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									Mental Disorders
Did you know…?!

• 6025 was the
  rhythm guitarist
  for the American
  hardcore punk
  band Dead
  suffered from
Did you know…?!

• Genain quadruplets (born in
  1930) are a set of identical
  quadruplet girls notable for all
  being schizophrenic,
  demonstrating a large genetic
  component to the cause of
  the disease.
Did you know…?!

• John Nash
  winner of the Nobel
  Prize in economics and
  subject of the book
  and movie A Beautiful
  Mind) Had
Did you know…?!
• Theodore John Kaczynski,
     Ph.D., also known as the
  Unabomber (born May 22,
       1942) is an American
convicted murderer who sent
mail bombs to various people
 over almost eighteen years,
 killing four and wounding 29,
    justifying his crimes as an
attempt to fight against what
  he perceived as the evils of
  technological progress. He
   was the target of the FBI's
    most expensive manhunt
  Did you know…?!
• Mark Vonnegut, son of Kurt Vonnegut
      Jr., graduated from Swarthmore
   College, Pennsylvania, in 1969 at the
  age of 21. He briefly worked at Duthie
   Books and was also briefly chief of a
    twenty-man detachment of special
  state police that provided the security
   for Boston State Hospital. He filed an
  application with the draft board to be
   considered a conscientious objector,
     which was denied. After taking the
  physical, he was given a psychiatric 4F
      and beat the draft. He describes
  himself in the preface to his book as ‗a
   hippie, son of a counterculture hero,
       B.A. in religion, (with a) genetic
       disposition to schizophrenia…‘.
  Did you know…?!
• Roger Keith (Syd) Barrett
  (born January 6, 1946 in
  Cambridge, England) was
  one of the founding
  members of the group
  Pink Floyd had
• Although his activity in
  pop music was short, he is
  considered influential and
  is cited by many as the
  first psych folk artist.

Psychiatrists say that 1 of 4
  people are mentally ill. Check
  3 friends. If they're OK, you're it.
• If you hear a voice within
  you say "you cannot
  paint," then by all means
  paint, and that voice will
  be silenced.
  As we advance in life it
  becomes more and
  more difficult, but in
  fighting the difficulties
  the inmost strength of
  the heart is developed.
  I often think that the
  night is more alive and
  more richly colored than
  the day.
  Vincent Van Gogh
   Louis Wain, a 20th
century artist known for
  his paintings of cats,
 painted these pictures
over the period of time
in which he developed
What is Schizophrenia?
• Comes from Greek meaning
  ―split‖ and ―mind‖
  – ‗split‘ refers to loss of touch with
  – not dissociative state
  – not ‗split personality‘
• Equally split between genders,
  males have earlier onset
  – 18 to 25 for men
  – 26 to 45 for women

• Psych. Disorder that involves
  distorted perceptions of reality
  & inability to fxn in life
• Delusions, hallucinations,
• One in 10 people with
  schizophrenia is eventually
  driven to suicide.

• Any illness that involves
  distorted perceptions of reality
  or inability to function
Common Symptoms; Schizo.

1) Delusions—irrational beliefs
 Common Symptoms; Schizo.

 2) Hallucinations

 Hallucinations are abnormal sensory perceptions
that occur while a person is awake and conscious.
      Some common hallucinations include:
 Hearing voices when no one has spoken
Seeing patterns, lights, beings or objects that aren't
      Feeling a crawling sensation on the skin
  Hallucinations related to smell or taste are rare.
Common Symptoms; Schizo.

3) Incoherent Speech— ―Word Salad‖
Common Symptoms; Schizo.

4) Disorganized Behavior
  (outbursts, erratic behavior)
  Causes of Schizophrenia
1) Genetic
Parents, siblings
No single gene found
     to connect
If Identical twin has it;
     50% chance other
     will get it
Causes of Schizophrenia

2) Brain
  —diff. in wt,
  size, thalamus
Causes of Schizophrenia

3) NT Abnormalities
Causes of Schizophrenia

4) Prenatal Abnormalities—
  malnutrition, virus
     Although most schizophrenics are not
 violent….some are driven to acts of crime or
• Andrea Yates, who said she
  drowned her children to save them
  from Satan, suffers from
  hallucinations, delusions and
  depression. One of approximately
  2.5 million Americans with
  schizophrenia, Yates, a Houston
  native, was born and grew up in a
  city. The risk of developing
  schizophrenia is up to three times
  higher for urban residents than
  residents of rural areas

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