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									                                    OFFICERS CALL
                           ST. PETERSBURG AREA CHAPTER,
                              Military Officers Association of America
                              P. O Box 7054, St. Petersburg, FL 33734
VOL VII No. VII Five Star Chapter: 2000, 2002-07  July 2009
   Print Media Winner 2006; Also, 2003 Won: Print & Electronic Media & Web Site!!

  President's Comments:                                                Our July Speaker:
  First, some sad news. Colonel Al                                           Captain Todd A. Sokalzuk, USCG
Neville, USAF (Ret), flew his final flight                          Captain Todd A. Sokalzuk is a
on 9 June 2009. Al was the former edi-                            1985 graduate of the U.S. Coast
tor of the Officers Call and my mentor                            Guard Academy and served his ini-
and friend (and a friend to all of us). I                         tial tours on the USCGC SHERMAN
shall miss him.                                                   and the USCGC MORGENTHAU as
  Next, CAPT Bob Eynatten, USN (Ret)                              a student engineer. He was selected
and his lovely wife, Maggie, have de-                             for Naval Flight School in 1987 and
cided to move nearer to family in the Phoenix area. For many earned his “wings” in 1989.
years, Bob and Maggie greeted each and every attendee at the        Captain Sokalzuk’s first aviation
monthly luncheons and made sure that the behind-the-scenes assignment was as a duty standing
items for the luncheons were completed without a hitch.           pilot flying HH-3F Pelican and HH-60J Jayhawk helicopters at Air
  Bob and Maggie, from me and from all the members of the St Station Clearwater. He also deployed extensively for Operation
Petersburg Area Chapter, a heartfelt THANK YOU! Good luck Bahamas, Turks and Caicos for counter narcotics operations. In
in Arizona. We will miss you. (See pg 8 for their new address.) 1994 he was assigned as an HH-60J instructor pilot at the Aviation
                                                                  Training Center and was involved with bringing the HH-60J Flight
  On a lighter note, the 2009 Florida Council of Chapters Con- Simulator and associated training on line.
vention, hosted by our Chapter, is over. And, by all accounts
and measurements, it was a huge success and set a new stan-         In 1998, Captain Sokalzuk was assigned to the Office of Aviation
dard for the Council and chapters who host the convention.        Management developing resource proposals and managing fund-
                                                                  ing for a variety of aviation programs including the Airborne Use of
  You can be enormously proud of your Chapter members who Force program and a variety of aircraft upgrades and acquisitions.
worked so tirelessly to make this the undisputed success that it In 2000, he was assigned to the Office of Programs and reviewed
was, beginning with CAPT Don Freese, the Convention Chair. Coast Guard resource policy and proposals for the Coast Guard’s
  There were so many of our Chapter members who stepped naval, aviation, civil and electronics engineering programs.
up to the plate and helped Don that I cannot begin to name them     Captain Sokalzuk was assigned as Deputy Commander Coast
all. Suffice it to say, though, that we as a Chapter, and Don as Guard Activities San Diego in 2002. He won a variety of resources
the chairman, could not have pulled this off without all the help for anti-terrorism force protection upgrades, construction projects
that we received.                                                 and was involved in the development of the Sector Command Center
  I am very proud of all of you who worked so tirelessly to         – Joint. He also managed the reorganization of Activities San Diego
ensure the success. EVERYONE did his or her part, and when          into a Sector. In 2005 Captain Sokalzuk assumed command of Air
necessary, many stepped in to fill the inevitable voids that al-    Station Savannah, and was selected to attend the Air War College
ways seem to appear despite all the careful and meticulous plan-    where he earned a Masters Degree in National Security Strategy.
ning. And, for those of you who were unable to help, I thank        CAPT Sokalzuk is currently the Commanding Officer of Coast
you for your moral support and encouragement.                       Guard Air Station Clearwater.
  There were 63 St Petersburg Area Chapter members and           CAPT Sokalzuk’s military awards include four Meritorious Ser-
spouses who attended at least one event. We were, by far, the vice Medals, the Air Medal, two Coast Guard Commendation Med-
chapter with the most attendees, but, because we were the host als, the Coast Guard Achievement Medal, the Commandant’s Let-
chapter, we were excluded from winning any attendance awards. ter of Commendation and various unit commendations.
                                                                     CAPT Sokalzuk is married to the former Ruth Williams of George
  See President's, Pg 8                                             West, Texas. They are the proud parents of a son, Samuel, and a
                                                                    daughter, Maggie.
Page 2                                                                               OFFICERS CALL –July 2009

