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Pothole Moles to                                 WHO would have thought it?
 patrol potholes                                  Dobcross selected to become latest
                                              village to see the return of the Police Box
                                                                                                                                                     Blue Police Box

                   The recent freezing              After months of speculation, the future of
                   conditions have           an iconic Dobcross landmark has been decided.
                   added to the village‟s    The much-loved red telephone box in The
                   pothole problem.          Square is to be replaced by a blue police box.
                   Sugar Lane is             Once a familiar sight in Britain, the blue police
                                             boxes are being rolled out in mainly rural
                   particularly bad and
                                             villages like Dobcross as part of the                The Swan
the road surface was only laid last year.                                                          Will this attract fans of BBC TV’s Doctor Who
       The Council has responded by          government‟s Local Policing Pledge initiative.              to Dobcross? Where will they park?
creating the POTHOLE MOLE HOTLINE.                  The state-of-the-art box will benefit
If you spot any potholes, you can contact    from free Wi-Fi access to allow police officers to submit surveillance observation
the moles on 0161 770 1685 or email          reports directly to Central HQ (Uppermill). The box will also house a speed
pothole.mole@oldham.gov.uk                   camera, CCTV with the latest face recognition technology & a decibelometer in
                                             case anyone talks too loudly on the bench. There will also be a kettle so Bobbies
Look forward to                              can enjoy their refreshment breaks. It has been suggested that, in the spirit of
other exciting Council                       „community involvement‟, residents can post small cakes and biscuits through a
hotlines, including                          specially designed serving hatch if they spot an officer „in residence‟.
DOG DIRT BURT on                                    Extra space will be gained when the tunnel network under The Square is
0161 770 6644.                               opened up, giving police officers direct access to the labyrinth below, thereby
                                             making the facilities truly TARDIS-like. However, there is no truth in the rumours that
                                             the underground chambers will be used as temporary holding bays for hoodies,
                                             rogues & scoundrels. Interfering human rights lawyers fear that some offenders
    Dobcross Village                         might find it too upsetting to be imprisoned in a cold, damp, rat-infested,
                                             subterranean windowless cell.
    Community AGM                                   Anticipating a vocal backlash from irate villagers, a spokesman for the
                                             officials declared, “Everyone has a mobile phone these days, so you don‟t need the
    Monday                   8pm             phone box. We understand you don‟t like change, so the really drastic proposals
   26th April              The Swan          have been shelved because it is an election year. And anyway you will still have a
                                             traditional British box. Blue isn‟t so different from red. We do however accept that
           Everybody Welcome!                the boost to the local economy from increased visitor              Villagers voice strong
   After the usual business of the AGM -     numbers (primarily coach loads of Doctor Who fans)
   reports from the Chairperson,             won‟t be everyone‟s cup of tea. We suggest cask ale                   reactions vocally…
   Treasurer, appointment of Committee       in The Swan instead. We know what‟s best for you.”                “Well, it probably won’t be too
   members for the next term of office,             A special opening ceremony will be performed                    bad. But I won’t like it.”
   we all relax, and this year we are        by John Barrowman singing popular show tunes                                - Local person
   very lucky to have 2 guest speakers.      accompanied by Diggle Youth Band (Reserves) if                      “It’s a disgrace. They should
          Alan Cockburn will talk to us      David Tennant is too busy.                                       spend our money on potholes. I
   about Whit Friday and then                       Dobcross will be the first village to see the               blame the Common Market.”
   Jonathan Williamson will talk about       return of the blue police box in Greater Manchester,                           - Resident
   the Wartime Weekend.                      although their reintroduction has been a great success           “What phone box?” - Neighbour
          The DVC is always looking for      in places like Stackton Tressel, Suffolk; Walmington-                “I prefer custard creams.”
   new faces and fresh ideas, so come        on-Sea, Kent; Penny Hassett in the Midlands and                           - PC Mark Clough
   along and you will receive a very         Effing Sodslaugh in The South.
   warm welcome.                                                                                                 “It has recently become my
                                             Objections & comments should be forwarded, via the Dobcross Diary email address      lifelong dream to perform in
                    Di Kilburn DVC Chair     dobcrossdiary@dobx.net, to The Association of Public Resources in Local Funding of            Dob’s Moss.”
