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of the Associated Press
Sports Editors

    ■ President John Cherwa
        Tribune Company
                                                 Check list: Credentials,
        First Vice President Bill Eichenberger
                                                 small papers and Red Smith
                                                   If our columnists can have a multi-item
    ■   Second Vice President
        Jerry Micco
        Contra Costa Times
                                                 column, why can’t I? (And without the
                                                 clever catchphrase intro.)                      JOHN CHERWA
    ■   Third Vice President Brad Zimanek           My favorite topic seems to be the battle
        Athens (Ga.) Banner-Herald
                                                 for sensible credential applications. It’s    Is it time for an old-timer’s
    ■   Secretary/Treasurer Ed Storin            been a difficult year-and-a-half but I        committee to honor some of
        Hilton Head, S.C.                        think we’re starting to turn the corner.      those that we’ll never meet?
        843.363.2044                                Last year, it reached a flashpoint over
    ■   Convention Coordinator Herb Stutz        the U.S. Open golf credentials and
        Prescott, Ariz.                          repeated itself at the U.S. Open tennis         Kenn Finkel’s copy editing and writing
                                                 tournament. Others took up the cause          workshops, a staple at the conventions,
    REGIONAL CHAIRS                              seeing an opportunity to apply the same       will center on game leads this year. It’s a
    ■ Atlantic Coast: Doug Roberson,
                                                 restrictions as they wanted in New York.      session that makes you better.
        Newport News Daily Press                 Were they just being overly careful or          There is also a prep ideas session,
    ■ Canada: Vacant                             really trying to find out about us?            which will be of great value to most of
    ■ Great Lakes: Lee Gordon,                      Clearly, they were motivated by a sense    our members but of particular interest to
        Chicago Tribune                          of security. But they tried to implement it   members whose main staple is high
    ■ Great Plains: Kevin Dale, Denver Post      with a zeal that didn’t make sense.           school coverage.
    ■ Mid-Atlantic: Jack Genung,                    APSE held firm, fought each battle            The workshops are being carefully
        Home News Tribune                        individually and the strategy seems to be     placed so that they don’t compete with
    ■ Northeast: Jeff Otterbein,
        Hartford Courant
                                                 working. Organizations are starting to        others Those that do compete are offered
    ■ Northwest: Dale Phelps,
                                                 listen to what we believe to be a rea-        more than once.
        Tacoma News Tribune                      soned approach.
    ■ Southeast: Gary Robinson,                     David Newman, the media person at             The Red Smith Award is one of our
      Memphis Commercial-Appeal                  the USTA and the point person for the         most proud possessions and the highest
    ■ Southwest: Mike Lee,                       U.S. Open tennis, is urging his bosses to     honor awarded by APSE. It has been
      Amarillo Globe-News                        exempt anyone who covered last year’s         administered with style and grace by
    ■ Western: Peter Madrid,
      Arizona Republic
                                                 tournament from any kind of check.            Dave Smith of Dallas Morning News for
                                                    While we are opposed to any kind of        quite some time.
    COMMITTEE CHAIRS                             check, we are sensitive to the special           But, looking at this year’s ballot I was
    ■   Contest: Bill Eichenberger, Newsday
                                                 nature of events held in New York and         struck by how different the nominated
    ■   Convention: John Cherwa, Tribune Co.     Washington.                                   candidates are. Truly an apples andor-
    ■   Copy editing: Kevin Dale, Denver Post       In the end, we are finding that by han-     anges kind of comparison.
    ■   Diversity: Julie Ward, USA Today         dling each case on an individual basis—          There are the distinguished editors:
    ■   Ethics: George Solomon,                  and not turning everything into a cause       Neil Amdur, George Solomon and Herb
        Washington Post                          celeb—we are arriving at reasoned com-        Stutz.
    ■   External affairs: Bill Dwyre,            promises.                                        There are the gifted predominantly
        Los Angeles Times                                                                      newspaper writers: Hal Bodley, Ronald
        Access/credentials: Dan Cunningham,         One of the common gripes we hear           Green, Sr., Bernie Lincicome, Bill Lyon,
        Houston Chronicle
                                                 about APSE is there is nothing for small-     Will McDonough, Hubert Mizell and Mark
        Commissioners: Dan Cunningham
                                                 er papers. It’s been the goal of the con-     Whicker.
        Writers groups liaison: Bill Dwyre
                                                 vention committee the past few years to          There are the gifted former newspaper
    ■   Internet: Emilio Garcia-Ruiz,
        Washington Post                          really try to change that perception.         but mostly magazine and book writers:
    ■   Legal affairs: Don Skwar, Boston Globe      With that in mind, the group has put       Tom Callahan and Roger Kahn.
    ■   Newsletter: Jerry Micco,                 together a rather ambitious workshop             There is the legend: Jimmy Cannon.
        Contra Costa Times                       agenda for those with big thoughts and           There are the pioneers: Frank Deford
    ■   Olympics: Roy Hewitt,                    small circulations.                           (for The National) and Mary Garber.
        Cleveland Plain Dealer                      In fact, Bill Dwyre of the Los Angeles        If what we are trying to accomplish is
    ■   Outreach: Brad Zimanek,                  Times will moderate a session called,         a hall of fame, how can you not have
        Athens (Ga.) Banner-Herald
                                                 “Big stories, small papers,” taking a look    Jimmy Cannon, Grantland Rice and Ring
    NEWSLETTER PRODUCTION                        at how smaller papers can break the big       Lardner in it?
                                                 story.                                           Therein lies the dilemma. But maybe
    ■ This bi-monthly APSE newsletter is pro-
    duced — under the supervision of Jerry          One that comes to mind from last year      we can find some wisdom from the pro
    Micco of Contra Costa Times, APSE’s sec-     was when Jim Fennell of the Manchester        sports halls of fame. Is it time for an old-
    ond vice president — by Michael Kellams,     (N.H.) Union Leader wrote how George          timer’s committee to honor some of those
    1616 Main St., Evanston, IL, 60202.
    Telephone 847.425.1369.
                                                 O’Leary lied on his résumé, thus costing      that we’ll never meet?
    ON THE COVER: Bird’s-eye view of down-       the coach the Notre Dame football job.           Or should we spin off an award for edi-
    town by the Dallas Morning News.                These and other examples should send       tors and return the Red Smith to the pur-
                                                 folks home with a notebook full of tips.      vey of just writers?

2                                                                                                                                 April 2003
Cover Story

                                                                                                                            Dallas Morning News
■ Dallas has a lot to offer in nighttime attractions.

Tribune Company

                        Promising a great
                                                 top sports journalists in the country will
                                                 take place June 25-28 at the Fairmont
                                                 Hotel in Dallas, although everyone is wel-
                                                 come to come early and stay late. Dallas is
                                                                                                  Before things get rolling on Wednesday,
                                                                                                there will be an Olympic credentialing
                                                                                                meeting on Tuesday afternoon. Roy
                                                                                                Hewitt, chair of the Olympics committee
                      convention       and       lovely in June.                                and sports editor of the Cleveland Plain
                      pulling one off are          As in the past, there is a strong empha-     Dealer, and Bob Condron of the USOC will
                      two different things.      sis on workshops. Details will come later      lead invited participants through the
                      But, APSE has been         and there is always the possibility one or     process. What comes out of there is the
                      doing this for a           more sessions can change based on avail-       initial allotment of credentials for the 2004
while and based on the success of last           ability of the panellists. Many of the work-   summer games in Athens, Greece. In the
year’s convention in Seattle, we may have        shops repeat, allowing you to catch a          past, there have been other allotments but
this down to a science.                          near-full agenda of what matters most to
  The annual assemblage of some of the           you.                                                                    CONTINUED ON 4 >>

April 2003                                                                                                                                   3
Cover Story

■ The tentative schedule for the Dallas convention (right) will leave you with much to reflect on when you return to work.

CONVENTION                                     rather outspoken sports figures to tell us
                                               how to run our sports sections. With
                                               apologies to Johnny Paycheck, we’re call-
                                                                                                 There are nine workshops scheduled,
                                                                                               some of which repeat.
                                                                                                 ■ Kenn Finkel, the guru of copy editing,
>> CONTINUED FROM 3                            ing it: “Take Your Sports Section and … ”       will look into the idea of making your
nothing is guaranteed.                            Two of the general sessions are conver-      game leads better.
   One change from previous conventions        sations with the masters. We’re assem-            ■ This year’s management doctor is
will occur on Thursday. Normally we have       bling panels of noted sports writers for        Don Skwar of the Boston Globe. He’ll
a Keynote Luncheon but this year we’re         one to talk about their craft and for the       answer your knotty questions with some
going to honor the Sports Journalism           other we’ve got a trifecta of renowned sec-     thoughtful answers.
Institute, which is celebrating its 10th       tion builders to tell us how they do it.          ■ Bill Dwyre of the Los Angeles Times
year. APSE is inviting all the past partici-      Another general session takes the            will fashion a session aimed at smaller
pants to the luncheon and hope they can        chaos that has swirled around LeBron            papers called “Big stories, small papers.”
stick around for part or all of the week.      James and the people who have been cov-           ■ Terry Taylor, the AP sports editor,
   The other hosted luncheon program is        ering him to determine “When is coverage        will hold her annual one-on-one meetings
the Red Smith Award on Friday. The win-        too much?”                                      with those who either want answers or
ner is … well, you’ll have to wait for the        Finally, there is the best ideas session,    give suggestions as to how the Associated
announcement.                                  always a great place to get ideas to bring      Press conducts its business.
   There are five general sessions plus the     back to your paper.                               ■ Have problems writing for A1? Paula
opening general membership meeting.               All the sessions are such to attract live-   LaRocque of the Dallas Morning News will
While they all hold promise, there should      ly questions followed by provocative            give you tips to keep both your writers
be some fireworks when we invite some           answers.                                        and the newsside editors happy.

4                                                                                                                               April 2003
                                                TUESDAY, JUNE 24
                                                1 p.m.: Olympic credentialing

                                                WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25
                                                8:30 a.m.-1 p.m.: Registration
                                                9 a.m.: Olympic credentialing
                                                9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.: Tribune sports editors meeting
                                                1 p.m.-3:30 p.m.: Executive Committee meeting
                                                3 p.m.-5 p.m.: Registration
                                                3:30 p.m.-4:45 p.m.: Small newspaper caucus
                                                5 p.m.-6 p.m.: AP newcomers reception
                                                6:15 p.m.: Motor coaches depart for opening-night reception at Billy Bob’s,
                                                Fort Worth. Sponsored by Fort Worth Star-Telegram

                                                THURSDAY, JUNE 26
                                                7:15 a.m.-8:15 a.m.: Continental breakfast
                                                8:15 a.m.-9:15 a.m.: Opening general membership meeting
                                                8:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m.: Spouse orientation
                                                9:30 a.m-11:15 a.m.: General session: The Section Builders
                                                11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.: Keynote Luncheon: 10th Anniversary of SJI
                                                1:45 p.m.-3:15 p.m.: Workshops
                                                   ■ Game Leads                            ■ Management Doctor
                                                   ■ Big Stories, Small Papers             ■ One-on-One With the AP
                                                3:30 p.m.-5 p.m.: Workshops:
                                                   ■ Writing for A1                        ■ Management Doctor
                                                   ■ Big Stories, Small Papers
                                                5:15 p.m.: Motor coaches depart to Arlington for A’s-Rangers game.
                                                9 p.m.: AP hospitality suite

                                                FRIDAY, JUNE 27
                                                7:15 a.m.-8:15 a.m.: Continental breakfast
                                                8:30 a.m.-10 a.m.: General Session: When Is It Too Much?
                                                10:15 a.m.-11:45 a.m.: Workshops:
                                                   ■ The Delicate Relationship Between     ■ Attracting the Young Reader
                          Dallas Morning News
                                                   the Sports Editor and the Photo Editor  ■ Recruiting Copy Editors
                                                   ■ Preps: 100 Ideas on How to Cover Them Better
                                                Noon-1:30 p.m.: Red Smith Award Luncheon
  ■ In conjunction with APPM,                   1:45 p.m.-3:45 p.m.: General Session: Take Your Sports Section and …
Associated Press Photo Managers, we will        4 p.m.-4:30 p.m.: Regional meetings
be doing a workshop on how photo                4:45 p.m.-6:15 p.m.: Workshops:
departments and sports departments can             ■ The Delicate Relationship Between     ■ Preps: 100 Ideas on How
get along better.                                  the Sports Editor and the Photo Editor  to Cover Them Better
  ■ Mark Beilue of the Amarillo Globe              ■ Attracting the Young Reader
will lead a discussion on preps and offer       9 p.m.: AP hospitality suite
100 ideas to make your coverage better.
  ■ Lynn Hoppes of the Orlando Sentinel,
which just this year started an action          SATURDAY, JUNE 28
sports page aimed toward at-risk readers,       7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m.: Continental breakfast
will explore the idea of attracting young
                                                8:30 a.m.-10 a.m.: General Session: Best Ideas of 2002
  ■ And, Kevin Dale of the Denver Post          10:15 a.m.-11:45 a.m.: General Session: Writers and Their Craft
will look at the all important area of how      Noon-12:30 p.m.: Closing general membership meeting
to recruit and retain copy editors.             1 p.m.: Golf
  All of this plus a couple of surprises        6:30 p.m.-7 p.m.: Reception
should make for both an informative and         6:30 p.m.-10 p.m.: “While The Cat’s Away … Kids Party”
entertaining convention.                        7 p.m.-10 p.m.: Awards Banquet
                                                10 p.m.-1 a.m.: AP hospitality suite
  See you in Dallas.