       Officers Call                                                                         Luncheon Meetings The 3rd Friday — mixer
Print Media Winner- 2006                                                                     11:00 - 11:45 luncheon; program 11:45 - 13:15;
Print Media 1st Runner-Up - 2008
-Officers Call is published monthly by The St Petersburg Area                                BanquetMasters, 8100 Park Blvd., Pinellas Pk.
Chapter, MOAA, Inc. P.O. Box 7054, St Petersburg, Fl 33734.
Articles in Officers Call are the sole opinion of the authors and
do not necessarily reflect policies or opinions of the publisher.
Mailed as third class mail at the Manasota Post Office, Permit
#1533. Printed by Creative Technology of Sarasota, Inc.                                   July 17th , Friday. Speaker: CAPT Todd Sokalzuk, USCG,
• Editor – Lt Col Larry Fernald, USAF ................ 522-6237                              Air Station Clearwater Commander
• Reporter/Photos – CWO4 Basil Burrell, USCG 821-7365
• Consultant-- Col Al Neville, USAF....................... 522-5685
                                                                                          August 21st, Friday. Speaker: COL Sharon Richie-Melvin,
                           DIRECTORS                                                         USA (Ret) Florida Veterans Affairs
 President- Lt Col Larry Fernald, USAF .......... .522-6237
 1st VP- MAJ Ed Lillich, USA .............................. .546-2246                     September 18th, Friday. Speaker:
 2nd VP- LTC Terry Carr, USA .............................. 392-6524
 Secretary- Mrs. Chris Lillich ............................... .546-2246
 Treasurer- Maj Pete Dawson, USAF .................... 894-3761
  2009 —
 COL Ron Merritt, USA ..................................... 397-9809                        ** Need a ride to the luncheon?
 CDR Maureen Conners, USN ............................ 347-7976
 Mrs. Anita Harrow, AuxMember-N .................... 347-3730
  2009 & 2010 —
                                                                                            Call: LCDR Paul Finley, 391-5908
 CDR Bill Bolin, USN ....................................... 584-1595
 LT Ed Conners, USN ....................................... 347-7976                        or Lt Col Larry Fernald, 522-6237
 Mrs. Barbara Walters, AuxMember-A ............. 595-4619
. Immediate Past President
 CAPT Don Freese, USN .................................... 360-3102
  COMMITTEE CHAIRS                                                                           Business Meetings are on the 1st Monday of the
 Advertising .......... LTC Janice Mogan, USA ..........                381-3997             month 11:30-12:30 at Perkins Restaurant on the NE
 Auxiliary Liaison . Mrs Anita Harrow, AuxMbr-N ..                      367-9050
 Awards ................ Maj Gen Earl Peck, USAF ........               525-1688
                                                                                             corner of Starkey Rd. & Park Blvd., Seminole.
 Bylaws/Policy Bk LtCol Fred Edwards, USMC ......                       360-2936
 Chaplain: .............. COL George Brown, USA .........               866-6859
 Data Base ............. Lt Col Larry Fernald, USAF .....               522-6237
 Electronic Info .... Lt Col Larry Fernald USAF ......                  522-6237
 Historian: ............. LTC Marie Lorence, USA .........              595-1342            July 6th Monday
 JROTC ................ MAJ Ed Lillich, USA .................           546-2246
 Law:     ................ CAPT Don Freese, USN ...........             360-3102            August 3rd Monday
 Legislative: .......... CAPT Don Freese, USN ...........               360-3102
 MacDill Liaison ... Mrs Violet Smith, AuxMbr-A ....                    595-5543            September 7th Monday
 Master at Arms .... CWO4 Basil Burrell, USCG .......                   821-7365
 Membership ......... LTC Terry Carr, USA ................              381-3997
 Memorial ............. Mrs Violet Smith, AuxMbr-A ....                 595-5543
 Newsletter ............ Vacant
 Nominating Cmte Col Bill Lofgren, USAF .............                   528-3946                                  ROWC
 Personal Affairs ... Mrs Violet Smith, AuxMbr-A ....                   595-5543
 Programs .............. MAJ Ed Lillich, USA .................          546-2246             • Luncheons resume in October.
 Publicity: .............. Mrs. Chris Lillich .......................   546-2246              Membership: Martha Willis 579-4116.
 Reservations ........ LCDR Paul Finley ......................          391-5908
 ROWC Liaison .... Mrs Violet Smith, AuxMbr-A ....                      595-5543
 Scholarships: ........ Col Stew Palmer, USAF ............              343-5022
 TOPS ................ COL Ron Merritt, USA .............               367-9809
 VA Vol Svc ............ LCDR Hazel McGrath, USN ....                   545-3884             Bridge – (1st Wednesday of the month) 10:00 AM
 Vet Liaison ........... MAJ Ed Lillich, USA .................          546-2246              Banquet Masters, 8100 Park Blvd., Pinellas Park.
 Visitation .............. LCDR Hazel McGrath, USN ....                 545-3884              • Reservations: Evelyn Hamilton 399-1272, or
                                                                                                              Margaret Peck, 525-1688
              Chapter Statistics
    Total Membership    - 310
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                                                     OFFICERS CALL – July 2009                                               Page 3

