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					Dear Parents and Students of St. Mary School

Welcome! As you receive the Parent/Student Handbook for the 2009-
2010 academic year, I invite you to spend time as parent and student
reading and understanding the policies and procedures that will make
your time with us an enjoyable learning experience.

Saint Mary School motto is “We Walk with Jesus”. This motto reflects
what we want our administration, faculty, students and parents to guide
them in their lives. By walking with Jesus, one will grow spiritually,
academically, physically, and socially through our school community.
The doctrine and traditions of the church will be taught, shared, and
incorporated into the many lessons, liturgies, prayers and aspects of
school life so students will be grounded in their faith to help guide them
for the rest of their lives.

Saint Mary School is committed to academic excellence in a value-based
educational setting. Our commitment to excellence can be seen as being
in the top ten percent of the nation with our test scores for all private and
public schools and Blue Ribbon School status. The community of priests,
deacons, religious, administrators, teachers, staff, parents and students
work together toward the school’s high standards. With each person
taking on their responsibilities, our school has remained a viable entity to
our community for sixty-three years.

God has blessed us and given us the challenge and guidance to provide a
wonderful learning environment in the Saint Mary School community.
Thank you for being part of this community. May this year be one that is
filled with God’s blessings upon you and your family.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Rev. Msgr. Michael A. Cherup
                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

MISSION STATEMENT …………………….……………..4
PHILOSOPHY ……………………………………………..4

Goals…………………………………….………….…… ..5
Parents as Educators……………………………………......5
Class Size…………………………….…………………..…6
Calendar……………………………… ….………...............7
Daily Schedule………………………………..….................8

Curriculum and Design…………………………..8-9
Academic Activities…………………………………….9

Progress Reports……………… …………………….……..11
Incomplete Grades…………………………………….…...11
Parent-Teacher Conferences……………………………. ...11

Federal School Lunch Program…………………………...12
Gifted Program……………………………………….…...12
Title I………………………………………………….…..12

Altar Servers………………………………………………13
Marian Celebrations……………………………………....13
Reconciliation Services……………………….…………..13
Sacramental Preparation………………………………......13
Service Projects ……………………………………….......13
Monday Morning Meeting………………………………...13

Financial Aid………………………………………………16
Parish Grant Subsidy………………………………..…….17

Attendance ……………………………………………..17-18
Back Packs …………………………………….….19
Bus ………………………………………….....…..19-20
Cafeteria ……………………………………………… . 20-21
Communications …………………………………….... ..21-22
Discipline …………………………………………….….22-24
Dress Code /Uniform……………………………………..26-29
Lost and Found……………………………………………29
Extended Day…………………………………………….30
Harassment/Sexual Harassment………………………..…30
Health Policies…………………………………………….31-32
Media Center Policies…………………………………….32-33
Physical Education……………………………………. ....33
Safety Policies……………………………………………34-35
Wellness Policy……………………………………………36-37

STUDENT COUNCIL……………………………………...39
FIELD TRIPS………………………………………………39-40
FUND RAISERS……………………………………………40
STUDENT AWARDS………………………………………41
School Advisory Council………………………………..42
FACULTY AND STAFF………………………….………..13-44

                        MISSION STATEMENT
                        “WE WALK WITH JESUS”

Saint Mary School is committed to quality Catholic education, and strives to
develop each student’s maximum potential spiritually, academically, socially,
and physically. The school community diligently imparts Catholic principles
through instruction and example enabling students to find meaning and purpose
for their own lives and to enrich the lives of others.

Catholic Schools provide a setting and a means of passing on the Church’s
teachings to the next generation. In Catholic Schools, liturgy, prayer, and all
forms of faith practice are incorporated into school life.

Saint Mary School proclaims the Gospel message and provides a distinctive
Christian environment in which doctrine is taught and beliefs are practiced.
This integration of faith with school life develops students whose values are
centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Through experiencing the Gospel
message, students develop an inner faith, which sustains them throughout their

Catholic education has the responsibility to educate those who seek such an
education. The school challenges students to fulfill their potential spiritually,
intellectually, physically, socially, and aesthetically. Saint Mary School is
committed to academic excellence in a value-based educational setting. The
community of priests, administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and students work
cooperatively toward the school’s goals. A strong foundation of religious
education and active academic learning, coupled with close relations with home
and family, encourage students to reach out from the school community to the
world around them

Christian standards of social behavior are emphasized at Saint Mary
School. As a result, a strong sense of social justice is developed during
the students’ school years. The school provides many opportunities for
service to others. Saint Mary School strives to form productive, caring
members of society

                     GENERAL INFORMATION
Saint Mary School strives to:
        Educate students in the doctrines of the Catholic Faith and provide
         opportunities for spiritual growth, including individual and group
        Teach students the importance of strong ethical and moral values,
         modeled on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
        Provide the opportunity for students to witness to the meaning of social
         justice by the example of Catholic Services.
        Help the student to recognize the family as the basic unit of society and
         to encourage parents to become involved members of the school
        Teach students to respect themselves, others, and the physical
         environment, which God has entrusted to our care.
        Provide a quality academic program that enables the student to become
         a responsible, contributing member of society.
        Provide an appropriate and challenging curriculum, which includes
         Catholic religion, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science,
         fine arts, computer, physical education, and foreign language.
        Motivate students to acquire a love of learning so they become
         life-long learners.
Saint Mary School is accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference. In 2002-
2003, the Florida Catholic Conference Accreditation Team awarded Saint Mary
School Full Accreditation. Only certified teachers who meet the requirements of
both the State of Florida Department of Education and the Florida Catholic
Conference are hired. The school is scheduled for an re-accreditation visit
during the 2009-2010 school year.
Saint Mary School embraces the premise that Parents are the primary educators
of their children. Parents have the serious obligation of providing and
supervising the education of their children. The family unit provides the
learning atmosphere in which the child develops his/her values, attitudes, and
love of Christ and man. The family unit, thus, becomes the first school.

The school is an extension of the education that begins in the home. By the time
a child enters school, he/she is not beginning his education but continuing it.
The parents must create in the “first” school a family atmosphere filled with
love and respect, along with a desire to learn and achieve. A parent’s attitude
toward the school and the teachers is most important and will be reflected in the
attitude of each child.

Saint Mary School maintains a teacher-pupil ratio conducive to a strong
academic program. Every effort is made to adhere to the class sizes listed. If a
class size exceeds the recommended number, a classroom assistant may be
assigned. The assistant may be full or part time.
                    Grades               Maximum # of Students
                       K3                        20
                       K4                        18
                 Kindergarten                    25
                 First –Fourth Grades            30
                 Fifth-Eighth Grades             35

                      Saint Mary School
                  2009-2010 School Calendar
August 17-19, 2009         Teacher Pre Planning Days
August 20, 2009            First Day of School
                           Early Dismissal 11:30 (No Before or Aftercare)
August 21, 2009            Second Day of School
                           Early Dismissal (11:30 No Before or Aftercare)
August 24, 2009             First Full day of school (Before and After
                               school care begins)
September 7, 2009           Labor Day Holiday
September 25, 2009         Early Release Day (11:30 Aftercare Available)
October 19, 2009           Teacher Retreat Day - Student Holiday
October 22, 2009           End of First Quarter
October 30, 2009           Early Release (Aftercare Available)
November 11, 2009          Veterans Day Holiday (School Closed)
November 25-27th           Thanksgiving Holidays
December 4, 2009           Early Release Day (11:30 Aftercare Available)
December 18, 2009          Early Release Day (11:30 Aftercare Available)
December 21-Jan 3, 2010    Christmas Holidays
January 14, 2010           End of Second Quarter, End of first semester
January 18, 2010           Martin Luther King Holiday – School Closed
January 21-22              Early Release Days for Parent-Teacher
                               Conferences (11:30Aftercare Available)
January 25-29              Catholic Schools Week
February 5, 2010           Early Release Day (11:30 Aftercare Available)
February 15, 2010          President’s Day Holiday
March 5, 2010              Early Release Day (11:30 Aftercare Available)
March 22, 2010             End of third quarter
March 29-April 2           Spring Break
April 14-18, 2010          Spring Fling
April 19,2010              Spring Fling Holiday - School Closed
May 31, 2010               Memorial Day Holiday
June 2, 2010               Last Day of School - End of Second Semester
 Early Dismissal (11:30)   NO AFTERCARE

           Bell Schedule                       Times

           Teachers and students in            7:45am
           Bell Rings for Class                8:00 am
           Dismissal for Bus Students          2:55

           Dismissal Bell                      3:00

Saint Mary School teaches the curriculum set forth by the Diocese of Pensacola-
Tallahassee. The curriculum is challenging and provides an avenue to develop
the total child.

