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									                                                                                                                     Information submitted by: Jean Marie Herron
                                                                                                                     POSSE Partners, LLC.        201-406-9643
Name                                 Address                 Phone                   Web Address                     Function
American Red Cross                   Nationwide              800-Red Cross                 Clothing, etc.
American Red Cross of Northern NJ    NJ                      973-575-0880            www.wecollectclothes            Clothing and cars
                                     74 Godwin Ave.
American Red Cross                   Ridgewood               201-882-3705                                            Drop off location
Archer United Methodist              Allendale NJ            201-327-0020                                            Thrift Shop
Barbara Ann's Consignment Boutique   Ramsey, NJ              201-825-7888            Barbara Kenyon-owner            TWF 11-6, Thurs. 11-8, Sat. 10-4
Bethesda                             Nationwide              800-369-4636                      Clothing, household goods (pretty much anything but not in NJ yet)
                                                                                                                     All Clothing, Bedding, Drapery, Housewares, Toys, Books, Games, sm apps,
Big Brothers Big Sisters             Parsipany, NJ           973-335-3044           working cars
Center for Food Action               Mahwah NJ               201-934-5085              Food
Center for Food Action               Northern NJ             201-569-1804            jrothman@cfanjorg               Food
Christ Episcopal Church              Suffern, NY                                                                     Connie Maslik, Soup Kitchen
                                     Ramapo Reformed
                                     Church Island Rd.
Clothing Closet Ministry             Mahwah                  201-529-3075                                            All clothes, shoes, coats
                                     85 Godwin Ave.                                  Monday 10-2, 1st Sat of Month
Community Thrift Shop                Midland Park           201-652-7661             10-2, 4 shopping bags           Housewares
                                     Catholic Charities 321                          www.newark@dress for
                                     Central Ave. Newark,                            success
                                                                                                                     Women's business clothes are donated to struggling women trying to
Dress for Success                    NJ                     973-268-3160            reenter the job market
Food Pantry                          Nationwide                                               Canned and dry goods
Former Furniture                                                                    Buying and selling of used furniture.
                                     398 Chestnut St.
Furniture Assist                     Union, NJ               973-868-6007           Accepts most furniture and appliances. Gives free to people in need.
                                     Westchester County
Furniture Sharehouse (Warehouse)     Airport, White Plains   914-834-1294       Accepts most furniture and appliances. Gives free to people in need.
The Fur Kitchen                                                                                Accept fur coats for donations to the homeless
Glass Slipper Project                Nationwide                                 Prom Dresses, Shoes, Jewelry, Evening Bags
Goodwill                             130 W Rt 59 Nanuet      845-624-0187                                            Pretty much everything except furniture, computers & mattresses
Goodwill                             Nationwide                                            Accepts clothing, toys and housewares. Some locations pick up
Dackksgroup                          Ramsey                  201-236-9001           Anything for a new home
Fashion Republic Inc.                Cranford, NJ                                   Picks up all clothing, toys, handbags, towels etc. from schools
                                     Hackensack, NJ          201-457-1020 and 973-
Habitat For Humanity                 Paterson, NJ            595-6868                                                Most items involved in building a home
Habitat For Humanity                 Nationwide                                  Accept building materials, furnishings, tools, cars
National Furniture Bank              Nationwide                               Free service that removes your old furniture
Lupus Foundation                     Nationwide            888-445-8787                 Pick up most items from your home
                                     Christian Health Care
Longview Assisted Living Residence   Ctr, Wyckoff          301 Sicomac Ave.                                          New or slighly used bingo prizes
Medical Angels (Jim Ressler)         Teaneck, NJ             201-461-9595            om                              All kinds of medical supplies
                                                                                                         Resdistribute tens of thousands of coats in communities where they are
One Warm Coat                      Nationwide                               donated
                                                                                                         New and gently used toys, books and games are dontated to children 12
Operation Toy Box                  Nationwide                           and under who have been affected by disaster
Room to Grow                       NY, NJ, Boston               All baby and young children items for under 3-years old
Savvy Chic Consignment Boutique    Ridgewood, NJ    201-389-6900          m                              Clothes and assessories
Second Chance Toys                 Metro Area             Plastic, clean toys, battery operated fully functioning toys
Salvation Army                     Nationwide       800-958-7825       Furniture items (no office), clothes, housewares
Salvation Army Valuation Guide     Nationwide       For annual taxes                                     Under donation receipts go to valuation guide
Shelter Our Sisters                                                   Baby, Children, Mother and Household items. Call first.
Tomorrow's Children's Fund         Hackensack, NJ   201-996-5500                                         Children's art supplies & crafts
United War Veterans Council        Nationwide                      Will pick up at your home. Just about anything.
Charity Navigator                  Nationwide                          Evaluates charities relative to monetary donations
Homeless Shelters & Thrift Shops   Go Local         Call & Google                                        Think of your local places of worship, call and ask
Hospitals, Dr. Offices             Local/HUMC       201-996-5500                Tomorrow's Children's Fund or any hospital centers
Give the Gift Of Sight             Nationwide                        Accept eyeglasses and cases
Lens Crafters                      Nationwide                              Accept old eyeglasses and cases
                                                                          Boxes at most post offices
Lions Club                         Nationwide                                 Accept old eyeglasses
New Eyes For The Needy             Nationwide                        Accept eyeglasses and cases
Craigs List                        Online                                    Online classified, sell stuff online
Ebay                               Online                                          Sell unwanted goods online
Excess Access                      Online                                  Online donation site $3 fee
Free Cycle                         Online                                     Advertise your free stuff online
It's Deductible                    Online                                 Record keeping for your donations via Turbo Tax
Leighton Galleries, Inc.           Ridgewood, NJ    201-444-3424      Full service auction company
Granny's Attic Antiques            Ho Ho Kus        201-632-0102         NJ's largest antique store
Personal Property Consultants      Mt. Kemble NJ    973-425-1550          Full service auction company, will work with digital pictures
Two Sisters-Barbara Strauss        Teaneck, NJ      (201) 837-7101                                       $900 or 25%, $200 advertising, does it all, whole house
Garage Sale/Antiques               Montclair, NJ    973-783-0806                                         Store front 11-4, will take items from home and sell at store
Boat Angel                         New Jersey                                 Donate boats and jet skis
Pedals for Progress                Nationwide       201-995-9101 Diana                    Sends bikes/sewing machines to third world countries ($)
Local Libraries and Book Stores    Local            Call & Google                  Many will take books
                                                                                                         Ship books in good shape via media mail at post office. Books are
Reader to Reader                   Nationwide                            donated to pre-k thru high school
Waterleaf                          Ramsey           201-825-9555                                         Children's books donated to Ethiopia Reads & Paterson Public Library
              PET RELATED
Paws                           Montclair, NJ        973-746-9509                                   Accepts unopened dog and cat food, toys and paraphernalia
Pony Power Therapies, Inc.     Mahwah NJ            201-934-1001           Horses, farm/barn equipment
Ramapo-Bergen Animal Rescue    2 Shelter Ln. Oakland 201-337-5180                 Take blankets, towels, cages, bowls etc for dogs and cats
Hungry For Music               Nationwide                          Cleans and redistributes to underprivileged students
1-800-Got Junk                 Nationwide           1-800-got-junk           Removes almost anything from your home. Contact for pricing
1-800-Rid-Junk                 Paterson, NJ         1-800-rid-junk        Contact Rob
KC Cleanouts                   Northern NJ          201-741-8719                                   Removes almost anything from your home. Contact for pricing

