Bullying and Harassment

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					         Bullying and

  Sticks and stones can break your
bones, but words can never hurt you….
         What Is Bullying?
 When teasing becomes hurtful,
unkind, and consistent it crosses the
Bullying is intentional tormenting in
physical, verbal, or psychological ways.
 We have to take bullying seriously.
The results of bullying can be very
traumatic to the victim.
Hey, did you hear, Kay Kanupp
     was seen with Jamie
Warrington at the Baby’s R Us
         buying a baby

Eric Harris and Dylan   Jeffrey James
       Klebold          "Jeff" Weise
   Columbine High       Red Lake Senior
  School Shooting       High Shooting
Columbine news clip videos
Columbine news clip videos
Jan 2006-Seminole County, Florida,
Chris Penley, age 15, was killed by
a SWAT member during a stand off
at Milwee Middle School after
Chris brought a gun to school.
Bullying has serious physical and mental
          health consequences
Increase in drop out rates

Depression and a higher rate of suicide

Attendance issues at school

Poorer academic performance in school

Adults more likely than others to suffer from long
term effects
Nearly 1 in 3 students is involved in bullying behaviors

Since 2009, bullying behaviors have increased by 5%

Kids who are obese, gay, or have disabilities are up to 63%
more likely to be bullied than other children

61.6% of students who are bullied are picked on because
of their looks or speech

Physical violence is at a higher percent than non-physical

Boys are more likely than girls to bully others

Bullying begins in elementary school, peaks in middle
school, and falls off in high school.
One mother made a

          2008 – The Jeffrey
          Johnston Stand up
          for All Students Act
          was enacted after a
              3 year battle
Debbie Johnston video
    Who is responsible?
In 2008 Florida Legislature ordered
local school boards to enact anti-
bullying policies (1006.147)

     Worth nothing
     without proper
Cleveland, Ohio
Being sued for failure to protect Sladjana Vidovic
who took her own life from being the victim of

 Parents of bully victims fight back by suing
Fairfield, Ohio School District
-by not preventing bully from the constant
taunting and attacks of her daughter, the school
showed "reckless disregard" for her safety
Family Sues Grafton High School of York,
He didn’t have to die if the people responsible for
keeping him safe had done their job
School sued-video clips
  Anyone can be a bully
Can you pick out the bully?
           Staff Training
•Employee’s must “buy in” to no
tolerance for bullying

•Review annually, remind even more

•Talk to the students about bullying

•Document, Document, Document

•Deal with issues quickly
       Some signs are obvious
•Physical assault on another child
•Damaging property
•Bossing other students with verbal commands
•Making intimidating gestures
•Commenting on others that are different
•Bragging about causing harm to others

     Some signs are not obvious
•A model student in front of adults
•Seem popular and well liked by others
Know the signs to watch for
•Standing alone at the stop, away from group
•Gets on the bus with torn or dirty clothing
•Sits alone, withdrawn, no interaction
•Emotional, angry outburst
•Cuts or bruises
•Quick to leave the bus and doesn’t wait for
the other students

          If the bus operator or
       assistant suspects bullying
         they must get involved
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