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2010 Battle rocks the house

VIEWS: 172 PAGES: 12

									Volume 7 Issue 5                                                                                                                                    Seabreeze High School
May 2010                                                                                                                                               Daytona Beach, FL

THE BREEZE                                     The Official Newspaper of Seabreeze High School

                      2010 Battle rocks the house
       Halsey Kinne and laura Mccon-
      On May 7, the annual Battle of the
  Bands presented its largest show to
  date, featuring fourteen bands of vary-
  ing styles performing in front of a
  nearly packed house at the SHS audi-
      Sponsored by The Breeze, the con-
  cert showcased genres ranging from
  Christian screamo to ska and polka to
     At the end of the energy-filled show,
  tension filled the air as the emcees took
  the stage to announce the winning
       The Art Vandelays, whose perfor-
  mance of “Liechtenstein at the Win-
  ter Olympics” exhibited stage perfor-
  mance, personality, and originality,
  received the top score to secure the
  $150 prize and honor of 2010 Battle of                                                                                                                                             Spencer Spear
  the Bads winners.
     Consisting of Joe Spear, Luke Zerra,
                                                The winners of Battle of the Bands, The Art Vandelays, perform during the show. This year featured fourteen different bands of all different genres.
  Zach Lukasek, Kevin Stephens, Cody
  Khorassani, Charlie Carbiener, and
                                                dinary instruments to create their own            tion “Unfortunate Predictions,” the                and crowd with equal energy.
  Ariah Darioosh, the musical project
                                                individual sound with drums, bass,                group thrilled the audience with their               “They were really great. They brought
  can only be described as a mythical
                                                guitar, keyboard, trombone, melodica,             unleashed vocal capabilities, rip-                 a new flare to old school music,” junior
  folk group with a garden gnome as
                                                and violin.                                       ping guitar riffs, and dank drumming               Laura Goldberg added.
  their mascot.
                                                    “They were eccentric in style. I’ve           breakdown.                                               Serving as judges were Rick
        Many students appreciated the
                                                never heard anything like how they                   The Speakeasies, featuring Justinia             DeYampert, the veteran entertainment
  unique performance of the winning
                                                played,” sophomore Murphy Wall stat-              Abinette, John Potts, Daniel Lewis, and            writer and rock critic for the News-
                                                ed.                                               Sebastian Caliendo, achieved the hon-              Journal, Mickey Hartman, lead singer
       “The Art Vandelays were able to
                                                    Coming in second was the dynamic              or of third place with a cover of Duke             for the hardcore band Uprise, and
  bring a new meaning to ska through
                                                Christian metalcore band Arms Like                Ellington’s “It Don’t Mean a Thing if It           Scott Queen, a local musician in sever-
  different instruments you don’t usually
                                                Branches, with members Ryan Lanes,                Ain’t Got That Swing.”                             al projects and an alumnus of SHS, the
  see. Their unique spin helped them to
                                                Sean Livingston, Chris Melvin, Brad                   The jazz quartet made a “link be-              Battle of the Bands, and the Stetson
  win the competition through their cre-
                                                Buckley, Kyle Canfield, and Payne Vin-            tween the past and the present by giv-             University music program.
  ativity,” assessed junior Ben Mock.
                                                cent.                                             ing a new edge to old music,” explained
       They used different out-of-the-or-                                                                                                              Battle of the Bands, cont. on page 8
                                                     Performing the original composi-             Potts, who worked his standup bass

         SHS celebrates the outstanding service and talent
             given by four incredible faculty and staff
    As the year winds down and the se-         of this school year after 40 years.                 Daytona Beach with a friend, she rented             Mr. and Mrs. Labno have one son,
niors walk across the stage, four of Sea-          “Mrs. Labno is a perfect mix of pro-            a room from a man named Larry Labno.           Tony, a golf club manager in Naples, a
breeze’s most dedicated faculty and staff      fessionalism, compassion, and humor.                The two quickly fell for each other, were      daughter-in-law, Beth, and a one-year-
will depart with the school as well.           She truly cares about the kids and I can            married in October of that year and have       old granddaughter named Isabella. Tony
   Mrs. Ruthie Labno, Mrs. Lynda Bon-          think of no better role model as an ad-             been together ever since.                      and Beth are expecting a son, Vincent,
nick, Mrs. Nina Masters, and Mr. Ger-          ministrator and educator. I will truly                  That same year, Mrs. Labno started         in September.
ald Chandler will retire when the school       miss her,” states Mr. Temple.                       working as a physical education and               After eighteen years in the classroom
year ends.                                                                                                                                        teaching science classes that included
                                                                                                                                                  biology, AP biology, anatomy and physi-
‘Queen of Seabreeze’ prepares to                                                                                                                  ology, and marine biology, Mrs. Labno
end reign                                                                                                                                         was offered a unique opportunity.
by Jared GinsburG                                                                                                                                      “The principal at the time, Jimmy
    Mrs. Labno. Just the mere utterance                                                                                                           Kirton, would come and observe me
of that name elicits smiles and praises                                                                                                           teach all the time. I was already science
from teachers, staff, parents and stu-                                                                                                            department chair for the school, and the
dents.                                                                                                                                            assistant principal of curriculum, Mrs.
                                                                                                                            Archival yearbooks
   “Not only is she a good friend, but she                                                                                                        Harkey, was retiring. He told me I would
is one of, if not the, finest administrators    Mrs. Labno, Mrs. Bonnick, Mrs. Masters, and Mr. Chandler (pictured above in respective order)
                                                                                                                                                  make a great assistant principal, and I
I have ever worked with. She goes above         smile in their early years at Seabreeze. Each person has contributed over 35 years to the school. already had the degree from Stetson.”
and beyond the call of duty, and every                                                                                                               It was then in 1990 when she became
decision she makes is made for the best           A native of Wellsburg, West Virginia, elementary teacher at Our Lady of an assistant principal, overseeing cur-
interest of students and Seabreeze High        Ruthie Beck played the flute in march- Lourdes Academy. Three months later, riculum, teachers, PASS, and the AP
School,” explains Mr. Wallace.                 ing band all through high school. She she decided P.E. and Kindergarten were program, roles she continues perform-
    Mrs. Labno, who has worked at Sea-         completed a degree in Science Educa- not her forte, and got a job working as a ing to this day.
breeze High School for almost her entire       tion from Liberty University.                     health and biology teacher at Seabreeze
                                                                                                                                                             Retirements, page 6
professional career, is retiring at the end          One day on a Spring Break trip to High School.

 In this                        Kevin Berstler                               Senior Editor                               Beach Driving                                 A Year in Sports
                                  Feature                                      Feature                                    Controversy                                      Review
 issue                              pg. 4                                        pg. 7                                       pg.9                                           pg. 11
UPDAtES                                                              PAgE 2                                                                 thE BREEzE

           Staff                              Words from Mr. Wallace                                                           What’s your
                                   Dear Sandcrabs,                           39 years of service, Language Arts De-              view?
                                                                             partment Chair Mrs. Lynda Bonnick
      Senior Editors                   As the 2010 school year comes to a    with 36 years of service, and Art De-
                                   close, I want to take this opportunity    partment Chair Nina Masters will be           What are your plans for
        Halsey Kinne
      Laura McConnell
                                   to thank you for your
                                   academic and extra-
                                                                                                leaving us after an
                                                                                                amazing 50 years of
                                                                                                                               the summer?
                                   curricular efforts as                                        service.
    Assistant Editors              well as your service                                            Mere words cannot
        Alexa Bian                 to our community. It                                         express how much
      Taylor Buckels               has been an outstand-                                        they have meant to
     Jared Ginsburg                ing year and there is                                        our students, staff
                                   much to look forward                                         and community -
      Jessie Lawson
                                   to in 2011.                                                  they have been the
       Abby Marsh                     I want to make spe-                                       heart and soul of our
       Alex Martin                 cial mention of three                                        school.
       Sam Votaw                   people who are leav-                                             On behalf of the          “Excelling academically by taking
                                   ing Seabreeze this                                           entire Sandcrab fam-                   classes at DSC,”
  Advertising Manager              year – very special people who have       ily, I want to wish them the very best as                 Troy Parker, 11
     Taylor Thomas                 cumulatively dedicated over 125 years     they start a new chapter in their lives.
                                   of exemplary service to our school!       Go Sandcrabs!
                                       Assistant Principal for Curriculum
      Photographers                Mrs. Ruthie Labno will be retiring with             Mr. Wallace
        Blaine Kinne
       Perry Shirzad
       Ashley Whytus

