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					Red Clay: A Pox on our Snow
      White Beaches!
  Dennis Hatfield, President LLPS
    How did our beaches get so
 Our beaches are special! 99.97% snow white, pure quartz
  sand, with no natural clay, and a very small (.03%)
  percentage of dark iron and titanium rich heavy minerals
 The source materials for the “Miracle Strip” are quartz and
  feldspar rich granites from the Appalachians
 The quartz sand rich Miracle Strip is a “mature” product of
  numerous repeated episodes of erosion, and deposition.
  Physical transport and chemical weathering have removed
  all less resistant minerals and left only the quartz
 Microscopic examination of individual sand grains tells a
  story. The sand is well sorted, and each grain is almost
  perfectly rounded, frosted, polished, and pitted
  A “River of Sand” brings us our
     Sand From Apalachicola
 Mobile Bay delivers a
  tremendous volume of
  distinctly different
  sediment to our coast
  compared to “Miracle
  Strip” sediments derived
  from Fla
 A “river of sand” flows
  from Apalachicola to the
  mouth of Mobile Bay
 The Fort Morgan
  Peninsula forms a
  barrier which effectively
  separates Mobile Bay
  sediments from “Miracle
  Strip” sediments
 Red Clay on the Miracle Strip is
     like a “Road Alligator”
 If we want Lagoon waters to remain relatively clear, and lagoon
  and beach sand to remain unique/special/white we have to say
  no to importing any and all red/yellow materials onto Pleasure
 Clay is both a textural and mineralogical term-clay minerals and
  sized particles are 1/256 MM and smaller
 Sediments turn yellow or red because the iron contained in them
  is “oxidized”
 Oxidized clay sized sediment is very mobile-easily transported
  by water and wind
 A small amount of oxidized iron rich material can stain a large
  amount of pure white sand for a long time, and once it is in our
  special pure white quartz sand environment, it can do damage
  over and over again
Red Clay is Illegal along the Fort
        Morgan Road
 Uses:
   – Inexpensive (short term) road bed and house pad
   – Inexpensive (short term) fill and grade material
 Gulf Shores recently passed ordinance prohibiting colored
  materials for use south and in large areas north of the Fort
  Morgan Hwy
 Code enforcement is currently lacking, numerous
  examples exist of code violations since new code passed
 We (LLPS) can help by educating/understanding code,
  reporting code violations and following up to see that code
  is enforced, and violations punished