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									                       Bobcat Chat
                                      1801 Bench Blvd. Billings, MT 59105
                                            PHONE: 281-6205
                                         Greg Senitte, Principal
                 “Every day is an invitation to learning, laughter and living.”

                                                           Marquise Jones, Kealy Milton, Abby Quinn, Summer
                                                           Samsel, and Lara Wagner.
                                                           Boys Honor Choir: Colton Reese
DECEMBER:                                                  Honor Band: Noah Nantes, Brody Paris, and Kelly
6-----------2nd Qtr. Midterm reports go home (4th-6th)     Stokes
7-------------------------MacKenzie River Pizza Night                  Thank you, Volunteers!
10-----------PTA K-3rd Grade Family Reading Night               A big thank you to our wonderful parents and
14-------------------6th Gr. field trip to Moss Mansion    volunteers who shared their talents and delicious food
14&16-------6th Gr. Student Council blanket making         for the Bitterroot Staff conference dinner last month.
15-----5th/6th Gr. Band/Orchestra Concert @ 2:20pm         We would like to thank Jenn Peter, Melissa
15-------------------------Skyview Trading Cards visit     Christoferson, Brandi Soens, Shirley Leo, Kathy Stokes,
16-17---------------------------PTA Santa’s Workshop       Kristi Twiford, Tera Goode, Jackie Hoke, Gennie
                                                           Newell, Lora Hirsch, Sonja Munoz, and Colleen Oliver.
16--------------PTA Roller Skating (5:00pm-8:00pm)
18----------------PTA Ice Skating (12:30pm-2:30pm)
20---K-6 Holiday Music Programs (9:30am & 1pm)                  Keep Safety in mind when picking
21---6th Gr. Student Council field trip to E.C. Manor                 up/dropping off kids
21---------------------PTA Meeting (6:30pm-7:30pm)                  As the colder weather has come to Billings, we
Dec. 23-Jan. 2-------------Winter Break…No School          are noticing an increase in some safety concerns at
                                                           Bitterroot. Please do NOT stop in the middle of the
                                                           street and motion your child across. Please park your
JANUARY:                                                   car, or pull up to the curb to drop off or pick up your
3-----------------------------------------School Resumes   child(ren). No matter what the weather brings, we must
10-21----------------------Venture Theater for Gr. 4-6     keep the safety of all children in mind at all times.
                                                           Thank you for your cooperation. 
 Plan now to attend Bitterroot’s Holiday
        Programs and Concerts!                              Remember tennis shoes for Gym Days
         The fifth and sixth grade band and orchestra               Thank you for sending your children to school
concert will be in the gym on December 15th at 2:20pm.     dressed appropriately (ie. snowboots, snowpants, heavy
         The K-4 and 5th/6th general music programs will   coat, hats, gloves). Please remind your children to pack
be in the gym on December 20th. One performance will       a pair of tennis shoes, ESPECIALLY on gym days. Due
be at 9:30am and the other at 1:00pm (the students will    to the risks of injury, students will not be allowed to
perform the exact same program twice). Please plan to      participate in P.E. if they do not have tennis shoes.
attend one of the performances.
         All of the students have worked very hard and
would love for you to stay for the entire performance.
                                                                 Rachel’s Challenge Opportunity!
Happy Holidays!!                                                    Every year during the holidays, Bitterroot
                                                           School has organized help for families in need. We have
             Honor Music Students                          two opportunities for students and families to help out
        Bitterroot School is proud to have students        this year. Thursday, December 9th, Bitterroot students
participate and represent us in honor music classes.       will be allowed to chew gum in class throughout the day
These groups meet once a week after school and contain     for $1.00. On Friday, December 10th, students will be
talented musicians. Honor music students from              allowed to wear their favorite hat for $1.00. Both “fun”
Bitterroot are:                                            days are optional for students, but participation is
Girls Honor Choir: Brielle Brumley, Jordan Gilcrist,       welcomed and appreciated. Thank you! 
Raegan Harper, Hope Housley, Trisha Johnson,
                    Welcome Ms. Butler, School Counselor!
        I would like to introduce myself. My name is Nikki Butler, and I am proud to announce I
am the new school counselor this year. I feel very honored to be a part of the wonderful and
talented staff at Bitterroot Elementary. I was raised in Billings and completed my education at
Montana State University-Billings. I received my Bachelors in Psychology and two years later,
completed my Masters in Education with a school counseling endorsement.
        I have experience working with children of all ages in the areas of mental and behavior
modification. I enjoy going into the classroom and teaching guidance lessons as well as
facilitating small groups that focus on topics such as social skills (friendship), anger, and
divorce. As a school counselor, I provide support and guidance for all students. My main focus
is to promote a safe learning environment and academic success for all. I look forward to
working with your children this year.

      BPS School Counselors   BULLYING: Bully behavior occurs when there is deliberate intent to harm,
      jj School Counselors    dominate, inflict pain, exclude or otherwise cause distress to the person being
                              targeted. The person who bullies purposefully misuses his/her power (size, age,
                              popularity, confidence, verbal ability), usually repeatedly. The balance of power
                              between the bully and target is NOT EQUAL.

       Typical developmental misbehavior may become bullying behavior when a person repeatedly
uses their power to intentionally hurt or harm another person in the following ways:
Physical: Physical bullying may include repeated hitting, kicking, spitting, pushing or taking and
damaging a person’s property.
Verbal: Verbal bullying may include repeated name-calling, insulting, put-downs, and making threats
or rude comments.
Social: Social bullying may include repeated use of the silent treatment, preventing people from
playing with others, and spreading rumors and lies.

Typical developmental misbehavior doesn’t always constitute bullying. As children grow and mature
conflicts do arise with peers. Parents should encourage children to use conflict management and
problem solving skills to handle the situation.

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