April 2003                                                                                                                    5
Cover Story

                                                  ON YOUR OWN
                                                   ■ White Rock Lake Park is the clos-
                                                   est to nature you can get without leav-
                                                   ing the Dallas City limits. Its 9.33-mile
                                                   waterfront trail attracts bicyclists, run-
                                                   ners, walkers and inline skaters. Trolling

                                                   craft and sailboats dot the lake. There
                                                   are several playgrounds, piers, drinking
                                                   fountains, restrooms and a new out-
                                                   door 10-station workout spot.

The Dallas Morning News

   When APSE’s convention comes to
Dallas in June, you will find yourself in a
great jumping off point to see much of
what the city has to offer.
   The Fairmont, our convention hotel, is
located in the Arts District, adjacent to the
                                                   ■ The Sixth Floor museum, located in
                                                   the former Texas School Book Depos-
                                                   itory, tries to play things right down the
                                                   middle. The nonprofit, self-supporting
                                                   facility is dedicated to “the life, times,
                                                   death and legacy of JFK”—not just the
                                                   assassination. The physical highlight is
                                                   the sniper’s nest, recreated with stacks
                                                   of vintage cardboard boxes and walled
                                                   off by Plexiglas.
                                                                                                ■ The Dallas Zoo, located 3 miles south
                                                                                                of downtown, is celebrated as one of the
                                                                                                country’s top animal research facilities.
                                                                                                Founded in 1888, the Zoo has 95 acres
                                                                                                of outdoor habitats.
Dallas Museum of Art and near the
Meyerson Symphony Center. During the
convention’s June 25-28 run, the museum         family outing to the Dallas Zoo.                   On Thursday, we will hop on busses and
will have a special exhibition of 15 little-      For those interested in animals of a dif-     head to the Ballpark in Arlington for the
known paintings by Pierre-August Renoir         ferent sort, the horses will be running at      Rangers’ game with the defending AL
depicting subjects in Algeria. The exhibi-      Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie, site of        West champion Oakland A’s (7:05 p.m.
tion will include an additional 40 Renoir       the 2004 Breeders Cup. The track is locat-      start). If it’s like most Rangers games, you
paintings, drawings, and sculptures from        ed midway between Dallas and Fort Worth         are guaranteed to see at least a couple of
the museum’s collections, as well as loans      on Belt Line Road just north of Interstate      home runs and a parade of Rangers relief
from other public and private collections       30 We will kick off the convention with an      pitchers.
   The hotel is within easy walking dis-        opening-night reception at Billy Bob’s             The Saturday golf outing is planned for
tance of the many restaurants and               Texas. Known for its country music, Billy       the Tenison Highlands (7,078 yards, back
nightspots in the West End. If you think        Bob’s is located in Fort Worth’s                tees, par 72), one of two courses at the 36-
it’s too warm to walk to the West End—          Stockyards National Historic District and       hole Tenison Park facility located just east
and it might be for some—the hotel is only      is billed as the world’s biggest honky-         of downtown Dallas. The property opened
a block from a Dart light rail station. You     tonk.                                           in 1924 and was the host venue for the
also can take light rail north for more din-      We have planned some optional events          1968 U.S. Amateur Public Links
ing and shopping options or south for a         for the convention.                             Championship.

6                                                                                                                                  April 2003
                                                                          ■ The very sight of Southfork Ranch conjures up the
                                                                          sweeping views of pre-oil tank Dallas, a young Larry
                                                                          Hagman and that familiar song. The ranch includes a
                                                                          museum, the Lone Star Atrium, the Ewing mansion, an
                                                                          apparel mart, gift shop and deli.

                                                                          ■ The Dallas
                                                                          World Aquarium &
                                                                          Zoological Garden
                                                                          is home to both water
                                                                          and land creatures. The
                                                                          multi-storied exhibit
                                                                          layout—you start at the
                                                                          top level and work your
                                                                          way down—walks visi-
                                                                          tors through a simulat-
                                                                          ed rainforest past all
                                                                          kinds of animals, from
                                                                          three-toed sloths,
                                                                          toucans and howler
                                                                          monkeys above to
                                                                          manatees, stingrays
                                                                          and jellyfish below.

                                                  ■ The                                                        ■ The largest market
                                                  Mesquite                                                     in the area is Dallas
                                                  Rodeo, familiar                                              Farmers Market,
                                                  to many from its                                             open year-round.
                                                  TV coverage, is                                              Here, farmers sell
                                                  a popular tourist                                            their Texas-grown
                                                  stop. The                                                    fruits and vegetables,
                                                  rodeo’s Friday                                               plus you’ll find vendors
                                                  and Saturday                                                 selling produce from
                                                  night programs                                               all over—strawberries,
                                                  attract competi-        bananas and so on—much like the produce sold at the
                                                  tors ranging            supermarket, only fresher and, in most cases, much
                                                  from full-time          cheaper. Bring cash—and an appetite. Most sellers are
                                                  cowboys to part-        more than willing to tempt you with free samples of hot-
                                                  timers.                 house tomatoes, juicy watermelon and the like.
                                                                                                                     The Dallas Morning News
  The Highlands Course, formerly the          tured par 3’s give the course a new feel.         The Dallas-Fort Worth area has plenty
Tenison West course, used to be consid-       Weibring uses Augusta National’s time-         of family attractions. Six Flags Over
ered the “other” course by Tenison Park       tested architectural features as a guide,      Texas, a 205-acre theme park with more
regulars, most of whom favored the East       and he employed those techniques at            than 100 rides, is located in Arlington
Course (now known as Tenison Glen). But       Tenison Highlands. One of his favorite         adjacent to the ballpark. Fort Worth also
in 2000, the City of Dallas chose Dallas-     holes is the new par 3 No. 13 (178 yards,      has an excellent zoo. The Dallas World
based Golf Resources, Inc. (headed up by      back tees). Inspired by Augusta’s No. 12,      Aquarium and Zoological Garden is near
PGA Tour pro D.A. Weibring) to renovate       the hole features a shallow green fronted      the convention hotel.
and re-route the West course and trans-       by a pond and guarded in the rear by a            If you are interested in history, you
form it into Tenison Highlands.               deep bunker.We also have a tennis outing       might want to visit the Sixth Floor
  The West course featured a large hill       planned for Saturday on the outdoor            Museum at the Texas Schoolbook
running from west to east, covered with       courts at L.B. Houston Tennis Center,          Depository. It is an educational museum
native hardwoods. Weibring and GRI used       which is about 12 miles from downtown.         examining the events and historical lega-
the hill and the existing trees to create a      You will be getting a separate registra-    cy of the assassination of President John
course that uses much of the old West         tion packet in the mail to sign up for these    .
                                                                                             F Kennedy. It also is within walking dis-
course’s routing, but creatively manufac-     activities.                                    tance of the convention hotel.

April 2003                                                                                                                                7
Cover Story

                                                    (phone: 928-717-2271; e-mail: herb-             Activities Sheet, listing all of the organized
                                           and I’ll attempt to buddy        activities planned, including those that
    Convention                                      you up.                                         you will be required to pay for in
                                                                                                    advance—the baseball game and
                                                    Q: What can you tell me about The               Saturday afternoon’s golf outing.
    By HERB STUTZ                                   Fairmont.                                       Q: Is my spouse and family welcome?
    Convention coordinator                          A: Located in the Arts District of down-        A: Certainly. A “Spouse Orientation” will
                                                    town Dallas, the luxurious hotel has 550        be held Thursday morning (8:30-9:30) at
    Q: What are the convention dates?               deluxe guest rooms and 50 elegant               which a hotel and APSE spokesman will
    A: Wednesday, June 25 through Saturday,         suites. The rooms are equipped with mul-        be present to outline the activities and
    June 28.                                        tiple-line speaker phones, voicemail, a         attractions available.
                                                    dedicated computer dataport line and a
    Q: How can I register?                          minibar. It has an Olympic-sized outdoor        Q: I’ll be attending my first convention.
    A: Shortly after April 15, look for a mailing   swimming pool and a complimentary fit-           Will it be easy to meet people?
    from Ed Storin, APSE’s secretary/treasur-       ness center equipped with weights, Cybex        A: APSE president John Cherwa plans to
    er. In it, you will find a convention regis-     and cardiovascular equipment.                   team you up with a “buddy,” a convention
    tration form, which should be mailed back                                                       veteran who will meet you at Wednesday
    to him, along with your check covering the      Q: Will I need to rent a car?                   afternoon’s AP Newcomers Reception. He
    registration fee; and a reservation form        A: Certainly not. Super Shuttle offers 24-      or she will introduce you to AP sports edi-
    from The Fairmont Hotel. You can either         hour service from the Dallas/Fort Worth         tor Terry Taylor and her crew, along with
    send the form back to the hotel, or call in     Airport. The fare Is $15 one way, or $28        APSE officers and tag along with you to
    your reservation.                               round trip and reservations can be made         the opening-night reception. By week’s
                                                    by calling 1-800-258-3826 or on-line at         end, you will have met many new friends,
    Q: What is the convention registration Many of the               whom you will be able to network with
    fee?                                            attractions—the Dallas Museum of Art            long after you’ve returned home.
    A: $200, if sent in to Storin by June 1.        and the West End Historic District—are
    The fee jumps to $250 after June 1. The         within an easy walk of the hotel.               Q: What sessions are planned?
    fee is a $25 increase over 2002, the first                                                       A: The Convention Program is listed in this
    such increase in seven years. The fee           Q: What kind of weather should I                newsletter. The five general sessions and
    includes the opening-night reception, two       expect?                                         nine workshops are open to all registrants,
    continental     breakfasts,   luncheons         A: Dallas, in late June, is usually hot and     with the latter being limited somewhat by
    Thursday and Friday and the Saturday            humid. Plan to dress accordingly.               the size of the breakout rooms. You
    night reception and Awards Banquet.                                                             should make it a point to sign up for the
                                                    Q: What kind of activities are                  workshops when you register Wednesday
    Q: What is the room rate at The                 planned? Are they family orientated?            afternoon, or Thursday morning.
    Fairmont?                                       A: Motor coaches will take us to
    A: $150, single, or double. The rate            Wednesday night’s opening reception at          Q: It’s important that I take something
    applies for the June 22-July 1 period in        Billy Bob’s, a fun-filled place in Fort Worth,   home with me from the convention ...
    case you want to extend your stay in            and to Thursday night’s Rangers-Oakland         ideas I can implement. Can I be
    Dallas.                                         A’s baseball game in Arlington. Friday          assured of that?
                                                    night and Saturday afternoon will be open       A: You certainly can. Most of the work-
    Q:What is the deadline for room                 to explore everything Dallas has to offer. In   shop leaders will have handouts available
    reservations?                                   your convention packet, will be an              for you. Friday’s Prep workshop and
    A: May 30. Rooms may be available after                                                         Saturday morning’s “Best Ideas of 2002”
    that, but not necessarily at the convention                                 ■ Catch Alex        will be especially helpful to you.
    rate. When making your reservation,                                         Rodriguez and
    request a written confirmation from the                                      his Rangers         Q: I probably have more questions.
    hotel.                                                                      against the A’s.    Who can I contact for answers?
                                                                                                    A: On registration, call or e-mail Ed Storin
    Q: Suppose I’m from a small paper                                                               at 843-363-2044,;
    and want to room with someone to                                                                on the program, call or e-mail John
    reduce my cost. Is that possible?                                                               Cherwa at 407-420-5355, jcherwa@
    A: Certainly. If you want to make such an                                             ; on Dallas, call our
    arrangement with a friend, or acquain-                                                          host, Bob Yates, Dallas Morning News
    tance, fine. Just book a double room with                                                        sports editor at 214-977-8260, byates@
    two beds and you will be charged the                                                  ; on the hotel, call or e-
    $150 rate. If you would want to share a                                                         mail me at 928-717-2271, herbstutz@
    room and need a roommate, contact me                                                  

8                                                                                                                                         April 2003
                                                     THE APSE CONTEST


