PCM silly Laughter by MikeJenny



I, Andrew Leigh Rodenbough I, of generally sound body and spirit, hereby bequeath the following items of
varying degrees of unimportance:
AF and SF: wrong names…HK: jersey dress, 500 mile rule…ALR: my initials…AO: a couple of extra
inches, DTH grammar, imrpoving technology, Hardee‟s…JW: IC, laughing at state fans, june > july, “you
guys are the best fans ever”…AS: muddy hills, many crossbars and posts…AH: ping pong, relationship
advice, presidential authority, jockeys aren‟t athletes…BM: 10 world series > 7 world series, capture the flag
injuries…JH: choir misbehavior…MI: stitch removal, long retreat trips with singalongs…RE: how to hit on
guys, mixing fashion and football…KW: sorry I stole your glasses, great sports photography…AC: soccer
games with tiny Mexicans…RS: frisbee isn‟t a sport, sheeber, being another older brother…ER: is that
macaroni, cell phone safety…EC: raven, Lumberton, high school boyfriends…RB: my technology
adviser…EG: photos of our trip to jessica‟s beach condo…JK: late-night discussion at pre-Nicaragua
retreat…PM: a whole new world, ping pong at your house…MN: 7‟7 black man…DP: I want your
muscadine…NL: Sevilla…KS: eclectic music on the way to the beach…RA: THIS ISN‟T THE REAL
VERSION OF THAT SONG!...MB: Mrs. Aycock‟s third grade class…DO: paintballin, pretending you made
out with a certain PCMer…Josie: impersonations, especially Hermione, drinking wine at our parties…JS: the
Marcus play-by-play, your beach condo, always getting ridiculously good bball seats, QT is the man…MM:
Sheep and rocks…AH: “Jesus”, Montreat walk-ins and conversations, late night Nicaragua, scaring Asians
away form our party, threesomes with rugby players, my quickie belt…KC: silly choir warmups…AG: hide
and seek skills…BS: mad EMT skills…HW: thine, thou, art, and thee; whiTAY, webmaster skills, poetry
admiration, the quiet ones on L-Team…SN: Virginia shorts (I will never forget), unimportant details, mid-
atlantic sports, athletic little sisters, dramatic readings…MC: only two blue cups?, everything basketball, my
IC premium access, churville, ridiculously slow computer, colby has a hairy back, burning signs on grills, the
book of marcus…SS: top floor, thin walls, energy drinks, goalie pride, alcohol researcher, virgin slayer, your
couchbed, video game nerdness, token asian…RG: definitely maybe, everything bball, my IC premium access,
recruiting excitement, lots of man-love, too many DVDs…CM: recycling bin, ocean violence, roundhouse
kicking a can, don‟t pay for water, everywhere is a bathroom, virgin slayers, winning t-shirts on technicalities,
variety packs don‟t count…DS: not shaving, virgin slayers, catchup, food with nacho cheese on it, pointless
arguments, store-brand products, frozen bread, clean dishes, heeber, my second bedroom, it‟s your turn,
ginger chin, reverse layup skills

