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                                                                                                 1   UNSW ACCOMMODATION SERVICES
                                                                                                 2   UNIVERSITY STUDENT APARTMENTS
                                                                                                 3   WHo cAn AppLY
                                                                                                 3   WHen to AppLY
                                                                                                 3   seLection criteriA
                                                                                                 3   MAKinG oFFers
                                                                                                 3   HoW LonG cAn i stAY on tHe WAitinG List?
                                                                                                 3   cAn i reQUest A speciFic rooM?
                                                                                                 3   WHAt Are MY riGHts And responsiBiLities?
                                                                                                 4   tenAncY conditions
                                                                                                 5   MULWArree ApArtMents
                                                                                                 5   HiGH street ApArtMents
                                                                                                 6   BArKer ApArtMents
                                                                                                 8   WHAt FAciLities Are provided At tHe UnsW ApArtMents?
                                                                                                 10 tHe ListinG service
                                                                                                 11 internAtionAL stUdents
                                                                                                 12 UNSW RESIDENTIAl COllEgES
                                                                   cricos provider code 00098G

                                                                                                 12 UNIlODgE @ UNSW

                                            unsw accommodation services 1

UNSW Accommodation Services
provides a comprehensive housing
management service to students at
UNSW. This includes the management
of the University Student Apartments
waiting list, organising offers of
accommodation, processing repair
requests, dealing with tenancy issues
and managing the rent accounts.
The team provides comprehensive
information and literature on a wide
range of housing related matters and also
administers the Listing Service which
gives students access to local private
2 unsw accommodation services

                                universitY student
                                Unlike the University Colleges, which
                                provide full board as well as pastoral
                                and academic support to their residents,
                                the University Student Apartments are
                                designed for independent living for
                                undergraduates and postgraduates
                                including couples and families with
                                children. Tenants are therefore expected
                                to share responsibility for cleaning
                                the apartments and share telephone
                                and electricity costs. The apartments
                                are located within easy reach of the
                                city centre and the Eastern Suburbs
                                beaches. In comparison with rental
                                charges for local properties in the private
                                sector, the rents for the University
                                Student Apartments are very competitive.
                                                                                                                      unsw accommodation services 3

WHO CAN APPLY                                 MAKING OFFERS                                 CAN I REQUEST A SPECIFIC ROOM?
Current and prospective students              Offers for tenancies commencing               If you are made an offer, you can request
can apply for the University Student          in Semester 1 are made during late            a specific room, however, whether or
Apartments. UNSW student ID is not            November / early December. For Semester       not your request can be met will depend
required to apply.                            2, offers are made during late June / early   upon room availability. Although most
                                              July. Due to the ongoing process, we do       apartments are mixed gender, applicants
WHEN TO APPLY                                 not write to applicants if they have not      can request an all female or all male
                                              been made an offer. Offers are made until     apartment, however, whether or not your
The waiting list for the University Student
                                              all vacancies have been filled.               request can be met will depend upon room
Apartments is open all year round and
there is no closing date for applications.    HOW LONG CAN I STAY ON THE
                                              WAITING LIST?                                 WHAT ARE MY RIGHTS AND
SELECTION CRITERIA                                                                          RESPONSIBILITIES?
                                              You can stay on the Housing Waiting List
Offers of accommodation are made              until:                                        Your rights and responsibilities are set out
according to a student’s date of              n   You accept an offer of accommodation      in the Tenancy Agreement which includes
application (DOA), with first offers                                                        a premises condition report as well as an
                                              n   You fail to renew your application
made to those students with the earliest                                                    inventory of furniture provided. Generally,
                                              n   You cease to be eligible (you are no
DOA. Successful candidates are sent                                                         being a tenant means:
                                                  longer a full time student at UNSW)
an offer letter with an Acceptance                                                          n   You must pay rent on time.
Form that needs to be returned to the         n   You inform us that you no longer wish
                                                                                            n   You must keep the premises clean.
Accommodation Services Office by the              to remain on the Housing Waiting List
stated time.
4 unsw accommodation services

