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									                                                                                                               SUNDAY 3 July 2011
2.00 - 3.30                                                                                                            Registrations
3.30 - 4.00                                                                                                            Health Break
                                                        VICTORIA HALL: Opening Plenary: IASFM President (Susan McGrath), IASFM 13 Host (Chris Dolan), Programme Chair (Moses Chrispus Okello)
4.00 - 6.00                                  Followed by Plenary Keynote Speech: Prof. Chaloka Beyani (Special Representative of the Secretary General on Internally Displaced Persons) on Governing Migration
6.00 - 8.30                                                   Opening Reception, hosted by the Journal of Refugee Studies with Presentation of Lisa Gilad Prize, Poolside Barbeque: All welcome,

                                                                                                              MONDAY 4 July 2011
                                      ROYAL Hall,
                                      Theme: Gov'ce &                                                   SAPPHIRE Hall:       EMERALD Hall:
                                      Patterns:                                                         Theme: Global        Theme:                                        SHEENA Hall:
                ALBERT Hall:          Rapporteur:          MAJESTIC Hall:        REGAL Hall:            Governance &         Governance,           AMETHYST Hall:          theme: Gov'ce &      MEERA Hall:
                Round-tables on       Priyanca             Theme: Gov'ce &       Theme: Conflict,       Forced Migration:    Gender, Sexuality     Theme: General:         Patterns 2;          Theme: Gov'ce &
                Key Policy Issues:    (Conference          Protection:           FM and TJ,             Rapporteur:          & FM:                 Rapporteur:             Rapporteur:          Protection:               VICTORIA Hall: Film Screenings &
                Rapporteurs: &        Rapporteur) &        Rapporteur: Ian &     Rapporteur:            Tsehaye &            Rapporteur:           Jessica &               Johanna &            Rapporteur: Ellen         Exhibition Space, Rapporteur: Jeff,
                Paulina               Nelly                Rohda                 Khanya & Veve          Danielle             Petrica & Amsalu      Silverster              Joselyne             & Katie                    Wendy, Wilson & Deo Komakech

7.00 - 8.45am                                                                                                           Breakfast, Arrivals, Exercise
                                                          Theme 2, Panel E:
                                                          Refugees and
                                                          Education I:
                                                          Education: The         Theme 3, Panel A:                           Theme 5 Panel G:
                African Union                             Politics and           Transitional Justice                        Harmful Sex,          Theme 2 Panel S (II):   Theme 1 Panel L: Re-
                Roundtable 1: The    Theme 1, Panel D:    Possibilities of       & Displacement:        Theme 2, Panel O:    Violence &            Domesticating           visioning
                Kampala IDP &        India and Internally Tertiary/Higher        Results of             The Politics of      Disease: The          International           Livelihoods in
                Refugee Convention: Displaced Persons: Education for             ICTJ/Brookings         Protection, Asylum- Challenge of           Refugee Law & the       Exile: What does it Theme 2 Panel M: Is
                What about it and    Governance,          Protracted             Research Project       seeking and Non-     Protecting Women      Challenge of Treaty     take to Cope?         Local Integration an
                Can the Crime of     Justice and the      Refugees               Part 1 Presenters:     Refoulement in       During & After        Interpretation          Presenters: Sloom     Impossible Durable
                Displacement be      State Presenters:    Presenters: Sarah      Bryce Campbell,        Africa and Asia      Conflict              Presenters: Devon       Jamil, Meherun        Solution ?             Ker Kwaro Acholi:
                Accounted & Paid     Priyanca Mathur      Dryden-Peterson,       Megan Bradley,         Presenters:          Presenters: Galya     Cone & Steven           Ahmed, Oana           Presenters: Berna      Documentary on
                for? Speakers:       Velath, Renu Modi,   Wynona Giles,          Peter Van der          Oluwaremilekun       Ruffer, Paula         Choka, Julia Moreira,   Petrica, Pinnawala    Ataitom, Abrahm        Traditional Justice
                Joseph Chilenge, Don Sudeep Basu,         Jennifer Hyndman,      Auweraert. Chair:      Oluwaniyi, James     Popovici, Rahma       Alex Betts, Caroline    Sangasumana,          Mamer, Monika          in post-conflict
                Deya, Erin Mooney    Kushboo Jian,        Jacqueline Strecker,   Bryce Campbell,        Milner, Pushpa Iyer, Abdulkadir & Fowsia   Parreira, Marina        Bernard B. Obaa       Mandal, Sarah          northern Uganda (
9.00 -          (TBC); Chair:        Chair:Priyanca       Chair: Katarzyna       Discussant: Agnes      Chair: Karisia       Abdulkadir, Chair:    Sharpe, Chair: Ian      &Robert Mazur .       Deardorff, Chair:      Lyandro Komakech
10.30am         Bonaventure Rutinwa Valeth Mathur         Grabska                Hurwitz                Gichuke              AJ Jackson            McGrath                 Chair: Jillian Larsen Noah Gottschalk        & Lagony Francis)
10.30 -
11.00am                                                                                                                         Health Break
                                                                                                            VICTORIA HALL: OFFICIAL OPENING:
                         Representative of Minister for Disaster Preparedness (TBC); Prof. Ben Twinomugisha (Dean of Law, Chair); VC Prof. Baryamureeba V; Prof. George Kanyeihamba (Rtd Judge, former Chair of ARLJ), followed by
11.00 - 12.30                                                                               Dr. Bonaventure Rutinwa, State of the Field of Forced Migration Studies