        Darcie Bland
                                              Summer Reading                                                               “I wanna visit Chicago because it’s
                                                                                                                           my favorite city. I visited there last
       Nikki Donovan                                                    9th grade:                                             summer and it’s beautiful,”
       Tabitha Thiess                                                   Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck                          Jessica Tolan, 10
       Dani Sanchez
                                                                        10th grade:
                                                                        Black Like Me by John howard griffin
         Amy Stewart                                                    11th grade:
                                                                        Lay That Trumpet in Our Hands
       Reporters                                                        by Susan Carol McCarthy
      Alana Agnone                                                      11th grade AP:
     Annaliza Aguiar                                                    Lay That Trumpet in Our Hands
     Cassie Angrisani                                                   by Susan Carol McCarthy
                                                                                                                           “I’m going to volunteer at Memo-
      Ayushia Ansari                                                    Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger             rial Hospital, travel with my friend,
       Chris Berrios                                                                                                                   and shop,”
                                                                        12th grade:                                               Kimyri Wallace, 9
        Sara Deline                                                     The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
      Alex Filipovski
       Ashley Fries
      Brittany Froio
        Kendra Fry
                                                            Crab Tracks                                                               Events
      Erica Henrichs                                       Congratulations to:
      Carlye Hubert                                                                                                      May
       Gus Johnson                 • Prom Prince Tyler Lares and Prin-       the Volusia County Literacy Fair.           25     Freshman awards ceremony
     Hollie Johnston               cess Alex Crotts and the 2010 Prom                                                    31     Memorial Day, no school
     Perry Kostidakis              King and Queen: Egan Wall and             • the Spanish honor Society Officers:
      Xaviere Letteer              Amy Smith.                                President Chris Banks, Vice Presi-
                                                                             dent Alex Crotts, Secretary Victoria
     Mariah Jackson
                                   • Junior Megan Cain, Sydney               Mitchener, and Treasurer Alyson
    Shamroze Mithani                                                                                                     3 Exams, periods 1 and 7
                                   Ladanyi, and Haley Rice for 3rd           Morelli.
    Miranda Mumma                  place in the Graphic Depiction of a
                                                                                                                         3 SHS Band & Middle school Concert
   Darq-Amber Neimark                                                                                                    4 Exams, periods 2 and 6
                                   novel, and Logan Harrell for 1st          • De’Vonte Mack for being named
        Lizzi Pinter                                                                                                     4 Band “Middle School Welcome Night”
                                   place Writing Portfolio for placing in    the News-Journal Athlete of the Week
                                                                                                                         5 SAT
     Stephen Polzella              the Volusia County Literacy Fair.         for his 2nd place medal in the high
                                                                                                                         7 Exams, periods 3 and 5
      Kelsi Quicksall                                                        jump at the State Championship Track
                                                                                                                         7 AP Euro trip Meeting
     Hillary Saunders              • Seniors Aubrey Oyler for 2nd place      and Field Meet.
                                                                                                                         8 Exam, period 4
                                   11/12th grade writing portfolio, Nata-
       Natalia Silva               lie O’Steen and Aubrey Oyler 2nd          • Corey Walden, who plays Boys
                                                                                                                         8 grading Period 4 ends
      Harrison Sinex                                                                                                     8 Last day for students
                                   place for The Reality of Slumdog Mil-     Basketball, and Chelsea Belfer, who
     Hailey Swanson                                                                                                      10 Last day for teachers
                                   lionaire-Multimedia Presentation, and     plays Girls Soccer, for being selected as
                                                                                                                         12 ACT
        Paola Ulloa                Jimmy Devine, Austin O’Dwyer,             the Athlete of the Year in their respec-
                                                                                                                         14 Report Cards available on Parent Portal
      Casey Vickers                Charlie Sutton, and Mark Swain            tive sport for the Bright House Sports
                                                                                                                         21 Report Card distribution
       Stacey Voges                3rd place for One Flew Over the Cuck-     Network Breakfast of Champions.
                                   oo’s Nest-Multimedia Presentation at
      Marie Whitley
      Adrian Zamora                                                                                                      August
                                                                                                                         2      Orientation
         Sponsor                                                                                                         3      Orientation
         Mr.Phillips                                                                                                     4      Orientation
                                                                                                                         5      Orientation
    Letters to the Editors                                                                                               16     First day of School for students
     The Breeze appreciates the                                                                                          27.    Varsity Football “Classic”
 input of readers on issues of
 interest to the student body.
      All letters to the editors                                                                                         Be sure to check the school calen-
 must include the full name                                                                                              dar online at
 and grade of the student                                                                                                for the most up to date informa-
 and can be submitted to
                                                                                                                         tion on school events during the
 room 3-211 or e-mailed to:                                                                                           summer and the fall!
ENtERtAiNMENt                                                                PAgE 3   thE BREEzE

           Upcoming CD Releases
May 4                                    June 1
Godsmack The Oracle                      Jack Johnson To the Sea
Minus the Bear Omni
Papa Roach To Be Loved                   June 8
Josh Ritter Runs the World               Christina Aguilera Bionic
                                         Lil Jon Crunk Rock
May 11                                   Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes
Crash Test Dummies Oooh La La!           Lazarus
Keane Night Train                        The Roots How I Got Over
The National High Violet
Jessica Harp A Woman’s Needs             June 15
tokyo Police Club Champ                  Gaslight Anthem American Slang
                                         Chamillionaire Venom
May 18                                   Sarah McLachlan The Laws Of Illu-
Black Keys Brothers                      sion
LCD Soundsystem This is Happening
Deftones Diamond Eyes
Macy Gray The Sellout

May 25
Plies Goon Affiliated
Widespread Panic Dirty Side Down

 Top 5 Classic Songs of the Summer
             As given by the staff of Atlantic Sounds

     by   Gus JoHnson

     Mike Toole
     1) “Summertime Blues” by Blue Cheer
     2) “Summertime Blues” by The Who
     3) “In the Summertime” by Mungo Jerry
     4) “Sunny Afternoon” by The Kinks
     5) “Summer in the City” by Lovin’ Spoonful

     Brandon Jolly
     1) “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding
     2) “Groovin’” by Young Rascals
     3) “Boys of the Summer” by Don Henley
     4) “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper
     5) “Walkin’ on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves

          Year of the Black Rainbow
               revives classic angst
by  Harrison sinex                       feelings of angst, and anger widely ap-
    Year of the Black Rainbow brings     parent in other Co&Ca albums Good
more of everything the fans of Coheed    Apollo or In Keeping Secrets of Silent
                            &    Cam-    Earth.
                            bria want.       Accompanying the already fantas-
                            It’s more    tic deluxe edition of the album is the
                            dark and     incredible novel of the same name
                            ominous      (front man Claudio Sanchez’s debut
                            than Iron    as a full length author), written along
                            Maiden’s     with Peter David. Also coming with
                            Number       the album is the documentary, Every
                            of     the   End Has a Beginning.
Beast, with more feelings of hate and         At the end of the day, the album
disgust than The Black Album by Me-      delivers everything fans of prog-rock
tallica, and obviously more passionate   desire, although it may not present
than anything by Fall Out Boy.           many opportunities for the acquisi-
    Songs like “The Broken” and “This    tion of new ones.
Shattered Symphony” revive those

Summer movies releases to see
May                                               July
28th- Prince of Persia                            6th- The Last Airbender
                                                  9th- Predators
                                                  16th- The Sorcerer’s Appren-
June                                              tice
4th- Get Him to the                               23rd- Salt
Greek                                             30th- I Love You Phillip Mor-
4th- Splice                                       ris
11th- The Karate Kid
30th- Twilight Saga:
                                                  6th- Step Up 3D
                                                  6th- The Other Guys
ENtERtAiNMENt                                                                  PAgE 4                                                                        thE BREEzE