I, David T. Steber, do hereby declare the following thoughts, things, gifts, etc. as law, and leave them to:
Kristin Szfkjaddkfjarddlkranski, directions to the fellowship hall… Maggie & Miquela, late-night Cookout
spontaneities (keep it going)… Meredith Newton, make sure you wear those ankle braces when you‟re at the
beach to keep the tan going… Alex Copeland, watch out or else someone will pull out your chair… Kenton,
watch out for those pirate punch lines… Sara Finestone, we are right next to you, turn down the volume…
Katie Lank, you are the best late-night giggler, but don‟t giggle around the kiboko, he might come a-
chargin‟… Anna Finestone, don‟t accidentally throw your temp phone at someone, it will hurt – a lot… Reid,
homie, we gotsa play some soccer… Ryan Appleby, all the awkward turtle, pterodactyl, turkey, etc. motions
that I will always associate you with (oh, & peel banana, UH!)… Hannah Kirbmeister, two words: jersey dress
(„nuff said)… Molly, I still call a rematch for our staring contests… Schaaf, you still owe me an Apple Pie,
rock „em next year in PCM soccer (without hurting them), & you can stand under my umbrella ella ella…
David Owens, still have yet to see you in a Speedo (thankfully), but keep on rockin‟ them underwater…
Emily Carpenter, “a tissue?” Linkton, a (possible) Lenoir date, and more (hopeful) run-ins this summer in
your mansion… Joe Welker, I will always see you on TV for any sporting event, so don‟t ever graduate…
Brian Murphy, I expect to see you dunking next PCM basketball season, so start training (but not in a Celtics
jersey)… Daniel Pate, keep going to those Second Sunday Lunches… Rachel, little Steber, DLP, Sheber (I
had to say it although I don‟t like it), I leave you Greene Street (treat it well, as this is the biggest honor ever,
besides being my sister), Tonks, my Ba-Da Wings frequent customer card (remind me of this one), disc skills
(you know I taught you everything you know), & finally, I leave you to carry on the Steber tradition (whatever
that is) after learning from the best (oh, & you‟re also the best sister I could ever want)… Anna Rodenbough,
I leave you everything about Phillips, and my Guitar Hero skills… Andrew, JAotey, I leave you all of my
judging/gossip abilities, zoos everywhere, (future) Argentine adventures, sweater-vest lady, and my intense
liking of Days of Elijah… Amy Ho, I leave you with having Ham‟s dates with a different guy each week, the
ability to speak to every animal, merrr, Gmail chat, a BIIIIIG keychain with a spare key in your bumper, my
back massager, times at the 216, & for driving the carpool… Nick Lemmon, I leave you the bass section (but
it was yours anyway), and the chance of actually making it to the lake this summer… Riehl Deal, I‟m still not
ready to make nice, Lorelums, and “when is your brother coming?”… Josie, I leave you the orphanage,
Bailey‟s in a shoe, times in the hammock, & acting skills… Rerb, the clothes on my bed, beach music, idk my
bff Rose, & the responsibility of reppin‟ the DAV… Kristin Wilson, I leave you to remain capturing
everyone‟s best facial expressions for the picture wall… Eve, watch out for my hand, you‟ll never know when
I‟ll be around the corner… Jessica Smeeks, times at the beach, and representing our Anth dept so
diligently…Andy, I leave with you my cleaning abilities that I learned you didn‟t have after day 1 of living
with you in your 2nd bedroom, arguments that include, but aren‟t of course, limited to: Shaq‟s size, styles of
wearing boxers, how to load the dishwasher; 6-inches & bruised arms, funding for a life DVR machine via a
payday of $50 million, &, of course, Greene Street Elite…Alan, always bring a whole mess of chicken
wherever you go, quickie belts, & our spades skills… Katie Cole, trips to the airport at 5am,
KatieColeKatieColeKatieColeKatieCole, & all my Biblical knowledge…Jess Koller, using waaaay too many
napkins, head-butts, lunches that took hours, your ability to do work during the John Legend concert, & a
trip to San Antonio…McEachran, I leave you my baseball bat from my youth, Robert Goulet videos, a pot
big enough to boil your posterior, a knob with 11, a vacuum to clean up your hairballs, 80s fives, 216 for life,
DIP OUT, & a card to put in your pocket that spells M-c-E-a-c-h-r-a-n, in case of emergencies…Marcus,
TWSS, smelly girl, uneven chest hair, shawty get low low low low low low low low, Mean Marcus Month,
musket shooting extraordinaire, & minestrone…Richie, to my twin, “why is the floor wet?” Thursday nights,
blowing bubbles in the airrrrr, 9 in a row, your orange shorts, $5 footlong, HEYYYYYY!!!, & my mad ups so
you can dunk a full-sized ball…Steph, I leave you crab cakes and football, more bumper stickers to cover-up
those dents, a GPS navigation system (but you can get that for yourself, 55), & my H-O-R-S-E
skillzzzz…Anna, Princess, fly through the air whenever someone offers to launch you, conversations about
#2, Mrs. Glasgow walks, & my affinity for chocolate chip cake…Hayley, I leave you my wit, eyelashes, my
dislike of birds and other gross animals, & walks to Franklin Street…Blair, take my ears so I can listen to you
speak wherever you go, & my babysitting skills – you‟ll need them…Patrick Massey, I leave you my sweet
melodious voice & my ability to woo women…Chris Song, you can have my jump-shot, yeah man, yeahh, the
Coxer, late-night convos, & 7th grade.

