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					                                                                                                            D E C E M B E R     2 0 0 9

               From the Office of the Superintendent...
      Commissioner Robert Scott announced the nomination of 26 Texas public schools for the 2010 Blue Ribbon Schools recognition. The
award honors schools for academic excellence and making significant progress in closing the achievement gap. I am proud to announce that
Bloomington Elementary was one of these nominated schools. For the past 27 years, this prestigious program has honored more than 5,800 of
America’s most successful schools, including almost 500 Texas schools. The Blue Ribbon Schools Program honors public and private elemen-
tary, middle and high schools. The schools are selected based on one of two criteria:
      schools that dramatically improve student performance to high levels on state tests;
      Schools whose students achieve in the top 10 percent of their state on state tests.
The nominated schools were recommended by an intra-agency committee that examined student achievement statistics for the more than
8,000 public school and charter campuses in the state. The schools selected have demonstrated success in closing the achievement gap and
each school has an economically disadvantaged population of 40 percent or greater. Schools nominated for the award serve as models of best
practices for schools across the state.
The nominated schools will now complete a rigorous application process through the U.S. Department of Education. Announcements of the
award winners will be made in September 2010. Schools that receive the prestigious award are recognized at the Blue Ribbon School confer-
ence in Washington, D.C.
          Not only did Bloomington Elementary receive a nomination for the Blue Ribbon Schools honor, along with Placedo Elementary, they
also received Gold Performance Acknowledgements from the Texas Education Agency. Gold Acknowledgement awards are recognition for
the percentage of students that perform at the Commended level on TAKS tests. Bloomington Elementary received acknowledgements for
Reading where 51% of the students that took the test scored at the Commended level, and for Math where 42% reached that mark. Placedo
received the Gold Acknowledgement for Science with 41% of the students earning a Commended ranking. Just two years ago Science was the
subject area with the lowest performance scores on the campus. Thanks for all the hard work Placedo!
          The construction program for the 2008 Bond package is very close to getting started. Bids will be going out from the Construction
Manager in early December and site prep will begin soon after the New Year. Any new trailers that pop up on the campuses will not be for
students, they will be for construction contractors and foremen.

                                                 Bond Update
          PAGE       2
                                 Bloomington Elementary School
               ton Elem
     Blooming ived Gold
         has rece     nce
           Performa ts from
      Acknowle tion Agency.
      Texas Ed to go!