                                                                                                                            Page 1
12.30 -                                                                                                                   Lunch Break
2.00pm                                                                                              VICTORIA HALL: BOOK LAUNCHES: Alexander Betts, Adam Branch

                                        ROYAL Hall: Gov't MAJESTIC Hall:           REGAL HALL:             SAPPHIRE Hall:    EMERALD Hall:                                    SHEENA Hall: Govt MEERA Hall Gov &
                 ALBERT Hall            & Patterns        Gov & Protection         Conflict, FM &TJ        Global Governance SG &FM                    AMETHYST Hall          & Patterns        Protection       Film Hall
                                                                                                                                 Theme 5 Panel B:
                                                                                 Theme 3 Panel J (II)                            Rethinking Forced                            Theme 1 Panel M:        Theme 3 Panel H:
                                        Theme 1 Panel A:                         In Search of                                    Migration                                    Refugees as             How Inclusive is
                 Roundtable:Theo-       Problems of          Theme 2 Panel B:    Legitimacy: Does          Theme 4 Panel C:      Governance;                                  Political Beings:       the Discourse on
                 rising Refugee and     Governability and    What Happens to     Return of IDPs and        Complementarities Identity and              Theme 2 Panel E:       Immigration,            Reparations?
                 Forced Migration       the Impact of the    Law in Refugee      Refugees                  between Int'l Ref     Belonging             Refugees and           Mobilisation & Self-    Repairing the
                 Studies: A             State on Forced      Camps?              Statebuidling?            Law, Int'l Crim Law Presenters; Mwiine      Education II,          help by Displaced       Harms of
                 discussion on          Migration            Presenters: Zachary Presenters: Noah          & Int'l HRL           Amon Ashaba,          Presenters;            Persons                 Displacments:
                 Interdisciplinarity    Presenters: Nasreen Lomo, Gladston       Gottschalk, Cindy         Presenters; Agnes     Karooma Cleophas      Katarzyna Grabska,     Presenters: Christina   Presenters: Samuel
                 Speakers: Eftihia      Chowdhury, Paula Xavier, Elizabeth       Horst, Ulrike Schultz,    Hurwitz, Kate         Kansiime, Kirungi     Nina Gren, Barbara     Clark-Kazak, Oshodi     Cheung, Rajith W.D
                 Vouthira, Georgia      Banerjee, Giulia-El- Holzer, Margaret S Twijnstra, Rens,           Jastram, Roger        Jackline, Wala        Zeus, Elizabeth        Abdul-Gafar, Robert     Lakshman, Davis         RLP: Gender Against
                 Dona, Chris Dolan,     Dardir, Frank        Wright. Chair:      Bradley Ensor,            Duthie Geoff Gilbert, Nogdalla Orsed,       Mazzocchini & Alice    Hakiza, Kathryn         Malombe, Marion         Men (Chris Dolan,
                 Chair: Khoti           Ahimbisibwe .Chair: Francesca Bonelli Chair: Sarah                 Chair: Guy Goodwin- Chair: Anne             Wamundiya, Chair:      Takabvirwa, Chair:      Fresia, Chair:          Gerald Siranda &
2.00 - 3.30      Kamanga                Ranabir Samaddar (TBC)                   Deardoff                  Gill (TBC)            Stevenson             Nina Gren              Eunice Owiny.           Godwin Buwa             Eunice Owiny)
3.30 - 4.00                                                                                                                        Health Break