Chris McEachran
Kenton: I bequeath to you all future mc duties, may your jokes be funny and your banter jolly. Ryan: ibty all
future camel stomp duties, jump high and jump often. Reid: ibty my pos thinkpad, use your magic, make it
sing again. Emily C: ibty all of my Michael Jackson dance moves, you use them better than I ever could.
Hannah: ibty all of my remaining pk karma, use it wisely. All freshman: ibty the knowledge that I wish I
learned my freshman year, and the experiences I wish I had in pcm that you did. Rachel S: ibty all my
common knowledge and ultimate knowhow. Ally: ibty intramural dominance and apple pies. Caitlyn: ibty
the ifc loyalty I wish I still had. Rachel E: ibty singing professors and croakies, the better to hide your eyes
from the singing professors. Josie Posie: ibty any vocal impression talent I thought I once possessed, I have
been shamed into silence by your beautiful and accurate representations of many minor celebrities and ethnic
groups. Sophomores: ibty change of address and added responsibility. Sara: ibty catch up time in small
groups and awesome Halloween costumes. Meredith: ibty my sweetest kicks Anna: ibty my spot in line for
Thursday dinners, its no prayer position, but it always has suited me well. Eve: ibty my only bit of
photographic knowledge, avoid backlit subjects, even though you already know that one. Juniors: ibty the
position of cool senior who is a better role model than I was. Jenny: ibty my booty shakin dance to do while
conducting pcm choirs. Joe: ibty the position of all knowing tar heel fan, while it is not mine to give, I give it
freely nonetheless. Brian: ibty the position of official pcm saxophonist, serenade them with song. Emily R:
ibty my beatboxing skills, if you don‟t like mine, I think you can get store credit. Andrew: ibty all of my tattoo
artistry skills and pitch finding ability. Amy: ibty the ability to eat a goldfish off of the inside of your elbow.
David O: ibty a camo thong speedo, to better prepare you for underwater hockey domination. Haley: ibty the
webmails I should‟ve written, and the last name pact. Patrick: ibty pwncyc and dancing moves to go with
your pipes. Katiecole: ibty the scores to every Beethoven piece ever written and the permission to read them.
Jess: ibty an a capella Disney hit mix, performed on a baseball diamond. Alan: ibty my black underwear and a
bowtie. Blair: ibty rescue mission car rides on afternoons I am too lazy to walk. Anna G‟weezy: ibty Scottish
traveler‟s luck on your many adventures. Smeeks: ibty the 828 and my Indiana Jones hat. Andy: ibty awkward
shoulder rubs, ultimate fighting moves, and ever-clean dishes. Richie: ibty a broken nose, sly winking, mad
psych-knowledge and beautiful dancing. Marcus: ibty mad dunk skills, moustache march, and website
discourse. Soomin: ibty all my hip hop dance skills, caffeine pills, and all my wii Zelda points. Steph: ibty
fuzzy dice, a kimono, and a full guest room. Steber: ibty my sophomore year, wise words, my liver, cheap
sunglasses and 80‟s fives.

As I prepare to leave, the reality is beginning to set in. I begin to realize how much I will miss the well, the
bell, Franklin Street, the pit, the Dean Dome, Kenan Stadium, and so on. All of these tangible things I am
going to miss dearly, but they pail in comparison to the people. The people at Carolina are what make it the
southern part of heaven and I can‟t describe how much I will miss that next year. That being said, I have
made amazing friends at UNC, especially through PCM, with some even better memories.
And so I bequeath
To Andrew- Carolina baseball, the best basketball lottery duo EVER, legibility, facial expressions to die for,
king burger, a thank you for the countless times you have been there for me and continue to be there for me
through any and everything, and a friendship two hours won‟t be able to touch next year and beyond.
To A-hol- Makeup, in case you‟re charged the task of turning boys into girls sometime next year, and
pitchers, pitures, piCtures!!
To Eve- He‟s Not Here my Goodfellows… one of my favorite titles of a photo album ever
To Josie- Old Greg and Hope… the performance, of course
To Nick- a matching pair of shoes and the gays
To Rerb- the roman numerals game, car rides, and the haha game
To Kristin- if I had the money I‟d leave you a camera, but a compliment on your photography skills is going
to have to suffice
To Joe-Carolina athletics, I leave you in charge of obsessing over what‟s going on in the world that is UNC
To j-miller- a sleeping bag for you to sleep on whenever your little heart desires and parrot on the shoulder!
To Sara- Anna, you have your own twin!!! Don‟t be stealin‟ other peoples!
To Anna- Holly bush leaves, for poking people
To Reid- daps
To Sheber- prayer group number 11, maybe? you know, the best one
To Katie- the floor of a MOIST room where there were two in the bed and the little one said be quiet, be
To Emily- energizers and Ritalin to calm you down after the energizers
To Allysen- PCM athletics and a clean kitchen
To Ryan- ear plugs
To Brian- Boston athletics losses… and PCM b-ball
Class of 2008- great memories and a bond that cannot be broken
To Snewt/A bay bay/55- the Baltimore Orioles, sunflower seeds, 3 great years of wonderful PCMing, and a
wonderful friendship I will always cherish.
To Alan- nuggets upon nuggets upon nuggets
To Chris- a request to leave me nose as is, hand signals, a recommendation for choreographing dances, and a
friendship I am lucky to have.
To Haley- e-haus 3rd floor, represent
To Katie- the wonderful choral warm up that is “Katie Cole, Katie Cole, Katie Cole”
To Andy- the good times and bad times in intramural sports, the hours/days/months you lost studying from
reading Carolina athletics message boards, the hours/days/months you lost arguing over things similar to the
yogurt and the Hardees arguments, and a friendship forged in the fires of Tar Heel nation.
To Soomin- boredom, no dose (to help with that boredom), and fun times with soccer, floor hockey and
To Steber- a Hardees thick burger, an answer to why the floor is wet, memories of the undefeated night (plus
additional undefeated nights of course), twins, heeeey, your improved ballin abilities, and a friendship I truly
wish could have begun much sooner but will last long enough to make up for it
To Marcus-3 years of living, a clean room (due to its irregularity during those 3 years), improved study habits,
Douchey McGee, decision making abilities, memories (from Carolina athletics to What the Deuce?), and a
friendship tried and true that will last for a long time… maybe even leading to New Years tradition in the
To any one not on this list- I am truly sorry if your name slipped my aging memory as I compiled it, but I
truly value each of your friendships as I do with everyone on this list