   The numbers went like this: 92 judges,
including 41 first-timers; 1,804 writing
entries; 804 section entries; 8 section
Triple Crown winners; 1 major rules
change; 1 lost Federal Express package
full of writing entries that was ultimately
found; and no major controversies, if your
threshhold for controversy is fairly high.
   That was the tale of the tape from the
four-day judging of the 2002 APSE contest
in Torrance, Calif., that concluded on
   The biggest news was the decision to do
the final ranking of writing entries in
Torrance and not send the Top 10 in each
category to a panel of editors and manag-
ing editors as has been done in years past.
The decision was spurred by concern that
the imminent threat of war with Iraq
would make it difficult for editors and
managing editors to handle their end of
the judging process.
   The result was a complete listing of
writing and section winners at the conclu-
sion of the Torrance meeting, rather than
just a complete listing of section winners,
and a call for a committee to be formed to
examine the way we conduct the contest         ■ Judges poured over entries thoroughly and debated their results. When they finished,
in an attempt to make it more fair and         everyone was anxious to see the results (lower right).
make it conform more closely to the
changing nature of sports sections.            Globe, Fort Worth Star-Telegram and             Robertson of the Miami Herald won first
   That committee has been formed and          Minneapolis Star Tribune; 100,000-250,00        place in features, and a seven-person
will meet in Chicago this month, where it      —Hartford Courant, Palm Beach Post and          team of reporters from the Atlanta
will consider whether we should continue       Seattle Times; Under-40,000—Glens Falls         Journal-Constitution won first place in
to handle the final judging of writing          Post Star and Greeley (Colo.) Daily             enterprise reporting.
entries, along with a number of other          Tribune. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram,             Two papers had multiple first-place
issues, including an exploration of a bet-     which belongs in the 100,000-250,000 cat-       writing winners. Adrian Wojnarowski and
ter system of doing section critiques.         egory by circulation, chose to compete in       Bob Klapisch of The Record of
   The lost Federal Express package con-       the 250,000 and over class.                     Hackensack, N.J. . won in the column writ-
tained all the 250,000-and-over writing           In the writing competition, Scott M.         ing and game story categories, respective-
entries and was delivered by mistake to        Reid, Marla Jo Fisher and Natalya               ly., in the 100,000-250,000 circulation
the American headquarters of Honda             Shulyakovskaya of the Orange County             class. And Jenn Menendez and Kevin
International rather than the Torrance         Register won first place in the investiga-       Thomas of the Portland (Maine) Press-
Marriott.                                      tive category for all circulations with their   Herald won in the game story and news
   Then it was sent to the Federal Express     examination of a community college pro-         categories in the 40,000-100,000 class.
facility in suburban Los Angeles on its way    gram in California that generated tens of          The two papers with the most writing
back to Seattle, its point of origin. That’s   millions of dollars in funding by using high    winners were the Albuquerque Tribune,
where we found it on Saturday morning,         school athletes to inflate enrollment.           which won six awards in the under-40,000
the day before the judging began.                 In the 250,000-and-over category,Joe         competition, and the San Francisco
   The eight Triple Crown winners broke        Posnanski of the Kansas City Star won           Chronicle, which won six awards in the
down this way: 250,000 and over—Boston         first place in column writing. Linda             250,000-and-over class.

April 2003                                                                                                                             9
                                               APSE WRITING WINNERS

UNDER 40,000
                                             NEWS STORY
                                             UNDER 40,000
                                                                                              FEATURE STORY
                                                                                              UNDER 40,000
  1. Tim Stephens, Birmingham (Ala.)            1. Seth Emerson, Albany (Ga.) Herald;           1. Jim Priest, Jasper (Ind.) Herald;
Post-Herald; 2. Richard Stevens,             2. Jeff Carlton, Albuquerque Tribune             2. Cal Powell, Northwest Florida Daily
Albuquerque Tribune; 3. Bob Linneman,        3. Rachel Lenzi, Fort Collins Coloradoan;        News (Fort Walton Beach, Fla.);
Santa Cruz (Calif.) Sentinel 4. Dave         4. Jeff Hawkins, Glens Falls (N.Y.) Post-Star;   3. Dan Morris, Jackson (Tenn.) Sun;
DeLand, St. Cloud (Minn.) Times;             5. Eric Branch, Alexandria (La.) Town Talk       4. Michael Lewis, Glens Falls (N.Y.) Post-
5. Steve Kirk, Decatur (Ala.) Daily             Honorable mention: Rubin E. Grant,            Star; 5. Jeff Carlton, Albuquerque Tribune
  Honorable mention: Mark Conley,            Birmingham Post-Herald; Mandy Castellino           Honorable mention: Chuck Cox,
Santa Cruz (Calif.) Sentinel; Jimmy Creed,   Housen, Bloomsburg (Pa.) Press Enterprise;       Denton (Texas) Record-Chronicle; Pat
Anniston (Ala.) Star; Gregg Dewalt,          Ryan Huff, San Luis Obispo (Calif.) Tribune;     Graham, Longmont (Colo.) Daily Times-
Decatur (Ala.) Daily; Michael Kelly,         Tony Phifer, Fort Collins Coloradoan; Kyle       Call; Jason Lloyd, Lorain (Ohio) Morning
Longmont (Colo.) Daily Times-Call;           Ringo, Albuquerque Tribune                       Journal; John Marcase, Alexandria (La.)
Christopher Sciria, Auburn (N.Y.) Citizen                                                     Town Talk; Mike Rubino, Jasper (Ind.)
                                             40,000-100.000                                   Herald
40,000-100,000                                 1. Kevin Thomas, Portland (Maine) Press
   1. Dan Connolly, York (Pa.) Daily         Herald; 2. John Pruett, Huntsville (Ala.)        40,000-100,000
Record; 2. Peter Kerasotis, Florida Today    Times; 3. Hillard Grossman, Florida Today          1. Steve Warden, Fort Wayne Journal
(Melbourne, Fla.); 3. Woody Woodburn,        (Melbourne, Fla.); 4. Ed Reed, The News-         Gazette; 2. John Tomase, Eagle-Tribune
Torrance (Calif.) Daily Breeze; 4. Mike      Press (Fort Myers, Fla.); 5. Ryan                (North Andover, Mass.); 3. Scott Michaux,
McFeely, The Forum (Fargo, N.D.);            O‚Halloran, Newport News (Va.) Daily Press       Augusta Chronicle; 4. Brian
5. John Tomase, Eagle-Tribune (North           Honorable mention: John Dudley, Erie           Christopherson, Lincoln (Neb.) Journal
Andover, Mass.)                              Times News; Mike McFeely, The Forum              Star; 5. Jason Wilde, Wisconsin State
   Honorable mention: Phil Arvia, Daily      (Fargo, N.D.); Todd Porter, The Repository       Journal (Madison, Wis.)
Southtown (Tinley Park, Ill.); Dave          (Canton, Ohio); Bryan Strickland, Durham           Honorable mention: Frank Bodani,
Buscema, The Times-Herald Record             (N.C.) Herald Sun; Gerg Tufaro, Home             York (Pa.) Dispatch; Jim Carty, Ann Arbor
(Middletown, N.Y.); Michael Hutton, Gary     News Tribune (East Brunswick, N.J.)              News; Jack Ebling, Lansing (Mich.) State
(Ind.) Post-Tribune; Todd Porter, The                                                         Journal; Mike Herndon, Mobile Register;
Repository (Canton, Ohio); Steve Solloway,   100,000-250,000                                  Norm Wood, Newport News (Va.) Daily
Portland (Maine) Press Herald                   1. Brian Ettkin, Sarasota Herald-Tribune;     Press
                                             2. Rick Bonnell, Peter Smolowitz, Scott Dodd
100,000-250,000                              and Tim Whitmire, Charlotte Observer; 3.         100,000-250,000
   1. Adrian Wojnarowski, The Record         Fred Girard, Detroit News; 4. Andrew Gross,         1. John Erardi, Cincinnati Enquirer;
(Hackensack, N.J.); 2. John Canzano,         Journal News (White Plains, N.Y.); 5. Luciana    2. Terry Pluto, Akron Beacon Journal
Fresno Bee; 3. Tom Hoffarth, Los Angeles     Chavez, Raleigh News & Observer                  3. Tom Archdeacon, Dayton Daily News;
Daily News; 4. Ian O‚Connor, The Journal        Honorable mention: Mark Anderson,             4. Ira Kaufman, Tampa Tribune
News (White Plains, N.Y.);                   Las Vegas Review-Journal; Ned Barnett,           5. Jenni Carlson, Daily Oklahoman
5. Martin Fennelly, Tampa Tribune            Raleigh News & Observer; Scott Cain,                Honorable mention: Howard Beck, Los
   Honorable mention: Geoff Calkins,         Arkansas Democrat-Gazette; Jeff Legwold,         Angeles Daily News; Holly Cain, Seattle
Memphis Commercial Appeal; William S.        Nashville Tennessean; Teneshia Wright,           Post-Intelligencer; Kristin Dizon, Seattle
Handleman, Asbury Park Press; Bob            Florida Times-Union                              Post-Intelligencer; Martin Fennelly, Tampa
Lipper, Richmond Times-Dispatch; Kevin                                                        Tribune; Ed Miller, Norfolk Virginian-Pilot
Modesti, Los Angeles Daily News; Mark        OVER 250,000
Woods, The Florida Times-Union                  1. Erik Brady, Michael McCarthy, Julie        OVER 250,000
                                             Ward, Fred Meier, Gary Mihoches, Michael           1. Linda Robertson, Miami Herald;
OVER 250,000                                 Hiestand, Sal Ruibal, Mary Jo Sylwester,         2. Clay Latimer, Rocky Mountain News;
  1. Joe Posnanski, Kansas City Star;        Ellen Horrow, Rachel Shuster, Leslie             3. Mark Emmons, San Jose Mercury
2. John Romano, St. Petersburg Times;        Spalding, Theresa Howard, Tom Anker,             News; 4. Frank Fitzpatrick, Philadelphia
3. Dave Hyde, South Florida Sun-Sentinel;    Ruth Fogle, Tristan Coffelt, Pam Fiawoo,         Inquirer; 5. Mitch Albom, Detroit Free
4. Tim Cowlishaw, Dallas Morning News;       Joe Hagarty, Ray Hicks, Susan O‚Brien,           Press
5. Rick Morrissey, Chicago Tribune           Bruce Rosenstein and Zubin Jelveh, USA             Honorable mention: Michael BeDan
  Honorable mention: Mitch Albom,            Today; 2. Shannon Rose, Orlando Sentinel;        and Brian Crecente, Rocky Mountain
Detroit Free Press; Bob Kravitz,             3. Alan Abrahamson, Los Angeles Times;           News; Filip Bondy, New York Daily News;
Indianapolis Star; Mike Lupica, New York     4. Beth Daley and Raja Mishra, Boston            Jackie MacMullan, Boston Globe; Steve
Daily News; Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles       Globe; 5. Mike Klis, Denver Post                 Politi, Newark Star-Ledger; Jason Quick,
Times; Michael Wilbon, Washington Post          Honorable mention: Jody Berger,               Portland Oregonian
                                             Rocky Mountain News; Steve Politi,
                                             Newark Star-Ledger; Henry Schulman, San
                                             Francisco Chronicle; Adam Thompson,
                                             Denver Post; Brad Townsend, Dallas
                                             Morning News

10                                                                                                                              April 2003
                                                   APSE WRITING WINNERS

