National Flood Insurance Program

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					Fact Sheet                                                                       Kentucky Division of Water
                                                                                   200 Fair Oaks Lane, 4th floor
National Flood Insurance Program                                                    Frankfort, KY 40601

 What is the National Flood Insurance Pro-             outreach materials, training workshops, quarterly
 gram?                                                 newsletters, NFIP presentations and onsite visits.
 The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a      They have also developed a Kentucky Floodplain
 voluntary program based on a mutual agreement         Managers Handbook and a Kentucky Quick Guide
 between the federal government and the local com-     for guidance in floodplain management. Check with
 munity. In exchange for adopting and enforcing a      state NFIP staff for future training workshop dates.
 floodplain management ordinance in compliance
 with federal and state laws, federally backed flood   State NFIP staff evaluates and documents commu-
 insurance is made available to property owners        nities participating in the NFIP floodplain manage-
 throughout the community.                             ment activities through a contract with the Federal
                                                       Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). A com-
 State role in the NFIP                                munity assistance contact is performed by a brief
 The Division of Water (DOW) is the state's coordi-    phone call or site visit with the local floodplain coor-
 nating agency for the NFIP. In this role, the DOW     dinator. A community assistance visit is an intense
 establishes development and building standards,       inspection of a community's SFHAs and flood-prone
 provides technical assistance to communities and      areas to identify any deficiencies in the community's
 agencies and evaluates and documents community        floodplain management program. It is followed by an
 floodplain management activities.                     in-depth meeting with local officials to discuss rec-
                                                       ommended improvements.
 When do I need a Stream Construction Per-
 mit from the state?
 The DOW administers KRS 151, which outlines the
                                                       Local community’s role in the NFIP
                                                       • Understand the local flood damage prevention or-
 requirements for obtaining a Stream Construction
                                                       dinance and all state and federal
 Permit for any development activities across or
                                                       floodplain management requirements.
 along any stream in Kentucky. Stream Construction
                                                       • Review permit applications for all floodplain devel-
 Permits are issued pursuant to 401 KAR 4:060.
 The state's minimum criteria supersede the federal
                                                       • Determine compliance with all applicable flood-
 NFIP standards in that the state requires Stream
                                                       plain management requirements.
 Construction Permits for development in all areas
                                                       • Coordinate permit reviews.
 across or along a stream, not limited to Special
                                                       • Conduct inspections on development in flood-
 Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs), as indicated on
 Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs). The state
                                                       • Take enforcement actions for noncompliant devel-
 also requires that substantial improvements to
 structures be based on a five-year period in which
                                                       • Interact in the appeals and variance process.
 the cumulative cost equals or exceeds 50 percent
                                                       • Keep records of all floodplain development.
 of the market value of the structure. Substantially
                                                       • Collect fees, if necessary.
 improved structures must be mitigated to meet to-
                                                       • Investigate complaints.
 day's minimum standards.
                                                       • Complete Federal Emergency Management
                                                       Agency biennial reports.
 DOW technical assistance                              • Maintain and update administrative forms.
 The division's NFIP coordinators provide technical    • Coordinate map appeals and revisions.
 assistance to all communities in Kentucky through     • Maintain floodplain maps and data.
                                                       • Disseminate floodplain management information.

                                                                                                September 2010