I Alan Harper, hereby bequeath the following: To Hannah Kirby, my
cynical attitude and impatient need for shorter L-team meetings. To
David Owens, power hours, the task of explaining our sport, awesomely
bad music, and the world; shining, shimmering, splendid. To Andy
Rodenbough, long conversations about women and the hard kept secrets
that go along with them. To Hayley White, an unambiguous last name, a
cardboard home after you graduate, conversations that always end in "Oh
Alan (sigh)", and the tolerance of a pygmy marmoset and the enjoyable
events that coincide. To Stephanie Newton, a promised croquet game,
boxer briefs and a tie. To Chris McEachran, orange juice and frolf. To
David Steber, stealing my woman, and spades games. To everyone else,
fun times in your skivvies.
Alan Harper

Anna (Bon qui qui) Glasgow
Senior Bequeathments
Steph: the chance to purchase a secret text revealing how to detect and avoid Anna‟s boobytraps and/or
Big Goofy: the human-catapult, CPR practice with Linda, we bond over doodoo, my mom likes you better
than me!
Amy: a key to my heart and my place this summer, an umbrella in an elevator…nuff said
Andrew: best zoo dad award, dance moves, you have soft hair
Katie: venus fly traps, elk mating calls, I like your giggle
Andy: hide-n-seek that one time
Jessica: anthropology and a social map of players!
Kate: many long walks up to PCM
Carol: a book of all the 3-letter words in the world, the never-ending story involving a giant eagle, magic
pants, and a cup of H2O.
Emily C.: the girls night we always dreamed of, giant hug, 11 meatballs and 6 pinwheels.
Reid: a do-it-yourself maple view icecream kit, dinner parties, ghetto rap, much love brotha.
Allysen: pool times, roommate times, soccer times, let‟s make fun of Stephanie times.
Chris: Hola, me llamo Ana, Depends with refried beans inside, some honey for your flops, a llota good times
and a lotta learnin, Gracias.
Sierra: Teens Westward Bound Baby!!!
Rachel: a random discoteca in Italy! 1 billion dollars, official document to be my sister…do you accept?
Brian: a bear hug
Kristin S: can you help me spell the rest of my life, cool freshie award!
Haley: You are COOL!, a hut in Africa for you and me where we will be happy forever. Yep
Hannah K: common ghetto roots, mission trips galore, I love you cupcake!
Carissa: Tuesday lunch, the creek in montreat, you are my favorite dancer
Blair: oh blairE, blairbear, blairbee, Lac…., 30 minutes in a cruise hall with strangers, spray-on sunscreen so
you can avoid future shows!, Rodriguez (he‟s out there).