Religious instruction is the building of a gospel-based learning community that
works daily to understand each child as special. The program integrates content
faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church and encompasses awareness of
Scripture, prayer, and the importance of service to others. In addition to
scheduled Religion Class, Catholic Doctrine is integrated into all subject areas.
The Language Arts program uses basals and an ability tiered program with
small group instruction. Enrichment, remediation, and reinforcement are
provided in the daily routine. A comprehensive grammar program and Modern
Language Association documentation style is taught in conjunction with
research papers. Writing across the curriculum and the Accelerated Reading
program are implemented throughout the school. A comprehensive language
program enables students to communicate effectively orally and through the
written word.

 Mathematics is an incremental developmental program where students acquire
proficiency in basic skills accomplished by an understanding of the processes
involved. Consistency of instruction provides daily progress for both group and
individual students. Grades five through eight have an honors math program in
addition to regular math.

The Social Studies prospectus encompasses character education, history,
geography, economics, sociology, cultural diversity, and current events. Hands-
on activities, creating and observing electronic presentations, researching and

formulating individual projects, guest speakers, and field trips enhance all
textbook presentations.

The Science curriculum includes earth, life, and physical science. Students
actively engage in outdoor real-life experiences, participate in hands-on
experiments and minds-on research which enhance textbook material. Critical
thinking and use of the scientific method help to stimulate interest and curiosity
in the minds of all our students.

The Spanish curriculum incorporates vocabulary, culture, history, geography,
reading, and written expression. Emphasis is on communication skills.

The Physical Education curriculum offers a variety of activities and
opportunities for physical development and an appreciation for participation in
lifetime sports and fitness.

The Music curriculum is sequential and meaningful with varied learning
experiences for all students and includes singing, listening, performing,
composing/improvising, music history and music.

The Art instruction program exposes students to various mediums and
techniques in order to stimulate artistic achievement. Techniques taught include
printing, drawing, painting, sculpture, mosaics, appliqué, weaving, collage, pen
and ink, and pottery making. Art history and art appreciation are a vital piece of
the curriculum.

The Computer curriculum (K-8) begins with keyboarding and basic graphics
editing skills and builds incrementally with the addition of word processing,
multi-media presentations, spreadsheets, and databases, culminating with web
page hand-tagging using HTML. Networking, internet use, desktop publishing,
and digital photography and image editing are incorporated into the computer
curriculum to complement and enhance the basic skills. Technology is
integrated throughout the curriculum utilizing the computer lab and machines in
classrooms to enhance traditional areas of instruction.

                       ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES
Accelerated Reader (AR) is a program designed to help students improve their
vocabulary and comprehension. Students read books and take a comprehension
test on the computer. Students are notified of their score on the test immediately
upon completion and the number of points is posted. Incentives are given to
encourage student’s participation in this reading program.

This program provides opportunities for application of math skills and critical
thinking. It is run by parent volunteers and students are encouraged to
participate. Each week participating students receive work sheets, which they
complete at home. Parents may help the student by creating similar problems for
clarification, and then having the students complete the paper alone. The
following week, the volunteer reviews the students’ papers and discusses
various ways the problems could be solved.
An Honors Math program is offered to students who meet the criteria in grades
five through seventh. The criteria consists of teacher recommendation, ITBS
Test Scores, and grades.
Algebra is offered in 8th grade to students who meet the criteria set by the
Diocese of Pensacola/Tallahassee Schools Office which requires students to
score a minimum of 90% on the Algebra Readiness Test by ITBS, as well as
high grades in math and teacher recommendation.
Students in grades six through eight are required to use agenda books to
record assignments. Homework is assigned for the purpose of reinforcing
classroom lessons, extending the curriculum beyond school hours, as well as
fostering and promoting habits of independent study. Homework may be
defined as any assignment due on the following day, or after a specified period
of time (book reports, science projects). The average time spent per day on
homework varies according to the needs and abilities of each child. If, in your
opinion, your child is spending an excessive time on homework, contact
your child’s teacher to discuss the issue.
Homework is only assigned after a concept has been explained. Homework
assignments take into consideration individual differences, and are reasonable
in length. Homework will include activities completed outside the school which
have a direct application to topics being studied in school. Homework is
evaluated; however, recording grades for every homework assignment is not
necessarily required or expected. A zero will be given for no homework.
Parents may request short-term homework for ill or absent children. Such
requests must be made at the school office before 10:00 a.m. and then be picked
up at school dismissal time in the school office. This will allow teachers an
opportunity to write assignments without interrupting ongoing learning
activities. Students are allowed three school days to turn in missing
assignments upon returning to school from an excused absence. Failure to
complete missed assignments will result in lower grades. It is the student’s
responsibility to obtain assignments and turn in missing work. Extra
Curricular Activities do not fall into the category of Excused Absence.
Homework will be due the following day for students who miss class due to
extra curricular activities (sports, etc.).

Progress reports, noting a student’s academic progress, are given out mid-
quarter for each of the four quarters for grades 3-8. Progress reports may also
be given any time a student’s progress is not satisfactory. Progress Reports
must be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the school within
one week of issuance.

In cases of prolonged illness or other extenuating circumstances, a student may
receive an Incomplete due to missed assignments. The incomplete grade is
initially recorded on the report card as an “Incomplete.” After 10 days, the “I”
is changed to the grade earned; if the incomplete grade is not corrected by the
end of the ten-day period, the grade reverts to an “F.” Grades will be changed in
Power School at the end of the 10 day period.

Because communication between home and school is so important, Saint Mary
School requires parents to receive their child’s first semester report card at a
parent/teacher conference. Throughout the year teachers and parents/guardians
may request additional conferences to ensure the best possible education for
each student. Please call the school office or send a note to your child’s teacher
to request a conference. If a parent has any concerns in regards to his/her child’s
education, they should be addressed with the teacher first and if necessary with
the principal.

Report cards are issued every nine weeks. The nine-week grading period is in
accordance with Diocesan policy. Report Cards must be signed by the
parent/guardian and returned to the school within one week of issuance. The
last report card of the year will be mailed home as long as financial obligations
are clear.

Saint Mary School administers the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). Students
in grades three through eight are tested in the fall. Grade 2 is tested in the
Students may be referred to the Okaloosa County School District’s
Psychological Services for testing for the gifted program, specific learning
disabilities, speech etc. There are no costs associated with these tests.
Student grades are based on quizzes, tests, and examinations. Homework, daily
grades, projects, and classroom participation also constitute a portion of the
overall grade.
                        FEDERAL PROGRAMS
Saint Mary School Participates in the Federal School Lunch Program which
provides the school with commodity foods as well as funds per lunch served.
Free and reduced priced lunches are available for students who meet the criteria
set forth by the federal government. Information and applications for these
programs are distributed in the information packets at the beginning of the
school year. There is no deadline for this program. The information and
applications are available throughout the school year. Students who qualify for
this program are strongly urged to participate since Saint Mary School receives
money for all of our federal programs based on the number of students
Gifted students in grades 1-5, who qualify may attend classes for the gifted.
Saint Mary School will provide services for those who qualify at the school site.
Students who attend the Gifted Program are not required to make up the
assignments missed during their absence from class, but they are responsible for
the knowledge of content taught in their absence as well as any homework
assigned. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain the homework
The No Child Left Behind legislation provides Title I services to students in
Kindergarten through fifth grade who need additional help in math and reading.
The Federal Funding is administered through Okaloosa County Schools and
provides a Title One Technologist for our campus.
The Federal Stimulus Package for Education provides additional funding to
provide Title Services for students in Middle School for the 2009-2010 school

                     SPIRITUAL INVOLVEMENT
Weekly participation in the Sunday Liturgy by every family in the school
community is a vital priority, and necessary component of the spiritual
formation of the child. Student body liturgies are celebrated every Thursday and
Holy Days of Obligation at 8:15 a.m. Parents/guardians are always welcome to
join their child for liturgy, but are asked to sit at the end of the row or behind the
class, so as not to obstruct the view of other students. Attendance at the school
liturgy does not remove the obligation of attending mass on Sunday for all
Students in grades 4-8 are eligible to be altar servers if they are serving in Saint
Mary or other parishes for Sunday Mass. Altar servers are trained to serve daily
Mass and are expected to meet the dress code criteria (no athletic shoes) and
exhibit appropriate conduct.
Grades one through eight will come together on Tuesday afternoons to
review and practice the music for the Thursday School Liturgy. All
student will participate so as to make our liturgy experience meaningful
and optimum.
The Blessed Virgin Mary is the patron saint of Saint Mary School and devotion
to Mary has a special place in the spiritual life of the faculty, staff, students and
families of our school. Celebration of Mary’s birthday, the Living Rosary, May
Crowning, and the Family Rosary are some ways we honor Mary throughout the
school year.
The Sacrament of Reconciliation is made available to students throughout the
year in advent and lent. We encourage parents to have their child(ren) receive
the Sacrament regularly by going to reconciliation in their parishes.