           Dynamite FCOC Convention                                       Telephone news line set up for ‘non-
             by Maj Gen Earl G. Peck, USAF(Ret)                                    wired’ retirees

  As Master of Ceremonies for two of the principal events, I          RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas (AFRNS) – A toll-
enjoyed the opportunity and the pleasure of observing and par-      free telephone news line has been set up for those retirees and
ticipating in one of the best Florida Council of Chapters Con-      surviving spouses who do not have computer access.
ventions ever and certainly far and away the best since we            By calling (800) 558-1404, retirees and spouses can stay in-
adopted the foreshortened version of recent years. In fact, it      formed using this new easy-to-use menu-driven service.
could be argued that the plethora of attention-demanding events
could easily support a somewhat longer convention. If you're           Callers can select from several different topics that are com-
going to spend two days in a beach hotel without sticking your      piled from various electronic news sources. Topics include pay
toes in the Gulf, maybe you need another day or two to spread       and annuity matters, medical and health care, and other benefits
things out!                                                         and entitlements.
  From arrival to departure the Sirata Beach Resort on St. Pete      This news line joins the e-Afterburner, Air Force Retiree News
Beach provided a magnificent venue and supportive arrange-         Service, and Air Force Retiree Web site at www.retirees.af.mil
ments for this well-organized, finely orchestrated, tightly packed in providing the latest news and information to the service’s
and highly productive conventioneer's dream. Kudos to Con- retiree community.
vention Chair Captain Don Freese, USN, and to host-chapter
President Larry Fernald, USAF, for a virtually flawless job of
planning, organizing, and overseeing the myriad details of a suc-                 THE H.O.T. PROJECT
cessful convention. Of course, they had a lot of help - and all                         Help Our Troops
those volunteers deserve thanks and credit - but Don and Larry
provided the leadership which inspired such gratifying results!               Reported by Anita J. Harrow, Chairperson
  Every event seemed to contribute synergistically to a total
success. From the President's reception, with a warm wel-             We have all heard the saying that “it takes a village to raise a
come from Council President COL Troy Scott, USA, to the All-        child”; well, it likewise takes a dedicated group of generous
Hands breakfast with inspiring commentary by MOAA Presi-            SPAMOAA members as well as concerned friends and neigh-
dent VADM Norb Ryan, to the Military Ball with a thought-           bors to support and fund a project dedicated to recognizing and
provoking Keynote Address by Lt Gen Allen Peck, USAF, Com-          supporting our troops. Our H.O.T. project is serving approxi-
mander Air University, riveting presentations commanded the         mately 100 to 120 troops each month because of the effort of
rapt attention of delighted attendees. In between we were en-       so many people.
gaged by highly informative seminars featuring genuine experts:       For the past six months, I have been able to supply our troops
our own Violet Smith and Anita Harrow for Surviving Spouses,        with personal size toothpaste, dental floss, mouth wash, and
CAPT Bud Schneeweis, USCG, of the MOAA Staff, in the on-            toothbrushes. These very generous contributions resulted from
going fight for the military, and Lt Gen Mike Wooley, USAF(Ret),    members talking to their dentists; Dr. Anthony J. Schweiger
(greatly aided by our own LtCol Fred Edwards, USMC (Ret))           (Asa Myers), Dr. David Zabrocki (Wm Bolin), and Dr. David A.
in a truly magnificent national security discussion. In addition,   Brown (Peg Cowardin). My supply of toothpaste and dental
I would be remiss, if I didn't mention the warm, moving, and        items is now depleted so I am asking members to visit their
precisely executed Memorial Service, ably arranged and led by       dentists to request dental supplies for our H.O.T. project.
our own MAJ Ed Lillich, USA (Ret). And let's not forget the
                                                                   Always seeking ways to generate more money and get more
top-flight lunch with the superb views on the eighth floor that
                                                                 people involved in our worthy cause, Wm Bolin and I con-
Don and the hotel put together! And MOAA Vacations was
                                                                 ducted a raffle at the H.O.T. table at the 2009 Florida Council
warmly received, too!
                                                                 of Chapters Annual Convention. A beautiful gift basket donated
  All in all, the St. Petersburg Area Chapter can be proud of by Ms. Robin Katchuk from the Palms of Largo (thanks to Wm
setting a new standard for the rest of Florida to shoot at. Con- Bolin) was raffled with the funds going into the H.O.T. ac-
gratulations to all responsible! Cape Coral now has something count.
to emulate in Ft. Myers in 2010!
                                                                   Many members have made cash contributions and they are
                                                                 recognized in our monthly Officers Call. There are, however,
                                                                 friends and neighbors who believe in our cause and have helped
                                                                 with generous cash contributions who also deserve recogni-
                                                                 tion. Here at Paradise Island Towers (affectionately known as

                                                                                        See HOT, Page 11

Page 4                                                OFFICERS CALL –July 2009

  Editor's Note: Since there was no Executive Committee meet-
ing in June, there are no minutes to publish on this page. There-
fore, I am putting assorted photos from the convention. Chris
Lillich's excellent notes will return with the August edition re-
porting on the July EC meeting. Additionally, there are con-
vention photos scattered throughout this publication.