Hayley White
Alan- Elmer‟s glue for any future Mohawks, the red light on the space heater, great freshman conversations
from PCM to South Campus, Student Health, Waldo the cat, and paintball mercilessness.
Reid- Applebottom Jesus, Mac Daddy status for all time, endless stories about my awesome little brother.
Anna Finestone- My second-thickest chemistry book but all of my chemistry knowledge to make up for the
difference, a love and passion for Africa
Sara Finestone- A novel full of love and affirmation, my thickest chemistry book, all of Student Stores‟ finest
apparel and souvenirs
Hannah- 15 minute L-team meetings (or at least the dream), and Katie Lank- take care of her.
Jess Koller- All of our medical geography knowledge and good talks from Saunders to Coker/Wilson, oboe
appreciation, and freshman year. The whole thing.
Katie Lank- your name said in a fairly unattractive imitation of a man‟s voice, the Finestone girls (I‟m not sure
they‟re really mine to give, but hey)
Andy- My “Olde English” dictionary, a lot of nodding and “uh-huh-ing” for future leadership team
experiences, and one of my back-up alarm clocks.
Rachel Steber- Frisbee, 15 dozen eggs at the IFC, and awkward Beach Retreat moments
Caitlyn Cox- All the coolness I can muster (it‟s not a lot, so good thing you have plenty already)
Brian Murphy- Crayon-cleaning up skills, awesome hugs, the friendliest, most excited greetings at PCM.
Jessica Smeeks- A huge “scroll” case to carry around forever and for-always, bulletin boards, programs, and
door-decs for life.
David Steber- My first real introduction to the southern accent, bone-crunching hugs, our “moment” at
Qdoba, birds inside of buildings, the ugliness of birds, the grossness of birds, the eventual destruction of all
Richie- 3rd floor E-haus, my plethora of Outburst! knowledge, my love of country music so yours can be even
Allysen- my physics equation sheets, my best pirate impressions (still not as good as yours)
Andrew Hulbert- Skin for your face, to repair my paintball damage- oh, and your pride back. Chemistry,
tennis, PCM late-night pillow fights during finals, and better academic advising preparation.
Anna Glasgow- Africa. The whole continent, there‟s enough to go around. Also, the dance moves you
taught us at freshman Montreat, you can have those back.
Amy- arm wrestling skillz, my spot on all future Presbyterian committees, 5-piece accordion bands with an
average age of 67, 3rd floor E-haus, and a wealth of umbrellas for you to break.
Kristin Wilson- Mapleview, self-restraint during Final Four games, everything French and fun and wonderful
Ryan Appleby- the stomping camel, my spot in Eve‟s car for next year‟s Beach Retreat, my sense of humor,
and all the energy that I wish I had
David Owens- The Pumba to my Simone, buffets that look like strip joints
Katie Cole- Viking funerals, pyromania at PCM, your name in chemical structure, semester class themes, as
much randomness and hilarity as you can muster, a warning to be issued to all of Boston: here she comes…
Patrick Massey- Casual conversations about sexual evolution and the meaning of life
Meredith- Granny panties, but those are on loan from your sister, all the athletic prowess and awesomeness
that my lazy butt never had
Andrew Otey- Come in closer, I have a secret…. “GET AWAY!”
Eve- It‟s a BUFFET, a golden (and dry!) cube-sitting throne, the box/booty/body buried next to “the
gazebo”, newsletters for life
Marcus- Solved in 30 minutes or it‟s free: Pizza Detective Service the sitcom, 3rd floor E-haus because you
lived there (really!), baby panda breeding, citrus cornucopias, the great Poland/Bulgaria decision of 2008,
Cherryville musket shots, wet grass and Howell Hall.
Carissa- Dancing and smiling and laughing and my whole yet-to-be-bought collection of high heeled shoes
which I‟m sure you can pull off better than I can. Also, children‟s sermons and some ultra-power soap to
cure orange hands.
Emily Carpenter- The hole in my life due to never watching/hearing/knowing anything High School Musical-
related, so that you can fill yours up double!
Josie- The slightly-too-cheery old man that lures young children onto his giant red umbrella
Chris McEachran- webmaster solidarity, till the end.
Jack Lyman- the best paint roller I can find and 3 shades of white paint, any excess easy-goingness I can find
to add to your collection.
Stephanie Newton- Love letters from Candy Cane, Krispy Kreme donuts, rice instead of grits at the IFC, and
Jonah‟s cell phone.
Kristin Szafranski- Sassafras, sleeping in boxes, my sanity (I don‟t think I need it anymore), brains and brains
full of useless chemistry knowledge, all of my caffeinated beverages, Jicama, the talking dogs video, 3 more
years of Suttons
Maggie McDowell- Easter Sunday brunches filled with fruits and vegetables and cookies!
Blair Sudderth- pur shared loathing for Biol 54, my introduction to ANTM and “biracial butterflies”, your
mom‟s love and affection (I‟ll share), Spring Break 2006 in general and Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit to share
with your brother.
Alex Copeland- walking in scuba flippers and all future whale parts in PCM skits
Kaitlyn Barnes- Our prayer group? Are we or aren‟t we in the same one? I feel like we never figured this out.
The cool, outgoing freshman award, mosaic-tile-smashing
Kate McFayden- all the sweet southern charm I wish I had and a paper and pen so you can give me fashion
Kenton Summers- my allergies, and any good pirate jokes I come across
Sierra Long- good times in the EHS office, our elaborate but ill-fated plans for Real World:
Namibia, and all that is “Bender”