The initial reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Penance) and Holy
Eucharist are an integral part of the second grade religion curriculum. Students
receive these sacraments for the first time in their respective parishes. Non-Saint
Mary parishioners must have their pastor’s permission for their child to receive
these Sacraments at Saint Mary Parish.
Saint Mary School teaches the importance of service to those who are in need.
The school holds service projects throughout the year. In addition to school
wide projects, each class chooses a service project for the Lenten season.

An Assembly is held some Monday mornings at 8:00 am to provide the school
an opportunity to come together in prayer and for announcements. Classes take
turns leading the assembly.

                      ADMINISTRATIVE POLICES
The schools of the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee do not discriminate on the
basis of race, color, sex, national and ethnic origin in administration of
education policies, admission policies, scholarship, or athletic and other school
administered programs.
To enroll, a child must be the following age by September 1 for the coming
school year.
                Age        Grade to Enter
                 3         Three year old pre-kindergarten program
                 4         Four year old pre-kindergarten
                 5         Kindergarten
                 6         First Grade

Parents registering children for the first time must have:
     1.   Birth Certificate
     2.   Baptismal Certificate ( If Catholic)
     3.   Social Security Card
     4.   Florida Immunization Certificate
     5.   Florida Physical Examination Form
     6.   Non-Refundable registration fee of $150 per child

Parents of students entering grades one through eight must meet with the
principal prior to registration. Parents will furnish a copy of the student’s
current report card and the most recent standardized test scores. Student’s
acceptance is based on performance, attendance, and discipline history.
Students entering from other schools may be placed on probation depending on
past performance and attendance
The State of Florida requires all entrants to furnish a current physical
examination and complete immunization record. Students transferring from
within the county or from elsewhere in the state must present the physical exam
form and immunization record required.
Saint Mary School Admission Priority:
  1.   Children with a brother or sister currently enrolled in the school
  2.   Children of Saint Mary Parish
  3.   Children of Catholic families from other Parishes
  4.   Children of non-Catholic families.
  5.   Returning students will be admitted according to date of registration.
       This becomes extremely important when meshing two of one grade level
       into one.

The admission procedure for students on the waiting list also follows the order
listed above.
For students starting the year on probation, a principal/staff meeting is held
every three weeks during the first grading period. At the end of the grading
period (nine weeks), a decision is made to determine if the student has met the
criteria to remain at Saint Mary School. If a student is placed on academic
and/or disciplinary probation during the course of the school year, the length of
the probation is no less than one nine week period.
Parent-School Partnerships
Saint Mary School believes that a positive and constructive working relationship
between the school and a student’s parents/guardian is essential. The school
therefore reserves the right to terminate or not renew a student’s enrollment if
the actions of a parent or guardian make a positive and constructive relationship
impossible or seriously interferes with the school’s mission.
The office should be notified of a pending withdrawal at least one week in
advance. All textbooks and library books must be returned and will be checked
for damages. Withdrawal forms must be signed and records requested before
withdrawal is complete. All financial obligations (library fees, tuition, cafeteria
charges, etc.) must be satisfied before the withdrawal can be complete. Any
student withdrawing from school prior to the end of the academic year must pay
a $100 administrative fee to cover special documentation preparations.

Tuition is charged to meet both current and long-term operating expenses.
Tuition, registration, and technology/book fees are non-refundable.
K3- Three year old Pre Kindergarten
Students attending the three year old pre kindergarten program must be toilet
trained. The tuition for K3 is as follows:
Registration Fee: $100

$4,000 or   $400 monthly for 10 months five days a week from 8:00-3:00
$3,000 or   $300 monthly for 10 months five days a week from 8:00-11:30
$2,500 or   $250 monthly for 10 months three days as week from 8:00-3:00
$1,600 or   $160 monthly for 10 months for three days a week from 8:00-11:30
$1,200 or    $120 monthly for 10 months for two days a week from 8:00-11:30

Saint Mary School participates in the Florida Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten
program. Children who are 4 before the first of September are eligible to
participate. The state of Florida pays for the student to attend for three hours a
day. Saint Mary School will have two classes of K4 programs from 8:00-11:00
each day. The extended day program will be from 11:00-3:00.
Tuition Extended K4 # of Children Month                           Price/Month
11:00-3:00                             1               $2,600               $260
11:00-3:00                       2 or More             $1,500               $150

  Registration Fee       $100 Returning Students (and siblings)
                               $225 Maximum per Family (3 or more)
                          $150 New Students
 Book/Technology         K5-4th Grades $200
      Fees               5th-8th Grades  $220
                         One time fee covers textbooks, workbooks, computer,
                         etc… and is non-refundable.

      Bus Fees             # Riders        Price/Year        Price/Month
                           1               $550              $55
                           2               $800              $80
                           3 or more       $1,050            $105
                                                   Price Per year
                                               1 child 2 Children 3 children

   Extended Care        Before Care:         $600      $1100         $ 1500
        Fees            After Care:          $900      $1500          $1800
                        Before & After Care $1500       $1,800        $ 2100

                        Drop-In          $7 For one child, $11 for two, and $13
                                         for three or more
                        Late Pickup      $1.00/{Child}/Minute for every minute
                                         after 6.00 P.M.
                        Payments are due by the 10th of each month. A
                        separate check must be made out to Saint Mary School
                        Extended Care. Payments may be given to the
                        aftercare director or turned in to the school office. If
                        payment is not received by the 10th of the month, a
                        $10.00 late charge will be added. In addition, the
                        student will not be able to participate in the Extended
                        Care Program until the payment is received.
    Graduation          K5         $25
 (Kindergarten and      8th Grade $50
     8th Grade)         Covers the diploma, programs, gifts, and other related
                        graduation expenses.
Athletic Fees           Handled by the coaches of the respective sports. Must
                        be paid at the beginning of each sport program.
Returned Check          $50 will be charged for each returned check.

Withdrawal Fee          $100

Tuition Assistance is available for students who meet the criteria to determine
financial need. Saint Mary School utilizes the FACTS Grant and Aid
Assessment to determine family need for assistance. This application may be
accessed at www.factstuitionaid.com by parents. Application may be completed
on line. Financial aid is awarded by May 1st.
This is an agreement between a family and their parish where the parish agrees
to subsidize $800 of the student’s tuition. To qualify, the student and family
must meet the following criteria:
    1.   Be registered members of the parish
    2.   All family members regularly attend Sunday Mass
    3.   Support parish through reportable income (offertory envelopes or
         personal checks)
    4.   Volunteer your time and talents to the parish
    5.   Participate in Catholic Sharing Appeal (CSA)/Building Fund.

Parents requesting the Grant Subsidy from their respective parishes must apply
through their parish office. It is the parents’ responsibility to furnish the school
with a signed parish participation form to receive the Catholic tuition rates.
Students are charged the non participating rate until the grant application
is received by the school.

This service allows automatic direct deposit of tuition payments and is required
by all families. Registration, book, and graduation fees are not part of this
program and are paid separately.


Students may not be dropped off for school before 7:45 a.m. unless they are
attending Extended Care. After 7:45 a.m. students may be dropped off and are
to go directly to their classrooms. It is important for students to arrive on time
each day in order not to disrupt the beginning of the school day and also be
present for important announcements. School begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. To
fully benefit from the instructional program, students are expected to attend
school regularly, be on time for classes, and satisfy all course requirements.
Poor attendance or excessive tardiness may result in low or failing grades.
Students may be counted in attendance only if they are actually present or if they
are away from school on field trips or other activities sponsored by the school
under the supervision of school authorities.

Students who arrive after the bell has rung must check in the office with their
parents. Signing in does not automatically excuse the tardy. Tardiness is
excused only if it is a result of serious or unavoidable circumstances. If your
route to school is prone to traffic problems, please leave early enough to allow
students to arrive on time.

Required Attendance
Any student who has not been in attendance for instruction for a minimum
of 90% of the class each semester may not pass the subject unless the
student demonstrates mastery of the student performance standards in the
course. This will go into affect after 9 days absence in any semester.

Absence Other Than Illness
Absences other than illness are approved in advance by the principal. Students
missing school for vacations or trips of any kind are excused only with advance
permission. Students are required to obtain whatever assignments are missed in
advance and turn the work in upon return.