                                             Outsourced Legal Services by no later than the first of the month.                         - John Barrowman
 This month our generous sponsor is a new Saddleworth newspaper - THE SADDLEWORTH INDEPENDENT. Pick up your copies from
 Dobcross Post Office, The Co-op Stores in Uppermill, Delph, Diggle & Greenfield or at the libraries in Uppermill, Delph & Greenfield.

DOBCROSS DIARY, Issue Number 116 April 2010                                                                                                            1
You will find envelopes like this with your Dobcross Diary this month (please see
below). Michael, The Editor, wishes to thank all the generous readers for making the
Diary possible. Your contributions are most appreciated!
                                                                                          Nature Note by Athene Noctua
                                                                                               As woodland develops around Dobcross, the
                                                                                       number of grey squirrels in the area is increasing.
                                                                                       Their antics can be attractive to watch, but they
                                                                                       are not particularly welcome in my garden as they
                                                                                       monopolise the bird feeders and have large appetites.
                                                                                       Given the chance, they will also eat eggs and nestlings. They
                                                                                       live in large, untidy nests high in a fork of a tree, and although
                                                                                       they don‟t hibernate, if they have found enough to eat in hard
                                                                                       weather they may not emerge for a day or two.
                                                                                               They were set free in this country before naturalists
                                                                                       became aware of the damage that introduced species can do
                                                                                       to an existing ecology. It is now thought that they have
                                                                                       contributed to the decline of red squirrels, not by driving them
                                                                                       out of areas but because they are more resistant to disease,
                                                                                       so they can carry and spread viruses without succumbing
                                                                                       themselves. In fact there may never have been red squirrels in
                                                                                       this area as they prefer coniferous forests, feeding mainly on
                                                                                       seeds from pine cones.
                                            Good news from Danny
                                            Milovanovic, the Police
                                            Inspector for Saddleworth                          Dobcross Mothers’ Pride
                                                                                              Sunday 14th March (Mother‟s Day) was the date set for
                                     “This month, the Inspector has                    the North West Area Regional Brass Band Championships.
                                     asked me to pass on his                           DOBCROSS YOUTH BAND were participating in the 4th
                                     report to the DOBCROSS                            Section; a section comprising 23 bands from the North West of
                                     DIARY. You can read the full                      England. This was the first time that the Youth Band‟s Musical
message online at www.dobx.net. He highlights that there has                           Director, James Garlick, had conducted the band in the „areas‟
been a reduction of 32% in reported crime within the                                   where they played Philip Sparke‟s „Saint-Saëns Variations‟
Saddleworth North area compared to the same period last                                described as A Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes from the
year. This I feel can only to attributed to a lack of criminal                         ‘Organ’ Symphony.
opportunities, due to the continued vigilance of the community.                               And what an excellent result for this young, developing,
We are receiving regular information from residents which                              youth band! They embraced this powerful classic to deliver a
helps us to target areas of concern.                                                   performance of real character to finish in a creditable 6th
                            Home Watch                                                 place to the delight of both band and supporters.
If any residents would like to be part of Home Watch, please
contact us and we will put you in touch with Peter Lee the                                    Meanwhile, DOBCROSS SILVER BAND, conducted by
Home Watch Coordinator. In addition to this I will arrange for                         Grenville Moore, continued to maintain their high standards in
the properties to be Smart Watered - a great burglar                                   the second section by coming a respectable 6th.
In a new initiative, we will be establishing a new database
                                                                                         Dobcross Brass Band Concerts
called E-Watch, which is where we can update residents via                                         in April
email on a regular basis regarding incidents that have just                                         @ Dobcross Band Club (Tel: 873741)
occurred in their area. Please, if anyone is interested in
receiving these updates, could they contact me with their                                             Friday 2nd April (1pm - 2:30pm)
name, address, telephone number, business details (if                                            Easter Concert by Dobcross Youth Band,
applicable) and most importantly email address? Thank you.                                 including Grand Easter Egg Draw and Refreshments.
                           Police Surgeries
Hopefully in the coming months we are going to re-establish                                             Sunday 25th April (8pm)
Police surgeries in the village. Any suggestions of times and                                       Concert for England & Saint George
venues would be gratefully appreciated. When dates, times                                               by Dobcross Silver Band
and venue have been arranged, I will update residents via the
DOBCROSS DIARY.                                                                         Come along and enjoy the superb musical talent that we are
                     Handy tips to bear in mind                                                 privileged to have right here in Dobcross!