                                               Visit our Chapter Web Site =>
                                                      OFFICERS CALL – July 2009                                                   Page 5

         MOAA Legislative Update                                      long said that it’s unrealistic to expect that fees will never in-
                                                                      crease. The need is to get some language in law acknowledging
                                                                      that military people pay huge, up-front premiums in service and
                Edited by Don Freese
                                                                      sacrifice over and above what they pay in cash, establish statu-
             From MOAA and other sources                              tory limits on Pentagon authority to raise fees, and require DOD
                                                                      to pursue alternative options to achieve health cost savings.
  National Health Care Reform and the                                   Davis noted further that the Subcommittee supports the provi-
Military, Published by Col Steve                                      sion in the President’s budget to phase out the disability offset to
Strowbridge, USAF (Ret)                                               retired pay for all military disability retirees. “Unfortunately, the
  We are reading more and more                                        subcommittee was unable to identify spending offsets to pay for
about the possibility (if not probabil-                               that $5.1 billion proposal…” She said House leaders want to make
ity) of Congress passing some kind of                                 that improvement and are working to find the funding so the pro-
national health care reform legisla-                                  vision can be included in the bill when it comes before the full
tion this year. An obvious question                                   House for action (expected next week).
on that topic is “How would national                                    During subsequent committee action, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC)
health care reform affect military and                                proposed an amendment to repeal the disability offset for all
VA beneficiaries?”                                                    disabled retirees, repeal the SBP/DIC offset, and improve health
  MOAA’s hope is that Congress will                                   coverage for early Guard/Reserve retirees. He proposed paying
recognize that military and VA health                                 for it by reducing other government program funding by a frac-
care programs fulfill a special need,                                 tion of a percentage point. But the amendment was tabled on a
and that it would be inappropriate to just wrap all health pro-       budgetary point of order because its $36 billion 10-year cost
grams together so military and VA beneficiaries have the same         couldn’t be funded with offsets under the committee’s control.
coverage as all other Americans.                                        MOAA provided Rep. Wilson a letter of support for his amend-
  But MOAA is not taking any chances. MOAA and The Military           ment as a matter of principle. We understand the Armed Services
Coalition have sent letters to every member of Congress articulat-    Committee’s difficulty in complying with House rules that require
ing that it’s essential to sustain the unique military/TRICARE and    budget offsets within its jurisdiction. But we believe strongly that,
VA health coverages because they serve unique roles in offsetting     when Congress is providing trillions in stimulus packages and
decades of arduous service for career personnel and their fami-       bailouts to lots of less-deserving groups, congressional leaders
lies and recognizing the government’s special responsibility to       must be held accountable to find the means to provide substan-
those who have suffered illness or injury as a result of their        tive progress for both disabled retirees and SBP/DIC widows.
service to the Nation.                                                  MOAA Gets Audience with Speaker Pelosi
  You can help by sending MOAA’s suggested message to your              Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the top House committee
legislators from www.MOAA.org.                                        chairs held a roundtable discussion with military and veterans
  House Defense Bill                                                  association leaders in the Capitol to discuss legislation affecting
  The House Armed Services Committee approved the House ver-          active duty, retiree, survivor, veteran and military family mem-
sion of the FY2010 Defense Authorization Bill.                        bers.
  Key provisions of the bill include: Authorizes 3.4% raise for         The Speaker opened the session by touting passage of a 3.4%
2010, vs. the 2.9% proposed by the Pentagon, Allows the Army to       pay raise for next year; a special stop-loss payment of $500 per
grow an additional 30,000 active duty troops in FY2011 and            month retroactive to Sept. 11, 2001 for troops held past their
FY2012, if the Army budgets for the additional troops, : Extends      commitments, advance funding for VA health care, and passage
the temporary increase in the maximum number of leave days            last year of the Post-9/11 GI Bill.
that can be carried over from one year to the next year to 75 days,     She invited MOAA President VADM Norb Ryan, Jr., USN (Ret) to
Establishes a monthly allowance for catastrophically injured          speak on military benefits including health care, concurrent re-
service members so they can receive assistance with tasks of          ceipt and survivor issues. He thanked the House leadership for
daily living, Requires DOD to review standards used to calculate      “delivering” on a wide range of important upgrades, including
the monthly housing rates, Directs the Pentagon to establish a        major VA funding and GI Bill improvements. But he also said that
DOD school of nursing and provide health professional scholar-        both the Administration and Congress have raised the expecta-
ships for students pursuing degrees related to mental health care.    tions of disabled retirees and military survivors, and it will be
  What the approved bill does not address is TRICARE fee in-          essential to follow through with long-needed fixes.
creases, improvements in concurrent receipt, nor relief for mili-       Ryan said the President’s first-ever inclusion of a concurrent
tary survivors suffering from the SBP/DIC offset.                     receipt provision in his proposed FY2010 budget has raised re-
  Military Personnel Subcommittee Chair Susan Davis (D-CA) said,      tiree expectations, and that they are looking to House leaders to
“Thankfully, this year the subcommittee did not have to deal with     find the necessary funding so this initiative can be included in
the dramatic increases to TRICARE fees as Secretary Gates has         this year’s defense bill.
indicated a willingness to work with the committee to address the       He also noted that House leaders have long expressed support
significant growth in military health care expenditures however,      for eliminating the “unfair tax on our [military] widows,” who are
We could have included a prohibition on fees this year,” she said,    penalized up to $1,154 a month under current law. He noted that
“but it would have created a false sense of security that prohibi-
tions on health care fees would continue in the future.” MOAA has                     See Legislative, Pg 10

