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Bobcat takes on utility market by zhangyun


									32 Mid-South Farmer ◆ September 2006

Bobcat takes on utility market
By WILLIE VOGT                                                                                transmission lever up to F and drive; it’s
                                                 Key Points                                   that simple.
                                                                                                 Suggested list prices are: $10,730 for

        TILITY vehicles are handy to             ■ Bobcat’s new utility vehicles display a
        have on farms. Sales of four- and          tougher look and improved features.        the 2200 gas-engine model; $12,187 for
        some six-wheelers have been                                                           the 2200 diesel; $13,536 for the 2200S
                                                 ■ The high-end 2300 offers the front-mount
strong for the past couple of years.               RapidLink system for attachments.          (four-passenger) gas model; $14,778
    Bobcat, the Ingersoll-Rand division                                                       for the 2200S diesel; and $15,090 for the
                                                 ■ The four-seater 2200S offers a new way     2300, which is only available as a diesel
best known for skid-steer loaders, has
                                                   to haul more folks on the farm.
been offering a rugged utility vehicle                                                        and includes the RapidLink system.
to the market for several years, but                                                                                                       POWER TO SPARE: The new Bobcat
recently the company unveiled a new            mph, and Bobcat has built a machine            ■ Learn more about the new line at           2200 and 2300 series utility vehicles
machine that will ratchet up the com-          that is simple to operate. Just push the                              have the IntelliTrak 4wd system.
    The new utility vehicle line includes
a restyled 2200 series machine for two
passengers; a four-passenger 2200S;
and the new 2300 model.
    The 2300 and 2200 models each get
a bolder stance with a more aggressive
design. The vehicles feature double-A
arm independent front suspension and
a swing arm rear suspension that can
handle rugged conditions.
    The 2300 is a quick performer,
scooting to its maximum 25-mph speed
quickly with a 20-horsepower Kubota
engine. The premium machine with the
front-mount implement system has a
high-torque diesel engine to make short
work of a host of farm chores.
    The 2200 series offers two engine
power choices and also gets the new,
bolder front-end design. The first option
is a 20-hp Honda gasoline engine for
snappy performance in a range of con-
ditions. The 2200 also can be ordered
with the Kubota diesel engine, which
costs a bit more, but with that engine’s
longer service life, it might actually be
the better bargain.
    The company also offers the 2200S
line — in diesel and gasoline models
— featuring four-passenger seating. The
rear passengers even get “stadium” po-
sition, so they sit a little higher for good
    The operator platform itself has a
load of creature comforts, from cup
holders to a place to stow your cell
phone. There’s even a 12-volt charger
in case you want to charge the phone
while running around the farm.

Attachments made easy
In the crowded utility-vehicle field,
manufacturers have to separate their
products from others. The 2300 does
that with the RapidLink system, which
allows use of front-mount attachments.
   Lift up to 500 pounds 2 feet off the
ground with the system, or use a front-
mount blade for small chores. There’s
even an engine-powered mower you can
add to the front.
   The machine is designed for the at-
tachments — no jury-rigged setups with
cables or other tricks to make front-
mount items work, says Brad Claus,
product manager of utility vehicles for
   “The joystick control is integrated
into the machine,” adds Claus.
   Both the 2300 and 2200 feature
Bobcat’s Intellitrak four-wheel-drive
system. No switches or levers here —
the system engages automatically when
you need traction at all four wheels.
   In the test track the company built
for dealers and media to try, the steep
grades allow operators to feel the front-
wheel bite of the system.
   Add in a continuously variable trans-
mission that works fine from zero to 25

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