Now that spring has arrived, people will be out and about in
the garden. Please make sure that whilst in the garden, your
doors are secure and that once you have finished with your                                 Saddleworth Musical Society
tools that they are safely secured in the shed or garage. This                                 Saddleworth Musical Society are rehearsing their spring
is so that criminals can not use them to force entry into your                         concert programme. The main item is Karl Jenkin's 'Stabat
home or outbuildings. In addition if you have a set of ladders,                        Mater' which will be its first amateur performance in the North
make sure that they are properly locked away in the garage                             West of England! Based on a 13th century hymn, the text is in
or shed. If this is not possible you can purchase a bracket to                         Latin & English with a little Aramaic, Hebrew & Greek! Other
fix them to the wall and chain them up. This is to prevent easy                        British composers also feature in their performance of choral
access to upstairs windows or flat roofs.                                              and orchestral pieces.
        I hope that this information is of help.”                                              They look forward to entertaining you on Sunday 23rd
                                                                                       May at 7:30pm in the Civic Hall at Uppermill. Sunday 23rd
PC 9098 Mark Clough                                                                    May at 7:30pm in the Civic Hall at Uppermill. Tickets will be
mark.clough@gmp.police.uk                                                              available soon from Turner's Dry Cleaners, New St, Uppermill
Tel: 0161 856 4523 Mob: 07770 835702                                                   or by phone from 0161 633 3579.
DOBCROSS DIARY, Issue Number 116 April 2010                                                                                                     2
  Dobcross Bowling Season gets                                                      understand. I have even had to stop giving entry tests to new
                                                                                    students because so few have any idea what I‟m saying,
  under way on Easter Saturday                                                      despite my best efforts to speak slowly and pronounce all my
       The Bowling section of the Band Club starts its new                                   Having to regularly explain to children that English
season with the opening of the green on Easter Saturday,                            does not come from the USA can be infuriating, but if that‟s all
3rd April at 12 noon. Competitors will play for the coveted                         a free ticket to Asia costs then it‟s nothing to whinge about,
Easter Cup.                                                                         and I must say I‟m having a horse of a time.”
       The Green is one of the loveliest in the area with
beautiful panoramic views. There are eight teams in total,
incorporating all ages and levels.                                                  Tai Chi: A message from John Chang
                                                                                    The DOBCROSS DIARY is always keen to hear from readers about what they get up
       Anyone fancying a bowl needs their own bowls (jacks                          to. It seems Tai Chi is popular with villagers & they asked their teacher to write to the
are provided). We would appreciate you being a member                               editor to explain about the history & the benefits of this ancient art form. Read what
of the club. Further information on practice times etc                              he has to say and you may want to join in! The Diary looks forward to hearing from
                                                                                    other groups and we will be more than pleased to publicise your events and activities!
available at the Band Club. (Tel: 873741)
                                                                                           “Once upon a time in sixteenth century China there
                                                                                    lived a great general, Chen Wang Ting, who set about
                                                                                    designing a great fighting system which would keep him and
                                                                                    his men healthy and fit . No this is no fairy story, the great
                                                                                    fighting system has many proven health benefits and is called
                                                                                    “Tai Chi Chuan”. It is based on kung fu, Chinese medicine and
                                                                                    yoga. Today Tai Chi is used primarily for its many proven
                                                                                    health benefits such as stress and anxiety management. It
                                                                                    relieves depression, arthritis, improves muscle strength,
                                                                                    balance, flexibility and much more.
                                                                                           It is a holistic therapy, developing and helping us to
                                                                                    improve our physical, mental and emotional abilities. The
                                                                                    important thing to realise is that it is the process of practising
                                                                                    Tai Chi which is important, not how good we are or how much
                                                                                    we know.
                                                                                           To begin this fantastic process of regeneration and
                                                                                    renewed health, come along to St Chad's Parish Church Hall,
                      Dobcross Bowling Green. Photographer: Jim Grady
                                                                                    Lee St, Uppermill on Thursday evenings at 7pm-8pm (£5per
                                                                                    person) and join in with a friendly helpful group of people.