                                                 Pep Rally

                                     PERFECT ATTENDANCE - 2ND 6 WEEKS
                                         to the following students for earning Perfect Attendance! They will be awarded on
           Thursday, November 19th with popcorn and a movie. They may bring a blanket and a pillow to make their
                                 afternoon even more enjoyable! Way to go Students!
                                                                                                     SECOND GRADE
   PRE - KINDERGARTEN                                      Students enjoying the                       Mrs. Compton
            Mrs. Balli                                  Perfect Attendance award             Annisty, Ulesa, Joseph, Esperanza,
   Jesus, Jamie, Jatziri, Jaden,                                                             Maryann, Ariely, Yevana, Daniela,
Nasariah, Nathaniel, Cynthia, Marc                                                             Jose, Angela, Hugo, Litzy, Josh
          Mrs. Kessler                                                                                    Mrs. Heilker
 Devin, Mia, Emily, Emily, Nate,                                                             Zoe , Stella, Elizabeth, Joel, Bradley,
             Xavier                                                                           Gavin, Elizabeth, Dakoto, Clayton,
                                                                                             Brandee, Ricardo, Allison, Jace, Seth
                                                                                                            Mrs. Lee
      KINDERGARTEN                                                                           Adrian, Jolynn, Ashley, Jayden, Jacob,
          Ms. Franke                                    FIRST GRADE                                   Jia, Venessa, Skiler.
      David, Luis, Jeremiah                                 Mrs. Bues
          Mrs. Gunyon                  Isaiah, Francisco, John, Kyndall, Jayden, Danielle,            THIRD GRADE
Joe, Dequan, Alexandria, Jonathan,                Neissa, Nathan, Haley, Jarren                           Mrs. Oates
   Amber, Emily, Diego, Jenifer                                                             Erik, A.J, Antonio, Genevie, Neriah,
                                                           Ms. DeLaRosa                        Tara, Serena, Josiah, Sabrina ,
            Mrs. Jones                  Brianda, Jenny, Marlen, Gabrielle, Xander, Ernesto, Ahniwake, Cory, Zackery, Damian
 Larry, Isaac, Serena, Abby, Ivan,           Alondra, Patrick, Breana, Bryan, Nathaniel
Elizabeth, Tanner, Chloe, Viviana,                                                                        Mrs. Torres
                                                            Mrs. Hacker
             Mykynzi.                                                                       Patricia, Ryann, Adrian, MacKenzie,
                                         Isaiah, Devin, Greg, Melissa, Alexander, Yezetni,
                                                                                            Marcos, McKenzie, Amberly, Mauro,
                                                   Jose, Mercedes, Angel, Mya                            Trinity, John
                                                                   Mrs. Lara                           Ms. Valenzuela
                                                   Alyssa, Cory, Madysen, Adrian, Martin, Madison, Cameron, Vivika, Javier,
                                                    Raquel, Larissa, Randy, Jasmin, Jason,
             On Friday, December 11th,                                                      Ezra, Cheyanne, Salomon, Johnathon,
                                                            Taliah, Kailyn, Tristan.
               the third graders will be                                                                 Raul, Tristin
              attending a presentation of                                                                 Mrs. Ybarra
               ―The Nutcracker‖ at The                                                     Giselk, Julie, Isriel, Nathaniel, Hector,
              Leo J. Welder Center. We                                                         Gerardo, Sebastian, Jorge, Jose,
              will be leaving campus at                                                      Karla, Alexandra, Arnold, Vianey
             approximately 8:30 am and
             arriving back on campus at
            about 2:00 pm. Students and
             staff are looking forward to
              enjoying the ballet and the
    timeless music of Tchaiskovsky.

                                                 P.E. Class
     BOBCAT          BRIEFS
                           Placedo Elementary School
                                                                                                                                    PAGE       3

