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									                                              January 29, 2010
                                 Grace Manner for the Week:
           Rule #18 “Your child must make every effort to be as organized as possible.”
                                       II Timothy 2:15

Important Dates:
Monday, Feb. 1             Cook’s Night Out                     The Junk Yard                  6:00 AM- 10:00 PM
Wednesday, Feb. 3          Drill Team Tryouts                   Elementary Campus              3:00 PM
Friday, Feb. 5             4 Grade Basketball                   AGBU                           3:30 PM
Friday, Feb. 5             Community Open House                 Elementary Campus              9:00 AM-2:00 PM
Friday, Feb. 5             5 Grade Baskeball                    AGBU                           4:30 PM
Tuesday, Feb. 9            4 Grade Basketball                   T.O. Pinecrest                 3:30 PM
Tuesday, Feb. 9            6th Grade Basketball                 Elementary Campus              3:30 PM
Wednesday, Feb. 10         General Ticket Sales GTV             Elementary Campus              3:00 PM-6:00 PM
Thursday, Feb. 11          General Ticket Sales GTV             Elementary Campus              3:00 PM-4:00 PM

                                               Recess/Lunch Schedule
 K2: Recess 10:30-11:15 Lunch 12:30-1:30                        3 & 4: Recess 9:40-10:00 Lunch 11:30-12:20
 1 & 2: Recess 10:00-10:20 Lunch 12:25-1:15                     5 & 6: Recess 10:35-10:55 Lunch 11:55-12:45

                                         It is a close race to see what classroom can collect the most
                                         box tops! Mrs. Kendall is running in 1st place right now, with
                                         Mrs. Tugwell following close behind! Hurry and start
                                         clipping as this contest ends February 19th!


                                       Valentine Grams for Haiti
      Student Council will be selling Valentine grams for $1.00. All proceeds will be donated
                     to Children’s Hunger Fund to help the children in Haiti.

                    Congratulations Geography Bee Winners!
3 Grade                           4th Grade              5th Grade                   6th Grade
Cole Wakim                        Joshua Austria         Daniel Paredes              Alex Crane
Tamara Buitrago                   Haley Deeds            Ryan Chandler               Thomas Hogan
Zachary Boone                     Brady Beatty           Nick Cotta                  Philip Ho
Alternate:                        Alternate:             Alternate:                  Alternate:
Timmy Casagrande                  Spencer Voest          Ryan Burkholder             Kohl Cano

                                                                           Cook’s Night Out
                                                                               Mon. Feb. 1st
                    Drill Team
        All girls entering grades 3rd-6th! The sign up                       The Junk Yard
        meeting for drill team will be Wednesday,                       1750 E. Los Angeles Ave.
                  February 3rd, at 3:00 PM.                              Simi Valley, Ca. 93065
                                                                  (one block west of Erringer) 520-junk
 2                                          Grace Brethren Elementary Weekly Word

Our classroom teachers give the “Student of the Month” award to students whose work exemplifies academic
excellence January’s Honorees Are: Justin Diballa, McKenna Spillman, Joseph Nandor, Gavin de la Cuadra,
Amanda Hausmann, Brock Robertson, Madison Van Meter, Christopher Murphy, Ethan Avery, Brandon Sauer,
Tamara Buitrago, Sarina Lobana, Jilynn Saragoza, Haley Deeds, Audi Tackett, Haley Barnes, Tucker Robertson, Noah
Moran, and Jonathan Wood.

   The teachers choose the “VIP Students” whose behavioral choices reflect the high ideals of Christian character.
   January’s Honorees Are: Davis Hoefler, Tory Malan, Carly Edelson, Katherine Strayer, Claire Sankey, Cooper
   Robertson, Payton Gourley, Alyssa Diosy, Wiley Severyn, Rebecca Paxson, Natalie Figueroa, Anthony Quadri, Amber
   Armstrong, Liana Ho, Falynn Aliano, Carlie Gerberick, Nicholas Sweis, Kristen Comacho, and Philip Ho.
                 WARM UP WEDNESDAY!
   The Student Council will be selling Hot Chocolate this                              GET YOUR GTV TICKETS!!!
     Wednesday morning from 8:00 AM – 8:20 AM. All                                       General Tickets Sales will be
                  proceeds go to Haiti.                                                  Wed. Feb. 10th from 3-6pm and
                                                                                              Feb. 11th from 3-4pm
                                                                                    Questions? Call Tracy Dyer 579.9375

                                                    Dinner Gala & Auction
                                                           Class Baskets
    In a collaborative effort, each class will donate a basket to the Dinner Gala & Auction. Each family is asked to contribute an item
    ($25 value or more) to the basket. These baskets contain great items and attract lots of bidding. Please take a look at the basket
   list below. If you have something that would go with another class basket, please feel free to donate for that basket as well. Keep
     in mind all items must be new. Specific ideas for your class basket will be provided separately by your Class Basket Coordinator.
                           We are all working toward one goal and want all baskets to reach their full potential!

                                If you have any questions, please contact the Class Basket Coordinator.

                        Class                                 Basket Theme                             Coordinator

                       Armerding                           Tastefully Delightful                    Marguerite Parks
                          Bruns                                   Grocery
                         Conley                               Scrapbooking                             Betty Gillies
                         Crilley                             Entertainment
                      Hockenberry                                    Spa                              Cristina Taylor
                        Johnson                                   Cooking
                          Jones                                Italian Night
                         Kaplan                                     BBQ                              Michelle & Leslie
                         Kellogg                                Gardening                              Lisa Aliano
                         Kendall                              Gift Card Tree
                         Koster                                 Devotional                              Tracy Dyer
                       McMullen                                     Craft                              Katina Walia
                          Ports                                    Sports                             Corinna Larson
                        Templin                              Baker’s Basket                         Janelle Regenstreif
                        Tugwell                                 Handyman
                         Vawter                                Automotive                            Linda Burroughs
                         Walter                              Entertainment
                         Wardle                                    Beach                             Amanda Severyn
                          Willis                               Game Night                              Amy Woo

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