                                                                                           I will be there to guide you along the path to health. I
                  Greetings From South                                              have been teaching in Oldham and Saddleworth for around
                                                                                    fifteen years and practising Tai Chi for over twenty years. My
                   Korea by Liam Bluer                                              teacher in China, Master Liu Yong, has given me permission to
            Readers of the Dobcross Diary will remember the entertaining stories
            of derring-do in the jungles of South America sent in by Dobcrosser,
                                                                                    teach. I have been a gold medal winner twice in competitions
           Liam Bluer. We are delighted to report that his adventures continue.     in China 2007 and 2009. Add to that I am a Chinese Scouser
             Now in the Far East, Liam hasn‟t forgotten his home village. Here is   and what more could you want?!
               an update on how he is getting on now.
                                                                                           If you would like a chat to find out bit more, then ring
        “Greetings from the land of fermented cabbage and                           me on my mobile 07976 732962”                        JOHN CHANG
spam gift sets, where I am an object of ridicule to young
children because I don‟t know my own blood type, and where                                                       O DUO Percussion Duo
the natives actually correct MY English because I don‟t speak it                                                  21st April, Millgate Arts Centre, Delph.
with an American accent. Welcome to South Korea.                                                                A limited number of tickets available on a
        I‟ve been here for six months, teaching English in a                                                     'buy one get one free' basis - cost £11.
“hagwon”, which is an academy for children to attend every
day after regular school. It can be somewhat disheartening to                                   ‘Thrilling and moving in the extreme'.
work in a place with a sign outside proclaiming it to be an                               'Startling... cheeky, but enchanting'. The Scotsman
“ENGILSH SCHOOL”, and where students respond to                                     ‘Phenomenal. Brimming with style & panache.’ Daily Telegraph
assignments like Describe a whale (5-7 sentences) with answers                          ‘Brilliant. One of the Fringe’s small gems.’ The Herald
like “IT IS A HORSE”, but I keep telling myself I must be
getting through to some of them.
           Most South Korean children go to three or four
hagwons every night, and it is quite normal for them to study
from 8am until 10pm, or even midnight! Of course, they don‟t
know any different, and they are always slightly appalled
when they discover that there is no such thing as a hagwon in
the UK. In fact it is quite effective to calm an unruly class down
not by shouting, but by coolly explaining to them that when I
was their age I finished school at 3pm, and after that was free
to play with my friends, not buried beneath a mountain of
homework. I know it‟s cruel, but it works.
           While I am proud to be a Dobcross boy, I have come
to realise that the verbal skills I picked up there are not the
greatest asset to my teaching abilities. This may come as a
surprise, but of the nine foreign teachers at my school,
including a Welshman, a Scotsman, and a New Zealander, it is
my accent that the Korean staff and students find hardest to
DOBCROSS DIARY, Issue Number 116 April 2010                                                                                                                       3
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DOBCROSS DIARY, Issue Number 116 April 2010                                      4
                                                                                                                               Rally round to save Whit Friday                              DOBCROSS DIARY
                                                                 Shockwaves rang out through the valleys of Saddleworth
                                                          last month when, for a brief moment, it looked as if local                                                                       Do you have something to sell?
                                                                                                                                                                                           Lost something? Want something?
             The Dobcross Diary is produced & politicians were going to effectively cancel Whit Friday in                                                                                  Make an announcement, send a
             distributed by a dedicated team of                                                                                                                                            birthday message...
             volunteers & over 900 copies are delivered favour of petty traffic regulations. People from Dobcross,
             free of charge to each home in the village. Saddleworth & around the globe were quick to protest. Within                                                                      Advertise in this column for just
                                                                                                                                                                                           10 p / word (Max. 30 words.)
             You can also receive the Diary by email or
read it online. Production costs (paper & ink!) are met                                     hours, thousands had signed up                                                                 Contact the editor, details
by kind donations from villagers & sponsors. If you                                         to internet sites calling for a
                                                                                                                                                                                           [ALL other Dobcross Diary
appreciate the Diary, you can help by putting a small                                       return to common sense - it                                                                    content appears free of charge.]
donation into an envelope & popping into the DVC box
in the Post Office. Cheques can be made payable to                                          worked because embarrassed                                                                     FOR SALE - MDF-
‘DVC’. Thank you to everyone who sends in articles,                                         officials & police chiefs quickly                                                              effect mahogany dining
comments, photographs & suggestions. If you have                                            backed down and assured the
anything at all for the MAY issue of the Dobcross Diary,                                                                                                                                   table £25 o.n.o. 01457
I will be very pleased to hear from you by Friday 16th A very special tradition             world that Whit Friday could                                                                   87482
April. In the meantime keep sending things in for the                                       stay part of the Saddleworth                                                                   UPTIGHT PIANO
website! Distribution is kindly organised by Bill Edwards
Tel: 871598.