                                                  Placedo Elementary students
                                                  commemorated Veterans Day with a
                                                  celebration in their gym. The entire
                                                  student body was in attendance as
                                                  the members of VFW Post 6074 were
                                                  honored. The Student Council
                                                  Officers presented the post with a
                                                  flag donning red, white and blue
                                                  fingerprints by the student body.
                                                  Veterans in attendance were Dave                           The Texas Education
                                                  Garcia, Constantine Martin, Ray Fagg,                   Agency just released their
                                                  Ed Akin and ErnieHarper. These
                                                  veterans proudly represented our
                                                                                                          list for Gold Performance
                                                  country in the era's ranging from                          Acknowledgements.
WWII to war in Iraq. These area heroes honored us with their experiences ranging                              Placedo Elementary
from the U.S. Calvary, the bombing of Iwo Jima to our home grown Navy Seal. All in                       received recognition for the
attendance thanked the veterans for their service and acknowledged their
contributions to our national security. There was also a time for reflection for all
                                                                                                           high number of students
those who made the ultimate sacrifice, of giving their lives for our country.                              who passed the 2009 5th
                                                                                                         grade Science TAKS test at
                                                                                                           the commended level of
                                                                                                         performance (41% overall).
                                                                                                          Congratulations to Brenda
                                                                                                          Thomas & Tracie Depine!
                                                         On Friday, October 23rd, Placedo
                                                            Elementary held the first ever
Seated:   2nd Vice President-Shailyn Huff,                 drive through Pep Rally for the
           President- Megan Depine,                       Bobcats and Lady Cats. Both the
                                                          Bobcats and Lady Cats took time
          1st Vice President-Maurizio Ledezma.           to stop at Placedo Elementary on
Standing: Secretary-Anjelica Valenzuela,                    their way to compete against
          4th grade Historian-Kiana Gaona,                 Skidmore-Tynan. The students
          5th grade Historian-Jasmine Canchola,            made banners, decorated buses
          Parlimentarian-Veronica Romero,                 with green and white paw prints
                                                         and cheered the Bobcats and Lady
          6th grade Historian Brittany Van derStucken,      Cats on to do their very best. The Bobcats were so impressed with the support that
          Treasurer- A.J. Enriquez.                        Placedo was asked to hold another pep rally before the game against Refugio. The stu-
                                                          dents were impressed with the courage of the Bobcats and learned a great lesson about
              Friday, December 11th– PES Gym                                           finishing what you start!
                Awards Program (2nd Six Weeks)
                       4th Grade-12:15pm
                       5th Grade-10:45am
                        6th Grade-9:25am
           Tuesday, December 15th—PES Gym 6pm
            Christmas Program-Christmas in Paradise
         Thursday, December 17th—Progress Reports
     Fri. December 18th—Name that Gecko entry deadline
                   —Early Release (12:15 pm)
          December 21st-January 4th—Winter Break
      Tuesday, January 5th—Students Return from break
            Saturday, January 9th—Skidmore, TX
               4th and 5th Grade UIL Competition
            Saturday, January 16th—Skidmore, TX
                   6th Grade UIL Competition
PAGE     4

