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					                                                                               VOLUME 19, NUMBER 3                    SPRING 2007

                     Choose Sacred Heart-Griffin
   Catholic schools constitute the largest network of non-public          Experiencing life in a Community of Faith is an essential aspect
schools in the United States. With modest budgets Catholic             of Catholic education. Regardless of their religious tradition, all
schools provide an outstanding education to thousands of stu-          students are required to take a theology course each year in
dents throughout the country. Though their value is universally        which they learn the traditions of the Catholic faith. They study
recognized, financing them becomes ever more challenging.               the scriptures to learn about a life rooted in Jesus Christ. Each
It is difficult to imagine a conversation about Catholic education     school day and each class period begins with prayer.
that doesn’t include the topics of fund raising and tuition.              Weekly in the school chapel, members of the school commu-
   Why are American taxpayers willing to give generous support         nity have the opportunity to attend Mass before class. The school
to Catholic schools? And, more specifically, why do parents in          chapel where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved is available
Springfield and the surrounding areas pay tuition to send their         throughout the day for students to stop in for reflection or a
students to SHG?                                                       short prayer. Our community of faith is nurtured by the prayer
   Academic excellence, which is a hallmark of Sacred Heart-           services and the all-school Masses planned by the students and
Griffin High School, is one reason. This year we can proudly           attended by the entire SHG family.
say that one of our seniors is a National Merit Finalist and 13
are commended National Merit Scholars. Additionally, 36 of our
seniors are Illinois State Scholars. Our freshmen, sophomores
and juniors are winning top awards in numerous academic,
musical and art competitions. Our extra-curricular programs are
as solid as our academic programs. But if this were all we had
to offer, it would not justify the cost of maintaining Sacred Heart-
Griffin as an alternative to public schools.

                                                                       Cantors sing at an all-school Mass planned by the students and
                                                                       attended by the entire SHG family.

                                                                          Providing service is an integral part of student life. The fresh-
                                                                       man retreat gives students an opportunity to be of service
                                                                       throughout the Springfield community and then, together with
                                                                       their teachers and peers, to experience theological reflection on
                                                                       the meaning of service.
                                                                          Juniors and seniors are invited to participate in the Kairos
                                                                       retreat where in God’s time they focus on deepening their rela-
                                                                       tionship with God, themselves and one another. A recent gift
                                                                       of a Cross located in the commons area helps us remember
                                                                       who we are. Just as the Cross is in the center of our school,
                                                                       we want to make Jesus the center of our lives.

                                                                       Students volunteered at the YMCA as part of their service to
                                                                       the community during the freshman retreat.
                                                                         We believe that walking this faith journey with our students
                                                                       for four years strengthens them to choose God-centered values
                                                                       so they can make a difference in a world tainted by racism,
                                                                       sexism, materialism, violence and war. These are just a few of the
A recent gift of a Cross located in the commons area helps us          reasons why parents are willing to make the sacrifices necessary
remember who we are.                                                   for their students to attend Sacred Heart-Griffin High School.
2   Visions, Spring 2007

         Another successful Mostaccioli Dinner,
                 thanks to our friends
   It’s not always easy to put on Springfield’s largest sit-down      like they do in the cafeteria. The noodles were better, but
dinner — especially this year.                                       the cooking time increased — a lot — and the line started to
   But thanks to the hard work and dedication of more than           back up to the front door.
200 volunteers, the 48th Annual Sacred Heart-Griffin Mostaccioli        But thanks to the patience and good-heartedness of our
Dinner was, indeed, a great success. For the fourth year in a row,   guests — and the hard work of our volunteers — the long line
more than 10,000 dinners were served at SHG’s West Campus            only lasted about an hour and everyone was served. Order
on the first Sunday in March. Close to $100,000 was raised to         was maintained by Sister Katherine O’Connor, SHG president,
help support the mission and goals of Sacred Heart-Griffin High      and Sister Margaret Joanne Grueter, our principal, who passed
School.                                                              out cookies to people waiting in line. The great SHG Band
   Many, many thanks to everyone who bought a dinner!                kept everybody entertained with extra-long sets of music from
   Yet, without our wonderful volunteers, the sauce and meatballs    the stage. Nobody was turned away without their order.
aren’t hot, the exhibit area isn’t set up, the dining room isn’t        Did we learn any lessons? You betcha. We learned that our
comfortable and the noodles aren’t perfect.                          wonderful volunteer workers care about what they’re doing and
   “What!?! The noodles weren’t perfect!?!”                          are willing to go the extra mile to make sure the Dinner is
   No, they weren’t; and we’re sorry about that. Very sorry.         successful. We learned that our new vendor — MJ Kellner &
   Some of our guests got mushy noodles, or noodles that fell        Sons — was just as concerned as we were and came to our
apart. Some people got a good plate of noodles — but they had        rescue when we needed them most. We’re going to work with
to wait longer than we’d like in a line that snaked through the      them next year to get a noodle that can step up to the plate and
building.                                                            take what we dish out. (Sorry for the bad puns!) The noodles
   It’s not always easy to put on the Mostaccioli Dinner.            will be better next year.
   Every year brings a change of one kind or another. This year,        But lastly, we learned, once again, that the Sacred Heart-Griffin
because of circumstances we couldn’t control, we had to search       family, as large as it is, is a great bunch that understands when
for a new noodle vendor. We decided to go with the company           things don’t go according to plan. They’re patient, kind, loyal
that supplies noodles to the SHG cafeteria. They’ve been happy       and forgiving. They want to support SHG, and that’s what
with this pasta, and if it’s good enough for the kids, we figured,    matters most.
it would be good enough for the rest of us.                             No, it’s not always easy to put on the SHG Mostaccioli Dinner,
   What we didn’t figure on, though, was the way we cook pasta        but we’ll be back next year for the 49th Annual Mostaccioli
for the Dinner versus the way the noodles are cooked in the          Dinner, and we promise to keep the high standards you’ve come
cafeteria. At SHG, the noodles are cooked through once, all the      to expect.
way, and served. We, on the other hand, cook them half way and
then keep them cold. This cuts down the final cooking time on                     Congratulations to the following
Mostaccioli Sunday so we can keep up with demand.
   Well, what we found is a lot of the noodles couldn’t handle
                                                                                   Mostaccioli Dinner winners!
the double cooking and started to fall apart, or got mushy. We                                Raffle Winner
had to toss out tub after tub. As a result, during the afternoon,                       Joe Caruso, Auburn, Illinois
we were almost out of noodles, so our vendors — bless them —
made an emergency delivery of thousands of pounds of raw                                   $500 Prize Winners
noodles and we started to cook them all the way through,                                  Al Yoho & Jane Heuring
                                                                                        Student Incentive Winners
                                                                                Top Seller:   Anna Ramirez     $1,407.00
                                                                                Senior:       Clare Zimmerman $0,804.00
                                                                                Junior:       Paul Staab       $0,834.00
                                                                                Sophomore: Taylor Ann Yoho $0,456.00
                                                                                Freshman:     Jarred Adams     $0,472.00

                                                                                          Thank you
                                                                                    to the members of the
                                                                                 Mostaccioli Dinner Committee
                                                                       Carl Affrunti (’76)               Carrie Richardson (’93)
                                                                       Jack (’45) and Peg (’46)          Mike “Head Noodle”
                                                                         Coleman                            Ryan (’74)
                                                                       Mike Costa (’71)                  Lois Seck (’83)
                                                                       Pat Curry                         John Stevens
                                                                       Drew Dhabalt (’84)                Marilyn Tate (’48)
                                                                       Peggy & Todd Egizii               Dave Thompson (’76)
                                                                       Maureen Long (’71)                Pat Townsend
                                                                       Al Mast                           Sr. Katherine O’Connor
                                                                       Mary McMann                       Doug Crocher
                                                                       Vince Moore (’41)                 Beverly Kane (’73)
                                                                       Judy Maher Redick (’58)           Jeanne and Dave Urbanek
                                                                                                                    Visions, Spring, 2007   3

