BWB Technical Rider by wpr1947


									                BLUE WATER BAND
                       Technical Rider
                       11/9/2006 Dickson, TN

        Thank you for accommodating us with these details.
If you have any questions, please email

Band Members
Chasen Little     Drums, percussion, loops
Andy Reuter       Electric guitars, background vocals
JP Scott          Bass guitar, background vocals
Mike Suit         Acoustic and electric guitars, lead vocals

Contact Information
Blue Water Band
2305 Park Ave #2
Cincinnati, OH 45212

Booking Questions

Day of Show / Backline Questions, Mike Suit

Arrival / Hotel Questions, Andy Reuter

Technical Rider / Sound Questions, Dave Foreman


     BLUE WATER BAND – Technical Rider
                       General Information

Blue Water Band will not be bringing any audio equipment to the
event. We will require a qualified audio technician to run the sound.

Please have all sound equipment including the sound system and
accessories (sound boards, speakers, cables, etc.) and all backline
instruments and amplifiers present and fully operational no later than
5 hours before the scheduled event start time. BWB will try to arrive
4-5 hours before the start time. If possible, please provide an 8’ x 8’
drum riser.

In an area of the lobby or other suitable place, please provide at least
one 8’ table and one volunteer to help oversee the table.

        BLUE WATER BAND – Technical Rider

                  If we are flying to the event
If we are flying to the event the sponsor will need to provide backline
equipment. This gear can either be rented or borrowed, but either
way it should be professional grade, fully functioning, and in good

Backline Gear

 Drums: (please provide a maple kit with the specific sizes)
            8x8 drum riser

   1.   22 inch kick
   2.   10 inch tom
   3.   14 inch tom
   4.   6.5 x 14 inch snare
   5.   Zildjian 16” crash (A-Custom preferred)
   6.   Zildjian 18” crash (A-Custom preferred)
   7.   13 or 14 inch hats (A-Custom preferred)
   8.   20 inch ride
   9.   Hardware incl. 3 cymbal stands, hi hat stand, snare stand, throne

 Guitar Amps: (please make sure all amps are TUBE)
   1. 2 Electric guitar TUBE amps (Matchless, Vox, Mesa, Fender)
   2. 1 Ampeg SVT Classic TUBE bass amp w/ 4x10 Ampeg Cabinet

    BLUE WATER BAND – Technical Rider

                   Technical Information

Front of House:
 The house sound system must be capable of producing a 20 Hz
 to 20 kHz frequency range at 110 db SPL on the back row of the
 venue. Many times church sound systems need to be
 supplemented by additional power amps, main speakers, and SUB
 WOOFERS to achieve this requirement. The subs are very
 important to us and again, this equipment can be either rented or
 borrowed. Let us know if you have a problem fulfilling any

 Must have at least 24 channels with XLR inputs, 4 pre-fader
 auxiliaries (8 preferred), and phantom power. Please have graphic
 EQs set up on the mains and monitors at mix position.

LCD Projection System:
 For participants to get the most out of the event, we require a video
 projector and screen. Mike will bring a laptop with Media Shout® for
 lyric projection. If the house lights cannot be dimmed, then the
 projector should output at least 2000 ANSI Lumens.

 Please have a qualified audio technician present before, during, and
 after the event. Also, we will need 2 or 3 people to help with load in
 and load out if possible. We will be bringing our FOH engineer with
 us, Dave Foreman.