Back Pack Policy

Back Packs are to be used to bring materials and books to and from home. They
may not be used during the school day. The backpacks will be stored in the
homeroom of each student. Students who change classes will take their 13
pocket folder and their books only. Girls will be allowed to use a small purse.
Students in grades K3 through 3 will not be allowed to use rolling back packs.
Students in grades 4 through 8 may use either type of backpack.

Early Dismissal
Appointments for the doctor and dentist should be scheduled after school. In the
event a child must leave school during the day, a note must be given to the
teacher at the beginning of the day. A student will not be dismissed from class
before the parent arrives and signs the student out of school. The last bell rings
at 3:00 p.m. Teachers are expected to teach until that time. If a student checks
out early they are jeopardizing their grade and interfering with class time. Early
dismissals disrupt the classroom routines and will not be allowed unless there is
an emergency or unavoidable circumstance. If a student checks out early they
are responsible for the next day’s homework and any class work missed. The
student in responsible for acquiring the assignments.

                       SCHOOL BUS POLICIES

These rules apply to all students since buses are utilized on field trips.
 The bus adheres to a strict schedule and does not wait for late students. The bus
stops at scheduled stops only. Please do not ask the bus driver to make
unscheduled stops. This is for the safety of our children and ensures the bus is
on time.

        Students should arrive at least 5 minutes early to their bus stop to
         account for the bus running early.
        Students who ride the bus will be ready for departure at the last bell.
         Buses will leave the grounds at 3:00 P.M.
        Students may not get off the bus once they board the bus

        Except for ordinary conversation, students shall observe quiet conduct
         on the bus.
        Seatbelts must be used if available.
        Students must stay seated in their seats while the bus is in motion.
        Students must sit upright with their feet on the floor or aimed toward
         the floor.
        Students shall not discard garbage on the floor of the bus.
        Students will not eat food or drink on the bus.
        No part of the body shall be extended through the bus window.
        Throwing anything out the window is forbidden and is illegal. A fine
         can be assessed that the parent will be responsible to pay.
        Students are allowed to ride the bus home with a friend on a space
         available basis. The cost for a student (who is not a regular patron) is
        Students will close their windows when they get ready to exit the bus.
        If no one is at the assigned bus stop to pick up the students they are
         returned to After-Care at the school and the parents is charged.


                        CAFETERIA POLICIES

Hot and nutritionally balanced meals are prepared daily. The five menu
categories are Meat/Meat Substitute, Vegetable, Fruit, Grain, and Milk, (usually
fat-free, reduced fat, chocolate reduced fat, and whole milk choices). On most
days, there is more than one selection in each of the categories offered. Students
in K through 1st grades will have their trays prepared with 4 lunch items by the
cafeteria staff. They will select their milk type (5th item).

Meals cost $2.50 for students at all grade levels. The non-student (adult) meal
cost is $3.00. Students who bring a sack lunch may purchase milk or juice for

It is a parental responsibility to provide for a child’s lunch. Students can charge
meals if they forget their lunch or lunch money, however, charging should not
be considered a normal procedure. Students may not charge for extra servings.
All charges must be paid the next day, students will not be allowed to run up a

Lunches and milk for the week may be purchased in advance from the cafeteria
cashier. The money should be sent to the homeroom teacher in a labeled
envelope. Prepaid credits are maintained by the cafeteria cashier.

There are two lunchroom monitors in the cafeteria. The monitors are in charge
of the students during their lunch period. Teachers bring students to the
cafeteria, get the students seated and then will have duty free lunch. The
monitors will supervise the lunch time for each class and will guide the students
in appropriate manners which will include cleaning up after themselves. They
may bring foods in a thermos or eat from the lunchroom if they require a warm
     1. Students are expected to use good table manners
     2. Students will keep conversation to an appropriate noise level.
     3. Students will remain in their seats during lunch, unless given
          permission by one of the supervising adults.
     4. Students are assigned by the monitors to clean tables.
    5. No canned or carbonated drinks are allowed.
    6.   Students will push in their chairs, put trash into the container, clean up
         floor, and exit quietly when instructed to do so by the monitors or their


Parents picking up students, leaving messages, lunches, etc., during school hours
must go through the office. Messages for students and teachers are delivered at
a time that does not disrupt classroom activity. Please make every attempt to
keep these interruptions to a bare minimum. It is important that the pick-up
procedures/plans be made before the school day begins. We will not accept
change in routine instructions for students after 2:15 p.m. unless it is an
emergency. Change in routines should be the exception and not a daily

Parents are not to enter the classroom during the school day unless they are
scheduled as a volunteer. It is disruptive and often too much of a distraction for
teachers to overcome. If you walk your child to class in the morning, please
leave them at the door. Teachers are particularly busy at the beginning of the
school day and are not usually available to consult with parents.

Monthly Newsletters containing upcoming calendar events, menu, and general
announcements are sent home electronically and should be available on the web
site by the first of the month. Information and announcements are due in the
school office by the 15th of each month in order to be considered for publication
in the newsletter.

Students will use the office telephone for emergency purposes only. Items left
at home such as books, homework, music instruments, or physical education
uniforms/equipment is not considered an emergency. Additionally, phone calls
are not allowed to arrange after school activities, these arrangements should be
made prior to the beginning of the school day.

Student cell phones are allowed on campus as long as they remain in the book
bag, locker, or cubby. They are not allowed to be turned on during school
hours. Cell phones will be confiscated if used during school hours from (8:00-
3:00, and will need to be picked up by parents from the principal.

Tuesday Notes
Each Tuesday morning there will be an update on Powerschool Daily
Bulletin for all parents to view. Any upcoming events and calendar
updates will be posted at this time. An email alert will be sent to all
parents with the electronic messages.

                          DISCIPLINE POLICIES

Saint Mary School strives to provide a positive learning environment where
students can learn and reach their full potential. Students and parents are
provided a list of specific classroom rules at the beginning of each year. Each
teacher has their own management system, composed of basic rules, rewards for
compliance, and consequences for broken rules. Please be aware that any one
list of rules is not all-inclusive but serves as a general guide. It is our intention
to work together to insure that each child progresses. As part of this partnership,
the school requests that parents discuss the rules at home and take the time to
explain what is expected at school.

Each teacher develops a discipline plan that is implemented prior to sending a
student to the office. Teachers send a discipline plan home to parents at the
beginning of each school year. A Disciplinary Report (DR) is sent home for
conduct violations in all grades. These must be signed by a parent/guardian and
the student and returned to the issuing teacher the next school day. Failure to
return the DR or to bring a note from home results in an automatic detention.
When a student’s behavior fails to be corrected in the classroom, the teacher will
conference with the parent.

Level One Offenses
         *Minor offenses that include (but are not limited to)
         *Failure to bring materials to class
         *Excessive talking in class
         *Uniform violations
         *Tardy to class
         *Issues of mild disrespect
         *Level one offenses are cumulative for each semester*

Level Two Offense
More serious offenses that include (but are not limited to)
        *Foul and/or abusive language
        *Destruction of school property (reimbursement is required)
*Level two offenses are cumulative for the entire year*

Level Three Offenses
Extreme offenses that include (but are not limited to)
        *Serious and/or repeated disrespect to persons in authority (faculty,
        staff, volunteers)
        *Disruptive, immoral, or indecent behavior,
        *Any actions dealing with drugs, alcohol, or weapons,
        *Any other infractions deemed serious by the principal

         *Level Three offenses can result in automatic expulsion*


Detention is held every Thursday morning from 7:00 to 7:45. Failure to arrive
on time will be considered a Level 2 Offense. Detention may be assigned for
the following offenses:
*Three Level One Offenses accumulated during any semester.
*One Level Two Offense
*Failure to return a discipline report
Teachers, as well as administrators, may assign detention.
Parents are notified by the teacher assigning the detention.

This is a serious disciplinary measure and is used only after other actions have
not succeeded in correcting the problem. There are in-school suspensions and
out-of-school suspensions. Parents or guardians are notified by telephone of the
suspension and are requested to come to the school for the student unless the
suspension is in school. All concerned parties will meet to discuss the problem
and seek a solution.
Suspension may be assigned for the following offenses:
*Three detentions accumulated during the school year
         *Any Level Two or Level Three infraction deemed suspension-worthy
         by the principal
         *Suspensions are cumulative for the entire school year*

Any student with two suspensions on their record at the end of the school
year will be placed on probation for the first semester of the following
school year.

This is a trial period when a student must demonstrate good behavior and a
willingness to cooperate with other students and the school’s staff.