                                                                                            Meet the
                                                                                          Alumni Board
                                                                                           Do some of these faces and names look
                                                                                         familiar? They may have been in your class,
                                                                                         the class in front of you or behind you, or
                                                                                         even in your son or daughter’s class!
                                                                                           This is the SHG Alumni Board for 2006-07.
                                                                                         They are the voice of Sacred Heart Academy,
                                                                                         Cathedral Boys High School, Griffin and Sacred
                                                                                         Heart-Griffin High Schools.
                                                                                           They are busy year-round with behind-
                                                                                         the-scenes activities such as Homecoming,
                                                                                         serving on the Hall of Fame, Alumni Scholar-
                                                                                         ship, Scholarship Scramble and Visions com-
                                                                                         mittees, career mentoring for SHG juniors
                                                                                         and seniors, senior class gift, bus trips and
Alumni Board members are, left to right (seated): Tim Eggleston ’90, president;          other social events and much more.
Gail (Langenfeld) Buoy ’71; Ben Sowle ’95; Janice (Skube) Butler ’58; Jennifer             The Alumni Board is always looking for
Bettis, Director of Advancement. Standing: Catie Sheehan ’99, Kelly Bunn ’86,            input and ideas. You can e-mail Jen Bettis at
Debbie (Urbanckas) Jemison ’81, Lou Bringle ’55, Simon Cory ’66 and Shari       if you would like to make con-
(Flattery) Curry ’75. [Not pictured: Lynn (DeSalle) Eck ’83, Jeff Fleischli ’91,         tact with the Alumni Board. We look forward
Christa (Fleischli) Moran ’73, Donald Mroscak ’51.]                                      to hearing from you!

The unofficial but handy guide

                      Tips for planning your class reunion
   Are you longing to reunite with your friends and classmates         may want to plan something fancier over a whole weekend. You
from high school? A class reunion presents the perfect opportu-        will probably have to put your own money down to get the
nity to do so, but my unscientific studies find that not that            place, food and drinks, but you will likely be fully reimbursed
many classes actually have class reunions. After a careful             once your classmates pay up.
unofficial analysis, I determined that those who are supposed to         The second step is getting the word out to all your classmates!
plan it either do not know they are responsible or do not know         You can get a mailing list with all the contact information for
where to start.                                                        your graduating class from SHG. Set the date, time, price and
   If you were the class president, you are supposed to be in          send the invitations several months in advance. I recommend ask-
charge of reunion planning. Former class council members can           ing people to pay in advance, so you are not chasing people
also help. If that has not happened, you can take the reins and        around the whole night asking for money.
begin the planning (really the only qualification is a high school        Class reunions can be so much fun, whether it be your five
diploma from SHG, Cathedral Boys/Griffin or Sacred Heart Acad-         year reunion or your 25 year reunion! So dust off your year-
emy). Just make sure there are not multiple people planning your       books, brush up on some names and start looking forward to
class reunion. Communication is the key!                               seeing old friends!
   The first step in planning this glorious occasion is finding                                                — Catie Sheehan, SHG 1999
a place to have the reunion in Springfield. Younger alums may
want to rent out the K of C Hall for a night and older alums              (See page 16 for classes planning reunions this year.)

                          Visions                                               SHG wants to come
            Alumni newsletter published three times a year,
                   in the Fall, Winter and Spring, by                             to your town!
          Sacred Heart-Griffin Alumni Association                         Sacred Heart-Griffin High School is blessed to have such
           1200 W. Washington St. • Springfield, IL 62702-4794
                                                                       loyal alumni all over the country and the world who are proud
                          Lisa Becker Belz, ’83                        of their high school tradition. We print Visions three times a
                          Jamie Greenwald, ’82                         year to keep you updated with what is going on in the lives of
                             Janice Feld, ’70                          your fellow alums and what is new here at SHG. We hope you
                     Bridget Mahoney DePriest, ’71
                                                                       enjoy it and we always welcome your input and submissions.
                 Janice Skube Butler, ’58, Alumni Board                   In our quest to keep alums engaged with each other and their
          Lisa (Savorgino) Sommer, ’83, Design of Visions Logo         alma mater, we would like to have some alumni gatherings in
            PRO TYPE, Lee Gaeding, ’64, Typesetting/Layout             different cities where our alums have settled.
           Jennifer Knuffman-Bettis, Director of Advancement              If you are interested in hosting an alumni gathering in your
                                                                       town, please contact Bev Neisler, Vice President for Advance-
                    Sister Mary Diana, ’48, Volunteer
                                                                       ment, at 217/787-9732.
4   Visions, Spring 2007

        Jeff Tatarek, GHS ’82, brings engineering skills
             to Katrina devastation, Iraq rebuilding
   If you’re anything like this writer, you probably had parents         working at City Water, Light and Power, performing construction
who wondered if all the time you spent as a child playing with           observation duties for the new addition to the power plant.
your Legos, tinker toys, blocks, and the erector set would ever             Just this past February, Jeff was featured in an article in
amount to anything. For many of us these were wonderful                  The State Journal-Register, Springfield’s newspaper, for volunteer
childhood diversions. However, for Jeff Tatarek (GHS 1982)               work he performed through the Society of American Military
they were the beginning of what has become a fulfilling career            Engineers. Although he had submitted his name more than
in engineering.                                                          two years ago, it wasn’t until early 2007 that he was approached
   While at Griffin, Jeff was involved in various activities including   by the U.S. military in Iraq to assist in repairing a bridge which
newspaper and yearbook staffs, where he served as a photogra-            had been damaged by bombs.
pher. Jeff cited Fr. Thomas Pisors and Simon Cory as two of his             Before the advent of computers and e-mail, this would have
more influential high school teachers. Fr. Tom Kass, who once             been an unheard of, if not impossible, task. Working off e-mails
referred to Jeff as probably the best “guesser” of test answers,         and large PDF files containing pictures of the damaged bridge,
also came to mind. However, it was Jeff’s aptitude for technical         Jeff was able to suggest to Major John Wolf, of the North Carolina
subjects that led him to pursue a career in engineering.                 National Guard 105th Engineering Group, ways to repair the
   After graduating from Springfield College in Illinois in 1984,         bridge and make it usable. “What’s really amazing is that we could
Jeff attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,            do this, communicate back and forth, and never speak to each
where he graduated with a B.S. in civil engineering in 1986.             other in person; we’ve never seen each other or talked by
After graduation, he spent a year at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard          phone!”
working for the U.S. Department of Defense in construction                  Besides assisting the military, Jeff had also done work for
observation. In 1987 he returned home to Springfield and worked           FEMA during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. From November
for three-and-a-half years for Collins and Rice Engineering. Then        2005 through January 2006, Jeff worked out of Baton Rouge and
he moved to what was then known as Hanson Engineering and                New Orleans doing damage assessments of health care facilities.
he has been there ever since.                                            “Seeing the amount of damage was just incredible. It was tough
   Most of Jeff’s work at Hanson’s has been pretty conventional.         being away from home for such an extended period of time, but
“The main focus has been on structural engineering. However,             I felt I was needed there. However, getting home for Christmas
I am now doing some project management.” Currently, Jeff is              made it a little easier.”
                                                                            When asked to comment on his most unique work assignment,
                                                                         Jeff referred to a safety study which Hanson’s prepared after
                                                                         the September 11th bombings of the World Trade Center towers.
                                                                         “After 9-11, safety regulations required that all vehicles parked
                                                                         at airport terminals had to be inspected. My job was to perform
                                                                         a bomb blast study to determine what type (structural, human,
                                                                         etc.) and extent of damage would occur if a car bomb were to
                                                                         explode near the terminal of Capital Airport. The simulations
                                                                         were very similar to certain video games. Fortunately, our
                                                                         analyses showed that a 100% inspection rate would not be
                                                                         necessary, as potential damage and injuries would be within
                                                                         acceptable limits. It used to be that we only had to worry about
                                                                         natural disasters when designing buildings and other structures.
                                                                         Now we have to develop designs which can resist explosions as
                                                                         well. Fortunately I am able to attend continuing education
                                                                         courses which address these topics.”
                                                                            Jeff and his wife, Stacy (Stehn, SHA 1982), are the parents of
A lone tree stopped the movement of this chapel before it                two daughters, Caitlyn and Cory, who attend St. Agnes elemen-
reached the outdoor shrine of Our Blessed Mother, in the                 tary school. Jeff serves as the family’s official photographer and
aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.                                          is very active in his daughters’ sports activities, which include
                                                                         softball and gymnastics. Jeff is also involved in parish activities,
                                                                         including the annual St. Agnes parish auction, and SHG alumni
                                                                         events. Currently he is in his second year as the co-chair of the
                                                                         annual SHG Scholarship Golf Outing.
                                                                                                             — Jamie Greenwald, GHS 1982