                                       Elementary Programs
                                                                                                Growing Gardens and
                                                                                           Knowledge at the Elementary
                                                                                      Students of Bloomington and Placedo Elementary
                                                                                     have been learning valuable lessons about science,
                                                                                     nutrition and how their environment works by
                                                                                     planting, tending and harvesting vegetables from
                                                                                     their newly planted fall gardens. This project intro-
                                                                                     duced during Science Lab time, has helped to
                                                                                     beautify their campuses, while gaining a new un-
                                                                                     derstanding and respect for the miracles of nature.
                                                                                     The simple gardens have been the classroom for
                                                                                     this project in learning, its rows and growing vege-
                                                                                     tables have served as practical laboratories provid-
                                                                                     ing the children with the chance to gain hands-on
                                                                                     understanding of the world around them. Both gar-
                                                                                     dens have over 60 fall vegetables: cabbage, cauli-
                                                                                     flower, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, squash, greens
                                                                                     and lettuce. Anticipation for the harvest is growing
                                                                                     also as the children gaze daily at their hard work.

               Bloomington Elementary School Counseling Program
 BISD elementary school principals, counselors, and selected teachers recently gathered at BES for training
in the new “Positive Action” curriculum. “Positive Action,” the US Department of Education’s top-rated
character education program, is part of the Elementary School Counseling grant program and will be
implemented at Bloomington and Placedo Elementary Schools over the next three years. The trainer,
Carolyn Pirtle, from Twin Falls, Idaho, spent the day preparing BISD to join 13,000 other sites and all 50
states as a promoter of “Positive Action.”
“Positive Action” covers the ABC’s of Academics, Behavior, and Character by teaching students that posi-
tive actions lead to positive feelings and positive feelings lead to more positive thoughts and actions. It is
also based on the basic belief that there is always a positive way to do everything. Much evidence has been gathered in the 26 years
since the program was developed to show that “Positive Action” improves academics and behavior while decreasing later rates of
substance abuse, violence and other problem behaviors.

Positive Action takes a holistic approach. Besides ready-to-use instruction kits for each grade and classroom, it includes programs
for counseling, families and community, and the school as a whole. The different groups learn to share a common vision and lan-
guage to achieve a positive future. Classroom kits are child friendly and use stories, puppets, songs, and hands-on activities. Each of
the 140 lessons takes about 15 minutes and addresses a specific purpose such as building a positive self-concept and empathy for
others or learning life skills such as good decision-making, responsibly managing different areas of one’s life, and setting goals. For
more information about the Positive Action program, call the Bloomington and Placedo Elementary School principals or counselors.