                                                                                                                               Theme 2 Panel N (II):
                                        Theme 1 Panel E:                            Theme 3 Panel D:                           Intervention
                 Roundtable by          The Governance of      Theme 2 Panel D:     Multiple identities    Theme 4 Panel E:    Methods and
                 EHAHRDP: Refugees Migration and the           Domestic Legal       in multiple spaces:    Forced Burmese      Systemic Gaps: Is
                 as HRDs - can they     Migration of           Frameworks for       (re)securing           Migration: A Result Humanitarianism         Theme 3 Panel J(I):    Theme 1 Panel N(I):
                 protect or do they     Governance: The        Refugee Protection citizenship in the       or Consequence of Still in a Strait         Does Return of         The Political           Theme 2 Panel Q (II):
                 need protecting?       Changing Scales of     in sub-Saharan       aftermath of forced    the Failure of      Jacket? Presenters:     IDPs and Refugees      Economy of              Forgotten People:
                 Speakers: Hassan       Controlling Mobility   Africa: A Practice- migration in Africas    Regional            Mortem Broberg,         Undermine              Refugee and I DP        Urban Refugees
                 Shire Shiekh, Grima    Presenters: Ceri       Based Regional       Great Lakes region     Governance          Alice Johnson, Alexis   Peacebuilding          Return Presenters:      and the Politics of     Amnesty International
                 Fantaye, Kifu Hussain, Oeppen & Nick Gill,    Panel Presenters: Presenters:               Presenters: Sheikh  Kalitanyi & Dieudone    Efforts? Presenters:   Katie Kuschminder,      Protection              Documentary on
                 Ahmedsadik Yusuf,      Laura Hammond,         Salima Namusobya, Opportuna Kweka,          Mohamed Rahman, Maganya, Linda              Yukari Ando, James     Cleophas Karooma,       Presenters: Jessica     Somali Refugees in
                 Badawi Muhammed & Laban Osorio, Anna          Simon Konzolo,       Theo Mbazumutima,      Melinda MacDonald, Suzanne Borgen,          Milner, Winnie         Kansiime, Yuko          Anderson, Martine       Dadaab Camp
                 Suliman Amir Chair:    Lindley& Adam          Chongo Chiputila,    Deirdre Clancy, Katy   Ratchada Jayagupta, Melissa Philips.        Wairimu, Patrik        Tobinai, Barbra         Hansen, Gamal           (Kenya) (Willy
                 Godwin Mindrea         Hannieh. Chair:        Sheryll Dass, Chair: Long, Chair: Lucy      Chair: Michael      Chair: Kenechuku        Johannson, Chair:      Lukunka, Chair:         Adam, Chair: Tara       Mukendi & Barbara
4.00 - 5.30      Buwa.                  Kansiime Kirungi       Marina Sharpe        Hovil                  Collyer             Esom                    Adam Branch            Rachel Tribe            Polzer Ngwato           Harrell-Bond)
5.30 -

Evening (6:00)                                                                                  AGM and Election of Office Bearers: Open to Registered IASFM members only

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                                                                                                          TUESDAY 5 July 2011
                                        ROYAL Hall: Gov't MAJESTIC Hall:        Hall 4: Conflict, FM SAPPHIRE Hall:    EMERALD Hall:                              SHEENA Hall: Govt MEERA Hall Gov &
                ALBERT Hall             & Patterns        Gov & Protection      &TJ                  Global Governance SG &FM                 AMETHYST Hall       & Patterns        Protection       Film Hall