     South Park                             speech to raise awareness via film to
                                            what he criticized as the “subordinate                            Gamers anticipate
                                            role of women in Islam.”
                                                Also listed on the RevolutionMuslim
                                            forums were the addresses to the head-                            summer releases
                                            quarters of Comedy Central in New
                                            York.                                              by  saM Votaw                              of this lineup for this summer? Soph-
                                                 As long-standing fans of the show,                 Most students who intentionally       omore Derek Bennett is giddy for one
                                            juniors Kyle Leonard and Josh Barber               skip school for a day can be found         game in particular.
                                            disagree with the decision.                        playing video games non-stop,                  “Dead Rising 2. Zombies, casinos
                                                 “i think that censoring South Park            ‘just like summer.”                        and dirt bikes with chainsaws on the
                                            won’t accomplish anything other than                    Yet what will this vacation bring     side. Must I say anything more?!?”
                                            showing we are scared of radical Mus-              for all gamers? Will students still be
                                            lims who use intimidation to stifle our            playing Call of Duty all through the
                                            free speech” explained Kyle Leonard.               summer? Or will a new game come
                                                Barber points out that “Freedom of             along?                                          Noteworthy Releases
                                            speech is guaranteed by our Constitu-                   Obviously the systems that cater
                                            tion, and the creators of South Park               to the most hardcore gamers are the
                                            have a right to satirize however they              Xbox 36 and PS3.
                                            feel.”                                                    And while both systems’ play-
                                                Cartoonists from across the US have            ers are still content with trudging
                                            already joined up to sign a petition con-          through battlefield online via C.O.D,
by  naor aMir                               demning the threats. The letter states,            those same players may be done with
     To many Seabreeze students, it is      “Freedom of expression is a universal              the game’s impressive, but still easy,
no surprise that South Park has often       right” and “we reject any group that               campaign mode.
highlighted touchy (but nonetheless         seeks to silence people by violence or                  Games such as Quantum, Crack-
hilarious) subjects. Yet what is new to     intimidation.”                                     down, and Sniper: Ghost Warrior                    Skate 3 360 PS3
most teenage fans of South Park is the        The letter highlights the United States’         promise in-depth campaign modes                Prince of Persia 360 PS3
show’s censorship.                          “proud tradition of political satire” and          with all the daring antics of classic         Sniper: Ghost Warrior 360
    Following the recent 200th episode      states the belief in the right “to speak or        shooting games.                            Green Day: Rock Band 360 PS3 Wii
of the long-running series, death threats   draw freely without censorship.”                      Feeling a bit of the RPg experience?      Tiger Woods 11’ 360 PS3 Wii
were issued to creators trey Parker and          Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Cen-              While you may still be wrapped up in        Lego Harry Potter 360 PS3 Wii
Matt Stone, causing the Comedy Cen-         tral’s popular The Daily Show, put it              the latest installment of Final Fan-                Quantum 360
tral father network Viacom to censor        best when he said that these radicals              tasy, games such as Prince of Persia              Crackdown 2 360
the episode.                                are still allowed to praise Osama Bin              and Dead Rising 2 will give gamers            NCAA Football 11’ 360 PS3
    This particular episode sparked an-     Laden, celebrate 9/11, have access to              puzzling scenarios.                               Dead Rising 2 360
ger amongst Muslims for portraying          our theater district, Jewish delis, and                And finally, for those casual gam-        Super Mario Galaxy 2 Wii
the Prophet Muhammad—an act con-            parks, all in the name of freedom. Yet,            ers, games such as Skate 3, Green
                                                                                                                                                  Halo: Reach 360
sidered forbidden—walking around in         “These (people) get to enjoy it. All be-           Day: Rock Band and Tiger Woods ‘11
a bear suit.                                cause of how much we, in this country,             will get sports and music fans to emu-
    The death threats were posted by an     value and protect even their freedom of            late their biggest idols.
Islamic website named RevolutionMus-        expression.”                                           Nintendo Wii owners will also be, which stated that the South          South Park resumed its regular broad-            able to enjoy the sequel to its biggest
Park creators “will probably end up like    casting schedule on Comedy Central as              game: Super Mario Galaxy, which
Theo van Gogh.”                             of last Wednesday.                                 will appeal to gamers both young and
  Van gogh was a Dutch filmmaker who                                                           old as Nintendo’s mascot Mario yet
was brutally murdered on the streets        Sources:, Washingtonpost.      again embarks on a bewildering space
of Amsterdam in 2004 for angering           com,                                   adventure.
Muslims by expressing his freedom of                                                               What do Seabreeze students think

                                            by Jordan KirK                                  knows that he is a very talented musi-       – the latest crave for all music lovers –
                                              Throughout high school, Kevin Berst-          cian. Kevin has played guitar with his       performed our song ‘Northampton Re-
                                            ler has entertained many people.                bands in Battle of the Bands every year      prise’; we played wonderfully but were
Kevin Berstler                                “Throughout my four years as a Sea-
                                            breeze student, I have learned so very
                                                                                            he attended Seabreeze.
                                                                                                “In my ninth and tenth grade, Matt
                                                                                                                                         disqualified for exceeding the time lim-
                                                                                                                                         it,” said Kevin.

 displays his
                                            much about coming and going; people             Archer and i wrote songs five minutes
                                            come, smile, and go. High school has            before Battle of the Bands, but in my
                                            founded and furthered my appreciation           twelfth grade (year) we decided to com-
many talents                                for Spanish,” stated Kevin about his
                                            high school experience at Seabreeze.
                                                                                            pletely improvise our performance,
                                                                                            all of which was under the moniker
                                                Anyone who knows Kevin Berstler             Earth’s Demise. Orchestrating Omega

                                                                                                                                         Kevin Berstler peforms during Battle of the Bands.

                                                                                                                                             Kevin also plays guitar in a grind-
                                                                                                                                         crust band, The Imperfects, with fellow
                                                                                                                                         Sandcrabs tim huckaby, Mickey Pier-
                                                                                                                                         son, and Jordan Kirk.
                                                                                                                                              “In August I leave for Marbella,
                                                                                                                                         Spain. I will attend school as a foreign
                                                                                                                                         exchange student, thanks to the Rotary
                                                                                                                                         Youth Exchange program,” exclaimed
                                                                                                                                            “When I return, I will attend Stetson
                                                                                                                                         University in Deland. I have received
                                                                                                                                         a bunch of scholarships from my hard
                                                                                                                                         work, paying my entire way; therefore,
                                                                                                                                         if you want something, work for it,”
                                                                                                                                         Kevin proudly proclaimed.
                                                                                                                                              As for the future Kevin is certain
                                                                                                                                         about his plans, “After school I will
                                                                                                                                         record albums for my band and sup-
                                                                                                                                         port them with tours. When I believe I
                                                                                                                                         have made enough music for awhile, I’ll
                                                                                                                                         walk. I’ll venture; I’ll peregrinate. We,
                                                                                                                                         humans, do not need money to smile.”
StUDENt LiFE                                                                        PAgE 5                                                                thE BREEzE

        Seabreeze students experience                                                      ‘Click it or ticket’ policy pro-
            Cultural Diversity Day                                                         motes safety among drivers
                                                                                           by  niKKi donoVan                             er gets the ticket.
                                                                                                Be sure to buckle up! Although,                The campaign in March was in
                                                                                           you should always                                                 full swing on A1A.
                                                                                           be wearing your                                                   An informational
                                                                                           seatbelt, now it                                                  message was sent
                                                                                           is even more im-                                                  to students from
                                                                                           portant due to the                                                the Seabreeze staff
                                                                                           watchful eye of                                                   to warn them of
                                                                                           Volusia County Po-                                                the affects of driv-
                                                                                           licemen.                                                          ing without a seat-
                                                                                                 the first Click                                             belt.
                                                                                           It or Tick It cam-                                                     Some may feel
                                                                                           paign ended March                                                 that     motorcycle
                                                                                           15th and the second                                               riders should have
                                                                                           phase will begin in                                               to wear a helmet
                                                                                           May.                                                              if passengers have
                                                                                               Click It or Ticket                                            to wear a seatbelt.
                                                                        Mrs. Hart          It may not be some-                                               Unfortunately, the
                                                                                           thing that all agree       The Click It Or Ticket cam-            fight against the
     Students pose with the Daytona State College Falcon mascots during Cul-               with; however, it is       paign mandate that all persons         unjust law is not
     tural Diversity Day held on April 15. “Junior and Senior interested in DSC            not worth rebelling        under the age of 18 must wear          worth the conse-
                                                                                           against.                   their seatbelt in any automo-          quences.
     had the chance to tour the school. Some students who did not think they                                          bile. Additionally, any persons
     would have the chance to go to college also had the chance to see that                    The exceedingly        in the front seat must wear                  Next time you
     there is something for everyone to pursue,” said Mrs. Hart. Students had              high ticket cost,          their seatbelt. If the law is not      get in the car, re-
     the opportunity to meet with school representatives and discuss education             $116, will guaran-         abided, high fines will ensue.         member that all it
     and career plans. While there, senior Greg Pringle won a $500 scholar-                tee all passengers                                                takes to buckle up
     ship. “The day gave every one the chance to see what the future could                 are buckled. If any                                               is two seconds, and
     hold for them.”                                                                       travelers in the car are under 18, no could ultimately be a $116 mistake if
                                                                                           matter what seat they sit in, the driv- you don’t “click it”.

 American by                                connected with the reality of the Mid-
                                            dle East. I have grown up most of my
                                                                                             Upon arriving, I was greeted with
                                                                                        daily missile attacks and blearing si-
                                                                                                                                      trate Gaza in order to put an end to the
                                                                                                                                      missile barrage that has continually fall

Day, Israeli by
                                            life in the States, but have done so in a   rens at night. I found myself thrown          on innocent Israeli civilians for almost
                                            predominantly Middle Eastern Israeli        into a chaotic and stressful life which       eight years.
                                            culture- and a fairly staunch Jewish        provided quite a culture shock.                   As I watched the missiles fall over

    Night                                   family.
                                                My parents immigrated to the Unit-
                                                                                           Having to stop in the middle of a soc-
                                                                                        cer match just to fall on the ground and
                                                                                                                                      distant cities, I realized just how good
                                                                                                                                      we Americans have it. To be so far away
                                            ed States in the 80s, yet the majority      cover our heads from missile shrapnel         from this place, a place where terror-
                                            of our family remains there. I currently    is something most American teenagers          ism and fighting is as common as is the
                                            have two cousins serving in the Israel      would never imagine happening.                sand.

