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					                                      Wally Watkins Elementary

Volume 1, Issue 2           The Start of Something Great                                     January 2011

  From the President:
  Welcome back! Happy New Year, everyone! We are off to a great start to the new year! If
  you haven't seen the new swings on the playground take a look. The PTA was able to give
  Watkins Elementary the funds to purchase an 8 seat swing set! Let me tell you, the kids
  LOVE them! They are a great addition to our already wonderful playground equipment.

  Our first curbside recycling drive was a HUGE success! Thank you for holding on to all your
  wrapping paper and newspaper over the holiday break! Due to the awesome response we
  decided to give an ice cream party to the classes in each grade level that brought in the most
  bags of paper. Congratulations to the following classes: Mrs. Schumaker -- Kinder, Ms. Miller
  - 1st grade, Mrs. Elmore – 2nd grade, Ms. Cope – 3rd grade, and Mr. Bottoms – 4th grade.
  Our next curbside Recycling Round Up will be Thursday, February 10th during morning
  carpool so mark your calendars! You can also bring your newspaper, junk mail, etc. anytime
  and dump in the big yellow and green bin in the back of the school.

  We have a lot planned for the second half of the school year! Our next big adventure will be
  a carnival. We are tentatively planning it for April 15th from 4-8pm. We need lots of
  volunteers and will be forming a planning committee in the very near future. Watch your
  child's folder and the PTA website ( for more information on both
  committee meetings and the finalized date.

  Thank you for all you do!!! I look forward to seeing you at our next PTA meeting on
  Tuesday, February 1st at 7pm.

  Your President,

       Watkins PTA wins 4 awards from the State Council of PTAs!
  The Applause Award honors our total membership numbers; the Golden Apple Award recognizes
  100% faculty membership; the MARS (Men Are Really Super) Award honors our number of male
  members; and the Membership Chair Challenge acknowledges our rise in membership percentage.

  Thank YOU for being a member! These awards are not possible without your support!

                                                                                 Watkins Elementary Newsletter 1
                     Show your Watkins Wrangler Pride on Fridays by wearing your
                                         Wrangler gear!!!!

                        We carry two different t-shirts and both styles are $10:

                        gray with blue Watkins Wrangler (cowboy) shirt &
                                     in both adult and child sizes
                    black with silver PTA shirt (“The start of something great.”)
                                          in adult sizes only.

         We’re excited to announce the arrival of Spirit Sleeves that will keep your arms warm!
                    They are navy/white stripes and are $8. One size fits most arms.

               Don’t forget your magnetic Watkins Sheriff badges – they’re a steal at $5.

  If you have any questions regarding Spirit Wear or need any help, please contact Tricia Johns
               directly at (972) 442-6758 or by e-mail at
               Thank you again for showing your WATKINS WRANGLERS PRIDE!

                                     Building Memories
Bricks are a great opportunity to honor your children’s accomplishments, pay tribute to their
teachers, advertise for a business, give as a gift, or leave your mark on a generation of students.

Bricks will contain special messages you chose; you can also add a logo. Each brick purchased in
the 2010-’11 school year will have a special star symbolizing the inaugural school year. They are
available in 4x8 inch, 8x8 inch, and 24x24 inch sizes and cost $100, $250, and $550 respectively.
Payment plans are available. The cost of each brick is a tax-deductible contribution.

To order or to request logo information please contact Karrie at or

~Karrie George, 4th VP (Ways and Means)

Have PTA Newsletter Questions or Comments? Contact Kim Creel at

                                                                                        Watkins Elementary Newsletter 2
Counselor’s Corner

What a great beginning to a new year we’ve had! The students have all been busy writing links
to others. We are now ready to spread kindness and compassion to your homes! You will soon
receive a note along with four links to use at home. Your learner can write links for you or you
can write links for him/her. Please send the links to school so they can be added to your
learner’s class chain. Our goal is to have one chain long enough to reach around the entire
school! Remember links are given for going above and beyond the ordinary. Additional links
are available in the main office.

Dads and male role models -- if you haven’t had a chance to volunteer your time to the
WATCH DOGS program and would like to please contact me to choose your date.

On another note, thank you all for the well wishes on my recent marriage. Dusty and I are
proud to be part of the WE family.

Remember my door is always open. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at
972-429-2589 or email at; I also have a blog where you can access

~Missy (Yeager) Douglas, Counselor

                                         Cookies in
The PTA needs your help in baking cookies as a Valentine treat to our amazing teachers. If you would like
to help, please complete the form below and return it either in your child’s backpack or place in the PTA
mailbox in the school office.

The cookies will need to be delivered to the school by 10:00am on Monday, February 14th. Thank you for
your support!

Name: ______________________________________            Phone: _________________________
Email: ______________________________________________________

Yes!! I can donate ____dozen homemade cookies.

~Erin Burkart, Hospitality

                             Happy Birthday to ________________.
Are you looking for a special way to wish your child a happy birthday? Consider a Watkins
Wish! For $20 your child’s name will appear on one side of the marquee for an entire week
during the school year. There are spaces still available this semester. Contact Kim at for more info.
                                                                                      Watkins Elementary Newsletter 3
                    Green Team Updates
Wow! Thank you, Watkins Wranglers, for showing how much you care about our environment!
Before the winter break Watkins families were challenged to lose 10 pounds of paper over the
holidays; on January 6th over 130 bags of recycled paper were dropped off. We completely filled our
Paper Retriever bin and the PTA room! We had such a great turn out that we decided to reward the
top recycling class in each grade with an ice cream party. Congrats to the following classes: Mrs.
Schumaker (K), Ms. Miller (1st), Mrs. Elmore (2nd), Ms. Cope (3rd), and Mr. Bottoms (4th).