UNDER 40,000
                                                                                               GAME STORY
                                                                                               UNDER 40,000
   1. Dan Morris, Jackson (Tenn.) Sun; 2. T.M. Fasano, Ross Maak, Matt Schuman and                1. Matt James, La Crosse (Wis.)
Samuel G. Mustari, Greeley (Colo.) Daily Tribune; 3. Daniel Libit, Albuquerque Tribune;        Tribune; 2. John Bohnenkamp, Burlington
4. Sean McMann, Roderick Boone and Mike Ferraro, Poughkeepsie Journal;                         (Iowa) Hawk Eye; 3. Joe Medley, Anniston
5. Ryan Smith and Dan Washburn, Gainesville (Ga.) Times                                        (Ala.) Star; 4. Jacob Jackson, San Luis
   Honorable mention: Taylor Bright and Greg Wallace, Birmingham Post-Herald; Jason            Obispo (Calif.) Tribune; 5. Warren Alber,
Lloyd, Lorain (Ohio) Morning Journal; Ray Duckler, Chad Finn, Sandy Smith, C.J.                Glens Falls (N.Y.) Post-Star
Lampman, Annmarie Timmins and Mark Travis, Concord (N.H.) Monitor; Mike Carmin,                   Honorable mention: Kevin Allenspach,
Lafayette (Ind.) Journal Messenger; Frank Rajkowski, St. Cloud (Minn.) Times                   St. Cloud (Minn.) Times; Perry Ballard,
                                                                                               Northwest Florida Daily News; Michael J.
40,000-100,000                                                                                 Garcia, Albuquerque Tribune; Julie Jag,
  1. Charles Robinson, Oakland Press (Pontiac, Mich.); 2. Stu Whitney, Argus Leader            Santa Cruz (Calif.) Sentinel; Jeff Sentell,
(Sioux Falls, S.D.); 3. Kevin Cooney, Doylestown (Pa.) Intelligencer; 4. Scott Rabalais,       Northern Virginia Daily Sports, Strasburg,
Baton Rouge Advocate; 5. Bob Lutz, Paul Suellentrop and Adam Knapp, Wichita Eagle              Va.
  Honorable mention: Mike Herndon, Tommy Hicks, Sam Hodges, Christmas McGauhey
and Tom Murphy, Mobile Register; Brett Friedlander, Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer; Sean         40,000-100,000
Barker, New Haven Register; Jorge Arangure Jr., Frank Bodani, Jennifer Gish and Jeffrey          1. Jenn Menendez, Portland (Maine)
Martin, York (Pa.) Dispatch; David Jones, Florida Today (Melbourne, Fla.)                      Press Herald; 2. Mike Woods, Appleton
                                                                                               (Wis.) Post-Crescent; 3. Gareth Clary,
100,000-250,000                                                                                Mobile Register; 4. Rob Daniels,
   1. Lori Shontz, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; 2. Mary Jean Wall, Lexington Herald-Leader;        Greensboro (N.C.) News & Record;
3. Ron Green Jr., Charlotte Observer; 4. Karen Crouse, Palm Beach Post; 5. David White,        5. Pete DiPrimio, Fort Wayne
Fresno Bee                                                                                     News-Sentinel
   Honorable mention: Cristopher Baldwin, Asbury Park Press; David King, San Antonio             Honorable mention: Beth Bragg,
Express-News; Patrcia Babcock McGraw, Travis Miller, Aaron Gabriel and John Lemon,             Anchorage Daily News; Dennis Deitch,
Arlington (Ill.) Daily Herald; Pat Forde, Louisville Courier Journal; Dan Raley, Ted Miller,   Delaware County (Pa.) Times; Kalani
Angelo Bruscas and Jim Moore, Seattle Post-Intelligencer                                       Simpson, Honolulu Star Bulletin; Dylan B.
                                                                                               Tomlinson, Gainesville (Fla.) Sun; Larry
OVER 250,000                                                                                   Williams, Augusta Chronicle
  1. Tony Barnhart, Mark Schlabach, David Markiewicz, Al Levine, Michael Carvell, Mark
Bradley and Carroll Rogers, Atlanta Journal-Constitution; 2. Helene Elliott, Alan              100,000-250,000
Abrahamson, David Wharton, Lance Pugmire, Lauren Peterson, Carol J. Williams, Randy               1. Bob Klapisch, The Record
Harvey, Larry Stewart, Peter Yoon, Bill Dwyre, Lisa Dillman, John Ortega, Mike Bresnahan       (Hackensack, N.J.); 2. Howard Beck,
and Dan Arritt, Los Angeles Times; 3. Gordon Edes, Dan Shaughnessy, Bob Duffy, Kevin           Los Angeles Daily News; 3. Mark Woods,
Dupont, Ken Fratus, Larry Whiteside, Peter Gammons, Bob Hohler, Bob Ryan, Pete                 Florida Times-Union; 4. Gary Lundy,
Goodwin, Raphael Lewis, Brian MacQuarrie, Tony Chamberlain and Reid Laymance,                  Knoxville News-Sentinel; 5. Pat Forde,
Boston Globe; 4. Josh Peter, New Orleans Times-Picayune; 5. Barry Horn, Cathy Harasta,         Louisville Courier-Journal
Kevin Sherrington, Brad Townsend and Juliet Macur, Dallas Morning News                            Honorable mention: Bucky Gleason,
  Honorable mention: Mark Fainaru-Wada, San Francisco Chronicle; Mel Antonen, Cesar            Buffalo News; Hal Habib, Palm Beach
Brioso, Dick Patrick, David Leon Moore, Joan Murphy, Anita Manning, Matt Cimento, Julie        Post; John Hickey, Seattle Post-
Ward, Seth Livingstone, Rich Kenda and Bob Nightengale, USA Today; Roger Simmons,              Intelligencer; Larry LaRue, Tacoma News
Don Wilson and Heather McPherson, Orlando Sentinel; Michael O‚Keeffe and T.J. Quinn,           Tribune; Adrian Wojnarowski, The Record
New York Daily News; Gary D‚Amato, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel                                  (Hackensack, N.J.)

                                                                                               OVER 250,000
                                                                                                  1. Rick Morrissey, Chicago Tribune;
                                                                                               2. Bonnie DeSimone, Chicago Tribune;
                                                                                               3. Bill Shaikin, Los Angeles Times;
                                                                                               4. John Crumpacker, San Francisco
                                                                                               Chronicle; 5. Brian Murphy, San Francisco
  1. Scott M. Reid, Marla Jo Fisher and Natalya Shulyakousk, Orange County Register;           Chronicle
2. Eric Prisbell, Fresno Bee; 3. Josh Peter, New Orleans Times-Picayune; 4. Randy Furst,          Honorable mention: Filip Bondy, New
Jim Souhan and Dennis Brackin, Minneapolis Star-Tribune; 5. Gregory Sandoval and               York Daily News; Mike DeArmond, Kansas
Jessica Hopp, Washington Post                                                                  City Star; Lew Freedman, Chicago Tribune;
  Honorable mention: Mark Fainaru-Wada, San Francisco Chronicle; Jackie MacMullan,             Chris Jenkins, San Diego Union-Tribune;
Boston Globe; David Markiewicz and Glenn Sheeley, Atlanta Journal-Constitution; Manny          Henry Schulman, San Francisco Chronicle
Navarro, Pedro Fonteboa, Susan Miller-Degnan and Walter Villa, Miami Herald; Michael
O‚Keeffe, Teri Thompson and Luke Cyphers, New York Daily News

April 2003                                                                                                                              11
1 Albuquerque Tribune
2 Athens (Ga.) Banner-Herald
3 Bloomsburg Press Enterprise
4 Glens Falls Post-Star
5 Greeley (Colo.) Daily Tribune
6 Longmont Daily Times-Call
7 Northwest (Ill.) Herald
8 Poughkeepsie Journal
9 Tucson Citizen
10 Yakima Herald Republic

                                  1   2     3

 4                                5   6     7

                                           Honorable mention
                                           Bellingham (Wash.) Herald,
                                           Birmingham Post-Herald,
                                           Bremerton (Wash.) Sun,
                                           Carroll County Times
                                           (Westminster, Md.), Decatur
                                           (Ill.) Herald & Review,
                                           Gainesville (Ga.) Times, La
                                           Crosse (Wis.) Tribune,
                                           Standard Times, (New
                                           Bedford, Mass.), Potomac
                                           News (Woodbridge, Va.), Santa
                                           Cruz (Calif.) Sentinel

 8                                9   10

12                                                             April 2003
1 Bloomington Herald-Times
2 Casper Star-Tribune
3 Northwest (Ill.) Herald
4 Fort Collins Coloradoan
5 Gaston (N.C.) Gazette
6 Glens Falls (N.Y.) Post-Star
7 Greeley (Colo.) Daily Tribune
8 Lafayette Journal and Courier
9 Missoula (Mont.) Missoulian
10 San Luis Obispo Tribune

                                  1   2     3

 4                                5   6     7

                                           Honorable mention
                                           Altoona (Pa.) Mirror, Anderson
                                           (S.C.) Independent-Mail,
                                           Anniston (Ala.) Star, Bloomsurg
                                           (Pa.) Press Enterprise, Carroll
                                           County Times (Westminster,
                                           Md.), Longmont (Colo.) Daily
                                           Times-Call, Medford (Ore.) Mail
                                           Tribune, Nashua (N.H.)
                                           Telegraph, Provo Daily Herald,
                                           Watertown (N.Y.) Daily Times

 8                                9   10

April 2003                                                             13
1 Albuquerque Tribune
2 Bellingham (Wash.) Herald
3 Birmingham Post-Herald
4 Charlotte (Fla.) Sun
5 Davis (Calif.) Enterprise
6 Glens Falls (N.Y.) Post Star
7 Greeley (Colo.) Daily Tribune
8 Lorain Morning Journal
9 Loveland Reporter Herald
10 Santa Cruz Sentinel


                                      2     3

 4                                5         7


                                           Honorable mention
                                           Alexandria (La.) Town Talk,
                                           Anniston (Ala.) Star, Elmira
                                           (N.Y.) Star-Gazette, Longmont
                                           (Colo.) Times Call, Morgantown
                                           (W.Va.) Dominion Post,
                                           Northwest Herald (Crystal
                                           Lake, Ill.), Odessa American,
                                           Troy Record, Tucson Citizen,
                                           Yakima Herald-Republic

 8                                9   10

14                                                              April 2003
1 Ann Arbor News
2 Connecticut Post
3 Eugene Register-Guard
4 Fort Myers News-Press
5 Gainesville Sun
6 Newport News Daily Press
7 Oakland Press
8 Santa Rosa Press Democrat
9 Wichita Eagle
10 Wisconsin State Journal

                              1   2     3

 4                            5   6     7

                                       Honorable mention
                                       Appleton (Wis.) Post-Crescent,
                                       Chattanooga Times Free Press,
                                       Everett (Wash.) Herald, Florida
                                       Today (Melbourne, Fla.), Fort
                                       Wayne (Ind.) News-Sentinel,
                                       Fredericksburg (Va.) Free
                                       Lance-Star, Las Vegas Sun,
                                       New Haven (Conn.) Register,
                                       Topeka (Kan.) Capital-Journal,
                                       Ventura County (Calif.) Star

 8                            9   10

April 2003                                                         15
1 Anchorage Daily News
2 Appleton Post-Crescent
3 Augusta Chronicle
4 Lawrence Eagle-Tribune
5 Lincoln Journal Star
6 Macon Telegraph
7 Portland Press Herald
8 New Haven Register
9 Ventura County Star
10 Wichita Eagle

                           1   2     3

 4                         5   6     7

                                    Honorable mention
                                    Bradenton (Fla.) Herald,
                                    Chattanooga Times Free Press,
                                    Connecticut Post (Bridgeport,
                                    Conn.), Durham (N.C.) Herald-
                                    Sun, East Brunswick (N.J.)
                                    Home News Tribune, Lake
                                    County (Ind.) Post-Tribune,
                                    Middletown (N.Y.) Times
                                    Herald-Record, Quad-City
                                    Times (Davenport, Iowa),
                                    Santa Rosa Press Democrat,
                                    Tallahassee Democrat

 8                         9   10

16                                                       April 2003
1 Anchorage Daily News
2 Augusta Chronicle
3 Albany Times Union
4 Duluth News-Tribune
5 Deseret News
6 Huntsville Times
7 Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
8 New Haven Register
9 Palm Springs Desert Sun
10 Ventura County Star

                                  2     3


 4                                6     7

                                       Honorable mention
                                       Baton Rouge Advocate,
                                       Beaumont (Texas) Enterprise,
                                       Champaign (Ill.) News-Gazette,
                                       Cincinnati Post, Durham (N.C.)
                                       Herald-Sun, Gainesville (Fla.)
                                       Sun, Newport News (Va.) Daily
                                       Press, Oakland Press (Pontiac,
                                       Mich.), Scranton (Pa.) Times,
                                       The Times of Northwest
                                       Indiana (Munster, Ind.)

 8                            9   10

April 2003                                                        17
1 Calgary Herald
2 Contra Costa Times
3 Hartford Courant
4 Memphis Commercial Appeal
5 Palm Beach Post
6 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
7 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
8 The Seattle Times
9 St. Paul Pioneer Press
10 Tampa Tribune

                               1   2     3

 4                             5   6     7

                                        Honorable mention
                                        Asbury Park Press, Des Moines
                                        Register, Detroit News, The
                                        Record (Hackensack, N.J.),
                                        Raleigh News & Observer; Salt
                                        Lake Tribune, San Antonio
                                        Express-News, Tacoma News
                                        Tribune, The Journal News
                                        (White Plains, N.Y.), The State
                                        (Columbia, S.C.)

 8                             9   10

18                                                            April 2003
1 Charlotte Observer
2 Contra Costa Times
3 Des Moines Register
4 Hartford Courant
5 Palm Beach Post
6 Raleigh News & Observer
7 St. Paul Pioneer Press
8 San Antonio Express-News
9 The Seattle Times
10 The State

                             1   2     3

 4                           5   6     7

                                      Honorable mention
                                      Colorado Springs Gazette,
                                      Detroit News, Fresno Bee,
                                      Lexington Herald-Leader, Los
                                      Angeles Daily News, Omaha
                                      World-Herald, Pittsburgh Post-
                                      Gazette, Tacoma News
                                      Tribune, Tampa Tribune, The
                                      Journal News (White Plains,

 8                           9   10

April 2003                                                        19
1 Austin American-Statesman
2 Charlotte Observer
3 Hartford Courant
4 The Record
5 Lexington Herald-Leader
6 Palm Beach Post
7 Raleigh News & Observer
8 Riverside Press-Enterprise
9 The Seattle Times
10 The Journal News

                               1   2     3

 4                             5   6     7

                                        Honorable mention
                                        Arizona Daily Star, Cincinnati
                                        Enquirer, Colorado Springs
                                        Gazette, Contra Costa Times
                                        (Walnut Creek, Calif.), Detroit
                                        News, San Antonio Express-
                                        News, Nashville Tennessean,
                                        St. Paul Pioneer Press, The
                                        State (Columbia, S.C.),
                                        Washington Times

 8                             9   10

20                                                             April 2003
■ Boston Globe
■ Dallas Morning News
■ Detroit Free Press
■ Fort Worth Star-Telegram
■ Los Angeles Times
■ Minneapolis Star Tribune
■ Newark Star-Ledger
■ New York Times
■ USA Today
■ Washington Post

                             1   2     3

 4                           5   6     7

                                      Honorable mention
                                      Atlanta Journal-Constitution,
                                      Chicago Tribune, Kansas City
                                      Star, Miami Herald, New York
                                      Daily News, Orange County
                                      Register, Rocky Mountain
                                      News, St. Louis Post-Dispatch,
                                      San Diego Union-Tribune,
                                      South Florida Sun-Sentinel