                                            “No child –Israeli, American, or Palestinian– should have to fear for his life while
                                            playing at the park. No nine-year-old kids like my younger cousins should have to
                                            get up in the middle of their schooling and run frantically to the nearest bunker.”
                        Halsey Kinne
                                            Defense Forces, both in frontline com-           Yet these young Israeli kids have           Nevertheless, something has always,
     Reporter Naor Amir recounts his        bat battalions, so naturally I keep my-     never experienced anything but. This is       and will always attract me to the Jew-
         experiences in Israel.             self very aware of the situation.           common for them, it is the norm. And          ish state. Maybe it’s because it is where
                                                 Growing up in America away from        that’s not how it should be.                  my family lives, where I am from cul-
by  naor aMir                               all the trouble has been a blessing. You        No child- israeli, American, or Pal-      turally.
      Flipping through the channels, I      see, my family lives on the edge of Is-     estinian- should have to fear for his            Or maybe it is because after learning
catch another glimpse of the homeland       raeli borders, only a few miles from the    life while playing at the park. No nine       of all the oppression and genocide the
in the evening news again. It is an odd     Gaza Strip.                                 year old kids like my younger cousins         Jewish people have endured through-
feeling, knowing that so much is going          While I had been aware of the harsh     should have to get up in the middle of        out the years; that there is just some-
on back in Israel, so concerned about       situation in which my family lived, I       their schooling and run frantically to        thing so appealing about a Jewish state
the situation and yet so detached from      never quite understood its underlining      the nearest bunker.                           where strong willed Jews can proudly
it.                                         effects until my visit there back in late         I was there the day that Israel         and finally say, “never again!”
    I watch as an outsider yet am very      2009.                                       launched Operation Cast Lead to infil-

The military gives additional
  options for graduates
by  HeatHer tHornton and al-           course they are supportive of me,”
lison  brown                           says sophomore Malia Pauls.
    More and more young adults,            Senior Brad Bonnell says he
normally 17-20 years of age, are       wants to be a ‘Sapper’ in the mili-
joining the military.                                tary after completing
There is one question                                his college education.
floating around every-                                    According to sta-
one’s brain every time                               tistics seventy- five
someone says “I’m                                    percent of Americans
joining the military.”                               say they would join
    Why?                                             the military in or-
    Each year a number                               der to fight for their
Seabreeze graduates                                  country. Of that, ten
enlist, and they often have a good     percent would enlist to form a ca-
reasoning to do.                       reer.
   “I decided I wanted to join the        No matter what the initial rea-
Marine Corps two years ago be-         son is, fighting for the ones they
cause of my family’s legacy, and of    love is their main priority.
SENiORS                                                                                                                                                              PAgE 6

          Seniors                                              Superb staff start to say goodbye
recognized with                                             ‘Queen of Seabreeze’ prepares to end reign
 Medallions of                                                                                         cont. from page 1

  Excellence                                      This falls well short of describing her
                                               contributions to the Sandcrab Nation
                                                                                             various classrooms to share her knowl-
                                                                                             edge, giving hugs and smiles during
                                               over the years.                               class changes, listening to complaints,
                                                   “She is Seabreeze High School. She        frustrations, and gripes, or sharing
                                               is the all-knowing, all-doing, all Queen      some of her highly lauded Italian Lasa-
                                               of Seabreeze. She will always be a            gna, Mrs. Labno is known by all for be-
                                               teacher at heart and it will take a lot to    ing much more than an administrator.
                                               carry on her traditions because no one        One could point this impact to what
                                               could fill her shoes. She is the one and      her favorite part of her job is: “Being
                                               only,” Mrs. Morrison lauds.                   with students every day.”
                                                  Whether for an encouraging pep talk           She may be retiring, but this queen                               Amy Stewart
                                               (to both students and staff), visiting        will always keep her crown.

                                                      Mrs. Bonnick commemorates her years as a Sandcrab
                                               by   brittany Froio      and   darq nei-                                                  dents have something interesting to
Medallion of Excellence recipients             MarK                                                                                      say about her.
Aubrey Oyler, Dani Amols, Taylor                   Choices and consequences.                                                                   “She’s like Meryl Streep in The
Buckels, and Brandon Levoy smile                   That phrase, which you might have                                                     Devil Wears Prada, but with a touch
at the Medallion of Excellence Ban-            heard ringing out of room 9-003, has                                                      of motherliness,” laughs junior John
quet held at the News Journal Center.          always made students think twice                                                          Wallace III.
                                               about putting off homework or need-                                                            Though she only reads an assign-
by  niKKi donoVan                              lessly skipping a day of school.                                                          ment if it is in black pen, gets testy if
    The prestigious Medallion of Excel-           Unfortunately, the times of handing                                                    a hand-out is not taken off the coun-
lence, sponsored by Daytona Beach              in assignments to Mrs. Bonnick are                                                        ter in a timely manner, and just might
News Journal, is awarded annually to           coming to a rapid close.                                                                  refuse your paper if a single ‘be’ verb
                                                                                                       Nicki Donovan and Casey Vickers
some of the most talented seniors in                Retirement is just around the cor-                                                   is spotted, she does it all out of love,
Volusia County. Four outstanding Sand-         ner for this 36-year veteran, and tears       gram, is the Language Arts department       all out of her devotion to seeing her
crabs were recognized with the award           form in her eyes as she looks over her        chairperson, prepares and coaches           students graduate as the best scholars
to represent Seabreeze this year: Taylor       vast collection of “Most influential”         students who are selected to speak at       they can be.
Buckels, Dani Amols, Aubrey Oyler and          plaques from her loving students.             graduation, and among innumerable                “Mrs. Bonnick was my first peri-
Brandon Levoy.                                       “The most valuable possessions I        other undertakings, she selects the         od teacher my freshmen year of high
    Buckels, the founder and president         have are the plaques my students have         emcees each year for the Mr. & Ms.          school. She was by far the toughest,
of the Save our Seas Club, says that she       given to me,” exclaims the proud UF           Seabreeze competition.                      and I also learned the most from her,”
just “wanted to get into a good college        alumnus.                                          “I feel so lucky to have gotten paid    Mrs. Paul happily recollected. “She
and have a choice. I wanted to be able                Mrs. Bonnick has come quite a          for doing what I love most for thirty-      has become an icon of Seabreeze High
to get into the school I wanted to go to,”     long way from her tumultuous child-           six years,” Mrs. Bonnick said. “I regret    School as the English Department
she explains of her motivation to excel        hood, when she was abandoned in a             that I can’t teach another ten years,       Chair and fiercely fought for whatever
in school.                                     car parked in front of a grocery store        but I am physically unable.”                we needed –whatever was best for the
                                               in Michigan at the tender age of sixty            “I had to stop teaching drama due       kids.”
  She is also the captain and MVP of the
                                               minutes. Her adoptive parents, who            to my health,” she said regrettably,              As Seabreeze bids a farewell to
swim team.
                                               were both educators, called to espouse        “That’s when I started teaching Eng-        this voice of wisdom, we carry on the
   This Fall Taylor will be attending UF
                                               her on the day she was found.                 lish again, which I’ve now been doing       lessons taught to us by her; to make
and majoring in journalism.
                                                    Building upon her strong persona         for seventeen years.”                       choices that will ensure us good conse-
    Named the “Most Involved” Student
                                               is a sturdy list of accomplishments and          Even though they are no longer stu-      quences, and to keep everything like a
in the senior class, Dani Amols stands
                                               responsibilities.                             dents of drama, many if not all of her      pair of men’s shorts…
out in the list of winners.
                                                      The loving martinet started the        English honors and AP Literature stu-            “Long enough to cover, but short
   Amols stays busy as president of SCA
                                               American Musical Theater (AMT) pro-                                                       enough to be interesting.”
and Rotary Club, SADD treasurer and
a varsity cheerleader. She has always
worked hard in the classroom.
   “I had never even heard of it until last                       The master of Seabreeze art
year, so I haven’t been working toward
this exact award. I’ve just been working                                                    Carolina, and Stetson University, Mrs.       Maris was chasing Babe Ruth’s home
really hard in general over the past four                                                   Masters learned about the arts through       run record.
years, and I guess it has paid off,” ex-                                                    relatives, though no one influenced her          In the world of education, she cites
plains Amols.                                                                               more than her great-grandfather, a well      the present use of computers in art
     Dani will be heading to FSU and to                                                     known iconographer in Greece.                realm as the most radical change.
major in foreign affairs.                                                                     But the major turning point of her ca-        One thing that has not changed is her
     Future Gator Aubrey Oyler has ac-                                                      reer decision was made when the Dean         flexible teaching style, which allows the
complished her goal of being an excep-                                                      of the Stetson purchased her paintings.      students to “choose whatever they want
                                                                                            This inspired Masters to pursue a pro-       to do,” according to junior art student
tional student, and she has had the Me-
                                                                                            fession in art education.                    Zachary Benazzouz.
dallion of Excellence on her radar since
                                                                                                Starting in 1961, she began teaching          Mrs. Masters permits the students
coming to Seabreeze.
                                                                                            at Seabreeze High School. Forty-nine         to work inside their area of interest
   “I remember looking at the spread in
                                                                                            phenomenal years later, she has de-          because art allows people to communi-
the News Journal at all the exceptional
                                                                                            cided to retire.                             cate at the deepest level.
students with such admiration. I want-              Nicki Donovan and Casey Vickers
                                                                                              Throughout the forty- nine years Mrs.           “She teaches me ways to improve
ed to be featured, too, someday!”
                                                                                            Masters has graced Seabreeze with her        my artistic skills,” Cassie Roseboom,
       Oyler, president of NHS and the
                                              by  Jessie lawson and abby MarsH              presence, but imagine the changes she        sophomore, explains.
senior class, co-captain of varsity vol-
                                                Ask any Seabreeze alumni of the past        has witnessed during that time.                  Her expertise has guided the artis-
leyball, and a member of the yearbook
                                              four decades who the most influential              As she began her career, President      tic expression and creativity of genera-
staff, has earned many awards and is
                                              art teacher was, and they will surely re-     Kennedy has recently been inaugurat-         tions of Sandcrabs, and it is that final
great academically, but like she says
                                              ply “Mrs. Masters.”                           ed, construction of the Berlin Wall was      product that she most enjoys.
“I’m no bookworm. I’m very active in
                                                  A Florida native who attended both        beginning, West Side Story had just              “I treasure the work of my students
Seabreeze and the community and have
                                              Winthrop College in Rock Hill, South          been released, and a guy named Roger         most of all.”
earned several leadership positions.”
    At UF she will major in English and
possibly minor in political science. Af-        Mr. Chandler’s feature article can be
ter that, she wants to go to law school.
      Brandon Levoy, the captain of the
                                              found on page 12 in the sports section.
                                                   All of these people have been im-        “There    is a magnet in your heart that will attract true
soccer team, has been working towards         portant assets to Seabreeze, and they         friends. That magnet is unselfishness, thinking of others first...
winning the Medallion of Excellence
since his brother won the award.
                                              will be dearly missed by their fellow
                                              facutly, staff, students, and friends.
                                                                                            when you learn to live for others, they will live for you                           ”
                                                  They will forever be remembered in                                      Paramahansa Yogananda
       Meadallion, cont. on page 8            all of our hearts as proud sandcrabs.
PAgE 7                                                                                                              thE BREEzE