Jeff did damage assessments of healthcare facilities for FEMA
after Hurricane Katrina. These are some of his photographs.
                                                                                                                   Visions, Spring 2007   5

                           Tom Lavin, GHS ’64, is an
                       influence on current SHG students
   The grassy knoll… JFK... tortilla plants…
   These images are undeniably Tom Lavin. Mr. Lavin has been
my favorite teacher at SHG. Whether you’ve had him for history,
as a study hall moderator, or merely passed by him in the halls,
Mr. Lavin’s role at SHG is known throughout the school — he
is a great teacher who teaches lessons of great importance.
   I was one of the lucky juniors. Not only was he a great history
teacher, but Mr. Lavin taught my fourth hour homeroom class
a lot about living a balanced life. Each day class began with
prayer. On many Mondays, we would discuss the inspiring
Sunday Gospel reading or the priest’s homily which went a few
minutes too long. Mr. Lavin taught me the power of example…
making it cool to love Jesus and JFK assassination theories.
   In no way is Mr. Lavin fully aware of his influence on SHG
students. In addition to history lessons, proclaiming the Word,
and defending the Faith, Mr. Lavin has made his mark by merely
being a happy person. Everyone knows that teaching at a
Catholic high school does not offer the highest pay. What it
does seem to offer to Mr. Lavin, however, is enjoyment and
happiness. Mr. Lavin loves history. By applying his passion to
his occupation, he has found his happiness. I’ve learned through
many people, but especially Mr. Lavin, that it’s not just about
the paycheck… it’s about waking up each morning and being
able to love your job. Mr. Lavin does this to the utmost.
   He’s a personable, funny guy who still calls me “Dutch” due
to my admiration for President Ronald Reagan. Every Friday, we
would hear, “Wear your seatbelts, watch your backs.” Mr. Lavin
takes care of his students (he writes a phenomenal letter of
recommendation!). He is a big believer in learning from history
and not allowing past mistakes to reoccur. Along these same
lines of promoting a positive and safe well-being, Mr. Lavin                  Tom Lavin, GHS ’64, teaches history at SHG.
encouraged us to keep up with assigned reading. I will admit
it, there were nights when I just didn’t read that section or two,
but he always gave us the chance to make it up before weekly         motto to Mr. Lavin’s teaching style. Yes, I learned a great deal
Friday quizzes designed to prepare us for the AP test in May,        about our nation’s history — especially when it came to the JFK
a test for which U.S. History students are well-prepared due to      assassination theories (he has a few of his own) — but I also
his teaching methods.                                                learned a lot through his religious example. Mr. Lavin is not only
   For these reasons and more, Mr. Lavin is, in the opinion of       my favorite teacher and a respected role model, but I would also
this SHG student, our school’s finest teacher. Our school’s motto     consider him a dear friend.
is “Academic Excellence in a Community of Faith.” I parallel this                                      — Brian Dondanville, SHG 2007

                     2nd Annual                                                         25th Annual
    Dessert & Dazzle                                                                 Sacred Heart-Griffin

     Thursday, November 8, 2007                                         Scholarship
              Proceeds will benefit all
             SHG Fine Arts programs:                                     Scramble
           choral, band, arts and fashion
                                                                           Monday, June 18, 2007
              See the next issue of Visions
                                                                                    Piper Glen Golf Club
                 for further information.
                                                                                           Title Sponsor:
            To learn more, call the                                                      CARROLLTON BANK
          SHG Advancement Office at
                                                                                  For sponsorship information,
                217/787-9732                                                  call Jennifer Bettis at 217/787-9732
6   Visions, Spring 2007

                              A L U M N I                                    N E W S
Paul Brennan, 1947; Jennifer Wood Holliday, 1993; SHG assis-           1979
tant football coach John Sowinski and John Hendricks (R.I.P.),             Mike Eck has taken over for Eric Chrzanowski as SHG’s head
former teacher, athletic director and coach at Cathedral Boys              baseball coach. Mike served 10 years as an SHG assistant
High School (CBHS) from 1943-45 were inducted into the Spring-             coach, plus many years as a local traveling-team coach. He
field Sports Hall of Fame in a ceremony held on April 30, 2007.             coached the Springfield Shockers to the USSSA 18-under
Paul Brennan was a three-year letter-winner in CBHS football as            national championship in 2002 and previously coached the
a running back and quarterback. He led the city in passing as a            Springfield Flames.
junior and senior, when he was Honorable Mention All-State and         1983
All-City. He played football at Quincy College and was a four-year         Ellen (Hunter) Hamaker and her husband, Kory, welcomed
varsity letter-winner in baseball as a pitcher. He later played            their first child, a son, Avery Lane, on July 15, 2006. The
amateur baseball in Springfield for Rossiter’s Mutual of Omaha              family resides in Lehigh Acres, Florida.
and Sangamo Electric. He played on the Sangamo Electric team           1984
that qualified for the National AAU Tournament in Battle Creek,             John Eck, Jr. has been named tournament chairman for the
Michigan.                                                                  2007 LPGA State Farm Classic. John, who is vice president
Jennifer Wood Holliday was four-time All-City volleyball at SHG            and a partner at R.W. Troxell, has been involved with the
and twice City Player of the Year. She was first-team All-State by          Classic for 10 years. He has served in several key leader-
the Chicago Tribune and Champaign-Urbana News Gazette as a                 ship roles, including vice chair of corporate hospitality and
senior and was a Junior Olympic team member in 1992. She                   associate tournament chairman last year.
received a full scholarship to play at the University of Florida,      1985
where she earned American Volleyball Coaches Association All-              Gina M. Johnson and James House were united in marriage
American honors in 1996. She coached volleyball at the Univer-             on June 1, 2006. The couple welcomed a son, Jace Roberts,
sity of Illinois at Springfield in 1998 and earned conference Coach         on October 21, 2006. Jace has a big sister, Whitney, and a
of the Year honors after the Prairie Stars won the Regional cham-          big brother, Dave.
pionship for the first time in school history.                          1986
John Sowinski is a Chicago St. Patrick graduate and ex-Marine              Tamara Jean Gardner was united in marriage with Jeffrey
who coached football at Springfield High School from 1962-78,               Root on October 28, 2006. The couple lives in Phoenix,
compiling a 76-70-7 record with nine winning seasons before there          Arizona.
were playoffs. He is a member of the Illinois Football Coaches         1987
Association Hall of Fame. He came out of retirement in 1987 to             Beth Frasco and Bradley Trotter of Brooksfield, Wisconsin,
coach linemen at SHG and he remains on the staff as an assistant.          are parents of a daughter, Alyse Marie, born on February 9,
John Hendricks was a graduate of Farmersville High School,                 2007. Alyse Marie has a brother, Jackson (4), and twin sis-
Springfield Junior College and Bradley University. He was an out-           ters, Eva and Madeline (2). The family will relocate to Scotts-
standing baseball player who was named to the Bradley Athletic             dale, Arizona this summer.
Hall of Fame in 1949. He played in the Three-I League and for the      1989
Fitzpatrick Lumberjacks. He was a teacher, athletic director and           Ann Marie (Midden) Johnson and her husband, Luke, have
coach at CBHS in 1943-44 and 1944-45, and his 1944 basketball              been married since 1994 and are the parents of four daugh-
team won the City title and his 1945 baseball team won District            ters: Hannah, 11; Mary, 10; Sarah, 8; and Lillian, 5.
and Sectional titles.                                                      Kathleen Stapleton will marry Francis Dougherty on
1956                                                                       October 20, 2007. The couple will reside in Sparrows Point,
     Paul Puckel, a volunteer communion minister for 19 years              Maryland.
     at St. John’s Hospital, was recently featured in the “Illinois    1990
     Portrait” section of The State Journal-Register. The article          H. David Bruno was recently appointed district superinten-
     describes how Paul became more active with his spirituality           dent of the Tri-City School District in Buffalo, Illinois. He
     after cancer surgery in 1984. He is also a Eucharistic Minister       has been serving as the junior high and high school principal
     at Church of the Little Flower. Paul and his wife, Dottie, have       at Franklin CUSD #1 in Franklin, Illinois, for the past four
     three grown children, and one of his side interests is                years. He completed his undergraduate work at Western
     photography. He is the Springfield Camera Club’s president.            Illinois University and his post graduate work at the Univer-
     In the photo that accompanied the article, Paul was pictured          sity of Illinois at Springfield. David is also a retired officer
     giving ashes on Ash Wednesday to a patient at St. John’s.             of the Illinois Army National Guard. He and his wife, Dawn,
     The patient is Frances (Boehmer) Turner, SHA Class of                 have two children: Alex, 6; and Kelsey, 3.
     1930.                                                                 Carrie (Trenkle) Smith and her husband announce the birth
1958                                                                       of a daughter, Carlie Madison, born November 18, 2006.
     Madeleine Ricossa Ramsey was recently honored by the                  Carlie has a big sister named Nicole.
     YWCA of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, with the Golden Laurel           1991
     Award for 2007. She helped make her community a better                Jennifer (Nemecek) Hughes and her husband, Russ, wel-
     place to live and work through her outstanding volunteerism           comed a daughter, Ava Elizabeth, born on March 31, 2006.
     and leadership. Madeleine is the founding artistic director           Ava has two big brothers: Austin, 12; and Nicholas, 8.
     of the Pennsylvania Youth Theatre at the Banana Factory           1993
     in Bethlehem,                                         Mary Lemanski-Dougherty and her husband, Allen, wel-
1978                                                                       comed their first son, Aiden Lee, on February 16, 2007. Mary
     Dan Meckes was recently named president of Crawford,                  is currently employed as a homemaker. The couple lives in
     Murphy & Tilly, Inc. Dan, who most recently served as the             Tempe, Arizona.
     manager of Crawford, Murphy & Tilly’s St. Louis office,               Valerie (Skube) Rife and her husband, Chris, announce the
     becomes the fifth president in the company’s 61-year history.          birth of a daughter, Emily Anne, on January 18, 2007.
     He will continue to work from the St. Louis office. He            1994
     graduated from Marquette University with a degree in civil            Douglas Szcinski has been named assistant principal at a
     engineering in 1982 and worked briefly for the Naval Sea               new high school, Wekiva High School, in the Orange County
     System Command before joining Crawford, Murphy & Tilly                School District in Apopka, Florida. Doug and his wife,
     in 1983.                                                              Rachael, and their three children reside in Apopka.
                                                                                                                          Visions, Spring 2007   7