Page 6                                                    OFFICERS CALL –July 2009
                                                                         Chapter is expected to be named soon. As soon as that happens
      Monthly Luncheon; 19 June 2009                                     Larry and Stew Palmer
                Reported by Basil Burrell                                will get in touch with the
                                                                         scholar to have him or
 Attended – 68: (65 reservations), 3 Member Guests,                      her come to a Chapter
 1 Chapter Guest                                                         Luncheon to meet us.
   [3 Walk-in, 1 No-show]
                                                                         Hopefully,            the
                                                                         designated scholar will
  Our President Lt Col Larry Fernald,                                    be someone from our
USAF (Ret), got today’s festivities                                      area who can come to a
started by asking everyone to stand                                      luncheon         without
while First VP MAJ Ed Lillich, USA                                       having to travel half way
                                                                                                           Betty and Paul Finley
(Ret), gave the Invocation in the                                        across the state.                check folks in for lunch
absence of our Chaplain today. Larry                                       Larry reminded us that
then led us in the pledge to our Flag                                    last Sunday, 14 June, was Flag Day and that LTC Terry Carr, USA
and Country.                                                             (Ret), has an audio recording for us to listen to. The tape had a
  Larry said a few words about the                                       story about the circumstances of Francis Scott Key’s creation of
Military Message Center (MMC)                                                                                             our National
where all kinds of good stuff can be                                                                                      Anthem and
found. Give him your e-mail address                                                                                       concluded with
to sign up to receive information from                                                                                    a        stirring
the MMC. Next on the agenda was                                                                                           rendition of it by
the door prize drawing and the equity                                                                                     a very good
distribution drawing. Now I have to tell you that normally I                                                              singer       who
would object to the results of some of these drawings, but since                                                          reminded me of
                                        Mike Tomasulo and Georgia                                                         Lee Greenwod.
                                        French generously gave                                                            Terry told us that
                                        their winnings to Anita                Fred Edwards, Mike Tomasulo, and Pete      some pictures
                                        Harrow for HOT, I will keep                          Dawson                       that Paulette
                                        my mouth shut. Thank you         Carr had taken at the convention were available on the table by
                                        Georgia and Mike, you are        the front door. Take any you want.
                                        good people! Then Larry            After a break for lunch Ed Lillich introduced our guest speaker:
                                        called on Anita Harrow to        Pinellas-Pasco County State Attorney Bernie McCabe. Ed went
                                        give us an update on the         through Mr. McCabe’s many accomplishments, including that
                                        HOT project. Anita says we       he has been re-elected four times. Mr. McCabe spoke about the
                                        will spend a lot of money this   problems he is faced with in the current economic crisis. Nobody
       Anita Harrow and daughter,       month and 25 boxes will be
              Marri Harrow
                                                                         wants to raise taxes; quite the contrary people want to cut taxes.
                                        went out to serve about 120      Unfortunately, many services we receive don’t lend themselves
troops. Anita asks all of us to hit up our dentists for the personal     to reduced funding including
size tooth paste tubes. She needs as many as we can get because          police and court systems. He
the troops have asked several times for the tooth paste, tooth           supports a single law
brushes, and mouth wash sizes that the dentists give when you            enforcement (Sheriff) for the
go for dental work. Ask your dentist for these items even if you         entire county as one way to
don’t have a dental appointment. Anita will send a card to               reduce costs and duplication
those dentists who give                                                  of effort. Mr. McCabe is of the
to our HOT program to                                                    opinion that one prominent
acknowledge           their                                              proposal to cut property
support of our men and                                                   taxes by one-third would
women who are giving so                                                  result in a fiscal disaster in
much to our country. In                                                  Florida. Mr. McCabe finished Our very interesting guest speaker,
the absence of our                                                       with a lawyer joke which I           State Attorney Bernie McCabe
Scholarship Chairman Col                                                 won’t repeat here. He then
Stew Palmer, USAF (Ret),                                                 took questions and gave cogent answers to them. Larry
Larry announced that the                                                 presented Mr. McCabe with some items from our convention.
designated scholar for our             Earl and Margaret Peck            Larry then asked Ed Lillich to give the benediction and adjourned
                                                                         the meeting.

