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Important Dates Cherished Quotes


									            WE ARE CHERISHED NEWSLETTER VOLUME # 4                                       April 1, 2011

                                                       Important Dates
                                      May 12th Outreach Training
                                      *You must fill out a volunteer app. Plus be trained to go
                                      into the clubs on outreach. Email @
                                      You must also RSVP                May 17th Bag Stuffing 7pm (Cherished House)
Check out our website for important
dates, how to donate and resources!   May 20th Outreach/Fasting/Prayer
 Let us then approach the
throne of grace with
confidence, so that we may
receive mercy and find
grace to help us in our
time of need. Heb 4:16
BOLDNESS IN FAITH!!!                                           Cherished Dine By Design Table
                                                       Cherished Quotes
           Time to                        Quotes from women we visit in the clubs
    CELEBRATE!!!                       Are you We Are Cherished? You came Christmas night
A precious lady came to               and I got your gift and read your card and went to the
know Jesus as her Savior              back and cried for 30 mins. Thank you all for loving us for
on Easter Sunday! WOW!                who we are!
                                       Thank you for loving us just as we are.
     April Outreach                    You came at the right time. I need help and want to get
Dallas & Ft Worth:                    out.
527 Gifts & 16 clubs!!!                You make me feel cherished.
Wow! Is all we can say                 This card (note card in gift bag) is saving my life.
about the Dallas                       Thank y all so much. I respect y all for doing this. So many
                                      people look down on us but you don t. I want to get out
outreach! We were able
                                      and I m going to call you.
to leave gifts at a club
                                       I want you to pray for me right now!
that wouldn t let us last
time and we got into ALL               You have this amazing aura around you, like this glow!
                                       Oh No! I don t deserve this (gift). This is my very first
the clubs!
                                      time. I ve never done this before. (She did eventually take
We got into all the clubs!
                                      the gift!)
Women were so glad to
                                       I go to your website everyday.
see us again! We have
been to every club in Ft               I just want to say thank you very much. Y all made me feel
                                      sooo special you ladies have given a great gift to the
Worth now and the
                                      hard-working women who a lot of people look down on.
reception is beautiful.
                                      God bless!

                We Are Cherished | 1007 Church St. Colleyville TX 76034 - 817-564-4638
         WE ARE CHERISHED NEWSLETTER VOLUME # 4                                      April 1, 2011

    Thank You!                                    Cherished Prayers
*Our prayer intercessors!        *For the woman who came to know the Lord on Easter!
*Many financial &                That she continue her walk and Christ reveals Himself in a
product donations!               powerful way to her.
*All our precious                *For a sweet women who comes to our Wednesday groups
volunteers!!!                    and is hurting and sees that material things no longer fill
*For the awesome team            her. God has her in a beautiful place.
that goes into the clubs to      *For all the women who are calling us just seeking love
love on God s precious           and a safe place to tell their stories.
women!                           *May 20th outreach. Please join us in fasting & prayer.
*The crazy awesome gift          *Pray we get into every club and the women know these
bag stuffers that                gifts are from God and they reach out to us.
disassembled TONS of             *For the women coming to support group plus those
product and THEN                 leading it.
stuffed 500 plus bags in         *Our outreach team; that the Lord leads their words and
no time at all!                  actions as we go into the clubs. For safety on our outreach.
*The women cooking               *For our families and our husbands. That they have a
yummy meals for                  peace while we are out on outreach night.
Wednesday nights.                *That we are a powerful light to the kingdom of darkness!
    Cherished News
*Check us out on a new
national site
*God is bringing His
precious daughters to
Wednesday night dinner
and group. These times
have been a blessed time                             The Cherished House!
of encouragement and
spoiling for the precious
women that come.                                    Cherished Cars
*The Cherished Boutique                     Immediate need of 2 cars!
is being set up as we
                                   A common need we keep seeing is some women do not
speak! Can you say Pink
                                  have cars which leaves them stuck and often at the hands
& Girlie? This will be a
                                    of the men that take them to work. Some have left the
place & time for
                                   industry and cannot get to group, resources or have the
pampering, spoiling
                                    ability to drive to continued education classes. Please
God s beautiful
                                    consider donating a car. An AMAZING gift!!! (tax donation)
                                       Call Polly @ 817-564-4638 for more information
            We Are Cherished | 1007 Church St. Colleyville TX 76034 - 817-564-4638
        WE ARE CHERISHED NEWSLETTER VOLUME # 4                                        April 1, 2011

Cherished Needs                                   Spring Cleaning???
                                                    Cleaning out your closet???

                                      We are looking for items for our Cherished Boutique!
Looking for a nice gently             Think interviews Nice clothes for casual wear Etc.
used couch, 2 chairs and
things to decorate our                              Gently Used or New Items:
new Cherished House.
-$5 Starbucks gift cards
for club managers
-$10 QT gas cards for                                        Shoes
ladies in support group                                       Belts
-Earrings, 4oz lotions,                                New Panties & Bras
4oz body sprays, lip gloss
                                   No low cut tops or short skirts or shorts. All sizes welcomed.
-Sponsor a club @ $25,             Even your daughters closet is a great place to find some fun
$50 or $100 a month or
1X donations
                                        Please email Stephanie Doran @
                                                  Or call her @ 817 251-9221
-5 new warm blankets/5
snuggly stuffed animals
for counselor room.                       Thank you for all of your prayers and support!

        Mail:                                              Love you all!
Make checks payable to:
   Globe Outreach
 (Globe Outreach is We Are
 Cherished 501c3 umbrella)
 We Are Cherished in the
        info line
    P.O. Box 92511
  Southlake TX 76092


            We Are Cherished | 1007 Church St. Colleyville TX 76034 - 817-564-4638

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