This is a disciplinary measure used only when incorrigible behavior or conduct
threatens the physical or moral welfare of other students or seriously affects the
learning process. A parent conference is imperative when such a problem is
discovered. The principal, with the approval of the pastor, may expel a student
for a grave reason. The Superintendent of Schools is made aware of such
problems prior to the parent conference and expulsion.
         *Three suspensions are grounds for expulsion
         *Any Level Three offense may result in an automatic expulsion
         regardless of prior behavioral record.

Serious Offenses
Violations of the accepted code of conduct
Jeopardizing the safety of anyone
Seriously impeding the learning of others
Serious insubordination

                 BULLYING POLICY
A person willfully and repeatedly exercising power or control over another
person by the use of words or physical aggression. This imbalance of power can
take place on school grounds or to and from school, or during any school
sponsored field trip or event. Electronic bullying via email or web sites is
included in the Saint Mary School Bullying Policy and will not be tolerated.

Complaints of bullying made to any teacher, administrator, or staff member will
be addressed in the following manner:

An investigation of accusations will take place.
The parents of all parties will be contacted
The parents of the bully will conference with the Principal and Teacher
The bully will receive detention
All parties will sign an infraction form

An investigation of accusations will take place.
Principal will conference with parents and student.
Principal will suggest counseling.
Bully will be suspended (in school or out of school) at the digression of the
All parties will sign an infraction form.

An investigation of accusations will take place.
Parents of the bully and the victim will be contacted
Parents of the bully will conference with the Pastor and the Principal.
Principal will mandate counseling or the student will be expelled.
All parties will sign an infraction form.

Disciplinary Consequences
In the event of serious misconduct, the teacher will notify the Administration in
writing on the Principal’s Discipline Report. Parents are notified each time a
student receives a Principal’s Discipline Report. A copy is sent home outlining
the disciplinary consequence. Forms must be signed and returned the next day
to the teacher/administrator who sent home the report.


        I will not talk or leave my seat in class without permission from the
         teacher. If I have a question, I will raise my hand and wait to be
        I will be in my seat ready to start class when the bell rings.
        I will have all books and supplies needed for my classes. I will keep
         my desk, locker, or cubby neat and clean. I will use the locker/cubby
         only at the designated times. I will not touch anyone else’s property.
        I will walk in line. No roughhousing, horseplay, or running will be
        I will respect the property of the school, parish, teachers, and fellow
         students and will help keep the schoolrooms and grounds neat and
        I will be courteous to all students, teachers, staff, and volunteers who
         assist at our school.
        I will use the rest rooms only between classes and will do my part in
         keeping them neat and clean.
        I will be courteous in the cafeteria and will not make any loud or
         disruptive noises.
        I will not bring toys, games, or any electronic devices to school.
        Chewing gum is not permitted anywhere on the campus.
        No physical displays of affection are permitted in school.
        When attending functions in the auditorium/gym, or church, I am under
         the direct supervision of the accompanying teacher.
         I will adhere to the uniform code and wear the uniform correctly.

                         DRESS CODE POLICIES
Students will wear a uniform for each school day. Cleanliness and appropriate
wear of their uniform is expected at all times. Parents have the responsibility to
see their children wear only the regulation uniform and adhere to dress code
policies. The school reserves the right to determine if a student’s dress and
appearance satisfy the school’s policy. Uniform items must be purchased
from Fontaine Apparel only.

When to Wear Uniform
The uniform is to be worn properly until the student leaves school grounds.
Students who ride the bus must wear the uniform properly on the bus. School
uniforms will be clean at the beginning of each day. Shirts must be tucked in,
and skirts and jumpers must be hemmed.

K5-5th – Girls    Plaid jumper with a white peter pan collard shirt.
       Uniform Khaki shorts or khaki slacks with a brown or black belt.
       Maroon polo shirt with school logo (to be worn with a brown or black

6th – 8th Girls        Uniform plaid skirt or short (knee length).
                       Uniform khaki shorts or khaki slacks with a brown or
                       black belt
                       Hunter green polo shirt with school logo (to be worn
                       with plaid skirt, khaki shorts, or slacks).
                       Uniform slacks or skirt must be worn from December 1 st
                       to March 1st

K5 - 5th Boys          Uniform khaki shorts or khaki pants with a brown or
                       black belt
                       Maroon polo shirt with school logo
                       Uniform pants must be worn from December 1st to
                       March 1st.
6th-8th Boys           Uniform khaki shorts or khaki pants with a brown or
                       black belt. Hunter green polo shirt with school logo.
                       Uniform pants must be worn from December 1 st to
                       March 1st.
PE Uniforms
Grades K-3             Students are required to change into athletic shoes for
                       physical education.
PE Uniforms            All students in grades 4-8 will dress-out and participate
Grades 4-8             in physical education.     “Dressing-out” consists of
                       changing from the school uniform into the P.E. uniform
                       and change to athletic shoes. Students are required to
                       bring their own PE Uniform/shoes in the cloth/nylon bag
                       furnished by the school. P.E. uniforms are ordered
                       through Fontaine Apparel and are listed on the order
Shorts                 Boys and girls in all grades may wear uniform shorts.
                       They may not be worn from Dec. 1st - March 1st. Only
                       khaki walking shorts from Fontaine Apparel no shorter
                       than two inches above the knee may be worn.
Fleece                 Must be solid maroon or hunter green, and purchased
Sweatshirts and        from Fontaine Apparel.
sweaters               The only sweatshirts and sweaters allowed on
                       campus are school uniform sweatshirts (maroon or
                       hunter green).

Undershirts           Must be plain white and not visible below the sleeve of
                      the uniform shirt
Belts                 Boys and girls must wear a belt with the shorts or slacks
                      and have the standard uniform shirts tucked in. Belts
                      may be brown or black only.
Socks                 Must be white, ankle or knee length (no footies). The
                      socks must cover the ankle. White tights may be worn
                      with jumper, slacks or skirts between by girls.
Shoes                 Students must wear solid brown or solid black hard
                      shoes, tie, strap, or loafer style. No boots or high-tops,
                      joggers, athletic shoes, “soap” shoes or shoes with
                      higher than normal heels. No roller blade shoes are
                      allowed. No stripes on shoes are allowed. Shoes must
                      have dark soles.
Hair                  Boys- Hair is to be neat, combed, clean, out of eyes, and
                      not touching ears or collar. It may not be worn tucked
                      behind the ears. No distracting styles are permitted
                      (length, color etc.). No facial hair is permitted.
                      Girls – Hair is to be neat, combed, and out of eyes. No
                      distracting styles (including hair wraps, color, etc.) are
Jewelry               No jewelry will be worn. Boys and girls are permitted
                      to wear religious medals and wristwatches. No earrings
                      for boys. Girls may wear stud earrings in the ear lobe
                      only (only one stud earring per ear). This applies to all
                      days including dress up days and jeans days.
Nail   Polish    &    No nail polish or makeup. Clear nail polish is
Makeup                allowed.This applies to all days including dress up and
                      jeans days.
Dress Code for        Dresses, knee-length or longer. Skirts, knee-length or
Dress-Up Days Girls   longer. Dress Slacks. No Jeans (even designer jeans)
                      Dresses may not have slits up the side . Sleeveless
                      dresses are allowed, but must be modest with a wide
                      band on shoulders. No cleavage may show.
Dress Code for        Slacks, shirts (must be tucked in), socks. No jeans (even
Dress-Up Days Boys    designer jeans) or shorts. No T-shirts of any kind
                      (collared shirts only)
Scout Uniform         Students may wear their girl/boy scout uniforms on
                      meeting days.
                      BOYS- scout shirt may be worn with school uniform
                      pants (no jeans).
                      GIRLS- full Girl Scout/Brownie/Daisy uniforms may be
                      worn. Scouts may wear their scout shirt and uniform
                      pants (no jeans).

Dress Code for          ALL GRADES: Slacks or Jeans Shirts may not have
Casual/Jeans Days       advertising, obscene or double meaning slogans; midriff
                        must be covered and no cleavage may show. No tank
                        tops or bike shorts. Boys and girls must wear socks and
                        belts, Shirts must be tucked in.
                        Shorts: Grades K5 through 8 may not wear shorts unless
                        they wear their uniform shorts, and then only during
                        appropriate calendar dates (not between December 1 st
                        and March 1st).

Jeans Days with Uniform Shirt
The administration may authorize a jeans day with uniform shirt throughout the
year. When this day is permitted students are to wear their uniform shirt with
jeans. On these designated days the students must wear their uniform shirt
tucked in with a belt. All students must wear belts on these jeans days with
uniform shirt.