7.00 - 8.45am                                                                                                        Breakfast, Arrivals, Exercise
                                                                                                                                                                   Theme 4 Panel I:
                                                                                                                                                                   Regional Economic
                                                                                                                          Theme 5 Panel                            Communitiesn in      Theme 5 Panel C
                                                                                                                          F:Challenging                            Africa:              Dirty Wars &
                                                                                                                          Gender              Theme 6 Panel A:     Regionalising        Violent Sex: What
                Roundtable by RLP;      Theme 1 Panel R:    Theme 2 Panel A:      Theme 2 Panel U:    Theme 1 Panel K:    Stereotypes and     Researching (post) Autocracy and          does it take to
                When is the             When is a Durable Burden-Sharing          Inching Towards a How Social            Models: Are Men     Conflict: The        Undermining          Repair Gender
                Invocation of           Solution Durable?   and                   Tight Asylum        Exclusion begets    Any Good?           Fallacy of Sound     Asylum Regimes?      Wounds After
                Cessation Clauses       Presenters:         Comprehensive         Regime in Europe    Violence &          Presenters: Mwine   Methodology.         Presenters:          Conflict? Presenters:   RLP: What About
                Justified? Andrew       Bernadette Iyodu,   Approaches            and Latin America , Displacemen,        Amon                Presenters; Dorothea Kenechukwu Esom,     AJ Jackson, Susan       Us? (Documentary
                Ginsberg, Douglas       Olga Demetriou,     Presenters: Moses Ashley Allen, Nassim Natalie Forcier,       Asaba,Veronica      Hilhorst, Hyojim Im, Jillian Larsen,      Harris Rimmer,          exploring situation of
                Assiimwe (TBC),         Jennifer Byrne,     Okello, Claire Inder, Majiidi, Assunta    Reham Hussien,      Nakijoba, Salome    Jacques Enaudeau, Rudhramoorthy           Elizabeth Olivius,      urban IDPs in
                Barbara Harrell-Bond,   Kibathi Irungu,     Michael Barutciski/ Nicolini, Cesar       Sarvendra           Atim, Lina Cespedes Shadeepa             Cheran, Christina    Senyonyi Wilson,        Kampala) (Eng.
9.00 -          Galyer Ruffer. Chair:   Devota Nuwe: Chair: James Milner Chair: Romero: Chair:        Tharmalingam,       & Paila Tinoco.     Vithanagama, Chair: Oelgemoller: Chair:   Chair: Marina           Okullo, Francesca
10.30am         Salima Namusobya        Noah Gottshalk      Alex Betts (TBC)      Roberto Vidal       Chair: Katie McQaid Chair: Chris Dolan Loren Landau          ???,                 Sharpe                  Bonelli)
10.30 -
11.00am                                                                                                            Health Break
                 VICTORIAL HALL: Plenary Panel:Transitional Justice & Durable Solutions : Brian Kagoro (Chairperson, Development Foundation of Zimbabwe), Jorge Rojas (Founder of CODHES, Columbia), Moses Chrispus Okello Chair:
11.00 - 12.30                                                                                               Joe Oloka-Onyango (TBC)

                Lunch Break                                                                                                                                                                                                              Across
12.30 -                                                              the Space: Multimedia Artistic Engagement between South Africa and Uganda about Mobility and Space (Prophet JD)
2.00pm                                                                                    Poster Presentation: Justice in health care for women refugees ( Nina Hrycak)

