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									Grassroots newsletter                                                                    October 2010

Pass It On…..                                                                                   Issue 22

               Telford & Wrekin CVS is your Local Funder
          Grassroots grant panel dates:
               8th. November 2010
  Any grants applied for need to be spent by 31st
                   March 2011.

         Grants have been awarded to:
          Stirchley Sheltered Housing
        Wrekin and Telford Choral Society
         Wrekin Special Swimming Club

     More information about completing grant
           Applications can be found at

                       Grassroots Endowment Challenge
                           “The Community Chest”
          Many thanks for the donation received from STABLE
 Many thanks to donelder an ebayer who is supporting the community chest
                       through his ebay activities.

                      Donate your Scrap Car to CVS!
        Every car has a value, whether it's roadworthy or only good for scrap
  Is a social enterprise that allows you to donate your old car,
                     just as you might donate
                 possessions to a charity shop.

        How Does Scrap Car Donation Work?
                   The process is very simple.

                     Arrange a convenient time to send round a tow truck.
 The vehicles are picked up by the largest vehicle manufacturer approved car recycling net-
  work in the UK. They will pick up any car, at no cost to you, and either sell it at a salvage
    auction, or dispose of it through an authorised treatment facility.    020 0011 1664

This is a unique opportunity to double the
impact of your donation.                                 Click on this link to view the Grassroots
                                                      Endowment video and learn about what we are
The money raised will be held in an                                        doing :
endowment fund and the interest will be used
                                                     Visit the Grassroots website to see how groups
after March 2011 to continue the grants for                       have used their grants.
small voluntary and community groups in          
Telford & Wrekin.
                                                             Government matches
 If you would like to make a donation                              £ for £
 please make cheques payable to
 Telford and Wrekin CVS.
 And send to:
 Telford and Wrekin CVS                                         The key to the success of
 Grassroots Endowment,
 Meeting Point House,                                                 GRASSROOTS
 Southwater Square,
 Town Centre, Telford,
                                                      is to let as many people as possible know
 TF3 4HS
 01952 291350                                        about what we are trying to achieve. Please
 OR call in and see us.                             pass this edition of our monthly newsletter on.
 OR visit our web
Changes to Awards for All Small Grant Funding
Awards for All is chnging from the 1st April 2009.

To find out how please see the attached presentation.

You can see the new guidance and application form from


We are growing a Grassroots Endowment Fund to help small local charities
and groups, to continue their work to improve the Quality of Life for many individuals.

The money we raise will be matched by the Government to create a community chest
for the future.

It is known nationally as the

                                   Go on, have a go.

are accepted?

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