Eighth Grade Dress Uniform
Eigth grade students will have a dress uniform which will be worn on Thursdays
and other designated days throughout the year. The uniform will consist of the
              Boys will wear regular school kaki pants and a white dress
                  shirt with a tie.(no polo shirts and no shorts)
              Girls will wear uniform skirts (no slacks or shorts) and a
                  tailored white shirt with a tie.

A child who is out of uniform is not permitted in class. Students in violation of
the dress code are sent to the office, and parents are notified. Parents must write
an excuse if a child is unable to wear all or part of the uniform. Being out of
uniform will result in disciplinary action.

All clothing must be marked with the student’s name. This is extremely
important, as all uniform items look the same. Sweaters, jackets, and gym
clothing are turned in to the office daily and sometimes cannot be returned to the
owner because of lack of identification. Please use your child’s full name rather
than initials for labeling purposes.


The Extended Care Program provides quality supervision that fosters
development and is available to children enrolled at Saint Mary School. Parents
must first complete a registration form before they may enroll their children.
This form should be returned to the Extended Care Staff (see Tuition and
Student Fee section for costs). Extended Care is offered at Saint Mary School
during the school year from 6:30 am until 7:45 am and from 3:00 pm until 6:00
pm. The program provides students with the opportunity to meet before and
after school in a supervised environment for both play and study.
Failure to comply with the rules listed here can result in a phone call to the
parent/guardian and then subsequent removal from the program.
     1. Students report to the Extended Care staff person immediately upon
          arrival in the morning and immediately after school dismissal in the
          afternoon. The Extended Care staff is not responsible for students who
          do not report after school.
     2. Students may not leave the playground and must stay within the fenced
          area. If weather does not permit students will be in the cafeteria.
     3. Students must have the permission of the staff person to re-enter the
          school once they are outside. The staff must know where the children
          are at all times.
     4. All students will be signed in at the cafeteria and must be signed out by
          someone listed on their emergency contact card. If other arrangements
          have to be made for pick-up please send a note with your child to
          school or call the school to let the staff know who will be picking your
          child up. That person will be required to show a picture I.D.
     5. All students will be expected to respect the staff and each other, as well
          as the materials and environment provided. Students who do not
          adhere to the rules may be placed in time out. Length of discipline will
          depend upon the student’s age and behavior. Second offense of same
          behavior will result in a parent/director meeting and third offense of
          same behavior will result in a parent/principal meeting to discuss
          student remaining in the program.
     6. No electronics are allowed in the extended day program.


Saint Mary School does not tolerate any form of harassment. Harassment is
defined as communication or conduct designed to reduce the dignity of an
individual in the form of requests for favors, unwelcome teasing, or other verbal
or physical contact (can be written, physical, visual, or verbal). Sexual
harassment is defined as any unwelcome advances, requests for sexual favors,
and other verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

                           HEALTH POLICIES

Saint Mary School encourages student health and fitness to promote a safe and
healthy school environment. All students enrolled in Saint Mary School must
have a Florida Physical Examination on file with the school and a Florida
Certificate of Immunization for polio, measles, DPT, Hepatitis, mumps, and
rubella. Enrollment is not possible unless both are on file.

Students complaining of a minor headache or stomachache are allowed to rest in
the classroom. Students are not allowed to “rest” in the office. If a student is
not well enough to remain in the classroom, the parents are called to pick up the
student. Minor scrapes are handled in the classroom. All classrooms have a
first aid kit.

Parents/guardians are contacted immediately for information and instructions in
case of serious illness or accidents. If the parents/guardians are not available,
the Emergency Form is consulted for directions. If no responsible person can be
reached, and an illness or injury is serious enough to require medical attention,
the administrator in charge will arrange for the student to receive appropriate
emergency or hospital care.

Illness covering five days or more requires an excuse by a doctor. A doctor’s
statement permitting the student to return to school is required for any
contagious disease.

Only prescription medications may be dispensed during school hours by the
staff of Saint Mary School. When it is necessary for a student to take
medication during school hours, these State directives must be followed:

    1.   There must be a written statement from a physician detailing the
         method, amount, and schedules by which such medication is taken.

    2.   There must be a written statement from the parent/guardian indicating
         the desire that the school assist the student in taking the medication as
         described in the physician’s statement.

    3.   Medications in the original prescription container must be turned in to
         the school office. Students are not allowed to have ANY medication
         (not even aspirin) on their person or in their cubbies, lockers, or book

NOTE: According to Diocesan and County policy, the school will not
dispense prescription medication unless the signed authorization to
dispense prescription medication form is on file in the school office. These
forms are available from the secretary at the office.

                        MEDIA CENTER POLICIES
The Saint Mary School Media Center is comprised of the Monsignor
Cunningham Library and the Josephine Gerlach Computer Lab. The facilities
are used for library and computer skills instruction; they are also available to
support the curriculum. Teachers and students are welcome at all times in the
Media Center and are encouraged to use resources to the fullest extent possible.
The Media Center strives to enrich the learning experience and serves as a
resource bank for both teachers and students.
The Library is available for students to use throughout the school day. Students
who have overdue material are not permitted to check out additional resources.
Report cards may be withheld until overdue books are returned.
Saint Mary School has an open format for use of the computer lab. Under this
policy teachers are encouraged to bring their classes to the computer lab. This is
in addition to the scheduled computer instruction time. In order to ensure
optimal facility usage teachers reserve their desired time for their class and will
accompany them in the lab.
Computer skills instruction is a regularly scheduled activity. Each class from
K5 through eighth grade is assigned a weekly computer lab time for a forty-five
minute period. Library skills instruction is incorporated into the lab time. An
example of relevant library skills is retrieval and evaluation of information from
the Internet or other electronic resources.
Controlled Internet access for educational purposes is available at Saint Mary
School. As with other forms of educational media available in our school, every
reasonable effort is made to supervise and limit all children’s viewing to age-
appropriate material that is consistent with Catholic teaching. Parents should
take the time to review the following rules with their child(ren). Each child is
expected to follow these directions.
     1.   Students will not attempt to access the Internet without adult

    2.    No material will be downloaded without teacher permission.
    3.    Students will not send or receive e-mail or post messages without the
          teacher’s approval.
    4.    Students will not enter chat rooms unless under the direct supervision
          of the teacher and then only to communicate with individuals known to
          the teacher.
    5.    Students will not use rude or profane language at any time.
    6.    Students will not give their names or other personal information to
          anyone on the Internet unless approved by the teacher in charge. (For
          almost all purposes, a first name or phrases such as “fifth grade
          student” will suffice.)
    7.    Students will only go to web sites approved by the teacher.
    8.    Students doing net searches will not enter a new site on the search
          results list unless the teacher approves it first.
    9.    Students may not instant message without express teacher permission
          and supervision.
    10.   Students must honor copyright restrictions regarding use of electronic
    11.   Students may not share passwords or other account information.
    12.   Students may not impersonate another person nor use another person’s
          accounts or passwords.
    13.   Students may not use school resources to annoy, abuse, threaten, or
          harass another person.
    14.   Student’s may not send, receive, or display inappropriate materials.

The photocopy and computer equipment is for Saint Mary School related work
only. Parents, former students, teachers, and volunteers are not allowed to use
school computers or copiers for their own personal use.


Students in K through third grade are required to change to athletic shoes for PE
classes. All students in grades 4-8 are required to dress-out and participate in
physical education. “Dressing-out” consists of changing from the school
uniform into the P.E. uniform and change to athletic shoes. Students are
expected to wear P. E. uniforms to physical education class even on non-
uniform (jeans and dress-up) days. There is no exception unless a written
statement is received from the parent. Even though a child may not be able to
participate in the activities for the day, the student may be required to dress-out.
If a student does not have a PE uniform they will be required to walk in a

designated area for the duration of the class. Detentions are assigned to students
who do not bring their PE uniforms/shoes twice in one grading period. Students
are required to bring their own PE uniform/shoes in a cloth/nylon bag which is
furnished for students in grades 4-8. No plastic bags are allowed. A written
statement from a physician is required for non participation over three days. PE
uniforms are ordered through Fontaine Apparel.


Saint Mary School takes precautions to ensure the safety of the students, both on
school grounds and within the immediate vicinity of the school campus. While
at school and school-sponsored activities, the students are covered for accidents
by the school’s own insurance, mandated by the diocese.

Fire drills (1 long bell) are held once a month. Hurricane, severe weather drills,
and emergency evacuation drills are held as needed. All students as well as any
adults on campus must participate. Students must strictly follow the directions
of the school faculty and staff during these drills.