                                                                   Tuesday, November 10-Gulf Bend Center MHMR, “Common
                                                                   Emotional and Behavioral Disorders of Children,” including signs
                                                                   that indicate a child might need professional help.

                                                                   Tuesday, December 8-Midcoast Family Services, “How to Keep
                                                                   Your Child Alcohol and Drug Free” including warning signs of use.

                                                                   Tuesday, January 12-Midcoast Family Services, “What is Family
                                                                   Violence and How Does It Affect Children?”

                                                                   Tuesday, February 9-The Harbor, “Parenting to Prevent Bullying”

                                                                   Tuesday, April 13-Consumer Credit Counseling, “Family Budgeting:
                                                                   How to Stretch Your Dollars for Your Family”

             All BISD Parents Welcome!                             Tuesday, May 11-Crossroads Family Services STAR Program,
                                                                   “Effective Discipline for Your Child”

              BOBCAT         BRIEFS
                          Bloomington Middle School                                                          PAGE        5

      This has been a busy fall for the middle school! We have organized our Pep Squad and now have twelve 7 th
and 8th grade girls who have worked hard to learn cheers and are adding lots of spirit and excitement to our
games. We celebrated Red Ribbon Week October 26 – 30 with a different theme to dress to every day, a
haunted wall display full of “ghosts” that pledged not to use drugs, and red ribbons for us all to wear. On Novem-
ber 10 we observed Veterans Day with a wonderful program put on by Mr. Ed Akin from VFW Post 6074. Our
students were well behaved and particularly interested in the pictures and memorabilia that were on hand for
them to see. On November 12 we had our U.I.L. Ready Writing Contest where 10 of our students participated in
editorial and ready writing. We also had 4 students complete black and white pencil drawings for the Art Con-
test. Results will be announced on December 12 at the upcoming contest in Skidmore where the remainder of the
U.I.L. Contest will be held. We expect great things from our students and expect to come home with many
awards. Our Spelling Bee was held on November
19 in the library where we had eleven 7th graders
and four 8th graders competing for top honors.
Emily Lopez was the winner with Frank Diaz as
the alternate. Congratulations to these two stu-
dents! They will be competing in the County
Spelling Bee on February 11 at Victoria College.
This last day before Thanksgiving we had our
second “Fun Day” to celebrate our A, A/B Honor
Roll and Perfect Attendance students for the
second six weeks. We had 60 students qualify
for this and were treated to taquitos, a movie,
and make your own banana splits. The students
had a great time! As we leave for our Thanksgiv-
ing holiday, we are very thankful for our school,
with the best students, teachers, and staff
around. We are truly blessed!                         Spelling Bee Winner Emily Lopez and Frank Diaz was the Alternate
     Life is great in the middle!

                  Bloomington High School
     Students have taken several tests this semester to help prepare for future plans for college and career. We
     are working very closely with Victoria College in their program to help all seniors to make a smooth transi-
     tion from high school to college. All seniors have registered for college through the VC college preparation
       program. This registration is good for any college the student should want to attend. There is a College
      Night planned for December 1, 2009 at the Victoria College Sports Center from 6-8 pm. Representatives
     from Texas A&M, Texas State, University of Houston, Texas Tech, Sam Houston State University, and Uni-
     versity of Texas at San Antonio will be present to provide information to future students and to discuss en-
      trance requirements and financial aid. Students have already had the opportunity to visit several area cam-
                   puses this Fall. Parents are encouraged to attend with students for all meetings.

