The Classroom by MikeJenny


									Chapter 1: The
  LSW: Vocabulary
    Spring 2009
            Weekly Objectives
• learn 10 new words
  – spelling
  – pronunciation
  – meaning (s)
  – how to use them
• read, write, listen, and speak in English to
  learn new words
            Vocabulary Log #1
• Due next Tuesday
• It would be a good idea to complete this
  throughout the week (a couple a day).
• Study it over the weekend for your quiz on
• See the format at the end of your syllabus.
• Do not put other information/notes in your
  vocabulary log. (Only the 10 words)
• Use the word list on page 15 and the text on page
  10 to complete your log
     Vocabulary in Conversation
• Practice each conversation with your partner.
• Write:
  – the word
  – positive/negative/neutral
  – part of speech
A: Did you see the syllabus for
  our vocabulary class?

B: Yeah. It’s really long!

A: I know. It has a lot of
  information about what
  we’re going to study.
A: You look so tired!

B: I know. I haven’t gotten much sleep this week
  because my new neighbor plays his music so
  loud at night. He’s the bane of my health!

A: You should call the police next time.
A: What kind of bag do you want to

B: I need something durable. My
   last two bags have broken
   because they were too weak.

A: Hey, look at this one. It looks
   really strong.

B: That’s perfect.
A: So, officer, what do you
  think happened?

B: Well, the bloody finger
  prints indicate that the man
  was murdered. I don’t think
  this was an accident.

A: We better call the
A: What’s on the test on

B: Well, I think it’s comprised
  of sentences that test our
  knowledge of the new words.

A: I better study this weekend.
A: How is your new biology

B: The professor is great, but
  there is so much new
  terminology to learn.

A: You should make flashcards
  to learn all those new words.
A: Why can’t we buy any cookies,

B: Well, I want our family to be
   healthy, and cookies will
   undermine our goals.

A: So, what can eat for dessert?

B: How about a fruit salad?
A: How’s your new class?

B: Great! My students are such
  zealous learners. They’re
  really excited to learn new

A: That must be nice. My
  students are too apathetic.
  They’re not interested in
  learning anything.
A: Why can’t you do your work

B: Well, your constant berating
  doesn’t help. All of the
  criticism makes me feel like I
  can’t do anything.

A: I’m sorry. I’ll try to
  encourage you more.
           Study Skills Syllabus
• Read page 10.
• Notice the 10 words in bold while reading.
  – If you don’t know a word, underline it, and you
    can look it up later (or ask the teacher what it
       Reading Comprehension
• Discuss with your partner:
  – Who is the teacher?
  – What books do the students need to buy?
  – How many absences are students allowed to
  – When is the midterm exam?
  – How much is the final exam worth?
  – This is the first page of the syllabus. What
    information is in the rest of the syllabus?
            Chapter 1 Words
•   syllabus        •   terminology
•   bane            •   undermine
•   durable         •   zealous
•   indicates       •   apathy
•   comprised       •   berate

                                please repeat
          Chapter 1 Words
• syll a bus      • ter mi nol o gy
• bane            • un der mine
• dur a ble       • zeal ous
• in di cate      • a pa thy
• com prise       • be rate

                              please repeat
     Page 11: Meaning From Context
          (NO DICTIONARIES!)
• Set one:                     1. an outline
  – match the word with the    2. something that ruins
    definition based on the       or spoils
  – read the sentence again
                               3. lasting
    from page 10               4. to be a sign of
  – read the sentences         5. composed of
    before and after to find
    Page 11: Meaning From Context
• Set two:                     1. the study of terms for
  – match the word with the       particular subjects
    definition based on the    2. to weaken or damage
  – read the sentence again
                               3. enthusiastic
    from page 10               4. lack of interest
  – read the sentences         5. to criticize
    before and after to find
          What is a synonym?
• a word or phrase that has a similar (same)

    Example: hot              Match the words
                             to their synonyms
  Synonyms: warm,            with your partner.
   boiling, steamy,
    burning, fiery                page 11
                  Let’s Check
1.   terms
2.   irritation
3.   form
4.   outline
5.   reveal
         What is an antonym?
• a word that means the opposite

     Examples:              Match the words
                           to their antonyms
     hot – cold            with your partner.
    big – small
    nice - mean                    page 12
                  Let’s Check
1.   strengthen
2.   temporary
3.   praise
4.   enthusiasm
5.   bored
           Close your books…
• Look at the picture, word, or sentence and
  figure out the vocabulary word
• Don’t yell out the word. Give everyone a
  chance to think. Then we will check together.

                                   you can use
                                    the poster
         YOU ARE SO
• My mom said I couldn’t go to the party. So, I
  asked my dad. He said I could go. He
  _______________ my mom’s authority.
Fast food is the ____________ of my
diet. I can’t resist it!

This bag is             This bag
________.               is not.

a sign
         Independent Practice
• page 12
• #2
• Circle the correct word to complete each
• No dictionaries! (Use your notes and page 11)
                 Let’s Check…
1. durable
2. comprised
3. syllabus
4. undermine
5. zealous
6. terminology
7. indicate
8. bane
9. berate
10. apathy
           Independent Practice
•   No Dictionaries
•   No Notes
•   See if you know the words
•   page 13
•   #3
•   Complete each sentence with the correct
                 Let’s Check…
1. apathy
2. syllabus
3. berate
4. indicate
5. terminology
6. comprised
7. zealous
8. durable
9. undermine
10. bane
           Ask your partner…
• What could a durable notebook be made of?
• How can you indicate your interest in a class
  to your teacher?
• What are two items usually included on a class
• How can you undermine your study habits?
• What should you do instead of berate yourself
  if you fail a test?
               Now switch…
• What are two subjects that you are most
  zealous about?
• What activities comprise your average day?
• What are two causes that can contribute to
  student apathy?
• What has been a bane to your schooling
• What three subjects have a lot of specialized
          Your Own Sentences
• With a partner – write 10 sentences in your
  own words.
• Write one sentence for each new word.
• You can use your notes, the book, and a
  dictionary if you want.
• Be sure to use it in the correct way (part of
Class Flashcards - Partners

                     part of speech

                definition (from page 15)

side 1                side 2
Word Forms – use your dictionary
   Noun     Verb     Adjective
                 X   durable
      X     comprise
                 X   zealous
   apathy        X
            berate       X
      Context Clues Mini-Lesson
• Silently read “Word Wise” on page 13
• Notice the underlined words.
• See if you can find the synonym in the text.
  (It’s near each word)
• No dictionaries!!!
                  Let’s Check…
1.   affable = friendly
2.   chastise = scolding (to scold)
3.   compliant = obedient
4.   elation = joy
•   Close your books.
•   Put away your notes.
•   On a sheet of paper, write 1 – 10.
•   The teacher will say one of the words.
•   You write it.
•   See if you can remember the spelling.
                  Spelling Bee
• Everyone stand up.
• The teacher will draw a word
  out of the bag.
• You will spell the word out
• You get one chance per word
  (you can’t start over)
• No notes.
• If you make a mistake, you
  have to sit down.
• The last one standing wins.
Tic-Tac-Toe: Definitions/Synonyms
• Get into 2 teams
• Choose a word from the game board
• Say the definition or a synonym

• No books, notes, or dictionaries.
• Your team can help you.
• You only get one guess. If it’s wrong, the
  other team gets a chance to steal the points.

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