                                                          calendar, as it has done for over a hundred years. Phew!                                                                         Very highly strung.
                                                                 Whilst this show of support is fantastic, what we need                                                                    Offers over £150. Call
 Michael Powis, Editor now is for those people who value the traditions of Whit Friday                                                                                                     Robert Crush 87548
 4 Woods Lane, Dobcross, Saddleworth, OL3 5AN to step up to the mark and come forward to volunteer to help                                                                                 ALUMINIUM
 Tel: 829783 / 07824 883756 run the events planned for the day, because none of it would                                                                                                   WINDOWS x 2. Lovely
                                                          happen without ordinary folk from Dobcross & the other                                                                           view. £20 Tel: 87253
  www.dobx.net                                            villages giving their time and energy.                                                                                           BRIDESMAIDS
 dobcrossdiary@dobx.net                                          Can you spare a small amount of time to join the                                                                          wetsuits x 3. Apricot.
                                                          volunteers who make it happen? Help set up the contest                                                                           Size 16½ £30 ea. 07875
                                   Directory              ring - sell some programmes- help booking in the bands -                                                                         88375
                                                          marshal the bands - join the clean-up on Saturday - be a                                                                         STYLISH 40”
Milk from the Dobcross herd to your doorstep … 875044 music „runner‟ - help organise the activities for children...                                                                        FLATSCREEN TV
Dobcross Post Office ...…………… 872104 there‟s lots to do! Please contact Alan Cockburn Tel: 820960                                                                                          cosy. Hand-knitted.
Dobcross Band Club …..…………. 873741                                                                                                                                                         (Non-washable). Call
The Navigation ...…………………… 872418                                                                        Dobcross can                                                                      Irene on 01457 87986
The Shambles …………... ………..… 238287                         Dobcross Google                               now be viewed                                                                     A MAN AND A VAN
The Swan ………..……………………. 873451                                                                           on Google Maps                                                                    Morrison CD. Quite
Holy Trinity Dobcross School .... 872860                                                                 ‘Street View’. An                                                                 scratched. Will exchange
  Dobcross Village Community (DVC)                                                                                                                                                         for brown-eyed girl.
Chair: Diane Kilburn………………..……….. 870482                                                                 addition to their                                                                 Ring after 6pm 87969
Deputy Chair: John Dewhurst………..………. 876567                                                              online map service,
                                                                                                                                                                                           WANTED: New home
Secretary - vacant position……………..…… ---                                                                 not only can you                                                                  for used phone box
Assistant Secretary - Val Kavanagh………… 875627
Treasurer - Vince Kenny…………………… . 877534                                                                 view directions on                                                                (red). Would make
                 Doctors’ Surgery                                                                        conventional „map                                                                 stunning shower cubicle
Saddleworth Medical Practice……………..... 872228               The Swan & The Square - as seen on Google view‟ and „satellite                                                                 or similar. Will swap for
                         Police                                                                           view‟, you can get                                                               Tom Baker butter dish.
Non-emergency calls/report a crime: 0161 872 5050         up close and personal. It allows you to see 360 degree views                                                                     Tel: 829783
Neighbourhood Policing Team:            0161 856 4523
  Email: saddleworthandlees.npt@gmp.police.uk             of most streets and lanes in Dobcross in amazing detail. Have a                                                                  SPIRAL STAIRCASE
         Saddleworth Parish Council                       look - you may even see yourself or your neighbours‟ washing                                                                     FOR SALE. Steps and
General Enquiries…………………………… 876665                       hanging on the line! www.maps.google.co.uk                                                                                       handrail missing. Might
Councillor Phil Davenport ………………….. 876881                                                                                                                                                 just be a metal pole.