    Common sense and safety prevails on the playground. Children, who do
     not obey, will be given a “time out” and/or issued a discipline note.
    Students will use all equipment only in the manner for which it was
    One person is allowed per swing. Students must keep their hands on their
     own swings. Students must swing at the height where the swings have been
    No pulling/pushing anyone on equipment or ground is allowed.
    No one is allowed on top of any equipment.
    Students must stay away from fence line.
    Students must stay off the PE field if there is a class on the field.
    Students may not climb trees.
    Students may not throw anything at any time except balls.
    Students may not tumble or perform gymnastic stunts on equipment or on
     the ground.

Bicycle Safety
Students will make sure they have the proper equipment, including helmet, to
ride their bikes to school. Students riding bikes will chain and lock their bikes to
the rack near the office. Bikes will be walked on and off the school grounds. The
school is not responsible for bicycles damaged or stolen on school grounds.
Emergency Closing
When Okaloosa County Schools are closed due to weather or any type of
emergency, Saint Mary School will also close. Please listen to local radio
stations for this information. Even if Saint Mary is not specifically mentioned, it
will be closed if the Okaloosa County School System closes.

Students are instructed the first day of school on the proper care of textbooks
and workbooks. All books must be covered with a cloth book cover. Students
are responsible for any and all equipment or materials issued.
There are periodic book checks throughout the year and each student must have
their assigned books. If workbooks are abused or becomes unsightly, the
teacher may ask that the book be replaced at the student’s expense
Students may not write in textbooks, on desks, walls, or any other inappropriate
surface(s). Damage done to school property is the full responsibility of the
offending student’s parents.

    1.   All adult visitors coming to the school campus after 8:00 a.m. and
         before 3:00 p.m., for any reason other than those dealing directly with
         the office, for a scheduled. conference or large school activity are
         expected to sign in at the office and wear an appropriate identification
    2.   The Guidelines for Volunteer Programs for the Diocese of Pensacola-
         Tallahassee require that volunteers be fingerprinted and attend a child
         abuse workshop. In order to comply with this guideline and for the
         safety of our children, all volunteers working at Saint Mary Catholic
         School must be fingerprinted at the beginning of the school year.
    3.   A volunteer cannot divulge confidential information they may have
         access to in the classroom or school.
    4.   Volunteers’ opinions and judgments regarding children and/or their
         abilities are to be kept private.
    5.   Volunteers always work under the guidelines of the supervising faculty
         or staff member.
    6.   Volunteers are required to sign in and out in the Volunteer Log Book
         located in the school office.
    7.   Volunteers must wear nametags while working in the school. The
         nametags are located in the school office. All nametags should be
         returned to the school office when each volunteer shift is over.

     8.    If a volunteer encounters difficulty working with a certain child or
           doing a certain task, they should notify the supervising teacher.
     9.    If there is a problem in the classroom, the situation should be discussed
           with the teacher in private. It is inappropriate to contradict teachers. If
           the issue is something a volunteer needs to be discussed with the
           principal, they should feel free to do so.
     10.   School-appropriate attire must be worn while volunteering (no work-
           out clothes, short-shorts, etc.)
     11.   Volunteers will adhere to the same policies regarding eating and
           drinking on school property as the students. Saint Mary Catholic
           School is a smoke-free area. No smoking is permitted anywhere on the
           school grounds.
     12.   If a volunteer brings a handbag or backpack, it should be placed in a
           safe, out-of-the-way location. Teachers or supervisors can recommend
           a preferred place.
     13.   The Faculty Room is for the use of teachers and staff members only.
           Volunteers will not use this room.
     14.   Volunteers will follow all safety rules. Volunteers working in the
           playground or field areas will be aware of school playground
           regulations. If an accident occurs, volunteers will contact a teacher or
           staff member immediately.
     15.   Volunteers for field trips will have completed a volunteer driver form,
           which must be on file in the school office, indicating that their
           insurance policy complies with the requirements established by the
     16.   Siblings may not accompany adult volunteers to volunteer assignments
           unless prior approval is given. Volunteers must be able to give their
           undivided attention to their volunteer tasks.

                            WELLNESS POLICY
Saint Mary School has established a Wellness Committee who will
oversee the following:
    I. Nutrition Education
                 A. Nutrition will be taught in an interdisciplinary format.
                 B. Appropriate materials to teach Nutrition will be used .
                 C. Families will be given information on nutrition and wellness
                     in the monthly newsletter.
     II.       Physical Activity
                 A. Classroom health education will complement physical
                 B. Classroom teachers will provide short physical activity
                     breaks between lessons or classes, as appropriate.

                C. Physical activity will be integrated when ever possible
                    across the curriculum.
                D. Students will spend at least 50 percent of physical education
                    class time participating in moderate to vigorous physical
    III.     Saint Mary School encourages the following wellness practices
             for other school based activities:
                A. Extended care programs will provide and encourage
                    physical activity for all participants.
                B. Extended care programs will promote and encourage good
                    nutritious snacks for all students.
    IV.      Saint Mary School encourages foods served or sold on the
             school campus compliment the schools wellness policy.
                A. Saint Mary School meets all the recommended state
                    standards set forth by the USDA for the daily lunch
                B. Vending Machines on Saint Mary campus will provide
                    beverages to include water, 100% fruit juice, and non
                    carbonated drinks of low caloric content.
                C. Students are not allowed to bring high energy drinks or
                    carbonated drinks on campus.
                D. Snacks served on the campus are encouraged to be only
                    single serving with low fat content.
                E. Saint Mary School discourages students from sharing their
                    foods or beverages with one another.
    V.       Saint Mary School makes every effort to eliminate any social
             stigma attached to, and prevent the overt identification of, students
             who are eligible for free and reduced-price school meals.

Saint Mary School will implement the following programs and services to
support and value the social and emotional well being of students, families and
staff and to build a healthy school environment.

                          Saint Mary School provides a supportive and nurturing
                           environment including school counseling services, and
                           referrals to community resources as appropriate.
                          Saint Mary School will instruct students to accept and
                           embrace the diversity among others.

Saint Mary School provides many coordinated programs of accessible health
services to students and staff which includes the following:

                      1.    Sexual Abuse Workshop for all staff, faculty, and

                     2.   Safe Environment/Teaching Prevention Workshop is
                          required of all teachers.
                     3.   Drug Awareness Programs for students.
                     4.   LURES program for safe environment for students
                          including Internet Safety, Drug Resistance, and School
                          Violence Prevention.
                     5.   Health and Vision Screenings for students.
                     6.   Articles on Nutrition in monthly parent newsletters.
                     7.   First Aid training for students and staff.
                     8.   Health referrals
                     9.   Immunization and health records

Saint Mary School participates in the Playground Area Soccer Association
(PASA). Membership is open to students six years or older according to the
following age limits: under 8, under 10, under 12, and under 14. The regular
season runs from September to mid December, and games are usually scheduled
after school and on Saturdays. Practice is held after school. Players must
provide shin guards, shorts, socks, and shoes.

Saint Mary School offers these sports in cooperation with the YMCA and is
open to ages 5 – 8. The regular T-Ball season is April through May.

Saint Mary Middle School teams compete with the Middle Schools in the
Okaloosa County School System.

     1.   Each student must have a 2.0 average in academic core courses in
          order to participate in sports.
     2.   Each student must have a 2.0 average in conduct in order to participate
          in sports.
     3.   Each student must complete the sport season in order to be eligible for
          end of year accolades.
     4.   If a student is ruled ineligible because of injury or low grades, they may
          participate in practice but cannot play any games or matches with other

    5.   Individual criteria are used for any special needs child who desires to
    6.   Students who are absent may not participate in sports practice or games
         on the same day as the absence.
    7.   Students who do not complete homework assignments will not be
         allowed to practice or play in a game.


Students are represented by grade level through the Student Council. Grades 3-
8 elect two members to serve as delegates at meetings. The president of the
Student Council is elected by general vote of all students and must be an 8th
grader. Student Council candidates and representatives must maintain at least a
“B’ in conduct and at least a “C” in academics in each class throughout the year.


Class parties for special occasions are allowed with the prior approval of the
teacher and administration. Treats for special occasions (e.g., birthdays) may be
sent to school with the students and is distributed by the teacher. Parents should
notify the teacher at least a week in advance. Any social activities occurring
after school hours are the responsibility of the parents. Please do not pass out
party invitations or any other type of correspondence in your child’s classroom
unless there is an invitation for everyone and your child’s teacher has given

To further the development of each student, Saint Mary School has a variety of
extra curricular activities and students are encouraged to participate. Activities
include band, choir, Science Explorers, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts.

                               FIELD TRIPS

Throughout the year, students are offered the privilege of field trips that
correlate with their curriculum. No student has an absolute right to a field trip;
students can be denied participation if they fail to meet academic or behavior
requirements. Any expenses are the responsibility of the participant. The
students who do not participate must report to school and receive sufficient
assignments for the school day.