                                A L U M N I                                      N E W S
    Bob Scott and his wife, Erin                                              Tulin Ozyurt has completed her second year at the Univer-
    (McDermott, 1995) announce                                                sity of Florida College of Dentistry in Gainesville. She will
    the birth of a daughter,                                                  participate in the White Coat Ceremony with the Class of
    Elizabeth Ann, on February                                                2009 on July 14, 2007. The ceremony honors students
    17, 2007. Elizabeth has a big                                             advancing into the clinical portion of their dental education.
    brother, Joey, who is three                                           2001
    years old.                                                                Jack Holland left for New Zealand at the end of March 2007,
    Jennifer Zock married Pete                                                to play rugby.
    Rhoda on June 24, 2006.                                                   Andrea Vespa was united in marriage to John Shafer on
    Jennifer is a middle school                                               April 1, 2006. The couple resides in Springfield.
    language arts teacher and an                                          2002
    associate professor at Indi-                                              Christy Bennett recently released a CD, “Senor Fox Trio + 2”,
    ana University. The couple                                                with the Senor Fox jazz band. The CD may be purchased
    re s i d e s i n B l o o m i n g t o n ,                                  online at and
    Indiana.                                 Joey & Elizabeth Ann Scott       foxtrio.
1995                                                                          Kelly Sheehan has graduated from the University of Illinois
    Patrick Robert Selinger and Erin Margaret Kelty (1998)                    with a bachelor’s degree in molecular and cellular biology.
    were married on September 6, 2006. They live in Stuart,               2003
    Florida.                                                                  Kelli Cheatham graduated from the University of Illinois at
1996                                                                          Urbana-Champaign with a bachelor of science degree in jour-
    Jill (Lucas) Hayes and her husband, Landon, are the proud                 nalism. She received three first place awards from the Illinois
    parents of a son, Karson Lucas, born on September 7, 2006.                Broadcasters Association, a first place award from SINBA,
    Meghan Holland recently received her master’s degree in                   and a certificate of Special Merit Journalism Award from the
    public policy from the University of Washington.                          William Randolph Hearst Foundation. Kelli is a reporter for
    Morgan (Sullivan) and her husband, Jeff Ambrose (1997),                   WSBT-TV, a CBS affiliate in South Bend, Indiana.
    celebrated the birth of their first daughter, Lila Faith, on               Megan Freeman recently graduated with high honors from
    August 12, 2006.                                                          the University of Illinois with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiol-
    Christopher Zock and his wife, Shannon, welcomed their                    ogy. She has been accepted into the doctor of physical ther-
    first child, Alexandra Kathryn, on November 6, 2006. The                   apy program at Washington University at St. Louis.
    family lives in McHenry.                                                  Chris Loftus was recently selected in the third round of
1997                                                                          the Major Soccer League Supplemental Draft. The Duke
    Jeff Hayes has been appointed manager of patient access                   University senior forward/midfielder was taken with the
    services for Memorial Medical Center’s Emergency Depart-                  38th pick of the draft by the New England Revolution. He
    ment and Memorial ExpressCare at Koke Mill Medical Center.                was the 2002 Central State Eight Conference Boy Soccer
    He oversees the staff and works with the registration team to             Player of the Year.
    ensure that patients are registered properly and efficiently.             Lindsay Ross recently won a doubles title at the United
    Christopher Norris graduated with academic distinction                    States Handball Association Collegiate National Champi-
    from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, with a doc-                 onships in California. She also earned All-American honors.
    torate of pharmacy. He is a resident at the University Medical            Lindsay, a senior at Lake Forest College, took up the sport
    Center at the University of Arizona. He received his bache-               her freshman year.
    lor’s degree from Indiana University in 2001.                         2006
1998                                                                          Jennifer Sheehan received the Jonathan Baldwin Turner
    Jonathan Freeman received his master’s degree in ecology                  (JBT) Scholarship from the University of Illinois at Urbana-
    from Colorado State University and his bachelor’s degree                  Champaign College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environ-
    from the University of Kentucky in 2002. He is employed by                mental Sciences.
    the U.S. Forest Service.                                              2007
    Alexa Fabbri Prillaman and Brian Joseph Tharp were united                 Lauren Brennan, SHG’s leading soccer scorer for three sea-
    in marriage on March 9, 2007. The couple resides in Chicago.              sons, signed an NCAA Division I letter of intent to play for
    Lale Ozyurt Adams recently received a doctor of dental                    Youngstown State University. She netted a team-high 19 goals
    surgery degree from the University of Tennessee College of                her junior year, had six assists, and was an Illinois High
    Dentistry in Memphis. She served on the board of the Amer-                School Soccer Coaches Association All-Sectional pick.
    ican Student Dental Association and participated in many                  Bobby Brenneisen, who quarterbacked SHG to 28 straight
    civic and charitable activities including volunteer service               victories and two consecutive Class 5A state football titles,
    at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Lale has joined a               has made a commitment to play for Southern Illinois Univer-
    dental practice in Memphis where she resides with her                     sity-Carbondale. The State Journal-Register’s Central State
    husband, Oscar Adams.                                                     Eight Conference Football Player of the Year in 2005 and
1999                                                                          2006, Bobby accepted a scholarship offer from the NCAA
    Carl Buoy recently graduated from the University of Illinois              Division I-AA Salukis.
    School of Medicine in Peoria. He will do his four year resi-              Andrew Collings was recently awarded the Fellowship of
    dency at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago, with a concen-                 Christian Athletes Lake Elliott Scholarship. Andrew, a line-
    tration in anesthesiology. Carl and Abby Galle (2000) were                backer, announced that he will attend Washington University
    united in marriage on June 2, 2007.                                       in St. Louis and play football. He is the only player in city and
    Trudy Ann Smaistrla married Jonathan Michael Mesik on                     Central State Eight Conference history to start in three state
    October 14, 2006. The couple lives in Chicago.                            championship games and the only player to start four years
2000                                                                          at SHG.
    Jacob Sullivan and Kelly Farris (2001) were married on                    Mike Edwards, tight end/linebacker/kicker, signed with the
    December 30, 2006. They live in San Clemente, California,                 Lawrenceville Prep School, New Jersey football team.
    where Jacob is a 2nd lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps, and             David Kavish, a wide receiver, will be a preferred walk-on at
    Kelly is finishing her master’s degree in speech pathology.                Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.
8    Visions, Spring 2007