                Senior journalists set off on future plans
                                 Future plans: I am com-                                               Favorite food: Carmel- nut
                                pleting an exchange year                                               chocolate dipped granola
                                in Santos, Brazil, and then                                                       bars!
                                 returning to attend FSU.
                                                                                                       Favorite journalism memo-
                                 Intended college major:                                               ry: The first time my article
                                International communica-                                               made it in the newspaper
                                      tion and affairs.                                                  for all my peers to see,
                                                                                                       words cannot fathom how
                                 Favorite journalism mem-                                                 glad that made me.
                                 ory: The amazing feeling
                                                                                                       Future plans: I’m attending
                                after sending out an issue,
                                                                                                       DSC in the fall for my Asso-
                                  distributing it, and then
                                                                                                       ciate’s, and then UNF or a
      Halsey Kinne              seeing the student’s reac-                   Laura McConnell           college in Syracuse, NY for
                                 tions. I am also proud to                                                   my Bachelor’s.
      Senior Editor              be a two year journalism
                                                                              Senior Editor
         3 years                             MVP.                                4 years

         Amy Stewart                   Brittany Froio                        Taylor Thomas                 Alex Martin
         Sports Editor                   Reporter                             AD Manager               Entertainment Editor
           3 years                         3 years                               3 years                      3 years
    Future plans: I am at-            Favorite journalism                 Favorite journalism                Future Plans:
    tending the University                 memory:                             memory:                   Conquer the world. I
     of Florida in the fall.         Mr. Phillips has never             Listening to Mr. Phillips      plan on getting into ei-
      I hope to one day               gone at least once                cynical views in class         ther Publishing or Jour-
    design churches and              a year without telling                                            nalism for college, or I’ll
     non-profit organiza-            the class about milk                                              end up a starving poet
         tion buildings.                containing puss                                                 backpacking around.

          Cassie Angrisani               Taylor Buckels                      Shamroze Mithani               Stacey Voges
              2 years                       2 years                              2 years                       2 years

      Gus Johnson              Miranda Mumma              Hillary Saunders               Paola Ulloa               Angel Valdez
         1 year                     1 year                      1 year                     1 year                     1 year
CAMPUS                                                                          PAgE 8                                                                    thE BREEzE

by brittany Froio                             a joke -it was always a joke, actually. We   company that con-
    Egan Wall’s list of accomplishments,      only had one song because we thought         tracts with cable
goals, hobbies, and academic achieve-         it would be better to keep as a one-hit      companies such as
ments range far and wide. From playing        wonder,” he admits.                          FPL, he’s modify-
the viola, guitar, and piano to beating            Some of his other achievements at       ing nerf guns with
Paul Rice at Words with Friends, he is        Seabreeze include bowling three per-         fellow Seabreeze
known throughout the school mostly for        fect games on the bowling team, hav-         students       Logan
his sense of humor, and what he feels         ing the highest right-wrong ratio on the     Meers and Paul
                                                                                                                                        roll in the University of Central Florida
makes him an exceptional individual.          academic team, competing in the 2009         Rice.
                                                                                                                                        where he will surely spread his love of
   “What makes me extraordinary is my         Mr. and Ms. Seabreeze competition                More hobbies on his list include eat-
                                                                                                                                        alliterations and irony around while
charm and cunning wit,” he notes.             by showing off his skills as an accom-       ing at his favorite restaurant China 1, or
                                                                                                                                        studying Computer Science with a mi-
   With an inspiration like Stephen Col-      plished guitarist, and winning the title     reading comedy, romance, and mystery
                                                                                                                                        nor in Economics.
bert and an IQ his parents won’t even-        of prom king.                                books such as Sherlock Holmes.
                                                                                                                                              “Ten years from now I see myself
say specifically, it is positive that there      “As for winning prom king, it fills me       As a child, Egan’s plans for the future
                                                                                                                                        working for Google as a software engi-
will never be a dull moment in the pres-      with joy to have underlings,” Wall hap-      weren’t as consistent as they are now…
                                                                                                                                        neer or computer programmer and rais-
ence of this prestigious young pupil.         pily includes.                                  “For a while I wanted to be a baseball
                                                                                                                                        ing a family,” Wall adds.
     Wall’s a member of the academic              He has many other interests outside      player till I realized I wasn’t very good.
                                                                                                                                           As of right now he exclaimed the one
team, bowling team, and the 2009 Bat-         of school.                                   Then I decided to be a musician until I
                                                                                                                                        thing he is most sure of,
tle of the Bands winning act Pancake                When he’s not digitizing maps of       understood they apparently don’t make
                                                                                                                                            “Max Chappuis is my arch nemesis.
Phenomenon.                                   power poles in certain areas around the      any money,” he states.
                                                                                                                                        I will vanquish him if it’s the last thing
   “Pancake Phenomenon started off as         state of Florida for Alpine Comm. Corp.          For right now he has decided to en-
                                                                                                                                        I do.”

   National                                              Battle of the Bands,                                    A Night of One Acts
                                                        continued from page 1
 Honor Society                                      Daniel Yancey of Yancey’s Music directed
                                                                                                                   and Goodbyes
     inducts new
                                                 the musical side of the production as the
                                                 sound engineer and even joined Queen and
                                                 ’09 graduate Dylan Smith for a great “alu-