                                                              There will be a blood drive on
                                                             December 17th. The mobile blood
                                                             bank will be here from 9am-4pm.
                 PAGE           6
                                                           Cross Country
                                                                 FIRST STORY                                                                                   VARSITY BOYS
                                                    Esquivel leads Ladycats to 30-AA title                                                       1 Carlos Cordero Refugio 18:10
                                                 Bobcats, Ladycats qualify for regional meet                                                     2 Lawrence Saldivar Taft 18:16
   VICTORIA - Ana Esquivel could hardly hide the smile on her face as she crossed the finish line in second place at the District 30-2A          3 Ryan Garza Odem 18:52
Cross Country meet held at Riverside Park on October 28.                                                                                         4 Jhostan Padron Refugio 18:57
  The junior harrier, who has suffered through a season plagued by a left knee injury and a right sprained foot, ran her fastest time of the
                                                                                                                                                 5 Jesse Vasquez Taft 19:00
season and led her team to a first place finish in the team standings. Bloomington scored just 25 points, followed by Taft (51), and Odem
                                                                                                                                                 6 Luis Cuevas Taft 19:06
  Esquivel was not alone as Bloomington placed all five of their best runners in the top ten. Eileen Martinez finished 3rd, Lacey Baladez        7 Cristian Padron Refugio 19:21
was 5th, Brandee Garcia was 6th, and Katlin Rosas placed 9th. Natalie Cabrera finished 11th for the Lady Cats.                                   8 Enrique Rivera Taft 19:28
  "A coach could never ask Ana to give any more than what she gives every Saturday on a cross country course," said Bloomington head             9 Jonathan Hernandez Skidmore-
coach Edgar Vander Stucken. "She never complains about the pain. She just tapes up her injuries, runs her hardest, and ices down her             Tynan 19:34
aches and pains after every practice and race."                                                                                                  10 Erasmo Huerta Skidmore-Tynan 19:37
  Esquivel finished outside the top 10 in only one meet this season and will be making her third straight appearance at the Region IV            12 Mikey Baladez Bloomington 20:07
Cross Country Championships on November 7 at Brooks City Base in San Antonio.                                                                    13 Richie Villa Bloomington 20:12
  The girl's team title marks the first time since 2000 that a Bloomington girl's cross country team won the district championship. That         18 Erik Guerrero Bloomington 21:28
team also won the Region IV team title en route to the state championships.                                                                      21 Sam Florez Bloomington 22:22
  "The girls have been building on several years of improvement," Vander Stucken said. "Two years ago they were third in our district.           30 Fernando Acosta Bloomington 23:52
Last year we were second. The girls had a goal of winning district this year. They accomplished that goal, and are already talking about
shooting for a trip to the state championships next year."                                                                                       Varsity Boys Team Results
   The Bobcats, who finished third in the team standings behind Taft and Refugio, will be at the Region IV Championships for a 10th
                                                                                                                                                   Taft, 35; Refugio, 39; Bloomington, 94
straight year. The were led by Miguel Baladez in 12th place and Richie Villa in 13th Place. The third-place finish marks the first time in
five years the Bobcats did not win the district title.
   "We obviously did not start the season with a goal of finishing third," Vander Stucken said. "But when a team is torn apart by failing grades, you have to feel good with what we accomplished."
  Joining the Bobcat cross country program in Week 7 were Erik Guerrero, Sam Florez, and Fernando Acosta. Guerrero finished 18th in 21:28, Florez was 21st in 22:22, and Fernando Acosta
placed 30th in 23:52.
  "There was a lot of soul-searching buy the guys who stepped up to run for us late in the season," Vander Stucken said. "After their first race, our newest runners wondered what they had gotten
themselves into. Three weeks later they knew what to expect and pushed themselves to give it their all. I could not have asked any more from them."