                                A L U M N I                                 N E W S
       Matt Mast, offensive lineman, has committed to Division II
       Missouri-Rolla. An All-CS8 selection in 2006, he received
       special mention as a lineman on the Chicago Tribune’s All-       A special tribute
       State team.
       Mike Stieren, a standout lineman on SHG’s Class 5A state         The following special tribute to Ed Mahoney
       football champions the past two years, will play for NCAA        ’43, a long-time writer for Visions and a dear
       Division I-AA Western Illinois University. Mike was a two-time   friend to Sacred Heart-Griffin High School,
       All-Central State Eight Conference selection and a second-       was borrowed from an editorial in The State
       team Chicago Tribune All-State pick on the defensive line        Journal-Register written by Ben Sowle ’95,
       in 2006.                                                         President of the Kiwanis Club of
       Clare Zimmerman recently received national recognition           Springfield-Downtown.
       by being named Youth Philanthropist of the Year by the
       Association of Fundraising Professionals. Clare received the
       award because she is a youth who demonstrates “commit-
       ment to the advancement of philanthropy through excep-
                                                                          Kiwanis Club will miss
       tional skills in coordinating and motivating volunteers for
       fund-raising projects.” Additionally, she was recognized for
                                                                              Ed Mahoney
       exceptional work on behalf of a nonprofit organization.             Many in Sangamon County knew Ed Mahoney as an
       Mike Romanelli was recently awarded the Good Citizen
                                                                        extraordinary radio broadcaster and a great outdoor
       award from the Sgt. Caleb Hopkins Chapter of the Daughters
                                                                        enthusiast, in many instances combining both. However,
       of the American Revolution. Winners were selected on the
       basis of dependability, service, leadership and patriotism.      when Ed Mahoney passed away recently, he left a legacy
                                                                        as one of the finest members the Kiwanis Club of Springfield
                                                                        ever had.
                                                                          Since 1922, the Kiwanis Club of Springfield has worked

                            in memoriam                                 to make a positive impact on the community, particularly
                                                                        with young people.
                                                                          As a member for nearly 40 years and a past club presi-
We offer our sincerest condolences and prayers to the families of       dent, Ed Mahoney was instrumental in many of the club’s
our following alumni and friends who have died recently. May            success stories. He was part of the team that helped
they rest in God’s peace.                                               establish Kiwanis Field, home of SSU/UIS’s champion
ALUMNI                                                                  Prairie Stars, and Kiwanis Park on the city’s south side.
Frances (Navadunski) Patton, 1940                                         When it came to the Kiwanis Club’s annual holiday cheese
Mike T. Sheahan, 1941                                                   fundraiser, Ed was always the top seller. His work with
Joseph McCue, 1942                                                      Griffin High School and Sacred Heart-Griffin High School
Edward J. Mahoney, Jr., 1943                                            included our Key Club there as a top priority.
Helen M. Rodems, 1943                                                     The Kiwanis Club of Springfield and the Sangamon County
Kenneth R. Norris, 1945                                                 community are better because of Ed Mahoney.
Howard D. “Zeke” Mohr I, 1947                                             He will be missed and fondly remembered.
Madonna Josephine Sutter, 1947
Sister Elizabeth M. Casey, O.P., 1949
Peter J. Britz, 1952
James A. Dunham, 1952
Raymond J. Shedko, 1952
Matthew M. Cummins, 1955
R. Richard Murphy, 1955
Patrick Joseph Bertlshofer, 1956
                                                                         Alumni Reflections
Catherine (Brosnahan) Bender, 1957
Joseph A. Alessandrini, 1959                                             Alumni, take a look back to your days at SHA,
George Ann (Egizii) Martin, 1962                                         CBHS, GHS, SHG and share some of your
Samuel A. Bonansinga, 1965                                               memories with us through Visions.
Gary L. Plummer, 1966
Marita Child, 1967                                                       Send your memories to:
John P. Drone, 1968                                                      SHG Advancement Office
Christine (Asumendi) Wiebke, 1969                                        1200 W. Washington St.
Stephen O. Glosecki, 1970                                                Springfield, IL 62702-4794
Joseph L. Coons, 1977
                                                                         Fax: 217/787-9791
Greg Turley, 1977
                                                                         or e-mail to
Sister Imelda Suddes, O.P., who taught for two years in the
business department at SHA.
                                                                                     Bonded by Place
    Correction                                                                        Through Time…
    In the Winter 2007 issue of Visions, in “Alumni News” on
    page 9, Sara Anne Nonneman ’97 was listed under the class                          Staying Connected
    of 1999 by mistake. The Visions staff regrets the error.
                                                                                                                 Visions, Spring 2007   9

       Black & Gold Gala committee presents
       SHG Fashion Department with a check
  Embroidering a gold “SHG” on 60 black tablecloths is no small
feat, but that’s what SHG’s fashion students did to help prepare
for the Black & Gold Gala. As a result, the SHG Booster Club has
rewarded the Fashion Department with a donation of $500.
  The Black & Gold Gala, which was held last December, is jointly
sponsored by the Booster Club and SHG’s Advancement Office.
The annual dinner and auction raises funds for SHG athletics.
Fashion teacher Jane Seelback said that several students helped
with the project and also gained experience using the embroidery
  “It was fun to partner with the Booster Club in this fundraising
event and we look forward to working with them on an ongoing
basis,” she added.
  Jennifer Bettis, Director of Advancement, said that it is impor-
tant that SHG programs help each other because it helps to build
those programs and also showcases the students’ talents and
  Jane Seelback was very happy to learn of the donation. “I was
pleased and surprised to find out that the dollar amount was so
high,” she said. She added that the money will be used to
purchase instructional DVDs on such topics as fashion mer-
chandising, apparel design, careers in fashion, and global
  The tablecloths have been seeing plenty of use since the
Black & Gold Gala, including receptions for Seussical the Musical,
Dessert and Dazzle, and National Honor Society.
                              — Catherine Leatherwood, SHG 2008

                                                                     Fashion teacher Jane Seelbach (SHA ’74) with student Erin
                                                                     Baker, junior, and one of the tablecloths.

                 mThe Second Annualm
                                                                       New Alumni Directory to
       Black & Gold                                                      be printed in 2008
                                                                        The Alumni Office is in the process of working with Harris
                                                                     Connect to publish an updated Alumni Directory. The directories

       Gala Dinner                                                   should be ready in the spring of 2008.
                                                                        If you have some new contact information to share about
                                                                     yourself or someone you know, please e-mail
                                                                     or In the meantime, you may be getting a
                                                                     letter or call from the folks at Harris Connect to verify your
                              &                                      information.

     Saturday, December 1, 2007
                SHG’s West Campus

           Brought to you by SHG Booster Club
            and the SHG Advancement Office

       Proceeds will benefit all SHG Athletics

               To donate items for the auction
            or to sponsor a table, please contact
         SHG’s Office of Advancement at 217/787-9732
10   Visions, Spring 2007