I, Stephanie Lynne Newton, of the Mid-Atlantic region, do bequeath the following:
Alan- BBQ cookies
Rachel Erb- A down payment to be the event planner for my wedding/funeral
Reid- Two pitchers of water and a sneak attack
The Finestones- A treasure box of rubies, pearls and diamonds
Hannah- Godmother status to my first born with Zac Efron
Jess Koller- One greased watermelon
Katie Lank- The Vortex of Fun
Andy- My UVA shorts
Rachel Steber- 100% ownership of the letters O and F
Caitlyn Cox- The IFC can opener of greatness
Brian Murphy- MY HUGS!
Jessica Smeeks- Excavation rights at my first home
David Steber- 55% ownership of my awkward speech
Anna Rodenbough- Ballerness defined
Richie- Impending fights
Allysen- My broken watch stopped on the time 4:30 p.m.
Andrew Hulbert- Qdoba burritos
Anna Glasgow- My granny panty collection
Amy- The Top O‟ bathroom
Emily Riehl- Status as my personal wardrobe shopper
Joe Welker- “The Hokie Spatula”
Kristin Wilson- Tyler Hansbrough‟s 4th year
Ryan Appleby- My map of Wilmington
David Owens- A date
Tricia- My Josh Turner T-shirt
Katie Cole- A snowball fight
Patrick Massey- A knighting ceremony
Meredith- Three more years as amazing as the first
Andrew Otey- A dolla moore
Eve- Can‟t-breathe laughter
Marcus- Shotgun earplugs
Carissa- A smile that dances
Emily Carpenter- A hula-hoop and a glass of CranGrape
Josie- My watercolors
Chris McEachran- Status as my older brother
Jack Lyman- YouTube napkin homework
Hayley- The accent on the „o‟ in my last name
Blair- More cupholders
Alex Copeland- Whale-strength Pepto-Bismol
Kenton Summers- The Trashcan Jesus
Maggie McDowell- The best campus run-ins
Kristin Szafranski- God‟s overdue cell phone bill
Kate McFadyen- High-heel domination

I, Katie Cole, bequeath my musicality to Allysen and Jack; the life and works of Ludwig van Beethoven to
Rachel Erb; the task of keeping the "family" together to Jenny Hodge; coffee, Bible Study, and life talks to
Emily Riehl; the city of Boston to Brian Murphy; Chapel Hill-carpools to Joe Welker; general awesomeness to
David Owens; and the title of "that girl who brought her cellphone charger to PCM exam week of her
freshman year" to either anybody who's willing to take it, or Hayley Whitay.

I, Blair Sudderth, bequeath to Stephanie: Merlefest, House parties, melt-downs, “the illegitimate one,” many
hours of game watching, Guatemala, Brad Paisley, and all the rest of the craziness of the past few years; to
Anna: cruises and all the included fun, Big Lips, dengue fever, Bon qui qui; to Hayley: many hours of biology
class (awake and asleep), spring breaking it in Blowing Rock, Namibia aka birthplace of Shiloh, RA
interventions, and all the rest of the fun times; to David: Panthers talk, thong girl roommates, Madeline‟s
“small” mountain house; to Katie Cole: good times in Cuba, chemistry burning, Presbyterian Point; to Amy:
Could I get your notes?; to Emily: Cookout runs, Sunday mornings, LaSarah, baby-sitting talk, and awkward
lunches at Elmo‟s; to Sarah: Tuesday night movies and everything else wonderful about the history of the
world, basketball tickets, and our girl nights; to Anna: “Why are they booing him?” and carrying on the
tradition of the girl nights (along with your sister); to Rachel and Allysen: baby-sitting; and to all the rest of
PCM: an amazing future!!

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