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					Origins of stained glass has been lost in history.
In the 1st century wealthy Romans had stained glass
windows in their homes. It was considered a luxury.
Stained glass windows became popular when church
         building began in the 10th century.
Many stained glass windows depicted religious themes.
Stained glass windows were first found in the French and
                   German churches.
In the 15th century stained glass artists became stained
                     glass painters.
Stained glass was and still is used in architecture.
Stained glass is also used to decorate buildings.
   An aura of wonder is associated with stained
glass, giving it a mystical and spiritual reputation.
There is a mystery to glass. It captures light and appears
                  to glow from within.
Religious themes are still popular today and are found in
                many churches today.
Stained glass can also be three-dimensional.
Themes of today’s stained glass artists are varied.
The beauty of
stained glass.
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