                            AROUND SHG
Congratulations to…
  Senior Andrew Collings, who qualified as a finalist in the              The Science Olympiad teams, which placed first and third out
National Merit Scholarship Program.                                   of 11 teams at Regionals. Medals were given to first through
                                                                      fourth places, and of the 27 Science Olympiad team members,
  The commended students in the 2007 National Merit Program:
                                                                      each received at least one medal. The 1st Place team moves on
Ben Ahrens, Brian Bell, Jonathan D’Ambra, Emily England, Nick
                                                                      to the State meet hosted by the University of Illinois. Individual
Fox, Kelsey Gerber, Sean Gower, Kavitha Jacob, Tom Kennedy,
                                                                      medalists are: 1st Place: Anne Bloechle, Emily England, Anna
Zach Knudsen, Emily Meyer, Maggie Schaefer and Richard Wesly.
                                                                      Flessner, Nick Garcia, Edie Graham, Jason Harvey, Emily Kroner,
  The 2007 Prom Court: Meredith Blair, Rachel Craghead, Emily         Greg Larson, Tom Lord, Emily Meyer, Jake Meyer, Jacob Midden,
England, Gabbie Gee, Kelsey Gerber, Jessica Langbehn, Jenna           Shanthi Narla, Carter Perrin, Michael Romanelli, Colin Shevlin,
Reid, Jessica Selvaggio, Jordan Sestak, Mary Steward, John Curry,     Richard Wesly and John Zimmerman. 2nd Place: Emily England,
Mike Edwards, Matt Israel, David Kavish, Kevin Klemm, Colin           Patrick Farrow, Nick Langellier, Greg Larson, Tom Lord, Carlye
McCormick, Hugh McDermott, Shaughnessy Reid, Mike Stieren             Marszalek, Shanthi Narla, Michael Romanelli, Nicole Scheidler,
and Frank Weitekamp. Special congratulations to Meredith Blair        Colin Shevlin and Richard Wesly. 3rd Place: Tyler Cook, Anna
and John Curry, who were named prom king and queen.                   Flessner, Nick Garcia, Rebecca Hanauer, Carlye Marszalek, Emily
 Sophomore Lydeah Negro, a student of Sister Francis Mary,            Meyer, Carter Perrin, Nathan Sommerset and Matthew Wesly.
who presented her Silver Cross Piano Recital.                         4th Place: Blake Curry, Patrick Farrow, Greg Larson, Carlye
                                                                      Marszalek, Jake Meyer, Jacob Midden, Shanthi Narla and Nicole
  The WYSE (Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering)               Scheidler.
team, which received the third place trophy at the Lincoln Land
Regional. Individual medalists were Brian Bell, 1st Place in
Biology; Alex Nester, 3rd Place in Chemistry; and Matthew
Stegeman, 3rd Place in Biology. Brian advanced to the Sectional
at SIU-Edwardsville where he received 1st Place in Biology and
3rd Place in Physics. Brian participated in the State meet in late
   Katie Dombroski, who competed in the Impromptu Speaking
at the IHSA Sectional Speech Tournament at Belleville West.
  Anne Bloechle, who has been awarded an appointment to the
United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.
  The eight seniors who were selected as 2007 semi-finalists for
the JP Morgan Chase Student of the Year Scholarship Program:
Brian Bell, Andrew Collings, Emily England, Gabrielle Gee, Kavitha    SHG Music Department students who participated in the Illi-
Jacob, Emily Meyer, Jordan Sestak and Clare Zimmerman. Brian          nois Federation of Music Clubs competition are (seated left to
Bell, Andrew Collings, Emily Meyer and Jordan Sestak proceeded        right) Mason Switzer, Corbin Mapes, Jill Haxel, Devin Mapes,
to the finalist round.                                                 Jessica Ashcraft and Lydeah Negro. Standing: Matt Kuhnke and
                                                                      John Zimmerman.
   The ICTM Math Team, which finished second at the Regional
competition in East Peoria on February 24. All 29 members quali-        Students of Sr. Francis Mary, O.P. and Mrs. Linda Mayes, who
fied for the State finals held on April 28 at the University of Illi-   participated in the Illinois Federation of Music Clubs Piano Solo
nois. Team members are: Anna Alexander, Brian Bell, Sierra            Events and received a Superior Rating: Jessica Ashcraft, Emily
Campbell, Tyler Cook, Doug Dlouhy, Emily England, Dan Farmer,         Bakke, Jane Brown, Dan Farmer, Kelsi Frost, Katie Hamilton, Sara
Pat Farrow, Nick Garcia, Zach Gietl, Andrew Kelly, Matthew Knud-      Hartwig, Jill Haxel, Zachary Janes, Mariah Kaplan, Matthew
sen, Zach Knudsen, Tom Lord, Griffin Ludwig, Emily Meyer, Jake        Kuhnke, Corbin Mapes, Devin Mapes, Lydeah Negro, Mason
Meyer, Jacob Midden, Shanthi Narla, Brendan Padget, Carter Per-       Switzer and John Zimmerman. Dan Farmer earned a Second Gold
rin, Mark Rubinkowski, Joey Showtis, Triveni Singh, Matthew           Cup; Jessica Ashcraft, Jane Brown, Mariah Kaplan, Matthew
Stegeman, Josh Thoele, David Wasser, Matthew Wesly and                Kuhnke and Lydeah Negro earned a Third Gold Cup; and Devin
Richard Wesly.                                                        Mapes earned a Fourth Gold Cup and the Grand Cup. Jill Haxel
                                                                      and Devin Mapes qualified for the State Piano Solo Competition.
                                                                        The SHG Music Department students, who competed in the
                                                                      IHSA solo/ensemble contest on March 3. They won 62 Superior
                                                                      awards. 1st Place Superior for both vocal solo and ensemble
                                                                      was awarded to Tony Ballweg, Jenny Gildner, Clayton Joyner,
                                                                      Katie Hamilton, Will Whalen, Erin Kehoe, Dane Brinkmeier, Caitlin
                                                                      Hoemmen, Kelsi Frost, Mary Rita McKenna, Ariana Stark, Zach
                                                                      Jones, Mariah Kaplan, Cara Workman, Katie Hall, Matt Wolfson,
                                                                      Taylor Fishburn, Connor Fahey, John Curry, Megan Canny, Jacob
                                                                      Deters, Sam Steere, Jessica Ashcraft, Anna Han, Zach Gietl and
                                                                      Cameron Millburg. 1st Place Superior in vocal ensemble went
                                                                      to Devin Mapes, Jon D’Ambra, Cassy Gaddis, Stacy Kolaz, Laura
                                                                      Tisckos, Jenni DeMarco, Landon Conrad, Haley Evans, Sara
                                                                      Brown, Alex Mundstock, Matt Alt, Emmy Bakke, Julie Thomas,
                                                                      Rebecca Hanauer, Zack Moore, Alison Seck, Kari Kelley, Holly
                                                                      Smith, Elizabeth Farris and Clare Zimmerman. 1st Place Superior
ICTM Math Team members prepare for competition. All team              for both instrumental solo and ensemble was awarded to Jacob
members qualified for State finals, held at the U of I.                 Deters, Jennifer Mulvaney, Nicole Scheidler, Emily Rogers, Ariana
                                                                                                                  Visions, Spring 2007   11

                      AROUND SHG
                                                                      Thank you to…
Stark, Mary Rita McKenna, Allison Maher and Albert Maiocco.             The students, families and friends who donated money through
1st Place in instrumental solo was awarded to Laura Endris,           their presence and an auction at a basketball game, raising
Zach Jones and Emily Jones. 1st Place Superior for instrumental       $1,315 for the St. Martin de Porres Center in Springfield.
ensemble was awarded to Anne Rybak, Megan Coakley, Katie
                                                                        Students who created hand-made children’s chemistry books
Dombroski, Jessica Marsaglia, Doug Dlouhy, Kyle Dombroski,
                                                                      and delivered them to the Springfield area Catholic grade schools
Nick Langellier, Mark Rubinkowski, Alie’nor DeBourmont, Molly
                                                                      as a part of the Celebration of Catholic Schools Week. Michelle
Meinhardt and Jennifer Jurgens. 1st Place in piano solo was
                                                                      (Murphy) McHenry ’75 is the Honors Chemistry teacher.
awarded to Jessica Ashcraft, Jane Brown and Annamarie Kraft.
Congratulations also to the students’ teachers.

                                                                      Winter Sports
                                                                      Boys Basketball
                                                                      • Seeds 3 (Lanphier High School) and 4 (Sacred Heart-Griffin
                                                                        High School) met for the City Title. The Lanphier Lions
                                                                        came out on top.
                                                                      • The Freshman Team won the City Tournament.
                                                                      • Academic All-Conference: Aaron Holmes, Anton Katalinich,
                                                                        Matt Mast and Robert Smith.