                                                                                                                       Page 3
                                        ROYAL Hall: Gov't MAJESTIC Hall:           Hall 4: Conflict, FM SAPPHIRE Hall:    EMERALD Hall:                                       SHEENA Hall: Govt MEERA Hall Gov &
              ALBERT Hall               & Patterns        Gov & Protection         &TJ                  Global Governance SG &FM                       AMETHYST Hall          & Patterns        Protection       Film Hall
                                                                                                                                                                              Theme 1 Panel Q(II)
                                                                                                                   Theme 5, Panel A:                                          Durable Solutions
                                 Theme 1 Panel F:                         Theme 3 Panel B:     Theme 4 Panel F:    LGBT (lesbian, gay,                                        for Refugees &
                                 Thinking outside    Theme 2 Panel F:     Transitional Justice Good governance     bisexual and                        Theme 3 Panel I:       IDPs: Reality or
                                 the 'victim' box:   Protecting Refugee and Displacement: and the rhetoric of transgender)                             Can Transitional       Just Hot Air?           Theme 2 Panel Q (I):
                                 reflections on the  & IDP Children &     Results of           regional and global Identities,                         Justice Do Justice     Presenters: Peter       Forgotten People:
                                 agency of forced    Vulnerable           ICTJ/Brookings by economic               Governance, and                     to Displaced           Obiomachukwu, Kate      Urban Refugees
                                 migrants in Africa, Groups:              research Project     integration versus Asylum, Presenters;                  People?                Kakela, Bharath         and the Politics of
                                 Presenters: Jacques Presenters: Kim      Part 2 , Presenters: the reality of      Jennifer Hyndman,                   Presenters:Adam        Kumar & Nagarajan       Protection Eveliina
                                 Enaudeau, Katie     Huynh, Elena         Roger Duthie, Lucy migration, Presenter Hassan Shire, Adrian                 Branch, Nergis         R, Charlotte            Lyytinen, Manal          Finnish Refugee
                                 McQaid, Elisa       Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Hovil, Marina           s: Roshanara        Jjuuko, Robert                      Canefe, Natali Baal,   Manfumbo &              Stulgaitis, Bram         Council presents
              RLP: Can Refugee   Pascucci, Emily     Sarah Clark, Levis Caparini, Federico     Dadoo, Estefania    Lidstone, Nancy                     Alehone Abebe:         Joselyne Namukhula,     Jansen,Tara Polzer       After the Blood
              Camps be Defended? Lewis, Chair:Alex   Onegi : Chair: Geoff Ardeu-Guzman         Palomino Chair      Nicole, Chair:                      Chair: Susan           Chair: Samuel           Ngwato Chair: Laura      Diamonds (Tarja &
2.00 - 3.30   TBC                Betts,              Gilbert              Chair: Roger Duthie Loren Landau,        Jennifer Hyndman                    McGrath                Cheung                  Hammond                  Tako)
3.30 - 4.00                                                                                                                          Health Break
              Roundtable: Whose
              Research Counts in        Theme 1 Panel C:                                                                                               Theme 2 Panel K: A     Panel 1Q (I):
              Refugee                   Citizenship under     Theme 2 Panel                                                                            Narrative on           Evidence Based
              Policymaking?: A          threat: the           G:Forced             Theme 5 Panel H:                                                    Governmental           Critical Review of
              Debate between            challenge of          Migration and        Moralising Asylum:       Theme 4 Panel B:      Theme 1 Panel J:     Policies for Forced    Durable Solutions
              Academics and             belonging in the      Protection in        Queer Laws,              Border Control:       Can Development      Migrants: The case     and Emerging            Theme 2 Panel R:
              Policymakers.             Great Lakes           South Asia           Survival Sex and         How to Legally        Induced              of Sri Lanka,          Human Rights            Mental Health in
              Speakers: Hedley Bull     Region, Presenters:   Presenters: Chris    the Protection of        Reject Refugees:      Displacement be      Georgia and India .    Protection              Forced Migration.
              (TBC), Alex Betts,        Lucy Hovil, Zachary   Lewa, Nasreen        LGBTIs Presenters:       Presenters: Ralph     Justified?           Catherine Brun &       mechanisms              Florina Benoit-Xavier,   RLP: We Died Long
              Adam Branch, Pamela       Lomo, Moses           Chowdhury, Gopal     Elsa Oliveira, Angella   Wilde, Eftihia        Presenters: Sudeep Julia Kharasvili,        Christina Churruca,     Clare Spurrell,          Time Ago
              Mbabazi, Dorothea         Chripus Okello,       Krishna Siwakoti,    Nabwowe, Rachel          Voutira, Nurcan       Basu, Joel Cabalion, Danesh Jayatilaka,     Joana Abrisketa, Luis   Rachael Tribe,           (Documentary about
              Hillhorst (TBC) & Chris   Megan Bradley         Anuradha             Levitan and Liesl        Ozgur & Zeynep        Sun Zhonggen,        Priyanca Mathur        Enrique Eguren,         Joseph Ssenyonga,        sedentarisation of
              Dolan. Chair: Paulina     Chair: Dismas         Gunarathne, Chair:   Theron Chair; S.         Kivilicim : Chair:    Chair: Paula         Velath Chair:          Cristina de la Cruz     Chair: Reham             Karimojong
4.00 - 5.30   W.                        Nkunda                Kim Huynh            Chelvan                  Roshana Dadoo,        Popovici             Andrea Pacheco         Chair:                  Hussein                  pastoralists)
5.30 -
7.30pm                                                                                                                  Conference Dinner ( Invitation Only)