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                                         OFFICERS CALL – July 2009                                                Page 7

                                      Carol and Van Barnes
   Shirley and Ron Wildes
                                                                      Eleanor Burrell and Genevieve Poteat

                                   Ed Riley and daughter, Pat Riley          William Menyhert and his Mom,
Nominating Committee Chair: Bill
           Lofgren                                                                  Louisa Menyhert

                                                                        Pete Dawson, Margaret Peck, and
                                                                               Carroll Andrews
                                           Paulette Carr
          Kay Gottry

                                                                      Larry Fernald, Terry Carr, and Ed Lillich

                                   Anita Harrow and Don Freese
 Chris Lillich and Sherry Freese
                                                                                                Photos by Basil

Page 8                                                OFFICERS CALL –July 2009

     President's, from Pg 1
                                                                                  Address Updates
  There are still a few outstanding bills and checks due, so I do     Captain and Mrs. Robert Eynatten, USN (Ret)
not have the final accounting yet of the gross proceeds and the        (Maggie)
split that the Chapter will receive. I should have that for next      1472 E. Cherry Hills Drive
month's newsletter. But, right now, it looks like we will set a       Chandler, AZ 85249
record for that category as well. And, we earned the monies           480-895-5128 (After 7 July 2009)
not by over charging those who attended, but by selling ads for       (Page 23, 2009 Directory)
the Souvenir Book and by conducting an outstanding raffle and
                                                                       Lt Colonel Murl Frost, USAF (Ret)
silent auction. (I won one of 8 beautiful paintings painted and
                                                                       4917 Ravenswood Drive, Apt #804
donated by Bob and Nancy Dodson.) (Paintings shown
                                                                       San Antonio, TX 78227
thoughout this edition of Officers Call)
  Now that the convention is over, you might ask what we are           (Page 24, 2009 Directory)
going to do to occupy our time. And, the answer to that ques-
                                                                       Colonel and Mrs. Roger Shields, USA (Ret)
tion can be found, in part, on Page 10 in the Welcome Our New
Members! block. As you can see, there are no names there.
                                                                       1102 Glen Oaks
  So, beginning (probably) in August, we will launch a cam-            Nixa, MO 65714
paign to attract new members. And, everyone can help, since            417-724-9795
we all know of some retired (and maybe even some still serv-           (Page 39, 2009 Directory)
ing) officers and spouses in the area who are not members of
our Chapter.                                                          Mrs. Martha T. Willis
                                                                      8333 Seminole Blvd, Unit 541
 Let's all work to grow the chapter.
                                                                      Seminole, FL 33772
 See you at the July luncheon.                                        727-579-4116
                                                                      (Page 44, 2009 Directory)

                       Sick List
      Your cards, prayers, and thoughts are welcome.
       (Contact LCDR Hazel McGrath, 545-3884)

         * Lt Col Ron Wildes, USAFR (Ret)
           Page 44, 2009 Directory
         * Louann Andrews, Spouse
           Page 15, 2009 Directory
         * COL Roger Shields, USA (Ret)
           Page 39, 2009 Directory (with address
           correction, right)

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                                                  OFFICERS CALL – July 2009                                         Page 9

