PLANTATION AT MAGNOLIA RIVER
                            PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION
                          BOARD MEETING, FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

ATTENDEES: Dan Lecian , Noreen Raney, Jim Stallworth, Robert Evans, and Bill Cawrse were

MINUTES: No changes or additions were made to April’s minutes. A motion was made by Robert
Evans to accept the minutes as written; Bill Cawrse seconded the motion. April’s minutes were

Jim Stallworth reported there are five (5) properties currently in foreclosure in the Association.
These five properties have not paid 2010 HOA dues; therefore, liens will be placed on the properties
and will be collected when properties are sold.

At the Board Meeting Jim Stallworth wrote a check to Gulf Shores Insurance Agency in the amount
of $1752.00, which represents General Liability Insurance, Fidelity Bond (Crime), and insurance for
Directors and Officers of the Association.

Final notices were sent to delinquent homeowners for 2010 HOA dues. Interest has been added to
the original $117.00.

PMR WEBSITE – Still looking for a way to incorporate a secure page for the homeowners to use.
One of the homeowners in the Association indicated he would help the Association in setting up
secure pages. Dan Lecian was contacted via e-mail on 5/28/2010, by Mike Kelso, Bestsouth LLC,
offering his assistance (for a fee) in securing a section of the website. Dan Lecian responded;
however, we have not heard back from Mr. Kelso.

CULVERT ON HIGHWAY 98 - The Department of Transportation, State of Alabama, will be
removing the culvert at no charge to the Association. The work should be completed by week of

BALDWIN COUNTY SEWER SERVICE – The Board unanimously agrees that BCSS, a privately
owned company supplying a service to the homeowners, is running a monopoly and has unfairly
raised rates in the Subdivision. The rates charged in our Subdivision are higher than rates for the
same service provided to other subdivisions in Baldwin County. The Board unanimously agrees that
the Public Service Commission of the State of Alabama should regulate the rates charged by BCSS.
Jim Stallworth will draft a form letter to all homeowners in the Association asking them for
permission to take action against BCSS by addressing the Board’s concerns to the Attorney General
of the State of Alabama. The City of Foley will also be kept informed and updated on the situation.
The Board’s objective is to get the Public Service Commission to regulate BCSS. The Board will also
make a decision at a future meeting whether or not to expand this objective to other subdivisions in
Baldwin County.

With no further business as hand Bill Cawrse made a motion to adjourn the meeting; Jim Stallworth
seconded the motion. Unanimously agreed. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Noreen Raney
Recording Secretary

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