 8                           9   10

April 2003                                                       21
1 Atlanta Journal-Constitution
2 Boston Globe
3 Dallas Morning News
4 Fort Worth Star-Telegram
5 Kansas City Star
6 Los Angeles Times
7 Minneapolis Star Tribune
8 Newsday
9 New York Daily News
10 Orlando Sentinel

                                 1   2     3

 4                               5   6     7

                                          Honorable mention
                                          Chicago Tribune; Cleveland
                                          Plain Dealer; Miami Herald;
                                          Newark Star- Ledger; New York
                                          Times; Orange County
                                          Register; Philadelphia Inquirer;
                                          San Francisco Chronicle;
                                          South Florida Sun-Sentinel;
                                          Washington Post



22                                                               April 2003
1 Boston Globe
2 Fort Worth Star-Telegram
3 Houston Chronicle
4 Indianapolis Star
5 Kansas City Star
6 Minneapolis Star Tribune
7 Newark Star-Ledger
8 Orlando Sentinel
9 Philadelphia Daily News
10 South Florida Sun-Sentinel

                                 1                                  2                               3


                                 5                                  6                               7


                                Honorable mention
                                Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Baltimore Sun, Dallas Morning News,
                                Denver Post, Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, Newsday, Orange
                                County Register, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post
 8                                                                                                  10

April 2003                                                                                               23

Meet the candidates
   There is a field of five candidates this        HOW TO VOTE                                         ■ If more than one ballot is sent by one
year for APSE’s second vice-president              ■ E-mail: If you want to cast your vote        newspaper, that paper’s vote will be for-
post.                                            via e-mail, send a message to Ed Storin,         feited.
   Two outgoing region chairs as well as         APSE’s secretary-treasurer, with you                Deadline to get your vote to Storin, e-
three members nominated at the                   choice. Be sure that you identify yourself       mail or letter, is June 1. It must be in
February Executive Committee meeting in          and your newspaper; return e-mail                Storin’s hands by that date, not post-
Torrance, Calif., will be on the ballot.         addresses are not always sufficient for          marked.
   A reminder that in all APSE election of       this. Storin’s e-mail address is                    The second vice president’s main duty
officers, voting is by the newspaper not                                is to be the editor of the APSE
the individual. Each dues-paying member            ■ Letter: If you don’t have access or          Newsletter, with an additional duty as
gets one vote and that vote usually is cast      don’t want to use e-mail, send a letter with     assistant to the first vice president in
by the person who runs the sports depart-        your choices to Storin at P.O. Box 7227,         running the contest.
ment.                                            Hilton Head, S.C., 29938. You must sign             Second and first vice presidents move
   Just because you are an APSE member           the letter and identify your newspaper.          up one office each year, so the winner of
doesn’t mean you get a vote. It’s your           You may make a copy of the list of candi-        this election is scheduled to be president
newspaper that gets the vote.                    dates in this Newsletter and mark your           in APSE’s 2005-2006 year.
   The candidate with the most votes in          choices, but you still must identify your-          Vacancies in any office are filled via
the election will win and take office after      self in an attached letter.                      appointment by the APSE president. The
the June convention. You may vote by e-            ■ If the origin of a ballot can’t be identi-   results of the election will be announced
mail or by sending a letter.                     fied, it will be disqualified.                     at the convention in Dallas.

  Glen Crevier                                                            Jack Genung
  Newspaper: The Star Tribune,                                            Newspaper: Home News Tribune,
  Minneapolis                                                             East Brunswick, N.J.
  Been there since: 1998                                                  Been there since: 1991
  APSE activities: Member since                                           APSE activities: Member since
  1988. Frequent judge for APSE. Have                                     1995. Outgoing Mid-Atlantic region
  helped recruit smaller papers into the                                  chair. Served on the contest commit-
  organization. Wrote region report for                                   tee and the convention committee
  newsletter for three years.                                             since 1997. As a member of the con-
  Background: Worked as a copy edi-                                       vention committee, have organized or
  tor, reporter, columnist, assistant                                     led the session on High School Best
  sports editor and sports editor at vari-                                Ideas.
  ous newspapers, including the Arizona Daily Star, Sacramento            Background: Sports Editor since at Home News Tribune since
  Union, Los Angeles Daily News, Santa Rosa Press Democrat,               1994. Started at Asbury Park Press 30 years ago as a reporter
  Tacoma News Tribune and Star Tribune, during a career that              then night slot. Also stints at the New Haven Register, Daily
  started in 1975.                                                        Record as an assistant sports editor, special section editor and
  Crevier says: “Sections of all sizes face the same problems as          pagination director and New York Daily News as a slot and copy
  we head into the future: attracting more minorities into the busi-      editor.
  ness, attracting more readers into our sections and finding ways         Genung says: “I feel there is a real need for sports editors to
  to produce more thought-provoking and innovative journalism.            be actively involved with APSE, not just be a member so your
  APSE may not always provide the answers to these complex                paper can enter the contest or maybe attend a convention
  issues, but with the talented journalists in our organization, we       every three or four years. Being from a smaller mid-sized paper,
  must continue to provide the forum to educate and encourage             I have often found I provide a strong voice for shaping conven-
  sports editors to be bold, be great and be relevant to readers.”        tion programs to the smaller papers.”

24                                                                                                                                  April 2003
  Lynn Hoppes
  Newspaper: The Orlando Sentinel
  Been there since: 1992
  APSE activities: Former Diversity Committee chairman for
  four years. Former Southeast Region chair and vice chair-
  man. Have judged and chaired APSE contests for 10 years.
  Continue to help Sports Journalism Institute and on-the-rise
  journalists. Helped organize moving winter judging to
  Orlando. Will help organize national convention in Orlando
  in 2005.
  Background: Executive Sports Editor of multiple-award                                        1957~2003
  winning newspaper. Member of Asian American Journalists
  Association and national speaker for AAJA conventions and Unity. Member of
  Association for Women in Sports Media. Former member of the National Association
  of Black Journalists Sports Task Force. Executive Producer and broadcaster for a five-
  day a week radio talk show on the Fox affiliate in Orlando.
  Hoppes says: “Fresh ideas. That’s what I think APSE needs. Fresh ideas in contest
  judging. Fresh ideas in convention programs. Fresh ideas in newsletters. Fresh ideas
  in sports sections at all levels. APSE is a great tool for us to exchange ideas and
  make all of us better. We all should give back to APSE what APSE has given to us.”

  Peter Madrid
  Newspaper: The Arizona Republic
  Been there since: 1999                                                                  By SEAN O’SULLIVAN
  APSE activities: Outgoing West Region chairman. Hosted                                  Wilmington News Journal
  West Region convention in Tucson in 1987. Contest judge
  and national convention panelist in 2000. President of                                    Ed Murphy, a veteran News Journal
  Arizona State APSE 1995.                                                                sports reporter was killed March 14 when
  Background: Assistant Sports Editor at The Republic for                                 he was struck by an airplane propeller at
  four years after spending 14 years as Sports Editor at the                              an airport in Richmond, Va.
  Tucson Citizen. The Citizen won the Best of Gannett Sports                                Murphy, 46, was in Virginia to cover
  Award in 1997 for its coverage of Arizona’s march to the                                Delaware State University in the Mid-
  NCAA basketball title. Helped launch USA Today in 1982.                                 Eastern Athletic Conference women’s
  Fellow in 1985 with the Editing Program for Minority Journalists.                       basketball tournament.
  Madrid says: Never before has cooperation and the sharing of ideas between news-          Virginia State Police ruled the death an
  papers been more important than it is today. There are many opportunities to attract    accident.
  young readers, women and minorities to our sections. The continued and sustained          Murphy started working for The News
  growth of our sections ulitmately will depend on these non-traditional readers. APSE,   Journal on a part-time basis in 1980 and
  through its committees, workshops, region meetings and national convention, must        became a full-time staff reporter in 1997.
  remain proactive in keeping its fingers on the pulse of those new readership groups.     He covered Delaware State and high
                                                                                          school athletics during his career.
                                                                                            “Ed has been a part of The News
                                                                                          Journal family for more than 20 years and
  Celeste Williams                                                                        we all are mourning,” said Deborah
  Newspaper: Fort Worth Star-Telegram                                                     Henley, executive editor of The News
  Been there since: 1999                                                                  Journal. “Readers have long appreciated
  APSE activities: Member since 1998. Winter meeting                                      Ed’s commitment to our coverage of
  contest judge since 2000. Two-year member of Convention                                 Delaware State University sports and
  Committee. Participated in convention workshop on copy                                  high school athletics. He will be missed by
  editors and moderated two convention workshops on                                       us all, colleagues and readers.”
  design -˜ how to produce centerpieces and five steps to                                    Troy Bell, spokesman for Richmond
  more sophisticated design.                                                              International Airport, said Murphy was a
  Background: More than 30 years in sports as a writer,                                   passenger in a small private airplane. It
  copy editor, designer and editor—the last four as a sports                              was piloted by Gary Emeigh a News
  editor for the Star-Telegram. Worked for large, medium and                              Journal photographer. Bell said that just
  small circulation papers, a magazine and for the men’s professional tennis tour.        before midnight on March 14, Murphy got
  Produced the AWSM newsletter for two two-year terms, ran the job bank for many          out of the single-engine plane to remove
  years and developed the group’s first Web site.                                          the blocks from under the airplane’s nose
  Williams says: “As someone who has worked at every size newspaper, I believe I          wheel so it could take off.
  would help continue the APSE tradition of providing a support system for members          “At that point, he got in the path of the
  facing the ever-changing challenges of the job. We need to continue to be proactive     propeller and suffered the injury,” Bell
  in helping each other and addressing problems and concerns for small and large          said. He said airplane propellers can be
                                                                                                                 CONTINUED ON 27 >>

April 2003                                                                                                                        25

                                                                                               men’s pro team in Finland. Football
                                                                     Compiled by               reporter Mike Petrie relied upon his Salt
                                                                     TIM FARKAS                Lake City Olympic experiences to write
                                                                     Albany (N.Y.)             insightful features on the Calgary-based
                                                                     Times Union               national speedskating team at the climax
                                                                                               of the World Cup season.

                                                                                                  The Montreal Gazette has started pub-
                                                                                               lishing a half-page of local sports agate
                                                                                               five days a week, including statistics from
                                                                                               high school, university and club-level
                                                                                               leagues, with standings, scoring leaders,
                                                                                               schedules, etc. This is in addition to a full
                                                                                               page of agate for professional sports
                                                 (Tenn.) Motor Speedway, with a look           seven days a week. The Gazette has
ATLANTIC COAST                                   through NASCAR history. David Poole           added other features recently, including a
   Frank Vehorn, longtime sportswriter           broke down that history, 100 races at a       monthly “20 Questions” (Q and A), a
for the Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, retired      time, for 20 consecutive days. The cap-       monthly “At Home With’’ (pro athletes
Feb. 1. Vehorn spent the better part of          sules are archived on the newspaper’s         away from the arena or playing field), and
three decades writing for the Pilot, han-        racing Web site at        a weekly “Where Are They Now?” (focus-
dling several beats, including the ABA’s                              DOUG ROBERSON            es on Montreal sports greats of the past).
Virginia Squires during the early 1970s.                      Newport News Daily Press            The Toronto Sun’s new “Offside” page
Vehorn also was among the early collec-                                                        in the Sunday section, focusing on “the
tion of writers on the NASCAR beat, cov-                                                       other side of sports,’’ features an inter-
ering the sport during the growth spurt in       CANADA                                        changing cast of elements intended to
the 1980s. He also covered ACC basketball          The Toronto Star underwent a complete       inject humor and commentary into the
and wrote two books. He and his wife plan        makeover and celebrated its new look by       week’s news. Contributions are encour-
to continue to reside in Chesapeake, Va.         distributing one million copies on Nov. 12.   aged from anywhere in the department.
   Meanwhile, the Virginian-Pilot is             To coincide with the redesign, the Star’s     As often as can be generated, off-beat
embarking on a sports readership survey          sports section launched a weekly feature      graphics and charts anchor the page. In
this spring. The editors hope a phone sur-       called “Unplugged,” in which sports fig-       one, the Sun compared the height of the
vey of 500 people will offer insight into a      ures answer off-beat questions in Q-and-A     various league commissioners with the
transient and fragmented market. From            format. Those participating have included     success of their respective leagues. Phone
the results, the paper hopes to determine        the Mavericks’ Steve Nash, Blue Jays          calls to the league offices for confirmation
where increasingly scarce resources—             manager Carlos Tosca, Maple Leafs cap-        of each man’s height elicited some intrigu-
space, manpower, travel and freelance            tain Mats Sundin, and heavyweight box-        ing responses from spokesmen.
money—should be directed.                        ing champion Lennox Lewis.                                                TOM MALONEY
   The Anderson (S.C.) Independent Mail            The Globe and Mail received a National                                 Calgary Herald
has a new addition for 2003: “15 minutes         Newspaper Award nomination in sports-
with. ...’’, an effective way to get interest-   writing for Ken Wiwa’s feature on Calgary
ing people participating in or involved          Flames star Jarome Iginla. Wiwa was           GREAT LAKES
with local sports into the newspaper. The        nominated in feature writing last year.          The Northwest Herald of Crystal Lake,
concept has been popular in other sec-           Wayne Gretzky was named Canada’s No.          Ill., produced a commemorative poster
tions of the newspaper.                          1 sports leader for the second consecutive    honoring the Hampshire girls’ basketball
   In early February, the Daily Press in         year in the Globe and Mail’s annual Top       team, which placed third in Class A. The
Newport News, Va., did a four-part series        25 list for 2002. Gretzky, president of the   poster was designed on a kraft wrap and
in which columnist David Teel visited four       Phoenix Coyotes and executive director of     distributed in papers in the Hampshire
of the most famous college basketball are-       Canada’s Olympic team, assembled a cast       zone. Additional posters were provided to
nas in the country: The Palestra (Penn),         that captured the country’s first Olympic      the high school. The poster featured a
Allen Field House (Kansas), Pauley               men’s hockey gold medal in a half-century.    photo taken in the team’s locker room
Pavilion (UCLA) and Cameron Indoor                 The Calgary Herald earned APSE Top          after the team won the third-place game.
Stadium (Duke). Many colleges in Virginia        10 recognition for daily sections (100,000-   The Herald was the only paper allowed
have opened new arenas or are raising            250,000) in its first year of membership in    into the locker room. Each player’s mug
funds to do so. Teel thought it would be         the association.                              shot also appeared on the front of the
nice to contrast the fact that new and             Also, twice in three months, Herald staff   poster. A half-page ad was sold on the
expensive can’t measure up with the his-         members traveled to Europe for a series       back. It was accompanied by a season in
tory and spirit for which the four famous        of stories. Among other subjects, colum-      review.
arenas are known.                                nist George Johnson wrote about Calgary          The Indianapolis Star produced five
   The Charlotte Observer commemorated           soccer player Owen Hargreaves of the          NCAA-related sections because of first-
NASCAR’s 2,000th race in what is now the         Bayern Munich club and Calgary hockey
Winston Cup Series, March 23 at Bristol          player Hayley Wickenheiser playing for a                              CONTINUED ON 28 >>