Councillor Royce Franklin…………………… 873248
Councillor Dorothy Shaw...…………………. 872096                                                                                           Dobcross Village Fête 2010                             Oiro £45. Call Sam on
                                                                                                                                                                                           Saddleworth 45721
                                Oldham Council                                                                         The theme of this year‟s village fête on July 10th will be „The
                                                                                                                                                                                           1970s dining table.
General enquiries / report a problem 0161 770 3000                                                                     World Cup‟. It will include the traditional parade through          Tubular steel frame.
Councillor Mike Buckley ……………………. 872015
Councillor Derek Heffernan ..…….… 0161 652 3705                                                                        Dobcross & this year there will be bands performing from 6.30.      Four portions of prawn
Councillor Alan Roughley …………………... 870074
              Local Member of Parliament                                                                                   Who remembers the Church bells?                                 cocktail, set of well-
                                                                                                                                                                                           done steaks and Black
Phil Woolas ……………………….. 0161 624 4248                                                                                  Does anyone know what happened to the bells which used to           Forest Gateau. Served
 Email: woolasp@parliament.uk                                                                                          ring at Holy Trinity Church? Please contact the editor!             once. £230 Ring 87199

                                                                      Holy Trinity Church                                                                       Sandy Lane Community Church
             Thurs 1st April - Maundy Thursday 7:30pm -                                                                                                        Sun 4th April - Easter Day Family Service
             Eucharist (CW) with Revd Kenneth Tibbo                                                                                                            10.30am
             Fri 2nd April - Good Friday 10:30am With Revd                                                                                                     Sun 11th April - elev8 for 11+ and Bible
             Kenneth Tibbo                                                                                                                                     discussion for
             Sun 4th April - Easter Day - Year C - Service of Light                                                                           adults 10.30am
             with Eucharist (CW) with Revd Steve Parsons                                                                                      Sun 18th April - Family service
Sun 11th April - Second Sunday of Easter - Year C - Eucharist (BCP)                                                                           and communion 10.30am
with Revd Kenneth Tibbo                                                                                                                       Wed 21st April - Tiddlywinks re-
Sun 18th April - Third Sunday of Easter - Year C - Family                                                                                     opens after Easter break
Communion                                                                                                                                     Sun 25th April - elev8 for 11+
Eucharist (CW) with Revd Howard Sutcliffe                                                                                                     and Bible discussion for adults
Sun 25th April - Fourth Sunday of Easter - Year C - Eucharist (CW)                                                                            10.30am
with Revd Jean Barton
                                                                                                                                              Tuesdays - PRAYER MEETING

Mondays-Fridays - MATINS in The Vicarage 8.00am
Thursdays - HOLY COMMUNION (said) at church 9.30am                                                                                            10.30-11.45am
Sundays - EVENSONG with Revd Kenneth Tibbo 4pm
DOBCROSS DIARY, Issue Number 116 April 2010                                                                                                                                                                    5
                                                        Thank you to this month‟s

           APRIL 2010                     14th April, WEDNESDAY                                         TUESDAYS
                                          Saddleworth Naturalists AGM                 10am-12.30pm Canalside Quilters.
                                                                                      Saddleworth Museum, Uppermill For
                                          Plus members‟ digital pictures & light
                                                                                      details, ring 0161 620 4597.
                                          refreshment. Tel: 873641 Brownhill          7.30pm Saddleworth Wine Society at
                                          Countryside Centre 7.30pm                   Saddleworth School. New members
       1st April, MAUNDY THURSDAY
                                          19th April, MONDAY                          welcome. Call Janet on 874780
                                          Saddleworth Film Society „Fermat‟s                          WEDNESDAYS
                                          Room‟ Tel: 876600 Millgate Arts             9.30-11.30am from 9th Sept: Tiddlywinks
                                          Centre, Delph. 8pm                          Parent & Toddler Group Sandy Lane
                                          20th April, TUESDAY                         Church.
         2nd April, GOOD FRIDAY                                                       8-10pm Saddleworth Badminton Club
                                          Dobcross Ladies Group          Oldham       Saddleworth School Sports Hall
                                          Coliseum Theatre. Ring Di on 820829         Experienced players and beginners
                                          21st April, WEDNESDAY                       welcome. Tel: 872664
                                          Saddleworth Chamber Concerts                                THURSDAYS
                                          O Duo Percussion. Details 875917            9.00pm Folk Music Night at The Swan.
                                                                                      Traditional folk. Come & join in or just listen!