     BLUE WATER BAND – Technical Rider

               Technical Information (continued)

JP Scott will assist the house engineer and take the band through
monitor checks after a line check has been done on all channels.
This is the quickest and most efficient way for us to do monitors. We
will bring 3 in-ear monitor systems with us. We need one non-
powered mix for the drummer, along with 3 non-powered feeds to the
in-ear monitor systems. Separate mixes are preferred:

  IEM Mix 1:     Andy Reuter       (SR Electric Guitar, BGVs)
  IEM Mix 2:     Mike Suit         (Lead Vox / Acoustic, Elec. Guitar)
  IEM Mix 3:     JP Scott          (SL Bass)
  IEM Mix 4:     Chasen Little     (Non-powered feed)

If only 4 AUX sends are available, please set up as follows:

  IEM Mix 1:   Mike Suit (Lead Vox / Acoustic Guitar)
  IEM Mix 2:   Andy Reuter (Guitar / BGVs)
  Wedge Mix 3: Chasen Little, JP Scott)

We need at least one (preferably TWO) aux sends for effects, as well
as four mono returns. We will be bringing our effect rack with us.

  Effect 1:      TC Electronics M-One XL (left) MONO
  Effect 2:      TC Electronics M-One XL (right)

We will be inserting an Avalon 737 vocal preamp into the center VOX
(Mike), and a Focusrite preamp on the stage right front VOX (Andy).

      BLUE WATER BAND – Technical Rider

              Technical Information (continued)

Input List:
(Please refer to stage plot for placement.)

1.    Kick (AKG D112 or similar)
2.    Rack Tom 1 (SM-57)
3.    Rack Tom 2 (SM-57)
4.    Floor Tom (SM-57)
5.    Overhead SR (Neumann 81 or similar)
6.    Overhead SL (Neumann 81 or similar)
7.    Yamaha P-200 (direct box w/parallel outs)
8.    Bass Guitar Dry (direct box w/ parallel outs)
9.    Bass Guitar Wet (AKG D112 or similar)
10.   Cello (Neumann 81 or similar)
11.   SR Orange Electric Guitar Amp (SM-57)
12.   SR Orange Electric Guitar Amp (Sennheiser 421)
13.   Center Electric Guitar Amp (SM-57)
14.   Center Electric Guitar Amp (Sennheiser 421)
15.   Main Blue Acoustic Guitar (XLR)
16.   Backup Gold Acoustic Guitar (XLR)
17.   Center VOX (Neumann KMS-105 or similar) – Mike
18.   Piano VOX (Neumann KMS-105 or similar) – Mike
19.   SL VOX Rear (Beta 87c or similar) – JP
20.   SR VOX Front (Beta 87c or similar) – Andy
21.   TC M-One XL Left
22.   TC M-One XL Right
23.   iPod L for pre/post show music
24.   iPod R for pre/post show music

We will need three hotel rooms, one with a king, and two with two double
beds in each. Please have the room keys available for Andy before the
event ends.

If possible, we will also need a private room at the venue to prepare for the
event. If Internet access could be made available in this room or
elsewhere, we would greatly appreciate it.

*Note: If you already have food arranged for the event, we are more than happy to eat
it! If you want to provide food separately for us, that’s great, too. Here are a few simple

   1. SALAD - It would be a good idea to add a garden salad with Ranch
      dressing to the meals. We will eat salad anytime it is provided.

   2. PIZZA - We like pizza, but not every night. Sometimes we might all
      be craving Pizza Hut. However, the last three venues may have
      provided it for us already. So if you are considering pizza, it might
      be a good idea to ask first.

   3. SNACKS - Fruit plates are a winner every time! We like
      strawberries, pineapple, grapes, apples, and bananas. In addition,
      cookies, granola bars, chips, and the usual junk is always

   4. DRINKS/BEVERAGES - Simple. Water, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Minute
      Maid Orange Juice.

   5. FAST FOOD - Absolutely! However, it would be hard to get specific
      on this menu. If you want to do fast food, it might be best to take
      food orders after we arrive or during a sound check. We like
      Wendy’s, Sonic, In-and-Out Burger (California special), Arby’s and

   6. DELI - Deli trays are a good way to go. We are happy making our
      own sandwiches.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. We are always
grateful for anything that is provided for us. These are just a few things
that we enjoy and might make us feel a little more at home while on the
road. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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