         n   You must notify Accommodation            or, for students entering in Semester 2,
             Services of any damage to the            from June/July to the following January.
             premises.                                Exchange students who are studying at
         n   You are responsible for any damage       UNSW for one semester are exempt from
             to the premises which you or your        this condition. Residents may relinquish
             guest(s) cause on purpose or by          their tenancies earlier than the official
             behaving recklessly or irresponsibly.    termination date without incurring a
         n   As far as possible, you must leave       penalty if their academic program of
             the premises in the same condition       study finishes before this date or, if there
             as when you entered it, when             are ‘extraordinary’ circumstances beyond
             the agreement ends, apart from           the student’s control.
             reasonable wear and tear.
                                                      Before moving into their apartment,
         Note that smoking is not permitted inside    residents must sign a Tenancy
         the University Student Apartments.           Agreement with the University. At the
                                                      time of signing, a bond of 4 week’s rent
         TENANCY CONDITIONS                           and the first 2 week’s rent must be paid.
                                                      From then, the rent is payable fortnightly
         Students applying for a place at the
                                                      in advance at a bank nominated by the
         University Student Apartments must be
         willing to reside at the apartment for the
         12 month period from January to January
                                          unsw accommodation services 5

The Mulwarree Apartments were
constructed in 1994 and provide 185
places in 37 five bedroom apartments.
The three-storey apartment block is set
in landscaped gardens and is located
in Cowper St, adjacent to Randwick
Racecourse, approximately 1.5 km from
the University.

Average room size: 10 – 12m2

This refurbished block of apartments,
comprises 6 one bedroom and 9 two
bedroom apartments. The block is
conveniently located opposite the
University entrance Gate 9. Preference
is given to accommodating couples and
families with children.

Average room size: 10 – 12m2
6 unsw accommodation services

                                BARKER APARTMENTS
                                The Barker Apartments were constructed in 1996 and provide 230 places in 59
                                apartments of varying sizes, most of which are 5 bedroom. Smaller apartments are
                                also available for couples and families with young children and there are a number
                                of apartments that are wheelchair accessible. The three-storey block is set in
                                landscaped gardens located on the University Campus adjacent to the University
                                Village Green. The Barker Aparments dwelling mix is as follows:

                                 (Type & Number of Apartments)      (Applicants)

                                 39 Five Bedroom Apartments           Single

                                 7 Bed-sits                           Couple

                                 4 Small Two Bedroom Apartments Family

                                 7 Large Two Bedroom Apartments Family

                                 2 Three Bedroom Apartments           Family

                                Average room size: 10 – 12m2
unsw accommodation services 7
8 unsw accommodation services

                                WHAT FACILITIES ARE PROVIDED AT               Each apartment has a refrigerator, stove
                                THE UNSW APARTMENTS?                          and vacuum cleaner. There are also
                                                                              inexpensive, coin operated laundries
                                Both the Mulwarree and Barker
                                                                              at the apartments. The garden areas
                                Apartments are furnished. Each of the
                                                                              and other communal areas at all of
                                five bedroom apartments has a kitchen,
                                                                              the University Student Apartments are
                                dining/living area and a bathroom
                                                                              regularly maintained by Accommodation
                                (containing two showers, two toilets and
                                two hand basins). The bedrooms are
                                furnished with a bed, desk, chair and         There is a car park at the Mulwarree
                                clothes storage area. Dining and living       Apartments for exclusive use by the
                                room furniture is provided and there is       residents while residents at the Barker
                                provision of a telephone line in the lounge   Apartments can obtain a parking
                                for use by all residents. A student may       permit which allows them to park in the
                                have a telephone installed in their own       nearby University car park. The Barker
                                bedroom at their own expense. Students        Apartments also have a small number of
                                living at the Barker Apartments can           disabled parking bays outside the block.
                                access the University Wide Network and
                                Internet for which there is a separate
                                            unsw accommodation services 9

Each apartment at 46 High Street is
furnished with a dining table and chairs,
lounge, bed, study desk and chair,
fridge, cooker and vacuum cleaner.
There are also inexpensive coin operated
laundries at the block. The block has
a secure resident car park beneath the

Students living at 46 High Street and the
Mulwarree Apartments will be able to
access the University Wide Network and
Internet in the near future. Works are
currently in progress and completion is
expected by the end of 2010.
10 unsw accommodation services

