of the claimed delay.


         Where a Change Order is issued pursuant to a change required by the Owner, the
    Subcontractor Price shall be adjusted by the net amount of any direct savings and direct cost, plus
    Profit Percentage, attributable to the Change Order, and the time of performance of the Work may
    be adjusted according to the Contract Documents, subject, however, in each case to the following
    limitations: (a) Price and time adjustments hereunder shall be limited to the amount and extent of
    adjustments actually allowed General Contractor under the Contract Documents (less, in the case of
    Price, any overhead, profit or similar markup allowed by Owner for General Contractor’s account):
    (b) where the Work affected by Change Order is the subject of unit prices under Schedule C
    attached hereto, the Price adjustments shall be limited to the amounts obtained by applying such
    unit prices to the actual increase or decrease in the quality of units due to the change; and (c) the
    amount allowable for all overhead and profit shall be limited to the product obtained by multiplying
    the Profit Percentage by the net amount of Subcontractor’s direct savings and direct cost. As used

Const.:RRC PARAPET AND ROOF REFURBISHMENT PROJECT                                                       16
   in this Subcontract, Subcontractor’s direct savings and direct cost shall mean and be limited to the
   actual amount of the following: cost of materials, including sales tax and cost of delivery, cost of
   labor, including social security, old age and unemployment insurance, and fringe benefits required
   by agreement or custom; worker’s compensation insurance; bond premiums if and to the extent
   actually increased; and actual rent not greater than the rent charged in the locale, or reasonable
   value of Subcontractor-owned equipment and machinery.


         The Work shall be performed and furnished under the direction of and to the satisfaction of
   Architect and General Contractor, but Subcontractor shall not thereby be relieved of its obligation to
   supervise the Work, using its best skill and attention, or its obligation to perform the Work as
   provided for herein. Subcontractor shall be bound by the interpretations and decisions of Architect
   and Owner to the same extent as General Contractor may be bound thereby under the Contract
   Documents. Subcontractor shall promptly and carefully check all Contract Documents and notify
   General Contractor of any discrepancies or conflicts before performing any Work, and Subcontractor
   shall be responsible for any extra costs resulting from its failure to do so.


       The Subcontractor is to secure, pay for and file with the Contractor, certificates for Worker’s
   Compensation and Public Liability and Property Damage Liability insurance in such amounts as
   required by the Contractor.


         General Contractor shall not be liable or responsible for loss or damage to the equipment, tools,
   facilities, or other personal property owned, rented, or used by Subcontractor, or anyone employed
   by or through Subcontractor, in the performance of the Work; and Subcontractor shall maintain such
   insurance coverage and take such protective action as Subcontractor deems desirable with respect
   to such property. Except to the extent of any proceeds received by General Contractor for the
   benefit of Subcontractor under a policy of builder’s risk or fire insurance, General Contractor shall
   not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage to the Work, and Subcontractor shall be
   responsible for the correction or restoration of any such loss or damage to the Work, or to the work
   of General Contractor or any other subcontractor, resulting from the operations of Subcontractor or
   its subcontractors, agents, servants, or employees hereunder. Subcontractor shall take all
   reasonable precautions to protect the Work from loss or damage prior to acceptance by Owner.


         Should Subcontractor at any time: (a) fail to supply the labor, materials, equipment, supervision
   and other things required of it in sufficient quantities and of required quality to perform the Work with
   the skill, conformity, promptness and diligence required hereunder; (b) cause interference, stoppage
   or delay to the Project or any activity necessary to complete the Project; (c) become insolvent, or (d)
   fail in the performance or observance of any of the covenants, conditions, or other terms of this
   Subcontract, then in any such event, each of which shall constitute a default hereunder by
   Subcontractor, General Contractor shall, after giving Subcontractor notice of default and forty-eight
   (48) hours within which to cure, have the right to exercise any one or more of the following remedies:

             (i) require that Subcontractor utilize, at its own expense, overtime labor (including
         Saturday and Sunday work) and additional shifts as necessary to overcome the consequences
         or any delay attributable to Subcontractor’s default;

             (ii) attempt to remedy the default by whatever means General Contractor may deem
         necessary or appropriate, including, but not limited to, correcting, furnishing, performing, or

Const.:RRC PARAPET AND ROOF REFURBISHMENT PROJECT                                                        17
         otherwise completing the Work, or any part thereof, by itself or through others (utilizing, where
         appropriate, any materials and equipment previously purchased for that purpose by
         Subcontractor) and deducting the cost thereof from any monies due or to become due to
         Subcontractor hereunder;