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                                                                                                         WEDNESDAY 6 July 2011
                                      ROYAL Hall: Gov & MAJESTIC Hall:          Hall 4: Conflict, FM SAPPHIRE Hall:    EMERALD Hall:                                  SHEENA Hall:         MEERA Hall: Gov
                ALBERT Hall           Patterns          Gov & Protection        &TJ                  Global Governance SG & FM                   AMETHYST Hall        Gov't & Patterns     & Protection          Film Hall
7.00 - 8.45am                                                                                                         Breakfast, Arrivals, Exercise

                                                                                                      Theme 4 Panel: G:
                                                                                                      Are Regional IDP &
                                                                                                      Refugee Protection
                                                                                                      Frameworks A                                                                         Theme 2 Panel T:
                                                                                                      Worthless Bundle                                                                     Protracted
                                                          Roundtable:                                 of Papers? National                         Theme 3 Panel K:      Theme 1 Panel S:   Displacement:
                                                          Innovation in                               Responsibility and     Theme 3 Panel F:     Displacement, Post- Forcible             Socio-politcal
                RLP & RCK                                 Undergraduate                               Internal               Property             Conflict              Displacement,      dynamics of IDP
                Roundtable: What     Roundtable: IDP      Education on          Theme 1 Panel L:      Displacement           Restitution and      Reconciliation &      Governance &       and refugee return
                about us? The       Return &              Humanitarian          Expel or Detain:      Presenters: Lucas      Gender in Post-      The Invention of      Human Rights: The and reintegration,
                Exclusion of Urban  Reintegration in Sri- Issues: Presenters:   One of Two Ways       Gomez, Susan           Conflict Situations: Traditional Justice , Case of Indigenous Presenters:
                Refugees & DPs from Lanka Michael         Ana Siscar,           of Managing           Kneebone, Erin         Presenters: Greta    Presenters: Lyandro Populations Daniel Mudhsumita Jena,
                Protection and      Collyer, Danesh       Stephanie Burrell     Asylum? Grant         Mooney, James          Zeendar,Fons         Komakech, Ryan        Alzate, Maria      Ernest Ogbozor,       RLP: Getting Out
                Assistance . Simon  Jayatilaka, Sarah     and Alexander van     Mitchell,Servious     Simeon, Prisca         Overbeek, Laurence Butinyec, Giorgia       Moreno,Augustine   Gerrit Jan van        (Documentary on
                Konzolo, Rocky      Deardoff & Nicholas Tulleken, Susan         Hungwe, Alex Betts:   Kamungi, Chair:        Juma, Jackline       Dona & Muramutsa Yelfaanibe, Roberto Uffelen, Jennifer         LGBT Asylum)
9.00 -          Menya, Chair:       Van Hear, Chair:      Martin; Chair:        Chair: Karisia        Bonaventure            Kirungi, Chair:      F. Chair: Laurence Vidal, Ian McGrath    Byrne, Chair: Levis   (Adrian, Godwin,
10.30am         Christopher Dolan   Jeff Crisp            Winnifred Agabo       Gichuke               Rutinwa                Veronica Nakijoba Juma                     Chair: Ian McGrath Onegi                 Jennifer & Jeff)
10.30 -
11.00am                                                                                                                         Health Break
11.00 - 12.30                                  VICTORIA HALL: Plenary Panel: Governance, Gender, Sexuality and Forced Migration: Jennifer Hyndman, S Chelvan, Chris Dolan, Chair: Tara Polzer Ngwato
                                                                                                                        Lunch Break
12.30 -                                                                  VICTORIA HALL: Photo Exhibitions: (1) "Eyes on Migration" by Refugee Children, Directed by Anne Ackermann;
2.00pm                                                                                          (2) Twiza: Solidarity with Saharawi Women, Ana Arenas