  2009 Officers Call BOOSTER Donors
     Gold ($50 & more); Silver ($25-49); Bronze ($1-24)                         July Birthdays
••GOLD –                     ••SILVER –                                           (38 to 92 years)
Freese, Donald CAPT       Baney, Eleanor Mrs.                  Day L Name     F Name     Rank                SVC
Gudmundson, Brent LTC     Burrell, Basil CWO4                  22  Cormier     Emery      Maj               USAF (Ret)
Isley, Anne Mrs.          Christie, Robert LtCol               08  Freese      Donald     CAPT              USN (Ret)
Lillich, Ed MAJ           Dawson, Peter Maj                    14  Frost       Murl       Lt Col            USAF (Ret)
Lofgren, William Col      Eynatten, Robert CAPT                06  Heilman     John       COL               USA (Ret)
Lorence, Marie LTC        Green, Richard CWO4                  17  Hoodecheck Vernice     Mrs.              AuxMbr-AF
Love, H. B. COL          ••BRONZE –                            03  Johnson     Frank      LCDR              USN (Ret)
Miller, Katherine Mrs.   Andrews, Carroll Lt Col               18  Kersey      John       CDR               USN (Ret)
Nelson, Landy COL        Cormier, Emery Maj                    03  Kline       Allen      2d Lt             USAAF
Neville, Albert Col      Lanier, Laurie Maj                    02  Lofgren     William    Col               USAF (Ret)
Palmer, Stew Col         Lorence, Marie LTC                    29  McGillicuddyTerry      CAPT              USN (Ret)
Peck, Earl Maj Gen       McGrath, Hazel LCDR                   02  McGrath     Hazel      LCDR              USNR (Ret)
Sims, Robert Maj         Simon, June Mrs.                      12  Middlemas John         MAJ               USA (Ret)
Smith, Violet Mrs.       Tondreau, Herb CWO4                   26  Montrem     Helen      Mrs.              AuxMbr-AF
Walters, Bobbie Mrs. Member donations ONLY:                    19  Murphy      Hazel      1LT               USANC (Frm)
                       $1,179 as of 6/21/2009
                                                               04  Nelson      Landy      COL               USA (Ret)
                                                               21  Oliver      Richard    LT                USN (Ret)
   2009 Scholarship Fund Donors                                16  Poage       William    LCDR              USN (Res)
(Includes donations to National MOAA)                          02  Poteat      Genevieve  Mrs.              AuxMbr-A
  Gold ($100 & more); Silver ($50-99); Bronze ($1-49)          21  Rozecki     Louise     Mrs.              AuxMbr-A
                                                               05  Sanders     Charlene   Capt              USAF (Ret)
••GOLD –                                                       14  Shivers     Frances    Capt              USAFR (Fmr)
Barton, Ann Mrs.                Smith, Violet Mrs.
                                                               04  Talbitzer   John       LT                USN (Ret)
Burrell, Basil CWO4             Speairs, Anse COL
                                                               07  Travis      D. Timothy LCDR              USN (Ret)
Eynatten, Robert CAPT          ••SILVER –                      21  Vision      Michael    CDR               USN (Ret)
Fernald, Larry Lt Col          Christie, Robert LtCol          03  Ward        Wayne      CPT               USA (Ret)
Freese, Donald CAPT            Conners, Ed LT                  20  Willis      Martha     Mrs.              AuxMbr-A
Gudmundson, Brent LTC          Gottry, Kay Mrs.                16  Young       Aylwyn     CDR               USCG
Isley, Anne Mrs.               Jessup, Jean Mrs.
Landers, Joan Mrs.             ••BRONZE –
Lofgren, William Col           Andrews, Carroll Lt Col               2009 Help Our Troops Donors
Lorence, Marie LTC             Baney, Eleanor Mrs.                  Gold ($50 & more); Silver ($25-49); Bronze ($1-24)
Love, H. B. COL                Cormier, Emery Maj
Nelson, Landy COL              Curren, Henry LT                 ••GOLD –                      •• SILVER –
Neville, Albert Col            Dawson, Peter Maj                Barton, Ann Mrs.              Baney, Eleanor Mrs.
Palmer, Stew Col               Green, Richard CWO4              Bolin, Bill CDR               Burrell, Basil CWO4
Parsons, Charles Col           McGrath, Hazel LCDR              Fernald, Larry Lt Col         Christie, Robert LtCol
Peck, Earl Maj Gen             Simon, June Mrs.                 Bischofs, Henriette Mrs.      Dawson, Peter Maj
Sims, Robert Maj               Tondreau, Herb CWO4              Freese, Donald CAPT           Eynatten, Robert CAPT
                            Member donations ONLY:              Gudmundson, Brent LTC         Green, Richard CWO4
                            $2,501.00 as of 6/21/2009
                                                                Isley, Anne Mrs.              Lanier, Laurie Maj
                                                                Kottich, Charles COL          Lorence, Marie LTC
                                                                Lofgren, William Col          Milford, John Lt Col
                                                                Miller, Katherine Mrs.        Simon, June Mrs.
                                                                Misuraca A. J. 1 Lt          ••BRONZE –
                                                                Nelson, Landy COL            Andrews, Carroll Lt Col
                                                                Neville, Albert Col          Cormier, Emery Maj
                                                                Palmer, Stew Col             Dwyer, Thurm Col
                                                                Peck, Earl Maj Gen           Gottry, Catharine Mrs.
                                                                Sims, Robert Maj             McGrath, Hazel LCDR
                                                                Smith, Violet Mrs.           Munchbach, Rose LTC
                                                                Talbitzer, John LT           Tomasulo, Mike Maj
                                                               Member donations ONLY:        Tondreau, Herb CWO4
                                                               $1,603 as of 6/21/2009        Trahan, Creighton LTC

Page 10                                                   OFFICERS CALL –July 2009

