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            New Survey Probes Smartphone Users’ Apathy toward Geolocation Services

Portland, OR, March 2, 2011—Digital marketing agency White Horse will release the results of its proprietary survey
on consumer adoption of location-based mobile services at a webinar on March 30 . The webinar, Why People
Haven’t Bought Geolocation, and 5 Ways Marketers Can Fix That, will share insights from a survey of 437 smartphone
users conducted in February 2011.

The survey examines smartphone user awareness and adoption of location-based services like Foursquare, Gowalla,
Google Latitude, and Facebook Places, and it probes the reasons for consumers’ generally weak attraction to these
services. The survey makes clear that marketers and app makers have thus far failed to make a compelling case.
White Horse found that more than 60% of active smartphone users don’t use location-based services; among those
non-users, 70% aren’t aware of the apps or don’t fully understand what they do. Other segments of non-users cite
privacy concerns and a lack of interest in adopting new forms of social networking.

The webinar and survey report are the first in a planned series of mobile marketing research reports produced by
White Horse’s new Digital Futures Group. Led by a cultural anthropologist, Will Reese, Ph. D., , the Digital Futures
Group analyzes consumer behavior in new technology adoption, with an emphasis on mobile. “There’s a big gap
between the low value that consumers attach to location-based services today and the huge potential value that
marketers can bring to them with the appropriate strategy,” said Reese. “Such strategies arise from insight about
people. Our goal is to unearth this insight, so that our clients’ understanding and strategic thinking can shift as quickly
as consumer behavior does.”

The full survey report will be released after the webinar; attendees will be the first to receive the free report. To
receive the full benefit of the report along with key insights and practical recommendations from Reese and White
Horse Director of Emerging Media Jamie Beckland, register for the Why People Haven’t Bought Geolocation, and 5
Ways Marketers Can Fix That webinar.

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