                                                                                                                            Page 5
                                   ROYAL Hall: Gov & MAJESTIC Hall:         Hall 4: Conflict, FM SAPPHIRE Hall:    EMERALD Hall:                                   SHEENA Hall:         MEERA Hall: Gov
              ALBERT Hall          Patterns          Gov & Protection       &TJ                  Global Governance SG & FM                   AMETHYST Hall         Gov't & Patterns     & Protection            Film Hall

                                                                                               Theme 4 Panel H:
                                                                                               Regional                                      Theme 3 Panel L:
                                   Theme 1 Panel I: Is Theme 2 Panel Y:                        Frameworks                                    Election Violence
                                   Religious            Refugee Camp        Theme 1, Panel H:A Refugees & IDP                                and Displacement                           Theme 2 Panel U:
              PADEAP: Citizenship Subservience a        Management:         Rose by Another    Protection: Politics                          in Africa: Is the                          What Happens to
              in the East African  Substitute for Legal Rulers' Law or      Name: Forced       as Usual?                                     Post-Harare           Theme 2 Panel V:     Deported Asylum
              Community.           Protection?          Rule by Outlaws? Migration Trends in Presenters: Olivia                              Syndrome Catching     Refugee Activism, Seekers?
              Speakers: JP Agaba   Presenters: AKM      Presenters: Kirsten Latin America:     Lwabukuna, Anne                               on? Presenters:       Presenters: C        Presenters: Thomas
              Lulinaki Fred,       Ullah,Tahir Zaman,   McConnachie, Anne Presenters: Roberto McNevin, Ademola           Theme 5 Panel I:    Kate Lefko-Everret,   Valatheeswaran,      Gammeltoft-Hansen,      Coalition Against
              Dan Rugarama , Yusuf Becca Hartman,       Stevenson &         Vidal, Beatriz     Jegede, Allehone          Seeking Sanctuary   Admire Mare,          Mauricio Reyes       Azadeh Dastyari,        Torture: End Impunity
              T.Muhammed Panos, Nasreen Chowdhory, Rebecca Sutton,          Sanchez, Gisele    Abebe, Hilton             Workshop:           Dianna Shandy,        Betancourt, Adrianna Bernadette Iyodu,       Now! (Safina, Sam
              Chair: Lucy Hovil    Chair: Andrea        Chair: Christina    Bonnici Chair:     Johnson, Chair:           Presenter: Jana     Chair: Simon          Medina: Chair:       Liza Schuster, Chair:   Nsubga, Simon
2.00 - 3.30                        Pacheco              Clark               Michele Millard    Salima Namusobya          Gigl                Konzolo               Robert Hakiza        Chris Dolan             Ndaula)
3.30 - 4.00                                                                                                                 Health Break

                                                                                                  Theme 2 Panel L:
                                   Theme 5 Panel E:                         Theme 2 Panel Z:      Seasonal Migration,
                                   IDP Return & Post-    Theme 2 Panel J:   Should there be       Refugees and The                           Theme 1 Panel S:
                                   Conflict Justice:     Urban Refugees in such a Thing as        Search for Viable                          When is
                                   Should Women          Egypt, Jordan and Environmental          Livelihoods in the                         Resttlement of
                                   Matter at All?        Syria, Presenters: Refugees?             Great Lakes                                Refugees and IDPs                          Theme 2 Panel Z:
                                   Presenters: Ronald    Elzbieta Gozdziak, Presenters: Diana     Region; Nsamba                             Feasible?                                  Refugee Activism II;
                                   Kalyango, Wendo       Rochelle Davis,    Munoko, Andrea P.     Morris, Thibon Jean,   Theme 6 Panel D:    Innocentia Awoh,                           Presenters:Jerome
                                   Olema, Victoria       Marisa O Ensor,    Pacheco, Phillipe     Moses Tumusiime,       Research            Charles Nyaoro &                           Sebu, Alex Nickson,
                                   Namuggala, Jennifer   Ray Jureidini,     Arias, Terence M      Islam Mokhtar:         Methodology         Prisca Kamungi,       Jana Gigl: Seeking   Anke Weisheit;
                                   Opio Tino.            Chair: Susan       Mashingaidze: Chair   Chair: Peter           Workshop : Paula    Hyojin Im, Chair:     Sanctuary            Chair: Alexis
4.00 - 5.30                        Chair:Lydia Potts     Martin             Roberto               Lochomin               Banerjee            Jacques Enaudeau      Workshop             Kalitanyi