         THE LISTING SERVICE                          UNSW Accommodation Services also                Full Board
                                                      provides general information on campus          This type of accommodation suits students
         UNSW Accommodation Services also
                                                      colleges, local off campus student hostels,     who want to have meals prepared for
         assists enrolled students of UNSW to find
                                                      living expenses, second hand furniture          them and to have most costs covered
         off-campus accommodation via the Listings
                                                      shops, tenancy advisory bodies, local           by the weekly rent. A furnished room is
         Service. We maintain a database of local
                                                      street directory maps, bus route maps and       provided while gas and/or electricity (but not
         private accommodation and this information
                                                      temporary accommodation information             telephone) bills are usually included in the
         can be viewed on the notice boards in
                                                      sheets.                                         rent. Meals (which may include lunches)
         our office and online on our website. This
                                                                                                      are provided either five or seven days a
         service allows students to choose those      Shared accommodation
         options that are most likely to meet their   This is the most common type of
         needs and to contact the housing providers   accommodation available to university           Private Rental Properties
         to arrange to view the accommodation.        students. You rent your own bedroom in          Students wanting to live alone may rent a
                                                      a house or flat, where you share all the        studio or a flatette with a kitchenette and
         The service also assists people seeking
                                                      facilities with the other residents. Although   shared or private bathroom. Others may
         flat-mates, boarders or tenants for their
                                                      arrangements differ from place to place, you    want to rent a flat or house with one or more
         properties by enabling them to advertise
                                                      will usually share gas and/or electricity and   friends. Prices tend to reflect quality and
         their accommodation on the Listings
                                                      telephone expenses. Your bedroom may be         location.
                                                      furnished and may have its own bathroom.
                                                      Sharing with others also means sharing
                                                      responsibility for cleaning communal areas,
                                                      such as the kitchen and lounge room.
                                                                                                                        unsw accommodation services 11

Additional expenses                             Furniture hire                                    Contact Details
To organise a shared flat or house, you will    There are a number of companies in                UNSW International Students Office
need to put aside a sum of money to cover       Sydney that will rent individual furniture        Ground floor, East Wing, Red Centre
costs such as bond, rent in advance, phone/     items or whole packages either on a short         The University of New South Wales
electricity/gas deposits and incidentals. For   term or long term basis.                          UNSW SYDNEY NSW 2052, AUSTRALIA
most unfurnished properties, the bond will                                                        Tel: 61 2 9385 6996
be four week’s rent. Furnished properties                                                         Fax: 61 2 9385 9907
                                                INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS
can ask up to six week’s rent for the bond.                                                       Email:
                                                If you are enrolling for the first time, UNSW     Web:
Casual short stay accommodation                 International Services provides information
If you need somewhere to stay for a few         and advice to international students to help
nights or weeks, there are some low cost        them find suitable temporary or permanent
lodges, boarding houses, hostels and hotels     accommodation.
close to the university.
                                                It is important to arrive in Australia at least
Second hand furniture shops                     three weeks before your first semester of

There are many second hand shops in             study to allow enough time to find a long-

Sydney where you can purchase cheap             term place to live.

furniture and appliances. Check the local
papers, the Trading Post and the Sydney
Morning Herald for garage sales and
12 unsw accommodation services

                                                     The Kensington Colleges                   International House
       unsw residential
                                                     Tel: 61 2 9385 4346                       Tel: 61 2 9313 0600
       colleges                                      Email:         Email:
       There are 8 residential colleges on or        Web:   Web:
       adjacent to the University Kensington         New College
       campus for enrolled students at UNSW.
       They include the three Kensington
                                                     Tel: 61 2 9381 1999                       unilodge @ unsw
       Colleges (Philip Baxter, Basser and                                                     UNSW students can apply to UniLodge
       Goldstein) and five independently                                                       @ UNSW which was built in 2005 to
       managed colleges. Students are able to        Warrane College                           accommodate Foundation Year students,
       obtain academic and pastoral support                                                    including those less than 18 years of age.
                                                     Tel: 61 2 9313 0300
       from the Resident Academics and other                                                   The contact details are as follows:
       general assistance from the college
       administrative staff. Students who wish                                                 UniLodge @ UNSW
       to apply for accommodation must apply         Creston College                           Corner Anzac Parade and Lorne Ave
       directly to the particular college they are                                             Kensington NSW 2033
                                                     Tel: 61 2 9398 5693
       interested in. There are no restrictions on   Email:    Tel: 61 2 9017 6250
       the number of colleges they can apply to.     Web:            Fax: 61 2 9017 6251
       The contact details are as follows:                                                     Email:
                                                     Shalom College                            Web:
                                                     Tel: 61 2 9663 1366
contAct detAiLs
UNSW Accommodation Services
Tel: 61 2 9385 4985
Fax: 61 2 9385 6385

Postal address
Accommodation Services
UNSW SydNey NSW 2052

Ground floor, Basser College,
Gate 6, High Street,

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