26                                                                                                                                April 2003
  ON THE MOVE                                      Cleveland Plain Dealer: Hired Jodie
                                                                                             >> CONTINUED FROM 25
  By KIRBY ARNOLD                                Valade of the Dallas Morning News as
  Everett (Wash.) Herald                         an enterprise/features writer.              almost invisible late at night.
                                                                                                Murphy was born in New York, but he
                                                    Merrillville Post-Tribune: Hired Jeff    spent most of his life in Delaware, said
       om Jolly says he knows sports best.       Majeske, sports editor at the               Patty Murphy-Boesenberg, Murphy’s sis-
   T   And he’s back in a job where he can
   put it to use. Jolly is the new sports
                                                 Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader, as
                                                 deputy in charge of the production
                                                                                             ter. She described her brother as a laid-
                                                                                             back, fun-loving person with “big eyes and
   editor at the New York Times, replacing       desk. ... Promoted sports writer Tom        a big smile.
   longtime sports editor Neil Amdur, who        Wyatt to deputy sports editor, responsi-       “He loved his job and he just loved
   was named the newspaper’s senior edi-         ble for organizing and planning high        sports. Baseball was his thing, and most
   tor for staffing/national recruiting. Jolly   school coverage and supervising the         of all he loved the Mets,” she said.
   returns to the department after three         writing staff. ... Promoted senior sports   Murphy-Boesenberg said that while fami-
   years as the Times’ assistant news edi-       clerk Steve Gorches to sports writer. ...   ly was important to her brother, it some-
   tor. He came to the newspaper in              Announced that deputy sports editor         times took a back seat to deadlines.
   1993 and worked six years in the              Samantha Farlow resigned to pursue a           “He missed a lot of family dinners and
   sports department, including two years        non-journalism career.                      things because of work and deadlines,”
   as the weekend sports editor.                                                             she said, noting with pride that Ed filed
      “I feel like we all have our areas of         Midland Daily News: Announced            his story on the Delaware State women’s
   knowledge andunderstanding and I’ve           that executive sports editor Don Winger                            basketball team’s
   always had a good feel for sports,” he        is retiring after 36 years at the newspa-                          victory over Howard
   said. “I worked with a lot of smart peo-      per. ... Hired Dan Chalk, a graduate of                            that night and it was
   ple on the news desk, people who had          Adrian College, as a sports writer.                                in the newspaper the
   a great understanding of things like for-                                                                        following day.
   eign affairs and politics.                      St. Paul Pioneer Press: Hired Mike                                  Jack Ireland, who
      “I came to appreciate that my knowl-       Bass, deputy sports editor at the                                  has known and
   edge was in sports and this is a great        Cincinnati Enquirer, as senior                                     worked with Murphy
   opportunity to put it to use.” Jolly also     editor/sports.                                                     in The News Journal
   has worked at the Pittsburgh Post-                                                                               sports department
   Gazette as associate sports editor, the       GREAT PLAINS                                                       since 1980, said
   Pittsburgh Press as deputy sports edi-           Colorado Springs Gazette: Moved          ■ Ed Murphy            Murphy started in
   tor, and at the Annapolis Capital and         Dan Wolken, who covered Colorado                                   the     newspaper’s
   Delaware (Ohio)Gazette in news and            College hockey, to the Avalanche,           Dover bureau as a part-time news assis-
   sports.                                       Nuggets and Rockies beats in Denver.        tant and worked hard to become a full-
                                                 ... Moved prep editor Mark Fitzhenry to     time reporter.
   ATLANTIC COAST                                the Colorado College hockey beat and           “I thought he developed into a very good
     Anderson Independent-Mail: Hired            general assignment reporting.               sportswriter because he worked hard and
   Daniel Ogle, a recent Wake Forest                                                         because he loved what he did,” Ireland
   graduate who had been working at the          NORTHEAST                                   said. “I’m proud of everything he accom-
   Winston-SalemJournal, as a prep writer.                                                   plished. Besides working with him, out-
                                                   Boston Globe: Hired Butch Maier of        side of the office he was a good man, a
   GREAT LAKES                                   the Akron Beacon Journal as a designer      good person.
     Chicago Tribune: Hired David                and copy editor.                               “We’ve all lost a good friend. I miss him
   Haugh, a reporter/columnist at the                                                        already,” Ireland said.
   South Bend Tribune, to cover the              NORTHWEST                                      Dennis Jones, sports information direc-
   Bears. ... Hired Marcelo Pacatte as a            Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Moved        tor at Delaware State, said Murphy’s
   designer.                                     John Levesque, the newspaper’s TV           presence at DSU games will be missed.
                                                 critic, to sports columnist.                   “I think Ed really enjoyed covering
     Cincinnati Enquirer: Promoted                                                           Delaware State sports,” Jones said. “I
   Michael Perry, who covered the                   Seattle Times: Hired Greg Bishop, a      thought he worked hard to learn about the
   University of Cincinnati, to deputy           Syracuse University graduate who has        teams and the players. He was fun to
   sports editor. ... Hired Bill Koch, former    interned at the Newark Star-Ledger,         work with, because he never took himself
   sports columnist at the Cincinnati Post,      Buffalo News, Washington Times and          too seriously. He was just fun to have
   to cover the University of Cincinnati         Syracuse Post-Standard, as a resident       around.”
   beat. ... Hired Chris Cox of the St.          reporter.                                      In addition to his sister, Patty, 47,
   Petersburg Times as a sports                                                              Murphy is survived by his mother,
   designer/copy editor.                                              CONTINUED ON 29 >>     Josephine Gemberling and a brother, Paul
                                                                                             Gemberling, 35.

April 2003                                                                                                                            27

REGION                                         HEY!
                                                                                            tournament stops, city and county prep
                                                                                            basketball championships, the University
                                                                                            of Memphis playing two road games, and

REPORTS                                        Direct your news
                                                                                               Memphis Grizzlies playing three road
                                                                                            games and one home game. What made
>> CONTINUED FROM 26                           to APSE region chairs                        the week all the more eventful, other than
                                                                                            the uncertainty of whether the Tyson
and second-round tournament games                A successful region report for the         fight would take place, was that the
held in the city. The paper also published     APSE newsletter depends on all mem-          Commercial Appeal’s University of
a Michael Jordan poster page for His           bers — and the process is a chain.           Memphis and Grizzlies beat writers
Airness’ last appearance in Indianapolis         Sports editors should direct inter-        couldn’t travel because they both were
on Feb. 25.                                    esting news at their papers to their         about to become first-time fathers. When
  Cleveland Plain Dealer associate sports      region chairs. The chairs send their         the week concluded, there was a collec-
editor Tracy Dodds, a formerAPSE presi-        reports to Tim Farkas of the Albany          tive sigh of relief, and then March
dent, was recovering from hip-replace-         Times Union, who compiles the                Madness set in.
ment surgery. The PD also won a Digital        newsletter story every other month.             The Birmingham (Ala.) Post-Herald
Edge Award from New Media Federation                                                        produced a daily four-page wraparound
for Best Sports Site (circulation more                                                      section filled with features, game cover-
than 250,000) with Sports.                                                    age, game advances, columns, notes,
And on a lighter note, Deputy Sports         NCAA East Regional in men’s basketball,        quotes and stats during the Alabama High
Editor Mike Starkey noted there has been     bringing four of the nation’s elite teams to   School Athletic Association state basket-
only one day this year when the PD didn’t    the Pepsi Arena. Over an 11-day period,        ball finals in Birmingham. The section
have at least one mention of LeBron          the Times Union published a two-page           was published for four days. In addition to
James in the paper.                          ECAC preview, a 16-page basketball spe-        rack and subscription sales, Post-Herald
                            LEE GORDON       cial section, and a six-page preview of        staff members sold copies daily on the
                         Chicago Tribune     major-league baseball. That was in addi-       concourse at the arena.
                                             tion to running an average of three extra                              GARY ROBINSON
                                             pages in the daily during the same period.                Memphis Commercial Appeal
GREAT PLAINS                                 Copy-desk help was provided by the news-
  Did not report.                            paper’s national desk, which also was
                                             dealing with war coverage.                     SOUTHWEST
                                                                    JEFF OTTERBEIN             The APSE Southwest Region will host
MID-ATLANTIC                                                         Hartford Courant       its annual conference May 11-12 in Austin
  Did not report.                                                                           at the American-Statesman. Final plans
                                                                                            were being made as far the agenda,
                                             NORTHWEST                                      scheduled sessions and hotel accommo-
NORTHEAST                                      Did not report.                              dations. Jamie Aron, Texas Associated
  The spring meeting of the Northeast                                                       Press sports editor based in Dallas, will
Region will be May 5-6 at Yale University                                                   prepare an advisory to move daily on the
in New Haven, Conn. (We figured that          SOUTHEAST                                      AP wire once these details are worked
since none of us could get into the Ivy        As Bobby Knight approached 800 victo-        out.
League any other way, we’d try this.)        ries, Pensacola News-Journal sports               In the meantime, questions about the
Much of the meeting will be adjacent to      writer Doug Haller found notes from a          conference may be directed to Aron at
Payne Whitney gym, a towering building       coaching class he took under Knight while      800-442-7189 or to regional chairman
built 80 years ago with more architectural   attending Indiana. It included an “A’’         Mike Lee of the Amarillo Globe-News at
highlights than one could imagine.           grade, one of only five in the class. Haller    800-692-4052, ext. 3313.
  If you’ve never been to Yale, don’t miss   wrote a fun piece about the class. Knight         The Southwest Region contest entries
this meeting since the building is a trip    said at the time that if anybody earned an     currently are being judged, with winners
down memory lane and is filled with more      “A” in the class, he would recommend the       to be recognized during the conference.
memorabilia than most museums. The           student for a coaching job. For the article,   Richard Oliver of the San Antonio
workshop/speaker schedule still was          Haller called                                  Express-News, regional vice chairman
being worked on when this newsletter           Texas Tech but could not get a               and contest coordinator, reported that
was put together.                            response. The story included a photo illus-    approximately 30 newspapers had sent
  March Madness was the theme of the         tration showing Haller next to Knight as       entries.
month for the Albany (N.Y.) Times Union.     an assistant. What could have been …                                         MIKE LEE
After the paper finished covering the state     Hell Week in Memphis was Feb. 16-22.                             Amarillo Globe-News
basketball championships, the busy time      The city was host to the on-again, off-
really set in. Albany hosted not only the    again, on-again Tyson-Etienne fight, as
  ECAC Hockey Championships but the          well as the men’s and women’s pro tennis                              CONTINUED ON 29 >>

28                                                                                                                            April 2003
REGION                                          ON THE MOVE                                 tor/weekends for the past three years,
                                                                                            to deputy managing editor. ... Hired