                                          Highways & Waymarkers of                                       FRIDAYS
                                          West Yorkshire Jan Scrine                   10.15am Boom Ting! (not school hols) An
                                          Saddleworth Museum, Uppermill 7.30pm        introduction to music & rhythm for babies &
                                          24th April, SATURDAY                        small children (0-5) with musical instruments
                                                                                      to play, songs to sing & games. £2.50 per
                             .            Speak to Phil Woolas, MP                    session (small babies 50p) Tel: 874093
                                          Constituency Surgery. Tel: 0161 624         Saddleworth Museum, U’mill
                                          4248 Uppermill Civic Hall 10-11am                             SUNDAYS
                                          Another Famous Dobcross Dinner              Mornings 3Ds football training for 4-9
                                          4 course dinner, comedian Lea Roberts,      year olds Tel: 877073
                                          Peter Young O.B.E. & Big Jim‟s Disco.       9pm Quiz Night The Navigation
                                          Tickets £30 from Dobcross Band Club           BRASS BAND REHEARSALS
       3rd April, EASTER SATURDAY         Tel: 873741. Raising funds for               at Dobcross Band Club (873741)
                                          Dobcross Whit Friday events. Email          DOBCROSS SILVER BAND Mon & Weds 8pm
                                          stephen.lenehan@yahoo.co.uk for info.       ADULT TRAINING BAND Mon 7pm
                                          25th April, SUNDAY                          “Anyone is welcome to come for a blow, so
                                          Dobcross Silver Band                        feel free to get in touch.”
                                                                                      DOBCROSS YOUTH BAND Tues & Fri 7.30pm
                                              CONCERT for ENGLAND & St GEORGE         BEGINNERS & TRAINING Tues & Fri 6.15pm
                                              All welcome! Admission £3 Tel: 873741   New members are always welcome.
        4th April, EASTER SUNDAY                      Dobcross Band Club 8pm          Contact Jenny Wood (secretary) 870895
                                          26th April, MONDAY                          or 07828 099296
                                          Dobcross Village Community                   DELPH LIBRARY OPENING TIMES
        5th April, EASTER MONDAY
                                                    Annual General Meeting              Mon to Thurs: 2pm to 4.30pm
                                          with two guest speakers: Alan Cockburn         Fri & Sat: 10am to 12.30pm
                                          on Whit Friday and Jonathan Williamson
                                          on the Wartime Weekend. The DVC is          DOBCROSS HIGHLIGHTS 2010
                                          always looking for new faces and fresh                   WHIT FRIDAY:
                                          ideas, so come along and you will receive                  28 May 2010
                                          a very warm welcome. The Swan 8pm
                                          29th April, THURSDAY
                                                                                                     BEER WALK:
                                          A Cookery Demonstration by                                 29 May 2010
                                          Shirley Heather Presented by                               DUCK RACE:
          Saddleworth Players             Saddleworth Cancer Research UK                             30 May 2010
  The Chalk Garden by Enid Bagnold        campaigners. Tickets £10 – includes                BRASS ON THE GRASS:
           12th to 17th April             canapés & a glass of wine (available                    26 June 2010 (tbc)
       (no Monday performance)            from the Band Club & Post Offices in                      VILLAGE FETE
       Booking 01457 8746444              Dobcross & Uppermill) Tel: 873741                           10 July 2010
    Tickets £7.00 (Students £4.00)        Dobcross Band Club 7.30pm
                                                                                           SADDLEWORTH FOLK FEST:
 13th April, TUESDAY
                                                                                                    16-18 July 2010
 Medieval    Settlements     in               REGULAR EVENTS                               SADDLEWORTH WARTIME
 Saddleworth a slide lecture by                           MONDAYS                             WEEKEND: 13-15 Aug 2010
 Stephen     Moorhouse. Saddleworth       7pm Saddleworth Bridge Club meets at
                                          Delph Methodist Hall. Bring a partner to            RUSHCART FESTIVAL:
 Archaeological Trust, Masonic Hall,
                                          play competitive bridge in a friendly                     21-22 Aug 2010
 Uppermill 7.30pm
                                          atmosphere. Tel: 01706 842796.
                                                   Read the DOBCROSS DIARY in colour, online www.dobx.net
DOBCROSS DIARY, Issue Number 116 April 2010                                                                                  6