Smart Disposal                 Nationwide                           Mix with coffee grounds, cat litter, sawdust in a baggie and dispose
              MOTOR OIL
Jiffy Lube                     Nationwide                               Donate all motor oil
Dry Cleaners                   Nationwide                                                          Most Drycleaners will accept old hangers
Habitat For Humanity           Nationwide                      Accept all household paint
Recycle Steel                  Nationwide                           Contact to locate a place to donate all metal products
Mail Boxes Etc./UPS Store      Nationwide                            Take all bubblewrap/packaging peanuts, etc.
Colour Sounds                  New Jersey           917-637-0070                                   Will take all old albums and tapes
Cartridge World                875 Rt 17 S Ramsey   201-934-0020     m                             Laser cartridges, copier toners
Computers 4 Kids               NY, NJ, Ct, MA       203-591-1714                                   Refurbish all computer related products and donate to schools
Computers                                                                All kinds of electronics
Electronic Stores              Local                                                               If you bought an item there, mostly likely they will recycle it
Floppies For Kiddies           Covington, LA                      Refurbish diskettes and distribute to schools nationwide                     Internet                                    Buys your cell phones, MP3 players, camcorders & computers
Home Depot                     Nationwide                                                          CFL's-Compact Fluorescent light bulbs for recycling
IKEA                           Nationwide                                                          CFL's-Compact Fluorescent light bulbs for recycling
Kartridges for Kidz            Nationwide                       School fundraisers that collect old cartridges
LaserSense                                                             Worldwide buyer and seller of cartridges
                                                                                                   Drop off or arrange to have your equipment picked up. Computers
National Cristina Foundation   Nationwide                                donated
                                                                                                   Free service database to help computer equipment donors connect with
Share Technology               Nationwide                         nonprofit organizations and individuals with disabilities
             CELL PHONES

Call 2 Reycle                  Nationwide           Batteries too!          Refurbish old cellphones, donation goes to boys and girls club of America
Cell Phones for Soldiers    Nationwide           Donates cell phones to soldiers by AT&T

Phones 4 Life               Nationwide                    Donate refurbished cellphones to seniors and victims of domestic violence
Wireless Fund Raiser        Nationwide             Lists all locations that accept old cellphones
Battery Recycling           Nationwide               Accept all batteries and donates
LOWE'S                      Nationwide                          Collect used batteries
RBRC                        Nationwide                           Accept all batteries and donates
Angies List                 Nationwide   888-888-list             Service Providers
                                                                                       Remove yourself from receiving catalogs you don't want and keep
Catalog Choice              Nationwide                  receiving the ones you do.
National Do Not Call List   Nationwide   888-382-1222              Must renew every five years
Stop Credit Card Offers     Nationwide   888-567-8688                                  Must renew every five years
Stop Junk Mail              Nationwide        
Stop Junk Mail              Nationwide                     $20 fee, stops 90% of junk in 90 days, plants 5 trees for you

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