          Legislative, from Pg 5
Congress approved only a token $50 monthly payment two years
ago, and the widows’ provision in the new tobacco bill would                            Welcome Our
provide only modest relief – and none before 2014. Ryan said it’s                       New Members!
imperative to provide them substantive relief in the near term.
  Finally, Ryan urged House leaders to ensure unique military
and VA health care programs are preserved, and not taxed, under
                                                                                     Sadly, none.
any national health care reform plan.
  Speaker Pelosi responded, “We, the House leadership, aren’t
finished with those issues.” Earlier in the discussion, Armed Ser-
vices Committee Chairman Ike Skelton (D-MO) expressed “major
disappointment” that his extensive efforts to work with other com-
mittees hadn’t yet identified the necessary offsets. But he said
there could be “some light at the end of the tunnel” in anticipation
of House action on the defense bill next week.
  Funding Bills Include Benefit Fixes
  As we go to press the House and Senate has passed the $106
billion dollar FY2009 Supplemental Appropriations Act that in-
cluded nearly $80 billion in war spending. The bill now heads to
the President for signature.
  The bill includes several compensation provisions of interest:
Stop Loss: Provides over 185,000 service members who have had
their enlistments involuntarily extended since 9/11 with $500 for
each month they were held under stop-loss orders, Recoupment
of Separation Pay: Allows DOD to adjust the rate at which service
members repay separation benefits if they subsequently become                   Grant Culverhouse
eligible for military retired pay. (This doesn’t exempt them from                Sales & Leasing Consultant
recoupment, but allows the Secretary to reduce the rate of re-                         45 years at Dew
coupment for reasons of financial hardship.), GI Bill Transfer-
ability: Allows transfer of Post-9/11 GI Bill education benefits to
children of members of the armed forces who die while on active
  In addition, the House Military Construction and VA Appropria-
tions Subcommittee approved its draft of the FY2010 Military
Construction and VA funding bill that includes a $48 billion ad-
vance appropriations for FY2011 in addition to funding for FY2010.       3333 Gandy Blvd., Pinellas Park, FL 33781
The advance appropriations initiative is a key goal for MOAA and                        (727) 822-2019
The Military Coalition to help protect continuity of VA funding at                Toll Free (888) WILL DEW
the start of a new fiscal year.                                                      Cell: (727) 460-3109
  Most years in the past, Congress hasn’t finished the appropria-              www.dewluxurymotorcars.com
tions bill by the first of the fiscal year, which often required fund-     gculverhouse@dewluxurymotorcars.com
ing cutbacks and delays for VA programs during the first part of                                                   Thru May 2010

each year.

                                                                                               Bring this ad in for a FREE
                                                                                                   chocolate pretzel!

                                                   Visit our Chapter Web Site =>
                          OFFICERS CALL – July 2009                                              Page 11


                                            •        Col Albert R. Neville, Jr., USAF (Ret),
                                                     9 Jun 2009, Page 34, 2009 Directory

                                            •        CWO Wayne J. Fisher, Jr., USCG (Ret),
                                                     5 Jun 2009, Page 23, 2009 Directory

                                            •        Mrs. Phyllis Lawson, Spouse of Col
                                                     George A. Lawson, USAF (Ret),
                                                     18 Oct 2008, Page 30, 2009 Directory
                                                Our thoughts and prayers are with family and friends.

                                                      HOT, from Page 3
                                          the PIT) in addition to help with the monthly boxes, my neigh-
                                          bors, Barbara Weber, Rose D’Agostino, Vi Watkins, and Marie
                                          Sweeney together have contributed almost $400. Perhaps neigh-
                                          bors in your community would be interested in making a cash
                                          contribution to our project.
                                           A special thanks to everyone who continues to support our
                                          H.O.T. project. We must always remember our military men
                                          and women who are sacrificing so much for freedom.

Across Gulf Boulevard, just
  North of the SIRATA
     727 360-1029
                                                           Photos by Basil
                         Thru June 2010

The St. Petersburg Area Chapter, MOAA                                           NON PROFIT
P.O. Box 7054                                                                  U.S.POSTAGE
St. Petersburg, FL 33734-7054                                                      PAID
                                                                              MANASOTA FL
                                                                              PERMIT No. 802

               Next Meeting
 WHEN: 17 JULY 2009
 WHERE: Banquet Masters,
  8100 Park Blvd, Pinellas
 TIME: Social "Hour" 11:00;
  Program begins at 11:45

          Sokalzuk, USCG

                                                       LUNCHEON MEETING
                                                        11:00 AM - 1:30 PM, July 17th
                                                     Banquet Masters, 8100 Park Blvd.
                                                    • Reservations by Wednesday July 15th

                                                Your name:                               .

                                                 Each reservation $12:
                                                    Roast Pork: _____________
                                                    Almond Crusted Salmon: __________
                                                    Cobb Salad:_________
     July Events:
                                              *** CLIP and MAIL, with check to:
     4th: Independence Day
                                                    LCDR Paul Finley, USN (Ret)
     16th: Apollo 11 Lifts off for the Moon          9800 Sago Pt Dr.
                                                    Largo, FL 33777
     20th: First landing on the Moon
     30th: National Cheesecake Day
                                                 For late reservations &/or a RIDE,
                                                    LCDR Paul Finley, 391-5908 or
                                                    Lt Col Larry Fernald, 522-6237

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