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									     2007 Highlights

By Preston Bailey and Will Lewis
                    Virginia Tech
On April 16th, Cho Seung-Hui
  shot two Virginia Tech
  students in a dorm room.
  While the police were
  looking for a suspect, Cho
  went to a post office and
  mailed a manifesto to NBC
  News. Afterwards, he
  returned to the school and
  began shooting his way
  through classrooms and
  buildings. 33 people had
  died: 27 students, 5
  professors and the shooter.
     Chinese-made Toy Recall
• In mid-2007, Thomas the Tank Engine, Big Bird,
  Elmo, Dora the Explorer, Barbie, and The Easy
  Bake Oven were recalled due to containment of
  lead paint or loose magnets. It is estimated that
  more than 20 million toys were recalled.
           Nuclear Six-Pack
• In August, when six
  nuclear weapons
  were loaded on the
  wing of a B-52
  bomber, and flown to
  Louisiana from North
  Dakota, a glaring
  display of how easily
  nuclear safe guards
  can fall apart was
In early 2007, a study
  by the NIH showed
  that men who were
  medically circumcised
  were 51% less likely
  to be afflicted with
             Avian Influenza
In 2007, the FDA approved the first Bird Flu
  vaccine. This was because government health
  officials believed that a global epidemic would
  come soon.
             Zero Punctuation
A new drug for women,
  Lybrel, was approved by
  the FDA. This new drug
  was a birth control pill that,
  unlike convention birth
  control pills, also
  completely removing
               Apple iPhone
Apple‟s newest gadget-
  the iPhone was first
  released in 2007. This
  device combined the
  popular iPod with a
  cell phone. „Nuff said.
Halo 3 was released for
 the Xbox 360 in 2007
 by Bungie. With
 amazing graphics,
 evenly matched
 multiplayer, and a
 good storyline, this is
 one of the top games
 of the year.
• Orange Box, Rock
  Band, Super Mario
  Galaxy, Bioshock,
  Call of Duty 4:
  Modern Warfare,
  Mass Effect were all
  released in 2007.
               Random Facts
• The 1st president of Russia, Борис Николаевич Ельцин
  (Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin) died on April 23rd.
• It is the Chinese Year of the Dolphin.
• A 2,100-year-old melon is discovered by archaeologists
  in western Japan.
• Evil Knievel died on November 30th.
• Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize.
• The “Don‟t tase me bro” incident occurred in 2007.

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