Pictured above are SHG students who participated in the
                                                                      Girls Basketball
Illinois Wesleyan University Math Contest.                            • The Blazers finished second in the Central State Eight,
                                                                        the highest league finish since the conference began
  The 9th and 10th Grade Math Team of David Brown, Shanthi              in 1993.
Narla and Matthew Stegeman, on their second place finish at            • The top-seeded Blazers shared the City title with the
the Illinois Wesleyan University Math Contest on March 10.              Springfield Senators and the Southeast Spartans with a 2-1
Individual competition winners were Brian Bell, 2nd Place; Megan        record. The girls were elated to call themselves City champs.
Canny, 3rd Place; Tom Farmer, 2nd Place, Zach Knudsen, 3rd              Bridget Helms was top scorer and rebounder in the
Place; Matthew Stegeman, 1st Place; and Matthew Wesley, 2nd             City tournament.
Place.                                                                • The JV Team ended their season on a high note: 18 wins
                                                                        and 1 loss.
  National Spanish Honor Society members: Morgan Atwood,              • The Freshman Team record: a perfect season.
Jessica Ashcraft, Gina Braham, Nicole Berg, Sierra Campbell,          • Academic All-Conference: Kathryn Domagalski, Jenna Reid,
Kim Coakley, Anne Crabtree, Anne Cumming, Harrison Davis,               Breanne Sergent, Jessica Sestak, Jordan Sestak, Jennifer
Darian Dolenc, Ashley Eck, Patrick Farrow, Allison Fitzgerald,          Vorst and Kathryn Withrow.
Emily Fletcher, Nicholas Garcia, Zach Gietl, Edie Graham, Kathryn
Hamilton, Clayton Hamrick, Stephanie Hickman, Aaron Holmes,           Wrestling
Rachel Langfelder, Catherine Leatherwood, Tom Lord, Allison           • The Jeff Gardner Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Kevin
Midden, Josh Moore, Alex Nester, Gabrielle Richardson, Emily            Russell, senior. Requirements include academic excellence,
Rogers, Pat Ryan, William Singh, Robert Smith, Patricia Strutz,         good sportsmanship and a love and respect for wrestling.
Caitlyn Sullivan, Madison Sullivan, Anthony Uy, Elizabeth Ward,       • Sophomore Ryan Spencer (31-3) claimed a City title at 140
David Wasser and Nick Williamson.                                       and 3rd Place at the Joe Bee Invitational at 135. He won
  Sierra Campbell, who won a $300 savings bond for her                  the Regional title at 135.
essay/poem for the Red Cross “Heroes” contest.                        • Academic All-Conference: Larry Groth.
   Jill Haxel, who participated in the Illinois Federation of Music   Boys Swimming
Clubs’ Central Region Golden Lyre Summer Camp Scholarship
                                                                      • The Cyclones won their fourth straight Central State Eight
competition held in Bloomington in March. Jill, a student of
Sr. Francis Mary, won the 1st Place award of $300.00 to attend
                                                                      • They also won their fourth straight City title.
a Summer Music Camp.
                                                                      • The dual meets stood at 9-1.
  The students who participated in the 40th Annual New Berlin         • The Cyclones won their second straight Sectional title.
Art Show. Winners and their award categories are: Katelyn               Junior Zach Moore won the 100 breaststroke and earned
Coady (Ceramic Sculpture), Brittany Gvazdinkas (Ceramic Pot-            his first individual Sectional title to advance to the State
tery and Color Photography), Liz Hamilton (Other Media–                 meet. Hugh McDermott advanced to the State meet
Collage), James Johnson (Three-Dimensional Sculpture), Stacy            as a diver.
Kolaz (Computer Graphics Photo), Amanda Kon (Miscellaneous            • Academic All-Conference: Val Contri, John Curry, Kendall
Drawing), Curtis Lanaghan (both 1st and 2nd Place in Pen & Ink          Held, Zach Janes, Chris Kaplan, Greg Larson, Devin Mapes,
Animals Drawing and Other Media Miscellaneous–Dinosaur                  Hugh McDermott, Jonathan McHenry, Jacob Meyer,
Chess Set), Hiliary Laub (Landscape Drawing), Alex Nester               Josh Moore, Zach Moore, Alex Nester, Andrew Ralph,
(Ceramic Sculpture), Casey Sheehan (Pastel Drawing, Acrylic             Michael Romanelli, Ross Romanelli, Matthew Stegeman
Painting, and Printmaking), Eric Soliwon (Digitally Enhanced            and Anthony Uy.
Photo), Richard Wesly (Color Photography and Other Media–
Furniture Painting) and John Zimmerman (Pastel Portrait).             Lincoln Land High School Hockey
SHG was one of 27 schools that participated in the show.              • All Star “Gold” Team Senior: Adam Riplinger; Junior: Matt
Congratulations also to Miss Weeks and Ms. Metzroth, art                Selvaggio; Sophomores: Joe Geiger and Alberto Maiocco.
12   Visions, Spring 2007

               Paintings of saints are reminders of
                        Catholic identity
   Martin de Porres (Spanish hallway), Rose of Lima (foreign
language hallway), Saint Dominique (Dominican Hall), Thomas
Aquinas (theology hallway), Fra Angelico (art hallway), Catherine
of Sienna and Saint Albert (science hallway). As students and
faculty walk the halls of SHG, they may notice these Dominican
saints gracing the walls in each wing.
   This year, SHG’s OP Teen organization, along with Sr. Linda
Mary and Mr. Simon Cory, decided that the hallways of SHG
needed a purpose. So, they decided to name each hallway after
a particular saint.
   “We wanted students to have something to look at in the
hallways and remind them of their faith,” OP Teen member
Rachel Craghead said. “If you’re having a stressful day, if you
read, ‘Pray for us,’ then sometimes I think it relieves some of
that stress.”
   The idea of naming the hallways after saints arose three
years ago when the previous members of OP Teen attended
a preaching conference. Ever since then, the idea grew into a
reality. However, the decision of naming the hallways was not
an easy one.                                                          Pictures and plaques of the saints grace the hallways at SHG,
   “It became tough naming them [the hallways] in that what           the work of members of OP Teen.
do we name them and why,” said Sr. Linda Mary.
   Each saint that was picked to represent each hallway was
picked due to an action or ability that the saint exemplified.
Every saint is particular to the subject that they were named
after. For example, Thomas Aquinas was known as a great
theologian. Based upon this, the theology wing was named after
                                                                       Band to change location,
   “The core Dominican [saints] are on the first floor, at the base,”
said Sr. Linda Mary.
                                                                      new fitness center to open
   Some of the senior OP Teen members this year who were
helpful in continuing the work from three years ago were
                                                                              in the fall
Rachel Craghead, Allison Seck, Emily Jones and Clare Zimmer-             Beginning this fall, several new areas within the school will
man.                                                                  have new homes. The changes within the building are all part
   Each of the names for the hallways are permanent, but Sr.          of SHG’s facility master plan and will give our departments the
Linda Mary and Mr. Simon Cory report that they are looking            opportunity to work more closely with each other.
to name new saints and to add additional pictures and informa-           Collaboration is the name of the game when it comes to
tion with each saint.                                                 educating students. By providing our students and teachers an
   “People should take the time to actually look at [the saints’      opportunity to work closely together, creative ideas and shared
pictures] because our school put a lot of hard work into putting      expertise will emerge to form a new learning dynamic. In the
them up to try to make us aware of the saints and our faith,”         end, everyone will benefit.
said Rachel.                                                             The first move will involve the SHG Band. The band will
   Placing the pictures and plaques of these saints around            move to a new location within the fine arts department. For
the school ties in with one particular goal of SHG’s Strategic        many years, the band has been separated from their department
Plan: SHG seeks to deepen our community’s faith development           and this move gives the band students an opportunity to work
and spiritual growth by strengthening our Catholic identity.          more closely with the choral students. A special fine arts event
                                       — Chris Kaplan, SHG 2007       is being planned for the fall and the band and choral teachers
                                                                      are already talking about a performance in which the band
                                                                      students will accompany the choral students on several musical
                                                                         The second move is really more of a new feature that will be
              Join your fellow alumni and                             added to the school. This fall, a new fitness center will open
          SHG friends and fans as we celebrate                        next to the Blazer gymnasium. Thanks to the generosity of
                                                                      St. John’s/AthletiCare, The Body Quest Store, Al Mast Construc-
     — HOMECOMING 2007 —                                              tion, Staff Carpet and Vinyl, Bob Londrigan and all the people
                                                                      who supported the Fund-a-Project through their gifts at last
                                                                      year’s Black and Gold Gala, the new center will soon become
                   Friday, October 5                                  a reality. The fitness center will be used by our female athletes
                                                                      and all students enrolled in physical education classes. The
                            7:00 p.m.                                 new center will also be available to SHG faculty and staff.
                                                                         We thank all of our generous donors who are helping us put
                      SHG vs. Taylorville                             our facility master plan in motion!
                      — Memorial Stadium —
                     Please hold the date!                                    Check us out on the web at
     More details to come in the September issue of Visions               
                                                                                                                       Visions, Spring 2007   13