                                                                                           SECOND STORY
                                                                     Ladycats notch Top 10 finish at Region IV Championships
   SAN ANTONIO - Fresh off winning their first district cross country championship since 2000, the Bloomington Ladycats were confident heading into the Region IV Cross Country Champion-
ships held at Brooks City Base in San Antonio on November 7.
  Bloomington finished ninth overall in the team standings with 244 points and was one of only eight district champions represented at the meet. East Bernard took the regional title with 51
points, while Navarro and Rogers were a distant second and third.
  "It is never good for a coach to be reading out the team standings and have their runners start crying out of disappointment," head cross country coach Edgar Vander Stucken said. "Our runners
                                                         expected to run fast enough to finish in the top five. But when you compete in the toughest region in the state, there is no room for error or
                  VARSITY GIRLS                           injury."
    1 Erin Guzman Taft 11:25                                With junior Ana Esquivel still not fully recovered from a broken metatarsal bone in her right foot, freshman Brandee Garcia nursing a
    2 Ana Esquivel Bloomington 11:34                      groin pull, and sophomore Eileen Martinez limping from shin splints, the Ladycats faced the challenge of placing their top five runners in
    3 Eileen Martinez Bloomington 11:37                   the top 50 finishers. There were 156 competitors in the race.
    4 Jesse Becker Odem 11:48                               Esquivel finished 27th, Lacey Baladez was 38th, Garcia placed 47th, Martinez was 61st, and senior Kaitlin Rosas finished 71st. Also
    5 Lacey Baladez Bloomington 12:02                     running for Bloomington were sophomore Chriselda Garcia in 84th and freshman Natalie Cabrera in 125th.
    6 Brandee Garcia Bloomington 12:07                      "All discussions before the meet had us using this year's regional meet as a stepping stone for 2010," Vander Stucken said. "As a team we
    7 Juliane Ortiz Taft 12:14                            finished 16th two years ago, 14th last year, and ninth this year. We are getting better, and the Bloomington girls are primed and ready for
                                                          the challenge of being recognized as one of the top team in our region next year.
    8 Taylor Ray Odem 12:20
                                                            "As long as we can stay healthy and get solid leadership from our upperclassmen, we will compete head-to-head with the East Bernard
    9 Kaitlin Rosas Bloomington 12:40                     and Navarro in 2010.
    10 Monica Florez Taft 12:44                             Also competing at the regional meet were four runners from the Bloomington Bobcat cross country team. Top finisher for the Bobcats
                                                          was Makey Baladez in 102nd. Baladez suffered a severe back injury last May and never fully recovered, Vander Stucken said.
    Varsity Girls Team Results                              "When you miss out on three months of hard-core training, you cannot compete with the best," Vander Stucken said. "Mikey has had to
      Bloomington, 25; Taft, 51; Odem, 53                 find other ways to be a leader in his school. While we missed him during cross country season, we hope to have his skills back for the 800-
                                                         meter and 1600-meter runs in track."

                              Volleyball                                                                  The Bobcat Football teams made significant progress this season and we
               These girls received the following                                                         as a coaching staff believe that we won many of the small battles that
                 District 30 volleyball honors                                                            will later translate into winning the larger battles. The Junior High
        Co Defensive Player of the year-Kesha Jackson                                                     Teams played many close games throughout the season and we feel that
                  First Team-Loren Priour                                                                 we win those close games in the future after a full year of working with
                   2nd Team-Erika Ortiz                                       these athletes and them learning our system. The Varsity team ended the season with a record of
                                                                              1-9. We got better each week despite having anywhere from 15-17 players throughout the entire
                         Honorable Mention:                                   district play. The athletes that finished the season played on shear heart alone, as many were
                            Karen Rocha                                       banged up all throughout district play. They wanted to finish the season and do it right, which is a
                           Norma Morales
                                                                              huge step in the right direction for our program. Coaches from all other district teams said they
                            Gabi Licerio
                                                                              admired and respected our kids for what they were able to do in dealing with the adversity that
                        All District Academic:                                they had been dealt. Some of the outstanding statistics include the following:
                               Erika Ortiz                                          The Bobcats Scored 90 points during the season.
                           Yessenia Rodriguez                                       Ryan De Los Santos passed for 968 yards, and 4 touchdowns, rushed for 774 yards and 6
                          Brenda Turrubiartes                                       touchdowns, and averaged 34 yards/ punt to be among the area leaders in the Victoria Advo-
                             Kesha Jackson                                          cate for passing and punting. He also was awarded Athlete of the Week by the Advocate.
                             Adriana Garcia                                         Orlando Mendez was among the leaders in the area in the Victoria Advocate in receiving
                              Ana Esquivel                                          with 502 yards on 35 receptions.
                                                                                    Richie Villa kicked the field goal that broke the 7 year streak of not scoring against Refugio.
                                                                                    Other outstanding plays came from Reagan Richter, Dimitri Delarosa, Eddie Sawal, &
                                         Basketball                                 Fernando Acosta.
                              The Freshmen Girls Team                               At the All-District Football Meeting hosted on November 11th in Skidmore we received 10
                             won the Consolation Bracket                            total All-District selections which is fantastic and goes to show that coaches in our district
                             at the St. Joe's Tournament                            are respecting what we are doing with our athletes.
Healthy New Year’s Resolutions
                                                                                      PAGE   7