                                                 muni jam” while the scores were being tal-
                                                     The night offered a little something for
by Paola ulloa and Hollie JoHnston               everyone, and many band members left with
   On Tuesday May 4, 2010, the National          smiles and talk of “next year’s show,” and
Honor Society introduced its 98 newest           fans and bands alike to the first Friday in
members.                                         May of 2011.
    The ceremony included an inspiring
speech from Mrs. Bonnick who talked
about the qualities of being a scholar.            Other bands that showcased their talents:
    Captain Byington gave a brief speech
about the influence in leadership.                Bear Calvary “Mary Christ”
     Junior Paul Rice, who is the current         Jessica & Anna “Do You Remember”
                                                                                                                      Ricky Huff, Erica Potash, Danielle Wills, and
Vice President spoke about service, and           The Good Kind “The Science of Selling Your-                     Samantha Brown hug during the One Act performances.
senior Aubrey Oyler, the current presi-           self Short”
dent of NHS, discussed character. She             Social Stutter “Epidural for Life”
was pleased with both the ceremony it-            Somewhere In Mexico “Montezuma’s Re-            stePHen Polzella
                                                                                                       by                                     included Justin Glass, Sam
self and the new members.                         venge”                                              The lights went off for the             Brown, and Ricky Huff.
     “Everything went very well, and I’m          The Triumphant Return of Earth’s Demise     last time for the senior actors                    The high school nostalgia play
so proud of all the new inductees,” Oyler         “Buddy Holly is My Rock ‘n’ Roll Cowboy     and the curtain opened, reliev-                 Love, Worship, and Other Syn-
said.                                             Friend from Outer Space (Super Guacho Na-   ing Danielle Wills, Ashley Scar-                onyms by Erica Potash included
       The new members can now boast              cho)”                                       brough, Erica Potash, and Sam                   the everyday school yard love tri-
                                                  5th Sunday “The Only Exception”             Brown, who were soon followed                   angle and how the underdog boy
membership into one of the oldest and
                                                  Where Is Your Mind? “Muzic”                 by Ricky Huff in the futuristic                 wins over the girl of his dreams,
most prestigious academic honor clubs
                                                  Sleepsoil “Real”                            box-home of the play Poking                     who also happens to be one of
in the country.
                                                  The Toki’s “Streetlight Manifesto”          Peeps by Mr.Conrad.                             his two best friends. This tale of
     “It was an Honor to be inducted and
                                                  Orchestrating Omega “Northampton Re-            The story was one of unending               a struggle of deep feelings and
be part of an outstanding organization”
                                                  prise”                                      friendship from birth and unity                 true friendship was led by actorsy
stated junior inductee Paige Biza.
                                                                                              in the face of certain dangers and              Shelby Smotherman, Mike Liv-
                                                                                              challenge in the lives of four girls            ingston, Richard Garris, Daniel
                               Medallion, cont. from page 6                                   living in a government controlled               George, and Natalie Emerson.
    Levoy is the class of 2010’s Valedictorian surer.                                         earth.                                             Mr. Conrad’s ghastly Ghost of
and he proved this year and previous years        This Tomorrow’s Leaders representative is       In Case You Were Wondering                  a Chance was last on the playbill,
that he deserved not only that but also the also moving on to UF, where he will major in      by Becca Jourdan was up next                    bringing forth a tale of new be-
Medallion of Excellence and the title of AP graphic design.                                   on the program. This short but                  ginnings from a horrid past and
scholar with distinction.                          The Medallion of Excellence was awarded    meaningful and touching play                    lingering feeling of violation and
   Levoy is deeply involved here at Seabreeze, to these four Seabreeze students as they stood of fear, life and love after death              distrust in the form of a ghost. The
he is the sports editor of yearbook, NHS sec- out among thousands of other students in the    included Leah Kuffner, Brittany                 play speaks for all women who
retary, and National Art Honor Society’s trea- county for their own achievement.                                  Kisseloff, and              have been abused and pushed to
                                                                                                                  Ricky Huff as               the breaking point. It also includ-

                                                                                                                  the after living            ed the most extensive cast of the
                                                                                                                  spirits.                    night but sported a talented core:
                                                                                                                         The play             Greg Breeden, Ali Gibson, Erica
                                                                                                                  Shortcake by                Potash, and Danielle Wills.
                                                                                                                  Leah Kuffner                   Center Stage hosted the event
                                                                                                                  tells of a young            to bring in club money and show
                                                                                                                  man         faced           the talent of the Drama Depart-
                                                                                                                  with a bright               ment in both writing material
                                                                                                                  but difficult fu-           and acting.
                                                                                                                  ture. His father               Mr. Conrad ran the show with
                                                                                                                  serves across               the help of Lizzi Pinter as stage
                                                                                                                  seas in the mil-            manager. Lighting was done by
                                                                                                                  itary while his             Liz Langille and Sam Brown.
                                                                                                                  lonely mother               Sound was perfected by Jordan
                                                                                                                  dates       other           Whitt, Natalie Emerson, and Max
                                                                                       by Jake Stephens           men. The cast               Chappuis.
BEACh/SUMMER                                                                       PAgE 9                                                                thE BREEzE

 Bathing suit                                                                                 Tips to have a
                                                   Senior Victoria Cordero under-                                                        happen to drive on the beach. It’s very
                                             stands the importance of bathing                                                            easy for a beach-goer to not be visible
                                             suits this season.                                                                          to you while driving. Beach Patrol is

 season hits                                     “You want just the right style for
                                             you, something that you feel confi-               safe and fun                              watching for speeders and can give
                                                                                                                                         you a hefty citation.

the east coast                                                                                   summer
                                             dent in, but also will give you the per-
                                             fect tan!”
                                                  Although designers J. Crew and
                                             Michael Kors have made bandeaus a                by  alex FiliPoVsKi
by Hillary saunders
                                             signature style, local shops Maui Nix,               With summer vacation in sight and
      It’s that time again, ladies and
                                             Bikini Company and even Target of-               the weather warming up, many peo-
gents. Yup, it’s bathing suit season.
                                             fer a wide selection of bathing suits in         ple will spend their days at our lovely
There are unlimited styles for girls
                                             plenty of different styles.                      beaches. Here are a couple tips to make
and vivid colors and prints for guys. If
                                                Now guys, you need to keep up with            sure you get the most out of your trip
you take our quick style tips, you’ll be
                                             the trends, too. Lose the mesh lining            to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.           • Staying hydrated is another very im-
sure to hit the beach looking as good
                                             in those swim trunks, and stop wear-             • Always have some sunscreen. the sun      portant tip due to the intense Florida
as the weather.
                                             ing gym shorts. Hit the waves this               shows no mercy, sending down harsh         heat during the summer. Always have a
   Ladies, take a different approach to
                                             summer with signature surf styles.               UV rays that can potentially ruin your     water bottle. This also comes in handy
suits this summer. If you’re set on a
                                             Quicksilver, O’Neil and Hurley all               life down the road with melanoma or        before you leave the beach so you can
two-piece, change up the solid prints.
                                             sport some pretty wicked suits.                  other serious skin conditions.             wash your sandy feet off before getting
Mixing and matching suits adds orig-
                                                    These come in awesome plaid,              • Bring a towel. Simple as that. it will   in your car.
inality and versatility to your look.
                                             stripes, and retro-designs in cool col-          come in handy and save you from get-       • Bring something fun. Skim boards
Thus, two suits could equal four dif-
                                             ors combinations perfect for any boy.            ting your body covered in pesky sand       are loads of fun and give you another
ferent combinations, so you don’t
                                             And whether your taste is laid-back              grains.                                    way to pass time. A football is also a
have to feel like you are wearing the
                                             colors like black and white or flashy            • You can get quite a work out at the      good idea if you want to try to get a
same suit over and over.
                                             ones like lime green and blue, you’re            beach if you engage in activities such     pickup game going with friends. iPods
                                             guaranteed to find the suit for you              as beach soccer, football or water         also come in handy when you want to
                                             this summer.                                     sports such as surfing. Bring some         just throw on your sunglasses and soak
                                                   Remember, guys—be confident,               lunch to munch on or at least a couple     up the sun.
                                             look good, and have some fun this                bucks so you can conveniently walk
                                             summer.                                          right over to Larry’s from the Granada
                                                 Now that’s some advice we can all            approach.
                                             appreciate.                                      • Be careful for people lying out if you

   Also hitting home for girl suits are
                                                          Summer fun in store
strapless tops, especially the popular
bandeau.                                                                                                    Daytona is home to
    “Bandeau suits, although usually                                                                   the world’s most famous
                                                                                                       beach. The Breeze re-                 The beach is a wonderful place to
worn strapless, can have a halter tie
                                                                                                       minds you to be careful           spend your summer days. We live so
from either the center or the sides,”
                                                                                                       and wishes you a safe             close and should take advantage of
states Swimsuits Love to know it.
                                                                                                       summer vacation as the            the beach. Follow these tips and you
      The tie can add extra support
                                                                                                       school year comes to an           should get the most out of your days at
andleave you feeling confident and                                                                     end.                              the beach during the upcoming sum-
snug in your new suit.                                                                   Amy Stewart
                                                                                                                                         mer season.