              (iii) After giving Subcontractor an additional forty-eight (48) hours notice (at any time
         following the expiration of the initial forty-eight (48) hours notice), terminate this Subcontract
         without thereby waiving or releasing any rights or remedies against Subcontractor or its
         sureties and, by itself or through others, take possession of the Work and all materials,
         equipment, facilities, plant, tools, scaffolds and appliances of Subcontractor relating to the
         Work, for the purposes of completing the Work and securing to General Contractor the
         payment of its costs and other damages under this Subcontract and for the breach thereof, it
         being intended that General Contractor shall, for the stated purposes, be the assignee of, and
         have a security interest in, any funds relating to any other contract, subcontract or agreement
         between General Contractor and Subcontractor and/or the property described above to the
         extent located on the Project site and/or stored materials in accordance with this Subcontract
         (and General Contractor may at any time file this Subcontract as a financing statement under
         applicable law); or

              (iv) recover from Subcontractor all losses, damages, penalties and fines, whether actual
         or liquidated, direct or consequential (including without limitations any increase in General
         Contractor’s cost of insurance resulting from Subcontractor’s failure to maintain insurance
         coverage required hereunder), and all reasonable attorneys’ fees, expert witness fees, court
         costs, and other similar costs suffered or incurred by General Contractor by reason of or as a
         results of Subcontractor’s default.

        Should this Subcontract be terminated for default, Subcontractor shall assign all purchase
   orders and subcontracts to General Contractor if General Contractor, in its sole and absolute
   discretion, requests such assignments. Subcontractor agrees to incorporate such provisions in its
   agreements with suppliers and subcontractors to effectuate this provision. Nothing herein shall
   create any duty on the party of General Contractor to accept the assignment of any purchase order
   or subcontract hereunder.


        In the event of any dispute between Subcontractor and General Contractor arising out of or
   relating to this Subcontract, or the breach thereof, which involves the correlative rights and duties of
   Owner, the dispute shall be decided in accordance with the Contract Documents, and
   Subcontractor, its suppliers, subcontractors and its guarantors, surety, or sureties, shall be bound to
   General Contractor to the same extent that General Contractor is bound to Owner by the terms of
   the Contract Documents and by any decisions or determination made under the Contract
   Documents by an authorized person, board, court, arbitration, or other tribunal. Subcontractor shall
   be solely responsible for the preparation of any information or testimony hereunder unless General
   Contractor notifies Subcontractor in writing of General Contractor’s intention to provide attorneys
   and provide for the presentation of any case governed by this paragraph, in which case
   Subcontractor shall have the duty to cooperate with General Contractor.

        If a dispute should arise between General Contractor and Subcontractor under or relating to this
   Subcontract, or the breach thereof, which does not involve the correlative rights and duties of Owner
   and is not, therefore, controlled by the foregoing provision, then either party may seek redress of its
   grievances as to such disputes at law or in equity.

        Subcontractor agrees to continue to perform the Work despite the existence of disputes. The
   existence of a dispute shall not be grounds for any failure to perform by Subcontractor nor limit the
   rights of General Contractor to proceed, in good faith, to remedy any default by Subcontractor.

Const.:RRC PARAPET AND ROOF REFURBISHMENT PROJECT                                                       18

       If Owner terminates the Contract or stops the Work for any reason other than the sole default of
   General Contractor, General Contractor may terminate this Subcontract or stop the Work for the
   same reason, and Subcontractor’s rights and remedies, including the basis for payment of any
   unpaid portion of the Price, shall be limited to the corresponding rights and remedies available to
   General Contractor under the Contract Documents.

        Further, in its sole discretion and without notice to any guarantors, surety, or sureties, General
   Contractor may terminate this Subcontract for its convenience upon the giving of written notice to
   Subcontractor. In no event shall Subcontractor be entitled to consequential damages or loss of
   profits on portions of the Work not yet performed. If terminated for convenience, Subcontractor shall
   be entitled to be paid all costs of the work provided hereunder, including reasonable and necessary
   costs of termination, together with the Profit Percentage attributable to the costs so determined.
   Payment shall be made in accordance with and subject to the requirements of paragraph XIII.


         a. The Contractor agrees to pay to the Subcontractor_____________, for said WORK, the
            sum of __________________.
         b. The equitable Pro rata of said sum shall be paid by the Contractor to the Subcontractor
            ___________ as the WORK proceeds, provided that the Subcontractor has delivered to
            the Contractor on the ____ day (or other such day as the Contractor may stipulate) of the
            preceding __________ days, an invoice prepared on the Contractor’s form describing the
            WORK performed during the __________ by the Subcontractor together with duly
            executed receipts by the Contractor’s superintendent or project manager.
         c. The equitable Pro rata progress payments shall be in an amount equal to 90% or greater
            percentages as afforded through Contractor by the Owner, and final payment shall be
            made forty-six (46) days after completion of the WORK upon issuance of Certificate from
            the Project Manager that the WORK has been performed to his satisfaction.



   Roof Repair and Refurbishment Diagrams

Const.:RRC PARAPET AND ROOF REFURBISHMENT PROJECT                                                      19

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