We will have another curbside Recycle Round Up on Thursday, February 10th during morning
carpool. Remember that we only accept paper (newspaper, catalogs, junk mail, etc.) The Paper
Retriever bin is located in the back parking lot if you need to drop off sooner and is available 24/7.
The more tons of paper we collect the more money our school receives to help our teachers and fund

Keep up the good work!
~Sara LaBarba, Green Team (Environmental/Beautification) Chair

                                         Say Cheese!
We need copies of pictures for our scrapbook. If you have any that you would like to share
please email to Julie at Don’t forget to identify people or places. Thanks!

~Julie Justiniano, Historian

                                                                                   Watkins Elementary Newsletter 4
You can still join the winning team of the Watkins PTA. Our spectacular principal, Mrs. Speicher is going to ride
a mechanical bull if we can get 250 members! We have 231 members, so we just need 19 more members. Everyone
can join from family, friends and businesses and your membership is good for a year! You can choose to be in
the first Watkins PTA Directory.
Remember: if you would like to volunteer to help that is wonderful, but not required. You can decide your level
of involvement.

Please fill out the form below, send it in to your child’s teacher with $7 per member (cash or check made out to
Watkins PTA) and join the Watkins PTA today.

Member Name / Nombre de Miembro:
Member Name / Nombre de Miembro: _________________________________________________________________________
Member Name / Nombre de Miembro: _________________________________________________________________________
Address / Domicillio: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip Code / Ciudad, Estado, Codigo Postal_________ _______________________________________________
Phone # / Telefono # ___________________________________________________________________________________________
E-Mail / Domicilio Electronico _________________________________________________________________________________
Students’ Names / Nombre de Estudiantes: __________________________________________________________________
Teacher / Maestro(a): _________________________________________________________________________________________

Include my information in the Watkins PTA directory. Yes/No
Me gustaría incluir toda mi información en el directorio. Yes/No

I would like to be contacted about volunteering / Llame atraves el tema de voluntario(a). Yes/No
Check all that Apply / Marque todo que se appliqué:

___Student / Estudiante ___Parent/Guardian / Pariente/Custudio___Faculty/Staff / Facultad/Peronsal

___Community Member / Miembro de Comunidad ___Texas Life Member / Miembro Honrado de Texas PTA


If you have already joined the WATKINS PTA for the 2010-2011 school year, thanks for your involvement!

~ Christine Eustice, Watkins PTA Membership Chair
                                                                                                     Watkins Elementary Newsletter 6
         Looking forward
Tues., 1/25 & Thurs., 1/27 – Choir practice from 2:30 to 3:15
Fri., 1/28 – 4 grade to Plano Symphony 8:30am Wrangler Round Up at 9:30am
Sat., 1/29 – Wylie Chamber of Commerce Banquet
Tues., 2/1 – PTA meeting at 7pm followed by Family Literacy Night
Wed., 2/2 – Chick-fil-A night from 5 to 7:30pm
Thurs., 2/3 – Progress Reports go home
Fri., 2/4 – Rodeo Day *NO Wrangler Round Up
Feb 7th – 11th – National School Counselors Week!
Fri., 2/11 – Wrangler Round Up at 9:30am
Mon., 2/7 – 100th day of school! Student Council meeting
Mon., 2/14 – Valentine’s Day class parties at 1:30pm
Tues., 2/15 – KC Club from 2:30 to 3:30pm
Fri., 2/18 – Wrangler Round Up at 9:30am
Mon., 2/21 – Student holiday/teacher inservice
Thurs., 2/24 – Parent/Teacher Conferences from 4 to 7pm
Fri., 2/25 -- Wrangler Round Up at 9:30am End of 4th Six Weeks
Mon., 2/28 – Student Council meeting

                           2010-11 Watkins PTA Officers:
Executive:                                                  Chair:
President ~ Tricia Johns                                    Box Tops/Reflections ~ Traci Griggs
Vice Pres. ~ Tami Sanders                                   Communications/Publicity ~ Kim Creel
2nd VP (Programs) ~ Jazen Miranda                           Green Team ~ Sara LaBarba
3rd VP (Membership) ~ Christine Eustice                     Historian ~ Julie Justiniano
4th VP (Ways & Means) ~ Karrie George                       Hospitality ~ Erin Burkhart
Treasurer ~ Maja Schnell                                    Room Rep/Volunteer Coord ~ Dawn Martin
Secretary ~ Tracy Schuessler                                Teacher Representative ~ Nancy Ward
Parliamentarian ~ Tammy Reid

                    Wally W. Watkins Elementary
                                      1301 Elm Drive * Wylie, TX 75098
                                    (972) 429-2580 * (972)429-9345 fax

Jennifer Speicher, Principal          (972) 429-2585   *
Shawna Ballast, Asst. Principal       (972) 429-2586   *
Barbara Beebe, Nurse                  (972) 429-2588   *
Missy Douglas, Counselor              (972) 429-2589   *
Patty Tetreault, Attendance Clerk     (972) 429-2584   *
Suzanne Wright, Secretary             (972) 429-2583   *

                                                                                            Watkins Elementary Newsletter 6