            Beach cruising debate
              drives controversy                                                                                              Tames
by  dani sancHez & Hailey swanson
     Driving on the beach has been some-
thing Volusia County citizens have always
                                                      “I’m back and forth on this [issue],”
                                                 says Seabreeze senior and Volusia County
                                                 lifeguard Andy Warren. “I mean, I am for
                                                                                                                           Family Practice
enjoyed. It’s almost impossible to imagine       it because it brings in money for the town.
our beaches without cars lined up above          But I am also against it because it ruins
the shore.
    Debates on whether or not beach driv-
                                                 the beach and wears it down.”
                                                     Either way, everyone should be able to             “Caring and Professional”
                                                                                                       Miguel G. Tamariz, M.D.
ing should be discontinued have come up          agree that wanting to enjoy a day at the
many times over the years, and this is-          beach shouldn’t have to risk injury, or in
sue has arisen again due to recent beach         worse cases, death.
driving accidents,
injuries, and even a
                                                                              “The beach is a
                                                                         natural       habitat                         Board Certified
    For some people,
                                                                         and should not be
                                                                         disturbed by man-             American Board of Family Practice
the convenience of                                                       made objects. Also,
being able to park
on the beach is what
                                                                         it is very dangerous
                                                                         for children who
                                                                                                            Appointments 8AM- 5PM
brings them there.
Having to search
                                                                         consider it a safe
                                                                         haven,” points out
                                                                                                              Walk-Ins Welcome
around for a park-
ing spot elsewhere
                                                                         junior Anetta Kaza-
                                                                         kova.                     - Adult and Pediatrics (2 and up)
can sometimes be                                                              So what exactly
difficult.                                                               can be done to pre-       - Annual Physicals
    Others also have reasons why they are        vent such cases, and make the beaches a
for beach driving.                               safer environment for all?                        - Sports and School Physicals
     Sophomore Devin Tamulevich claims               “They could limit the amount of people
he is for beach driving. His reason?             going to the beach [by car]. The booths           - Management of Chronic Diseases
   “I think it is fun watching cars get stuck    could limit how many tickets are sold ev-
in the sand and trying to get out,” he said      ery day.” Warren suggests.                        - Minor Surgeries
with a grin on his face.                               In addition, stricter enforcement of
   In addition, sophomore Katelyn Karna-
vas also would prefer to see driving on the
                                                 keeping the speed limit, and signs to warn
                                                 those driving to be extra cautious could
                                                                                                           1010 Ocean Shore Blvd.
Volusia County Beaches remain.
     “I don’t really see why beach driving
                                                 help decrease the number of people in-
                                                 jured due to beach driving.
                                                                                                          Ormond Beach, FL 32176
is bad. I mean, I can see why it could be
harmful to the beach, but it’s not like it has
                                                     Beach driving is something that should
                                                 be a privilege, and the citizens should do
                                                                                                             Ph: 386-441-1525
a huge effect on it. Plus, it’s convenient.”
   So, while some people enjoy beach driv-
                                                 whatever it takes to keep this 100 year tra-
                                                 dition alive and safe for beach-goers.
                                                                                                             Fax: 386-441-1523
ing, this debatable issue has left others        Sources:,, or-
sitting on the fence.                  
                                                                                                               Most Insurances Accepted
EXtREME SPORtS                                                                   PAgE 10                                                                   thE BREEzE

     Spring Fling                           in the activities under each tent.
                                                 Many Seabreeze students partici-                   BMX biking finds new
      welcomes                                                                                      popularity in Daytona
                                            pated in the surf contest. Whether it
                                            was surfing, supporting their friends,
                                            or just coming out to enjoy the atmo-

       summer                               sphere. Students who participated in
                                            the contest got “swag” bags full of good-
                                                                                         by   stePHen Polzella
                                                                                            Whatever your style, it’s all one adren-
                                                                                                                                            But those who have participated in
                                                                                                                                        the extreme sport know it by the cer-

                                            ies and some even got a trophy to take
                                                                                         aline-pumping ride in the sport of BMX.        tain unbeatable feel of landing that
                                            home and remember the great day.
                                                                                             BMX by definition on is         trick, beating those kids on that clay
                                                  The contest events started the
                                                                                                                           “an ab-      trail or impressing that group of people
                                            night before with a full house at the
                                                                                                                           brevia-      who didn’t think that you could do it.
                                            Beachside church consisting of the
                                                                                                                           tion for           “I like to BMX because it’s fun,
                                            movie premiere Gum for my Boat and
                                                                                                                           bicycle      scary, and very entertaining all
                                            the reggae singer Benjah in concert.
                                                                                                                           moto-        at once” says sophomore Dal-
                                                  The one-day event started at 6
                                                                                                                           cross, a     ton Cavaretta, whose boasts a tuck
                                            am for some of those helping and 8
                                                                                                                           form of      no-hander as his favorite trick.
                                            am for those just coming out to sup-
                                                                                                                           cycling          In Ormond and Daytona there are
                                            port the event or participate in it.
                            Nikki Donovan
                                                                                                                           on bikes     a few places to BMX: the Nova Rd.
                                                Ending at 6:30 pm, the day didn’t
                                                                                                                           w i t h      recreation center, the new and intri-
                                            go without fun and excitement.
A surfer rides a wave as the spring surf-                                                                                  20 inch      cate Daytona Skate park, (Cavaretta’s
ing season begins.    Below, the crowd              Although it just ended, peo-
                                                                                                                           wheels.      favorite spot), and the legendary Pits.
watches and cheers on the competition.      ple can’t help but think what will                        
                                                                                                                           It origi-        in St.-Anthonis, holland, the first
                                            go down at next year’s contest!
                                                                                          BMX biking has found popu- n a t e d          organized bicycle motocross “fi-
by niKKi donoVan                                                                          larity in the United States and in     the    etscross” race took place on Queen’s
    the first weekend of May went off                                                     with students at Seabreeze. U n i t e d       day of 1956. After the 1963 debut
with a bang at the Granada approach.                                                                                       States,      of the original Schwinn Sting-Ray
      Christian Surfers hosted their                                                                                       where        and the opening scenes of the 1971
8th annual Spring Fling surf con-                                                        teenagers imitated their motocross he-         motorcycle film On any Sunday,
test, with the notorious contest,                                                        roes on their pedal bicycles. The sport        American BMX started to skyrocket.
music, raffles, auctions, and more.                                                      features races on sandy and hilly tracks          The sport is becoming more popular
   Christian Surfers along with Naza-                                                    as well as performances of tricks and          as more intricate bikes and parts be-
                                                                      Nikki Donovan
rene and Bobby Guidotti had tents to                                                     stunts on flat ground, wooden ramps            come cheaper with younger kids creat-
hang out under and become immersed                                                       or obstacles found on the streets.”            ing future generations of BMX riders.

      The greatest snowboarder in the world defends his title
by alex FiliPoVsKi                          he already did an                                                   perform in the          is today, despite his heart condition?
     the “flying tomato” defended his       amazing yet neces-                                                  X Games, as a                Shaun was born with a heart de-
Gold Medal in the men’s half pipe at        sary double cork.                                                   skateboarder.           fect called Tetralogy of Fallot. He
this year’s Winter Olympics.                    This young en-                                                      Maybe “Car-         had already gone through two
   Being on the top of the leader board     trepreneur     also                                                 rot Top” will           heart surgeries before the age of 1.
after his first run, Shaun White waited     has    snowboard,                                                   perform the su-              Now, he’s a two-time gold medal
anxiously as his opponents shredded         skateboard, cloth-                                                  per gnarly 1080.        Olympian, a two time winner of SNOW-
down the mountain. None of them,            ing and shoe com-                                                   It has never            boarding Rider of the Year from Tran-
though, shredded hard enough to             panies. He even                                                     been done, but          sworld magazine. He’s also the only
knock him off the 1st place pedestal.       has a video game                                                    White might be          skateboarder to land the Body Varial
   White pretty much claimed the Gold       named after him.                                                    able to pull it off.    Frontside 540 or the Cab 7 Melon Grab.
Medal in his first run, so his second             After all the                           
                                                                                                                     Who would              He will continue to progress both
run was a carefree ride since he knew       snow has melted                                                     have     thought        “extreme” sports for as long as he
he had the 1st spot. He went huge and       and the ceremonies      USA’s Shaun White defended his Gold Med-    that       Shaun        can. It will probably be for a while,
performed a move only he is capable         have ended, White       al at the Vancouver Winter Olympics and     White would be          being that he is only twenty-three.
                                                                    brought home another medal once again.
of—the Double Mctwist 1260—after            will most likely                                                    at the level he

