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Rock a Hula Handout PDF


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									        'Rock A Hula' music selection:
                 Aqualads “Folly Beach”
                 Aqualads “Rodeo Gals”
               Aqualads “Surf, Surf, Surf”
                                                          'Rock A Hula'
              Dick Dale “Surfing Dreams”
        Drews Famous “Gilligan’s Island Theme”
         Drews Famous “The Tiki Tiki Stomp”            Embark on a journey with Blendon
              Elvis Presley “Blue Hawaii”
           Elvis Presley “Rock-a-hula Baby”          Gardens to the sun drenched islands of
            Jan and Dean “Sidewalk Surfin”                         the Pacific...
                   Jimmy Buffet “Fins”
                Jimmy Buffet “Volcano”               Gaze at crystal clear water, delight in
        Movie Sounds Unlim “Over the Rainbow”
              The Atlantics “The Crusher”
                                                          stone sculptures, admire lush
            The Beach Boys “Surfin’ Safari”                         plantings...
           The Bomboras “Go-Go Bombora”
        The Bomboras “Playa De Los Muertos”            lose yourself in a tropical paradise!
               The Challengers “Mr. Moto”
          The Hit Nation “Hawaii 5-O Theme”
                                                                 'ROCK A HULA'
                The Wipe Outs “Perfidia”                 you may never want to return...
              The Wipe Outs “Surfin’ Bird”
               The Wipe Outs “Wipe Out”

 Blendon Gardens wishes to thank the following
for their generous support during the 2011 Central
           Ohio Home and Garden Show:
                AF Australian Tree Fern (tropical)

'Rock A Hula'   AP 'Aristocrat' Pear
                BO ‘Blue Mystique’ Orchid (tropical)
                BP ‘Black Cardinal’ Philodendron (tropical)
                BR ‘Del Mar’ Bromeliad
                BT Fernleaf Buckthorn
                CC ‘Cardinal’ Cordyline (annual)
                CE Golden Cedar
                CF Chinese Fan Palm (tropical)
                CH Chamaecyparis obtusa
                CM ‘Marie’ Cordyline (annual)
                CR ‘Sargentina’ Crabapple
                CT ‘Dreadlocks’ Croton (tropical)
                DO Dendrobium Orchids (mixed colors) (tropical)
                ED ‘Diamond Frost’ Euphorbia (annual)
                FM ‘Macho’ Fern (tropical)
                FS ‘Lynwood Gold’ Forsythia
                G ‘Shell’ Ginger (tropical)
                GG Guzmania (gold) (tropical)
                GP ‘Georgia Peach’ Heuchera
                HF ‘First Frost’ Hosta (perennial)
                HI ‘Icicles’ Helichrysum (annual)
                HW ‘Winter Snow’ Hosta (perennial)
                J ‘Emerald Sentinel’ Juniper
                MS ‘Southern’ Magnolia (site specific plant)
                NR ‘Tricolor’ Neoregelia (tropical)
                PA ‘Adonidia’ Palm (tropical)
                PE ‘Fireworks’ Pennisetum (annual)
                PF Pteris (ferns in waterfall) (tropical)
                PI ‘Valley Rose’ Pieris
                PK ‘King Tut’ Papyrus (at waterfall) (tropical)
                RC ‘Chionoides’ Rhododendron
                RE ‘Roseum Elegans’ Rhododendron
                RJ ‘PJM’ Rhododendron
                RP ‘Variegated’ Rubber Plant (tropical)
                SC Scheffelera (tropical)
                TE Tetratostigma (at waterfall) (tropical)
                VJ ‘Juddi’ Viburnum
                VS ‘Splenreit’ Vrisea (tropical)

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