                        Coach Ken Leonard Named
                      2006 National Coach of the Year
       Coach Ken Leonard was selected as the 2006 NFHS Coaches
    Association National Coach of the Year in football. The NFHS
    Coaches Association is the official professional organization for
    coaches of the National Federation of State High School Associa-
    tions (NFHS). He was selected from all coaches throughout the
       The following criteria is used in selecting the national coach of
    the year: career coaching record, community service, involve-
    ment in other school activities, involvement in one’s profession
    at the local, state and national levels, and one’s basic philosophy
    of athletics.
       In recognition of this singular honor, Coach Ken Leonard will
    be awarded a plaque later this spring and will be recognized
    in the summer issue of the Coaches Quarterly and posted on the
    NFHS website,
       In 2006, Coach Leonard led the SHG Cyclone football team to
    their second Class 5A Championship in two years. He has 215
    wins in 23 seasons at SHG.
       Congratulations, Coach Leonard!
                                                                                              Coach Ken Leonard

             SHG Booster Club invites new Board members
Save the date…                                                             Finally…
   The Second Annual SHG Booster Club Black & Gold Gala Dinner               Remember to join us each Thursday evening at Caritas Hall
& Auction is scheduled for December 1, 2007. Exciting plans are            for Bingo from 6:00 until 9:00 p.m. This is a night of great fun
already underway as we prepare for our 2007 Auction. I hope                and prizes with proceeds benefiting the SHG Booster Club. Come
you can join us for a fun evening with friends.                            and join the fun!
   Last year’s Auction was a tremendous success and we thank                 Thank you for your valuable support!
everyone involved. Special thanks to last year’s Auction commit-                                            — Jim Van Leer (’77), President
tee members: Jennifer Bettis, Margaret Dlouhy, Anne Dondanville,                                                   SHG Booster Club Board
Tess Fyalka, Mary Anne Holloway, Larry Johnson, Byron “Pepper”
Lloyd, Bev Neisler, Sr. Katherine O’Connor, O.P., Karen Paisley,
Kathy Staten and Amy Ward.
Other news…                                                                      Sacred Heart-Griffin Athletic Booster Club
   The SHG Booster Club Board needs you! We are preparing
for the 2007-2008 SHG Booster Club year and we are recruiting               Yes! I want to support athletics at Sacred Heart-Griffin High
new Board members. A number of existing Board members will                  School. I have enclosed an amount for the membership level
be completing their terms and we are in need of individuals to              I have indicated below.
fill the upcoming vacancies. Please consider joining the Board
and becoming part of our team as we continue the mission of                            $5,000 Lifetime Membership
supporting our SHG student athletes. Please contact Cheryl Davis                       $500 Sponsoring Membership
at or (217) 341-8559 about becoming an                               $250 Patron
SHG Booster Club Board member.
   We thank our retiring Board members for their invaluable                            $100 Century
contributions. Their hard work and service provided tremendous                         $25 Family
funding and support for our SHG student athletes.                                      $10 Individual
   In our search for new Board members, we especially are
looking for a Board member or two to replace retiring Board                 Mail to: Athletic Boosters, Sacred Heart-Griffin High School
member Rich Higdon as the manager(s) of the SHG Sports                              1200 W. Washington St.
Apparel Program. We are so very indebted to Rich for his dedica-                    Springfield, IL 62702-4794
tion in building this program into such a fundraising success.
Thank you, Rich! Rich has organized this program so well that               Last Name ______________________________________________
replacement managers can easily step in and continue the
success. Please contact Cheryl Davis as listed above if you are             First Name ______________________________________________
interested in managing the SHG Sports Apparel Program as a
Booster Club Board member.                                                  Address ________________________________________________
   If you are not able to be a Booster Club Board member at
this time, you can still show your support for the SHG student              City/State/Zip ____________________________________________
IHSA athletes by joining the Booster Club. This is a special
way for alumni, both near and far, to support our dedicated SHG             Phone __________________________________________________
student athletes and coaches. Please complete the membership
                                                                            E-mail __________________________________________________
form provided here and join the Booster Club.
14   Visions, Spring 2007

Need caption for this photo.
                                                               Need caption for this
                                    Everyone had fun at
                                    SHG’s production of

     Need caption for this photo.
                                                              Need caption for this photo.

Need caption for this photo.                         Need caption for this photo.
                                                                                                                   Visions, Spring 2007   15

                         SHG hosts “Day for Darfur”
  On Friday, March 16, SHG held a “Day for
Darfur.” On this day, students were allowed
to wear jeans in place of their uniforms for a
$2.00 donation. All donations were given to
help educate others regarding the genocide of
between 200,000 and 400,000 people in Darfur,
  To increase awareness of this atrocity, stu-
dents at SHG have sent letters to congressmen
and other political representatives, as well as
to the editor of The State Journal-Register. The
students also hold weekly meetings to discuss
ways to end the violence, and they have spoken
at local churches about the tragic massacres
taking place in Darfur. They have also sold
“Darfur” T-shirts to raise funds that will go          SHG students raised money to purchase a billboard ad on Jefferson Street
toward continuing to increase awareness about          about the genocide in Darfur, Sudan.
the situation.
  Recently, with the money raised, students               When asked why so much energy has been put into the Darfur genocide instead
purchased a billboard on Jefferson Street for          of any of the world’s other problems, history teacher Mr. Matt Coryell said that
three months that will be decorated to help            it “just grabbed my attention with the rape of women and the annihilation of an
raise more awareness among passers-by about            entire people.”
the genocide.                                                                                            — Robert Langellier, SHG 2010

 Freshman Retreat focuses on service to local institutions

SHG Freshman Retreat took place on April 4. Throughout the
day, students and faculty members performed voluntary ser-
vice to over 30 local institutions, participated in relationship-
building activities and attended a special Mass. Above: students        Students sort through children’s toys at United Cerebral Palsy
helped stuff packets at the American Cancer Society.                    (UCP).

                                                                        Students helped clear brush at the Boy Scout Camp (left) and
                                                                        Adams Wildlife Sanctuary (above).
16    Visions, Spring 2007

                  UPCOMINg CLASS REUNIONS
Nifty-Fifty: 50+ Years after graduation                                               35th: 1972
June 9: Sacred Heart-Griffin High School Commons                                      Plans are underway.
5:00 p.m. Liturgy, 6:30 p.m. Dinner.                                                  Contact: Bill Moredock, 217/787-1595,
Reservations needed.
                                                                                      30th: 1977
65th: 1942                                                                            July 27 & 28
Contact: Gerald Wheeler, 217/529-2695                                                 The Rail Golf Course
                                                                                      Contact: Mary Bloxdorf, 217/544-8477
60th: 1947
June 8: Amber Jack Alehouse, 6:00 p.m.                                                25th: 1982
Contact: Marilyn Mason , 217/546-0144;                                                August 10: Corner Pub
         Jean Amhrein, 217/793-3274.                                                  August 11: Piper Glen Golf Club, pig roast and DJ (parking lot)
                                                                                      Contact: Angelynn Weihmeir, 217/793-4510
55th: 1952
September 21: K of C at the Lake                                                      20th: 1987
September 22: Illini Country Club with Mass                                           September 14 & 15
Contact: Frank “Beaver” Schwartz, 217/546-6160                                        Contact: Dave Manfredo, 217/793-5273,
50th: 1957
Plans are underway.                                                                   15th: 1992
Contact: Dan Cadigan, 217/787-4767;                                                   No plans at this time.
         Bev Evans, 217/544-1616
                                                                                      10th: 1997
45th: 1962                                                                            Plans are underway.
No plans at this time.
                                                                                      5th: 2002
40th: 1967                                                                            No plans at this time.
Plans are underway.
Contact: Sue Kerouac, 217/529-2335

                               Help Us Update Our Mailing List
     If you know of alumni who did not receive this newsletter, or if you are receiving more than one copy, please indicate below and mail this form to us.
     PARENTS: If your alumni son(s)/daughter(s) has a permanent address other than the one given below, please complete the form below giving the
     updated address and return the form to us.
     Mail all alumni address information to: Visions, c/o Sacred Heart-Griffin High School, 1200 W. Washington St., Springfield, IL 62702-4794. Or, you can
     e-mail us at: or or call us at 217/787-9732.

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