     Surfer Mag vs. Surfing Mag                                                                   NASCAR holds true as an
       Which is better surfing magazine is the most extreme?                                          extreme sport
by   niKKi donoVan    and   casey VicK-     zines are Surfer and Surfing.                by saM Votaw                                     a circle.”
ers                                              It is an instant rivalry, almost like         Despite being the second most                    There is some truth in that state-
   Without a doubt a surf magazine is       Coca-cola and Pepsi.                         watched sport in American next to                ment, but it is just as foolish to say
essential for every surfer. The sport of       Taking a look at some comparisons,        NFL football, NASCAR is somehow                  as “Basketball is just a bunch of tall
surfing involves many decisions. One        the choice may be clear for some peo-        the most hat-                                                         people throwing a
big question is which magazine is the       ple, although the final opinion is at the    ed sport as                                                            ball into a hoop”
best?                                       reader’s discretion.                         well.                                                                  or “Football is just
    The two most popular surf maga-                                                           NASCAR                                                            a bunch of people
                                                                                         has       been                                                         hitting each other
                                                                                         given       the                                                        for a something
       Surfer                                    Surfing                                 acronym                                                                that’s not even a
                                                                                         Non-Athletic                                                           ball.”
                                             • Culture based
• Art and Sport                                                                          Sport     Cen-                                                             A reason many
                                             • Rule book
based                                                                                    tered Around                                                           may     lash     out
                                             • @ Random                                  Rednecks, a                                          against auto racing
• Surfing with
                                             Feature                                     reference due                                                          is the media’s sort-
Slater series                                                          NASCAR has recieved         criticism for not be-
                                             • Core Score                                to its semi- ing a typical sport, but it      has found new rank- ing it as a sport.
• Curious gabe
                                             • Media                                     nally     small ing being considered           an extreme sport.            Here’s a solu-
                                             Reviews(full-page)                          task of driving                                                        tion: call it an ex-
• Full Page Pictures                                                                     a car and its                                                          treme sport. Sort
                                             • New Surfer & Surfer of the
• Media Review (half-page)                                                               roots in the Southeast. But what many            it with BMX, motor X, skateboarding,
                                             month from NSSA
• Picture Articles- captions                                                             outsiders don’t understand is that no            and surfing. All of those sports don’t
                                             • Crews feature(group of surfers
only                                                                                     one can just hop into a car and be suc-          require a ball yet still require physical
                                             from well defined breaks)
• Shaper Pages                                                                           cessful. If it was so easy, Jeff Gordon          ability.
                                             • Whipped (surfers girlfriend
• glossary of surf terms                                                                 could have 200 wins by now. But he                      So there it is. If NASCAR were
                                             questioner)                                 doesn’t.                                         among the same sports exhibited in the
• travel Reports (featuring
                                             • Light box photo spread                        It may be its unorthodox number              X Games, the media’s (and society’s)
good breaks)
                                             • how to pages                              of competitors (a driver would be fac-           lashings of the sport would stop.
• hot 100 updates
                                             • Sounds page                               ing 42 other drivers in a race), its role             Just because you can’t see the ac-
                                             • Wipe out page                             in company advertisements, or the                tions of the drivers in the stands,
                                             • Annual google Earth Challenge             constant stereotype that the sport is            doesn’t mean they aren’t working ev-
                                                                                         “just a bunch of cars going around in            ery muscle in that box.
SPORtS                PAgE 11                                                            thE BREEzE

           A Year in
         Sports Review

          Thank you to Mrs. Hart, Yearbook, and Blaine Kinne for taking all the photos featured in the collage.
                                             SpoRTS                                                                                     Sports Stats
      Coach Chandler: The man,                                                                                                          by Hailey swanson

        the myth, the legend
                                                                                                                                        Highest paid MLB player, Alex Rodri-
                                                                                                                                        guez’s, salary: $33 million
                                                                                                                                        Attendance at Duke- Butler game: 70,
                                                                                               school and later in the Charleston       Heaviest girls’ weightlifting total in
                                                                                               city leagues, where he even played       school history: 370 pounds
                                                                                               against Hall of Famer Jerry West.        Number of people Beaver Stadium can
                                                                                                    In 1960, he was offered the as-     hold: 107, 282
                                                                                               sistant basketball coach position at     Corey Walden’s average PPg: 19.0
                                                                                               Seabreeze under Jack Surrette, who       Fastest 5000m ran in school history:
                                                                                               was his former coach.                    16:14.84
                                                                                                   “it took me about five minutes to    Usain Bolt’s record- breaking 100m
                                                                                               say yes,” he told the News-Journal.      time: 9.58 seconds
                                                                                                   From 1966-1976, Chandler served      Highest number of MLS world cups
                                                                                               as head coach of the basketball team,    won by a team (Brazil): 5
                                                                                               racking up an impressive winning         Number of consecutive years that the
                                                                                               percentage of 70%, along with seven      tennis team has won their regional
                                                                                               district championships and two re-       matches: 2
                                                                                               gional runner-ups.
                                                                                                  “The worst memory was having to       Sources:,, Sports.espn.
                                                                                               quit,” Mr. Chandler expressed. ,
                                                                                                    But Coach Chandler didn’t stray
                                                                                               far from the athletic life, as he as-

                                                                                                                                         Spring teams
                                                                                               sumed the role of Athletic Director
                                                                                               in 1976.
                                                                                                   As AD, Coach Chandler has over-
                                                                                               seen the workings of athletics in the
                                                                                               school and strived to make it possible       end on
                                                                                                                                        successful note
                                                                                               for the coaches to do their job.
                                                                                                    “As athletic director, you do ev-
                                                                                               erything you can to allow the coach
                                                                                               to coach,” he explained.                 by Joey ansHewitz
                                                                                                    Along with his accomplishments      With most prep athletes gearing up for
                                                                                               at Seabreeze, Mr. Chandler has been      summer workouts, the 2010 spring sports
                                                                                               married to his wife, Luann, for 53       seasons are now just a memory. Here’s a
                                                                                               years. The Chandlers have a son, and     quick recap:
                                                                      Archival Yearbooks
                                                                                               two grandchildren.
     Pictured above in 1969, Coach Chandler has provided Seabreeze with years of dedication.       This past winter Seabreeze dedi-     Varsity Baseball:
                                                                                               cated the Gerald R. Chandler Athlet-     Record: 12-12-0
                                                                                               ic Complex, a small tribute to such a    Coach: Campanella
 by aMy stewart                                    From helping to create the Five Star        momentous man.                           4th in the 5-star conference
    49 years. 270-119 record. $0 cur-              Conference to nurturing the many                “He could have retired years ago,
 rent salary.                                      athletes that have gone on to greater       but he loves his job and the school so
      The time and dedication Coach                heights, Coach Chandler’s impact on                                                  Softball:
                                                                                               much that he kept coming back,” se-
 Gerald Chandler has given to Sea-                 Seabreeze Athletics is obvious every-                                                Record: 12-12-0
                                                                                               nior Natalie Emerson said.
 breeze High School?                               where.                                                                               Coach: Grimm
                                                                                                    Coach Chandler’s legacy here at
    Priceless.                                        One cannot walk into Coach Chan-                                                  Lost 1st round of regional’s
                                                                                               Seabreeze has left its mark in the
      For almost five decades, Coach               dler’s office without departing with        lives of athletes and non-athletes
 Chandler has given his life to Sea-               what seems like age-old wisdom and          alike.
 breeze in the various forms of teach-             newfound aspiration.                           “He is the most dedicated and giv-
 ing, coaching, and directing.                         “There is not a better mentor for       ing person I have ever been around,”
      Although he gives so much, he                coaches than Mr. Chandler,” ex-             added Mr. Golinsky, the current AD.
 rarely takes credit for himself.                  plained Coach Beach. “He is Sea-            “It was a tremendous honor to be his
     “I’ve been blessed with the prin-             breeze.”                                    successor, and I have had the privi-
 cipals, administration, and kids that                  Mr. Chandler grew up in South          lege of working with him the last two
 are in this business,” Coach Chandler             Charleston, West Virginia, and was          years to continue this tradition of
 commented.                                        a stand-out basketball player in high       Seabreeze Athletics.”
                                                                                                                                        Record: 3-1 (thus far)

        Athletic acheviments earned by seniors                                                                                          Coach: Hillman
                                                                                                                                        Derek Doston and Ian Marsh had an ex-
                                                                                                                                        cellent season
                                                         Tyler Moore: Baseball, University of North Florida                             “Next year I think we have a great chance
by Perry KostidaKis                                      Jimmy Kelly: Baseball, Palm Beach Atlantic                                     of going to state. This year was an excel-
     At Seabreeze High School, our main                  Matt Thompson: Football, The Citadel                                           lent team effort by everyone.
source of pride comes from the athletic de-              Brett Kramer: Football, Bethune Cookman University
partment’s talented athletes.                            Dominic Roberts: Football, Alabama State University                            Flag Football:
 And while we continuously exceed our po-                Devonte Mack: Football, Murray State University                                Record: 8-4
tential on the high school level, we always              Darrin Doston: Football, Dean College                                          Coach: Eddy
manage to send a plethora of athletes to the             Derrick Doston: Football, Dean College                                         Play in districts 4-26
next level, college.                                     Auquieth Bradshaw: Football, Butler Community College                          in Deland
   From baseball to soccer and football to               John Salaam: Football, Geneva College
basketball, our diverse talents never fails to           Alex Mack: Football, Geneva College                                            Track:
catch the eye of well known colleges.                    Corey Walden: Basketball, Stetson University                                   Coach: Staller
      The following is a list of those who               Karley O’Brien: Girls Soccer, Florida Institute of Technology                  “I think we’ve done really well this sea-
achieved that incredible recognition this                Chelsea Belfer: Girls Soccer, Florida Institute of Technology                  son. Even with some of our greatest com-
                                                                                                                                        petitors are only freshman so I think we
  The students are listed with the sport that
                                                                                                                                        have a great few years ahead of us”
gave them this honor and school they will
                                                                                                                                        Four athletes advanced to the regionals.
be attending to represent:
                                                                                                                                        They are Jackson Shelton (high jump),
                                                                                                                                        De’Vonte Mack (high jump), and Kelly
                                                                                                                                        Brownrigg (1600/3200).

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