When a field trip is scheduled for your child’s class, a permission slip is sent
home for parent signature and should be returned to the school by your child the
following day. In county field trip permission slips will not require notarization,
however, out-of-county field trip permission slips require notarization, and (a

Notary Public is available in our school office). Students are not allowed to
travel on field trips without a signed permission slip.

Transportation for field trips may be provided by bus or volunteer
parents/guardians. Every student in a car must wear a seatbelt. Any volunteer
driving on a field trip MUST HAVE, according to Diocesan policy, and for the
protection of both the driver and the school, the following minimum insurance

Liability limit: per person $100,000
Liability limit: per occurrence $300,000
Property damage: $ 50,000
Medical coverage minimum: $ 1,000

Each volunteer driver must have on file in the school office a copy of his/her
valid driver’s license and a copy of his/her automobile insurance policy.
Volunteer drivers must be at least 25 years old.

The Saint Mary School bus may be used for field trips. The cost per student to
use the bus is $4 per trip for in-county trips and $5 per student for trips out of
the county.

                             FUND RAISERS

The Boxtops for Education is an easy fundraiser for you to participate in for
Saint Mary School. Just clip the coupon off the boxes of the foods you already
buy and send in to your child’s teacher. Each Boxtop is worth ten cents or more.

Saint Mary School participates in the Campbell Labels for Education program.
Labels from Campbell’s products are collected and used to purchase materials
for the school. Just clip the labels and send them in to your child’s teacher.

The annual Spring Fling is the school’s major fund-raiser. It is a five-day event,
which requires an enormous amount of manpower. It benefits every family in
the school by keeping down tuition rates. We need all families to help in this
effort. It is an opportunity to catch some “Saint Mary School Spirit” and meet
other school and parish families! From Spring Fling proceeds, $25,000 is placed
in the operational expenses, to reduce the amount of ordinary income that would
otherwise be derived from tuition. Proceeds above $25,000 are used to fund
improvements to the school’s physical plant.

Brite Stars is a silent auction and dinner held in February each year. The annual
event is a community, parish, alumni and school event which celebrates the
wonderful traditions of Saint Mary School. The auction generates funds for
improvements to the physical plant.

SCRIP is a national program in which advance credit is purchased for various
national and local retailers. Saint Mary School sells these store credits and gets
a percentage back for every dollar spent. The percentage, which ranges
anywhere from 2% to 10%, is what’s earned by the school. When you buy $25
worth of script for a store of you choice, you get $25 worth of credit at the store.
Participation in the program is voluntary. Some of the merchants involved are
J.C. Penny’s, Shell Gas Stations, Home Depot and many more. For a complete
list of all participating retailers consult your pamphlet when you purchase
SCRIPT. SCRIPT can be purchased at the school office during regular school
hours. This is one of the school’s best fund raising method designed to keep
tuition lower. Parents may directly reduce their own child’s tuition by $50 a
year by purchasing $500 worth of SCRIP over the course of the school year.

                           STUDENT AWARDS
Students in grades 3 through 8 who receive all A’s, including conduct, are listed
on the “A Honor Roll.” Students in grades 3 through 8 who receive a
combination of A’s and B’s, including conduct, are listed on the “A-B Honor
Roll.” An assembly is held at the end of the first, second, and third quarters to
recognize these students.

This award is presented each month to a student who shows strong effort to
improve academically. The award is distributed at the 8:15 liturgy according to
the school calendar.

This award is chosen by the classroom teacher and is given to a student who
treats their classmates and staff with respect and strives to live our school motto,
“We Walk with Jesus.” The Servant of the Lord is awarded monthly at the 8:15

                     SCHOOL ORGANIZATIONS

The Pastor of Saint Mary Parish oversees the operation of the school. He works
closely with the principal who is hired to handle the administration of the school
on a day-to-day basis. The principal hires the staff and faculty for the school,
implements the policies and procedures established by the Diocese for our
Catholic schools, and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school.
To help the administration of the school, two important advisory bodies are part
of the structure: School Advisory Council and Parent-Teacher Organization

Saint Mary School Advisory Council consists of ten members: The Pastor, the
P.T.O. President, the Principal, the assistant to the principal, and six other
members, either elected or appointed by the Pastor. The council shall be
responsible to the Pastor for achieving diocesan and parish goals for Catholic
education, for reviewing and approving the budget, for determining sources of
funding, and for reporting on the status of Catholic school education in the
parish. The council is also responsible for directing the implementation of
diocesan educational policy for St. Mary’s School. The council will consist of
the following members:

One (1) person from Saint Mary Parish with no children in the school who is
appointed by the Pastor.
Two (2) persons from Saint Mary Parish with children in the school who are
One (1) person from outside Saint Mary Parish with children in the school who
may be elected or appointed.
Two (2) persons who serve as at-large members and who are appointed by the
Pastor of Saint Mary Church.
One (1) person who is an officer in the PTO who will represent the PTO and
other parent organizations.

Members should have a strong and positive commitment to Catholic school
education and knowledge of the concept of “shared responsibility.” Members
are required to participate in all scheduled meetings. All Board members shall
serve for a term of two years. Members may not serve more than two terms
consecutively. All terms of office for Board members begin on July 1 and end
on June 30. Vacancies shall be filled by the Pastor for the remainder of the

The P.T.O. provides a means for parents and teachers to communicate and work
together for the good of the school. The goals of Saint Mary Parent Teacher
Organization is to bring priests, teachers and parents into closer contact with one
another, to encourage the efforts of teachers to maximize good conditions and
surroundings of the child and in general, to create public sentiment in the
welfare of the school.

Membership- Any parent or guardian of a Saint Mary School student or anyone
interested in the welfare of Saint Mary School may be a member of the Saint
Mary School Parent Teacher Organization.

PTO participates in: Spring Fling Car Raffle, Catholic School Week, Teacher
Appreciation Week, Field Day, Open House/Family Dinners, and Educational
Forums. Meetings are scheduled monthly and are announced in the monthly
newsletter. Parents are encouraged to volunteer their time and talent for PTO

                              FACULTY AND STAFF

          Pastor              Monsignor Michael Cherup
     Associate Pastor         Father Craig Smith
         Principal            Mrs. Regina Nadicksbernd
 Assistant to the Principal   Mrs. Diana Borish
K3                            Ms. Lee Anne Burroughs
K4 A                          Mrs. Cheryle Evans
K4 B                          Mrs. Sierra Abel
K5A                           Mrs. Nancy Humphrey
K5 B                          Mrs. Maryetta Casey
1A                            Mrs. Debbie Hurst
1B                            Mrs. Denise Kennedy
2A                            Mrs. Beth Parker
2B                            Mrs. Janet Webb
3A                            Mrs. Mary Morrison
3B                            Mrs. Kim Merlyn
4A                            Mrs. Diana Borish
4B                            Mrs. Mary Sauvageau
5A                            Mrs. Michelle Keegan
5B                            Mrs. Mary Lambeth
Middle School                 Mrs. Anne Loken
Middle School                 Mrs. Marge Lutz

Middle School          Mrs Handan Williams
Religion Coordinator   Sister Robert Anne
Middle School          Mrs. Laura McNeill
Media Specialist       Mrs. Lynne Graves
Music                  Mrs. Kay Graves
Speech                 Mrs. Donna Bridgford
Art, Spanish           Mrs. Renee Wilbas
Physical Education     Mrs. Maggie Holmes
Testing Coordinator    Mrs. Leanne Norred
Title I                Mrs. Kathy Harrington
TITLE I and Gifted     Mrs. Amy Akins

Teacher Assistants
Media Center           Mrs. Kathy Piccione
K3                     Ms. Jessica Pratt
K4 A                   Ms. Monica Rothrock
K4 B                   Ms. Mary Alice Tucker
First Grade            Mrs. Kelly Torres
Office Staff
Receptionist           Mrs. Cathy Siren a.m.
                       Mrs. Pat Williams p.m.
Bookeeeper             Mrs. Anna Demkowicz
Accounts Receivable    Mrs. Kristen White (3 days)
Records                Mrs. Nannette Bell (3 days)

Manager                Janice Seilhan
Cashier                Amanda Sosa
Dishwasher             TBA
Assistant              Rosemarie Underwood/ Venita Finley
Bus Drivers
Driver                 Mr. Frank Zeminck
Driver                 Mr. Dan Colangelo
Driver                 Eugene Underwood
Custodian              Mr. Frank Herzig

Extended Care
Director               Mrs. Aline Liles


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