                                                >> CONTINUED FROM 27

                                                                                            Christine Justice of the Springfield
                                                                                            (Mo.) News-Leader to cover small col-
                                                                                            leges and high schools. ... Hired Joel
                                                                                            Bird of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram as
                                                  Athens Banner-Herald: Hired Andy          a senior copy editor. ... Hired Pam Clark
                                                Johnston, assistant sports at the           of the Topeka Capital-Journal as a
WESTERN                                         Charlotte (Fla.) Sun, as sports editor.     senior copy editor. ... Hired David
   The Marin Independent Journal                                                            Kendrick of the Dallas Morning News
(Novato, Calif.) recently added a monthly         Birmingham News: Hired Kent               as a senior copy editor. ... Hired K. Lee
biking columnist in another effort to make      Kasey, sports editor at the Fort Wayne      Davis of CBS as a
its weekly Outdoors page more “sweaty’’         News-Sentinel, as a page designer.          senior copy editor. ... Promoted Burt
and attractive to younger readers. The IJ                                                   Henry from the copy desk to assistant
also runs weekly hiking, running, fishing,         Florence Times Daily: Promoted            high school editor. ... Moved senior
skiing and fitness columns. Recent fea-          assistant sports editor Josh Bean to        writer David King from projects and
tures on the weekly SportsXtra page have        sports editor. ... Hired Scott Turner,      baseball to spearhead the expanded
focused on surf kayaking, speed climbing        sports editor of the Cullman (Ala.)         high school coverage team. ...
and off-road skateboarding. Also, assis-        Times, as sports writer.                    Announced that outdoors writer Ralph
tant sports editor Joe Wolfcale received                                                    Winingham left the paper to pursue
positive responses from his detailed               Macon Telegraph: Promoted part-          other opportunities. ... Hired Ana Tamez
reviews of golf courses in Marin County.        time copy editor Billy Dunham to sports     of the Corpus Christi Caller-Times as
His reviews alternate each week with his        designer.                                   editorial assistant.
“Fore Marin’’ golf column.
   At the Antelope Valley Press (Palmdale,        Pensacola News-Journal:                   WESTERN
Calif.), the staff continues to implement       Promoted copy editor George Moore to          Chico (Calif.) Enterprise-Record:
new pagination software (DTI).                  outdoors editor, a new position with the    Hired Todd Mordhorst, formerly of the
   The Ventura County (Calif.) Star is          creation of a weekly fishing section that    Auburn (Calif.) Journal, as a sports-
starting a scholar-athlete program for its      debuts in April.                            writer/golf columnist.
30 high schools. One boy and one girl will
be nominated from each school, and all          SOUTHWEST                                      Fresno Bee: Promoted deputy
will be featured in a four-page special sec-      Abilene Reporter-News: Hired Noell        sports editor Robert Zizzo to sports edi-
tion in May.                                    Barnidge, who covered high schools at       tor. He replaces Bill McEwen, who
   If nothing else, the Arizona Republic        the Times Daily in Florence, Ala., to       became a metro columnist. ... Hired
sports staff knows how to count to 100.         cover the Hardin-Simmons University         John Branch of the Colorado Springs
Sports played a key role in a major initia-     beat.                                       Gazette as sports columnist.
tive titled “100 more reasons to read the
Republic’’ over the first 100 days of 2003.         Dallas Morning News: Hired Noel             Las Vegas Sun: Hired James
The goal: to provide enhanced content at        Nash, assistant managing editor/sports      Barger, sports editor at the Pittsburgh
a time when a subscription rate increase        at the Provo Daily Herald, as an assis-     Post-Gazette since 1994, as sports edi-
was to take effect. The Republic’s editor,      tant sports editor. ... Hired Rob           tor. Barger replaces Ron Kantowski,
Ward Bushee, asked for an outstanding           Schneider, weekend sports editor at the     who remains in the Sun sports depart-
piece of journalism or a new feature to be      St. Louis Post-Dispatch, as a design        ment as a writer.
introduced on each one of those 100 days.       editor. ... Hired John O’Rourke, sports
   Among the sports department’s contri-        editor at the Albuquerque Tribune, as a       Riverside Press-Enterprise: Hired
butions were a revamped weekly Golf             copy editor. ... Hired Jonathan Eckberg,    Dave Ammenheuser, sports editor of
page (Jan. 2); a Fiesta Bowl preview sec-       assistant sports editor at the El Paso      New Haven Register, as sports editor.
tion (Jan. 3); a hole-by-hole, 18-day look at   Times, as a copy editor. ... Hired Mike     He will begin May 12. He replaces Nels
how a high handicapper might play the           Gottschamer, sports editor in charge of     Jensen, who was promoted to assistant
TPC of Scottsdale compared to how a pro         production and design at the Salt Lake      managing editor for metro and busi-
might play it (Jan. 9-26); a revamped           Tribune, as a copy editor. ... Hired        ness.
weekly Recreation page (Feb. 4); an             Corwin Murray of the Xavier University
Amare Stoudamire takeout and poster             of Louisiana sports information office as
(Feb. 7); two spring-training previews          an agate editor.                              To contribute to ON THE MOVE
(Feb. 12 and 27); a Charles Barkley take-                                                     Send personnel moves to Kirby
out (March 18); and a Diamondbacks/               San Antonio Express-News:                   Arnold at
baseball season preview (March 30).             Promoted Brett Thacker, formersports          or
                           PETER MADRID         editor and an assistant managing edi-
                          Arizona Republic

April 2003                                                                                                                              29

 OPENING MINUTES                                      Orleans The Times-Picayune, Patrick Grief,
                                                      Toronto Sun, Dave Morgan, Los Angeles Times,
                                                                                                             of Cleveland to get a letter to APSE membership
                                                                                                             to let us know goals of the group and what they
 Executive committee meeting                          Jeff Otterbein, The Hartford Courant, Tom              hope to accomplish. He also said he plans to
                                                      Christensen, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Mark          invite Vanella to the Dallas convention.
 ■ John Cherwa of the Tribune Company, APSE’s         Leary, The Journal News (White Plains, NY), Alex
 president, called the Executive Committee to         Kimball, Los Angeles Times, Chuck Scott, San           FUTURE CONVENTIONS
 order at 9:32 a.m., Feb. 23 at the Marriott Hotel    Diego Union-Tribune, Greg Mellen, Long Beach           Ed Storin said the Renaissance Hotel in
 in Torrance, Calif. A quorum was present.            Press-Telegram, Gene Farris, Akron Beacon              Kissimmee, Fla., has been selected for the con-
                                                      Journal, Chris Stevens, Midland (MI) Daily News,       test judging in 2004. The rate there will be $94.
 Elected officers: Cherwa, president; Bill            Dave Phelps, Tacoma News Tribune, Glenn                Storin also asked for input from members about
 Eichenberger, Newsday, first vice president; Jerry    Schwarz, San Francisco Chronicle, Dan McGrath,         the hotel. John Cherwa said that it was highly like-
 Micco, Contra Costa Times, second vice presi-        Chicago Tribune, Tom Panzenhagen, Detroit Free         ly we’ll return to the Torrance Marriott for the
 dent; Brad Zimanek, Appleton Post Crescent, third    Press, Jorge Rojas, Miami Herald, Brent                2005 winter judging. APSE Convention
 vice president.                                      Ainsworth, Marin (CA) Independent Journal, Kevin       Coordinator Herb Stutz said the 2004 convention
                                                      Dale, Denver Post, David Meeks, New Orleans            in Philadelphia will be June 23-26 at the Sheraton
 Region chairs or representatives: Great              Times-Picayune, Mike Hiserman, Los Angeles             Society Hill. Rates will be $155 a night. Van
 Lakes: Lee Gordon, Chicago Tribune; Atlantic         Times, Fred Faour, Houston Chronicle, LeAnna
                                                                                                             McKenzie of the Orlando Sentinel, the 2005 con-
 Coast: Doug Roberson, Newport News (Va.) Daily       Kosub, San Antonio Express-News, Celeste
                                                      Williams, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Ray Murray,        vention host, said the hotel for the convention,
 Press; Great Plains: Kevin Dale, Denver Post; Mid-                                                          the J.W. Marriott, was scheduled to open in July of
 Atlantic: Jack Genung, Home News Tribune (East       Columbia Missourian, Kevin Price, Columbus (GA)
                                                      Ledger-Enquirer, Roger Simmons, Orlando                this year. He reported that the hotel is located in
 Brunswick, N.J.); Northeast: Jeff Otterbein,                                                                a resort area, about 10 to 15 minutes from the
 Hartford Courant; Northwest: Dale Phelps,            Sentinel, Lynn Hoppes, Orlando Sentinel, Emilio
                                                      Garcia-Ruiz, Washington Post, Fred Gonzalez,           large theme parks in the Orlando area. He said
 Tacoma News Tribune; Southeast: Lynn Hoppes,                                                                that he’s trying to arrange transportation from the
 Orlando Sentinel; Southwest: Celeste Williams,       Washington Post, Neil Amdur, New York Times,
                                                      Leon Carter, New York Daily News, Larry Starks,        hotel, but advises attendees to rent a car. He also
 Fort Worth Star-Telegram; Western: Larry Ames,                                                              said he will contact other sports editors in the
 Ventura County Star; Canada: Tom Maloney,            St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Steve Hemphill,
                                                      Longmont (CO) Daily Times-Call, Doug Roberson,         state to drum up some financial help. Cherwa
 Calgary Herald.
                                                      Newport News (VA) Daily Press, Chris D’Amico,          asked for suggestions for the 2006 convention
 Former presidents: Van McKenzie, Orlando             Newark Star-Ledger, Richard Bush, Miami Herald,        host city. Kevin Dale of the Denver Post said he
 Sentinel; Bob Yates, Dallas Morning News, Bill       Nataly Sosa, Los Angeles Daily News                    talked to Stutz about the possibility of Denver
 Dwyre, Los Angeles Times; Don Skwar, Boston                                                                 hosting that convention and that he may have a
 Globe, Tim Burke, Palm Beach Post.                   TREASURER’S REPORT                                     firmer answer by the June convention. Chuck
                                                      APSE secretary-treasurer Ed Storin reported that       Scott of the San Diego Union Tribune said his
 Appointed officers: Ed Storin, Hilton Head,          newspaper membership was nearly flat, with 403          paper was interested, but would have more infor-
 S.C., treasurer; Herb Stutz, Prescott, Ariz., con-   member papers, which was down one from June            mation by the June meeting.
 vention coordinator.                                 2002. However, 25 newspapers haven’t renewed
                                                      dues and Storin will ask the region chairs for help    ELECTION
 Also attending: Terry Taylor, Associated Press,      getting those papers back in the fold. While those     Outgoing region chairs Doug Roberson of Newport
 Aaron Watson, Associated Press, Steve Fox,           25 haven’t renewed, 24 new member papers               News (Atlantic Coast), and Jack Genung of the
 News-Register (McMinnville, OR), Michael Felder,     joined. Overall, APSE is down five total members        Home News Tribune (N.J.) are eligible to run and
 Associated Press, Peter LeBlanc, Foster’s Daily      and we have collected approximately $81,000 in         both decided to run. Also nominated to run were
 Democrat (Dover, NH), Cathy Henkel, Seattle          dues. Bottom line, the organization is down            Glen Crevier of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Lynn
 Times, Bill Windler, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,     $13,000 over the past two years, mostly from           Hoppes of The Orlando Sentinel and Celeste
 Brad Zimanek, Post Crescent (Appleton, WI), Lee      declining interest rates. He reported that the bud-    Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
 Gordon, Chicago Tribune, Roy Hewitt, Cleveland       get has been trimmed during that two-year period
 Plain Dealer, Chris Imperiale, Scranton Times-       to offset most of the costs. Overall, Storin report-   SPORTS JOURNALISM INSTITUTE
 Tribune, Jason Watkins, Hobbs News-Sun (NM),         ed that the budget for this fiscal year is about on     Leon Carter of the New York Daily News reported
 Phil Goble, Jr., Wilson Daily Times (NC), Larry      target. Storin said we got a boost when the            that for the second time in 10 years, all of the
 Ames, Ventura County Star, Gary Rubin, Los           Philadelphia Inquirer, the host for the June 2004      Sports Journalism Institute students have been
 Angeles Times-Washington Post News Service,          convention, had already paid $20,000 to the            placed with newspapers. He said the Institute has
 Dennis Peck, The Oregonian, Jack Genung, Home        organization for that event. APSE president John       been helped with funding by a grant from the
 News Tribune (East Brunswick, NJ), Patricia          Cherwa said that we likely will have to consider       Tribune Foundation and money from APSE as well
 Fanning, Baltimore Sun, Kelly Ann Tracer, Greeley,   raising member dues because of rising costs, par-      as some left over from last year. The Bulletin, the
 (CO) Tribune, Mark Conley, Santa Cruz Sentinel,      ticularly legal costs. These have risen because of     newspaper published by the SJI students during
 Barbara Zumwalt, Sacramento Bee, Larry Nolan,        our work with the various sports leagues to fight       the convention, will be printed by the Dallas
 Wisconsin State Journal, Gerry Ahern, Orange         them on privacy issues vis a vis credential            Morning News. Carter said deadlines will be tight
 County Register, Brian Costello, Herald News         requests.                                              and that he would discuss the issue with Bob
 (West Patterson, NJ), Dave Ammenheuser, New                                                                 Yates. John Cherwa said that the keynote lun-
 Haven Register, Mike Koehler, The Oklahoman,                                                                cheon at the Dallas convention will celebrate 10
 Jeff Krypson, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Jay         CONVENTION
                                                      Bob Yates, sports editor at the Dallas Morning         years of the SJI. He said that invitations will be
 Greeson, Chattanooga Times Free Press, Matt                                                                 extended to all 100 graduates, but that APSE
 Cimento, USA Today, Janice Lloyd, USA Today,         News and convention host, reported on the con-
                                                      vention in Dallas, which runs form June 25-28 at       can’t pay for airfare and hotel expenses for the
 Reid Laymance, Boston Globe, Craig Lancaster,
                                                      the Fairmont Hotel. The hotel rate is $150 per         graduates.
 San Jose Mercury News, Jim Jenks, Philadelphia
 Inquirer, Michael Perry, Cincinnati Enquirer, Tom    night. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram will sponsor
 Maloney, Calgary Herald, Virginia Lewis, The         the opening-night reception at Billy Bob’s on          COPY EDITING
 News-Press (Fort Myers, FL), Dwayne Bray, The        Wednesday. Also available will be an opportunity       Kevin Dale of the Denver Post reported that there
 Dallas Morning News, Steve Tracy, Denton (TX)        to buy tickets for a Rangers-A’s game on Thursday,     will be 11 newspapers in the Dow Jones intern-
 Record-Chronicle, Barry Forbis, Rocky Mountain       as well as sign up to play golf or tennis on           ship program. Three interns from last year’s class
 News, Bill Bradley, The Tennessean, James            Saturday. John Cherwa said that due to rising          were hired by newspapers. He said that this year’s
 Walker, The Oakland Press (Pontiac, MI), Kevin       costs, the convention registration will go from        workshop again will be held at the University of
 Fee, Grand Forks (ND) Herald, Glen Crevier,          $175 to $200 for the Dallas convention. Cherwa         Nebraska.
 Minneapolis Star Tribune, Doug Tatum, New            also said he’d ask AWSM president Susan Vanella
                                                                                                                                        CONTINUED ON 31 >>