     It’s that time of year again, time when people start to make resolutions for
  the coming year. This year try and include several healthy resolutions on your list.
  Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

   1.    I will apply sunscreen before going outdoors. I will wear a hat and sun-
         glasses when I am not in the shade.
   2.    I will find a sport or activity that I enjoy and do it at least three times per
   3.    Examples are: soccer, basketball, bike riding, dancing, jumping rope, walking
   4.    I will wear my seat belt every time I get in a car.
   5.    I will eat a healthy breakfast.
   6.    I will drink water and milk and limit soda and fruit drinks.
   7.    I will practice proper dental hygiene, brushing twice a day and flossing once
         a day.
   8.    I will wash my hands before I eat and after using the restroom.
   9.    My child will always wear a helmet when bicycling.
   10.   I will eat more fruits and vegetables.
   11.   I will find constructive ways to relieve stress, such as exercising, reading,
         writing in a journal, or talking with a friend.

         Library Extended Hours
                                  Upcoming District Events
  8– JV V Girls Basketball vs Van Vleck            5/6:30pm Here
 10-12– V Girls Basketball Brookshire-Royal Tournament
       – V Boys Basketball Industrial Tournament
       –JV Boys Basketball Palacios Tournament
 14– JH Girls Baskeetball vs Banquete 7B, 7A, 8A 5/5:45/6:45 pm Here
    – JH Boys Basketball vs Banquete 7th, 8th      5/6:30 pm There
 15– F JV V Girls Basketball vs Industrial         5/6/7 pm There
    – JV V Boys Basketball vs Louise               5/6:30 pm There   1– JV V Girls Basketball vs Ganado             5/6:30 pm Here
 17– Girls Basketball Alumni Game                  TBA Here          2– JV V Boys Basketball vs Industrial          TBA There
 18– JV V Boys Basketball vs Ganado                5/6:30 pm Here    4– JV V Girls Basketball vs Edna               5/6:30 pm There
 28-29– V Girls Basketball Palacios Tournament                       5– JV V Boys Basketball vs Pettus              5/6:30 pm Here
                                                                     7– JH Girls Basketball vs Refugio 7B, 7A, 8A 5/5:45/6:45 pm There
                                                                      – JH Boys Basketball vs Refugio 7th, 8th      5/6:30 pm Here
                                                                     8– JV V Girls Basketball vs Banquete           5/6:30 pm Here
                                                                      – JV V Boys Basketball vs Ganado              5/8 pm There
                                                                     9– JH Girls Basketball Hallettsville Tournament 7A, 8A only
                                          GO                         11– JH Boys Basketball vs Odem                 5/6:30 pm Here
                                              GR                        – JH Girls Basketball vs Odem 7B, 7A, 8A 5/5:45/6:45 pm There
                                                 EE                  12– JV V Girls Basketball vs Refugio           5/6:30 pm There
                                                     N                  – JV V Boys Basketball vs Palacios          5/8 pm There
                                                                     15– JV V Boys Basketball vs Odem               5/8 pm There
                                                                        – JV V Girls Basketball vs Odem             5/6:30 pm There
                                                                     19– JV V Boys Basketball vs Taft               5/8 pm There
                                                                        – JV V Girls Basketball vs Taft             5/6:30 pm Here
                                                                     21– JH Girls Basketball vs Taft 7B, 7A, 8A     5/5:45/6:45 pm Here
                                                                        – JH Boys Basketball vs Taft 7th, 8th       5/ 6:30 pm There
                                                                     22– JV V Girls Basketball vs Skidmore-Tynan 5/6:30 pm There
                             February                                   – JV V Boys Basketball vs Skidmore          5/8 pm There
                                                                     25– JH Girls Basktbll vs Skidmore 7B, 7A, 8A 5/5:45/6:45 pm There
1– JH Boys Basketball vs Banquete 7th, 8th 5/6:30 pm Here
                                                                        – JH Boys Basktbll vs Skidmore 7th, 8th     5/6:30 pm Here
 – JH Girls Basketball vs Refugio 7B, 7A, 8A 5/5:45/6:45 pm There
                                                                     26– JV V Boys Basketball vs Banquete           5/8 pm There
2– JV V Boys Basketball vs Odem                5/8 pm BES/BHS
                                                                       – JV V Girls Basketball vs Banquete          5/6:30 pm There
 – JV V Girls Basketball vs Odem               5/6:30 pm Here
                                                                     29– JV V Boys Basketball vs Refugio            5/8 pm BES/BHS
5– JV V Boys Basketball vs Taft                5/8 pm There
                                                                        –JV V Girls Basketball vs Refugio           5/6:30 pm Here
 – JV V Girls Basketball vs Taft               5/6:30 pm There
8– JH Girls Basketball vs Refugio 7B, 7A, 8A 5/5:45/6:45 pm Here
 – JH Boys Basketball vs Refugio 7th, 8th      5/6:30 pm There
9– JV V Girls Basketball vs Skidmore           5/6:30 pm BES/BHS
 – JV V Boys Basketball vs Skidmore            5/8 pm Here
12– JV V Boys Basketball vs Banquete           5/8 pm Here
16– JV V Boys Basketball vs Refugio            5/8 pm There

                                                                                       Tuesday, December 8th—BES Cafeteria 6:30 pm
                                                                                                  Counseling Parenting Series
                                                                                             Friday, December 11th– PES Gym
                                                                                              Awards Program (2nd Six Weeks)
                                                                                                      4th Grade-12:15 pm
                                                                                                      5th Grade-10:45 am
                                                                                                       6th Grade-9:25 am
BLOOMINGTON ISD                                                                       Tuesday, December 12th—BES Cafeteria 6:30 pm
                                                                                                  Counseling Parenting Series
                                                                                          Tuesday, December 15th—PES Gym 6 pm
          PO BOX 158                                                                       Christmas Program-Christmas in Paradise
                                                                                        Tuesday, December 15th—Auditorium 6:30 pm
           2875 FM 616                                                                              BES Christmas Program
 BLOOMINGTON, TX 77951                                                                  Tuesday, December 17th—Auditorium 7:30 pm
                                                                                             MS/HS Band Concert and Art Show
                                                                                             Fri. December 18th —Early Release
      Phone: 361-897-1652                                                              (BES 12 pm, PES 12:15 pm, BMS/BHS 12:30 pm)
       Fax: 361-897-1214                                                                 December 21st-January 4th—Winter Break
                                                                                      Tuesday, January 5th—Students Return from break                                                                   Saturday, January 9th—Skidmore, TX
                                                                                               2nd-5th Grade UIL Competition
                                                                                           Saturday, January 16th—Skidmore, TX
                                                                                                  6th Grade UIL Competition