                                                                       VICTORIA Hall: Lauch of RLP Documentary: The Governance Gap (Patrick Otim, Arthur Larok & Yvonne Rowa )
5.30 -                                                                                                           Closing Ceremony
9.00pm -
12.00pm                                                                                                                        Dance

                                                                                                                      Page 6
Theme 1            Governance & Patterns of Forced Migration
Theme 2            Governance & Protection of Forced Migrants
Theme 3            Global Governance & Forced Migration
Theme 4            Governance, Gender, Sexuality and Forced Migration
Theme 5            Conflict, Forced Migration & Transitional Justice
Theme 6            Research Methods

                                                                           Artist or Organisation                   Location        Date and Time
Responsibility to Protect                                                  HURINET                                  Victoria Hall   Monday, 9:00
Multimedia Art Project: Across the Space                                   Prophet JD                               Victoria Hall   Tuesday, 12:30
Pots, Sandals and a Tent-Voices of Refugees in Form of an Art Exhibition   Tarja Saarela Koonga                     Victoria Hall   ######
Photography: Eyes on Migration                                             Anna Ackermann                           Victoria Hall   Wednesday, 12:30
Photography: Twiza: Solidarity with Saharawi Women                         Ana Arenas                               Victoria Hall   Wednesday, 12:30
Photography: Working the City                                              African Centre for Migration & Society   Victoria Hall   ######
Photography: Peace Documentation                                           Refugee Law Project                      Victoria Hall   ######
Photography: IDPs and Durable Solutions                                    Norwegian Refugee Council                Victoria Hall   ######
Poster Presentation: Justice in Healthcare for Women Refugees              Nina Hrycak                              Victoria Hall   ######
Men at Risk                                                                Christian Aid                            Victoria Hall   ######
Campaign Materials--pamphlets & booklets                                   Amnesty International                    Victoria Hall   ######
Campaign Materials--pamphlets and booklets                                 PADEAP                                   Victoria Hall   ######
Campaign Materials--pamphlets and booklets                                 African Centre for the Treatment of      Victoria Hall   ######


Documentary on Traditional Justice in post-conflict Northern Uganda        Ker Kwaro Acholi                         Victoria Hall   Monday, 9:00
Gender Against Men                                                         Refugee Law Project                      Victoria Hall   Monday, 2:00
Somali Refugees in Dadaab                                                  Amnesty International                    Victoria Hall   Monday, 4:00
What about Us? Urban IDPs in Kampala                                       Refugee Law Project                      Victoria Hall   Tuesday, 9:00
After the Blood Diamonds                                                   Finnish Refugee Council                  Victoria Hall   Tuesday, 2:00
We Died a Long Time Ago                                                    RLP                                      Victoria Hall   Tuesday, 4:00
Getting Out                                                                Refugee Law Project                      Victoria Hall   Wednesday, 9:00
End Impunity Now!                                                          Coalition against Torture                Victoria Hall   Wednesday, 2;00
The Governance Gap                                                         Refugee Law Project                      Victoria Hall   Wednesday, 5:30
Resettlement projects by ADRA Uganda (followed by discussion)              ADRA                                     Victoria Hall   ######
the story of Uganda journalists from their own words                       Uganda Journalists Association           Victoria Hall   ######

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CTORIA Hall: Film Screenings &
 ibition Space, Rapporteur: Jeff,
endy, Wilson & Deo Komakech

                HURINET: Exhibition
                on R2P
                (Responsibility 2

 hair of ARLJ), followed by

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Exhibition Space

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              Exhibition Space

a), Moses Chrispus Okello Chair:


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