30                                                                                                                                                      April 2003
  >> CONTINUED FROM 32                                     also reported that veteran USOC member Darryl
                                                           Seibel has been hired as the USOC Chief                CLOSING MINUTES
  COMMISSIONERS                                            Communications Officer.                                Executive committee meeting
  Chris D’Amico of the Newark Star-Ledger said his                                                                ■ John Cherwa of the Tribune Company, APSE’s
  committee will meet with the four commissioners          CONTEST                                                president, called the closing business meeting of
  of the major sports leagues April 23-26 in New           First vice president Bill Eichenberger thanked con-    the Executive Committee to order at 12:17 p.m.,
  York. The hotel is the Marriott Eastside and the         test catchers Mike Hiserman, Claire Noland and         Feb. 26 at the Marriott Hotel in Torrance, Calif. A
  cost is $199 per night. D’Amico said he’d appre-         Dave Morgan of the Los Angeles Times; Chuck            quorum was present.
  ciate any input or ideas from the membership.            Scott of the San Diego Union-Tribune; Kim
  John Cherwa reminded everyone that any mem-              Orender of the Davis Enterprise; Greg Gibson of        Elected officers: Cherwa, president; Bill
  ber could go, but that it’s an expensive trip. He        the Orange County Register; Larry Ames of the          Eichenberger, Newsday, first vice president; Jerry
  said those wanting to go should contact D’Amico.         Ventura County Star and Cathy Henkel of the            Micco, Contra Costa Times, second vice president.
  Don Skwar of the Boston Globe said the organi-           Seattle Times. He had a special thanks to David
  zation should try to get the commissioners of the        Meeks of the Times-Picayune of New Orleans,            Region chairs or representatives: Lee Gordon,
  PGA and USTA involved in future commissioner             who assisted Eichenberger on a search for the          Great Lakes; Kevin Dale, Great Plains; Jack
  meetings.                                                missing over-250,000 writing entries, which were       Genung, Mid-Atlantic; Jeff Otterbein, Northeast;
                                                           found at a Fed Ex depot in Hawthorne. There were       Dale Phelps, Northwest; Celeste Williams,
  LEGAL AFFAIRS                                            92 judges, 41 first-time judges, 1,804 writing          Southwest; Larry Ames, Western.
  Don Skwar of the Boston Globe reported on the            entries and 809 sections. He encouraged judges
  issue of the restrictive form for the recent NBA All-    to do three critiques on each paper. He pointed        Former presidents: Bob Yates, Don Skwar and
  Star Game. He said things were worked out fairly         out that one of most important things we do is cri-    Tim Burke.
  well and that all NBA writers got their credentials.     tiques and we should take them seriously. Smaller
  He said that because of demonstrations that are          papers in particular look for guidance from the        Appointed officers: Ed Storin, Hilton Head, S.C.,
  expected at the Masters, more papers want to             judges.                                                treasurer; Herb Stutz, Prescott, Ariz., convention
  send reporters. The Masters has said that no new                                                                coordinator.
  credentials given out because the limited number         OUTREACH
  of space for media at the tournament. Skwar said         Outgoing third vice president Bra Zimanek of the       Also attending: LeAnne Kosub, San Antonio
  there has been talk about reporters going to the         Appleton (Wis.) Post-Crescent said that APSE has       Express-News; Mark Leary, The Journal News
  Augusta Chronicle to do daily updates so that            to continue to reach out to the under-40,000           (White Plains, NY); Brian Costello, Herald News
  people without credentials can meet newsmak-             papers to increase membership. He said if the          (West Patterson, NJ); Peter LeBlanc, Foster’s Daily
  ers. Skwar said the next step is for the committee       organization give those papers a good reason to        Democrat (Dover, NH); Tom Jolly, New York Times;
  to speak to the people at Augusta National to see        join, they will.                                       Mike Koehler, Daily Oklahoman; Roy Hewitt,
  if they want to bring newsmakers to the Chronicle.                                                              Cleveland Plain Dealer; Dave Morgan, Los
  John Cherwa voiced concern about privacy issues          NEW BUSINESS                                           Angeles Times; Mike Fannin, Kansas City Star;
  and who sees the information that is contained on        John Cherwa moved, and Jerry Micco, APSE sec-          Tim Wheatley, Indianapolis Star; Glen Crevier,
  credential forms He said that the Associated             ond vice president, seconded a motion to raise         Minneapolis Star Tribune; Janice Lloyd, USA
  Press has been a leader, providing legal and finan-       the pay of three APSE staffers. Secretary-treasur-     Today; Kevin Price, Columbus (GA) Ledger-
  cial help on these issues. Cherwa thanked them           er Ed Storin would get a raise of $2,000 to            Enquirer; Chris D’Amico, Newark Star-Ledger; Dan
  for this. At the APME convention in Baltimore last       $11,500 annually; Convention Coordinator Herb          McGrath, Chicago Tribune; Glenn Schwarz, San
  year, Cherwa said there was discussion of one            Stutz would get a raise of $1,000 to $6,500            Francisco Chronicle; Tom Panzenhagen, Detroit
  standardized form for credentials. He said organi-       annually and Newsletter designer Mike Kellams of       Free Press; Larry Starks, St. Louis Post-Dispatch;
  zations have been fighting issues case-by-case.           the Chicago Tribune would get a raise of $500 to       Reid Laymance, Boston Globe; James Walker, The
  He also cautioned members to make sure writers           $5,500 annually. There was no discussion. The          Oakland Press (Pontiac, MI); Greg Mellen, Long
  who fill out credential forms are made aware of           motion carried 14-0.                                   Beach Press Telegram; Bill Windler, Milwaukee
  problems and concerns editors have with the                  Cherwa moves, and Bill Eichenberger second-        Journal Sentinel
  forms. Bill Dwyre of the Los Angeles Times and           ed, that APSE eliminate the use of Social Security
  chair of the External Affairs Committee, thanked         numbers to identify writing entries in the annual
  Skwar and Cherwa for their work in the area of           contest. Further, they asked Micco, who will be        TREASURER’S REPORT
  credentials and privacy.                                 the contest chair next year, to come up with a new     APSE treasurer Ed Storin reported that we have a
                                                           identifying method. There was no discussion. The       new contract with the Torrance Marriott for the
  OLYMPICS                                                 motion passed 14-0. Cherwa moves, and Lee              2005 judging meeting. The contest judging will
  Roy Hewitt of the Cleveland Plain Dealer said the        Gordon of the Chicago Tribune and Great Lakes          begin on Feb. 17, 2005 and the rooms will be
  credential allotment numbers for the Athens              Region chair seconds, that final writing judging for    $139 per night.
  2004 Games are going to be close to the number           this contest be done in Torrance instead of a
  that was available for Sydney. He said USA Today         group of non-sports newsroom editors. Cherwa           THIRD VICE PRESIDENT
  will get its allotment from the general total. In all,   cites the impending war with Iraq as the reason to     APSE president John Cherwa announced that Kim
  there will be 286 reporter credentials and 79            free them from final judging.                           Orender of the Davis (Ca.) Enterprise would fulfill
  photo credentials for Athens. He said that there             Discussion: Eichenberger said all the final         the remainder of Brad Zimanek’s term as third
  could be a second allotment. He said the dead-           judges have been selected, but the he’ll send          vice president, which is approximately two years.
  line for registering for credentials is May 20. He       them a letter to inform them of the change should      This is contingent on Orender staying at an under-
  said those seeking credentials should fill out the        it pass. Cherwa added that this will work this year,   40,000 newspaper. Zimanek was hired by the
  forms at the Web site. Hewitt           and we will explore making this a permanent rule.      Appleton (Wis.) Post -Crescent, a 40,000-
  said that the Olympic Committee would meet with          Bill Dwyer of the Los Angeles Times said there         100,000 newspaper and had to forfeit his posi-
  members of the USOC on June 24, a day before             needed to be a process as to how to number the         tion as third vice president.
  the Dallas convention opening, to do the creden-         finalists. Eichenberger said judging committees
  tialing. He said the USOC has until July 1 to            should pick the final 10 and then have a discus-        ELECTION
  decide. Credentials and housing forms will be sent       sion on the top 5. Tim Burke of the Palm Beach         John Cherwa announced that nominations would
  out on Jan. 13, 2004 and by then the USOC will           Post said that members should make sure to             remain open until Peter Madrid, outgoing Western
  need a final list. He said there will be a require-       recuse themselves if one of their entries are a        Region chair, could be contacted about running
  ment of a full payment for housing in December           writing finalist. The motion carries, 14-1.             for second vice president. He said the nominees
  2003. He said Bob Condron, USOC Director of
  Media Services, is in charge of credentials. Hewitt      The meeting adjourned at 10:55 a.m.                                              CONTINUED ON 32 >>

April 2003                                                                                                                                                          31


                                                                                                                                                Dallas Morning News

 >> CONTINUED FROM 31                                 would like to see it go back to independent judg-        going back to old system, but also thinks we could
 from the opening meeting were still interested in    ing. He said on writing entries that maybe it was        do it without independent final judges.
 staying on the ballot, but that candidates could     a good time to look at them across the board.               Lee Gordon of the Chicago Tribune agreed with
 still decline a nomination.                          Make the categories fit better and proposed look-         Eichenberger and that passing the final 10 writing
                                                      ing at the contest as a whole. He said it’s a very       entries off to another group could work. He said
 CONTEST                                              well-run contest, but we should look at it, particu-     he likes immediacy of getting the results at the
 APSE president John Cherwa said that having final     larly the writing categories. Cherwa said perhaps        meeting. Gordon also asked for more room to
 writing entries judged and ranked at this conven-    we should add a beat reporting category.                 write on the critique sheets.
 tion had mixed reviews. He said having to rank the       Bob Yates of the Dallas Morning News said               Tim Wheatley of the Indianapolis Star suggest-
 top five created some uncomfortable situations in     there is a lot of merit to look at us doing final judg-   ed one really good critique rather than three aver-
 the judging rooms and likely will need more dis-     ing at the convention again next year. He said           age critiques, which sometimes happens. He
 cussion in Dallas.                                   there is difficulty in getting the entries back from     mentioned that sometimes, critiques become the
    Tim Burke of the Palm Beach Post, said final       managing editors sometimes because they get              focus of a group.
 judging is always best when we have an indepen-      distracted. He said it does make it awkward on              Dave Morgan of the Los Angeles Times pro-
 dent set of eyes. He said the members under-         the recusal issue and when you slot them, it’s           posed changing some of the contest rules by
 stand why this is so, but he was sure everyone did   even more difficult, but there are ways to work          forming one committee. Cherwa asked first vice
 well and did the right thing. But, as a group we     around that.                                             president Jerry Micco to form a committee and to
 would feel more comfortable with an independent          First vice president Bill Eichenberger said one      contact the officers if you’d like to be on Micco’s
 set of eyes making the final decision just to elim-   idea discussed was to cross groups to judge the          committee. He also thanked Eichenberger for a
 inate uncomfortable decisions that have to be        final 10. He believes they have merit, but the            job well done, and thanked all the judges.
 made. He said it would be very difficult to judge    judging groups would need a deadline for writing
 under those conditions and make the final cut. He     entries so we could do it. He said he doesn't mind         The meeting adjourned at 12:57 p.m.

32                                                                                                                                                        April 2003

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